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Recent Worldwide UFO Sightings / Encounters - New Lake Erie Lights, Cloaking Anomaly and California Missile UFO

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UFO CAPTURED ON ORIGINAL FOOTAGE - CALIFORNIA MISSILE MYSTERY - seems some of the media are editing out this anomaly.


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Michael Lee Hill has been recently posting new videos of UFOs over Lake Erie


From Ana Luisa Cid - Sobremesa” TV broadcast (Channel 28, Mexico City) during its most recent transmission. The first video was taken by Mr. Eusebio Tarango in Ciudad Juarez, a veteran sky watcher with twenty years’ experience, showing a glowing object in a blue, cloudless sky that apparently responded to Tarango’s commands to blink at him, then to blink even brighter, and finally to “come down and heal him.” The object complied with the first two commands, and appeared to launch a small orb as a response to the third request. The lesser orb rose straight into the air before vanishing altogether. This video was recorded on approximately October 17, 2010.

The second video is as unusual as the first. It was provided by Carlos Rios, a trainer with a prominent Mexican soccer team, and shows an unusual physical object moving over the snow-crowned summit of Mt. Popocatepetl (17,000 feet) and reflecting the sun’s rays as it moved. While a FOX Sports crew was interviewing soccer player Luis Menes, the athlete himself pointed out the fact that something unusual was taking place over the volcano. The FOX cameraman turned and pointed his camera at the summit, capturing a clearly metallic structure tumbling in the air. This video was recorded on January 20, 2010 at 3:30 p.m.


MUFON CMS - Lebanon, New Jersey - 11/12/2010 - unedited: I want people to know this. My name is *(Wit's name deleted--CMS/sg) im 25. been running **(Business name deleted--CMS/sg) in Lebanon for 6 years. Very interested in this subject, elated to finally be A PART of it.

I get to work at ten a.m. and do my normal routine. run the store.

Background: Store is connected to others in stripmall fashion. To my right is another business (the owner i had come outside) and to that businesses right is another. (this is run by a manager like me)

Both of these other people are women, above middle age and very grounded in "the real world"

so. here we go.

I like to connect with my customers. One such customers knew i would be interested in this so- I receive a call on my business phone and its (this woman/customer) she is driving country roads in Bedminster (miles away 10-20min) and tells me she sees a ufo. I hurry out front and immediately see 3 planes with classic white plume-trails behind them. As i tell her i see nothing... i see it. This wasnt just an orb. it had form. small (very far away?) but the planes (farther away) were minuscule so i imagine it could be huge. I had to get witnesses. i ran to the business with the manager first. she came out and spotted it in seconds.. we both gawked as the object seemed to tip, casting the suns rays off it as though it were a mirror in the sky for a split second. then it travelled a bit, seeming slow until it ACTUALLY LOOKED LIKE IT INVESTIGATED A PASSENGER PLANE i mentioned earlier. yes. farther away. At this time the owner of the business in between ours (and her customers) came out as well.. many were older and had difficulty fighting with the sun (it was CRYSTAL CLEAR IN GOOD OLE JERZ TODAY)to see it. One woman saw it, said "i dunno i think your all smoking too much LSD" and went inside. The other customers saw it but didnt find it interesting enough to stay and watch. (this is funny- one woman said "its a balloon! a weather balloon.....OBJECT DISAPPEARS AND REAPPEARS MILES AWAY IN FRONT OF ALL OF US....."oh wait".. she finishes her thought with an entirely new opinion)
So thats it. What we witnessed was a shiny or gleaming object fly around above hunterdon county. It flickered in an out of existence, it tilted and tumbled, had depth (3d object), travelled, came close enough (it looked like) to a passenger plane that the passengers would have to be blind not to see it (they probably didnt).
AND this whole event would have gone unnoticed if it were not for my customer 20 minutes driving distance away having seen it and calling my attention to it.

what i am wondering is this: two points of sight on one object in the sky... is this triangulate-able? could someone with the skill be able to figure out exactly where it was (how high + distance travelled) if i was able to show him or her where i was and where this woman was when we saw it?? I DONT CLAIM TO KNOW WHAT THIS WAS. i DO KNOW what it wasn't. I have been studying the sky and the things in it for years. And my father is a military buff, especially when it comes to aeronautics, so i at least know SOMETHING. "ha" im glad i got this out here tonight because i cant wait for the "commonplace explanation" that will surely be given to this object somewhere in the media possibly tomorrow.
so there u have it.
i have witnesses (3 NOT counting myself) from two separate places miles apart, on a CRYSTAL CLEAR day (u couldnt even see Pennsylvania the air was so clean >:)
i would like everyone to know AT LEAST that i have gone from someone who truely believes, to someone who knows belief isnt necessary anymore.

ps. i asked everyone the same question. "have u ever seen ANYTHING like this in your life? anything even similar?"
the answer was a unanimous "NO"


MUFON CMS - Minnesota - 11/11/2010 - unedited: Sometime between 9:30 and 9:40pm last night (11/11/10), I went outside to have a cigarette. To be clear, I had not been drinking alcohol, taking medication, or consuming anything that may impair my my judgment.

My apartment balcony is on the top floor (3 stories) and faces north. There were light, misty clouds directly to my north (w/ intermittent stars visible through them) and clear skies to my east. It was not until about 30 seconds to 1 minute after I had stepped outside that I saw the lights. They did not approach as a plane would from the far corner of my vantage point. Instead, the object seemed to glide down from the cloud cover to my NW and traveled straight east. I am not a certified expert, but studying aircraft has always been a hobby of mine. I have also seen most types of aircraft in action (fighter jets, helicopters, even a B2 Bomber).

The instant I saw this aircraft, I knew right away that this was something that I had NEVER seen or even read about (barring speculative aircraft from books, tv shows, etc.) The limited cloud cover that was there was very low (I estimate at around 1,000 - 1,500 ft.) The object was also very close (probably not more than a half mile from me).

As I stated previously, it was shaped similar to an arrowhead and the angle of it was somewhat sharp. It was certainly not the shape of any conventional aircraft in regard to a discernible fuselage with fixed wings. The entire bottom of the aircraft was lined with medium sized, round, white lights. The lights were not overly bright, but bright enough as to where I could vaguely make out the profile of the top of the craft as well, which had a very low profile. The color appeared to be a dull metallic gray - it did not appear to give off any type of shine.

If I had to estimate the size of the craft, I would probably compare it to a medium sized fighter jet. It moved VERY fluidly (seemed to gently weave back and forth as it flew) and did not make the even the slightest sound. As it flew, it seemed to hug the cloud line. I would estimate the speed to be at around 200mph +/-, but I would leave the final determination to someone more qualified than myself. It traveled nearly straight east until it got to the NE portion of my vantage point. At that time it made a slight angle up into the thin clouds and very soon after, turned to the NE and very quickly accelerated and departed at sharper vertically than 45 degrees and disappeared.

When it departed, it was almost to the edge of the thin cloud mass in front of me. If it was flying at any angle less than 45 degrees, it would have come out of the cloud cover in very short order. I watched for an additional five minutes or so, and it never came out. Based on how thin the cloud cover was, I also should have been able to at least catch glimpses of it if it indeed did travel almost vertically.

Though the entire event literally lasted only about 10 seconds, I want to reiterate that this was not some distant object. I saw it VERY closely, clearly and definitely.

I am only agreeing to file this report after speaking to the MN Chapter director on the phone today due to the fact that I do not wish to share this information only to have it posted out on the internet or to attract any unnecessary attention. I am merely interested in reporting what it is I saw in the hopes of hopefully getting a better idea of what it was and what it wasn't. I am also very curious to know if anyone else saw anything similar to what I did last night. I do not claim to know what this object was, but I got a good enough look and was more than close enough to it to definitely know what it was not. While a bit confused and a little unsure about the entire process, I am looking forward to speaking with an investigator and learning more. If after speaking, it is determined to be helpful that a third party is contacted, I will be open to that. But I explicitly request that my information is shared only with an appointed investigator until that time.


