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The Delphos, Kansas UFO Landing Ring

SUMMARY: On 11/2/1971 in Delphos, Kansas, 16 year old Ronald Johnson was tending the sheep, accompanies by his dog, when the sighting happened. What he suddenly saw was a mushroom shaped object, illuminated by multicolored lights over its entire surface and hovering 25 yards away. Johnson and his family went around the house to the site of the near landing and were surprised to observe a glowing ring in the ground. This is considered as one of the very best physical trace cases involving a UFO landing.

ORIGINAL REPORT and DISCLOSURE: On the evening of November 2, 1971 sixteen-year-old Ronald Johnson was tending the sheep on his father's farm ear the small town of Delphos, Kansas. At about 7:00 p.m. Ronald and his dog Snowball were suddenly surprised to see an object hovering about two feet off the ground in a grove of trees some twenty-five yards from where he stood. The object, which he later estimated to be about nine feet in diameter and ten feet tall, was shaped like a mushroom with a short stem and was covered with multi-colored lights. It made a sound that Ronald described as like that of an old washing machine which vibrates. As he watched, it suddenly became very bright at the base and then it took off at an angle, temporarily blinding him. Ronald would later say that the dog was noticeably "very quiet", but that the sheep were bleating nervously.

Some minutes later, as Ronald's eyes once more adjusted to the light, he went into the house and told his parents, Durel and Erma Johnson, what he had seen. They got outside in time to see the object, which was now about half the full moon in size, before it vanished into the sky to the south.

Ronald and his parents then went to examine the place at which the object had been first seen. They were astonished to find a glowing ring on the ground, and some sort of glowing material on nearby trees. When Mrs. Johnson touched the glowing area, which had a crust-like texture, she found that her fingers went numb. She tried to wipe the substance off onto her leg, and her leg became numb where the material touched it. Her fingers reportedly remained slightly numb for about two weeks, although she never sought medical attention for the problem. Mr. Johnson fetched his camera and took a photo of the ring and then phoned the local newspaper, The Delphos Republican.

The next day, Durel and Ronald drove into town and spoke to a Delphos Republican reporter, Thaddia Smith. Mrs. Smith, her husband, and her son-in-law then accompanied the Johnsons back to their farm, where she found:

The circle was still very distinct and plain to see. the soil was dried and crusted. The circle or ring was approximately 8 feet across, the center of the ring and the outside area were still muddy from recent rains. The area of the ring that was dried was about a foot across and was very light in color.

MUFON sketch showing sideview of the encounter. (credit: MUFON / Connelly)
The object had crushed a dead tree to the ground either when it landed or took off, and from appearance had broken a limb of a live tree when it landed. the broken limb was most unusual, it would snap and break as though it had been dead for quite some time, yet it was green under the bark, and the upper area still had green leaves clinging to its branches. However the lower area looked as though it had been blistered and had a whitish cast.

That afternoon, Sheriff Enlow, Undersheriff Harlan Enlow, and Kansas State Highway Patrolman Kenneth Yager investigated the ring after being called by Thaddia Smith. Harlan Enlow's report of the investigation stated:

...we observed a ring shaped somewhat like a doughnut with a hole in the middle. The ring was completely dry with a hole in the middle and outside of the ring mud. There were limbs broken from a tree and a dead tree broken off, there. There was a slight discoloration on the trees.

The soil sample taken was almost white in color and very dry.

Enlow's report also stated that:

On 11-03-71 Mr. Lester Ensbarger of 416 Argyle St. in Minneapolis advised Deputy Sheriff Leonard Simpson that at approx. 7:30 p.m. 11-02-71 he had observed a bright light descending in the sky in the Delphos area.

The ring was still clearly visible thirty-two days later when examined by a UFO investigator named Ted Phillips, who specializes in physical-trace cases. The soil in the ring itself was still dry to a depth of at least twelve inches even though at this time it was covered by snow, whereas the soil outside the ring was wet and black. Phillips took several photos of the ring and collected soil samples from the ring and from the ground outside the ring.

A number of analyses were done of soil samples taken from the ring and from the surrounding soil. The ring soil was found to be resistant to water, to contain more calcium and more soluble salts, and to be more acidic than soil from outside the ring. In addition, the soil from the ring was found to contain an unidentified hydrocarbon and an organic material composed of white, crystal-like fibers.

According to Jacques Vallee, in his book Dimensions, a French biologist identified the white fibers as a fungus-like organism of the order Actinomycetales, whose growth can cause a circular pattern to form on the ground. In addition, this biologist, who asked not to be identified, stated that this fungus is often found growing with another fungus of the order Basidiomysetes, which may fluoresce under some conditions.

So...does that wrap the Delphos Ring up in a neat little package labeled "solved?"

Only if you're one of those debunkers who thinks that if you find an explanation for part of an incident, then you have "debunked" the entire incident. Remember, three witnesses saw a UFO, not just the ring, and their sighting was at least partly corroborated by a fourth witness eleven miles away in Minneapolis. The ring itself may not be directly related to the UFO sighting, and the presence of a fungus in the soil does not explain how the fluorescent material got onto the surrounding trees, nor how the branches got broken and the dead Chinese elm tree knocked down.

Both Thaddia Smith and Sheriff Enlow told Ted Phillips in 1972 that the Johnsons were well respected in the area and that they did not believe that it was possible that the family could be perpetrating a hoax.

The dog would furiously try to get into the house at nightfall.

The day after the incident, Ronald's eyes became red and watered as though from irritation. For a week after the incident he had nightmares from which he awoke screaming.

Even the animals were traumatized by the sighting. Vallee says:

For about two weeks, every evening at sunset, the sheep would jump out of the pen and run wildly. The dog would furiously try to get into the house at nightfall. He practically destroyed the screen door, and the only way to keep him outside was to replace it with a stronger metal door.

An adequate explanation for the Delphos incident has never been found.

Photograph of the landing ring left by the object
SOIL ANALYSIS: The famous Delphos, Kansas CE2 encounter occurred at approximately 7:00 in the evening on November 2, 1971. 16 year-old Ron Johnson was tending sheep when he saw a mushroom-shaped object approximately nine feet in diameter with multicolored lights covering its surface. The object, about 25 yards away, was hovering about two feet off the ground. The UFO sounded like "an old washing machine which vibrates." When it took off it temporarily blinded Ronald with a bright light from its base. Ron went to get his family, and when they returned the entire family saw the object in the sky.

At the site where the UFO had hovered witnesses saw "a glowing ring on the ground" and luminescence on nearby trees. Ron’s parents experienced numbing effects on touching the ring. One investigator said that the soil "felt strange, like a slick crust, as if the soil was crystallized." On examination the soil was found to be impermeable to water and "dry to a depth of at least one foot". A foul odor has also been reported by some investigators .

The objective of this analysis was to build on the initial analysis done by Erol Faruk on the Delphos ring soils in the 1970s . At the very least it is hoped this investigation will be a base case for reference to future analyses. Erol Faruk developed his analytical approach based on his experience as an Organic Chemist. He analyzed these materials using 1970’s technology which has advanced dramatically in 20 years. Computerization, new techniques, and instrumentation have advanced the field of analytical sciences to previously unachievable heights. Yet, Faruk’s work was outstanding and provided preliminary observations and conjectures regarding unknown residues extracted from the ring soils. My approach to the analysis, as an Analytical Chemist, is different; and there is nothing to contradict his initial observations.

Both ring and control soil samples from this event were located on Thanksgiving Day 1998, and received for analyses on December 7th. Thanks to the wisdom of John Timmerman, the samples were preserved in his attic for many years after closure of the CUFOS Chicago office. Documentation/sample labeling existed attesting to their authenticity, and they were encased in their original tightly closed film containers with no sign of tampering. - Analysis of Soil Samples Related to the Delphos, Kansas November 2, 1971 CE2 Event - PDF

Delphos, Kansas (1971) trace case: (from top to bottom) The glowing ring taken 10 minutes after ascent, the site as it was photographed 16 hours after the event by Sheriff, the site as it appeared 3 years, 6 months after the event. - Coast to Coast AM Archive

Philips, Ted. "Delphos, A Close Encounter of the Second Kind." UFO Coalition
Swords, Michael D. "Soil Analysis Results." Journal of UFO Studies - 1991
Phyllis A. Budinger, Delphos Soil Analysed, "MUFON UFO Journal", Number 427, 11/03
Rutkowski, Chris A. "I Saw It Too!: Real UFO Sightings" - 2009

Fortean / Oddball News: Cincinnati UFOs, Croc Causes Crash and Singapore Bear-Like Creature

Strange Lights / UFOs Over Cincinnati - 10/22/2010

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Thanks to Jeff Gonzalez of the Sanger Paranormal Society for the heads up!


