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Romani Culture, Myths and Legends

The Romani (also known as Roma) are an ethnic group living mostly in Europe, who trace their origins to medieval India. They are referred to many as Gypsies (though this moniker is historically incorrect) and have been persecuted for centuries throughout the world because of their traditional culture.

Romanies place a high value on the extended family. Virginity is essential in unmarried women. Both men and women often marry young and there has been controversy in several countries over the Romani practice of child marriage. Romani law establishes that the man's family must pay a bride price to the bride's parents, but only traditional families still follow this rule. Once married, the woman joins the husband's family, where her main job is to tend to her husband's and her children's needs, as well as to take care of her in-laws. The power structure in the traditional Romani household has at its top the oldest man or grandfather, and men in general have more authority than women. Women gain respect and authority as they get older. Young wives begin gaining authority once they have children. Many Romanies follow a strict form of Marhime, which is similar to the Hindu purity laws.

Romani legends and mythology tell of certain Romanies who possess passive psychic powers such as empathy, precognition, retrocognition, or psychometry. Other legends include the ability to levitate, travel through astral projection by way of meditation, invoke curses or blessings, conjure/channel spirits, and skill with illusion-casting.

During many traditional burials, steel or iron needles are pushed into the body's heart and pieces of steel in the mouth, over the eyes, ears and between the fingers. Hawthorn was placed on the legs or driven through the legs. They would also drive stakes, pour boiling water on the grave, and behead or burn the body. All this preparation was to ward off Vampires. Romanies have a particular concept of good and evil forces. Dead relatives were looked after loyally. The soul enters a world like the world of the living, except that death does not exist. The soul lingers near the body and sometimes wants to live again.

The Roma legends of the living dead added to and enriched the Vampire legends of Hungary, Romania, and Slavic lands. The Indian deity associated with blood drinking is Kali, who has fangs, wears a garland of corpses or skulls and has four arms. Her temples are near the cremation grounds. She and the goddess Durga battled the demon Raktabija who could reproduce himself from each drop of blood spilled. Kali drank all his blood so none was spilled, thereby winning the battle and killing Raktabija. Sarah, or the Black Goddess, is the form in which Kali survived among Roma.

Some Roma have a belief that the three Marys from the New Testament went to France and baptized a gypsy called Sara. Some refer to Sarah, their Black Goddess as "Black Cally" or "Black Kali". In 1448, four decapitated female skeletons were discovered in the foundation of a church in southern France and were tentatively identified as those of the three Maries and Sarah, their Egyptian servant. Over time, Mary Magdalene disappeared from the trio of Maries and today, only Mary Jacobé and Mary Salomé are the official Saints of the Catholic Church. One legend says that Mary Magdalene became a hermit, grew her hair long and hid herself in a cave to atone for her sins. Sarah has been forgotten by the Church and the official modern version of the legend offered by the Church authorities is that only the two Maries (Jacobé and Salomé) arrived in a boat from Palestine with their servant Sarah who is now called Saint Sarah despite the fact that officially there is no such saint in the hierarchy of Catholic saints. Equally mysterious is the presence of the black female statue in the crypt of the church in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France. The present statue is said to have replaced an previous statue, which in its turn replaced an earlier one. Most Romani worldwide and of different religions celebrate Sarah in one form or another and by alternative names.

Some authors, taking up themes from the pseudohistorical book Holy Blood, Holy Grail, suggest that Sarah was the daughter of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. These ideas were popularized by Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code and is also the main plot in Eron Manusov's novel Ahavah's Dream.

Another form of Vampire in Romani folklore is called a Mullo (one who is dead). This Vampire is believed to return and cause malicious havoc and/or suck the blood of a person. The victim is usually a relative who had caused their death or hadn't properly observed the burial ceremonies or kept the deceased's possessions instead of destroying them as was proper.

People who are hideous in appearance, missing a finger, or had appendages similar to those of an animal, were believed to be a Vampire. If a person died unseen, they would become a Vampire...likewise if a corpse swelled before burial. It is believed that female Vampires can return, lead a normal life and even marry though they would exhaust the husband to the point of death, similar to a Succubus.

Roma people in Kosovo believed that Vampires were invisible to most people. However, they could be "seen by a twin brother and sister born on a Saturday who wear their drawers and shirts inside out" according to a late Serbian ethnologist. "This pair could see the Vampire out of doors at night, but immediately after it saw them it would have to flee, head over heels."

Romani Gypsies have also been incorporated in gothic literature, most notably in Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' in which the infamous Vampire's loyal 'Szgany' henchman (Romani Gypsies) were Dracula's caretakers and defenders.

“Always help brothers; Never harm Brothers; Always pay when you owe although not necessarily money; And never be afraid.”....Romani philosophy

This was only a brief overview of culture and legends of the Romani people. Please read the following links in reference to Romani history and the past / present discrimination they face - The Gypsies in History and Today and Romani Against Racism as well as Roma in the Americas BTW, the Romanies were the only other population besides the Jews who were targeted for extermination on racial grounds in the 'Final Solution'. You can read further at Rroma and Sinti Holocaust.


Romani Culture, Myths and Legends

Retired NORAD Officer Predicts Upcoming Worldwide UFO Display

A newly-published book by a retired NORAD officer predicts October 13, 2010 as the tentative date for a fleet of extraterrestrial craft to hover for hours over the earth's principal cities. Supposedly the event to be the first in a series intended to avert a planetary catastrophe resulting from increasing levels of carbon-dioxide in the earth's atmosphere dangerously approaching a "critical mass." I don't know much about Stanley A. Fulham other than some information on a few videos and that he has written two other books related to this subject. The press release is posted below...Lon

Winnipeg, MB (PRWEB) September 13, 2010 - A newly-published 352-page book by a retired Air Force officer, Stanley A. Fulham, tentatively predicts October 13, 2010 as the date for a massive UFO display over the world’s principal cities. According to the author, the aliens will neither land nor communicate on that date; they are aware from eons of experience with other planets in similar conditions their sudden intervention would cause fear and panic.

The book, Challenges of Change (3rd ed.), reports this event will be the initial interaction in a process leading to mankind’s acceptance of the alien reality and technologies for the removal of poisonous gases from the earth’s atmosphere in 2015, if not sooner.

The author draws upon his military experience with the UFO phenomenon dating back to WW2, and later, with NORAD and his subsequent life-long association with a senior NORAD intelligence officer who provided him a wealth of historical data relating to NORAD’s experience with the UFO/alien reality which has never been revealed to the public. In the military's view, as conveyed to and understood by Fulham, the public is not yet ready to accept an alien reality.

Fulham writes it is generally recognized UFOs function beyond our earth's physical laws, and has concluded answers to questions regarding who they are, where are they from, why are they here, are they a threat, and the mystery of abductions could only be found at a higher dimension of reality.

For more than a decade, through the services of a world renowned channeler, the author has communicated with an ethereal group of entities known as the Transcendors -- 43,000 very old souls who combine their vast experience and knowledge through eons of incarnations, providing advice and information to humans in search of basic realities of mankind’s existence.

The book Challenges of Change reports on the author’s years of communication with the Transcendors in a question and answer format intended to inform and challenge. The Transcendors reveal through the author crucial information about urgent global challenges facing mankind such as earth changes, international terrorism, worldwide financial collapse and the environmental crisis. One revelation is al Qaeda has a dirty nuclear bomb and WMD, but faces a moral quandary over “containment of collateral damages.”

Utilizing the theme of the Four Horsemen as symbolic metaphor, Fulham warns mankind will survive all of these future challenges, except the CO2 pollution of our atmosphere. According to information provided to the author by the Transcendors, the build-up of CO2 pollution is rising 1% annually to a “critical mass” of 22% in which mankind could not survive ”without outside intervention.”

According to Fulham, the Transcendors state they have borne witness to countless thousands of alien civilizations who polluted their planets to total extinction where not a single being, animal or plant survived. They urgently warn planet earth is presently on the same self-destructive path. Fulham reports the aliens are well aware of our environmental crisis, and have benevolently decided to rescue mankind in this vast universal drama.

Fulham has been in contact with a distinguished foreign ambassador who read the book with great interest and dispatched it to his home government, where it was translated and studied by hundreds of their top government officials.