MUFON CMS - near Dulles Airport, Northern Virginia - 11/12/2010 - unedited: I went outside to smoke a cigarette when I looked up and saw from the right what at first appeared to be a ball. As it went across my field of view it became apparant that it was a cylindrical object. I thought it was a plane, but the more I looked, the more bizarre it seemed to look. It looked exactly like a plane, without any markings or logos, silver in color, without any wings or tail. I struggled to keep my eyes on it as it was moving steady and fast. As I was keeping my eyes on it in disbelief, I noticed a jet with vapor trail at a much higer elevation following it's same path, maybe 4 seconds later a second jet, same vapor trail same path. I dont know if these were related, but they were there and I assure you they could definitely see the object as well. The Plane without wings was much much lower in altitude, yet it was moving much faster. I had a very wide view of the sky, and it is a crystal clear blue sky. This object took about 6 seconds to go all the way across the sky, while the jets took seemingly 4 or 5 times as long. I live right by Dulles airport, so I see planes ALL the time. I also have a pretty good idea of flight paths around or above my home as I see the planes departing in generally the same area and path and the planes arriving which is a totally other path on the other side of the sky and different direction. I have observed many ,many many planes here over the years, my favorites are when they are flying very low because you can actually get a very very detailed look at them as they pass overhead. What I saw just now was no plane. The sun was glinting off of it, I had basically 3 different angled views of it, as it approached, flew almost directly over me, and as it left. I had a very clear view of this thing. It had no wings!! It looked like a fusellage(sp?) but with no tail, no fins, no wings, no markings. I didnt even see really any windows or a cockpit windshield. The best way I can describe it is a jetliner with no wings or markings or tail mechanism. It was truly strange! I can say with utmost certainty that it was not a plane of any kind. It did not exhibit any strange flight characteristics other then it seemed to be going very very fast. I had probably a 180 panoramic view of the sky and it took this thing about 7 seconds or so to come into view and go all the way across the sky. It seemed maybe 4 times as fast as a normal jet you would see flying across the sky. I also dont think I heard any sound coming from it, and when I normally see planes at around the same appearance of altitude you can definitely hear them! I made sure to wrap my eyes around it and assess if maybe light was making the wings not visible, but this was not the case. If this thing had wings or a tail I would have beenable to see them! The jets which were at much much higher altitude were clearly visible to have wings and a general plane shape. This thing was not a plane!!! In broad daylight no less! Ive never seen anything like it! I hope someone else saw it.

Fortean / Oddball News: Thylacoleo Roadkill, Exorcists Wanted and Turkey Terror in NYC

Thylacoleo Roadkill In New South Wales?

From cfzaustralia - 20100807 - Pearson's Lookout (NSW) Sighting - December 2008 around 4:00 pm Reported 07/08/2010

Subject: Thylacoleo sighting

In December 2008, I was travelling south on the Castlereagh Hwy near Pearson's Lookout between the towns of Capertee and Ilford on the way back to Sydney after an overnight delivery trip through Orange, Dubbo and Mudgee in an 8 tonne rigid truck. No bonnet so I have unobscured vision. This is on the edge of the Capertee Valley and is about 900 - 1000 metres asl. The dropoff to the LHS (east) is steep to the valley. Late in the afternoon, say around 4.00 pm and about 200m south past the lookout, I noticed 2 X roadkill's on the southbound side just on the shoulder of the road.

Doing about 80km/h, I had a 5 or 6 second look at a small dead roo and something else. The markings on the torso of the other animal were dark brown / black and the main colour was tan. The markings made me look closer and the carcass was intact. The ears were rounded, the head was stout and like a lion cub and the front paws were huge in comparison to it's body size. The back paws and tail were obscured because of the position it landed in after being run over. (probably feeding on the small roo). My first thoughts were of a small lion, but the dark marking's threw me. It was a thick set animal about 500 - 600mm long. For the rest of the trip to Sydney (2.75 hrs) I couldn't stop wondering what this thing was, and having told the story to several people, I still couldn't come up with a logical explanation.

The story in today's Daily Telegraph regarding the Blue Mountains Panther made me check out for more info on the net regarding Australian big cat's / feral's, and my wife and I came across your page and pics of the Thylacoleo model at the Mt Isa Riversleigh Fossil Centre. This is what I believe to be the same animal, however it may have been juvenile due to it's proportions. If this was an Australian Marsupial Lion, believed to be extinct for how many years, how many similar species are out there that are belived to be mythical? The abundance of roos and wallabies in this area is phenomenal, so a foodsource for a carnivorous predator to thrive in the Capertee Valley is probably salubrious.

As I was driving on a log book, I couldn't stop as I would have ran over my driving hours, and didn't really consider the possible importance of the sighting. In hindsight, I wish I had turned around and stopped at the lookout and walked down to have a better look and at least taken photo's or thrown the carcass on the truck for an expert to identify.

Author / Witness - Jennifer
Reported Saturday 07/08/2010 - 4:16 pm


Turkeys Terrorize New York Neighborhood

UPI - Residents of a New York neighborhood said aggressive turkeys are terrorizing the area.

Locals in the Ocean Breeze neighborhood said the fowl have been blocking traffic, filling their yards with droppings and even trapped resident Gina Guaragno in her car for a short time before she splashed them with window washing fluid, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.

Residents said the turkey trouble began about 10 years ago after a woman released her nine pets, and the state Department of Environmental Conservation estimates there are now about 100 of the wild birds in the neighborhood.

City Councilman James Oddo said many area seniors have told him they are afraid to leave their homes. He said officials balked at a plan he forwarded two years ago to move the turkeys upstate.

"How are people supposed to have faith that their government can deal with problems like terrorism when we can't even deal with turkeys?" Oddo said.


Polish Exorcists Gather In Warsaw

telegraph - Since 1999 the number of Polish exorcists has surged from 30 to over a 100, despite the influence of the Catholic Church waning in an increasingly secular Poland.

Exorcists attribute the increase in their numbers to growing scepticism in psychology in the wider Polish population, and people looking for spiritual reasons for mental disorders.

In recognition of modern science, however, exorcists now work in tandem with psychologists in order to distinguish between psychiatric problems and the work of the devil.

But while some cases of Satanic work are difficult to diagnose others manifest themselves in shocking circumstances explained exorcist Father Andrzej Grefkowicz.

"An indication of possession is that a person is unable to go into a church, or, if they do, they can feel faint or breathless," he said.

"Sometimes if they enter a church they are screaming, shouting and throwing themselves on the ground."

The national congress comes as part of a policy by Poland's Catholic Church to lift the veil on what was once a secretive practice. Frustrated by the Hollywood image of cross-wielding exorcists engaged in dramatic conflicts with demons the Church intends to show the complicated and often more mundane world of exorcism.

Father Grefkowicz stressed that the most of the time exorcism required quiet prayer.


Exorcists Wanted: Apply To Catholic Church

Yahoo - Wanted: a few good men to cast out devils.

Overwhelmed with requests for exorcists, U.S. Roman Catholic bishops are holding a special training workshop in Baltimore this weekend to teach clerics the esoteric rite, the Catholic News Service reported.

The church has signed up 56 bishops and 66 priests for the two-day workshop that began on Friday, seeking to boost the small group of just five or six American exorcists that the church currently has on its books.

"There's this small group of priests who say they get requests from all over the continental U.S.," Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois, was quoted as saying.

"Actually, each diocese should have its own" exorcist, he added.

Paprocki did not say why there was increased demand for exorcisms, which he noted were rarely performed.

While solemnly regarded by the Catholic Church, exorcism is a staple of Hollywood fright films -- most notably the 1973 film "The Exorcist" -- and regarded by many as superstition that lends a chill frisson to festivals like Halloween.

Catholic Church law stipulates that only properly trained priests can perform the rite -- and then only with the permission of their bishops.

Possible signs of demonic possession include scratching, cutting, biting of the skin; profound displays of strength; and a strong or violent reaction to holy water.


Yeah...that's a horse in a car

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California Missile Mystery Elevates To Conspiracy Theory Status

The California Mystery Missile has now gained conspiracy theory status in the country. Many people are even stating that this object, that was seen in the Californian skies was actually a missile fired from an enemy country, and some even state that it was US cruise missile which has been accidentally fired.

Explanations are getting bizarre by the day and people are coming up all sorts of theories to describe this object. Earlier this week the citizens from California we astonished to find an object that looked like a missile soaring in the sky and this panicked them. But as a matter of fact this some thing that even NORAD or the ministry of defense cant explain.

According experts this is nothing more than just a fighter plane, with it contrail left behind, and people are just hyping the whole incident to be a missile fired. In fact the video itself was shot in such a way that the fighter jet looked like a missile. For now there is nothing be feared about but people are still seeking a positive explanation from the government.

Click for CBS video


Alleged Cover-Up Of Mystery Missile Trail Over SoCal Skies?

laweekly - As far as conspiracy theories go, this one is huge, because it requires the cooperation of not only the U.S. Armed Forces, the Federal Aviation Administration and major airlines, but it also requires little old us to be in on the deal.

After all, we like nothing better than to uncover conspiracies, wrongdoing and other secrets so we can get more readers and win awards.

But it looks like we had to get with the program on the missile-trail mystery of 2010. Sure, we admit it, it was a secret missile launch, an alien spaceship being shot back to space, or whatever else you think it was.

Because logic just doesn't cut it in this online world.

Our commenter of the day, Michael, writes:

It was not a plane and if you buy that story well then you are flat out an idiot and deserve to believe your brain gained knowledge. That is one of the worse stories covering up the fact you really don't know I have heard.

He goes on to insult the intelligence of the people of California.

To which we point out that we elected Arnold and Jerry Brown (three times) didn't we?


For posterity, the Pentagon’s response was as follows:

The Department of Defense said Wednesday that it was satisfied the event was likely caused by an airplane.

“With all the information that we have gathered over the last day and a half about this condensation trail off the coast of southern California on Monday night, both within the DoD and other U.S. government agencies, we have no information to suggest this was anything other than a contrail caused by an aircraft,” said Col. David Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman.