Bear-Like Creature Recorded in Singapore

A bear-like creature was spotted along Ulu Pandan on Monday morning.

The strange scene was caught on an amateur video using a hand phone.

Eyewitness Wilson Tay, a civil engineer, was driving home with his son when he spotted "something strange".

He said his son took the video when the creature was spotted near a dustbin.

By Mr Tay's estimation, the bear was about the height of an average adult human being.

It's as yet unclear whether the creature is for real.

In a media release, Wildlife Reserves Singapore said no bears had been missing from its parks.

Wildlife Reserve Singapore manages the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park and the upcoming River Safari.

It added it was unable to verify yet, if the creature was a real bear.

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Thanks to Bill Green for the heads up!

UPDATE: turns out that this was a publicity below

'Bear sighting' publicity stunt now a public nuisance case

channelnewsasia - Worried residents, searches by animal interest and wildlife groups, even police officers having to cordon off the area - all because of a purported "bear" sighting along Ulu Pandan Road which has turned out to be a publicity stunt by a company to market shavers.

The blurry video clip of a purported "bear" rummaging through a dustbin at a bus stop had been making the rounds on the Internet. It was also reported on television and in newspapers such as Lianhe Wanbao, Shin Min Daily and The New Paper.

In a statement on Wednesday, through public relations agency Fleishman-Hillard, Philips Electronics Singapore clarified that the bear was a mascot for a guerilla marketing campaign for a shaver undertaken by social media agency, The Secret Little Agency.

"We acknowledge that the resemblance of the mascot to a live bear has caused some public concern in the neighbourhood where the mascot was sighted. We had anticipated the attention that the bear will draw but have no intention to cause any alarm. We would like to apologise for any concern caused," the electronics giant said.

But the police, as well as tens of men and women from Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) and Wildlife Reserves Singapore who scoured the area for hours on Wednesday, were not amused.

On Wednesday night, a police spokesman said: "In response to media queries on the sighting of a 'bear' in Ulu Pandan, Police confirm that we're investigating an offence of Public Nuisance under Section 268 of the Penal Code."

On Monday, the video clip was sent to several news outlets by a person claiming to be a civil engineer named "Wilson Tay", who claimed his teenaged son shot the clip while he was driving on the road.

TODAY newspaper decided against running the story on Wednesday until proper checks could be done, including finding out the full particulars of the so called witness and having this reporter meet him face-to-face to ascertain the authenticity of the "bear sighting" claims he had made online.

This reporter had sent an email to the informant, asking him to call her – which he did. But when this reporter then tried to contact Mr Tay on the mobile number he provided, the person who answered denied he was Mr Tay and said she was not the first one to call that number looking for the informant.

When contacted, The Secret Little Agency said the aim was to get the public to blog and talk about the sighting on social media.

Creative partner Nicholas Ye said they called up to enquire with the Police if a licence was needed on Sunday before heading down to film the video on Monday at about 2am.

"This is irresponsible and it is a waste of resources ... publicity by all means, but this has gone way too far," said Acres founder and executive director Louis Ng, whose group also conducted an hour long search on Tuesday.

Singaporeans whom MediaCorp spoke to had mixed reactions to the news.

"It is hilarious that this bear mascot got on the news ... but imagine the stress and work they have caused the police and zoo over this silly mistaken identity," said a nurse Lee Xiu Hua, 24.

The latest publicity gimmick brings to mind SingPost’s postbox graffiti stunt in January this year - the last time resources were invested when SingPost employed an agency to spray graffiti on its postboxes in the lead-up to the Youth Olympic Games.

Members of the public were startled when they spotted a vandal at work, and called the police. The police said then that they would take up the matter with SingPost.

NOTE: the Singapore authorities don't tolerate this stuff. Remember, this is where you can be punished by caning for dropping a cigarette butt. Lon


Escaped Crocodile Causes Panic, Crash of Plane

telegraph - The plane came down despite no apparent mechanical problems during an internal flight in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It has now emerged that the crash was caused by the concealed reptile escaping and causing a stampede in the cabin, throwing the aircraft off-balance.

A lone survivor apparently relayed the bizarre tale to investigators.

The crocodile survived the crash, only to be dispatched with a blow from a machete.

Danny Philemotte, the Belgian pilot and 62-year-old owner of the plane's operator, Filair, struggled in vain with the controls, with Chris Wilson, his 39-year-old First Officer from Shurdington, near Cheltenham, Glocs.

The plane was on a routine flight from the capital, Kinshasa, to the regional airport at Bandundu when the incident unfolded, on August 25.

It crashed into a house just a few hundred feet from its destination. The occupants of the property were outside at the time.

According to the inquiry report and the testimony of the only survivor, the crash happened because of a panic sparked by the escape of a crocodile hidden in a sports bag.

One of the passengers had hidden the animal, which he planned to sell, in a big sports bag, from which the reptile escaped as the plane began its descent into Bandundu.

A report of the incident said: "The terrified air hostess hurried towards the cockpit, followed by the passengers."

The plane was then sent off-balance "despite the desperate efforts of the pilot", said the report.

The plane was a Czech-made Let L-410 Turbolet, one of more than 1,100 produced as short-range transport aircraft and used mainly for passenger services.


WARNING!!! GRAPHIC! "Cow hit in head by passing train survives, then stands in field with most of its face missing"

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Paranormal Intrusion: A Step Beyond Reductionism? - Part 3

I'm pleased to welcome Anne Whitaker, a new contributor to 'Phantoms and Monsters'. The following narrative is the third of a six part article that will be continued here.

3. What causes paranormal experiences?

It is important to emphasise that I was what one might call sound in body and mind at all times when those experiences occurred!

I had no mental health problems, and was leading a productive life, holding down responsible jobs and earning a steady living, with normal relationships and friendships.

It would thus be inconsistent with the overall conditions of my life to put any of my paranormal experiences down to mental health difficulties, which can produce delusions or psychotic episodes. For five years during the 1980s, I worked in psychiatric hospitals as part of a mental health team, so am conversant with the conditions which can trigger mental illness and what its manifestations can be.

I do not know the primary cause of paranormal experience any more than anyone else does. But I have come to some conclusions regarding the more obvious, immediate triggers by reflecting on my own thirty-seven experiences and finding that almost all of them, and in particular the most dramatic, had clearly identifiable common factors.

Those were that I was in transitional states in my life and/or away from home in the UK, or abroad in unfamiliar environments. In Part Five: Mediumship – Lagos, Portugal 1992 and Funchal, Madeira 1999 - I had additionally been under considerable stress prior to departing on holiday.

Intriguingly, eighteen of them, and the vast majority of the ones I experienced as the most powerful, occurred in the autumn. Perhaps as the light of day recedes in the Northern hemisphere, the light of rational consciousness weakens, making the intrusion of other types of consciousness into one’s ‘normal’ reality more possible….?

Under these circumstances in which my ‘normal’ context was disrupted, it would appear that I was therefore more susceptible to ‘jumping’ or eliding from one state of consciousness to another, where I crossed ‘normal’ boundaries and experienced states or events which according to the canon of reductionist science, could not have happened.

It is interesting to note that of those manifestations which could not have happened, over half of them were witnessed or shared by my husband Ian, one of the most reasonable and rational people one could imagine.

In reflecting on what consciousness, apparently capable of level and shape-shifting, could possibly be – not a question which the best minds in history have ever answered either! – I have come to the view, based on reading and experience, that consciousness is a property not of the human brain, but of the universe as a whole:

Physicists spot shape-shifting neutrinos

and there are, as Stuart Holroyd so succinctly puts it:

“….different experiential realities….accessible to different states of consciousness”(16)

The whole of our history past, present and future is in some way which we do not yet fully grasp, part of this universal consciousness. Quoting Ervin Laszlo again:

“….At the cutting edge of the sciences, a new concept of the world is emerging. In this concept all things in the world are recorded and all things inform one another. This gives us the most encompassing vision we have ever had of nature, life and consciousness….”

