Friday, March 11, 2011

The Mothman Comes Home

I received the following email from a woman in Ohio who has concerns in reference to a sighting her and a girlfriend had six months ago. She stated that she substituted their names for anonymity. 'Megan' affirms that all other details...location, date and description of the incident are factual:

Sir - my name is Megan. I am forwarding a summary of an experience that I and a friend had in August 2010. My friend and associate Kyra and I traveled from Columbus, Ohio to Ravenswood, West Virginia on business. While we were there, I wanted to make a side trip to Gallipolis, Ohio in order to visit relatives I had not seen for quite awhile.

After our meeting and presentation, we drove onto Ohio Rt. 7 and traveled south along the Ohio River towards Gallipolis. We had a nice, though brief, visit with my relatives. Around 6PM, we left their home and drove a few miles north on Rt. 7 to check-in to a hotel near the local airport.

Around 7:30PM, we decided to get dinner and found a quiet restaurant so we could eat and work. After we finished, Kyra needed to go to the store and pick up a few items that she forgot to pack. We headed to a Wal-Mart that was nearby the restaurant.

After we finished shopping, we were walking to the car when I noticed a woman running through the parking lot. When she reached her car, she looked back in the direction of the store then hurriedly got into the car. I quickly looked in the same direction and saw what looked like a large bird flying above the roof of the store. It was difficult to see but when it swooped downward the parking lot lights would shine off of it. It looked like it was either oily or had shiny leather-like skin. Whatever it was, it had a wide wing span. I would guess it reached 8-10 foot across. It circled above the store for about a minute then just disappeared.

We were both somewhat shocked at what we witnessed but figured that it was just a huge bird. Since it was dark, I figured we had misjudged what it really was.

We drove back to the hotel and decided to call it a night so we could get an early start on the drive home in the morning. I got ready for bed but thought I’d watch some television first. By this time it was around 10PM or so.

I must have dozed off fairly quickly because the next thing I remember is frantic knocking on my door. I stumbled out of bed and checked who it was. It was Kyra and she was obviously upset. She rushed into my room and said “it’s here!” “What are you talking about?”- a little bit perturbed that she woke me up. She said that she was laying on the bed reading when she heard something in the hallway. She got out of bed, walked to the door and listened to what she thought was ‘scratching’ sounds. After a few minutes the sounds stopped, so she went back to bed. Not long after she lay down she heard more scratching sounds but, from outside her window. Again she got up and peeked through the curtains. This time, something looked back at her.

Our rooms were on the second floor in the back section of the hotel and both looked out onto a small parking lot and a large field beyond that. She could see, what she described as, a ‘bald ugly man with wings’ who was looking directly at her with 'large bulging eyes that lit up bright red.' It was there for only a few seconds. It then spread it’s wings while running at the same time towards the end of the parking lot and lifted off the ground like a bird.

“You’re kidding, right?” I muttered to her. “Meg, I swear to God – that thing is out there and it knows we saw it!” I knew the only way I was going to get some sleep was to allow Kyra to stay in my room. The next morning we woke early, checked out and drove back to Columbus.

Kyra didn’t mention the incident from the previous night during the ride. In fact, she has still never said anything else about it. We continue to be good friends and have a very good working relationship.

But – I got curious. I had never heard about the Mothman or any of the tales associated with it. I grew up in Texas and had only lived in Ohio for a few years. I moved into my Mom’s house after she had passed away. Her relatives lived throughout Ohio but I had never been told any of the stories.

This is the reason I am writing to you. We were near Point Pleasant, WV when we had this encounter. Do you think that it is possible that this was a Mothman? I read some of your posts recently and I’m starting to believe that Kyra actually saw something supernatural.

In light of the prophecies of danger that this thing is suppose to warn people about, Kyra has had some bad luck and tragedy since that day. Her husband suddenly left her, she had a fire in her house and she severely injured her leg in a fall. Could this be connected?

I personally don’t believe in predictions, either good or bad. But I will admit that these have been strange times since we witnessed ‘whatever.’

NOTE: I responded to 'Megan's' concerns with a lot more uncertainty...we really don't have many answers for the Mothman. Is it natural, supernatural or non-terrestrial. Some people think that it may be an escaped experiment performed by the government. What would you tell 'Megan?' ...Lon


John said...

Very interesting. Do you know exactly what hotel this happened at? If true, this is certainly one of the most important reported sightings in many years. byrd65 at

Lon said...

Hi John...yes I do but was asked not to reveal the information at this time.

Me said...

As someone who grew up in the Gallipolis/Pt. Pleasant area, I did a lot of amateur research on the Mothman as a teenager. From all of the books I read and stories that were told to me, it was apparent that nearly all of the people who were witnesses during the inital sightings in the late 60's either died during the Silver Bridge disaster, or were close to someone who died when the bridge fell. I think the only advice that could be given on this situation is to not to take the sighting lightly, but other than the stretch of bad luck that she's experienced she may not experience anything more severe. Have her keep an eye open, maybe someone in her family or a close friend may be the primary concern, and the woes she's experienced could just be residual.

Ella said...

Mothman is a CIA Black Op. I know who did it. They all still come to the reunions. They are doing the same thing to me, it is the Targeted Individual phenomenon. They can put a radio signal on a person and tap into their brain waves, and they can see through your eyes. If you watched the movie,you would understand. They downed the bridge with directed energy, just like they make the crop circles with.

patty1019 said...

During 2011, on four occasions, in my own home, I saw what I thought looked like the statue of Mothman at Point Pleasant. This creature was alive and was seen right next to my bed and outside our bedroom. Whatever it was, it shoved my husband hard. In 1967 I encountered what was then called a big bird. You see, when people in W.V. began to see the creature that was later called Mothman, it was called this ``big bird``. The creature I´d seen at that time was a huge birdlike creature and wasn´t anything I´d ever seen before. We heard the witness descriptions via the evening news along with the news anchor´s laughter. For decades I didn´t know that among all the witnesses of this creature in 1967, there were what seemed to be at least two very different descriptions! I didn´t realize this until I saw the statue of what some saw. I realized then that this wasn´t what I´d seen. The other day I stumbled upon new information that caused me to question if some hadn´t been seeing what´s now being called a reptoid, human-alien hybrid. My four experiences with a creature in 2011 were what looked like the Mothman statue. My experiences from 1967 are of a very tall, very thin creature with a very wide wing span. Both creatures have leathery wings though. I want to add this, the Silver Bridge fell because of it´s great age and very poor condition. The bridge was backed up in both directions and had been that way for hours. It was Christmastime and that was the only way across the river for quite a distance. Cars in that era were quite heavy with big engines with hard vibrations. Add all that together and you´ve got a tragedy in the making.

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