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Recent UFO Sightings, BioForms and Reverse Engineering

The top image is the original submitted image followed by the same image with distortion and noise removed

MUFON CMS - Nashville, TN - 9/7/10 - (unedited): This is another example of the many strange and bizarre aerial objects that continuously fly thru the airspace of Tennessee. This is just another image of the biologic bioform UFO's that has been continuously witnessed for a long time. The problem is that not enough people are recording these anomalous objects. However, with enough awareness of these sightings... maybe more people will spend more time admiring the natural wonders of the heavens... and less time looking downward! It is truly an amazing world! He who has eyes... let him see!


MUFON CMS - Murray Co., OK - 9/5/10 - (unedited): Driving west on HWY 110 in Murray County, OK, the witness noticed a white, late model car on the side of the road ahead of him. He decided to pull over to figure out what had drawn their attention. Looking up, the witness noticed a large strange craft at an altitude of about 2,000 ft and climbing straight up. The strange craft was orange in color and as large as a 727 airliner. It was shaped like the 1950s Flying Wing bomber at the front and had a huge fuselage protruding out the back of the craft that curved up like the back of a canoe only more so. The witness used to be a private pilot and at one time owned his own aircraft but was at a loss as to what he was seeing. At times he referred to this craft as an object at at other times as a plane. He does not want to be ridiculed by anyone and will not share this sighting with any friends.

As soon as the craft was noticed the witness retrieved his binoculars from his vehicle and got a good clear look at the craft at 15X power. Protruding on each side of the craft was a shiny rod exiting the front of the fuselage, running along entire length of the craft and then reattaching at the back of the fuselage at the same angle which may have been 45 degrees vs 90 degrees. These shiny rods were reflecting the sunlight very well. The time was around 7:30 pm on a clear day, the sun was still shinning bright yellow and not yet turning sunset orange. The witness is adamant that the craft was not glowing orange but instead had a surface that was orange. No insignias or markings, or cockpit area was noticed, nor was any sound from the craft of any kind noticed. Also visible were two short contrails from the craft that remained a constant length of about 1/3 the length of the craft. The short constant contrails were flat instead of round.

The witness watched the craft climb from about 2,000 ft altitude to about 50,000 ft altitude in about 4-5 mins time, after which the craft suddenly shot off to the East vanishing from sight all in a matter of seconds. At first the witness drove to his nearby house to alert his wife so that she may also see the craft but decided it would take her too long to come out of the house, so he returned to the spot at the side of the road and continued watching. The witness stated he had to quickly turn his body to follow the craft when it shot to the East. As was mentioned, the witness had for years been a private pilot and feels his estimates on size and altitudes are accurate. The witness wishes he could speak to the people who had pulled to the side of the road ahead of him, he feels they may know if the craft rose from the ground or approached from the West, etc.

Also: The following day at exactly the same time and spot on the same road as the previous day's sighting, the witness's wife noticed a distant craft in the Western sky. She asked her husband to pull to the side of the road and using the same binoculars he had used the day before, observed a disc shaped craft that was glowing orange and climbing at the same time it traveled to the West. No further details from this second sighting are known at this time. Both witnesses wish to remain anonymous.

********** - A Northern Territory woman claims she was cut off by two alien beings in a spaceship shaped like a Ford station wagon - before it took off surrounded by green, blue and red flames.

It was just one of the stories to come out after ABC morning show presenter Leon Compton opened up the airwaves to UFO believers, according to the Northern Territory News.

Betty from Alice Springs said her close encounter occurred in 1969.

She was driving 20km south of Aileron towards Alice Springs at 4am with her six-year-old daughter when they saw the vehicle "flying alongside us".

"We saw these two figures inside this thing. It looked like a Ford station wagon, with the windows," Betty said.

"It came in front of us really quickly."

Her daughter then said: "There's nothing to be afraid of."

"I said, 'Why did you say that?

"She said, 'I don't know, it just came out of my mouth'.

"And as I was talking, the whole think took off like a shot out of a gun ... And then there was all this green and blue and red flames or lights all around it.

"I'll never forget it."