The ancient concept of the Akashic Record states that there is a “cosmic reservoir of information and memories”(18) storing records of everything that has ever occurred, which can supposedly be accessed by gifted psychics, for example Edgar Cayce, the ‘sleeping prophet’.

Technological sophistication has now evolved to the point where anyone on Earth with a computer and a phone line, broadband or WiFi can very easily, via search engines, access a vast range of information which is being added to with every second that passes, all over the world.

We cannot see, taste, touch, smell or hear the specific energies which hold this information, or perceive its location. But it is there, and ‘real’, albeit within a non-sensually detectable reality.

As our consciousness slowly evolves and our technological capacity widens and deepens, we have historically created metaphors and paradigms through which our perceptions of higher realities can become more sophisticated and comprehensible.

Perhaps the computer and internet revolution of the last decade or so has provided us with a tiny ‘chip’ as it were, upon which the light of developing scientific consciousness can be focused to provide us with a more up to date view of the vast hologram which is our universe and/or Multiverse?

Many other people have also realised the similarities which exist between the paranormal concept of the Akashic Record, and the scientific fact of the internet information bank, easily accessed with the right apparatus.

Within this large context, the human brain can be seen as functioning as a kind of radio, tuning in to different levels and states of consciousness. What we by common consensus call ‘reality’ is the level to which our brains are tuned in the ordinary course of things on planet Earth.

But there are times, in my case usually caused by disruption to my ‘normal’ life pattern, when the tuning ‘jumps’ or elides into a level or levels which connect us with those kinds of experience which are regarded as impossible from the perspective of the prevailing materialist paradigm.

A wonderful example of this type was featured in the journal Self & Society in 2002. It occurs in a fascinating article titled “A RELUCTANT MYSTIC: God-Consciousness not Guru Worship” by John Wren-Lewis. The author describes how, at the age of nearly sixty, retired and with a distinguished career as a scientist behind him, he had spiritual consciousness “thrust upon me….without working for it, desiring it, or even believing in it.(19)

It was 1983. The author was in Thailand, in a hospital bed, hovering between life and death, having eaten a poisoned sweet given to him by a would-be thief. What happened next, a ‘near death experience’(NDE), he describes as follows:

“I simply entered – or rather, was – a timeless, spaceless void which in some indescribable way was total aliveness – an almost palpable blackness that was yet somehow radiant.”

His return to life, as the medical staff gradually won their battle to save him, was not in any way accompanied by the typical NDE’s classic sense of regret or loss at having to go back to the world of the everyday. It was, in fact, “nothing like a return….more like an act of creation whereby the timeless, spaceless Dark budded out into manifestation”. Furthermore, the experience was “indescribably wonderful.”

Moreover, this heightened awareness did not leave him. A permanent shift, without any effort at all, into what he calls “God-consciousness” caused him to do further reading and research beyond accounts of NDEs into the “once-despised world of mystical literature and spiritual movements”.

But he rejects the notion held by experts in many religious traditions that the path to God-consciousness, or Enlightenment, or Nirvana, or Oneness requires years or even lifetimes of intensive spiritual effort. After all, he’d been handed “the pearl of great price on a plate” without ever seeking it, and found God-consciousness to be quintessentially ordinary and obvious – a feature emphasised by many mystics.

In his case, as in my own, his ‘normal’ life was disrupted at the time of that experience. He had just retired, was abroad, and was poisoned to the point of death.

This intriguing case shows that even atheistic scientists can be pitched from the only reality they think exists, into a dimension outwith ‘normal’ space and time whose eternal existence the mystics of the world have affirmed and documented orally or in written form for milennia.

As the atomic physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer wisely puts it :

“These two ways of thinking, the ways of time and history and the way of eternity and timelessness, are both part of man’s efforts to comprehend the world in which he lives. Neither is comprehended in the other or reducible to it. They are, as we have learned to say in physics, complementary views, each supplementing the other, neither telling the whole story.”


16 ‘The Arkana Dictionary of New Perspectives’ published by Arkana (Penguin Books Ltd) 1989, p 16

17 ‘Science and the Akashic Field An Integral Theory of Everything published by Inner Traditions 2004, p 154

18 ‘The Arkana Dictionary of New Perspectives’ published by Arkana (Penguin Books Ltd) 1989, p 79

19 Self & Society Vol 29 Number 6 Feb-March 2002 Issue, pp 22-24

20 Stuart Holroyd ‘The Arkana Dictionary of New Perspectives’ published by Arkana (Penguin Books Ltd) 1989, p 154, quoting from Lawrence LeShan’s book ‘The Medium, the Mystic and the Physicist’

Anne Whitaker 2010 © - Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness

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'The Underground' Reptilian Encounter - Carthage, Missouri

When the following story first broke, most people just blew it off. I'll admit, I was one of the naysayers. Since that time, my opinions have changed and I feel that some of these reports need to be highlighted.

Location/Date: Near Carthage, Missouri - March 7, 2004 - afternoon: The two witnesses had gone ATV riding in a area referred to as "The Underground" which is a public and private storage facility near the town. The facility is miles and miles of carved out caves and also stores thousands of dehydrated food containers for the Navy. It is also a fallout shelter and can hold up to 40,000 to 50,000 people. They had gone about 8 miles deep into the caves when they turned into an area that was marked, "Naval Authoritative Zone." The walls had become more polished or finished, which was striking because this was supposed to be a newly blasted area. Both witnesses just kept on going, increasing their speed since the floor was paved now.

They came upon an unusual painted pattern on the floor, which they thought it was graffiti. The road then dipped down and took a 90-degree turn to the left. They were going too fast and knew they were going to hit the wall but, instead, they passed through some kind of holographic projection of the cave wall. Now they had come upon a whole new road system, this one large and much older than the one they had come from.

They began to notice a musty and damp odor that intensified as they went deeper into the area. The lighting had changed as well. It was now much darker than the other area from which they had come. They turned on their headlights and slowed down also noticing that it was starting to get cooler. They made a right turn and started to come up on what they thought was a rest area about 40 ft away. One of the witnesses then saw something that at first he thought were a pair of fountains until the objects moved. They both stopped immediately. About 30 ft away they saw two creatures, one was very tall (at least 7 ft, maybe more) and very powerfully built and reddish in color. The other was smaller (about 6 ft tall) and was a pale, almost albino color. This one was not as powerfully built as the other. Both beings resembled large reptiles. The beings said nothing but the witnesses did get a strong malevolent feeling, an evil presence of some kind from the taller one. One of the witnesses screamed and they immediately turned and started back. As they looked back they noticed the taller entity was following them. One witness had an overwhelming feeling that if it caught them, harm would come to them. They passed through the wall projection again, looked back and saw the tall entity raise it's arm holding a weapon of some sort. It fired and hit one of the ATVs, which apparently killed the engine causing it to stop. The rider ran to the other ATV and jumped on it. They drove away and looked back to see that the tall reptilian had now stopped at the graffiti area on the cave floor. It seemed that the creature would not cross the strange marked area...some type of barrier for the creature.

The witnesses now slowed down and were about 75 ft away from the creature. The two men and the reptilian stared at each other for about 15 seconds and then they left. The creature remained standing without moving. One of the witnesses called the police on his cell phone but he was told that the security at the facility would handle the matter. Indeed security waited for the men and threatened to arrest them if they did not leave.

NOTE: Above was the initial report of the incident posted on the forum. Below is the statement given by one of the witnesses, Pat Garrett, on his reptilian experience as reported to Mary Sutherland, BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio...Lon

This past Sunday...the 7th. A friend and I were riding two ATVs in a place called, "The Underground" it is a public and private storage facility in Carthage, Mo. What makes this place such a desirable storage facility is that it is all underground...hence the name. They are constantly expanding this place and there are miles and miles of carved out caves in there...and it goes pretty deep. This facility stores thousands and thousands of food containers, all dehydrated for the Navy...I have seen them and it is public knowledge around here. It is also a fall out shelter able to hold some 40,000 to 50,000 people. I tell you this to give some sense of the vastness of the place. I worked there as a subcontractor some 9 years ago...I helped build the office spaces up on top. I started to explore then...about once a month and did so all the way until this past Sunday. However, I never went as far or as deep before either.