A website containing videos of the author discussing his research conclusions and other vital information has been created at:

Fulham clarifies there are no absolutes; the principal of free will and choice that exits with all souls precludes all absolute realities, and the aliens may decide to postpone their intervention -- but the Transcendors confirm it will nonetheless occur in 2010. Quoting the author, the event will "occur this year, in what will surely be one of the great dramas of our galaxy, the introduction of their alien civilizations and technologies to mankind. We are not alone, and our world will have changed forever."

Retired NORAD Officer Predicts Upcoming Worldwide UFO Display

Fortean / Oddball News - 9/18/2010

Pope's Astronomer: "I'd Love to Baptize ET"

dailymail - Intelligent aliens may be living among the stars and are likely to have souls, a senior Vatican scientist said yesterday.

The Pope's astronomer, Guy Consolmagno, said he would be happy to 'baptise an al ien' - but admitted that the chances of communicating with life outside the Earth were low.

Speaking at the British Science Festival in Birmingham, Dr Consolmagno also dismissed Creationism and claimed that the revival of 'intelligent design' - the controversial theory that only God can explain gaps in the theory of evolution - was 'bad theology'.

Dr Consolmagno, one of a team of 12 astronomers working for the Vatican, said the Catholic Church had been supporting and funding science for centuries.

A self-confessed science fiction fan, he said he was 'comfortable' with the idea of alien life.

Asked if he would baptise an alien, he replied: 'Only if they asked.'

He added: 'I'd be delighted if we found life elsewhere and delighted if we found intelligent life elsewhere.

'But the odds of us finding it, of it being intelligent and us being able to communicate with it - when you add them up it's probably not a practical question.

'God is bigger than just humanity. God is also the god of angels.'

In the middle ages, the definition of a soul was to have intelligence, free will, freedom to love and freedom to make decisions, he said.

Those characteristics may not be unique to humans.

'Any entity - no matter how many tentacles it has - has a soul,' he added.

In practice, machines were unlikely to be smart or human enough to have souls.

Dr Consolmagno, 57, the curator of the Pope's meteorite collection, is a trained astronomer and planetary scientist at the Vatican's observatory.

On 'intelligent design', which claims that Darwin's theory of evolution cannot explain the complexity of life, he said: 'The word has been hijacked by a narrow group of Creationist fundamentalists in America to mean something it didn't originally mean at all.

'It's another form of the God of the gaps.

'It's bad theology in that it turns God once again into the pagan god of thunder and lightning.'

The phrase 'intelligent design' was centuries old and described the idea that God could be discovered in the laws of space and time and the existence of human reason.


World's Smallest Full-Grown Cow

metro - Swallow the cow, who hails from Rishworth, West Yorkshire, measures a titchy 0.8m (33inches) from hind to foot eanring her a place in the new book of Guinness World Records 2011.

Swallow's delighted owner, Caroline Ryder, said: 'Celebrity does not sit that well on Swallow's shoulders. She'll spend the day where she's happiest, in the middle of the herd grazing, or in the cowshed listening to Radio 2, her station of choice.'

Let's hope Radio 2 aren't planning to play The Wonder Stuff's 'The Size of a Cow', because that could just get very confusing indeed.

Swallow is just one of the British entrants in the new Guinness book - with others UK-based record breakers including Stephen Parkes of Nottingham, who scooped the record for the largest collection of Smurf memorabilia in the world; Stephen Buttler of the West Midlands, who broke the record for the Most Push Ups with Claps in One Minute by completed 73 push ups with a clap sixty seconds; and Scot Patrick Rielly, who claimed the record for Most Football Management Rejection Letters, having been turned down for the manager's role at 46 different professional football clubs.


Clothing in a Spray Can

reuters - Tight-fitting t-shirts and hipster jeans could get even more snug if you could just spray them on. That idea just got a little less far-fetched. A liquid mixture developed by the Imperial College London and a company called Fabrican lets you spray clothes directly onto your body using aerosol technology. After the spray dries, it creates a thin layer of fabric that it can be peeled off, washed and re-worn.

“When I first began this project I really wanted to make a futuristic, seamless, quick and comfortable material,” says Manel Torres, a Spanish fashion designer and academic visitor at Imperial College in a statement. Torres worked with Paul Luckham, a professor of particle technology at the Imperial College to create the material. “In my quest to produce this kind of fabric, I ended up returning to the principles of the earliest textiles such as felt, which were also produced by taking fibers and finding a way of binding them together without having to weave or stitch them,” says Torres.

The spray-on fabric consists of short fibres that are combined with polymers to bind them together and a solvent that delivers the fabric in liquid form. The mixture evaporates when the spray touches the surface. The fabric is formed by the cross-linking of fibres, which cling to one another to create the garment, says Fabrican. The spray-on fabric can be pretty versatile. It can be created in many colors and and can use different types of fibres ranging from natural to the synthetic, says the company.

The spray can be applied using a high pressure spray gun or an aerosol can. The texture of the fabric changes according to the type of material such as wool, linen or acrylic and how the spray is layered on the body. Fabrican says the technology is not just for fashion but can have some innovative use in medicine to layer bandages on the skin without disturbing the wound. The technology is still in prototype stage and some kinks still need to be worked out, such as the strong smell of solvent around the fabric. The researchers estimate that it will be at least a few years before it can be ready for commercial use.

Click for video


May 2011: Science Researchers Predict Discovery of Earth 2.0

dailygalaxy - The first Earth-like planet orbiting another star will be announced in May next year, if the discovery of extrasolar planets continues at its present rate, say researchers Samuel Arbesman from Harvard Medical School in Boston and Gregory Laughlin at the University of California, Santa Cruz. They point out that astronomers have been discovering extrasolar planets at an increasing rate since 1995. The rate of scientific progress, they point out, is often hard to measure, but in certain circumstances, the data is unambiguous and easy to measure, creating a trend.

The discoveries of exo-palnets now follow a well understood pattern, the first extrasolar planets being necessarily massive, many times the size of Jupiter, and so easier to spot. As techniques have improved with the Kepler Space Telescope, for example, astronomers have found smaller planets, some just a few times more massive than Earth.

"It's only a matter of time before more Kepler observations lead to smaller planets with longer period orbits, coming closer and closer to the discovery of the first Earth-analog," says John Morse, head of the astrophysics division at NASA headquarters in Washington.

Astronomers to date have found superhot gas giants and snowball-like Neptunes, with the trend toward the discovery of a planet in the habitable zone. There's no real dispute among astronomers that the discovery of an Earth-like planet is on the cards.

Arbesman and Laughlin have taken this data and projected it forward to predict when an Earth-like planet is likely to crop up. The results have a heavy-tailed distribution in which there is a 66 per cent probability of finding the other Earth by 2013, a 75 percent probability by 2020 but a 95 percent probability by 2264.

However, they say the median date of discovery is in early May 2011, which for various reasons is the date they emphasis in their paper.

The first data from Kepler space telescope which was launched in March last year specifically to find extrasolar planets was released in June and is currently being analysed. The first set of candidate planets are due to be announced in February next year.

Many astronomers expect the first Kepler data matrix to include a habitable Earth-like planet. But according to Arbesman and Laughlin, they'll have to wait a little longer. "Because," they say, "of the limited time base line of the mission to date, the Kepler planet candidates to published in February 2011 may be too hot to support significant values for H [their habitability metric]."

But the race is heating up: several new techniques have made Earth-bound telescopes almost as sensitive as Kepler and certainly on the verge of finding Earth 2.0.

The idea of Earth 2.0 orbiting another star, reports the MIT Technology Review, could have a major impact on the global psyche and provide the focus for an international effort to characterize this place. And all this to happen in early May 2011, at least according to Arbesman and Laughlin.


Monster 18m Wave Recorded off Tasmania

lithgomercury - Victorian beaches can expect "fairly large swells" over the weekend, but nothing will match the monsters that reared off Tasmania's coast yesterday.

The Apple Isle is now the home of Australia's biggest recorded wave - 18.4 metres high - after wild weather lashed the state yesterday.

The freakishly big wave was recorded yesterday morning by a wave-rider buoy device off Cape Sorell on Tasmania's west coast.

It was the largest wave that the Bureau of Meteorology has recorded with the device since its installation in 1998.