“As stated yesterday, NORAD and USNORTHCOM determined that there was no threat to the U.S. homeland.”

Response from all other government agencies saying they did not launch anything convinced the DoD this was likely an aircraft:

“The Department of Defense, after gathering info over the last 36 hours from within the Department of Defense and other U.S. government agencies, is satisfied the contrail was likely caused by an aircraft.”


Theodore Postol, a professor of science, technology and international security at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is not yet convinced. The Pentagon, he wrote in an e-mail, has provided no detailed information to support the aircraft claim. “One of their jobs is to provide air surveillance for the country, and they should be able to provide a convincing analysis supported by data for their conclusion,” said Postol, who furnished photographs of the mystery contrail along with remarkably similar pictures of solid-propellant missile launches. “I do not know what to think at this point,” he said, “but one thing is for sure, the Pentagon has not provided a plausible explanation of the observed event.”


Observations from an anonymous source at DBKP which contradict the jet aircraft contrail claim:

The video footage of the missile in California is authentic. The contrail, said to be coming from the horizon and moving toward the shore of CA, is bogus. Visibility (for one) to the horizon is roughly 50 miles at best before the curvature of the earth makes it impossible to see beyond that while at ground level.

The contrail is said to be from an aircraft. Bogus info again.

A contrail can only exist when an aircraft is at, or above, 22,000 feet. This is due to condensation from the cool air moving around the hot areas of the aircraft. (engines). When the hot air hits the cool air it creates a vapor trail (contrail). A contrail below 22,000 feet isn’t possible unless the surrounding air is at, or below, -20F (Does not include wind chill factor). The aircraft must be moving at the speed of sound (768 mph). Also due to the lower pressure in altitude.

Next observation is that the contrail is from a 2 stage rocket.

If you look closely at the contrail at mid point the ‘contrail’ breaks off from a ‘fat’ trail to a more ‘skinny’ trail. This is due to multiple booster rockets breaking off and moving to the main booster engine which is a single rocket. (For verification look up NASA shuttle launches.) The contrail is moving upward and not at a slant or straight line. Careful observation will show that should the contrail have been further out to sea with the curvature of the earth and the setting sun, the lower part of the contrail would have been a much richer orange/red color. The video shown does not contain this.

*Numerous people witnessed the rocket moving upward into the skyline.

*The rocket boosters’ fire was seen at the base of the rocket.

Other so called experts claimed the ‘shiny’ or bright area was due to the sun bouncing off the reflective part of the aircraft. This is crazy talk, a plane moving at that speed and that far into the atmosphere would have had too much vapor around it to have a reflection from the sun. The ‘reflection’ could only be seen by people in a specific area since the outer part of the plane would act as a CONVEX reflective area (Research CONVEX LENS for more info on the reflection material).

The front of the aircraft (the nose) is in cool air with the cooler air moving along the outer frame. As the nose is pushing through the air and creating drag the aircraft would be less reflective due to the force of the wind-particles including dust which still exist that far into the atmosphere. Even though the aircraft is moving faster than the speed of sound (768 mph) it still hits dust regardless of the broken barrier. The visible reflective area of the plane would have to be hit just right in order to shine sunlight down at the right angle to show that bright (said) reflective light.

NOTE: so...what's your theory? I've looked at the evidence and have as many, if not more, questions than I had previously. One thing I am assured of...this one is far from being explained...Lon

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Close Encounters / Alien Abductions - Great Orme, Llandudno, North Wales

An intriguing case of alien abduction comes from Wales, and researcher Margaret Fry. The case involved missing time and lost memories, a typical scenario for abduction. Multiple sightings of UFOs over the Great Orme, a legendary and mysterious mountainous region in North Wales, preceded the events of November 10, 1997 by several days. One family would have their entire lives changed within a short period of time by encountering a strange UFO.

The family was motoring on the Bodfair-Landemog highway, when without a warning, their car was overwhelmed by a purple flying object which seemed to attach itself to their car. This brief moment of terror would be followed by another in which the UFO was gone. They were again driving their car down the road, but now they were trying to understand what had happened. The had not a clue.

"But they could not account for considerable hours of time lost," said Fry.

"The man was having trouble afterwards with a top molar tooth and he had to go to the dentist's... and a black unknown object fell out while he was at the dentist's...but he had no fillings," she said.

After the trip to the dentist's office, the husband made a report of the family's strange encounter on the highway to local authorities. Shortly thereafter, he was visited on two separate occasions by plain-clothed men identifying themselves as Air Force personnel. He was warned to never talk about his family's incident.

The family, wanting to discuss their incident with someone, told only a friend, who in turn, related their story to Margaret Fry. Fry contacted the family, but per their request, kept the names of the family members from the press. The family would get some satisfaction when another encounter on the same night was reported.

A business man from the same general area would come forward with his own story, similar to the family's. On the very same road, on the same night, he saw a UFO which he described as enormous, shaped like a child's spinning top, and the size of a football field. He made drawings of what the craft looked like. The UFO was also reported as hovering over nearby buildings near the highway. The craft was described as being large enough to be a mother-ship.

The report of an alien abduction is based solely on the missing time element as related by the family. The case could be weightier if more information was provided, although there is no reason to dismiss the testimony. There is no information on regressive hypnosis, or any follow-up to the case at this time. There can be no doubt that UFOs were seen over the area during the reported incident.


Family Abducted By Alien Cruiser

BBC - The strange and disturbing events began to unfold when for several nights an elderly man living in Little Orme, Conwy, was troubled by what he called "frightening" beams of light over the Great Orme.

Unfortunately for one family travelling by car to the area at the same time on November 10 1997, that was the night they had an unexplained encounter.

They could not account for several 'lost' hours when they suddenly became aware of resuming their journey, according to investigator Margaret Fry.

She was told of their account by a friend of the family who were said to have been advised by officials not to come forward.

Margaret says the couple and their children where driving on the Bodfair/Landernog road when they found their car engulfed by a purple triangular craft.

The next thing they remember is that the purple craft had gone.

"But they could not account for considerable hours of time lost," said Margaret.

"The male was having trouble afterwards with a top molar tooth and he had to go to the denist's," she said.

"A black unknown object fell out while he was at the dentist's - but he had no fillings," she said.

Margaret says that the man reported the family's encounter to the authorities and he was said to have been visited twice by air force personnel and requested not to speak publicly about the matter.

Despite the sketchy details, Margaret is interested in the witness account because of the sightings in the same area and on the same night by the elderly man - and that of a local businessman who also had a close encounter with a craft described as an alien cruise ship.

The third sighting was by the businessman who says he saw a huge craft the shape of a "child's spinning top" while he was driving along the same road as the family who claim to have been abducted.

Margaret says the man, who sketched an outline of what he saw (seen top), told her he stopped his vehicle to look at the craft which he described as being as big a football pitch and hovering above buildings in the village of Llandernog.

The man says the craft had a "myriad of lit windows", almost making him believe it was a cruiser-craft capable of carrying hundreds of people - or beings...

Comments from article:

My girlfriend and I were having a picnic on the Orme late afternoon in June 2007. Were had been watching a jetski in the bay for several minutes. A minute or so after the jet ski had disappeared round the headland towards the town, my girlfriend nudged me and pointed to something in the bay. It was a triangular or boomerang shaped dull metallic object about three metres-five across moving right to left extremely fast about two to three metres above the sea which was pretty calm. It was completely silent and had a straight trajectory and did not alter height. We only saw it for four-five seconds as it crossed our field of view between the two headlands but it was difficult to explain having just recently gauged the speed and sound of the jet ski. It certainly wasn't a bird or anything else I could explain immediately.
Tue Jan 20 09:34:34 2009

Rach from Llandudno:
We were on the Orme late at night about 10 or 10.30, and I was looking up at the sky and I was overwhelmed to see all these white/bright balls(spheres) flying or hovering in one space. But the thing is there was quite a few of them all huddled together and that's too close for airplanes to be together or any other type of aircraft apart from a UFO, it was spooky but exciting. I've also witnessed from my mate's house through a window from which I can see the Great Orme cleary that these flying aircrafts late at night were all flying towards the Great Orme and were really noisy.
Fri Jan 9 07:46:04 2009

Louise from Llandudno:

At 12.30hrs this morning (New Year's Day 2009) my daughter and I watched three bright yellow/orange/green star like objects pass over the Great Orme. They were very low in the sky and they were travelling in formation and in a straight line from the North Shore to the West Shore and beyond. There was no sound and no smoke/trail. It was an eerie night, there was a freezing fog partially covering the Great Orme and the fireworks had long since ended. Shortly afterwards we heard but didn't see from our viewing site helicopters and other aircraft, they sounded as though they were over the Great Orme itself and it's my opinion that they had been scrambled in order to investigate. I can find no reference to these objects on the Internet this morning and I wonder if anyone else saw them or maybe has an explanation for them?
Fri Jan 2 09:51:47 2009

David Procter, N Somerset:

I stayed on Wed 24/9 at Hendy hotel, seafront at Llandudno top floor at the back of hotel. I was havng a cigerette on the fire escape stairs looking up at the Great Orme . I know the time (approx midnight). I saw the following, wondering if anyone else did? A strange coloured object can only describe as the tip of a Bic pen about 300-500 feet above my head. It looked like it was attached to another object that I could not see, there was no sound or wind turbulence. It appeared to accelerate in land at a speed I can only guess it to be 2000 mph. I am a rational person, honest.
Sat Sep 27 10:03:08 2008

While working as a taxi driver in Llandudno, I was working a night shift during the week in 2006. One evening I had droped off a fare in Craig Y Don and drove up to Bodafon Road (behind Bodafon farm) to answer the call of nature. As I was turning to get back into the car I saw to my disbelief a huge triangular-shaped craft swooping down over Craig y Don from the direction of the Great Orme. The craft was at least the size of a football pitch or bigger and had red lights along the perimeter of its length. What was suprising was that it was completely silent, also the manner in which it manouvered - as its "tail" passed over Nant y Gamar Road, the whole thing pivoted yawing from its starboard to port. My view of it at that point was close to head on. It then cruised almost casually past me. The craft covered the ground between Craig y Don and the Little Orme in less than 6 seconds, and at approximately/or less than 500 feet. It certainly behaved in a manner suggesting it was being piloted in a deliberate way. This report is the truth, I also radioed it into my dispatcher in case any of the other drivers had seen it.
Mon Oct 29 08:18:37 2007


Great Orme is a Hotspot for UFOs

Apr 15 2004

North Wales Weekly News

icnorthwalesThere have been no reports of little green men landing there, but it seems the Great Orme in Llandudno is a hotspot for UFO sightings.

Author and ufologist Nick Pope has recently compiled a list of the top 40 vantage points for sightings, and it seems the Orme comes in at number three, although quite how Mr Pope came to this conclusion is a little unclear, as he admits there is no true system for recording data.

However, he claims that, during research for a booklet on the subject to accompany a television advertising campaign for Dutch lager Grolsch, a number of references to sightings of UFOs from the Orme were uncovered.

Mr Pope, who is widely respected in UFO circles and ran the Ministry of Defence's UFO desk from 1991-94, commented: "It is difficult to arrive at a precise number of sightings in any one place as there is no central data collection point.

"We must also take into account widespread under-reporting due to fear of ridicule, and the fact most people are unsure where to submit reports.

"However, the listed hotspots exhibit up to 20 more sightings than anywhere else."

In first place in the league table is Bonnybridge in East Kilbride, Scotland, followed by Cley Hill, Wiltshire, and then the Orme. Manchester, Liverpool, and Denbigh are also in the top 25.


UFO Investigator Margaret Fry - 20 May 2008

BBC - Grandmother of nine Margaret Fry from Abergele is the co-founder of the Welsh Federation of Independent Ufologists.

When you think of a UFO investigator your image is probably of Mulder and Scully from TV's X Files, writes Nick Bourne from the Web Team. Well, think again. She decided to help set up the organisation to turn the amateur enthusiast into a seasoned professional of UFO investigation.By linking up enthusiasts from across Wales, Margaret and her fellow investigators are able to pool their research and cross reference sightings to monitor any links or similarities between UFO cases.They can undergo training in research and investigation techniques to ensure all work is collated to a particular standard.

But where do they start?

Most enthusiasts watch the local media to see if any reports are carried in the local press. They then follow up the stories and begin their own research. For time-served investigators such as Margaret, whose name is widely known among the local community, they sometimes become the first point of contact when someone wants to report a sighting or a perceived phenomenon. Margaret has been living in North Wales for more than two decades. But she began her hunt for answers to UFO sightings nearly 40 years ago when, as a young mum living with her family in Kent, she had an alien encounter.

Margaret maintains an alien craft landed in her town and was witnessed by many other locals in July 1955. Since then she has investigated thousands of sightings and is a firm believer in alien life. In North Wales she is joined by a group of volunteers from varied, but often professional backgrounds. Among them is a retired police officer and a chemist and between the group they investigate reports of UFOs in North Wales. Their work has become easier over the years with a willingness among the wider public to accept that there might be other life in the universe. And so the calls come in. While people might be willing to consider that aliens exist, few want to speak publicly about their experiences. So sometimes the ufologists many receive the briefest of reports only.

Take for example the sighting by four women who reported seeing about 12 opaque circles rotating and sweeping across the sky at Towyn on August 14 1998. The phonecall by one of the group was short as the young woman said she and her friends did not want to get involved. But even these types of calls are important as they help to paint a picture if further similar calls are received. The Welsh Federation of Independent Ufologists have opened up their files for this web service to provide an insight into their work and the stories of strange encounters in North Wales. And Margaret has written a book, 'Who are they?' which is about alien abductions and paranormal events.

Click for video - NOTE: ignore the dramatic music...I was looking for the Vikings, Conan the Barbarian and the Valkyries to come soaring down from above!


Fortean / Oddball News: Kansas Chupacabras? 'The Simpson' 911 Conspiracy Theory and Fresno, CA Triangle UFO

Mysterious Mammal, or Myth? How About a Raccoon?

kake - Many compare it to spotting a UFO, or seeing Bigfoot in the woods. Now, a mysterious and mythical animal may have made its way to Kansas.

The creature was first seen running toward cattle in Sedgwick County.

Those who found it described it as having feet like a raccoon, a tail like a rat, a head like a coyote, and moved like a kangaroo.

According to Michelle Dusseau, not knowing what it was worried her and her fiance.

"We have farm animals, so I thought of them and didn't want them to get sick or hurt, so it was better to shoot him," said Dusseau.

What exactly is 'it'?

"We didn't know what it was, and we've never heard of a Chupacabras, until a friend of his called and told us to go to that website and type in that name, and we assumed maybe that's what it was because it's identical to it," said Dusseau.

Known as a mythical creature, the Chupacabra, also called the Goat Sucker, has been only a legend, until recent sightings and folklore flooding the internet, had some second-guessing the creature's existence.

"This animal looked just like the one that was photographed in January of '09," said Dusseau as she looked at photos on the computer.

Mike Mitchener with Kansas Wildlife Game and Parks said even though the pictures are the same, thinking any animal is a Chupacabra is like believing in Sasquatch or Bigfoot.

"In Kansas at least, they typically end up being coyotes with a real bad case of mange. They can look really, really strange. If a coyote has a really bad case of mange, they lose all their hair on their body, and they can become real crusty and infected in their skin and really don't resemble a coyote at all," said Mitchener.

Dr. Rick Cox, a veterinarian in Conway Springs, examined the animal. He said it's a raccoon without hair.

Dusseau said she would rather believe in the unknown.

"I think it's a Chupacabra. I really do," said Dusseau.


Why Conspiracy Theorists Think ‘The Simpsons’ May Have Predicted 9/11

disinfo - Yes, it’s true. (Or might be.) For years, fringe types have pointed to amazingly sketchy but entertaining evidence that the attacks of 9/11 were actually foretold by the beloved Fox cartoon. Nearly four years before 9/11, in an episode of the show entitled “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson,” there’s a curious little scene that some conspiracy lovers and “Simpsons” aficionados have long thought might be a warning….

Silly as that seems, members of an online forum run by David Icke—best known for his theory that various prominent figures (George W. Bush, Kris Kristofferson) are actually shape-shifting “Reptillians” bent on world domination—seem to have bought into it. Noted one: “Rumors are that the creator of the show is a 33rd degree Freemason. Harry Shearer who does 12 voices on the Simpsons is a member of the Bohemian Grove.” (Not really, but he did make a really bad film satirizing Bohemian Grove, which is close enough.)

Anyway, ever since, a certain subset of true patriots has been parsing “The Simpsons” for hidden messages about the next devastating event. And recently, they found it…

Of course there’s another explanation: that this is all part of an even wider conspiracy…a viral-video false-flag maneuver designed to give conspiracy theorists themselves a bad name.

Think about it.

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Porpoises Save Actor Dick Van Dyke

Mary Poppins star Dick Van Dyke says porpoises saved his life - by pushing him back to shore after he fell asleep on his surfboard.

The veteran actor, 84, told reporters how his ordeal began during an ill-fated trip to his local beach, reports The Guardian.

"I woke up out of sight of land," he said. "I started paddling with the swells and I started seeing fins swimming around me and I thought 'I'm dead!'

"They turned out to be porpoises. And they pushed me all the way to shore."

As well as Mary Poppins, Van Dyke's film credits include Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Dick Tracy. In recent years he has appeared on screen in Night at the Museum and its 2009 sequel.


New Video: Triangle Shaped UFO Over Fresno, CA

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I just received this video from Jeffrey Gonzalez at Sanger Paranormal Society

Thursday, November 11, 2010

British Woman Known As UFO Magnet.... Claims 17 Encounters

sify - A British housewife has become known as a UFO magnet after she claimed that she has been visited at least 17 times by them, with five such episodes being up close.