It was fun to take the ATVs and cruise rain or weather problems...ever. We were approx 8 miles in and I'd say maybe 500 feet deep when we took a turn down an area that was marked "Naval Authoritative Zone" I remember making a comment about the Navy getting a ship down there and said that was an easy posting. The walls became more defined, as in polished or finished and this was striking because this was supposed to be a newly blasted area...totally backward I would think...still thinking nothing was wrong we kept going, actually increasing speed because the floor was paved now and we could go faster. We came up on an unusual painted pattern on the floor and I thought, "cool have been down here...we're safe...won't get into any trouble." The road dipped down and then it took a 90' turn to the left...we had no warning and we were going too fast. I knew we were going to hit the wall. BUT we DIDN'T...we passed through some kind of projection of the cave siding...although I don't know how it was was real looking. We passed into a whole new road system...this one was large, and much older than where we came from. We started to smell an odor...musty,damp, growing stronger as we went deeper on smell. The lighting decreased as well probably 60% less than the other area's...we turned on our headlights. We continued on at about 5 to 7 miles an hour for about 5 min and we noticed it was getting cooler...which was to me, very strange...since once inside a cave a certain distance...the temp says the same. We made a right turn and started to come up on what I thought was a rest area on the side...about 40 feet away. I thought it looked like a pair of fountains until they moved. We both stopped immediately. We were approx. 30' feet away now and what we saw were two creatures, one was very tall at least 7' feet maybe more and very powerfully built...reddish in color and the other was smaller about 6' feet but it was not red in color but pale, like an albino and it was not as powerfully built as the other. They looked like, walking, intelligent beings...not human...not warm blooded. Reptiles! I know it sounds crazy but it is true. They said nothing but I did get a strong sense from the big one. A malevolence, evil presence of some kind. My friend screamed and we turned around...a power turn. We started to go back out when my friend said, "the big one" was after us. I looked back and it was following us. I had the overwhelming feeling that if it caught us that harm would come to us. We passed through the wall projection and I looked back and saw the thing raise it's arm and it had a weapon of some sorts. It fired and hit the ATV my friend was on. The engine died and he stopped. I told him to jump on...and he did. I gunned it and then my friend said, "STOP!" I slowed down and he he said, "LOOK!". I looked back and the thing had stopped at the graffiti on the cave floor/road. The ATV was on it's side of the graffiti/symbol. It was obvious the thing would not cross the marking. I slowed more...we were now about 75' feet away. I stopped and the three of us...Me, my friend and the creature/reptile/man thing just looked at each other...for about 15 sec. And let me tell you...that is a long time. Then I started to leave...It stayed there waiting and not moving until we were out of sight. As soon as we cleared the cave I got on my cell phone and called the Sheriff's Dept. I was told that they would not come out and that "Underground Security" would handle it. Then they hung up! By law they are not to do that...We can hang up on anyone...but a government office, be it City or Federal can not hang up on you. Anyway, I was shocked and scared and we took off across the outside of the underground over to my truck and sure enough...Underground Security was waiting for us. We were told to leave, not to tell anybody about this...that if I come back...The Navy would press charges. I was also told that I had 10 min to leave or I would be taken in. What can I say...we left. It has been 3 days since this has happened and I am still shaken. I am a powerful person, 6'4" and 265 lbs and I have never in my life be afraid for my life...until this past Sunday. I lost my one of my two ATV's. Vin#5y4Ag0o1y61a071120. As far as I is still down there. My friend will not talk about it and I have not heard anything from anyone about it. I did call the Sheriff's Dept. and they said they never got a call from me. Well, that is my story...I have never had anything strange happen in my life and I am very very concerned about this. I can tell you this...I had an urge to kill the things I saw down there...I don't know if that is a natural reaction as most people have a natural revulsion towards reptiles or because of my faith and the feeling of evil I had...or what. All I know is that they are real...and I wish I could do something...anything to combat or help against these things. Take care all and thank you again for letting me write this and share this experience.

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The Grasdorf Pictogram Plates

Farmer Werner Harenberg woke up early in the morning of July 23, 1991 to discover Germany's first spectacular crop circle near the village of Grasdorf, Lower Saxony in the historic Teutoburger Wald Area, not far from Hannover. This location is not far from the prehistoric site of Externsteine, part natural rock, part carvings, caves and bearing various signs of what seems like long and varied religious practices. After noticing that the straws were unbroken, merely bent, Harenberg stated that it could not have been made by amateurs such as had recently allegedly been at play further north in Schleswig-Holstein.

A visitor to the farm, a man wearing a house painter's outfit and a hanging moustache, turned up nine days later bringing along his metal detector. He searched all nine parts of the pictogram dropping a handkerchief in three spots as mark...all of them had a spherical symbol, less than a semi-circle attached to it. Then he went to his car to pick up a digging tool and a bucket unearthing a bronze, silver and gold plates at the three areas he marked.

The visitor's whereabouts and identity have not been disclosed. After cleaning the plates, on impulse or with selling in mind, he split the gold plate in half. At least that's what he told the man who bought the two and a half plates, a man who prefers anonymity. The buyer is described as a man of considerable wealth and of high position, as an industrialist; nevertheless he had two of the plates, the bronze and the silver ones. The plates were analyzed on a number of occasions, first at a private jeweler's, then at the German Technical Institute's department for research in metallurgy in Berlin.

The silver plate consisted of almost 100% pure silver, which is highly unusual. Artifacts from Roman times, about 2.000 years old, may contain as much. The bronze plate did contain bronze and tin in the usual nine to one relation.

Where are the plates currently? Probably in the possession of this industrialist, one must assume. Photos do exist...something he did not object to, especially of the bronze and silver pieces. The gold plate remains the biggest mystery of the three; it has not been analyzed and a photo shows only half of it.

The mystery being that all three plates, including the gold plate, as far as photos show, bear engravings...elevations representing miniatures of the actual crop circle. The bronze and silver plates are both 23 cm in circumference weighing three and half and five kilos respectively.

The bronze plate furthermore has several hollows placed in distances clearly suggesting a heaven of fixed stars.

The gold plate is 18 cm and weighs seven or eight kilos, according to Markus Schlottig, who has written a book dealing largely with the Grasdorf crop circle "Der Schlüssel zum Garten Eden" on a speculative-mythological basis.

The industrialist is quoted as saying he would pay any price, and, it is said, he has paid more than the estimated value. If the plates are a fraud, it's an expensive one. If the plates were made by artisans before, during and after the nine days between the formation of the crop circle and the seemingly accidental finding of the plates, it could be an ambitious project to verify extraterrestrial origin of crop circles while at the same time creating a long-missing link from a glorious but largely unknown German prehistory to the present day.


"22nd July, Grasdorf, near Hildesheim, Lower Saxony:

The largest and most complicated German pictogram was discovered by early-morning joggers on 23rd July 1991. The roughly 110yds (100m) long and 55 yds (50m) wide formation at Grasdorf near Hildesheim, Lower Saxony - it covered an area of 5,000m2 (6,000 sq yds)! - consisted of seven symbols and thirteen circles - with a cross within the circle in the middle, suggesting the ancient sun symbol. In general it reminds us of a Scandinavian rock painting, the object in the middle being the ‘sun chariot’, an ancient sacred symbol of the Scandinavians and North Teutons."

"Actually, the location of the pictogram is archaeologically significant: it lies at the foot of the Thieberg, a Thing or ancient Teutonic tribal parliament site, possibly on top of a prehistoric processional path. In the immediate vicinity is the Wuldenberg, an ancient Germanic Wotan sacred site on which a church was erected under Charlemagne, and the Holy Grove (Heilige Holz) of the Teutons, which was fought over right into the Middle Ages. When a feudal lord gave the order to fell this sacred wood in 1273, he was murdered by the people of Grasdorf: a small civil war was the result, and the wood stayed untouched until the 19th century. So this very ancient Saxon heartland, christianed no earlier than the 9th century as a result of the victory of Charlemagne over the Saxons, had been sacred for at least 4,000 years. Dr Nowothnig, an archaeologist from Hannover, described the neighbourhood as "one of the most significant prehistoric cult areas of Europe"..."

