Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Actuality of Invisible Alien Beings

I started to examine the invisible extraterrestrial hypothesis after a friend and colleague experienced two very strange and similar events. Over the years I have read a few witness statements of similar sightings though I mostly discounted the reports. Now, I have anecdotal evidence from a very reliable witness that there is an actual phenomenon that may be associated with non-terrestrial beings including the possible use of a time portal or multidimensional travel.

Many of you have seen the 'Predator' series films and are familiar with the cloak technology used by the extraterrestrial in the film. Basically, the alien being is hidden or invisible even though a matrix outline of the alien being can still be detected. The description in the following account is akin to the fictional entity in the films.

Several months ago, a woman described an incident she experienced in her backyard the evening before. She had let her dogs out and was standing at the back door while waiting for them to finish their business.

As she continued to wait for her dogs, she noticed ‘something’ approach her on the walkway from the lower yard. Her description was that of a tall and wide shouldered being but without mass...a pixilated transparent form that continued to move towards her. As this form came near her it abruptly stopped as if it was surprised that she was staring at it. Then this form dissipated completely. This was not the first time something of this nature had materialized near her. A similar incident transpired the previous year while she was standing adjacent to her garden...this time the being was somewhat smaller in form but similarly pixilated and transparent.

Her sense of these beings was that it was not a haunting or manifestation by a human spirit. In fact she had never recognized similar phenomena previously. Her assessment was that these were entities from beyond our dimension and most likely of alien origin. After I listened to the evidence, already having knowledge of her surroundings, I concurred that her experience was more than a manifesting human energy. (NOTE: read the woman's complete unedited statement below)

Sixty-four years ago, Kenneth Arnold inadvertently launched the modern UFO era with his report of witnessing nine crescent-shaped objects speeding over Mt Rainier. In 1948, the USAF set up Project Sign to evaluate the many flying disc reports that followed in the wake of Arnold's highly publicized sighting.

A few years later, UFO researcher Coral Lorenzen wrote, "Clearly the discs had been involved in a general military reconnaissance of the United States". She added that the UFO entities were obviously engaged in "gathering botanical and geological specimens". Early proponents of similar theories, assuming that UFOs came from within our solar system, suspected that they wished to colonize our planet, or to strip it of its minerals or metals or uranium. These theories are no longer valid. There is a wealth of minerals and metals in asteroids and uninhabited planets which is readily available to any astral civilization. As well, there are a high number of non-inhabited planets that could be adapted to support life should the aliens wish colonize.

Some alien abduction theory proponents have suggested that these non-terrestrials want to gather human DNA in order to develop hybrids. It seems unlikely to expect that highly advanced aliens would need to repeatedly abduct thousands of humans in order to keep their DNA supplies available. Surely they would have the know-how that we possess to synthesize or replicate DNA in their own laboratories?

Is it possible that extraterrestrials are only interested in our culture and relationship to other living things on our planet? Could we become a part of an united interplanetary trading consortium...or simply become a diplomatic and scientific partner in a league of alien civilizations? Cue up the ‘Star Trek’ music...

An interesting comment was made by Lord Martin Rees, a leading cosmologist and astrophysicist who is the President of Britain’s Royal Society and astronomer to the Queen of England. Rees, who hosted the National Science Academy’s first conference on the possibility of alien life in February 2010, said he believes the existence of extraterrestrial life may be beyond human understanding.

“They could be staring us in the face and we just don’t recognize them. The problem is that we’re looking for something very much like us, assuming that they at least have something like the same mathematics and technology. I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms we can’t conceive. Just as a chimpanzee can’t understand quantum theory, it could be there as aspects of reality that are beyond the capacity of our brains.”

Is it possible that these extraterrestrial entities are all around us and, for the most part, undetectable? Computational biologists and bioengineers are attempting in finding the cure for chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and others. What has perplexed some bioengineers and medical experts is the presence of strange molecular entities within the intracellular structures within an organism. The biological entities are not bacteria, viruses, or any visible entities. They are invisible. They are impossible to detect without the help of computational modeling and computer assisted search and locate algorithms.

