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Video: Triangle UFO - Carroll County, Maryland - November 12, 2010

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Here's a video of the triangle shaped UFO over Carroll County, MD on November 12, 2010. I talked to a few of the witnesses since then (it is nearby) and got confirmation of the activity reported earlier....military helicopters, gunfire and a load booming sound. I'm not going to disclose the exact location at the request of the witnesses.

These large dark triangle craft have been reported throughout central Maryland...most likely military. Take a look and tell me what you think...Lon

The Andes Humanoid Mystery

A computer video file appeared anonymously on the internet on 2007, claims that a UFO crashed in the Peruvian Andes in January 1974 in front of many witnesses. The video briefly shows an old wooden trunk in a shack containing what resembles a naked and degraded humanoid corpse which is claimed to have been recovered by the locals on the spot of UFO crash before the military silenced the incident. The video, lacking any other information, promises revelations to come about this. The final text screen says: "Very soon, you will see the complete report with exclusive images. Be ready."

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Chronology of the video and events:

A computer video file in Windows Media format, appeared on the Internet, end of 2007, is headlined in the first scene "The Andes Humanoid."

The next scene displays the text "In January of 1974, an unidentified flying object (UFO) fell in the Andean Mountains of Peru. Many people witnessed what happened."

The next scene shows a part of the face of a man saying "We saw it fall from the sky."

Then, a text says "The military authorities surrounded the zone, erased the tracks, and denied what had happened."

The next scene shows a part of the face of the same man now saying "It was like a huge metallic object."

This is followed by a text saying "But there were some who were before them, who took something very valuable. A Humanoid."

A very short sequence then shows what is apparently a body, in a greenish light as filmed in "nightvision" (infrared) mode.

The next text screen announce that "The year 2007, the secret is exposed. We went searching for those who were there."

A few short sequences show a mountain road, then a mountain dirt track, then some shack

The next text screen says: "Finally, we got what we were looking for.

Three unrecognizable people filmed from behind near the shack are partly shown, one appearing "local" and saying "Let's go together and see it."

There is a "creature" in the box, first shown in a very brief traveling, then with a close up on the face.

The alleged "Humanoid" is shown overall during 10 seconds only. No clothing or artifacts appear. The final text screen says: "Very soon, you will see the complete report with exclusive images. Be ready."

NOTE: This is most likely an authentic relic or artifact that is being kept hidden away. My first thoughts are that someone along the line found a Peruvian mummy. These mummies are located in the higher altitudes of the Andes Mountains and are similar in appearance, texture and overall detail...other than the skull that does seem extremely large in the upper portion of the cranium. This video has been circulating for a number of years and to this date I have not heard of any DNA analysis being performed. Nonetheless, it is an interesting bit of video and conjecture...Lon

The following is an interesting post I found at the community board:

This happened to me approximately twenty five years ago while visiting 'The Andes" in South America. I was with some friends traveling in the panoramic road in the Andes. There was a church in the right side of the road, built with brown rocks-it was very picturesque, small, pretty, and constructed with rocks and in the roof there was a simple cross. I don't know the story about this church. I don't remember have seen a secondary road going to the church or have seen any car parked in the proximity. However, there was a couple standing between the church and the metal rail separating the main panoramic road where we were traveling. This couple, normal human beings, male and female probably in the twenty to twenty five years of age, were facing to the road that we were traveling on, rather than facing and looking to the church. I took a picture from the car; I knew the couple will be in the picture, I took the picture of the church knowing that the couple was standing in front of the church. What amazed me is that at that moment I said "I'm not taking a picture of you, I'm taking a picture of the church", then I said to my friend --"Those two were thinking that I was taking a picture of them, I was taking a picture of the church"; The reason I said that aloud it was because I felt that the couple communicated to me telepathically: "oh, oh she is taking a picture of us" (In a funny or sarcastic manner). It is important to say that our car's windows were closed and the couple did not talk, just have a "sarcastic" "mischievous" look in their faces.

I have to say that at that time, I did not analyzed this encounter or think anything else about it, except that the couple was making fun of me because I was taking a picture. It was approximately after three weeks later, when I went back home and developed the film that I noticed that the couple did not appeared in the picture. Just the church appeared in the picture. This always has bothered me, it is a mystery. However, it gets more mysterious...

We continued traveling in the same road and we stopped in a place where there was a visitor tower (probably as tall as three to five stories), one of my friend said that people from the area visited the tower at night with the purpose of seeing UFO. Well, it was daylight we did not see anything and anyway that was not our intention; we just were taking a rest and wanted to see the beautiful scenery. Again at that time, I did not pay too much attention to the comment it was just a trivial conversation among friends.

However, we continued traveling in the panoramic road and reached a point where there was approximately between 10 to 15 men (Blond hair, tall, same haircut style, well-groomed, same body structure (athletic), refined (seems to be educated), with such commanded authority, and all were dressed the same, (strange as it sound they were wearing jeans, and the shirts were also jeans fabric.), all of them were super good-looking, and they were standing in a straight line facing to the road. So, I found them different, so I wanted a picture of this different group, but I couldn't take the picture: it was again a telepathic thought "you are not authorized to take picture of us." Immediately all of them turned around (about face=turned around and faced the opposite direction) simultaneously. Yes, I felt intimidated like if taking a picture of the group was something bad.

However, I did not analyze anything else, I thought at that time, it was just a coincidence, maybe they were European in a scientific job. We continued our travel and saw in the next town some residents (Indians from the region), humble, wearing colorful cloth, wearing hats. Their demeanor was nothing like those blondes, extremely good looking, tall men, that I had seen before we arrived to the town. In my life I have seen so good looking group. I have traveled to Europe, Central America, South America and I live in US and I have never seen a group of so good “almost perfect” looking again.

These facts at the time of the travel to the Andes were not significant enough, but when I traveled back to my country and developed the pictures. I noticed that the couple (first incident) was not in the picture was then when I put together all the above concerns of my visit to the Andes and analyzed them. Today, I cannot explain why the couple did not show in the picture, the feeling of telepathic communication (two times) and the presence of the group of men that definitely did not belong to tha area or any other area I could think, have always inspire to read more about paranormal subjects! - cuarto

Fortean / Oddball News: PR Chupacabras = Manged Monkeys, Rabid Bats in LA and Mystery Missile Was Chinese

Biologist Explains Legendary 'Chupacabras': Puerto Rican Beasts Are Manged Monkeys

A Michigan biologist believes he has cracked the mystery of the legendary chupacabra, an enigmatic mammal that strikes at night and drains the blood of defenseless livestock.

The mythical beast recently found its way into popular culture and television. CNN's Ed Lavandera called it the "Bigfoot of Latino culture."

Chupacabra literally means "goat sucker" in Spanish.

Farmers in Puerto Rico said more than 150 farm animals were found with puncture wounds and were drained of blood during the early 1990s. Since then, sightings have been reported from Chile to Maine.

A sheriff’s deputy in Texas caught one on video with his dash cam.

University of Michigan biologist Barry O’Connor said he believes there is a scientific explanation. ”The description of these animals clearly matches that of mange-infested coyote or dog,” said O’Connor

O’Connor said a wild dog infected with mites would lose its fur, the mouth and teeth would look more prominent, and since it was sick, the predator would prey on livestock instead of something faster such as rabbits.

Alex Hearn, of the Arizona Cryptozoological Research Organization, agrees with O’Connor. “I try to figure out what logically would be the simplest answer, because that's usually going to be the correct answer," said Hearn.

But the diseased dog theory only works for the American chupacabra, Hearn added.

The original chupacabra, believed to be from Puerto Rico, is said to be an even more menacing-looking creature with two legs and spikes on its back.

Hearn said he believes the Puerto Rican chupacabras are manged monkeys whose ancestors escaped from a lab during a hurricane.

“The lab was abandoned, the humans left, the windows broke, the cages broke and the monkeys got out,” Hearn said.

The legend of the Chupacabra will live on. “Can you ever put to rest a myth, fully?" asked Hearn.


Experts: Mystery contrail was from Chinese missile

WND - Although the U.S. Defense Department and North American Aerospace Defense Command have speculated publicly that the unidentified contrail of a projectile soaring into the skies off the California coast – and recorded by a KCBS television crew – came from a jet and posed no security threat to the U.S., several experts are raising provocative and disturbing questions about the government's official response, reports Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

Two governmental military experts with extensive experience working with missiles and computer security systems have examined the television video and conclude the mysterious contrail originating some 30 miles off the coast near Los Angeles did not come from a jet – but rather, they say the exhaust and the billowing plume emanated from a single source nozzle of a missile, probably made in China.