"So was this a real pictogram? Much speaks for it. When a person going for a walk passed the field around 11:00pm, nothing unusual was visible, so its creation must have happened later. There are signs of quite unusual causes of this pictogram: that night Christian Fiedler from Grasdorf had seen an orange-coloured, pulsing light, which moved to and from at great speed in the area in question. Thousands came to visit the formation, and farmer Harenberg started collecting entrance fees at the field’s edge, following the example of his British colleagues"... - "The Cosmic Connection", by Michael Hesemann

"Plate one (silver color) consisted mainly of quite pure silver (what an understatement!), with an additional ingredient accounting for less than 0.1%. The weight of the plate was 4.98kg (11lbs). Plate two (bronze color) consisted of a copper-tin alloy (of which the tin content amounted to 10%-15%), nickel and traces of iron amounting to less than 0.1%".

This meant that the silver plate consisted of 99.9% pure silver, purer than sterling-silver. Furthermore, a spectrographic analysis of both plates proved that they had not been made from a cast but from some kind of conglomerate of silver nuggets and natural copper and tin pieces of the type found in Germany’s Harz forest, not far from Grasdorf. They had been produced, either by heating up to a degree that partially melted the metals - or in a low-gravity environment. We are left with the question of what hoaxer would go to such expensive lengths, in terms of cost and effort, simply to pull the wool over the eyes of the press and a few crop circle enthusiasts?" - an evaluation presented at the German Federal Institute for Material Research (Bundesanstalt fur Materialpufung) in Berlin - 1994

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'Dialogue with the Universe' Conference at Dusseldorf, Germany - 1992
Markus Schlottig: Der Schlüssel zum Garten Eden, Argo Verlag - 1998
Hesemann, Michael - "The Cosmic Connection"

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Reader Mail: Haunted Library, Alien Probe and the Phantom Girl

I figured I'd catch up on some reader emails....the first is from my clairvoyant friend, Sunny:

Hi Lon,

I thought you might be interested in what I experienced last week, concerning a ghost.

On Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010, I was in a meeting held at the public library in Ranger, Texas.

It was after the meeting and I was in the foyer talking with some of the other ladies, when the Librarian came out of her office and asked if any of us smelled cigarette smoke.

"Oh, that's the spirit. You do know you have a ghost, don't you?" I remarked, to which the Librarian replied, "So I have been told but I've never seen or heard it."

One of the other ladies remarked that it was an old building and had been someone's home. It was about that time that I felt a sharp chill as the spirit passed right though me on it's way into the next room, where our military veteran husbands were in a meeting.

I turned to the Librarian and said, "The ghost is a man in uniform (Khakis), smoking a cigarette." She then told me how strange that was, that the building had been part of some old military barracks. I had no idea that the building had anything to do with the military, other than we were part of a group meeting of veterans and wives that had just started meeting there two weeks prior.

I'll be investigating this incident more, as we will be having our meetings there twice a month. Maybe I can find out what this man's name was, how/when he passed over to the other side and why he remains, or if he is just "visiting".

On a side note: the Librarian told me that her house is haunted, so perhaps she will be willing to allow me a walk-thru of her home. She doesn't seem upset that ghosts may reside in her home, which is evidently a good thing.

Take care and Happy All Hallow's Eve.

Sunny Williams
Lights In The Texas Sky


The next email is from a 'Phantoms and Monsters' reader:

Hello, my name is Jordan Lok and this is my story of a close encounter when I was about 17.

It was a Friday night in Phoenix, Arizona...believe it or not it was raining heavily and the clouds were very low. Me and 4 other people were at a friends house watching a movie trying to kill time. My friend Daniel and I were getting hungry so we had both decided to walk to the gas station and get some snacks. I walked outside and the clouds were extremely low. I have never seen them like this before...they were just above the street lights to give you an idea. As Daniel walked outside he exclaimed, "What the hell is that!?". He pointed to the house right across the street and it looked like there was something on the roof. As I got a better look at the object it looked like a balloon floating in the wind right above the house. But as I stood there looking at it, it stopped in mid air just floating there almost as if it were staring at us. That's when I knew this was no balloon, because balloons cant just stop and hover.

We approached it and I got a better look at it. It looked like a robotic jelly fish, if that makes any sense at all. It had a blinking red light on it. There were various things hanging down, what looked like tentacles. It was probably a little bigger than a basketball. Daniel grabbed a few rocks and threw them at the "balloon"...that's when the object zipped behind a tree faster than anything I have ever seen. I was extremely frightened as was Daniel when we realized that what we were dealing with was intelligent.

We both took off running down the street, I was looking behind me with every chance I got and I could see the blinking red light behind the tree. The thing was watching us...I knew there was something operating it. My friend, whose house we were at, had also seen the same thing but was in denial that it was a UFO. This experience changed my life forever. You hear of big UFO sightings but I have never even heard of a sighting like mine. I was so close to it, it was amazing. After much thought (many years) I believe that it was a probe used for surveillance. I have never seen anything like that again, until i looked up flying humanoids in Phoenix, AZ. I believe that they are kind of similar but not completely. I would love to have a reasonable explanation for this event in my life!


The following is an email I recently received from a reader:

Hi Lon,

I really enjoy your blog but honestly, it scares the hell out of me sometimes. I wanted to relay a weird experience told to me a while back that I have only told to one other wife. When I was with the police department in a jurisdiction near Ames, Iowa in 1988 a deputy told me about an experience he had one evening while driving down an isolated country road. The area was new to him as he was covering for another off duty officer. He told me it had just finished raining at about 6:30 pm when he drove past a cemetery on his right. About a quarter mile down the road he noticed a girl walking on the side of the road. He stopped his cruiser to offer the girl a ride to wherever she was going. She accepted his offer and sat in the back seat during the ride. The deputy remembered how pretty she looked dressed in beautiful pink prom gown. She explained she was on her way to her school prom and after about two miles down the road, asked to be let out on the dimly lit corner at an old filling station. He dropped her off then proceeded down the road to continue his tour.

It was a dark evening and he got concerned about the girl's safety so he turned around and went back to where he had dropped her off but she was no where to be found. He passed the old abandoned filling station and continued back down the road to the cemetery and a small house located next to it. He parked his cruiser in the dirt driveway and knocked on the door. An old man answered the door and the police officer described what had happened and he had wondered if the girl possibly came to his house. The old man just smiled and said to come inside and he would explain.

It seems that the girl the deputy picked up that night, was killed on her way to her school prom back in the 1940's by a drunk driver. The old man stated that several times a year she walks down that same road trying to get to her prom. He took the deputy into the cemetery and showed him the girl's gravestone. After shaking off the shivers the deputy returned to his cruiser and began his tour again. He was driving on the same road but at the corner where the old filling station was located there was just an open field with trees. The deputy asked me to never tell anyone about this experience.

I no longer live in the area but I have been told that the pretty girl still frequents the old country road searching for a ride to the prom.

Jim Carr
Springfield. MO

CERN Physicists Hopeful of Parallel Universe Proof

reuters - Physicists probing the origins of the cosmos hope that next year they will turn up the first proofs of the existence of concepts long dear to science-fiction writers such as hidden worlds and extra dimensions.

And as their Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN near Geneva moves into high gear, they are talking increasingly of the "New Physics" on the horizon that could totally change current views of the universe and how it works.

"Parallel universes, unknown forms of matter, extra dimensions... These are not the stuff of cheap science fiction but very concrete physics theories that scientists are trying to confirm with the LHC and other experiments."

This was how the "ideas" men and women in the international research center's Theory Group, which mulls over what could be out there beyond the reach of any telescope, put it in CERN's staff-targeted Bulletin this month.

As particles are collided in the vast underground LHC complex at increasingly high energies, what the Bulletin article referred to informally as the "universe's extra bits" -- if they do exist as predicted -- should be brought into computerized, if ephemeral, view, the theorists say.

Optimism among the hundreds of scientists working at CERN -- in the foothills of the Jura mountains along the border of France and Switzerland -- has grown as the initially troubled $10 billion experiment hit its targets this year.


By mid-October, Director-General Rolf Heuer told staff last weekend, protons were being collided along the 27-km (16.8 mile) subterranean ring at the rate of 5 million a second -- two weeks earlier than the target date for that total.