Dennis from Batchelor said his sighting was shared by a crowd of people on the Dripstone Cliffs at sunset.

"A mate and I were looking down the beach and saw this orangey-pink light progressing towards us. No sound at all," he said.

"We just watched it in silence as it cruised on past the casino."


North Phoenix, AZ - 9/8/10: A white, orb-shaped UFO was filmed above North Phoenix, AZ on September 8th. The witness, Mr Erik Jimenez, managed to capture around two minutes worth of footage of the UFO before it faded right out of view.

Click for video


UFOs and Extraterrestrials Are Real : Ben Rich Lockheed CEO Admitted On His Deathbed

RMN - Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works CEO had admitted in his Deathbed Confession that Extraterrestrial UFO visitors are real and U.S. Military travel to stars.

According to article published in May 2010 issue of the Mufon UFO Journal - Ben Rich, the “Father of the Stealth Fighter-Bomber” and former head of Lockheed Skunk Works, once let out information about Extraterrestrial UFO Visitors Are Real And U.S. Military Travel To Stars

What he said might be new to many people today, but he revealed the information before his death in January 1995. His statements helped to give credence to reports that the U.S. military has been flying vehicles that mimic alien craft.

The article was written by Tom Keller, an aerospace engineer who has worked as a computer systems analyst for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

NUGGET ONE: “Inside the Skunk Works (Lockheed’s secret research and development entity), we were a small, intensely cohesive group consisting of about fifty veteran engineers and designers and a hundred or so expert machinists and shop workers. Our forte was building technologically advanced airplanes of small number and of high class for highly secret missions.

NUGGET TWO: “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.

NUGGET THREE: “We now have the technology to take ET home. No, it won’t take someone’s lifetime to do it. There is an error in the equations. We know what it is. We now have the capability to travel to the stars. First, you have to understand that we will not get to the stars using chemical propulsion. Second, we have to devise a new propulsion technology. What we have to do is find out where Einstein went wrong.”

NUGGET FOUR: When Rich was asked how UFO propulsion worked, he said, “Let me ask you. How does ESP work?”The questioner responded with, “All points in time and space are connected?” Rich then said, “That’s how it works!”

Ben Rich - Lockheed Former CEO knew of extraterrestrial UFO visitors

Lockheed "Skunk Works" former CEO knew the Roswell extraterrestrial UFO influenced designs of Testor model kits for Roswell UFO models, and U.S. top secret aircraft. According to a CNI News report by Colorado resident Michael Lindemann, the design information was derived from forensic illustrations and numerous witness testimonies about the Roswell UFO, provided by William L. “Bill” McDonald.

In an e-mail, dated July 29, 1999, apparently addressed to Lindemann, McDonald referenced an excerpt of a discussion with Harold Puthoff, founder of the highly classified U.S. “remote viewing” program.

McDonald said: “Well Hal, you asked for it! Now that legendary Lockheed engineer and chief model kit designer for the Testor Corporation, John Andrews, is dead, I can announce that he personally confirmed the design connection between the Roswell Spacecraft and the Lockheed Martin Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles (UCAVs), spyplanes, Joint Strike Fighters, and Space Shuttles.

Andrews was a close personal friend of "Skunk Works" CEO Ben Rich -- the hand-picked successor of Skunk Works founder Kelly Johnson and the man famous for the F-117 Nighthawk "Stealth" fighter, its "half-pint" prototype the "HAVE BLUE", and the top-secret F-19 Stealth Interceptor. Before Rich died of cancer, Andrews took my questions to him.

Dr. Ben R. Rich former Lockheed Skunk Works CEO confirmed:

1. There are 2 types of UFOs -- the ones we build and ones 'they' build. We learned from both crash retrievals and actual "hand-me-downs." The Government knew and until 1969 took an active hand in the administration of that information. After a 1969 Nixon "purge", administration was handled by an international board of directors in the private sector…

2. Nearly all "biomorphic" aerospace designs were inspired by the Roswell spacecraft -- from Kelly's SR-71 Blackbird onward to today's drones, UCAVs, and aerospace craft…

3. It was Ben Rich's opinion that the public should not be told [about UFOs and extraterrestrials] . He believed they could not handle the truth -- ever. Only in the last months of his decline did he begin to feel that the "international corporate board of directors" dealing with the "Subject" could represent a bigger problem to citizens' personal freedoms under the United States Constitution than the presence of off-world visitors themselves.”