The Bureau of Meteorology's Richard Carlyon said there would be some "pretty large waves" off the west coast of Victoria this weekend,

"At the moment in western Bass Strait we're forecasting wave heights of seven metres ... But waves of that height won't be seen along the Surf Coast.

"Tasmania and King Island get in way of waves reaching the surf coast. The magnitudes are somewhat reduced."

Dr Carlyon said the largest waves to strike the Victorian coastline on the weekend would be west of Cape Otway to the South Australian border.

Victorian surfers scoping a weekend of big-wave riding should keep their eye on local conditions, he said.

"We're still forecasting waves of around three to four metres in the Surf Coast region, but surfers should keep in mind our forecasts are for offshore," Dr Carlyon said.

"It can be hard for us to forecast surf heights at particular beaches," Dr Carlyon said.

‘‘We’ve had fairly deep low pressure systems moving south of Tasmania and they’re throwing up these waves.

‘‘We’ve had a very stationary type of weather pattern. We’ve been stuck in these south-westerly winds blowing off the Antarctic peninsula up towards Tasmania and it’s been like that for a number of days.

‘‘It’s been a slow-moving pattern that has allowed those wave patterns to continually build along the west coast of Tasmania.’’

Dale Sumner, general manager of the Lakes Entrance Fishermen’s Co-operative, said most of the 40-boat local fleet had chosen to stay at home to avoid the conditions.

Fortean / Oddball News - 9/18/2010

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Nick Redfern: 'Final Events'

I'm really looking forward to reading Nick Redfern's latest book titled "Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife". The publisher Anomalist Books writes the following:

For decades, stories of alien abductions, UFO encounters, flying saucer sightings, and Area 51 have led millions of people to believe that extraterrestrials are secretly among us. But what if those millions of people are all wrong? What if the UFO phenomenon has much darker and far more ominous origins?

For four years, UFO authority Nick Redfern has been investigating the strange and terrifying world of a secret group within the U.S. Government known as the Collins Elite. The group believes that our purported alien visitors are, in reality, deceptive demons and fallen angels. They are the minions of Satan, who are reaping and enslaving our very souls, and paving the way for Armageddon and Judgment Day.

In FINAL EVENTS you'll learn about the secret government files on occultists Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons, and their connections to the UFO mystery; revelations of the demonic link to the famous “UFO crash” at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947; the disclosure of government investigations into life-after-death and out-of-body experiences; and an examination of the satanic agenda behind alien abductions.

FINAL EVENTS reveals the stark and horrific truths about UFOs that some in the government would rather keep secret.

You can read more at UFO Mystic and please check out Nick Redfern's website.

Nick Redfern: 'Final Events'

Fortean / Oddball News - 9/17/2010

Gigantic 25m Wide Spider Web Found In Madagascar

BBC - A newly discovered species of spider living in Madagascar makes the world's longest known web, spanning 25m.

The spider also makes the largest orb web yet found for any spider, and constructs it out of the most tough biomaterial yet known, say scientists.

Darwin's bark spider, a species new to science, weaves its huge web over flowing rivers, stretching from bank to bank.

It is so big that it can catch 30 or more prey insects at any one time.

Darwin's bark spider weaves what experts call an orb web, the most familiar spider web design.

But this web is unusual as it is the largest orb web yet known to be made by any living spider, with the largest web measuring 2.8m².

The previous largest webs are spun by orb spiders belonging to the genus Nephila. Last year a new species of giant orb weaving spider (Nephila komaci) was discovered in Africa and Madagascar that can spin webs up to 1m across.

But even that web is dwarfed by those spun by Darwin's bark spider.

"They build their web with the orb suspended directly above a river or the water body of a lake, a habitat that no other spider can use," says Professor Ingi Agnarsson, the director of the Museum of Zoology at the University of Puerto Rico, in San Juan who made the discovery with colleagues.

That allows the spiders to catch insects flying over water, and explains why the web is so long.

To reach from one bank to the other, the spider must weave anchoring lines of up to 25m.

It also helps explain why the spider must weave it from such tough material, as the huge web must support its own weight and that of any prey it captures.

Prof Agnarsson and colleague Matjaz Kuntner, who also both work at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, US, discovered the new spider species, which has the scientific name of Caerostris darwini, around the Namorona river in the Ranomafana NP and Fianarantsoa Province in eastern Madagascar.

Details of the spider and its behaviour are published in the Journal of Arachnology.

As in other related species, females dwarf the males.

The researchers found many webs spun by the spider, with most hanging vertically above the river, with some at an angles of up to 50º.

Last year, the world's oldest spider's web was found encased in amber

"Some of the webs qualify, to the best of our knowledge, as the largest spider webs ever documented," say the researchers in the journal.

Up to 32 unwrapped prey items, mainly mayflies, were found in a single web.

How the spiders spin such a huge web above water, and how they anchor their drag lines on either side of a river, is currently being researched.

Many of the webs showed obvious signs of damage and repair, while others had large open holes, suggesting that the spider maintains each web for several days.

Most orb weaving spiders take down and reconstruct their webs each day.

The spiders are able to weave such large webs, held up by such long drag lines, by using the toughest, most energy-absorbing silk ever discovered, tougher than any other known biological, and most man-made, materials.

Spider silks combine high strength with elasticity and are therefore already exceptionally tough, being able to absorb three times more energy before breaking than Kevlar, a material often used in bulletproof vests, say the researchers.

However, Darwin's bark spider weaves silk that is about 100% tougher than any other known silk, making it the toughest biological material known, say the researchers.

The have published details of the web's toughness in another scientific journal PLoS One.

Other spiders are capable of weaving giant webs.

For example, one huge web complex was found in 2007 in Texas.

But this web complex was not the work of one large spider.

Rather, millions of small ones weaved a series of interlaced webs that ended up covering an area twice the size of a football field.



metro - Fifty-nine-year-old Mark Smith allegedly told bank workers in Watsonville, California, that he had a bomb in his backpack and that he would detonate it inside the building unless he was given $2,000.

Smith was instead convinced by the bank manager to take a loan from the branch to solve his cash flow problems.

While Smith waited patiently for the her to retrieve loan paperwork, the manager simply called emergency services.

'Quick-thinking staff kept the man calm and distracted him with some paperwork until we arrived' Ly. Darren Thompson told the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Police arrested Smith on suspicion of attempted robbery, as well as charges of making a false bomb report. Smith was not carrying weapons of any kind, Thompson added.


Real Estate Agent Showed Buyers House While Owner Lay Dead On Sofa

telegraph - Samuel Allfort said he assumed the 55-year-old woman was sleeping when he carried out the viewing at her home in Notting Hill, west London.

The estate-agent showed the would-be buyers round every room in the house but left the living room until last in the hope that Katherine Frame would wake up.

After waving goodbye to the visitors, the Marsh and Parsons employee went back into the living room because he suspected that "something wasn't right", Westminster Coroners' Court heard.

He found the homeowner totally motionless on the sofa and saw that she had turned a "yellow-ish" colour, the court heard.

In a statement read to the court, Mr Allfort said: "Marsh and Parsons were instructed by Katherine Frame to sell her property for her.

"I had an appointment to view the property at 4pm on Tuesday June 29, and I did the viewing as scheduled.

"Whilst doing the viewing I decided the leave the living room until last as it looked like someone was asleep on the sofa.

"After finishing the viewing I went outside with the applicants to say goodbye. I then went back into the property because something didn't seem right.

"Upon seeing this person again they seemed absolutely motionless and were a yellow-ish colour.

"I called an ambulance which arrived almost instantly, and the ambulance man soon told me that she had passed away."

Miss Frame was born in New Orleans in America, and had lived alone since divorcing her husband, the court heard.

She had decided to sell her Kensington house because of financial difficulties and was planning on returning to the USA.

Coroner's officer Komi Omadoye said: "Katherine Frame was a divorced single lady who had been receiving treatment and support for chronic depression for the past 23 years.

"For the past two years Miss Frame, who had been living alone since her divorce, had been unemployed following redundancy.

"Due to financial difficulties she was preparing to sell her property with a view to relocating back to the US."

Although Miss Frame had struggled for years with alcohol trouble a post-mortem revealed that there was no drink in her system when she died.

However, the examination revealed her liver was severely damaged, and pathologist Dr Peter Wilkins provided evidence to the court claiming this was the "most significant" pathological factor he found.