By next year, collisions will be occurring -- if all continues to go well -- at a rate producing what physicists call one "inverse femtobarn," best described as a colossal amount, of information for analysts to ponder.

The head-on collisions, at all but the speed of light, recreate what happened a tiny fraction of a second after the primeval "Big Bang" 13.7 billion years ago which brought the known universe and everything in it into being.

Despite centuries of increasingly sophisticated observation from planet Earth, only 4 per cent of that universe is known -- because the rest is made up of what have been called, because they are invisible, dark matter and dark energy

Billions of particles flying off from each LHC collision are tracked at four CERN detectors -- and then in collaborating laboratories around the globe -- to establish when and how they come together and what shapes they take.

The CERN theoreticians say this could give clear signs of dimensions beyond length, breadth, depth and time because at such high energy particles could be tracked disappearing -- presumably into them -- and then back into the classical four.

Parallel universes could also be hidden within these dimensions, the thinking goes, but only in a so-called gravitational variety in which light cannot be propagated -- a fact which would make it nearly impossible to explore them.

Fortean / Oddball News: L.A. Mothman, Psychic Discovery and Alien Colony Found?

"Giant Butterfly" Sighting Over Los Angeles

Blogger Grant Lawrence describes a reader's strange sighting at "The Giant Butterfly" Returns to Los Angeles: Witness Describes Amazing UFO Experience

...I just stood back there quietly scanning the tree with my eyes for 'little Sam' the squirrel when I noticed above the tree line coming from my right way out in the sky, a sizable object that was moving at a steady moderate pace. Not soaring fast. Just passing from right to left in the sky. It was a clear sky. Partly cloudy-partly sunny.

It didn't take long to realize that this object was something quite unique. It is hard to deduce the distance that this object had been out in the sky but it was too large to have been a regular bird and did not look like an airplane or anything mechanical. The reason why it was so odd is that although seeing this from my angle looking up at it, I could not make out any real definition but I did see what looked like wings above this mass that flapped like the wings of a butterfly.

It looked like what a gigantic butterfly would appear to be at a great distance in the sky. It was not streamlined or had wings open like a bird soaring. This is what really knocked me over. As it kept passing over I looked at this object that I then considered to be some kind of very large 'bird' because of the 'wings' that I saw flapping but in the motion that a butterfly would flap its wings. So in my mind my first thought was a huge 'bird' because of the many sightings of enormous 'birds' and the thought of a gigantic butterfly was to me, outlandish.
Continue reading at "The Giant Butterfly" Returns to Los Angeles: Witness Describes Amazing UFO Experience


Wedding Off After 'Demonic Voice' Called

smh - A man broke up with his fiancee after phone calls from a "demonic voice" told him she was sleeping around, the jury in a black magic sex trial has been told.

The man said he believed a black magic curse had been placed on the woman he loved and he was "petrified" when he "continuously got calls from these demonic voices".

The man, who cannot be named, was giving evidence in the NSW District Court on Thursday at the Sydney trial of Tony Golossian, 62, Arthur Psichogios, 40, and his wife, Frances Psichogios, 39.

The men have pleaded not guilty to a string of mainly sex charges relating to two women, while the woman has denied eight charges relating to one complainant.

Crown prosecutor Sarah Huggett alleges the complainants were told, and believed, black magic curses were placed on them that would bring illness or death to them or their loved ones.

To rid themselves of the curses, they attended "prayer sessions" where they were blindfolded and sex took place, Ms Huggett says.

She says the women received phone calls from "disguised, demonic-sounding voices" instructing them to do things.

Similar phone calls to the first complainant's fiance, urging him not to marry her, were designed to isolate her, Ms Huggett alleges.

The man told the jury he became petrified at receiving phone calls from a "demonic voice" after learning of the curse on his fiancee.

In one call, before her third "prayer session", he said he was told to go to a certain hotel room, but he had to promise "not to harm Arthur".

"If you harm him, we will not protect you from the evil," the caller said, before he discovered his fiancee and Arthur Psichogios in the room.

In another call, the voice told him: "Arthur loves you like a brother, it is (the woman) that is blackmailing Arthur to have sex with him."

He said his fiancee asked him if angels could make you do bad things, and that she said she was willing to do whatever it took to protect her family.

In another call, the voice said he needed to "save himself" from his fiancee, that she was "using the angels as an excuse to sleep around", and used the Greek word for "slut" to describe her.

In a further call, the voice instructed him to go to another hotel room, saying if he did not listen there would be an accident "and my father would die and I would have up to 90 per cent burns on my body".

The man said "our relationship was destroyed" after he went to the hotel room and his naked fiancee answered his knock at the door.

But he said although the wedding was off, he kept in contact with her as he was concerned "for her safety" as he still believed the black magic was around her.

The trial is continuing before Judge Penelope Hock.


India: Fight Witchcraft With Science

- TelegraphIndiaDispur has decided to fight the menace of social prejudices and superstitions like witchcraft by popularising science education in the state.

The decision in this regard was taken recently after the Assam Science, Technology & Environment Council (ASTEC) appointed over 120 specialist tutors to popularise science among school students.

Another 160 teachers will be appointed shortly for the same purpose.

An Assam government official told The Telegraph that most teachers would go to underdeveloped and char areas in the state to take science beyond classrooms, to create a scientific temperament among the younger generation so that they do not develop unfounded beliefs and superstitions. He said the focus would be on Karbi Anglong, NC Hills, Barpeta, Baksa, Dhubri and Goalpara districts under the project.

The appointed teachers have already undergone a 21-day training organised by ASTEC.

The training focused on acclimatising the students with practical utilities of science.

“These teachers will try and make science a way of life that would help them lead a life free from unfounded beliefs, superstitions and prejudices,” the official said.

The official said the current teaching methodology of science and mathematics was only theory-centric, which made the subjects boring and tough to understand.

He said such teaching did not enthuse students to adopt or use science to solve problems in their daily lives.

Under the new methodology, the specialist teachers would take students out and ask them to deliver speeches regarding various practical uses of science. The official said students would be given additional marks in their class examinations if they could convince people about the utility of science.

“Performance of these teachers will be assessed at regular intervals by a panel of experts. The assessment would particularly examine whether the teachers were successful in implementing a practical formula to popularise science,” the official said.

The principal of B. Borooah College, Dinesh Baishya, welcomed the initiative and said long-term results would depend on the dedication of the teachers and involvement of the students. He said many unfounded beliefs like witchcraft exposed the ugly face of society.


Son discovers mother's prized necklace at scene of road crash that killed her 25 years ago... after tips from TWO psychics

dailymail - A son whose mother died in a motorbike crash 25 years ago has found her golden necklace at the scene of the tragedy - after being tipped off by two psychics.

Mother-of-three Angela Bishop, 42, was killed when the motorbike she was on with husband Michael, now 70, collided with a car in Cornwall in 1985.

The nurse's beloved necklace, which she wore every day, was never found until son Richard Bishop, 48, was inspired to search for it after meetings with the mediums.

Now Richard and his wife Paula claim they found the gold cross necklace at the site of the crash.

It was after scraping through undergrowth with a metal detector and using head torches that Richard made the discovery last week.

Builder Mr Bishop, who lives in Barwick, near Yeovil, said: 'I was a sceptic at the start, but now I am a believer. I would not have chosen to go through all of this emotion over the past few months. It has been tough and I never thought we would find it.

'When I shone my torch over the ground after digging away with a trowel and saw this bit of metal shine, I could not believe it.

'I know some people will not believe us and sometimes I cannot grasp everything that has happened. But mediums can help people and there is no way we would have even known this necklace was there without them'

'We gave each other a big hug and I ended up bursting into tears.'

His wife Paula, 44, was first told there was a 'lost' necklace that needed to be found during a private reading with Yeovil psychic Flo Essex, 80.

Paula visited Flo by chance, after a accompanying a friend who wanted to visit the medium after her mother died in 1997.

She was stunned when Flo began recounting the crash that had killed her mother-in-law and revealed Angela desperately wanted her cross necklace to be found.

Mother-of-three Paula returned home and told Richard about the reading - but they decided against going further then as it was too upsetting.