They further suggest the missile was fired from a submerged Chinese nuclear submarine off America's coast, and point out that the timing of the alleged Chinese missile shot coincided with an increasing confrontation between the U.S. and China, and was likely meant to send a message to Washington.

Indeed, the Federal Aviation Administration documents that there were no aircraft flying in the area at that time, the night of Nov. 8.


Ohio Mystery Leads to 3 Bodies in Hollow Tree

indiepropub - After a teenage girl, Sarah Maynard was found bound and gagged in the basement of an unemployed tree-trimmer, Matthew Hoffman’s basement. Thursday he directed authorities to the location of other victims. “The bodies of the girl’s brother, mother and another woman were found stuffed into garbage bags within a hollow tree.”

The teen girl, 13, was reported missing over a week ago. Her home was reported to be splattered with the blood of the three additional victims. Authorities reported that all were killed in the home, but did not know how they were killed or the location of their bodies.

“Part of the tree had to be cut away to remove the remains,” said Knox County Ohio’s Sheriff David Barber.

30-year-old, Matthew Hoffman, an ex-con who spent six years in prison for arson and other charges, returned to Ohio in 2007 after his release. He currently remains in jail for the kidnapping of the teen girl and is the only suspect in the killings of her family. The third person’s identity is believed to be Stephanie Sprang, a family friend, whom was reported missing after she failed to show up for work on November 10th.

Matthew Hoffman was questioned the next day, when he was found sitting in a vehicle of a pickup related to the case. Just after, authorities found large quantities of blood inside the missing teen’s home.

SWAT found the teen girl, Sarah, “over the weekend in the basement of Hoffman’s home in Mount Vernon. Sheriff Barber would not elaborate on her ordeal, but that “she was at home when the killings occurred and doing well, considering the circumstances”.

The bodies of the girl’s family and family friend, were found “in a wildlife preserve in Fredericktown, about 15 miles from Hoffman’s home. The bodies were taken to a nearby country coroner’s office which expects to release “results on Saturday”.

It is not known how Hoffman knew the family, but it is believed he had been “watching them”. His own split level home is said to be about 10 miles from the victim’s home, but his parents “live less than a mile away”.

At the home of the Maynard children’s father, “men stood in the yard and asked a reporter to stay off the property”. Stephanie Sprang, the family friend and third victim whom worked for a local Dairy Queen had “people gathered on her father’s porch declining to comment”.

A neighbor of Matthew Hoffman’s parents, Paul Manter, relayed the parents “can’t believe their son did this”. Manter also stated the couple “wanted to help with the searching and he advised against it.” He further stated, “I wouldn’t have suspected that he would do something like this.” Going on, Manter said at a candlelight vigil, “It gives us closure, but sad closure.”

Other neighbors described odd behavior of Matthew Hoffman. “He collected leaves in the park.” “He would sit up in a tree and listen to people.”

Hoffman’s ex-girlfriend had a police confrontation due to an argument on October 24th at his home. She told police he “choked her, pushed her against a wall and pinned her against a wall with his forearm.” She further stated, “she thought he was going to kill her”. According to the report, she “did not want to press charges”.


Rabid bat warning issued by Los Angeles health office

BBC - Los Angeles county health officials have issued a warning to residents, telling them to be on the lookout for rabid bats.

The Department of Public Health said 21 rabid bats had been found in the county this year so far, twice the number typically found in the region.

Health director Jonathan Fielding said it was unclear why the number of rabid bats had increased.

Rabies is a viral disease that can cause death.

It was important for all residents to "understand the potential dangers posed to themselves and their pets, as most of these rabid bats have been found in and around homes", Mr Fielding said.

He urged residents to keep their children and pets away from bats and other wildlife.

One resident, who was attempting to nurse a bat back to health, was bitten and was treated for rabies, county officials said.

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The Antonio La Rubia Abduction: Robots, Hallucinations or Fabrication?

PREAMBLE: On September 15, 1977 near Paciencia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Antonio La Rubia, a 33-year-old bus driver, encountered a huge object he estimated to be 70 meters across. The object had set down in a field near his home. He attempted to leave the area but was unable to do so. At the moment he started to run an intense bright light lit up the area and he was instant paralyzed. At that point, Antonio witnessed three 'robots' positioned near him. He was then abducted and taken into the craft.

REPORT: APRO Bulletin, Vol. 26 No. 4, Oct. 1977 - "Brazilian CE4 Case" - We are indebted to Field Investigator Irene Granchi of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the details of an alleged and very bizarre abduction case. With her characteristic thoroughness, Mrs. Granchi forwarded translations of the complete texts of the newspaper stories from "0 Dia" which initially carried the story and which included a number of errors which she cleared up before submitting her final report. The details follow:

Mrs. Granchi first traveled to Paciencia, the site of the incident (about 45 kilometers or about 28 miles from Rio) on Saturday, October 8, and interviewed Dr. Neli Carbonel, who examined the victim. However, she (Mrs. Granchi) was not able to interview the percipient, Antonio La Rubia, as he was still very upset. He promised to come to Rio when he was feeling better and talk to Mrs. Granchi and on October 18th he arrived at her home with his brother Arnaldo.

Because she had only 40 minutes to devote to him, as she had to go to the Cultura to teach her classes, this is more or less a preliminary report. Mrs. Granchi intends to do further work on the case and if further pertinent information is forthcoming, it will be published in the Bulletin.

Antonio La Rubia habitually arises at 2:00 a.m., brushes his teeth, washes and leaves his home at 2:15 or 2:20 a.m. On the morning in question he feels he must have left at 2:20 for that was when his watch stopped. He walked to a large field near his home and when he got to the near corner of it, he stopped short, for in the field sat an object which he estimated to be 70 meters (235 feet) across, at least, as the field is 70 meters across and the object's bulk extended beyond the boundaries of the field.

Antonio thought the object, which was a dull leaden color and shaped like a hat, was resting on the ground. However, a search made by Mrs. Granchi and Antonio at a later date revealed no vestiges of a landing, such as impressions, burned grass, etc., although Mrs. Granchi feels they could have missed them.

As soon as Mr. La Rubia realized what he was seeing (he had never believed in the existence of UFOs previously) he decided to run back home.

(Initially, La Rubia thought the object was the bus he had to ride to go to the terminal of the Oriental Bus Company where he was employed as a bus driver.)

Antonio was unable to run, however, for at the moment he decided to retreat, an intensely bright light lit up the area. La Rubia was standing by an electric pole which became illuminated by the brilliant blue light. At that moment Antonio saw three "robots" positioned near him. They were one meter, 40 centimeters (about four feet) tall, but their antennae, which jutted out of the middle (tops) of their heads extended far enough to extend beyond his height (which is approximately five feet, five inches). The heads of the creatures were shaped like American footballs, with a band extending across the middle, horizontally, which looked like a row of small mirrors of a blue shade, one a little darker than the others.

The bodies, Antonio said, were stocky, the trunk broader than his own (he is muscular, but of slender build). They had appendages for arms which he compared to elephants' trunks, and which narrowed down to pointed tips, resembling one finger. Their bodies were made of a rough substance resembling scales. Antonio, when questioned, said he didn't think the scales were "armor", for the robots moved around freely and the "scales" did not seem to impede them in any way. The trunks were rounded at the bottom ending in a single leg. Antonio's first impression was that they were sitting on something, but didn't feel this was the case. This leg ended in a "platform" the size and shape of a saucer. Antonio compared this leg and "platform" to the stools utilized on ships. All of this outer part of the bodies looked like a dull shade of aluminum.

In the field, one of the "robots" stood in front of him, one at the side and another behind him. When the blue light had come on, he could no longer move. Antonio flailed about with his arms, but found, he was imprisoned in a "bell" (glass or Mason) jar. Otherwise he felt quite normal except that he felt quite nervous. He could not move, but the "creatures" floated along. They were all of the same stature, but one of them was holding what appeared to be a syringe (an instrument used to give an injection). This "robot" raised its appendage, pointed the syringe at La Rubia, and Antonio moved from his position without feeling it, toward the disc. Although he felt himself moving toward the disc, he does not know how he entered it. As he approached it, he felt a tremor, then found himself in a corridor of aluminum substance, and beyond it a wall. Two of the "robots" went one way, one another. He looked down the corridor, saw the field, and it seemed that the skin of the UFO was transparent and he felt the craft had lifted from the ground. He got the impression the object was moving from south to north.