Recording his verdict, Assistant Deputy Coroner Dr Andrew Barton said: 'On Tuesday June 29, 2010 she was found to be lying dead at her home on the sofa in Treadgold Street in Kensington.

“I conclude that this was natural causes exacerbated by chronic excessive alcohol ingestion.”

NOTE: I wonder if she comes with the house now?


St.Paul, MN Man Arrested For Flying 'UFO' Kite

twincities - The man whose LED-lighted kite made some people think there was a UFO over St. Paul was back to his old hobby this week and ran into trouble.

St. Paul police received reports this summer about unidentified lights in the sky. They found the source on Aug. 20. Ernest Sawka Jr., 34, was flying a kite with small lights attached to a long string.

On that night, officers saw a warrant had been issued for Sawka's arrest, unrelated to the kite flying. He had pleaded guilty to gross misdemeanor theft and was supposed to turn himself in to serve time at the Ramsey County workhouse but hadn't.

Sawka served his time and got out of the workhouse Sunday, he said.

About 11 p.m. Monday, two people waved down officers, saying they "saw an unidentified object in the air" in the area of Minnehaha Avenue and Etna Street, said St. Paul police spokesman Andy Skoogman. "Our officers knew right away it was a kite with lights on it" because they were aware of the previous case.

Officers checked the area and found Sawka near Etna Street and Reaney Avenue, Skoogman said. He was flying a kite with blue lights on it, on a string that "was hundreds of feet long," he said.

"Our officers asked him if he was trying to get a rise out of the public by flying his kite at night and he nodded yes," Skoogman said. "He may think it's funny, but we think it's a waste of our resources."

Police cited Sawka for disorderly conduct, public nuisance and being in a playground after hours.

Wednesday, Sawka denied telling officers he was trying to get a rise out of the public. "I was doing it because I enjoy doing it, I think it's cool. I don't care what the public thinks," he said.

Sawka said he had asked the officers who stopped him in August whether his kite flying was illegal.

"They said, 'No, we think it's pretty cool,' " Sawka said. On Monday, when officers approached him, Sawka said he "was nothing but polite" and told them, "If this is illegal, just let me know," but he said they gave him a hard time and confiscated the kite.

One officer told Sawka, "If I catch you doing this again, I'll come and find you and put you in jail," the man said.

Sawka said he'd like to fight the citation.

"Hopefully, the judge will say, 'You're here for flying a kite?' and drop the case," he said.

Sawka said in August that he'd been sending lighted kites into the sky around St. Paul for about two years. He would put a "kite up a couple hundred feet and then start tying lights to the string," he said. They're "little LED bullet lights," Sawka said.

The St. Paul man said he didn't set out to make people believe a UFO was above their heads.


Candidate Once Stated Scientists Have Created Mice With Human Brains!

TPM - Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell has previously sounded the alarm against cloning and stem-cell research -- and what she's described as the current terror of human-mouse hybrids.

We previously noted that O'Donnell had attacked her primary opponent, Congressman Mike Castle, based on his support for stem-cell research. But it turns out that her interest in the subject goes back much further. O'Donnell appeared in 2007 on The O'Reilly Factor, to speak out against such research in response to the cloning of some monkeys. Then came her warning on human-mouse hybrids.

"They are -- they are doing that here in the United States. American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains. So they're already into this experiment."

It's possible that O'Donnell was misremembering this 2005 report on scientists who successfully grew human brain cells within mice -- which is not the same as an actual functioning human brain, but a demonstration that human brain cells can be made from stem cells.

Fortean / Oddball News - 9/17/2010

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Recent UFO Sightings, Burning Craft Update, Saskatchewan Crop Circle

MUFON CMS - Nashville, TN - 9/2/2010 - unedited: I am forever amazed at the number of so-called experts in this field of study… who profess to know what is authentic evidence... and what is not. You guys can’t seem to get past the limitations of digital technology to analyze what is real… and what you state is not. Since most experts who sell books and lectures have very little experience, regarding the information that they weave into their sales and lectures, than maybe the chase of this anomaly will gather no real and substantial foundation other than the sensationalist venue where it has thus been historically limited. I suppose… that is good for cover-up and book sales. But for the eye witness, you know in your gut… that which is real. You need not rely upon people, or experts, or anyone else to validate your experience.

Let he who has eyes… let him see!

Gary Mansfield, F.I.
Nashville, TN

NOTE: The report was moved to an investigator report section. There has been a significant amount of activity over the Nashville, TN area lately...Lon


MUFON CMS - 5/7/2007 - near St. Gregor, Saskatchewan - (unedited): I had just met Dan Aykroyd last night, and we discussed shortly about UFO's in which he asked do u have any photographic evidence and i was like no but then i remembered hey i do have some evidence!, So he told me to report on forums when ever i see one or catch one on camera.

So a few years back in 2007 i caught news from a local newspaper that a crop circle was found out on a farm in the St Gregor area of Saskatchewan. So the article stated that it was not the first time this happened on that particular farm and that the reporter that went to investigate was having difficulties with her cell phone which was registering dates of calls from the 1940's and also that her cell phones memory was erased. So I thought wow i need to go check this out.

So a group of friend's and I travelled to this crop circle about 3 hours east of Saskatoon. We arrived about 7:30 pm and stayed about 2 hours just walking around in it and takeing pictures. Nothing out of the ordinary happened the cell phones were fine the only thing odd was that upon takeing pictures it seemed like the cameras energy was being drained. The battery level stayed steady but the flash was not working properly the pictures appeared darker then it was at that time of day. The time this has happened to my camera before was when i took a picture of a friend who had bike reflectors on so i am thinking weird what is screwing with my camera flash.

After we left me and the other two passengers felt really exhausted which was also odd considering two of us had slept in quite long that day and me the driver is use to driving long road trips so it just can't be explained. Upon returning home I got on the computer to upload my pictures and i noticed in some of them there were objects in the sky that i did not see while i was out there, So i blew the pictures up and well you can see for yourself I have no idea what to think is that an object? save and zoom in on it they look cylinder.

Also after returning home i couldn't help but feel really odd like i was being watched so i went to go camp over at my brothers house, and another thing most pictures were filled with orbs which i think were wheat particles mabye?

Picture 1: is just to show you how dark the flash was making it look
Picture 2: top left side is an object with a tail
Picutre3: another object on top of the person.

NOTE: I thought I remembered something about this incident - Farmer embarrassed by crop circle hoax. There had been several crop circles in the area, so this may not be the same incident....but, there were known shenanigans going on...Lon



MUFON CMS - Leesville, TX and Nixon, TX - 9/15/2010 - (unedited): My son and I have driven to the little town of Leesville, which is five miles north of Nixon, Texas to look for more eyewitnesses to the prior night report (See ‘Jet liner with no visible wings burning and falling out of a cloud’ September 14th 911 Call). After spending about two hours in Leesville and the surrounding area, we drove back to Nixon and asked around if anyone had seen anything in the sky.
At approximant 8:30PM, my son and I started our drive West from Nixon on Texas 87/97 toward Stockdale. We had drove pass the town of Pandora when my son makes me pull off to the side of the road. He said something is zigzagging between three stars. With the truck still running and traffic coming at us in both directions I jump out with my camera and ran over to his side.
My son was now standing outside the truck and is pointing in about a 55 degree angle up and is pointing northwest. I asked him again what he saw. He stated it is not an airplane, not a shooting or falling star. It was moving zigzagging and it is now coming right to us. Since I was driving my eyes needed a few seconds to adjust to the night sky. I told my son to get the spot light and point to it (we learned to carry a high power spot light with us at all times). He points the spot light at a now slow moving light, this is moving right towards us from about 1,000 to 2,000 feet above. As it moved closer to us, a few more cars and trucks pass us on the road but nobody stopped. At first it was a solid light but as it flew closer I can see three separate lights in a tight triangle formation with a huge light at each corner. Each light was glowing and had a shape like those sunken ceiling light used in modern kitchens, you can only see the lower half of the light. We could not see any metal or any shadow of the body but you can see the three lights where mounted onto some kind of fixture. I believe the diameter of each light would be 15 to 20 feet across and the space between each light about 6 to 8 feet. I would give it a size between a Caravan 675 and a Citation CJ4 or a length of 50 to 100 feet. It moved steadily over our heads from the northwest to the southwest without changing its speed or direction. My truck was still running so we could not tell if it was making any noise. I predict it was moving about 70 to 80 miles an hour for it took about ten minutes to fly over us and out into the horizon.
I so busy trying to get measurements and directions in my head that I forgot to film it. Go figure.
After it faded into the night we drove up to the next crossroad which is County Road 538 and turn left and drove about 100 feet to get away from the traffic. We parked there observing the night sky for another hour or so but there was no more activity. We are planning to set up there again tonight.