But in July this year, another psychic, Wendy Drayton, spoke to Paula at a group session and told her the name of the road - the A30 - and said an important necklace was lying there in a ditch.

Michael and Paula then had a private reading with Wendy, who gave further information about the crash and told them Angela was unhappy being buried in
Cornwall as her family was from Somerset.

Paula said: ''We knew then that we had to find it. Wendy told us Angela wanted her necklace to be found and that it was lying at the scene of the crash.

'My father was ill at the time and she told me he was dying. She added that he had almost died the week before - there's no way she could have known.

'Wendy then told me that Michael and I should go and visit in three weeks, so we arranged a visit for then, which was the 9th of October.''

The couple decided to take Wendy with them on their three-hour trip to Cornwall to the crash scene on the A30, near Solways Garage, Marazanvose, near Redruth.

They had identified the spot through a newspaper cutting from the Cornish Gazette in Redruth library.

Before they arrived, Wendy told them there was a telegraph pole at the site - which tragic Angela had looked at as she lay dying on the road.

To the shock of Michael and Paula, there was indeed a pole at the site and Wendy was able to show them exactly where Angela was flung across the road.

Michael and Paula then began examining the verge - which is covered in ivy and trees - with head torches and trowels and Michael found the necklace buried in the undergrowth.

After finding the necklace, the couple took it to their original psychic Flo Essex, who told them Angela would soon appear to Richard in human form.

She also told them further details about the crash and described seeing Angela being forced into the air with the impact.

Richard, who has been with wife Paula for 17 years, said he still couldn't believe mediums had helped him find his mother's necklace after so long.

Mrs Essex, renowned in Yeovil for her charity work with husband Jim, said: 'My spiritual work is important to me and I am glad I could help. I am not quite sure what I have done, but the lady gave me a big hug after the session and left very happy.'

Paula Bishop added: 'I know some people will not believe us and sometimes I cannot grasp everything that has happened. But mediums can help people and there is no way we would have even known this necklace was there without them.'

The couple have placed the necklace over a picture of Angela, which they have at their home.

'We have put the necklace around her neck on a photograph of her so they are now finally reunited.'

Paula added: 'I never thought it was going to work, at every step things seemed to go wrong. It came as a complete surprise when I saw my husband with it in his hands.

'The process has been incredibly difficult for my husband and his father but they both feel like they have a bit of Angela back now.

'When we gave the chain to my father-in-law he was in complete shock, he couldn't believe it had been found after all these years.

'It was such a tragic accident, for her to die so young and as a mother, it is just awful.


Mysterious "Hot Spot" on Alien Planet Leaves Scientists Baffled

io9 - Have we discovered an alien colony? That's one sensationalistic but nevertheless awesome possible explanation for the strange "hot spot" discovered on exoplanet Upsilon Andromedae b, 44 light-years from Earth.

The planet is a "hot Jupiter," a gas giant with an extremely high temperature. According to

The planet is about 70 percent as massive as Jupiter, and it whips around its star every 4.6 days or so, scientists said.

Crossfield and his team used NASA's infrared Spitzer Space Telescope to measure the total infrared light coming from the planet and its parent star over five days in February 2009.

The Spitzer telescope cannot see the planet directly, but it can detect light variations that arise as the hot side of the planet comes into Earth's field of view. The hottest part of the planet will give off the most infrared light.

Conventional wisdom suggests that the star-planet system should appear brightest when the planet is directly behind the star, thus showing Spitzer its full sun-facing side.

But the system was brightest when the planet was to the side of the star, with its side facing Earth.

Scientists aren't sure what would account for this bizarre brightness, though they have some theories. Supersonic winds might cause it, or some other aspect of hot Jupiter meteorology that we don't understand yet. I'm not sure why nobody has yet suggested that it's heat pollution from a massive alien colony. Seems like the most logical explanation.

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Legendary Humanoids: Dziwożona, Female Demon

Some mythical creatures have their origin in tradition and tales from the distant past. However, each culture is associated with a multitude of interesting and odd creatures, many of these beings are humanoids. One of these legendary humanoids is the Dziwożona.

The Dziwożona is a female swamp demon or evil fairy in Slavic mythology known for being malicious and dangerous. It is also referred to as a Mamuna. These beings supposedly live in thickets near rivers, streams and lakes. Some say she took the form of an ugly, old woman with a hairy body, long straight hair and breasts so huge that she uses them to wash her clothes. Dziwożona is also be a shape shifter and can appear as a beautiful nymph capable of luring young men to their death. On her head she sometimes wore a red hat with a fern twig attached to it. It is said that she can lead anyone down the wrong path, literally and figuratively.

Dziwożona kidnapped human babies just after birth and replaced them with her own offspring, known as foundlings or changelings. A changeling could be recognized by its uncommon appearance...disproportionate body, often with some kind of well as an inherent wickedness. It had a huge abdomen, unusually small or large head, a hump, thin arms and legs, a hairy body and long claws. Its behavior was said to be marked by a great spitefulness towards people around it, a fear of its mother, noisiness, reluctance to sleep and exceptional gluttony. They rarely reached adulthood...but if it did, it was disabled and spoke gibberish. Many traditional Slavs thought Dziwożona was a goblin.

There were several ways to discourage child abductions but the most prevalent was that mother would tie a red ribbon around the child's hand, put a red hat on it's head and shield the face from the light of the moon. The red ribbon around the child's hand is still practiced in Poland today but the meaning behind it is mostly lost to the populace.

If the Dziwożona managed to take the infant away, there was still a method to get it back. The mother had to take the changeling to a waste heap, whip it with a birch twig and pour over it water from an eggshell, chanting "Take yours, give mine back!", at which point Dziwożona would fell sorry for her offspring and took it away, returning the child she stole.

Women at risk of becoming one of these demons after death were thought to be midwives, old maids, unmarried mothers, pregnant women who die before childbirth, as well as abandoned children born out of wedlock.

The following is a translated passage from a 18th century Polish narrative that warns of the Dziwożona (translated as Surprisewife): is a midget or giant with scary eyes, big head, with twisted arms, green skin and long, reaching bottom breasts. At times theses deamons are not so frightful but they attack only mothers of illegitimate or non-baptized children. They cause harm with their breasts - like a flail with precision and determination, that they can even kill with such weapons.

One must be careful during contact because they also could switch the children. When mother doesn't care enough for her child, Dziwożona tries to still her baby and switch with the devil's child.

There is however a way to get back a stolen child. The mother has to leave the devil's child so the Dziwożona would be touched by baby's cry and will take him and give back the taken one.

Inexplicata: High Strangeness...Our Haunted Seas

Many thanks to Scott Corrales of Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology for posting his article from 2005. It's a fascinating narrative of ocean cryptids and legendary creatures.

High Strangeness: Our Haunted Seas
By Scott Corrales
© 2005

Hardship will drive people to do the unthinkable, and in the early 21st century, some examples of the human drive to flee from hardship are to be found in the endless South to North migration of the oppressed, both in the New and Old Worlds. In August 2004, a newspaper report filed by Joaquín Asención of the El Vocero newspaper highlighted the harrowing, nightmarish experience of nearly forty castaways who had chanced the caprice of the ocean waves for a better chance at a life in neighboring Puerto Rico. A total of eighty-two “boat people” – men, women and children - departed in a rickety boat from the Dominican Republic for what should have been a very short crossing of the unpredictable Mona Passage to a secret landing site somewhere in western Puerto Rico.

But the ocean had a cruel fate in store for the refugees: their precariously outfitted craft, improperly stocked with food and water, was swept out into the Atlantic for a twelve-day odyssey that not even the bravest Hollywood director would try to capture on film. Hunger and thirst raged among the passengers, causing many to jump into the sea to drink in as much salt water as possible before dying; some survivors later reported acts of cannibalism had taken place in the drifting vessel, but the most astonishing – and terrifying- event was yet in store.

One survivor told the journalist reporting the story that while the refugees fought for survival among the wind, waves and merciless sun, a "monster" with vast wings appeared before them. Overcome by dread, passengers huddled together to read from a New Testament that had been found in the vessel, but as they read from the holy book, its pages inexplicably vanished their hands.
Only thirty-seven out of the eighty passengers survived the ordeal, eventually being found by fishermen from the Dominican town of Nagua.