As he was looking back and out, a bright blue light came on again and he now found himself in a large, circular room. The light appeared to come from the ceiling and became lighter in hue as it came down the "wall", until it blended with the aluminum color of the walls.

In this huge chamber he saw a dozen of the "entities" on one side and another twelve on the other side; reminding him of children in a classroom because their "single legs" looked like seats.

Antonio had been struggling all the while, unable to make a sound. But suddenly he was able to shout: "What do you want? Who are you?" To his great surprise, all of the creatures fell to the floor and he assumed that the sound of his voice must have caused this. The light came on strong again, blinding him. He continued to struggle, partly from fear, but also because he had had extreme difficulty breathing since he first entered the craft. He did not hear his own breathing but could hear breathing sounds coming from the entities which was puzzling to him as they appeared to him to be robots.

When Antonio began shouting, all of the entities raised their appendages to the tip of their antennae, holding them. Prior to that, the antennae had been spinning so fast that he could not determine their exact shape. When they held them, with their appendages, he could see that their shape resembled that of a teaspoon.

The only fixture in the whole enclosure was a small piano-like affair in front of Antonio. It was a box-shaped thing about 15-17 centimeters (6 inches) in width standing on 2 supporting poles, which reached to the height of Antonio's chest. At the extremity of the box, on each side (see sketch) there were antennae jutting up, and to one side, the keys, which reminded him of a piano.

There was also something that looked like a tin (can) on it into which the beings inserted some objects which they took from their belts.

At this juncture Antonio explained that the beings wore belts from which hung, by hooks, apparatuses which resembled syringes (injection apparatuses) which they inserted into the box (or "piano"). Each time this was done, an image appeared on the wall of the UFO in color, showing a different scene.

Antonio was shown a series of pictures in color and every time this was done, the being introduced the syringe-like thing to the "box", pressed a key and the picture appeared. The pictures Antonio remembers are as follows:

1. Himself, nude, lying on an invisible (?) table, swinging his arms about, his legs lying straight and two of the beings examining him with their little bluish lights, directing it at his chest and head, with another entity examining his head with a blue light which had no beam. It made everything blue, including his hair (which he saw in the "picture").

When this scene was over, another being approached the "console", introduced another "thing" into it, and another scene appears:

2. Here Antonio saw himself, still naked, standing.

3. Antonio was dressed, carrying his shopping bag, his teeth were chattering and he looked nervous. No sound came from him, and one arm was swinging.

4. This picture showed a horse and cart, being drawn over a dirt road. Antonio did not recognize the location but there appeared a cart-man, a peasant, wearing a straw hat, bare-footed and with a torn shirt.

5. Antonio saw a picture of a light orangey ball with himself standing beside it.

6. In this picture, the "ball" was seen once again, this time bluish in color, with one of the "beings" standing beside it.

7. This picture is most difficult to describe and whereas we have condensed Mrs. Granchi's words before, we will use her entire description: "A dog was shovm, trying to get at one of those beings, also shown in the picture the dog was big, and slobbering at the mouth, trying hard to get at the being, unable to reach it and looked very angry. Then the dog gave out 4 or 5 barks. At this point, the being started to melt, from top to bottom, like porridge."

8. A factory was seen, apparently one of "theirs" where the UFOs (crafts?) are manufactured. The scene was white and stretched out, so he could not see the end of it. There were 3 rows of UFOs, the 2 on the right were UFOs nearly ready, and the one on the left were UFOs in the making—at the "skeleton" stage. There were "millions" of "beings" or "robots" walking around but Antonio noticed no tools.

9. This picture showed a train, like the Japanese trains currently being used in Brazil, but older, something the worse for wear, windowless, entering a tunnel, whereupon it was lost from view.

10. This showed an avenue, which Mrs. Granchi compared with Avenida Presidente Vargas, one of the busiest thoroughfares in Rio de Janeiro, jammed with cars.

Mrs. Granchi writes that Antonio's list seems to end here but that he described a scene he saw after the one where he saw himself naked, wherein he saw himself dressed, vomiting and passing stools in this trousers. Fortunately the latter did not come to pass, as he was at home when he became very ill.

Antonio also told Mrs. Granchi about when the beings took blood from him; one of them came over to the center of the hall where he was standing, took one of the "syringes" from his belt with his right appendage, passed it over to his left appendage, where it started to rotate, spinning so fast that Antonio could not follow it with his eyes. Then the gadget was pointed at him, whereupon his arm lifted, against his will, and the syringe was stuck into the middle finger of his right hand. He saw the syringe filling until it nearly overflowed. He was sure it was his blood for it was the only color he saw in the whole place—everything else was blue or white, or metallic-like. He didn't understand how this could be, for he did not feel the prick and there was no mark after it was accomplished. Then the being who had taken the blood pointed at a picture on the wall and drew three circles, presumably with Antonio's blood, and dissected them with an L-shaped mark (see sketch).

Mrs. Granchi thinks that the blood-drawing experience came before, or in between the showing of pictures for Antonio says that after the busy street scene was shown he was "thrown" overboard and fell into a street almost opposite the Paciencia station. When he landed, there was one of the "beings" beside him. All his belongings were with him, even his bag, which had not been with him on the craft.

Then Antonio looked at his watch, which read 2:20 a.m. He was on the ground, looked behind him and saw nothing. He then looked up and saw what appeared to be the bottom of a dark, smooth balloon, lifting up. It was huge in size and ascended until he could no longer see it.

Mrs. Granchi asked if there had been additional witnesses and La Rubia said there was. but the man is a known drunk and therefore not reliable. He (the drunk) told numerous people he'd seen a UFO that morning.

Antonio went over to Paciencia station, asked the time and it was either 2:50 or 2:55 a.m. He set his watch at the correct time. There was a bus passing at 3:10 and he caught it and arrived at work on time. He felt ill and nervous and ached all over. He drove the bus, nevertheless, but now and again his vision darkened. He worked all day and again all day Friday, but when he arrived home that night he went to bed.

It was at this junction in his narrative that Antonio recalled another "picture" which he had forgotten. In this one he saw himself with smoke coming out of his back, and the pain and heat which he was now feeling (when he arrived home) seemed to be connected with the picture. The pictures he saw in the UFO seemed to have depicted all of the suffering he was now experiencing except the one where he passed stools in his drawers.

Antonio told his wife nothing of what had happened to him. That Friday night his bowels were loose and he felt miserable. The next day, Saturday, he was still very ill and missed work. Sunday was the same—he could not go to work. That night (Sunday) the burning feeling started, which spread throughout his body and was very painful. His wife rubbed him with alcohol which relieved the distress somewhat. On Monday morning, he went back to the bus company to say he had to quit, and he had difficulty breathing, was burning and itching and asked a fellow employee to hose him down with water. His fellow workers told him he looked "as green as grass." He told Mrs. Granchi that when he walked he had an empty feeling as though walking on a cloud. This feeling persisted as late as 33 days after the incident.

The Monday that he was at the bus company and experiencing the burning feeling, the company nurse wanted to give him a tranquilizing injection but he refused, afraid that it would make him worse. The personnel at the clinic thought he had gone mad and ropes were brought to constrain him and he was taken to the hospital where it was generally thought he was mad because he babbled about UFOs.

Before being taken to the hospital, however, La Rubia was given a hearing by the bus company psychologist, Dr. Nely Carbonell, who pronounced him psychologically normal but nevertheless called an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

Antonio was surprised when the hospital doctors pronounced him normal despite his extreme discomfort. However, when one of the doctors visited him for his INPS (Worker's Employer Relief) and heard about the UFO, he called in six other doctors, saying that the case was serious and worthy of further study. Also, Antonio was registering a high fever (about 103 degrees Fahrenheit) which could have been dangerous to him had it persisted.