MUFON CMS - Long Island, NY - 7/3/2010 - (unedited):
I was in the parking lot of a music venue on Long Island, tailgating with friends prior to the show, on the 3rd of July 2010. I had my cell phone out and was taking a picture of the venue and the sky at 7:00pm (note: not a single cloud in the sky). Approx. 1 minute later (7:01pm) a typical commercial jet/airplane (i.e. 747) appeared in the sky and was passing overhead. It looked cool in the all blue empty sky so I aimed my camera phone and took a pic. As soon as I pressed the shutter I saw in the corner of my naked eye (and on the screen of phone) a object approx. the same size as the tail of the 747, moving very rapidly from left to right, at least 2 - 3 times faster than the airplane. By the time I tried to take a second picture it was gone from view over the horizon.
I wish I had my real camera instead of the 1 megapixel camera phone, but I am relieved to know I captured the object. I hope this can help UFOlogy(gists) and it is added to a confirmed Unidentified/Unexplained phenomenon of flying objects/crafts.
One other thing i would like to add is to me it appeared as if there were definitely 1 and maybe 2 round what appeared to be portholes you could just see with the naked eye.
Please any one interested in having this/my photo analyzed, studied, researched, etc. I welcome you to contact me.

Recent UFO Sightings, Burning Craft Update, Saskatchewan Crop Circle

Fortean / Oddball News - 9/16/2010

Playin' With Bigfoot

Click for video

Although the scientific community considers BIGFOOT to be a combination of folklore and myths, that didn’t stop toy designers from setting out to capture the legendary, elusive creature. Fisher-Price found BIGFOOT and brought him back to its world-renowned Play Laboratory where designers unfolded the complicated, misunderstood monster who, surprisingly, wooed them with his charm. After years of intense research (and a few laughs) with BIGFOOT, Fisher-Price is ready to share his engaging personality with the world.

“BIGFOOT The Monster is completely on-trend for 2010. Fisher-Price has interpreted a classic play pattern for contemporary kids,” says Chris Byrne, content director for, aka The Toy Guy(R). “Inspired by the legendary ‘BIGFOOT,’ Fisher-Price scores again with a toy that effectively combines the fun and engagement of R/C robotic play with technology that’s easy and engaging for preschoolers to use. BIGFOOT is feature-rich, offers long-lasting play value and reflects a preschooler’s sense of humor, all of which deliver on the value consumers are looking for this year. ”

BIGFOOT continues to roam freely and eyewitness reports persist, generating public scrutiny and misconceived perceptions of the obscure monster. With New York Toy Fair approaching, Fisher-Price is prepared to show the world the true persona behind the myth…but it doesn’t stop there.

Rumor has it that Fisher-Price will continue to work with the friendly monster throughout the year, with special character appearances and brunches at national zoo events including San Diego Zoo, Zoo Atlanta, Brookfield Zoo, Tampa’s Lowery Park Zoo, Toledo Zoo and San Francisco Zoo. To track Big Foot sightings until then, parents and children can log onto for updates.

Unlike the legendary BIGFOOT, the Imaginext(R) BIGFOOT The Monster from Fisher-Price is a life-like remote controlled monster friend for kids three to eight, with lots of personality, fun facial expressions and interactive phrases like “Wanna Play?” and much more. Featuring over 80 actions and phrases, BIGFOOT comes to life with a kid-friendly foot shaped remote control that has easy-to-use, icon-driven buttons. With the simple touch of the remote, preschoolers can make BIGFOOT walk forward and backwards, elicit happy or angry emotions, fall asleep, throw a ball, exercise and even do a forward somersault and a backwards roll! BIGFOOT also features interactive touch points on his belly and mouth that will make him laugh or eat a leaf that evokes fun chomping and burping sound effects. Although the legendary BIGFOOT has mainly been spotted in the Pacific Northwest region of North America.


MUFON Pennsylvania UFO Conference

Contact information:
John Ventre or

Pennsylvania leads the Nation in UFO Sightings

"UFO's. . . Seeing is Believing". The Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Network will present its 3rd Annual UFO Conferences on Saturday, October 9th, 2010, from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. at the Sheraton Hotel, 400 Oxford Valley Road, Langehorne, PA 19047; and on Saturday, October 16th, 2010, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Westmoreland County Community College, 145 Pavillion Lane, Youngwood, Pa 15697.

Pennsylvania has been the epicenter of the world's largest UFO wave since the summer of 2008. There have been over 650 UFO reports filed with MUFON from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia over the past two years.

"We're getting clusters of sightings from every town from Pittsburgh to Philly along the southern half of the state,” MUFON Pennsylvania State Director John Ventre said. “We have 151 reports in the Pittsburgh-Westmoreland County area and 355 in the Philly area. I get reports of UFOs coming in from Lake Erie in Ohio and across Wheeling, West Virginia, into the Pittsburgh area and they are seen minutes later on the eastern part of the state.”

The Conference will present a combination of expert paranormal, abduction and UFO speakers.

Speakers include Richard Dolan, who has written numerous books on the government cover-up, Bill Birnes of “UFO Hunters,” Budd Hopkins on Abductions, Kathleen Marden on Betty and Barney Hill, Peter Robbins who investigated the Rendlesham Forrest UK incident, John Ventre of the Mutual UFO Network, Stan Gordon presenting Kecksburg then and now, and Leslie Kean who sued NASA presenting on Kecksburg’s 45th anniversary.

"The quality of speakers at this conference rivals the larger, pricier conferences that take place around the country," Ventre said.

Professional presentations and vendor tables will highlight these conferences in an academic setting. "We also have a few surprises for the audience and they are not Halloween tricks," Ventre said.

Admission prices are $20 in Pittsburgh, and $30 in Philadelphia. Advance orders and the Conference agenda can be obtained at John Ventre's website at or John Ventre can be reached at 724.836.1266 or at

The Mutual UFO Network was founded in 1969 after the US Air Force concluded their 17-year Project Blue Book study of UFOs and concluded that UFOs are not a threat to National Security.

"They never said UFOs don't exist,” Ventre said. “There is overwhelming evidence that they do. I believe this is an aviation safety issue. The only reason there are not more collisions is because of their ability to maneuver, not ours.”

MUFON has 2,700 members worldwide and over 900 certified investigators. The Pennsylvania MUFON branch has 129 members and 21 certified investigators. Anyone interested in joining MUFON can speak to John Ventre or one of the many investigators that will be at the conference from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey and Ohio. "One thing I know from conducting my investigations – if you've seen one, you believe," Ventre said.


99 Years for Stealing Smokes

nbcdfw - A central Texas jury has sentenced a man to 99 years in prison for stealing a carton of cigarettes from a smoke shop.

The McLennan County jury sentenced 55-year-old Leon Willis Wilkerson in Waco Thursday after finding him guilty of robbery Wednesday.

Wilkerson was charged as a habitual criminal. He had a record of eight previous felony convictions and 12 misdemeanors.

According to court documents, Wilkerson stole the cigarettes in July 2008, tucked them in his jacket, then shoved to the ground a man who tried to stop him. The fallen man was injured, allowing prosecutors to upgrade the charge against Wilkerson from theft to robbery.


IHOP (International House of Pancakes) vs. IHOP (International House of Prayer)

HP - The International House of Pancakes is suing another IHOP, the International House of Prayer, saying the church mission shouldn't be allowed to take advantage of the restaurant chain's famous name and acronym.

The Kansas City Star reports that the chain says it sued only after the church mission refused repeated requests to stop using the IHOP acronym. Restaurant spokesman Patrick Lenow said the church has expanded and some branches are serving food. The lawsuit was filed last week in federal court in Los Angeles.