The premise is that invisible extraterrestrial biological entities all around us are penetrating our bodies and reside within intracellular spaces. They can then attack as they wish to colonize human or animal bodies. That is the reason why targeted drug delivery mechanisms are failing no matter what the biophysicists are doing. It was found that through computational modeling the source of cancer is not the cancer cell only but also invisible entities within intracellular spaces.

Do these invisible extraterrestrial entities exist in higher dimensions and manifest under certain conditions? Are these beings entering our world by flying craft or through portals…or have they been here with us all along?

Another personal experience that may add substance to this phenomenon is that of Regan Lee, the author of the UFO blog The Orange Orb. She posted an article at the UFO Digest titled The Continuing Saga Of My Invisible Aliens: They’re Listening.

Also, the lack of tangible evidence to prove the existence of several cryptid's may also be due to a theory that has been gaining popularity over recent years, namely, that these beings are ultraterrestrial and multidimensional. I have posted narratives at The Interdimensional Sasquatch and The Bigfoot Paradox.


Witness statement:

I have never been one to be in the past anything alien, in fact, although I never dismissed all the claims the very thought of it terrified me and luckily up till about 14 months ago I had been spared anything to do with this subject. Then something strange happened. It was late at night and I was letting my dogs out into the garden for the last time that night before retiring to bed and as I was standing at my back door watching them down at the bottom of the garden a movement on my patio caught my eye. The patio was lit up by the security light that had gone on automatically as the dogs had previously moved through the beam.

Crossing the patio and moving in my direction I saw what I could only describe was an outline of some being, I could see straight through it except for the area of the outline, it was about 5' in height and it was clear to see the head, body and arms and legs, it had a humanoid appearance to it. It legs moved just like ours one step after the other just a bit more awkwardly.

At this point it seemed to show no fear of me and when it got to within about 3 to 4 feet my curiosity went and I became wary of it, my attention on my dogs was lost all I know is that they were still at the bottom of the garden. This thing had now come to close for comfort and I put my hand up to it in the "don't go there" fashion and said in a determined voice "bug off". The next thing that happened shocked me it started to back up, it didn't turn around and it was if it was taking steps backwards all the time facing me and then it disappeared.

I gathered the dogs together quickly and came indoors and locked up the house, I always thought that if something like this were to happen to me I would scarper so fast you wouldn't see me for dust. But for some reason I was not afraid, I had felt no fear from it, I was quite proud of myself even if I had no idea what it was.

It didn't stop here in the last few months I have been witness to quite a few UFOs flying across the valley that I live in and then about 3 weeks ago it happened again but this time it was different.

Again I was letting the dogs out in the garden for their last run of the night but this time I used a different back door, I live in a large detached house in the rural countryside and this house has 2 back doors, only where this one is there is no security light and the light will only go on if anything moves in the vicinity of the other back door which could be seen from where I stood. The only light that was reflecting at his point was the one in the boot room behind me and that was an energy saving bulb that was quite dim.

The dogs ran out of the door and jumped down off the wall that surrounded my large patio and straight down the garden so they did not come within reach of the beam, I watched them for a while running around down at the bottom of the garden then they all ran up the side of the house and disappeared out of site.

Suddenly the security light came on down at the other end of the house but no dog had passed through the beam as I stood there again I could see something moving towards me, and again for some reason I was not afraid just curious. I looked straight at it and when it reached about 3 foot away from me a thought went through my head "what the frigging hell are you" it stopped dead in its tracks and just seemed to freeze.