Mrs. Granchi does some philosophizing which is very worthwhile but which, for the sake of space, we must forego, but her closing words are very much worth quoting:

"But the most puzzling new facts in this case are the showing of the pictures, not in themselves as such, but what did the beings wish to communicate? This is the task for many specialized scientists to try to unravel. What message did they wish to convey? The simplest seems that, as we harm them, they can harm us. That there are many of them, as there are many of us. That they can tell our future but we cannot tell theirs. That they isolate people in an invisible bell (Mason) jar. And so on.

"Shall we have time to reflect on all this before they come over (arrive) in larger hordes?" Well said, Irene.


UPDATED SUMMARY - Antonio La Rubia Abduction

* Classification (Hynek): CE4
* Witness: Antonio La Rubia
* Time & Place: 2:20am, Sept 15 1977; Paciencia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
* Entity Type (Lawson): Robot
* Craft: 200-ft-wide disc-shaped craft
* Summary: A Brazilian man is abducted by robotic entities

On September 15, 1977, a group of single-legged robots descended upon the village of Paciencia, Brazil and subjected a 33-yr-old bus driver to a terrifying ordeal.

At 2:15 that morning, Antonio La Rubia was walking to work when he saw an object like "an enormous wide hat" sitting in a field. The object was 200 feet in diameter and dull grey in colour.

La Rubia took one look at it and tried to run for his life. But the disc fired a beam of blue light at him, instantly paralysing him. Simultaneously three bizarre robots silently materialised around him.

The robots were constructed from a pattern of overlapping metallic scales. Each had an egg-shaped body with two tentacle-like arms and a single pedestal for a leg. Their rugby ball shaped heads were topped by rapidly spinning antennae.

One of the robots pointed a syringe-shaped device at La Rubia. Then the entire group floated towards the craft, together with the Brazilian.

La Rubia could not remember how he entered the craft. But somehow he found himself standing alone in a white corridor. The outer wall was transparent, and through it he could see the ground falling away beneath him. Then a blue beam of light struck him, and he suddenly found himself in a circular white chamber.

The chamber was occupied by two dozen robots identical to the ones that had captured him. They appeared to be silently communicating with one another. "Who you are? What you want?" La Rubia yelled at them. To his surprise, they promptly toppled over onto the floor.

The Brazilian was temporarily blinded by a flash of blue light. When he recovered, he found that the robots had righted themselves. They were now gathered around a small instrument console which resembled an electric organ. As they manipulated keys on the console, a series of moving images appeared on the wall of the chamber.

Many of the images were of La Rubia himself, both clothed and naked. Other scenes depicted a peasant walking beside a cart, a dilapidated train entering a tunnel, and a production line in a flying saucer factory. One particularly gruesome sequence showed the robots "melting" a dog that had attacked them.

While La Rubia was watching the picture show, one of the beings jabbed a syringe into his right middle finger and extracted blood. The being then squirted the contents of the syringe at the wall, making a pattern of three circles intersected by an 'L'.

Without warning, La Rubia suddenly found himself outside the bus depot where he worked. One of the robots was standing beside him, and the giant disc was hovering overhead. Then the robot vanished and the disc shot straight up.

Although he went to work as usual that day, La Rubia became very ill over the weekend. He suffered from insatiable thirst, vomiting, burning throat pains and dizzy spells.

On Monday morning he returned to work and reported to the company nurse. When he told her about his abduction, she had him physically restrained, thinking he had gone mad. Luckily for La Rubia, a psychologist examined him and pronounced him sane before sending him to hospital for a check-up. It took him several days to recover from the side effects of his encounter. -

NOTE: The bus company for which La Rubia worked had a psychologist on staff. This seems somewhat odd to me though being a bus driver can have it's own level of stress. Nonetheless, the psychologist met with La Rubia and described him as normal...before sending him to a hospital. This is definitely a strange account no matter how you look at it though, not any stranger than some of the incidents I have post on this blog. Your thoughts? Lon

APRO Bulletin, Vol. 26 No. 4
Alan Baker - "Encyclopedia of Alien Encounters"
Pierre Delval - "Contacts of the Fourth Kind"

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Newfound Exoplanet Likely Came from Another Galaxy

scientificamerican - Nearly everything we can see in the night sky without the aid of a telescope is in Earth's cosmic neighborhood, the Milky Way Galaxy. And the hundreds of planets that have been discovered outside our solar system all orbit stars within the Milky Way; their relative proximity permits the kind of careful look needed to identify an orbital companion.

Now a new study has located yet another extrasolar planet, or exoplanet, within our galaxy. But this one seems to have started out in another galaxy that was then consumed by, and incorporated into, the Milky Way several billion years ago.

The newfound planet, which is somewhat more massive than Jupiter, was announced online November 18 in Science by a group of researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (M.P.I.A.) in Heidelberg, Germany, and the European Space Agency. The team used a telescope on a Chilean mountaintop to observe HIP 13044, an aging star about 2,000 light-years from our solar system.

The star showed a periodic wobble on a timescale of 16.2 days that the researchers concluded was most plausibly explained by the gravitational tug of a massive planet orbiting very close by. Astronomers have found the vast majority of known exoplanets by tracking these stellar wobbles through Doppler shifts in the star's light. But the discovery of the newfound HIP 13044 b, named by convention for its host star, is surprising for a few reasons.

One is that HIP 13044 b is the first verifiable exoplanet of extragalactic origin. (A tentative detection of a possible planet in Andromeda was announced in 2009, but the kind of one-off observation used in that study is not confirmable.) HIP 13044 belongs to the Helmi stream, a population of stars that stretches through the Milky Way with similar, unusual orbits and compositions. The Helmi stream was determined in 1999 to have originated in a small galaxy, similar to the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy, that was cannibalized by the larger Milky Way. Later work found that the ingested galaxy must have been devoured six billion to nine billion years ago.

Another peculiarity is that the new planet's host star is quite evolved, having already passed through the red giant phase that awaits our sun in about five billion years. When the sun becomes a red giant, it will swell to many times its current size, and most likely swallow the planets of the inner solar system. But HIP 13044 b sticks close to its host star, well within the region that would be expected to be engulfed by a red giant, meaning that it may have migrated inward from an earlier, wider orbit as the star contracted. The researchers speculate that the planet may await destruction when the star swells again in the next phase of its evolution, when it becomes a so-called asymptotic giant branch star.

Additionally, most known exoplanets orbit stars that are at least as metallic as the sun—that is, they are enriched in elements heavier than hydrogen and helium. But HIP 13044 and its fellow Helmi stream stars are extremely metal-poor. HIP 13044, which is nearly as massive as the sun, has only about 1 percent the metallicity of our planet's host star, making it the most metal-deficient star known to harbor a planet.

"In the current picture of planet formation, you have the core accretion scenario—you need heavy elements to form planetary embryos," says study co-author Rainer Klement, an astronomer at M.P.I.A. "Apparently this doesn't work for the planet we found now." An alternate theoretical mechanism, called disk instability, would allow planets to form without first assembling a rocky core; the discovery of HIP 13044 b could add observational weight to the model. "Now we found a planet around a very metal-poor star, and there has to be some other mechanism at work to form this planet," Klement says.


Airports starting to opt out of TSA screening

wdbo - The backlash continues over those new TSA screening measures, and now one Central Florida airport has decided to go with a private security screening firm.

Orlando Sanford International Airport has decided to opt out from TSA screening.

"All of our due diligence shows it's the way to go," said Larry Dale, the director of the Sanford Airport Authority. "You're going to get better service at a better price and more accountability and better customer service."

Dale says he will be sending a letter requesting to opt out from TSA screening, and instead the airport will choose one of the five approved private screening companies to take over.

Congressman John Mica, who's expected to lead the powerful Transportation Committee next year, says the TSA is crying out for reform.

"I think TSA is overstepping its bounds," said Mica.

Dale says, if all goes as planned, the private security firm could take over in about 12 months.

The TSA points out that even if an airport decides to use a private firm for security, the screeners still must follow TSA guidelines. That would include using enhanced pat-downs and the full-body scanners if they are installed at the airport.


China simmers as children of elite show criminal indifference

irishtimes - It has become a catchphrase for state irresponsibility and arrogance: “Sue me if you dare. My father is Li Gang.”

It is an expression that has spread like wildfire on the internet, highlighting a growing public outrage at the criminal indifference of some children of the privileged to the broader masses.

