Thursday, January 20, 2011

Video: Aussie Claims Continued Close Encounters With Alien Entities

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Description: I saw this being at around 11.30 and it seemed like it was moving away from where i first saw it. NOTE! *I didn't have a good microphone so please ignore the bad sound quality*

The is the same person that posted the video below in October 2010:

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These links are of analysis by others:

Analysis 1

Analysis 2

There are subsequent videos:

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This quote from Anne Stieber at - An interesting photo. Of course, it could as easily be made of rubber or ceramic, but the whole presentation has a feel of authenticity--as a good hoax would, too, of course. For this reason, we cannot grade this A, but we can give it a grade of B until and if evidence of a hoax emerges.

NOTE: If you look at the previous videos, it seems to suggest that this is a fabrication. I'm interested in your thoughts...Lon


Stacie said...

They're obviously fakes.

Erich Kuersten said...

If they're fakes, they're good fakes, en par with at least Paranormal Activity though maybe not Blair Witch. The guy and girl are magnificent. Werner Herzog would be proud the way the youtube format turns these sorts of videos into experimental art, transcending the difference between hoax, genuine paranormal experience, documentary, carny spook show, and video art. These are the new face of science fiction. (I gleaned all this from Patrick Harpur's awesome 'Daemonic Field Guide')

sniggs said...

Unfortunate fakes. I wouldn't even say they are good fakes. Too much just seems to not make sense. For instance, if there were an alien outside, 20 yards from your porch, a normal person would NOT GO RUNNING AFTER IT. Not to mention, the tone of his voice, it's just too plain sounding. A person seeing something like that would sound a little more excited that this guy does. Just my observations of course. I'd love it if this were real, though. But I am 85% it's not.

Mel said...

This guy should better find a hobby , oh , wait he has ! lol !
FAKE ! this is not how the little entities appear !

Jum said...

After having read hundreds if not thousands of accounts of close encounters with aliens/alien craft, I can't recall ever having read one in which aliens "afoot" were ever very far from their craft. By that I mean that a contactee/abductee, for example, never seems to have walked for more than a few yards before either observing a nearby alien craft or being taken aboard a craft by some means. That leads me to conclude that if you encounter an alien, it's a very good bet an alien craft is nearby even if you can't see it.

Now, what is that almost always happens when people encounter an alien craft? Electronics, including cameras, telephones and cell phones, are totally disabled until the craft exits the area. One of the reasons that UFO witnesses give for being unable to take "up close" photos of UFOs (when they aren't too shaken to try to take them) is the fact photographic equipment is temporarily disabled.

So, my question is, how is it these video-makers' cameras/cell phones worked at all if they were indeed in the presence of actual aliens?

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