Bridget Grant, 40, looks just like any other ordinary housewife, but her extraordinary experiences have brought her recognition in the UFO world as the Briton most visited by aliens.

"Why me? I don't know. I can't understand it but I need answers. I can't explain what's happening to me. I feel very happy that I've witnessed what I have," the Sun quoted her as saying.

Grant revealed that her alien encounters began when she was a little girl living in a village in Devon, although at the time she did not realise their significance.

She said she met who she thought was a very small Chinese girl, because of her eyes, about her height, who showed her some money, a Hong Kong note, and the house she stayed in.

She said she arranged to meet her the next day, but when she got there the house was no longer there.

Over the years, as she was growing up, Grant had many paranormal encounters with ghosts - people who had died in the past and people who had died more recently.

The paranormal experiences went till she was 21, and her next big incident with aliens came in February 1993 when she was working in Los Angeles as a make-up artist.

She remembers being stopped by a traffic light and seeing a glimmer of sliver reflecting from the metal frame between the door and the windscreen and then to her left over her head a massive craft.

"It was eight to ten metres away, silver, round and 35ft to 40ft long. There was no noise, no wings and no exhaust fumes or anything like that," she recalled.

Both she and her friend Jane witnessed it, and she says she was so frightened by the incident that she kicked her partner out, packed her belongings and left.

She has now returned to Devon and set up the South West Witness Support Group to try to meet people with similar experiences, and is writing a book on what she went through.


Brit Housewife is UFO magnet

thesun - Bridget Grant looks like an ordinary housewife more at home making the school run than giving speeches at public conferences around the world.

But her extraordinary experiences mean she is in big demand both here and in America.

For Bridget is widely recognised in the UFO world as the Briton most visited by aliens.

In her 40 years she claims to have had at least 17 encounters with UFOs, including five up close.

"Why me? I don't know. I can't understand it but I need answers," she said.

"I can't explain what's happening to me. I feel very happy that I've witnessed what I have.

"But I am frustrated that my experiences are ones I haven't been able to tell to most people for fear of ridicule."

Bridget says her alien encounters began when she was a little girl living in a village in Devon, although at the time she did not realise their significance.

"I was seven years old and it was in the school holidays and I know it was winter," she recalled.

"I had to get home for tea and I decided for some reason to walk through the village on a different route from my normal one.

"I met what I thought was a very small Chinese girl. She was about my height and I thought she was Chinese because of her eyes.

"She showed me some money - a Hong Kong note - and she showed me her house.

"She didn't say much but I had to get home for tea so we arranged to meet the next day.

"The next day I went back at about the same time but the house was no longer there.

"It had been at the end of a cul-de-sac but now there was a field where the house had been.

"In the field was a gazebo surrounded by coloured lights. I think I recognised it from watching Elvis Presley films on TV at Christmas!

"The grass shimmered from the lights and I can remember jumping down from something and going home."

Bridget never saw the "Chinese girl" or the "gazebo" again.

Looking back on the incident 33 years later, she wonders if the girl was really an alien - a so-called Grey.

UFO experts she has told the story to suggest the gazebo may have been a spaceship.

It is possible aliens implanted what are known as "screen memories" to make her see a little girl and a gazebo rather than the more alarming images of an alien and spaceship.

Bridget continued: "As I was growing up I had many paranormal encounters with ghosts - people who had died in the past and people who had died more recently.

"I would be told someone had died, wherever it was, in particular circumstances.

"Some of the ghosts seemed as real as you and me - sometimes they seemed less solid.

"These paranormal experiences went on from when I was five or six until I was 21."

Bridget says her next big incident with aliens came in February 1993 when she was working in Los Angeles as a make-up artist.

"I was driving a girl called Jane - she was a friend of a friend - to an interview in Rodeo Drive where she hoped to work as a hairdresser," Bridget said.

"I had to call in to see someone in an area called Brentwood.

"I was just leaving the freeway on the off-ramp near the Holiday Inn when we were stopped by a traffic light.

"This feeling of apprehension came over me. It was like stage fright - I was very anxious and my hands were gripping the steering wheel tighter and tighter.

"I saw a glimmer of sliver reflecting from the metal frame between the door and the windscreen and then to the left over my head was this massive craft.

"It was eight to ten metres away, silver, round and 35ft to 40ft long.

"There was no noise, no wings and no exhaust fumes or anything like that.

"There was a burning red-orange glow underneath and I thought, 'What the hell is this?'

"It was gliding through the tops of some trees. Jane saw it too.

"The traffic light changed and in my mind I felt, 'I need to make a left over the bridge behind the Holiday Inn.'

"My mind was racing and I was shaking. It had disappeared from view and I said to Jane, 'We're both going to get out and point where we think the craft went.'

"We both got out and pointed to the left. My eyes were watering, streaming.

"I was all over the place. I couldn't believe what had happened.

"Later there was a most roaring noise and four or five black, unmarked military helicopters flew over.

"They were obviously going to intercept that craft, and I thought, 'You're not going to catch that.'

"That night I got home to Bill, my partner at the time, but I couldn't physically say anything to him. My brain was racing.

"The next day I kicked him out, packed my belongings and left. Jane did the same two days later."

Bridget added: "I know many people won't believe me.

"You have to be very selective - you can't just tell all your neighbours.

"People say, 'Yeah, right, OK,' but for them seeing is believing and they haven't seen what I've seen."

Bridget returned to Devon and set up the South West Witness Support Group to try to meet people with similar experiences.

She is writing a book about her experiences but says she still doesn't fully understand what happened.

UFO snapped in California

Fortean / Oddball News: Female Asian Aliens, Critter Identified and Devil Attack

Man who has DNA evidence of abduction by blonde female Asian aliens!

oneindia - A man, who is set to be one of the guest speakers at a UFO conference in Central Australia early next year, has claimed that he was abducted by two female aliens, a blonde and an Asian.

Peter Khoury's abduction is said to be the first with DNA-tested biological evidence after a blonde hair was recovered in the aftermath, the Daily Telegraph reported.

He will be among the speakers invited to the three-day event at well-known UFO hotspot Wycliffe Well.

Wycliffe Well Holiday Park will host the much-anticipated conference from March 18-20 next year, and its owner and organiser Arc Van der Zalm said people would not be disappointed with the calibre of speakers.

He said the conference would not just be about listening to speakers - there would breakfasts and barbecues, stargazing, day trips to tourist hot spots and marquees of displays and literature.

The area's history is steeped in UFO sightings.

Wycliffe Well is about an 11-hour drive from Darwin, and three-day passes to the conference cost 130 dollars and single-day tickets 50 dollars.


'Coffs Harbour Critter' Identified

coffscoastadvocate - The unidentified creature that washed up on Diggers Beach in September and was found by Coffs Harbour local Peter Atkinson.

News of the bizarre find had people talking today after the photos appeared in the Coffs Coast Advocate.

By mid afternoon the story had gone national, as vets and mammal experts queued up to inspect the photographs and put forward their own theories.

At first Peter Atkinson and two other men who stumbled across the Critter, thought it was a species of monkey.

Mr Atkinson outright denied the photos were a hoax, as one online forum suggested after the story went viral.

Other readers came forward saying it resembled a sloth or a cuscus, an earless possum found in Northern Queensland and Papua New Guinea.

A parallel was even made to a mysterious creature found in the United States in 2008, known as ‘The Montauk Monster.’

But Taronga Zoo staff say the animal is most likely a brush-tailed possum.

Its vet team and senior curators all agreed it was the corpse of a badly decomposed marsupial.

"The identification of the animal has been made slightly difficult because the possum appears to be a black furred brush tail variety," Taronga’s communications manager Lisa Keen said.

"This type of possum, a black furred morph, is really quite rare and is only found in some parts of Northern NSW as well as Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria," she said.

They said the lack of fur around the face and paws could have been caused by dermatitis or burn injuries.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service agreed saying the possum was most likely washed out to sea from a nearby creek after recent heavy rain.

A host of local residents called in with their own theories.

One caller, Jenna Anderson, pointed us in the direction of the ’Montauk Monster.’

This unidentified creature washed ashore, dead, on a beach near Montauk, New York in 2008.

It created a whirlwind of media attention across the United States and was later thought by experts to be a badly decomposed racoon based on dental patterns.

Given the monster has its own listing on Wikipedia, perhaps the "Coffs Harbour Critter" will one day share the same fame?


All Life on Earth Could Have Come From Alien Zombies

wired - Life on Earth could have grown from the broken remains of alien viruses that, although dead, still contained enough information to give rise to new life.

Scientists have speculated that life could have come to Earth from space — a notion called panspermia — since the 1870s, when Lord Kelvin suggested microbes could have ridden here on a comet or meteor. Others have suggested tiny organisms could cross the galaxy embedded in dust grains, which could be nudged from one planetary system to another by the slight pressure of stars’ radiation.

However, most astrobiologists think that same radiation spells a death sentence for delicate microbes.

“That essentially kills panspermia in the classical sense,” said astrobiologist Rocco Mancinelli of the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California.