After driving his black Volkswagen Magotan into two rollerblading students, while drunk, outside Hebei University in the Beishi district, Li Qiming did not stop until intercepted by security guards and students on campus.

Mr Li then stepped out of the car and uttered the immortal phrase with no sign of remorse.

His father, Li Gang, is indeed deputy chief of the public security bureau in Baoding City, Hebei province, northern China. This position would usually guarantee immunity from broader consequences.

The story broke initially on local media, but soon the censor, fearful of wider social problems, put the lid on the news. However, Li Qiming’s comments have been widely publicised online and have provoked angry reactions from millions of Chinese citizens.

One of the two women struck by Mr Li’s car, Chen Xiaofeng, died after the incident. Her brother, Chen Lin, said in an interview carried on the Danwei website that Mr Li said it because he was showing off.

“It’s relying on the power of his family; he said it subconsciously. Lots of people are like this now. I think he’s using it as a kind of backup, I don’t think it was because he was afraid. It was just subconscious – ‘this is who my family is, you can’t do this and this to me’ ,” Mr Chen said.

The dead student’s father, Chen Guangqian, said he was sure the perpetrator had lots of connections within Baoding. “I am afraid,” he said in the interview.

On the Sina website, outraged postings have appeared. “No need to panic after any crime, as my father is Li Gang,” posted one commentator, part of a broader contest to come up with sentences containing the words “my father is Li Gang”. Another wrote: “I never pay my telephone bills. My father is Li Gang.”

The story has rattled cages, even among the Communist Party elite which realises it needs the support of the people to stay in power. The party has had to deal with numerous incidents where public dismay with party officials has caused social instability.

Wu Zhongmin, a professor at the party school of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, told the Xinhua news agency: “Like father like son. If the children of officials think that they are the privileged class, will future generations follow suit? . . . the question is where will China go from here.”

The story emerged on the same day as Wu Yuren, an artist who led a march towards Tiananmen Square last February, was brought to court over a scuffle with police. Supporters say the trial is revenge for his outspoken work.


Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce...special orders don't upset us!

Several workers at a Sacramento Burger King have been fired for leaving less than polite messages on customer's receipts. After spending $9.22 on a double Whopper with cheese, onion rings and a small drink at the Arden Way Burger King earlier this week, customer Francisco Perez looked down at his receipt and saw the words "f--- you" on it - not once, but twice.

“All I did was place my order and got a ‘f-you’ burger,” said Perez. "Actually, I am embarrassed. It's humiliating. So, I showed the guy and he just kind of laughed. There was no 'Sorry, we'll fix it.'" Perez said he did nothing to provoke the workers and that the firings are justified. “It just goes to show you don't play around with somebody's business,” said Perez.

Customers at the Burger King were split about whether the workers' punishment fits the crime. “Just a little time off to think about what he did,” customer Rikki Montoya suggested as possible discipline for the incident. “Probably not fired, because I'm sure he's never going to do it again.”

“I think they should lose their jobs,” said customer Emi Watanabe. “I really do. Anybody that writes something like that doesn't deserve to work here.” Perez said the company called late on Wednesday to offer vouchers for free food. He told the Burger King representative ‘no thanks.’ Perez said he plans to never eat at a Burger King again and that he's thinking about filing a lawsuit.

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Bachelorette Party Prank Leaves Bride Paralyzed

aolnews - A freak accident at a bachelorette party has left a Virginia bride-to-be paralyzed in a wheelchair for life, and unmarried at least for now.

Rachelle Friedman and her girlfriends decided to jump into a backyard pool when they got home from a girls' night out. One of the bridesmaids playfully pushed Friedman into the water -- something she says they'd done countless times before. But this time was different.

"I instantly went stiff and couldn't move," Friedman, 25, told ABC News. "I weirdly did not panic. I kind of knew exactly what happened, and I floated up to the surface and said, 'Help!' and then my friends called 911."

Doctors say that she suffered a C6 spinal cord injury and that she'll probably never walk again.

The wedding, scheduled for June, was postponed indefinitely, though Friedman and her fiance are still a couple. They want to get married, but if they do, their combined income would force Friedman to lose her Medicaid insurance, which she needs to pay for therapy, her wheelchair and medication.

Her family has set up a website where people can donate to help pay for her medical expenses.

"I was always kind of scared something was going to mess up my perfect world," she said. "It was literally perfect, but it completely changed, and that can happen to anyone."

Minnesota DNR Cougar Denials - First Person Report

My post of the following article - Dead cougar marks 7th confirmed sighting in 14 months - prompted the following response from a Minnesota reader:

Hi Lon, I just wanted to tell you about the Minnesota DNR and the so-called cougar non cover-up. Back in 1995 I lived in Rush City, Minnesota, about 3 and a half miles south of town. We had 90 acre's of back woods with a few swamps here and there. And also I'm a deer hunter so I know the woods like the back of my hand, and I walked the entire 90 acre's looking for any sign's of deer well before the season starts. Trust me when I say I know animal tracks, and we have a large assortment of animals living in these woods, from mice to bears. Well one day in June of 1995 I was just out for a slow walk through the woods just enjoying the sights and sounds of what the Minnesota back woods have to offer. And like always I pay attention to tracks when ever I spot one, and this one caught my eye right away. It was a cat track...a "BIG-CAT" track, with only four paws and no claw marks what so ever. So I always carry a bag of plaster and a thermos of water and also a container for mixing the plaster, I always carried these with me in case I came across a large bear track or of some other critter that stands out from the norm. Well I cast the big cat track, which was a lot bigger than a Bobcat or Lynx track. This track was around 41/2" inches across, and these where the first Cougar tracks I had spotted in our back woods. All in all there where about 3 visible tracks in this small patch of bare ground, and one track really stood out, so this was the one I made a cast of. And I headed back home with my special cast I had just made of a cougar. I called the DNR as soon as I returned home, and they put me in contact with the Hinckley DNR office, which has been closed down now for about 8 years. But I talked to a Game Warden who happened to be in the office at the time I called, I explained to him my finding of the cougar tracks and he said he would swing by and take a look at them, and he also asked what time I get off work, so I told him about the time I get home. Well they just happened to drop by when I was still at work, ( go figure ) and talked to my wife, they wanted to see the plaster cast I had made of the so called cougar track, well they told her it was a bear track, and took my cast with them and said they would return it in a few days. Guess what, they never did, and they told my wife not to tell anyone about the track because it would just get the public unsettled. I was so upset when I got home...a bear track I thought, how dumb did they think I was, a bear track is bigger and has five clawed toes not four unclawed. So that's when I knew the DNR was trying to cover it up. And I have never called them again to report a cougar track, and I've seen a lot of them over the past few years. Dan Roth,...P.S. Lon you may post this if you wish. And Thanks for the great reading you give to us all.

Click for audio report

NOTE: I have received several similar inquiries to the lack of confirmation by various DNR's throughout the United particular Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. I can understand that these agencies do not want to start a panic and stir a rush of sightings...but there does need to be assurance given to witnesses that their reports are taken seriously...Lon

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Air Force RB-47 UFO Encounter

PREAMBLE: On July 17, 1957 over the Gulf Coast area of the United States, an Air Force RB-47, equipped with electronic countermeasures (ECM) gear and manned by six officers, was followed by an unidentified object for a distance of well over 700 mi. and for a time period of 1.5 hr., as it flew from Mississippi, through Louisiana and Texas and into Oklahoma. The object was, at various times, seen visually by the cockpit crew as an intensely luminous light, followed by ground-radar and detected on ECM monitoring gear aboard the RB-47.

THE REPORT: On board an RB-47H aircraft equipped with sophisticated electronic countermeasures equipment, over the Gulf of Mexico.

The crew consisted of:
Lewis D. Chase, pilot, Spokane, WA
James H. McCoid, copilot, Offutt AFB
Thomas H. Hanley, navigator, Vandenberg AFB
John J. Provenzano, No. 1 monitor, Wichita, KS
Frank B. McClure, No. 2 monitor, Offutt AFB
Walter A. Tuchscherer, No. 3 monitor, Topeka, KS

These six men were on a training/test exercise in an RB-47H electronic countermeasures reconnaissance aircraft. The RB-47, while originally developed as a bomber, was also used extensively as a reconnaissance aircraft. One was shot down by the Soviet Union while on such a mission in 1960.