Lindemann added that “Bill McDonald received the above information from Andrews from 1994 until their last phone call near Christmas in 1998.” Lindemann also noted “It should also be known that Dr. Ben R. Rich attended a public aerospace designers and engineers conference in 1993 before his illness overwhelmed him in which he stated -- in the presence of MUFON Orange County Section Director Jan Harzan and many others that – ‘We’ (i.e., the U.S. aerospace community/military industrial complex) had in it's possession the technology to "take us to the stars".

See the complete letter in May, 2010 MUFON UFO Journal from John Andrews and the hand written reply from Dr. Ben Rich. Hear more revealing testimony from Disclosure Project whistleblowers. NASA can not deny secrets discovered by UK hacker Gary McKinnon and many astronauts if it expects full funding from the Obama White House administration.

Lockheed Skunkworks Engineer USAF, and CIA Contractor Admitted: UFO Are Real

Don Phillips, "These UFOs were huge and they would just come to a stop and do a 60 degree, 45 degree, 10 degree turn, and then immediately reverse this action". During the Apollo landing, Neil Armstrong says, "They're here.They are right over there and looking at the size of those ships., it is obvious they dont like us being here”. When I was working with the Skunkworks with Kelly Johnson, we signed an agreement with the government to keep very quiet about this.

Anti-gravitational research was going on. We know that there were some captured craft from 1947 in Roswell, they were real. And, yes, we really did get some technology from them. And, yes, we really did put it to work. We knew each other from what we call an unseen industry. We can term it black, deep black, or hidden.

The knowledge I have of these technologies came from the craft that were captured here. I didn`t see the craft, nor did I see the bodies, but I certainly know some of the people that did. There was no question that there were beings from outside the planet.

Are these ET people hostile? Well, if they were hostile, with their weaponry they could have destroyed us a long time ago. We got these things that are handhold scanners that scan the body and determine what the condition is. We can also treat from the same scanner.

I can tell you personally that we've been working on them. And we have ones that can diagnose and cure cancer. One of the purposes I had for founding my technology corporation in 1998 was to bring forth these technologies that can clean the air and can help get rid of the toxins, and help reduce the need for so much fossil fuel. Yes, it is time. I can tell you personally that it has already started.

Thanks to Elaine for the heads up!

Recent UFO Sightings, BioForms and Reverse Engineering

Fortean / Oddball News - 9/11/2010

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor"...Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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9-11 "Hijackers" Identified by FBI: Seven Are Alive and Well
Explosives Found in
World Trade Center Dust

Israel Connection
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We Will Remember.....


Singer Performed For Hitler While Concealing Secrets For British

telegraph - What differentiated mezzo soprano from the other performers at the Berlin Opera House was that she was a British spy who had secret documents concealed in her underwear.

The heroic activities of Booth who led a double life inside Germany by singing for the Nazi officers while smuggling information to British intelligence has emerged following the discovery of the only known photograph of her.

After being found out as a spy she endured torture by the Gestapo, but kept silent and ultimately was able to escape to freedom.

The Wigan-born singer married a German, Dr Egon Strohm, before the Second World War and went to live with him. She became a popular singer, but when hostilities began she remained loyal to Britain.

She was sent to sing at a special "holiday camp" where the Nazis held PoWs, whom they thought they might be able to persuade to change sides.

At Stalag IIID, she met John Brown, a spy who was collecting information on British traitors such as William Joyce - Lord Haw Haw - and John Amery.

The photograph of Booth was taken at the camp and it is being offered for sale with other pictures of inmates enjoying themselves. They are stamped "Freigegeben Stalag IIID".

Booth wrote on her own photograph: "With kindest remembrances, Good luck, Margery Booth."

Brown was so trusted by the Germans he was able to move freely about Berlin and liaise with Booth.

She was able to pass on the information to MI9, the intelligence branch that hunted traitors.