But maybe not, says astronomer Paul Wesson, a visiting researcher at the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics in Canada. In an upcoming paper in Space Science Reviews, Wesson argues that even if the actual microbes are dead on arrival, the information they carry could allow life to rise from the charred remains, an idea he calls necropanspermia.

“The vast majority of organisms reach a new home in the Milky Way in a technically dead state,” Wesson wrote. “Resurrection may, however, be possible.”

The key lies in how much genetic information survives the trip, Wesson says. An organism’s genetic information is encoded in the sequence of nucleotides in their DNA. This information can be measured in bits in the same way as computer processes. Bacteria like E. coli, for example, carry about 6 million bits of information in their DNA.

Random chemical processes couldn’t produce enough information to run even a simple cell. Over 500 million years, random molecular shuffling would produce only 194 bits of information, Wesson says.

One possible way around this paradox is the idea that life on Earth was seeded by biological molecules that already had a large information content that survived the journey even though the molecules themselves were killed.

Wesson is a bit fuzzy on how that information would translate to new, healthy living things.

“It must be admitted that all versions of panspermia suffer from a hole in our knowledge, concerning how to go from an astrophysically delivered entity which contains substantial information to one which has the characteristics of what we normally regard as life,” he wrote.

But he does pinpoint the virus as a good candidate for the vessel that carried all that information. Viruses are basically strands of genetic material encased in a coat of proteins and sometimes fats. They carry about 100,000 bits of information, and may have evolved independently from conventional cells. Suggestively, viruses seem to assemble themselves from particles of protein, without needing assistance from other molecules or specific genetic information.

The paper “looks good, and interesting, although of course highly speculative,” David Morrison, the director of the Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in the Universe, wrote in an e-mail. “The critical issue is whether the information in broken strands of nucleic acid could serve as the template for life on another world … since we know so little about the actual process by which life originated on Earth, who can really say?”

But Mancinelli, who was not involved in the new study, doesn’t buy it.

“Once you’re dead, you’re dead,” he said.

The paper neglected two other things that could kill cells or viruses on their way through the galaxy, Mancinelli added. Elements like potassium can decay over the millions of years it takes to cross the galaxy, adding extra damage even if the organisms are shielded from space radiation

“It’ll give off enough radiation that it’ll just chop up all the nucleic acids,” he said. “There’s no way the organism will survive.”

The other issue is that, especially in a vacuum, hydrogen and hydroxyl molecules get ripped off cells and combine to form water. This process, called dessication, “is more than just drying up,” Mancinelli said. “You denature proteins. You rip them apart, recombine them, and they no longer have any functionality. That can happen even if you’re in a rock.”

Life would have a better chance if it didn’t have so far to travel, he added.

“Going from Earth to Mars, not a problem,” he said. “Even going from Earth to Pluto, or from Pluto to Earth, not a problem. But once you start heading out of the solar system, it’s so far away that it takes a long time. That’s the thing, the length of time.”

NOTE: sounds like it could come from the script of 'The Chronicles of Riddick' and the Necromongers...Lon


Panic after ‘Devil attack’ at school in Trinidad-Tobago

guardian-tt - Panic broke out at the Moruga Composite School yesterday as 17 female students fell mysteriously ill and began rolling on the ground, hissing and blabbering in a strange tongue, after suffering bouts of nausea and headaches. Two of the students reportedly tried to throw themselves off a railing and had to be physically restrained, triggering fears of a possible demon attack. The drama started during the lunch hour in the Form One block and quickly spread to other areas. Form Five student Kern Mollineau, who attends the Lighthouse Tabernacle Church, said he got worried when the girls’ eyes began rolling up in their heads and they began beating up on the ground.

With the assistance of several other students and teachers, the pupils were taken to the multi-purpose hall where some of them fell into a semi-conscious state. Mollineau recalled: “One girl was blabbering as if in a strange language. I could not understand what she was saying. “It was sounding like ‘shebbaberbebeb shhhhee.’ The girls were unusually strong. We had to hold them down so that they will not hurt themselves. “The teachers were right there. I get a kick in my face when one of the girls started beating up on the floor. Many of them had bruises.” Mollineau claimed he actually communicated with the “devil which had possessed the girl. “I asked the Devil what he wanted with the girls and the voice said he wanted a life. He kept saying to send the girls in the toilet and to leave them alone,” Mollineau claimed.

Roman Catholic priests, as well as pastors from nearby churches, including Josephine Charles, Deborah Charles and Pastor Gordon, visited the school and began showering the children with holy water and prayers. Two more students, Kriston Mollineau and Kishon Bethel, said they too were called by teachers to assist the ill girls. Kriston said the girls complained of headaches and some of them wanted to go to the toilet. Six ambulances arrived at the school accompanied by police teams from the Moruga and St Mary’s Police Post. A party of fire officers from the Princes Town Fire Station, led by acting Assistant Divisional Fire Officer Ramdeo Boodoo visited the school and began conducting several tests on the surroundings to determine the cause of the problem.

Boodoo said there was nothing in the environment to trigger fainting spells, nausea and headaches. A teacher, who requested anonymity, said two weeks ago an Orisha woman came to the school and had a dispute with a member of staff. He said following the dispute, the woman threatened to deal with the school administration. Another teacher said the school was built on a burial site, but neighbours who live around the school denied that was so. A source at the school confirmed that all 17 pupils were taken to the Princes Town Health Facility where they were medically examined. The other students were sent home at 2 pm.

Responding yesterday, Minister in the Ministry of Education Clifton de Coteau said he was aware that pupils had to be taken for medical attention. De Coteau said Student Support Service officials were sent to the school and students were expected to receive counselling. A statement from the Ministry of Education said the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) made maxi taxis available to the school to assist the Office for Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) which provided additional ambulances.


Video: Eyewitness Account Of A Bigfoot Sighting In Southeast Idaho

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Click for video - tell me what you think. Is this for real...or pranked subtitles?

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Video: Return to Lukachukai - Observing the 'Furry Ones'

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From August 4, 2009 - In this video, J.C. Johnson of Crypto Four Corners and his companion Leonard Dan are conversing on the 'furry ones' activity in and around Lukachukai, Apache County, Arizona. In a remote area of the mountains they have observed little 'squatch' footprints and unusual landmarks apparently constructed by the cryptid hominids regularly reported in the Four Corners region (confluence of AZ, UT, CO and NM). There was also a discussion about a strange 'humming' emanating from underground...J.C. describes as 'mechanical' sounding. There have been several expeditions in the Lukachukai Mountains over the years. Below is a Class 'A' BFRO Sighting report from 1981.

Thanks to J.C. Johnson at Crypto Four Corners!


BFRO Sighting Report

Report # 8685 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, May 17, 2004. Morning sighting in the Lukachukai Mountains of northeast Arizona

YEAR: 1981


MONTH: November


STATE: Arizona

COUNTY: Apache County

LOCATION DETAILS: Southwest of Cove, Arizona. Lukachukai Mountain range. Approximately 8-10 miles to top of mountain on windy forest road.

NEAREST TOWN: Cove, Arizona

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 33

OBSERVED: It was my first day of the 1981 Navajo deer season. I have hunted these Lukachukai mountains for deer through my teenage years with brother T., uncle DJ, and cousins. I was twenty years old then.

It was about 7 A.M., November 7, 1981 when our hunting crew reached the top of the mountain, southwest of Cove, Arizona. The weather was cold with shifting fog, the ground was frozen from the drizzle, the night before.

Two cousins and I were to walk the upper mountain ridge that arced to the northwest. I packed my day pack and loaded my rifle. By then my cousins had already walked ahead of me, on a well used trail, which rounded a hill to a saddle which splits the mountain range.

I wanted to catch up with them, so instead of following the trail, I climbed up the hill and over. As I reached the top and began to go down the other side I stop and yelled my cousins name's to locate them.

I first heard crashing of oak brush, below me 40 to 50 yards to my left. I could not believe what I was seeing walk down hill on two legs. The oak brush was about armpit high on the thing. By then the smell had reached me. Which was musky, wet smelly hair, undescribable scent. I was shocked. The thought of shooting it came mind, as I watched it through my rifle scope, but it walked to similar to a human. I did not shoot. I watched it walk down, to the big trail below, about 70 to 80 yards and into the forest. I then hurriedly made my way down to the north, towards the forest road we came up on, and stayed on the road back to meeting area to the northwest end of the ridge.

I think it followed, because of the movement I could hear in the oak brush while walking on the road. I shot once to scare what ever was moving, in the oak brush.

What I saw, was a very large black hairy being that walked upright on two legs. The upper body was broad and muscular. The hair appeared coarse. The smell was bad. I can only say, what I saw that day was a bigfoot.

ALSO NOTICED: As it walked down, it tried to look towards me, but didn't turn enough for me to see the face. The oak brush was two to three feet above my head. I'm 5'10".

OTHER STORIES: After that heard of sightings to the northwest of Cove.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Appoximately seven A.M. ; Daylight morning conditions ; Weather was shifting fog, frozen ground.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine trees and oak brush; Mountain side

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator TF Zamiski:

I spoke to the witness on the phone and can add the following details:

• The animal’s coat was longer than fur and looked coarse and wet.