This particular mission began at Forbes AFB in Topeka, Kansas as an exercise including gunnery exercises over the Texas-Gulf area, navigation exercises over the open Gulf, and Electronic CounterMeasures exercises on the return trip across the south-central U.S.

The men participating were soon to depart for Germany and duty there. It should be noted that the ECM equipment was not radar. It did not emit a signal and then pick up reflected echoes off of an object. Rather, it detected electromagnetic signals that were actually emitted by an object itself. The purpose of this was to detect and locate enemy radar installations. On this aircraft, the #2 monitor consisted of a direction finder with antenna on the lower rear of the aircraft, and the #1 monitor consisted of a direction finder with antennas on each wingtip of the aircraft. The #3 monitor was not involved in the events of July 17, because its range did not include the frequencies involved. The first contact with the unknown object was before 4:00 AM CST. The first two parts of the mission had been completed, and the aircraft was just leaving the airspace over the Gulf of Mexico near Gulfport, Mississippi, when Frank McClure, on the #2 ECM monitor, detected an airborne signal to the right rear of the aircraft, out over the Gulf of Mexico. The signal was of a type usually confined to ground-based radar installations. It was at 2800 megacycles, a common frequency for S-band search radar. McClure at first thought that his scope must be 180° out of alignment and that he must be picking up a ground-based radar station in Louisiana, which would actually be to the left front of the aircraft. As he watched, the signal moved up the scope, as it would if the scope was 180° out of alignment. However, he was amazed to see that, after it had moved up the scope on the right-hand side of the aircraft, it then crossed the path of the RB-47 and proceeded to move down the scope on the left-hand side. In other words, whatever was emitting the signal flew a ring around the RB-47, which was flying at approximately 500 mph. Even if the scope was 180° out of alignment, the signal source still moved completely around the aircraft, which no ground radar could do. McClure said and did nothing at this time, not mentioning the signal to the other crew members. The signal faded as they flew north.

The RB-47 made a scheduled turn to the west over Jackson, Mississippi and the crew was preparing to begin a series of simulated ECM operations against Air Force ground radar units, when suddenly the pilot, Lewis Chase, saw a light coming in from the left, at approximately the same altitude as the RB-47. At first he thought it was another plane, but it was only a single white light, closing fast. He gave the command to prepare for evasive maneuvers, but the light flashed across from left to right so fast that no such action could have been taken. It then blinked out at a point to the right front of the aircraft. Both Chase and Copilot James McCoid observed this. At this point, approximately 4:10 AM CST, they were approximately over Winnsboro, Louisiana.

Chase told the other crewmembers what he had seen, and McClure now told him about his earlier signal reading. At 4:30 AM, McClure set his scope to detect signals near 3000 mcs again, and he detected a strong signal at the same location in relation to the RB-47 that Chase had last seen the light. He and Provenzano checked the alignment of the #2 monitor by tuning in on known ground radar installations and found it to be in perfect working order. At 4:30 AM, Provenzano tuned his own monitor, #1, to 3000 mcs, and found that his equipment detected a signal at the same location. What's more, he and McClure found that the signal was staying in the same position, keeping pace with the RB-47, which was still flying at 500 mph. This meant that it was not a signal from a ground-based radar.

The Unknown Companion

By this time they had reached the Duncanville, Texas area. At 4:39, Chase spotted a huge light to the right front of the RB-47 an about 5,000 feet below the aircraft's 34,500 feet altitude. The weather was perfectly clear. At 4:40, McClure reported two signals, at 40° and 70°. Chase and McCoid reported seeing red lights at those locations. Chase contacted radar Station Utah at Duncanville, Texas and requested permission to abandon his flight plan and pursue the lights, which he received. At 4:48 AM, radar station Utah requested the position of the signals that McClure was receiving, and they immediately confirmed that their radar had detected the objects at the same location. As the RB-47 attempted to pursue, the object appeared to stop suddenly. Chase could see that they were gaining on it, and they over shot it.

At 4:52 it blinked out, and simultaneously vanished from McClure's scope and the ground radar! Chase put the aircraft into a port turn, and the object suddenly blinked on again, simultaneously reappearing on McClure's scope and the ground radar at 4:52! They began to close to within 5 miles of the object, when it suddenly dropped to 15,000 feet and then blinked out again, once again vanishing from the scopes and ground radar. At 4:55, Chase radioed Utah radar station that they had to break of pursuit and continue with their scheduled flight plan due to low fuel. At 4:57 McClure picked up the signal again, and at 4:58 Chase made visual contact again. As they headed into Oklahoma, McClure continued to receive a signal, now from the rear of the aircraft, until it finally faded as they neared Oklahoma City. The Director of Intelligence, 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, stated in his report that he had: doubt the electronic D/F's coincided exactly with visual observations by aircraft cmdr numerous times, thus indicating positively the object being the signal source.

What can be detected on ECM direction finding devices, can be seen visually, and can be detected on ordinary ground-based radar all at the same time? What can be detected by all the sensors and can also fly rings around a jet travelling at 500 mph?

Project Bluebook said that the sightings in Dallas - Fort Worth area were an ordinary jet airliner. They couldn't explain the abrupt, simultaneous disappearance and reappearance of the object from radar screens, ECM scopes, and visual detection. They also couldn't explain the events that occurred over Mississippi and Louisiana. It's odd that the Utah radar station couldn't tell an airliner from an unknown.

The Condon Committee toyed with several explanations, but found none to be satisfactory, finally classifying this case as unknown.


Condon Report Case Study: RB-47


The crew of a B-47 aircraft described an encounter with a large ball of light which was also displayed for a sustained time for both airborne radar monitoring receivers and on ground radar units. The encounter had occurred ten years prior to this study. Project Blue Book had no record of it. Attempts to locate any records of the event, in an effort to learn the identity of the encountered phenomenon, failed to produce any information. The phenomenon remains unidentified.


At a project-sponsored conference for air base UFO officers, held in Boulder in June 1967, one of the officers revealed that he personally had experienced a puzzling UFO encounter some ten years previously. According to the officer, a Major at the time of the encounter, he was piloting a B-47 on a gunnery and electronic counter-measures training mission from an AFB. The mission had taken the crew over the gulf of Mexico, and back over South Central United States where they encountered a glowing source of both visual and 2,800 mHz. electromagnetic radiation of startling intensity, which, during part of the encounter, held a constant position relative to the B-47 for an extended period. Ground flight control radar also received a return from the "object," and reported its range to the B-47 crew, at a position in agreement with radar and visual observations from the aircraft.

According to the officer, upon return to the AFB electronic counter-measures, graphic data, and radar scope pictures which had been taken during the flight were removed from the plane by Intelligence personnel. He recalled that an Intelligence questionnaire regarding the experience had later been completed by the B-47 crew; however, the "security lid" shut off further information regarding the encounter. The crew learned nothing more regarding the incident, and the pilot occasionally had wondered about the identity of the phenomena encountered ever since his experience.


When no report of this incident was found in Blue Book or Air Defense Command records, this project undertook to obtain leads to the location of data recorded during the event through detailed interview of all available members of the B-47 crew. Of the six crew members, the three most closely involved in the encounter were the pilot, co-pilot, and the officer who had been in charge of the most involved radar-monitoring unit.

Details of the encounter, as best they could be recalled, were obtained by interview with the pilot and, later, with the two other officers at another air base. A11 remained deeply impressed by the experience, and were surprised that a report of it was not part of Blue Book files. Their descriptions of the experience were generally consistent, although the pilot did not mention that the navigator also had received a radar return from the object in question, as was recalled by the other officers. (The navigator, on duty in Vietnam, was not available for interview). The two other crew members, each of whom had operated a radar monitoring unit in the B-47 during the UFO event, were involved to a lesser extent in the incident, and were not located for interview.

The crew's description of the experience follows:

Time: Early morning, Fall 1957.
Place: Over South Central United States
Plane's altitude: About 30,000 ft. during the first part of the encounter.
Nature of Mission: (Pilot): Combined navigation, gunnery, and electronic counter-measure training mission. (Other Crew): Check-out of plane and equipment, including electronic counter-measures equipment, prior to European assignment.
Weather: Witnesses recalled seeing, from 30,000 ft. altitude, lights of cities and burn-off flames at gas and oil refineries below. They have no recollection of other than clear weather.