On one occasion after meeting with Brown, Booth performed at the Berlin Opera House in front of Hitler, with secrets hidden in her underwear.

After the war she handed over much information that was used at the Old Bailey treason trials. She was given back her British citizenship and died from cancer in 1952 aged 47.

The photographs have come from a collector and are expected to fetch several hundred pounds when they are offered for sale at auction in Ludlow, Shropshire, on Sept 30.

Richard Westwood-Brookes, from Mullock's auction house, said: "It is quite astonishing that the life and heroic activities of this opera singer are not widely known about.

"It was when she went to sing at the infamous Stalag IIID - called the Holiday Camp - that she met the spy John Brown.

"The camp was where the Germans sent PoWs who they thought might change sides and possibly join the Britischer Freikorps.

"John Brown had persuaded the Germans he was one such fellow, but he was actually gathering information about British traitors and passing it to MI9.

"When Booth performed at the camp he might have realised she would be a potential ally because she insisted on finishing her act with Land of Hope and Glory.

"And as Brown was able to move freely about Berlin because he was so trusted, he was able to meet up with Booth.

"On one occasion he passed her some documents just prior to a performance she gave to Hitler, and the papers were hidden in her underwear.”

He added: "Towards the end of the war, Brown's secret activities became known to the Nazis, and Booth was arrested and tortured by the Gestapo.

"She remained silent and without being able to prove anything the Gestapo finally let her go, and she managed to escape Berlin during an air raid.”


Wisdom Teeth....Stem Cell Bonanza

JBC - Wisdom teeth, the vestigial molars that ancient humans used to grind plants but nowadays serve no purpose, might have their uses after all. The teeth possess a gold mine of cells that can be reprogrammed into pristine, treatment-ready stem cells.

Most people's wisdom teeth, or third molars, grow in sometime between the ages of 17 and 25. A lot of these teeth end up coming in sideways, making the teeth impacted and requiring the surgical removal of the teeth. But all those (myself included) who got their wisdom teeth removed just because they were really painful and turning septic might have missed out on their own personal stem cell reserve.

It all goes back to a 2006 study that discovered the stimulation of four particular genes in adult cells could cause the cells to revert back to a stem cell state that was more or less identical to actual embryonic stem cells. This discovery opened up the possibility that these rejuvenated stem cells could form the basis for innovative therapies and treatments, made all the more potent because people were using their own stem cells in the treatment.

The problem is that the only way to make these so-called iPS cells is to harvest cells from a person's body. The reprogramming process is extremely inefficient and requires tons of starter cells to build up a decent culture of new stem cells. This is only made worse by the fact that the most readily available cells, such as skin cells, are also the least efficient and require the largest number of starter cells to get any result, while the most efficient cells, such as those from bone marrows, are difficult and painful to obtain.

That's where wisdom teeth come into the picture. According to a team of researchers at Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, the soft pulp inside wisdom teeth contain mesenchymal stromal cells that are extremely similar to those in bone marrow. But unlike bone marrow, wisdom teeth are easy to obtain and not needed for any vital biological functions, making them ideal candidates to extract for the generation of iPS cells.

Led by Hajime Ohgushi, the team used three sets of wisdom teeth to successfully create these new stem cells. In another beneficial innovation, only three genes needed to be activated to trigger the process. The fourth, superfluous gene is the c-MYC gene, and that's a major bonus - the c-MYC gene is known to make the newly generated stem cells turn cancerous.

The cells generated from wisdom teeth were about 100 times more robust than those taken from skin cells. The researchers are still examining the full benefits of wisdom teeth based iPS cells, but they say there's no reason we can't start preparing now for their future medical use. After all, wisdom teeth removal is already a common procedure in many nations, and the teeth can simply be frozen and stored until they are needed someday down the line. Now I really wish I had asked to hang onto my wisdom teeth.


Man Walks Into ER With Radioactive Rock

denverpost - The emergency room at Skyridge Medical Center was closed for more than an hour today after an emergency room patient arrived carrying a rock with low-level amounts of radioactivity, according to a hospital official.