• The brush where the animal passed was taller than the witness, who is 5' 10". He estimates the figure may have stood 8 feet tall. He also mentioned that it was muscular.

• He had a clear view of it, looking down as the animal passed from left to right.

• The sighting lasted about 30 seconds as the animal moved quickly through the brush.

• He returned with his hunting companions later that day to show them where the sighting occurred.

• The witness has hunted in this area many times. He now carries a camera.

NOTE: to view previous posts by J.C. Johnson of Crypto Four Corners please go to Video: Hominid 'Harvests' Skunk - Fruitland, NM and New Mexico 'Furry Ones', 'Skin-Walkers' and 'Shadow Man'...Lon

Fortean / Oddball News: Gravity-Defying Stones, Mormon Baptisms and Peruvian Faeries

'Divine power' behind gravity-defying stones draws visitors to remote mountainside - "Wow, that's weird." That's how two women in their 30s described the three stones in front of them -- two of them upright like transplants from Stonehenge with a third, cube-shaped rock on top, reminding one of a die held up between two fingers. The women heard of these remarkable stones in mid-October, and set out from Nagoya to see them. After looking at them for a while, they said, "They're like sacred objects. It's like there's a divine power at work here," and joined hands instinctively.

The stones stand on the side of Mt. Gozaisho in Komono, Mie Prefecture, and are called the "Jizo Rocks," after the Jizo bodhisattva. Until recently, the stones were famous among mountain climbers but virtually unknown in broader society. However, a "power spot boom" sweeping Japan also swept up the remote stones after they were featured in advertising for the Gozaisho Ropeway over the summer, and enquiries about the formation began flooding in.

"We usually use shrines and temples, but this time I decided to use natural formations as well," the ropeway company's PR manager says proudly. The way to the stones is no easygoing trek like the walk to an average shrine, however, as they lie about an hour's hike from the beginning of the trail up the mountain.

Among those looking to take advantage of power spots' like the Jizo Rocks newfound popularity is the Yonsen-kai, an organization created by Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Tokai), Kintetsu Corp., Nagoya Railroad Co., and the Nagoya city transport department. Every year, Yonsen-kai puts together a joint sightseeing pamphlet, and this year's theme was "power spots you can get to by rail," featuring primarily temples in the Tokai region. Until now, the pamphlet had been targeted at travelers in their 50s looking for good walking courses surrounded by nature. This year, however, Yonsen-kai took aim at young women with an interest in power spots.

The pamphlet is heavy with catch copy like, "They bring good fortune," and "Love will ripen" meant to stir the hearts of potential customers, and Yonsen-kai says interest in the trips is spiking. However, just to be on the safe side, the pamphlets make sure to add "maybe" and punctuation like "!?" to the claims, since there is no hard evidence that the power spots bring any of these things.

"For us in the rail business, with its straight-laced image, to take up something this indefinite is pretty ground-breaking," says a Yonsen-kai representative.

"Who put it up there?" one person wonders while looking at the Jizo Rocks' top stone, which measures about 1.5 meters on a side. Among people who see the stones, there are some who suspect the formation isn't natural at all, but rather something built. This is certainly understandable. If one peruses travel logs from the Edo period, one can see phrases like, "It's so clever I have to think it was built." It seems that surprise at what beauty can be wrought by nature is common to both the past and the present.

These amazing stones have been a draw for students preparing for entrance exams since long before they were labeled a "power spot." It's said the formation cannot be toppled, and through a coincidence of language -- the Japanese word for fall (ochiru) is the same as that for failing a test -- it became a focus of prayers for exam success.

"One day they'll drop with a bang," says one observer. "But it helps out believers, they say."


Peru: Spirited Away by the Faerie Folk?

Inexplicata - Scott Corrales - During another search of the old hard drive for an entirely unrelated matter, I came across an article from the SAMIZDAT newsletter which preceded INEXPLICATA from 1992 to 1998. It was inspired by the research of our Peruvian correspondent at the time, Dr. Raul Rios Centeno. While copies of it may be floating out in cyberspace somewhere, here it is again, twelve years later.

Abducted by the Fairies?
By Raul Rios Centeno, M.D. (c) 1998
Translated by Scott Corrales

Dr. Raul Rios Centeno is a UFO investigator based in Lima, Peru. His investigative efforts take him to the remote areas of his Andean homeland, where impoverished peasants still speak Quechua rather than Spanish and believe in a hodgepodge of pagan and christian beliefs. Piura is a department of northern Peru, located approximately 873 kms NW of Lima. Its inhabitants are friendly and welcoming and are closely bound with their shamans and "curacas".

There are regions such as Catacaos and Monsefu in which pagan rituals combine with Catholicism to the point of confusion.It is therefore not surprising that this should be the reason why many interested in the paranormal, or merely those who are devotees of faith healing, esoterica or the Taror should visit this Peruvian region if only for "a quick throw of the cards".I had the opportunity, at my own request, to visit the area in order to treat the victims of the atmospheric phenomenon known as "El Niño".

I feel that if anyone has any doubts that this land -- in which the Moche or Mochica pre-Hispanic culture flourished -- holds a special attraction, all they have to do is pay it a visit. They will not be disappointed.The following account is one of many which I have been able to gather. Many of those with whom I came into contact could not believe that a "man of science" like myself should have any interest in what they term "family stories." The audiotapes I brought with me -- a box of ten 90-minute tapes -- were insufficient for the task, and I had to undertake the painful task of erasing some of my music tapes in order to record what villagers were telling me were inexplicably quotidian events.

Spirited Away?

"I myself never believed in such things, doctor. Even now, I don't know what to think." These were the words with which don Modesto Salas, a Piuran farmer in the town of Catacaos, began his story.His small farm is located some 2 km SE of Catacaos. He lives off his crops and a few animals he raises. The region's heat and its proximity to the Equator -- only some 220 kms away -- causes the well-known algarrobos trees, mangroves and banana plants to grow. Modesto has lived for almost ten years with Ms. Olva Vandilla, with whom he has three children: Manuel José, 9, Olga Luzmila, 7, and the missing Evelyn Rosario, who would have been five years old next April. Despite the strong customs which reign in the Peruvian localities in which the Catholic Church still preserves its predominance -- although there are numerous sects and "new churches" which have attracted followers for reasons we shall not discuss here -- Modesto and Olga never married. They don't believe it necessary to sign a contract that they may someday find has expired. They prefer to live together "for no other reason, doctor."

The aproximately ten-acre farm has at its center the small house in which the family resides. The two eldest children were baptized as soon as they were born, in step with Catholic tradition, but when it came to Evelyn's term, something unexpected happened: the local priest died. For this reason, a priest from the region of Flores, some 25 kms away, would come to Catacaos every Sunday for the eucharist and confession.

"I went to talk to him, doctor. I asked, I begged, but the padrecito didn't want to. He told me that all ceremonies had to be done in Flores. He even pointed out to me that a few couples wished to marry, and he had turned them down, saying he'd only been entrusted with the Sunday masses. A new padrecito would soon arrive, and he would be able [to do these things]."

"I wanted to baptize my Evelyn where she was born, because to baptize her in another place where I don't know anyone, and where I have no friends, doesn't seem right to me." Time went by and the priest never showed up. Evelyn remained unbaptized. "My daughter grew up pretty. She was tall and had grey eyes. At first my friends laughed at me, saying that she wasn't my daughter, and that Olga had certainly deceived me, because how could my daughter have grey eyes, when both me and my wife have brown eyes?"

According to Olga, Evelyn was the most rambunctious of all her children, although she was also the strangest. "There were times when she would sit on the ground and start talking, even shouting and laughing. Other times she'd climb up the tree and would begin talking alone. My wife told me this wasn't normal and told me to take her to a doctor, because the girl was suddenly going insane!"

"The doctor referred me to a young lady who asked Evelyn to draw pictures -- she showed her little figures. The young lady told me Evelyn was a the age in which kids have imaginary friends, and that it would stop once she went to school. Last June, Evelyn climbed onto one of the carob trees; Olga had seen her climbing up and down the carob tree for a number of days. The girl would stay up there for three hours at a time, talking alone." "Evelyn told her mother that she had little friends her own size and that she was the only one that could see them. They would show her their toys and even offered her their food."

When Modesto went to speak to the psychologist, he showed her Evelyn's drawings. He told her that some children may see things, but that his girl had counted the three little figures and given them names. "She would tell me about her little friends, and told me that the food they fed her was transparent and sweet, like gelatin. There were times when she would stop playing with her brothers to climb up the blessed tree." Unlike Olga, Modesto is a strong believer in the occult. On occasion he has consulted seers, sorcerers and shamans. The town shaman told him that when a child remains unbaptized it can communicated with beings from otehr dimensions, which we commonly know as fairies. Westeners speak of fairy treasures, but in this case Evelyn never discussed treasures, only the food and games and pranks they played. The shaman told Modesto the child must be baptized before they "conquered her."