Radar monitoring unit number two, in the back end of the B-47, picked up a strong signal, at a frequency of about 2,800 mHz., which moved up-scope while the plane was in straight flight. (A signal from a ground station necessarily moves down-scope under these conditions, because of forward motion of the airplane). This was noted, but not reported immediately to the rest of the crew. The officer operating this unit suspected equipment malfunction, and switched to a different monitoring frequency range. The pilot saw a white light ahead and warned the crew to be prepared for a sudden maneuver. Before any evasive action could be taken, the light crossed in front of the plane, moving to the right, at a velocity far higher than airplane speeds. The light was seen by pilot and co-pilot, and appeared to the pilot to be a glowing body as big as a barn. The light disappeared visually, but number two monitor was returned to the frequency at which the signal was noted a few moments earlier and again showed a target, now holding at the "two-o'clock" position. The pilot varied the plane's speed, but the radar source stayed at two o'clock. The pilot then requested and received permission to switch to ground interceptor control radar and check out the unidentified companion. Ground Control in the area informed the pilot that both his plane and the other target showed on their radar, the other target holding a range of ten miles from him.

After the UFO had held the two o'clock position and ten-mile range through various test changes in aircraft speed, the number two monitoring officer informed the pilot that the target was starting to move up-scope. It moved to a position dead ahead of the plane, holding a ten-mile range, and again became visible to the eye as a huge, steady, red glow. The pilot went to maximum speed. The target appeared to stop, and as the plane got close to it and flew over it, the target disappeared from visual observation, from monitor number two, and from ground radar. (The operator of monitor number two also recalled the B-47 navigator's having this target on his radar, and the target's disappearing from his radar scope at the same time). The pilot began to turn back. About half way around the turn, the target reappeared on both the monitor and ground radar scopes and visually at an estimated altitude of 15,000 ft. The pilot received permission from Ground Control to change altitude, and dove the plane at the target, which appeared stationary. As the plane approached to an estimated distance of five miles the target vanished again from both visual observation and radar. Limited fuel caused the pilot to abandon the chase at this point and head for his base. As the pilot leveled off at 20,000 ft. a target again appeared on number two monitor, this time behind the B-47. The officer operating the number two monitoring unit, however, believes that he may have been picking up the ground radar signal at this point. The signal faded out as the B-47 continued flight.

The co-pilot and number two monitoring officer were most impressed by the sudden disappearance of the target and its reappearance at a new location. As they recalled the event, the target could be tracked part of the time on the radar monitoring screen, as described above, but, at least once, disappeared from the right side of the plane, appeared on their left, then suddenly on their right again, with no "trail" on the radar scope to indicate movement of the target between successive positions.

The monitoring officer recalled that the navigator, who reported receiving his own transmitted radar signals reflected from the target, not only had a target on his screen, but reported target bearings which coincided exactly with the bearings to the source on the monitoring scope. He also indicated that the officer Operating the number one radar monitoring unit, which was of a different type, having a fixed APD-4 antenna instead of a spinning antenna as used with the number two unit, and covering all radar ranges, also observed the same display he observed on unit two. The sixth crew member, operating number three radar monitor, which covered a lower frequency range, was searching for something to tie in with the signals being observed on the other scopes, but found nothing.

The following questions are raised by this information:

1. Could the number two monitoring unit have received either direct or reflected ground radar signals which had no relation to the visual sighting?

The fact that the frequency received on number two, about 2,800 mHz., was one of the frequencies emitted from ground radar stations (CPS6B type antennas) at an airport and other airports near by, makes one suspect this possibility. The number two monitoring officer felt that after the B-47 arrived over South Central U. S., signals from GCA sets were received, and this confused the question of whether an unidentified source which emitted or reflected this wave length was present. On original approach to the area, however, a direct ground signal could not have moved up-scope. Up-scope movement could not have been due to broken rotor leads or other equipment malfunction, for all other ground signals observed that night moved down-scope. A reflected signal would require a moving reflector in the region serving as apparent source, the movement being coordinated with the motion of the aircraft, particularly during periods when the UFO held constant position relative to the moving aircraft. Since the monitor scans 360o, if a reflected beam were displayed on the scope, the direct radar beam also would be displayed, unless the transmitter were below the horizon. As the event was recalled by the witnesses, only one signal was present during initial observations. If the UFO actually reflected radar signals transmitted from the B-47, and appeared in the same position on the navigator's scope as one, the number two monitoring scope, reflection of 2,800 mHz. ground signals from these same positions seems extremely unlikely.

2. Could the visual observations have been misinterpreted airplane lights, airplane afterburners, or meteors?

The persistence of the phenomenon rules out meteors. Observed speeds, plus instant re-position and hovering capabilities are not consistent with the aircraft hypothesis.

3. Were the visual observations necessarily of the same phenomenon as the radar observations?

Coincidence of disappearances, appearances, and indicated positions suggest a common cause.

3. If the reported observations are factual and accurate, what capabilities and properties were possessed by the UFO?

a. Rapid motion, hovering, and instant relocation.

b. Emission of electromagnetic radiation in the visible region and possibly in the 2,800 mHz. region.

c. Reflection of radar waves of various frequencies. (From airborne radar units as well as 2,800 mHz. ground units). Failure to transmit at the frequency of the number three radar monitor.

d. Ability to hold a constant position relative to an aircraft.

4. Could the observed phenomenon be explained as a plasma?

Ten scientists who specialize in plasma research, at our October 1967 plasma conference regarded an explanation of this experience in terms of known properties of a plasma as not tenable.

Further investigation of this case centered around efforts to trace reports of this event submitted by the crew after the B-47 returned to the AFB. Recollections of the nature and manner of submission of such reports or records were in sharp divergence. As the pilot recalled the incident, the landing plane was met by their Wing Intelligence personnel, who took all filmed and wire-recorded data from the "back-end" crew. The crew was never extensively questioned about the incident. Days or weeks later, however, the crew did receive from Air Defense Command, a lengthy questionnaire which they completed including sketches of what they had seen and narrative descriptions of the event. The questionnaire also had a section to be completed by the ground radar (GCI) personnel. The pilot could not recall where or exactly when the completed questionnaire had been sent.

In contrast with this recollection, the co-pilot and number two monitoring officer said that no data whatsoever had been recorded during the flight. The #1 monitoring unit was equipped for movie filming of its display, and #2 was equipped for wire recording of data. Since the flight had been merely for the purpose of checking equipment, however, neither film nor recording wire was taken aboard. Both these officers recalled intensive interrogation by their Intelligence personnel immediately after their return to the AFB. They did not recall writing anything about the event that day or later. According to their account, the B-47 crew left for England the following day, and heard nothing more of the incident.

Since it appeared that the filmed and recorded data we were seeking had never existed, we renewed the effort to locate any special intelligence reports of the incident that might have failed to reach Project Blue Book. A report form of the type described by the pilot could not be identified or located. The Public Information Officer at ADC Headquarters checked intelligence files and operations records, but found no record of this incident. The Deputy Commander for Operations of the particular SAC Air Wing in which the B-47 crew served in 1957 informed us that a thorough review of the Wing history failed to disclose any reference to an UFO incident in Fall 1957.


If a report of this incident, written either by the B-47 crew or by Wing Intelligence personnel, was submitted in 1957, it apparently is no longer in existence. Moving pictures of radar scope displays and other data said to have been recorded during the incident apparently never existed. Evaluation of the experience must, therefore, rest entirely on the recollection of crew members ten years after the event. These descriptions are not adequate to allow identification of the phenomenon encountered (cf. Section III Chapters 2 & 6, and Appendix Q). Report: Roy Craig, in the Condon Report, 1968

NOTE: likely one of the most documented UFO encounter cases...though little has been reported to the public previous to the internet age. I'd be interested in some commentary from the readers...Lon

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The Other Roswell: UFO Crash on the Texas-Mexico Border - Noe Torres and Ruben Uriarte

Fortean / Oddball News: Predicting Future Confirmed, Boy Discovers £2.5m Treasure and Killing Superbugs With Light

Again...Yes, Clairvoyance, Telepathy and ESP is Real!

dailymail - You may already know this, but psychic powers might really exist.

Research suggests that far from being a trick employed by fairground fortune tellers, many of us are blessed with the ability to see into the future.

Influencing events before they happen is also within our remit, the study by a respected psychologist found.