The man arrived at the emergency room shortly after 10 a.m. for an undisclosed reason but while there he told emergency personnel he had a rock in his pocket with a low level of radiation, said Linda Watson, hospital spokeswoman.

She said the hospital's emergency preparedness response team went to the emergency room, tested the rock, found it was radioactive and called the South Metro Fire hazardous materials team.

During the incident, which lasted until about noon, the patient and a handful of emergency room personnel were isolated and the emergency room roped off, said Watson. During the time, Skyridge directed incoming emergency room patients to other hospitals.

The hazmat team determined the rock was not harmful and that neither the patient or hospital employees were affected. None had to be scrubbed down, said Watson.

Watson said the emergency room is now open and accepting patients. She said there is no danger to people arriving at the emergency room and that at no time were patients or staff in the hospital in danger.

Watson said that South Metro has taken the rock away for analysis.

Becky O'Guin, spokeswoman for South Metro Fire, said three hazardous material units were dispatched to the hospital at 10:15 a.m. After finding that the amount of radioactivity was "relatively low", the units were released, she said.

O'Guin said there was nothing unique about the rock - that it was a rock that would be found "naturally" in the out-of-doors.


Romania Fortune Teller Tax Dropped...Politicians Fear Curse

sky - Politicians in Romania have dropped plans to tax fortune tellers and witches amid fears they will be cursed. Officials drafted a law demanding the tax as well as measures to ensure that psychics were held liable for faulty predictions. But the plans were rejected by Romania's senate.

Alin Popoviciu, of the ruling Democratic Liberal Party, who proposed the change, said politicians were frightened of being cursed. It was not immediately clear whether Mr Popoviciu would redraft the law, to take account of his colleagues' concerns.

Maria Campina, a well-known Romanian witch, said that it would be difficult to tax the thousands of fortune tellers and witches in the country. She said they made erratic sums of money, and receipts would be difficult to keep.

Romania is in a severe economic downturn and is trying to raise revenue from new taxes. The government hiked VAT from 19% to 24%, and slashed public sector wages by a quarter.

Fortean / Oddball News - 9/11/2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Loch Raven Dam UFO Encounter

The following incident hits close to home for at least two occurred two days before I was born and the location is just a few miles from me.

The Loch Raven Dam is located in Baltimore County, Maryland just north of the Baltimore City limits. On October 26, 1958, at 23:30 EST, two men, Philip Small and Alvin Cohen, witnessed an egg-shaped object hovering over the reservoir. It was approximately 100 feet long and 125 feet in altitude and brightly glowed white. The car power and engine failed when they approached at 200 to 300 feet from the object. The object emitted a flash. It then shot straight up with a loud noise and heat. The witnesses later reported their skin was reddened on the side facing the object.

Small and Cohen later stated "Shortly after you pass the dam...the bridge looms up in front of you at 200 to 250 yards away. We saw from that distance what happened to be a large, flat sort of egg-shaped object hanging between 100 to 150 feet off the top of the superstructure of the bridge over the lake."

"We slowed and decided to go closer and investigate the object. When we got to within 80 feet of the bridge, the car went completely dead on us. It seemed as though the electrical system was affected: the dash lights went out, the headlights went out, the motor went dead. Mr S., who was driving the car, put on his brakes [after the motor went dead], turned the ignition once or twice. We did not get any whirring sound; we were pretty frightened at that point. We watched it for approximately 30 to 45 seconds and then, I am not sure of the sequence of events here, it seemed to flash a brilliant flash of white light, and we both felt heat on our faces. Concurrently there was a loud noise, which I interpreted as a dull explosion. Then very quickly, the object started to rise vertically. It didn't change its position [aspect], as far as we could tell, during the rising."

"The only different feature it had while it was moving was that it was very bright and the age became diffused so that we couldn't make out the shape as it rose. It took from five to ten seconds to disappear from view completely. We were very frightened."

"...We got back to a phone booth in approximately 15 minutes. We proceeded to call the Ground Observer Corps, with no result. Our story elicited only complete disbelief."