Gary Cooper, a former Houston attorney who until recently served as the church mission's chief financial officer, said he didn't think the lawsuit had any legal basis. The religious group, which promotes its belief in daily, continuous prayer, has drawn thousands of people to Kansas City since it opened 10 years ago.


Canadian Man Charged With 'Pretending' to Practice Witchcraft

CTVNews - Police have charged a Brampton, Ont., man with fraud, and the unusual charge of pretending to practice witchcraft.

Sgt. Zahir Shah of the Peel Regional Police told CTV Toronto on Wednesday that the accused allegedly promised to perform magic for money "and that (he) would be able to solve any and all of your problems."

The complainants allegedly paid the accused, who worked out of a large home. "Obviously he wasn't able to perform any magic and their problems remained unsolved," Shah alleged.

The sergeant said that the charge of pretending to practice witchcraft "is not one we lay very often." An additional charge of fraud under $5,000 was also laid.

The charges were laid after a victim came forward to police. Officers said they don't yet know how many people may have been victimized, but they suspect the accused has been operating for more than one year.

Shah clarified that practicing witchcraft is not illegal, saying, "If you want to be a wiccan, that's your business." He added that someone is committing fraud if they say they have the ability to practice magic in return for money or a service.

Yogendra Pathak, 44, was arrested on Monday. He is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 7.

No allegations against him have been proven in a court of law.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inexplicata: The Hopping Phantom of Calchín

The following report is from Scott Corrales at Inexplicata -
The Hopping Phantom of Calchín

The Hopping Phantom of Calchín

By Scott Corrales and Christián Quintero

Reports of strange humanoids resembling the legendary “Springheel Jack” came out of Argentina in the mid-Aughts (2004-2007) and were widely circulated in the local and foreign press, as readers beyond Argentina became acquainted with all manner of “petizos” and “pomberos” and other improbable parahuman creatures.

Our friend and colleague Christian Quintero (co-founder of Planeta UFO with Guillermo Gimenez) has drawn our attention to the reappearance of one of these bizarre humanoids in the town of Calchín, Cordoba Province (pop. 2000). Sightings appear to have commenced in August 2010 and have attracted considerable attention in the print media and on Argentinean radio (Christian has kindly sent us mp3 files of local radio shows featuring witness accounts)

The first of the journalistic sources dates from August 17, 2010 and reads: “Alarm in Calchín Over the Mysterious Apparitions of a Ghost”. This report, written by staff writer Ignacio Martino, notes that local residents have spoken of nothing but the “tall skinny guy” who covers his face with a balaclava and is terrorizing their communities. As occurred in Puerto Rico during the early days of the Chupacabras sightings, bands of citizens have formed to catch the mysterious personage. In the lyrics of the old song by TOTO: “You better watch out / there’s a stranger in town.”

Martino’s article quotes the experience of Gustavo, a youth who has thrown his lot in with the vigilantes who hope to catch the stranger. “20 days ago, a character started going around town between 21:00 and 23:00 hours every night. He bangs on doors, tries kicking them down, runs across backyards screaming and laughing, and no one has been able to identify him. This is happening very often, all weekend, for example. He appeared in various parts of town and always turns up in places from which he can make a quick getaway.” Gustavo (no surname given) was also interviewed on 08.17.10 by a radio program on which he added further details. There are abandoned houses in the Calchín area where inverted cross graffiti can be found, and which appear to have been partly burned down during the course of what we might loosely term “cult activity”.

“I did not see them,” he stresses. “But it is said that there are crosses, that there were names scrawled on the wall, the name of the town among them. What I did see, because I approached the areas, were the remains of fires, several piles of ash.”

Nor is the stranger afraid of the police. He (she? it?) has taken to prowling around the police barracks, and despite sharp commands to halt, officers have only seen him running off into the eucalyptus groves. The vicinity of Calchín has become filled with cars and curiosity-seekers armed with flashlights, but all their efforts have been fruitless.

The next article that Christian has sent us reads: “Police Looks Into Apparitions of Calchín’s “Hopping Phantom” and is dated 08.22.10 with the skyline: “An Unusual Event in Córdoba”. The moniker “hopping phantom” may not have the same ring as “Springheel” or even “Mothman”, but it describes perfectly the agility of a figure allegedly able to leap in excess of two meters in the air, according to those who have seen it. Flooded with phone calls reporting the antics of this unknown entity, the police have had no choice but to open a formal investigation into the matter.

A band of vigilantes perhaps came closer to catching the “hopping phantom” than it may have bargained for. The article reads thus: “ Tired of living in fear, a group of local residents decided to go after it one night. Upon reaching the place (sic) they saw an immense bonfire on a stretch of empty ground. When they approached, the saw a person kneeling before the fire. Perceiving their approach, the figure took off running at incredible speed. There were many candles in the shape of a circle around the bonfire.”

An anonymous witness made a concerned statement to Cadena 3 radio. “Everyone is afraid. It gets into backyards, bangs on doors and windows. Its yells are overwhelming. It has shown up in different parts of town.”

What is interesting about this article is that the authorities “have not discarded the possibility that black magic could be involved” as it is “a customary practice in the area.” This hearkens back to the summer of 2002 and the Argentinean cattle mutilation epidemic, when the presence of “red magic” – blood sorcery – was suggested as the cause for the slaughter. Law enforcement, regardless of the country, tends not to make such candid assertions. Candles and bottles were reported in an Argentinean UFO case in the early ‘00s that suggested that the source of light had been “summoned” through sorcerous means.

On 08.21.10, a woman named Daniela made the following statement on one of the Cadena 3 broadcasts: “Look, all I can say is that I haven’t seen it, but people are truly appears between nine and eleven at night, it has scared a lot people...people who are credible, whom you wouldn’t laugh at. Yes, it gets into back yards, bangs on windows, screams in a way that truly frightens people.” She goes on to tell the host that the subject has become the subject of conversation “at school, at the grocery store, everywhere you go” although no one directly affected by the phenomenon had spoken to her.”

When asked by the radio show host if the creature (whom he refers to as “el sátiro”, the Satyr) has chosen a particular lurking ground, she replies that the mystery figure does not appear to have any predilections, although the eucalyptus groves have been the area where most of the civilian searches have taken place.

Walter – another caller – states that the police has been forced to look into the “fantasma saltarín” as a result of the volume of calls received from the citizenry. “This person,” says the caller, “he hops beside you as your car is driving into Calchín...he appears out of nowhere in front of you, and according to some, he can jump two meters in the air.” At this point in the exchange, the show host pours the proverbial pitcher of cold water over the subject, saying that when similar things have occurred in other towns, it always turns out to be “someone who isn’t well, let’s say, someone with an imbalance” and that doing such things “occurs often in small towns.”

One wonders if people in small towns leaping two meters in the air are a tribute to clean rural lifestyles.

A trucker driving his vehicle in the middle of the night through the area, twenty five kilometers south of Calchín, told Cadena 3 in San Francisco that a figure made a sudden appearance in front of his truck, dressed all in black and hopping alongside the road. It stopped to look at the driver, who nearly drove the vehicle off the road in fright.

Mass hysteria in the dead of the southern hemisphere coldest recorded winter? An entity summoned by sorcery for some unknown purpose, feeding off the fear of a small, terrified community? The latest manifestation of Springheel Jack, whatever he/she/it was? Perhaps the arrival of warmer weather will allow for further investigation. For the time being, there’s an involuntary curfew going on in Calchín as of nine o’clock at night, when mystery comes banging on the door...

NOTE: I hope Scott can provide further updates on this phenomena...this is one I have never heard before. Thanks again to Scott! Lon

Inexplicata: The Hopping Phantom of Calchín

Recent UFO Sightings, Burning Craft in Free-Fall and a Strange Phone Call

MUFON CMS - Colorado - 9/10/10 - (unedited): I was taking my granddaughter for a walk in broad daylight near my home. There were scattered clouds in the sky, but it was mostly clear. I looked up and noticed an odd shaped object moving slowly from a westerly direction moving easterly. It was high in the sky and it was quite a long distance from my vantage point but I could tell immediately that it was not an aircraft (there were no wings or helicopter blades and there was no sound). My first thought was that it was some sort of balloon but it didn't resemble balloon shapes that I'm familiar with. After moving slowly eastward for a time, it stopped and hovered above my head for perhaps a minute or so. I always carry a small camera with me so I pulled it out and snapped a couple of photos zooming to the maximum that this camera is capable of (about 5x). I wasn't sure that the pictures would turn out since it was difficult to zero in on the image with the camera's viewfinder. After a minute or so the object drifted behind a small cloud. I watched for several minutes thinking that it would pass through the cloud and become visible again. After it vanished behind the cloud I never saw it again. My initial reaction was that this was an object that is not commonly seen, at least in my experience, and it definitely piqued my curiosity.