"He told me that he could baptize her, because otherwise she would be with the demons. God did not make fairies; they are envoys of the Evil One, and can often cause problems for the families to whom they appear." When Olga learned that her husband wanted the shaman to baptize Evelyn, she retorted that the shaman wasn't a priest, and that their daughter would only be baptized by a man of the cloth. "I made an agreement with the shaman to come to my house. I would send my wife to visit her mother, and since Evelyn was always up on the tree, I would make her stay." The shaman reached Modesto's home where, according to him, he could feel the devil's presence. He prayed and chased the enemy off. Everything took place as planned: the shaman baptized Evelyn with a special oil he kept in a bottle.

"He told me he carried holy oil blessed in the Huaringas, and that it not only served to have God bless her, but it would also bring my little angel joy and happiness." Evelyn was baptized in strict privacy as per the ritual imposed by the shaman, her father being the only witness. The shaman asked Modesto not to wash the girl's head for two days. He agreed and the shaman departed.

"After the baptism, Evelyn returned to the tree and cried disconsolately. It seemed as if someone was chastising her and she cried as if when her mother reproved her." Olga returned that afternoon, and on that very same day, what they call the kidnapping took place. "I was on my hammock enjoying the air when I saw little Evelyn climb the tree after my wife got home. Now she was talking and laughing, as if drunk. I though she was playing as usual and didn't pay much attention."

At a given moment, everything went quiet and the sky grew cloudy all of a sudden. It seemed as if a massive rainstorm was about to fall. So since there's usually ligthing when it rains that way, I went to the tree where I'd last seen Evelyn, but she was no longer there." Modesto thought that Evelyn had gone into the house, but he was surprised that he hadn't seen her come down. Upon entering the home, which was some 30 meters away from the tree, he asked his wife about the child. "Olga told me she'd seen her go up the tree and that she should still be on the blessed tree because she hadn't seen her come down."

Modesto returned to the tree, checked the adjacent ones, but could see nothing. Olga ran out, shouting desperately, but it was all in vain. At that moment Olga approached the tree and climbed up to find some trace of her daughter, but only found "something like a cobweb on the trunk, which was slightly burned. It appeared freshly burned due to the smell that emanated from the trunk."

At that moment, they thought they heard a howl coming from the doorway to the house. For one moment they thought it was Evelyn, but upon getting closer and opening the door they found nothing at all. "It was a sound like that of a pututo [Andean flute], but it came from the sky."

Modesto and Olga never found their youngest daughter again. The police was notified, word was sent to radio stations and to a television channel in Piura, but the whereabouts of their daughter were never discovered. "Doctor, I feel the fairies took my little angel. Otherwise, how can I explain her disappearance? Not even the dogs barked. Nothing."

The information provided by Modesto leads one to think about an abduction. What is strange about the case is why was the child taken after the alleged baptism? Could it be that they were awaiting her baptism before taking her? If so, what reason could they possibly have to kidnap a not-quite-five year old child?What entities kidnapped the girl? What was the transparent food she was offered? Why was she scolded after her baptism and why was she later intoxicated, drugged, or put to sleep? Why did the parents not notice anything? What was the meaning of the cobweb-like substance and the burned tree-trunk? Was there any radiation involved?


Parents tell police religion is the reason they hid their children

fox43 - A York Pa. couple told police detectives religion was the reason they hid their five children from the outside world for years.

The youngsters, who range in age from two to 13, lived inside an abandoned home at 734 South Duke Street. The home had no electricity, heat, water or functioning toilet. The children were never taken to any medical, dental or vision appointments, and did not receive any type of education.

Their parents, 45-year old Sinhue Johnson & 33-year old Louann Emma Bowers are each facing five counts of Endangering the Welfare of Children, a third degree felony. That's one count for each child.

"You never even seen any kids playing or nothing, you know what I mean, coming out here, I just thought it was an abandoned house they were going to tear down or something," says June Hughes, who lives next door.

Police say there are also no existing birth certificates or records for any of the children. It's estimated the oldest child was born in June 1996, the youngest in 2008. The lack of information is one reason the York County Office of Children, Youth & Families couldn't pursue any action when tips came in about the family in 2003 and 2007. Sinhue Johnson refused to cooperate & the children simply couldn't be found.

In 2009, another tip led to a court order & authorities located Bowers and the children in an East York hotel room.

"There are cases where it goes beyond the norm, where a child may or may not be provided what they need in the way of health and welfare, those are the cases we get involved with," says Deb Chronister, Director of the York County Office of Children, Youth & Families.

"I never dreamed that anybody was living in that house, I never dreamed, I'm just in shock," Hughes says.

The children are in foster care. Police say they have some health and vision issues & are not on their expected education level. Johnson & Bowers are in prison.


Mormons agree to stop baptizing Jewish Holocaust victims

denverpost - It's never too late for a soul to be Mormon.

Since 1840, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been encouraged to perform baptisms in temples for their deceased relatives.

However, the Mormon baptism of hundreds of thousands of Jewish Holocaust victims created a 15-year controversy for the Salt Lake City-based church. On Sept. 1, the church made an agreement with Jewish leaders, acknowledging that the practice had "unintentionally caused pain," with an LDS pledge to American Jewish leaders to stop the practice.

Yet church critics say it's easier said than done, and the Holocaust exception doesn't stop the secret proxy baptisms of people of all faiths without their closest family members' consent or knowledge.

Genealogical researcher and ex-Mormon Helen Radkey, who helped uncover the baptisms of Holocaust victims, said she doubts that the agreement, which promised more computer-system controls, will be the end of the problem.

"Members can still put in the name of non-relatives," Radkey said.

Church spokeswoman Kim Farah acknowledged: "The system will never be perfect, but we feel we have achieved balance and respect."

The LDS system is vast, reliant on complete obedience by members and apparently too unwieldy for officials to monitor, Radkey said, given the many strange submissions she has uncovered.

The pope and Mickey

Overzealous Mormons and some pranksters have caused the church considerable embarrassment by baptizing — often without their families' permission — the famous and the infamous, such as Pope John Paul II, serial killer Ted Bundy, cartoon character Mickey Mouse and very recently, "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin.

Radkey, a Salt Lake City resident, has long bedeviled church authorities by gaining access to its "members-only" computer system and reporting on some of the stranger personages baptized by proxy in LDS temples.

"Every famous person goes in the system eventually. The fictional characters like Mickey Mouse are just graffiti," she said.

Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, Ernest Hemingway, Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun are just a few of the names Radkey said she's found.

LDS church defenders have criticized Radkey's motives, which they say include a grudge against the church, but she has been credited by others, including Gary Mokotoff, past president of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies, as a capable researcher and spiritual whistle-blower.

For entry into heaven

Despite the publicity, rebaptizing people who chose other faiths during their lifetimes is one of the Mormons' "most sacred expressions of faith," Elder T. Todd Christofferson, a member of the LDS Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, said in a written statement.

The LDS church teaches that its sacrament of baptism is required for entry into the kingdom of heaven.

For those souls who lived before Joseph Smith founded the LDS church in 1830, and for those who lived after Smith but weren't baptized Mormon, the church provides temple baptism of the dead by proxy.

The church doesn't recognize other denominations' baptisms because it believes that, after Jesus Christ was crucified and the Apostles martyred, a time of darkness ensued until Prophet Joseph Smith restored true Christianity on earth.

The church holds that temple baptisms must eventually be performed for everyone who was not baptized into the faith in this life.

"We believe that families are eternal, and baptizing our ancestors means our families can be together forever. It's one of the biggest blessings we could ever give anyone," said Mormon Jen Frandsen.

Church authorities ask the 13.5 million members around the world, and 137,000 in Colorado, to voluntarily comply with the policy that they stick to their own family members, however distantly related, rather than perform the ceremony for celebrities and historical figures.

Before performing baptisms for a dead family member born within the last 95 years, members are instructed to get permission from the person's closest living relative, church policy states. Many do not.

"Church members are getting a mixed message," Radkey said. "They're told: 'Here are the rules.' But, on the other hand, 'Every soul must be offered salvation.' "

The only exception

In the case of Jewish Holocaust victims, Mormons cannot perform temple baptisms unless the church member is an immediate family member or has the permission of all living immediate family members (or the closest living relative if there is no one else).

The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants expressed gratitude.

"Out of all the humans who ever lived, the church has carved out Jewish Holocaust victims as the only exception to a universal doctrine," former New York state attorney Bob Abrams told The Jewish Week. Abrams called the special consideration "an enormous concession."

The church has removed a few hundred thousand names of Jewish Holocaust victims from its International Genealogical Index

"Because of the enormity of the Holocaust in human memory, the church will continue to address the issue of improper submission of Holocaust names when it arises. However, the church cannot accept restrictions on its doctrines or freedoms imposed by another group," says a church statement recently given to The Post by LDS headquarters.

The church holds there is nothing coercive about its offering of baptism.

"A departed soul in the afterlife is completely free to accept or reject such baptism," according to LDS church statements. "The church has never claimed the power to force deceased persons to become church members."


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