The case was filed as 'Unknown' by the USAF 'Project Bluebook' with the following description: 'U.S., Loch Raven Dam Maryland: Two young men observed an egg-shaped object hovering above Bridge No. 1 over the reservoir. It was 100 feet long, 125 feet in altitude, and glowing a dim white. Their car went dead 75 to 80 feet from the bridge, or about 200 to 300 feet from the UFO. After leaving the car and watching for another 45 seconds, they saw the UFO flash brilliantly white, shoot straight up, and disappear from view in 5 to 10 seconds. There was a loud noise as the object left, as well as an increased sensation of heat. The witnesses later noticed that their skin had been reddened on the side facing the object.'

NOTE: Over the years, there have been a few undocumented incidents in the same general area. In 1978, a local fisherman, by the name of Mitchell, alleged that a 'bright round light' rose out of the lake (about 500 yds above the dam), hovered over the water for a few seconds, then dove back into the lake. A similar account was circulating among several Baltimore City Water dept. workers in 1983. The only difference was that the 'ball of yellow light' traveled along the shoreline for several minutes before it suddenly vanished. It was stated that the workers had trouble starting their work vehicles after the sighting. In May 2000, an administrator at Greater Baltimore Medical Center told me he witnessed a disc-shaped object that 'looked like green fire' fly across the reservoir while he drove home one evening in January 2000. He said he had a very good look at the object since there was snow on the ground and the lake was frozen and covered as well...which provided a very good contrast. This occurred near the Paper Mill Rd. bridge. He stated he stopped his car, got out and noticed a strong sickening-sweet odor that made him retch for several minutes. He claimed that he had trouble keeping food in his stomach for a few days and that his eyesight was so impaired that he was unable to operate a vehicle for almost a month. He also said that he experienced increased joint and back pain since the sighting. The cause of his illness was never determined. BTW, I attempted to contact the witness for some follow up information about a year later and was told he had taken his own life not long after our initial conversation...Lon

J. Allen Hynek - "The UFO Experience"
Witness accounts

The Loch Raven Dam UFO Encounter

Fortean / Oddball News - 9/10/2010

Found: Natural Bridges on the Moon

newscientist - Natural bridges have been found on the moon for the first time in images taken by a high-resolution camera aboard NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Students scrutinising the camera's images have spotted two natural bridges on the moon's far side. The larger bridge measures 20 metres long and 7 metres wide, while its smaller neighbour is about half that size.

Unlike natural bridges on Earth, which form largely by erosion from wind and water, these lunar bridges probably formed as a result of an impact in the last billion years, says Mark Robinson, a planetary geologist at Arizona State University in Tempe and principal investigator for LRO's camera.

The impact melted the surface that it hit and gouged out a 77-kilometre-wide basin known as King crater. Some of the melted rock splashed over the crater's rim, forming a fiery pool of liquid 17 kilometres across just outside the crater's northwest rim.

Like the skin that forms on top of cooked pudding, the surface of this "melt pond" formed a crust as it cooled, while the interior remained molten for longer. As the ground shifted after the impact, the molten interior likely flowed downhill, leaving behind unsupported crust that collapsed in two places, creating a natural bridge.

The rocky arches are probably strong enough to support an astronaut, Robinson says, but since the US no longer aims to return people to the moon, it may be a while before we know for sure. "If you can arrange for me to go, I would be delighted to go test its strength out," he says. "I would walk out and jump on it."


Malaysia Opens 'Hatch' For Abandoned Babies

BBC - The cries of an abandoned baby boy echo in the nursery at Orphancare, a Malaysian charity that helps orphans find adoptive parents.

He is the only child here and does not have a name. But in many ways he is seen as one of the lucky ones.

He was left in a baby "hatch" - the first in the country - designed to allow mothers to leave their babies anonymously.

The charity hopes it will rescue more unwanted newborns, as the authorities seek to stem the rising number of abandoned babies.

Close to 500 babies have been found abandoned since 2005. Some were left in Muslim prayer halls, on doorsteps and even in rubbish bins. Many are found dead.

It is thought these children are mainly abandoned by single mothers. Having a child out of wedlock is still seen as deeply shameful in this Muslim-majority country, where sex education is mainly focused on abstinence.
'The only solution'

The Orphancare office is located in a quiet suburb outside Kuala Lumpur.