I was quite surprised to discover that the photos captured the object fairly well, especially the second photo. When zeroing in on the object with my computer's software I was very surprised to see that it was shaped like a dirigible or torpedo but it seems too small to be a blimp or similar type aircraft. It also appears to have a shiny metallic skin the reflects sunlight. The fact that it stopped and hovered for awhile also seems a bit strange since the cloud next to it was moving slowly with the prevailing wind. After viewing the photos on my computer I felt a sense of mystery and intrigue and am really anxious to see if there's some sort of conventional explanation for this sighting. I suppose it could be some sort of weather or scientific research balloon and I intend to do some follow-up to see whether or not that is a plausible explanation. I do find it especially strange that the object did not appear again after drifting behind the cloud.

Any insights that you can provide would be appreciated. If you have any further questions feel free o contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.


Click on image for larger version

MUFON CMS - near LaVernia, TX - 9/14/10 - (unedited): I was driving west on Texas State road 87 towards La Vernia. It was lightly drizzling and the traffic was driving slowly. I saw a little light shining through the rain clouds so I pulled over to get a better look at it because there no other star or light in the sky at that time. I stepped out of my truck and stood there next to the driver’s door for an about five minutes. As the rain cloud slowly dissipated and moved from South to North and I discovered I was looking at a shining star or a planet. However, as I was about to reenter my truck, something fell out of the slow moving rain cloud. At first I thought there was a mid-air collision so I imminently called 911 to report it. First I got through to Bexar County 911 dispatch then I was transferred to Wilson County 911 dispatch. A second car pulled off the road about 100 feet behind me and I believe they too witness this event.

This is what I reported to 911: I told them I was driving on 87 heading to Stockdale, Texas. I was presently between San Antonio and somewhere near La Vernia. I told 911 to hold on and I jumped back into my truck and drove about 200 to 300 feet to give them a crossroad. I pulled up to County Road 365 and relayed my position. Then I explain that I saw something about the size of a jet liner fall straight down from the rain cloud but there was no more rain coming from it now. The 911 dispatcher asked if I was sure it was a plane. I told them it looks like an airplane but the wings had broken off (I did not see any wing on the side facing me) and about the size of a Boeing 757 or a bigger 747. I estimated the bottom of the cloud was 20,000 feet and it fell for about 5,000 to 10,000 feet and I think I counted 2 to 3 seconds of free fall. The object was about 20 to 30 miles East of me and was burning up on its way down but it was engulfed in blue flames with dripping hot metal falling more from one side of it (Like when you see videos of the Space Shuttle Columbia breaking up on reentry). Except this thing is dropping straight down from the cloud and it was falling horizontal as if the plane hit a wall, stayed intact and started falling. As I watched it fall, all the flames had burned out about 5,000 feet above the ground. I could not hear anything because of the passing traffic and I did not see a ground impact because of the trees on the horizon. I told 911 that it was not a meteor because meteors fall like left to right or across the sky. 911 asked me where I thought it had falling. I told them it fell to the north and between of La Vernia and Stockdale. They asked for my full name and said they are sending a car out to investigate.

After I hung up the phone with 911, I continued my drive to Stockdale and picked up my son and told him what I had called into 911 about 15 minutes earlier. So we continued East on 87 looking for the crash. We drove all the way to Nixon with no luck so we stopped into Nixon’s Dairy Queen to get something to eat and asked around if anyone had seen anything fall from the sky. There were about four employees but no one had seen or heard anything. It was now exactly 9:51PM when I stepped outside of the Nixon’s Dairy Queen when I heard and noted a twin engine plane flying very slow in a circular formation right above the town. I motion my son to come out and verify the aircraft. I could not see any markings (just the anti-collision lights flashing) but by it slow speed and altitude I believe it to be a search plane.
Next we drove back to Stockdale. On the drive back to Stockdale from Nixon, we passed two police cars heading East but I could not tell if they where State or Local law enforcement. About 4 miles West of Stockdale we took up a looking position at the southern corner of the intersection where 87 and 97 from Floresville meet. At exactly 10:33PM a low flying Helicopter was flying from West to East just north of 87 in the direction to where I reported the possible impact area. At exactly 10:55 two police cars with sirens and lights flashing were driving very fast from Stockdale direction towards La Vernia direction. At about 11:15 with no further incidents, we drove home so I could make this report. I have added a few maps of the area to show my location when I called 911.


marcoislandflorida - Marco artist Anthony Dallmann-Jones posted this blog about the UFO seen in the Gulf Tuesday night.

I am sure you have heard from people about “The strange lights” off the Marco Island Resident’s Beach last night.

We first noticed them at 8:35PM – They were there, in various formats until 9:15PM and were seen no more (by my wife and me). Neither of us drinks. ;-) We are also both professors of higher education so we are not totally unable to make intelligent judgments. Nuff on that.

We DO have pictures that my wife took…IF you are interested.

MOSTLY, I am hoping you can just tell me what we saw. I was a science major and this one baffled me in terms of a logical understanding.

Description. I do believe these were near the horizon line, although they started off closer. I believe they were receding to the West. I have some very powerful binoculars and probably saw things most did not.

WHAT were they? They were “hot” in the sense that they were glowing orange-yellow balls. Some might say they were lights on a UFO, and I can see how some of the angles would give that notion.

Here is what we noticed. The first four we saw were in an arc * * * * but rose in the middle like an eyebrow slightly. They would then “go out” and new ones would appear. They remained 2 – 4 minutes, would extinguish and would then new ones would suddenly “blink on”. The most there were at any one time was eight. They alignment was either in a bar or lights, one time they were in a V formation, and once in
an almost perfect octagon.

Telling clues. They were above the horizon and never moved vertically or horizontally (except once) – never swooped or rose or fell. Just “appeared” then dimmed slowly and went out, much like a flame running out of fuel might.

They had smoke trails! With my binocs I could see them – almost like the ball of fire was emitting a large trail of smoke rising straight up. This could not be seen by naked eye very often.

The one aberration was that while in an almost octagon, one of the balls fell. It was the only one that did this we could see. Most just stayed in place until they went out, but his one definitely fell. It started dropping slowly and when it hit the water a flash went up…which is the one way we could tell it was over the horizon line as it was NOT on THIS side of the horizon line.

Can you tell me what this was??? I have thought and thought on it…was it the Coast Guard testing wind patterns, or ??

The interesting part was how “fixed” they were. Except for that one, the only “movement” was coming on and fading away.


Intrigue After Scottish Couple Capture UFO On Film

forres-gazette - A Forres couple have been sitting at their window looking into space and wondering, ever since they spotted an unidentified bright light in the skies above Forres.

And after speaking publicly about the UFO (unidentified flying object) mystery, they received an alarming phone call warning them off speaking about the incident.

Don and Pat MacArthur were at home at 2 Nelson Road, watching the TV on Friday, September 3, shortly after 8.45pm when they both spotted a strange light in the skies above the town.

"We both spotted a bright light at the living-room window above the trees on the other side of the road," said Don, who works for Moray Council's lands and park crew. "I thought it was a helicopter searchlight, and was waiting for the aircraft, but it wasn't that.

"My wife just ran to the window to see closer," he added. "I knew it wasn't a helicopter and I ran into the other room to get my cine camera."

The couple's living room window looks out over the houses on the opposite side of the road, and they both spotted the object above the chimney pots and tops of trees coming from the rough direction of Forres High Street.

"I don't know what it was, but I managed to capture a few seconds of it on camera," said Mr MacArthur. "I ran out the door in my socks and zoomed in full to try and get a better picture."

The images show a bright, pink, largish, diamond-like object in the sky and then just disappearing. Moments later, a black object appears in the corner of the screen, appearing to come from roughly the same direction, but much higher in the sky with a small trailing light at the top of the screen.