The appearance of this one was a bit different from the first one I had seen although the same it was transparent, I could see clearly the outline of the head, shoulders and body and the top half of its legs down to just below the knees but nothing from there on maybe that had something to do with the fact that it was not moving. This one was much taller then the first well over 6 foot. The shoulders to me looked broad and muscular it was as if the had a width to them much like American footballers when they are all padded up. The arms were long and seemed to reach down to the area past where the knees were like a primate.

I sensed from it, that it froze as it was more afraid of me then I was of it, a thought went through my head as if it was thinking "oh bug she sees me" to me it was shocked, I know it seems daft but I do feel that there was some sort of ESP going between us and it left me with the feeling that something it wanted me to know was impressed into my subconscious mind although for the life of me I do not know what it was, maybe at this point in time I am not meant to know and it will only emerge when the time is right.

This thing had stood in front of me for what seemed ages but in reality could only have been a few minutes when I had had enough of it I called the dogs who came round from the corner of the house and instead of running across the patio to me just stood there looking in silence as if they could see something that they didn't like they were silent did not even growl or bark just stood there waiting, well I could understand this if it was just one or two dogs but six. This I found strange as my dogs are trained guard dogs and obey my commands to the last letter.

At this point this thing was still in front of me and not moving the thought that went through my head was "I wish you would go" and with that it didn't back up or walk away but just faded away.

Had I seen an extraterrestrial, a time traveller from the future, I know it was not a spirit of any kind, I had no idea what it was except that it was afraid and wary of me also shocked to know that I could see it and that somehow we communicated even if I do not know about what but the most important thing I found out about it that night was that it must have been solid mass because it set off the beam of the security light.

Well that's my experience of these transparent beings and I hope that will be the last.


mark said...

I can relate to this story. One night a few years ago whilst watching TV caught sight of the outline of a well built "person" which i percieved to be male. It seemed perfectly sat in the chair nearest to the TV but was sat facing towards me. It displayed a hazy outline yellowish in colour. As soon as i became aware of this oddness this being stood up (hieght approx 6.5feet) turned to the left and walked away just like a human would. It passed through the wall and was gone. I remember thinking, did i just see that or was it a trick of the light. I dont think it was a ghost, this being seemed too alive. A well built and tall human shaped thing.

Erich Kuersten said...

to hear a scientist admit aliens may be beyond their rational understanding is refreshing... it's something those in the psychonaut / shaman world have known all along. If we want to see them, all we need to do is tune in to the right mental frequency. Who's to say schizophrenics are wrong about the aliens listening to their conversations via microphones planted in their teeth?? One day, mainstream science might catch up to right brain-balanced thinkers like Terence McKenna, but it will probably be just too late by then.

Alain Bloch said...

I like some of the comments in your post, but correlating undetectable aliens to undetectable molecules in your body, (ie. invasion of the body snatchers) doesn't hold any value or reason.

Lacy said...

I have just experienced something similar to this not one hour ago for the second night in a row. I need more information on this. If someone could send me any other sites that they know of which discusses these things please email me.

TJ_AL86 said...

i definitely saw something exactly like what described in the story above. First, i want to apologize if i make any grammar mistake, you see English is not my first language. I saw the being outside my bedroom when i was lived in LA California. I remember after i watched TV all day in my bedroom because i felt so tired to do anything else on that day, which was on Saturday. I wanted to go downstairs and make dinner, i opened my bedroom door and immediately my eyes caught something transparent, it was sitting on the floor with crossed arms and legs, looked like it was waiting for something, then it tilted its head toward me as i stared at it. then slowly it got up from the floor while it kept staring at me. what i saw is a transparent humanoid being with clearly visible body outlines, it was about the same height as me which is 6 feet and i don't think it was "well-built" but certainly it was "lean". I was so scared when it got up, i quickly slammed my bedroom door shut and locked it from inside, then i crawled under my bed and was shaking like crazy. i didn't go outside my bedroom until the next day and i didn't have dinner that night. since it happened, i have been sleeping with lights turned on, even though i'm not longer living in that house.

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