Next to the front entrance is a small door that opens to a tiny cot. Once the baby is placed in the cot, an alarm is triggered and the air conditioner turns on. When the door closes, the baby is safely locked inside and a caretaker fetches the child.

This way, the baby is kept safe, and the mother's identity will never be known.

Critics say the programme will make it too easy for mothers to abandon their babies, encouraging extra-marital sex.

But Noraini Hashim of Orphancare says anonymity is the only way to ensure parents will use the hatch rather than toss their babies in a bin.

"We're not out to prosecute the mother or the couple who brings the baby in," she says.

It is illegal for Muslims to have sex outside marriage in Malaysia.

The country has a dual track legal system where Islamic law applies to Muslims. Non-Muslims are covered under civil law.

But the stigma of having a child out of wedlock is what drives single mothers to desperate acts, says Ms Noraini.

She says the pressure is greater for young girls when their boyfriends leave them and they feel unable to confide in family or friends.

"In that state of depression I suppose the only solution they have is to abandon the baby," Ms Noraini says.

The government, concerned by the rising number of abandoned babies, has asked police to start investigating these cases as attempted murder or murder, which carry the death sentence.

Close to the busy centre of Kuala Lumpur is a shelter for unmarried, pregnant women.

The Kewaja refuge is one of the few places they can turn to since abortion is not readily available.

It is made up of a row of single-storey houses at the end of a dirt road, partly hidden by banana trees.

The women all wear headscarves and oversized T-shirts to hide their swollen bellies.

They will stay at the shelter until their babies are born.

Three women agreed to tell me their stories under condition of anonymity.

One 19-year-old girl, who calls herself Su, says she went to the shelter when she was five months pregnant so she wouldn't shame the family in front of the neighbours.

Siti, 18, gave birth to a baby girl at the shelter. Her father thinks she is away studying. She can't return home until her mother calls her back. She's been waiting for over a month.

Mila is 28 and came to the shelter in her final month of pregnancy. Unlike the other two she is engaged and has a steady job but she still feels unable to keep her child because having sex before marriage is forbidden in Islam.

"If the baby knew he was born out of wedlock he will carry the shame for the rest of his life," she says.

All three women told me they knew about contraception but were too ashamed to buy it.

The shelter is run by Yahya Mohamed Yusof and his wife.

He says shelters like his and the baby hatch help to save lives, but it doesn't tackle the problem of unwanted pregnancies.

Mr Yahya says they are seeing an increase every month.

"When we started 14 years ago, we had fewer than 10 girls at the shelter. But now, we have at least 70 pregnant women under our care," he says.

To keep their pregnancy secret, most of the women who stay at the Kewaja shelter will give their babies up for adoption.

In this country, unwed mothers still feel they have little choice.


More Than 230,000 Japanese Centenarians 'Missing'

BBC - More than 230,000 elderly people in Japan who are listed as being aged 100 or over are unaccounted for, officials said following a nationwide inquiry.

An audit of family registries was launched last month after the remains of the man thought to be Tokyo's oldest were found at his family home.

Relatives are accused of fraudulently receiving his pension for decades.

Officials have found that hundreds of the missing would be at least 150 years old if still alive.

The Justice Ministry said some of those unaccounted for may have died as long ago as World War II, possibly during the post-war turmoil.

Others may have emigrated without reporting their status to local authorities, or relatives simply did not report the deaths.

The inquiry followed the discovery of the mummified remains of Sogen Kato, who was thought to be the oldest man in Tokyo.

However, when officials went to congratulate him on his 111th birthday, they found his 30-year-old remains, raising concerns that the welfare system is being exploited by dishonest relatives.

Reports said he had received about 9.5m yen ($109,000; £70,000) in pension payments since his wife's death six years ago, and some of the money had been withdrawn.

Japan has one of the world's fastest ageing societies, with one in five over the age of 65.

Last year's Health Ministry report said Japan had 40,399 people aged 100 or older with known addresses.