The publication of the results in a leading social science journal will make waves in the staid world of science, where terms like clairvoyance, telepathy and ESP are dirty words.

They will also spark a million conversations about the significance of everyday occurrences, such as knowing who is at the end of the phone before picking it up.

Daryl Bem, a physicist and part-time magician-turned-psychologist, set out to investigate psi, or parapsychology to you and me.

In one experiment, students were shown a list of words to memorise. They were later asked to recall as many as they could and finally they were given a random selection of the words to type out.

Not surprisingly, they were better at remembering some words than others. But spookily, these tended to be the words they would later be asked to type, suggesting a future event had affected their ability to remember.

In another experiment, the students were shown an image of two curtains on a computer screen and told one concealed an erotic picture. The students chose the curtain hiding the naughty picture slightly more often than could be explained away by chance, this week's New Scientist reports.

Importantly, the position of the picture was randomly allotted by a computer which didn't make its decision until after the volunteer chose one curtain or the other.

To believers in the paranormal, this suggests the students were actually influencing future events.

In a third study, the students were shown a picture of a tempting-looking basket of fruit or a menacing pit bull terrier and timed while they rated the image as pleasant or unpleasant.

After making their choice, they were shown a word such as luscious or menacing.

Amazingly, the words shown seemed to affect their reaction time, despite them being flashed up after they'd rated the picture.

This suggests that they had had a premonition of the word and the thought of a menacing basket of fruit had slowed them down, compared to the mental image of a menacing dog.

In other words, they were able to see into the future.

Professor Bem, of Cornell University in New York State, carried out nine different experiments involving more than 1,000 volunteers.

All but one came down on the side of the psychics.

The odds against the combined result being down to mere chance or being a statistical fluke are 74billion to one, says the professor, who has a plea for the science world to open its mind to the possibility of the paranormal.

At least one sceptic who has read the research is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Joachim Krueger, a US psychologist, said: 'My personal view is that this is ridiculous and can't be true.

'Going over the methodology and experimental design is the first line of attack. But, frankly, everything seemed to be in good order.'

The proof of the pudding, says New Scientist, will be in whether other scientists can repeat the professor's success.

Once has already tried to prove him wrong, by carrying out a failed attempt to repeat the word recall experiment using an online survey.

But Professor Bem, who has a reputation for careful work, says that allowing the students to work online rather than taking them into the lab could have simply meant they weren't concentrating hard enough.

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Boy, 3, unearths £2.5m treasure trove on first metal detecting expedition

sky - A three-year-old boy using a metal detector for the first time has unearthed a gold pendant estimated to be worth over £2.5m. James Hyatt made the discovery while out with his father and grandfather in Hockley, Essex. He had only been scanning the soil for a matter of minutes when it started beeping.

The trio, from Billericay, started digging and just eight inches deep, they saw a glint and found what they now know to be a 500-year-old gold pendant. Dad Jason, 34, said: "James got a buzz after just five minutes. We saw a glint eight inches down and gently pulled the object out. Dad was blown away. He'd never found anything like it in 15 years doing his hobby.

"James was so excited to find treasure, though he's too young to realise its significance." Experts believe the rare locket, or reliquary, dates back to the 1500s and was used to hold alleged parts of Christ's crown of thorns or crucifix. James, who is now four, said: "I was holding the detector and it went beep, beep, beep.

"Then we dug into the mud. There was gold there. We didn't have a map - only pirates have treasure maps." An inquest has declared the reliquary treasure trove and it could be bought for millions by an interested institution, including the British Museum. Proceeds will be split with the family and the owner of the field where the pendant was found.


Superbugs 'could be destroyed using beams of light that decontaminate the air'

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dailymail- Hospital superbugs such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile could be beaten using light, scientists said today.

A team from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow has developed a 'pioneering' lighting system that can kill the bacteria.

The technology decontaminates the air and exposes surfaces by bathing them in a narrow spectrum of visible-light wavelengths, known as HINS-light.

It works by exciting molecules within the bacteria, which in turn produces 'highly reactive' chemical species that are lethal to it.

Clinical trials at Glasgow Royal Infirmary suggest the HINS-light Environmental Decontamination System could provide 'significantly greater' reductions of bacterial pathogens in hospitals than cleaning and disinfection alone.

Other methods of decontamination, including gas sterilants or UV-light can also be hazardous to staff and patients.

Scientists said it was 'a huge step forward' in preventing the spread of hospital infections.

The technology was discovered and developed by a multidisciplinary team of experts from the university.

Microbiologist professor John Anderson said: 'The technology kills pathogens but is harmless to patients and staff, which means for the first time, hospitals can continuously disinfect wards and isolation rooms.

'The clinical trials have shown that the technology can help prevent the environmental transmission of pathogens and thereby increase patient safety.'

The technology uses violet coloured HINS-light, but the research team has used a combination of LED technologies to produce a warm white lighting system that can be used alongside normal hospital lighting.

Prof Scott MacGregor, the university's faculty of engineering dean, said: 'New approaches to disinfection and sterilisation are urgently needed within the clinical environment, as traditional methods have significant limitations.

'HINS-light is a safe treatment that can be easily automated to provide continuous disinfection of wards and other areas of the clinical environment.

'The pervasive nature of light permits the treatment of air and all visible surfaces, regardless of accessibility, either through direct or reflected exposure to HINS-light within the treated environment.'

The technology was developed in Strathclyde's Robertson Trust Laboratory and was supported by the University of Strathclyde, The Robertson Trust and the Scottish Enterprise Proof of Concept Programme.


Cougar carcass marks 7th confirmed sighting in 14 months

minnesota.publicradio - A dead cougar turned up over the weekend in Pope County, according to a report on Alexandria television KSAX. The station had also reported recently on a cougar sighting nearby that state Department of Natural Resources officials dismissed as a large house cat.

Now the station is posting pretty convincing photos of a large, male, and very dead cougar laying in grass next to a coffee cup.

I'm assuming the cup is intended to demonstrate the cat's relative size, and has nothing to do with the animal's death. I mean, I've had some strong coffee before, but ...

I just reported on Minnesota Public Radio of an increasing number of mountain lion sightings in Minnesota over the last two years.

Glenwood, Minn., Area Wildlife Supervisor Kevin Kotts was not available Monday.

I spoke at some length with a former DNR biologist who now studies things like cougars and Canada lynx on a contract basis. He worries about the public perception that there's some kind of department conspiracy going to suppress reports of cougar sightings.

Some people, apparently, believe the DNR is either covering up what it knows about cougars in Minnesota, or worse yet, that the department has actually introduced mountain lions into the state, the biologist said.

He assures me that both theories are complete bunk. The cougars are almost certainly individual young males looking for lady cats, and wandering in from the western Dakotas, where they've pretty much filled up the region's capacity for cougars. There's still no evidence mountain lions are staying, or reproducing in Minnesota.

But now, a dead cougar will almost certainly re-fire the theories.


China: that’s no UFO, that’s my Cessna

FT - News that China is opening its low-altitude airspace to private helicopters and planes is a boost for international and Chinese aircraft-manfacturers. It should also address another pressing problem facing the Chinese authorities - the big increase in UFO sightings being reported across the country.

Although aviation officials don’t publish figures on UFO sightings, they say there’s been a huge spike in such reports in the last few years. But rather than setting up a Chinese X-Files unit to investigate the paranormal, the authorities have come up with a more mundane explanation: wealthy commuters.

It seems that China’s new super-rich have developed a penchant for flying in their own newly-bought helicopters and small airplanes - thereby avoiding the chronic delays and terrible service on commercial airlines, while gaining an impressive status symbol.

The difficulty is that all private flights must first be approved by military and civil aviation authorities, a process that can take weeks or even longer. For wealthy businessmen who live or work outside major cities (where their light planes and helicopters are liable to get shot down), the temptation to flaunt the rules is just too great.

So, the nouveaux riches don’t let their helicopters rust in the hangar while they wait for approval. Instead, they take to the skies without permission, spooking the locals and air-traffic controllers who spot these unidentified flying objects on their radar screens.

Such rule-bending is not uncommon in China - indeed, throughout the economy, it has allowed businesses to outgrow the bureaucratic thicket. Yet, when in comes to air travel, non-compliance poses serious safety risks. And that has helped prompt Beijing finally to rethink its tight military control over most of the country’s airspace.
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