Then a black object appears, falling slowly towards the earth, before disappearing from sight by the chimney pots.

Mr MacArthur said he has shown the film to several people and no one can explain what it is, or has ever seen anything like it before.

He dismissed the idea that it could be a burning chinese lantern - which are available for sale locally - due to the height, shape and colour of the object and the way he claims it moves, having compared it against other pictures of the lanterns, which are lit and released into the sky, before they just gradually burn out.

"If it was a lantern, then why didn't my camera show it burning out," he said. "I had it pointed there and it just disappeared. In my opinion it was something moving away extremely quickly."

Mr MacArthur claims that the far right of the pink diamond light has a white light, which indicates something moving at speed while the left hand side has a sort of glow, as if the article has come from that direction. He also claims that there is a sort of vapour trail in the third sequence, as if the object is smoking or spilling fuel.

Forres man Dan MacArthur is convinced he saw something unusual in the skies above Forres.

Mrs MacArthur, who works part-time for Moray Estates, said when the light appeared at first that she thought it was a firework, but it never exploded and then moved sideways.

There was very little wind on Friday night, and no reports of any flares, or fireworks.

Spokesman for the Findhorn Marina and Moray Inshore Rescue Organisation, Simon Paterson said that if someone had released a flare, he didn't know about it.

He said a flare was quite distinctive, and usually red, green or white in colour and roughly circular shaped, and could remain in the sky for about a minute, being designed to burn out before descending. He added that there might be a parachute attachment which could drop afterwards.

He said that flares were sometimes released above the bomb dump area at RAF Kinloss, but agreed that it was quite late on a Friday night.

A spokesman for RAF Kinloss said that there were no flares or anything else released on that Friday night, and no reports of anything unusual or any aircraft activity above the town at the time.

The mystery deepened further when Mr MacArthur received a phone call, with a recorded message telling him that to tell people he had seen a UFO would harm his bed and breakfast business.

"I was really surprised," he said. "It was a recorded message - a woman's voice - telling me to press various keys for further information."

The call came just hours after he had spoken to 'The Forres Gazette' about his experiences.

"My son knows someone who filmed something which he thought was a UFO," he said. "They came and took his camera and kit away from him. It makes you wonder."

Recent UFO Sightings, Burning Craft in Free-Fall and a Strange Phone Call

Fortean / Oddball News - 9/15/2010

Wood-Eating Catfish Discovered In Peru

telegraph - Scientists from the US National Science Foundation made the discovery during an expedition last month to a national park in the Alto Purus area of northeastern Peru.

The fish, which reaches 70cm long (2ft 3 ins), have evolved "spoon-shaped teeth" specialised in scraping tree logs that fall into the river waters.

The indigenous people have long eaten the fish which they catch by shooting them in the water, but it is the first time a specimen has been caught alive to be studied by scientists.

Paulo Petry, a zoology professor at Harvard University, said the fish was found in an area bursting with biodiversity but also under threat from development.

"The particular specimens that we captured are the first that are fresh specimens, so we have the entire fish from which to take tissue samples," Dr Petry explained.

"They seem to be really tough to find and catch. You have to catch them with gill nets or cast nets, or shoot them. Since they eat wood, you're not going to catch them with a line."


Elephant Arrested For Murder

In Chhattisgarh, India the police of Dhamtari district have arrested an elephant for killing a man.

The elephant had been brought from Allahabad to a park for joyrides.

Locals at the park started teasing the elephant and climbed onto its trunk.

In spite of repeated warnings given by the elephant's handler, the locals did not stop. Finally, in a rage the elephant flung a man in the air with his trunk.


NASA Calls Igor 'Monstrous Hurricane'

livescience - Hurricane Igor, currently churning across the Atlantic as a major Category 4 storm, has been followed by NASA satellites, and dubbed a "monstrous hurricane," in a NASA statement.

Igor is so large that it is the same distance from one end of the storm to the other as it is from Boston, Mass., to Richmond, Va., some 550 miles (885 kilometers). That's a 10-hour drive.

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station were so impressed by Igor's immensity that they nicknamed it, "Igor the Terrible."

Igor's winds have weakened slightly, hitting a maximum of 145 mph (233 kph), but it remains a major Category 4 hurricane. While it's projected path is somewhat uncertain, it could make a direct hit on Bermuda in the next three or four days.

But even if it doesn't make a direct hit, Igor is so large that the National Hurricane Center noted that Bermuda can be buffeted by winds of hurricane-force or tropical storm-force on its current track. Hurricane-force winds extend outward from the center of the storm up to 45 miles (72 km), while tropical-storm-force winds extend as far as 225 miles (362 km) from the storm's center.

Igor is accompanied by Hurricane Julia, also a Category 4 hurricane, in the Atlantic, and Tropical Storm Karl in the Gulf of Mexico, which made landfall at Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula earlier today (Sept. 15). Julia is not expected to be a threat to land, but Karl is expected to move over the Yucatan and back out over the Gulf before hitting the coast of mainland Mexico.


Body Falls From Sky...Then Disappears

pressofatlanticcity - Police suspended the search for a person who witnesses say fell from a plane without a parachute Tuesday afternoon.

An extensive aerial and ground search for the person was halted at dusk.

Egg Harbor Township police received reports from three "credible witnesses" at Shore Veterinarians North on the Black Horse Pike that a person appeared to be free-falling from the sky, but did not have a parachute, Capt. Michael Morris said. A news release further described the person as falling headfirst, with the body at a slight angle.

Police launched a ground search. But after finding nothing, authorities began searching from the air using State Police and U.S. Coast Guard helicopters, Morris said.

The search centered on the area bordered by the Black Horse Pike, the Atlantic City Expressway, Uibel Avenue and English Creek Avenue. An orange Coast Guard helicopter hovered just above treetops for hours and smaller State Police helicopters whizzed a little higher in the sky. The witnesses said they last saw the person slightly northwest of the Black Horse Pike, closer to Tilton Road, Delilah Road or Westcoat Road, the news release said.

Atlantic County Emergency Management set up a command post in the parking lot behind the King Pin Bowling, where Egg Harbor Township police directed operations. Officials from the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office also were on the scene and are investigating, spokeswoman Madelaine Vitale said.

On Tilton Road, the Cardiff Volunteer Fire Company set up its ladder truck on the side of the road and firefighters stood atop the aerial platform. At least a dozen police officers were canvassing in the area. The search was suspended at about 7:30 p.m. because of darkness, but Morris said the investigation is continuing and may resume this morning.

Police are asking for any additional witnesses who may have seen similar activity in the sky over the Cardiff section of the township at about 3:20 p.m. Tuesday.

Morris said there were no reports of missing skydivers or similar incidents from area airports.

"This is not an area where we see skydivers," he said.


'Fake' Football Team Allegations

BBC - Togo's football authorities are investigating allegations that a fake national team played a match against Bahrain earlier this month.

Bahrain won the friendly match 3-0, but said they were surprised by the poor quality of the Togolese team.

Togo later said it had never sent its national team to play in the game, staged at the national stadium in Riffa on 7 September.

Togo's sports minister said he would ask Fifa to investigate.

But Fifa says it has not yet received any official complaint and so has not launched its own investigation.

The match took place as Bahrain prepares to play in the West Asian Football Championships, which begin on 24 September.

The Bahrain Football Association (BFA) said it had been arranged under all the usual official procedures, and through an agent they had known for several years.

"Everything seemed to be in order until after the game, when we began to hear that some people are wondering about these players and this Togo team. We ourselves were surprised when we heard this," a BFA spokesman told the Gulf Daily News.

He said they had received all the official documentation for the match, including the players' passports.

The spokesman rejected reports that the match was organised by a fake football agent, saying the agent in question had always been "100% alright" and was now co-operating with the investigations.

Togo's Sport Minister Christophe Tchao told the Jeune Afrique magazine nobody in Togo had "ever been informed of such a game".

"We will conduct investigations to uncover all those involved in this case," he said.

Bahrain's head coach, Josef Hickersberger, told the Gulf Daily News the match had been a wasted opportunity for the team to practise before the West Asian championships.

"They were not fit enough to play 90 minutes - the match was very boring," he said.

"Basically it was not good for us because we wanted to get information about the strength of our team, especially playing with many of our professionals."

Fortean / Oddball News - 9/15/2010
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