What was the strange winged monster? A Mothman-type creature? A supernatural entity emerged from the roiling sea to mock the passengers, or indeed to try their faith? There can be no doubt that spending almost two weeks at sea without food and water can lead to hallucinations, especially when witnessing hellish conditions among one’s fellows, but such tricks of the mind would more than likely summon thoughts of food, safety and shelter, not stygian specters. Would a collective hallucination also include the disappearance of pages from a religious text? A question best left to mental health experts. It is known that certain elemental figures tend to adopt physical manifestations, and conditions and situations that have plagued humanity from the start – war, disease, insanity – may have elementals that embody these odious scourges. Could we speculate that the despairing castaways were witnesses to a manifestation of the elemental of hunger?

It is also true that certain waters appear to be “haunted”: the so-called Horse Latitudes of the Atlantic Ocean were named thus after ghosts of horses supposedly dumped overboard by early mariners when ships were becalmed and water ran short; Vincent Gaddis’s classic Invisible Horizons (NY: Ace, 1965) mentions a rather dreadful apparition known as “Ladylips”, the jawless phantom of a French sea captain, that haunts the waters of the Pacific Ocean and has reportedly been seen by over 500 sailors aboard American and British vessels. Nor should we ever forget the exorcisms performed by the late Reverend Donald Omand over certain bodies of water in Norway (the ominous-sounding Fjord of the Trolls) and the Arctic Ocean that were prone to manifestations of sea serpents and caused mariners to perform irrational acts. And speaking of sea monsters…

An Argentinean Sea Serpent

Guillermo R. Giménez, a contributing editor to the INEXPLICATA journal, is one of Argentina’s most dynamic researchers – an author, indefatigable traveler and meticulous analyst of matters paranormal – who has the great fortune to live in one of his country’s loveliest locations, the seaside resort of Necochea, a paradise for the beachcomber and the marine sportsman alike. Since 1994, he reports, the littoral of Necochea and Quequén has been visited by sort of creature best described as a “sea serpent” – dubbed Joselito -- that was initially reported by Carlos Miño, master of the Paco Ventura, a commercial fishing vessel out of Quequén. The sighting took place between March 18 some six miles out at sea. According to Giménez, the crew radioed their base at Mar del Plata that at 13:00 hours on that day they had seen the monster: “[measuring] some 10 to 12 meters long from head to back, which was all that could be seen…the remainder [of the creature] remained submerged.” This marine nightmare was only a scant 10 meters away from the Paco Ventura when the sighting occurred, while the crew was dragging its nets. Further sightings occurred, reported by commercial and recreational fishermen, but just as many preferred to keep their sightings to themselves.

Carlos Miño, the Ventura’s owner, told Necochea’s Ecos Diarios newspaper that at no time did he feel his ship or crew were at danger. “It appears to be a peaceful specimen. At no time did it threaten us, and I could go as far as to say that it ignored us…I was the first one to see it, although I had no idea what it could be. It called my attention because this dark thing appeared on the water and seagulls suddenly surrounded it. I headed for the ship’s bow, intrigued. After a while it submerged, and then remained floating, which allowed me to take a better look.”

“Part of its back,” continues Miño’s description, had [something like] serrated or staggered fins.” He described these appendages as being similar to “the dinosaurs they show us in books or magazines.” The creature’s head was described as white and rounded, like that of a duck. “I was unable to calculate its full size since I didn’t see the whole animal. It gave the impression of being much larger than what was visible, but I couldn’t calculate it.”

Amid all the commotion over the Necochea sea serpent, a man named Luis Menna recalled that a year earlier, another man had reported seeing two such sea serpents while camped out near Médano Blanco. He reportedly heard “strange sounds or noises” coming from the shallow waters near the coast.

Further corroboration for Carlos Miño’s sighting came from María S. Monterrosa and Osvaldo Gutiérrez, a pair of housekeepers who were looking after summer homes in the vicinity of Bahía de los Vientos. Only a two weeks earlier, they had witnessed a strange marine creature some 15 meters from the coast. “We have seen whales, baby whales, sea lions, penguins and other species, but we had never seen an animal with these characteristics. It had a large head, a serrated back and large eyes. At least three or four meters of the creature’s back could be seen on the surface.”

Could these creatures have emerged from very deep oceanic waters as a result of naval exercises, oil drilling on the Argentinean continental shelf or other man-made activity? Or did they simply come to shallower waters to spawn? One wonders if sightings of such large sea creatures in antiquity were the source of the Babylonian myth of Tiamat, the evil “dragon” that is the source of all sea monsters. Certainly they could embody the Biblical notions of Rahab or Leviathan, as conveyed in the Psalms: "This great and wide sea, in which are innumerable teeming things, living things both small and great. There the ships sail about; there is the Leviathan which you have made to play there." (Ps 104:25-26). Antedating the Scriptures by centuries we find inscriptions and amulets designed to ward off these unwelcome marine presences, such as this one: “Seven are they…In the Ocean Deep, Seven are they…Neither male nor female are they…The Evil Ones of Ea, throne bearers of the gods are they…” (Thompson, Devils and Evil Spirits of Babylonia).

Mysterious Golfo de San Jorge

The fact remains that Argentina’s coastal waters have witnessed many strange activity, but the country’s Golfo de San Jorge can safely claim precedence among them all. Not only was it notorious in the 1960’s for a number of USO (unidentified submarine object) reports, but also it’s inordinately high UFO activity led many experts to seriously consider that a “UFOport” existed either underwater or somewhere on land.

An event that occurred in July 1975 and reported by Guillermo Roncorconi a few years alter is a perfect example of this strange activity. In this instance it involved the Patagonian town of Caleta Olivia, which despite its small size is one of the major population centers of the region and serves as a support community for the Argentinean oil industry

On July 15, a group of friends on a fishing trip left Caleta Olivia to enjoy an evening’s fishing, being rewarded by a spectacular catch. It was a clear, windless and cloudless evening presided by a waxing moon that cast its light onto the gulf’s waters. The sportsmen returned to port after midnight, and around 1:30 in the morning, one of the friends noticed what appeared to be a glowing form underwater at a distance from the pier – all of the witnesses later agreed that the form was luminous, elongated and greenish-yellow in color, apparently only a few meters under the surface. They believed at first that object was motionless, but later saw that it was moving slowly under water. They estimated it to be some 10 meters long and 4 meters at its thickest, tapering toward the ends. The mysterious light kept moving without ever breaking the surface and eventually lost itself in the distance.

The sighting could have ended at that, had it not been for the enormous amount of dead fish that washed ashore the next morning and over the course of the following days. Even more enigmatic were the sudden deaths of seabirds – gulls and albatrosses – in the vicinity.

Blame was quickly placed on the oil pipeline belonging to Yacimientos Petroleos Fiscales (YPF), Argentina’s major petroleum producer, but no oil spill was ever detected and subsequent investigations eliminated the possibility that the bird and fish deaths were somehow oil related. Commercial fishermen complained about having to go many miles out to sea for their daily catches, due to the near total absence of fish in coastal waters.

Was the slow-moving light reported by the four sportsmen who had just enjoyed a fine evening of fishing some kind of damaged or leaking unidentified submarine object, making its way back to its base in the depths of the ocean for repairs? The concept that a vehicle from another, more advanced civilization, whether alien, interdimensional or terrestrial, would leak radiation like a damaged nuclear submarine can be hard to swallow, but how else to account for the enigmatic deaths of not only fish, but seabirds?


Our planet Earth could have just as easily been called Water, and perhaps more fairly, as any satellite image of our world proves the prevalence of water over soil, or of the god Poseidon over Ceres, to wax mythological. From the shallow green of coastal waters where sailboats and motorboats play to the cobalt blue plowed by freighters, ocean liners and warships, humanity’s fascination for the hydrosphere is as unending as it is irresistible.

Aside from the natural dangers that this liquid medium holds for air breathers, mariners and landlubbers alike have hinted at other perils that cannot be escaped in a lifeboat or by wearing a bright orange preserver. Myth? Rumor? Poorly explained natural phenomena? Enlightened minds would have us believe that there is nothing in the heavens or on earth that can escape the cold light of science, but the sea’s mysteries are not so easily put aside…

Scott Corrales © 2005 - Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
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