NOTE: ...and I thought our Social Security and Census systems were a mess. Lon


Belize Animal Sanctuary Burned to Ground...Villagers Believe Missing Children Fed to Crocodiles

CNN - An American couple in Belize struggled Tuesday to figure out their future, their dreams literally up in smoke after a mob of indigenous Mayans burned down their animal sanctuary in the belief the foreigners fed two missing children to crocodiles on their property.

Cherie and Vince Rose moved to the tiny Central American nation in 2004 to form a 36-acre sanctuary for two species of endangered crocodiles found in Belize -- the American and Morelet's crocodiles.

Bit by bit, their hope turned into reality. They built a two-story octagonal house that rested on stilts and reached 30 feet into the air. They constructed two smaller cottages to house researchers and students. They dug out two acres of canals for the crocodiles. They acquired two boats.

They called the place the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary.

Most of it vanished Sunday morning, when a throng of angry villagers from a settlement about 10 miles away torched the buildings on their property. A local psychic had told the villagers that the Americans had fed the two missing children to the 17 crocodiles at the sanctuary, police say.

The Roses were rescuing three crocodiles on a distant island at the time, so were not home to ward off the attack -- or possibly suffer a gruesome fate.

"It was like something out of a Frankenstein movie," Cherie Rose said Tuesday. "If we'd been home, they would have killed us. They said they were going to chop us up and feed us to the crocodiles."

National police confirm that the indigenous Maya villagers were acting on the advice of a psychic who said the Roses had something to do with the August 7 disappearance of 11-year-old Benjamin Rash and his 9-year-old sister Onelia.

"They have their own superstitions," Deputy Police Commissioner James Magdaleno said about the Maya, who make up about 10 percent of Belize's population. "Because of their beliefs, they decided to take the law into their own hands."

No arrests have been made, the deputy commissioner told CNN.

"We don't know who burned the house," he said. "That is still under investigation."

Police also questioned Vince Rose about the missing children, but no connection was established, Magdaleno said Tuesday.

For the Roses, the drama unfolded in excruciating slow motion from far away.

They traveled August 29 to rescue some crocodiles on Ambergris Caye, a Caribbean Sea island off the northeastern coast of Belize. Their sanctuary in Punta Gorda is on the Caribbean coast in southeastern Belize, more than five hours away by land and airplane.

On Friday, September 3, the couple received phone calls from friends saying that truckloads of people from the village of San Marcos were on their way to the sanctuary to burn it down. The Roses sent their caretaker to the compound, but everyone was gone by the time he got there. The area around the two cottages had been trashed, though.

The Roses got more calls from friends Saturday, again telling them that villagers with shotguns and machetes were on their way to the sanctuary. The caretaker was afraid to go there, Cherie Rose said, so they called police that night. The police said they couldn't go on the property because the Roses' two mixed-breed dogs were barking and would not allow them to enter, Cherie Rose recounted.

"By 9 a.m. Sunday, we were receiving frantic calls and texts," Cherie Rose said.

By the time police got there, it was too late.

"They told us, 'Oh, we're sorry. Your place is burning to the ground as we speak,' " Cherie Rose said.

Life has been numbingly painful since.

"We're in shock," she said. "We're totally devastated."

Vince Rose still found it difficult to talk about the sanctuary Tuesday, having to stop several times during a phone interview to compose himself.

"They lost everything," Deputy Commissioner Magdaleno said Tuesday.

Well, maybe not quite everything. Their two dogs -- Rio and Maya -- survived.

So did their spirit. They don't know quite how, but they vow to stay in Belize and start all over.

"We love what we do, and the adventure is just incredible," said Cherie Rose, who is 44 and said she has a biology degree from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. "We do more in one day than some people do in a lifetime.

"We are going to stay in Belize. We are going to fight this. I'm not abandoning those crocodiles down there."

Her 48-year-old husband agrees.

"What we created was absolutely beautiful," Vince Rose said. "No, I'm not going. We're not letting them run us out of this country."

Click for video


Madam Uses 'Voodoo' to Exploit Prostitutes

thelocal - A 30-year-old woman accused of forcing young Nigerian women into prostitution with “voodoo magic” will face trial for human trafficking, Bonn police said on Thursday.

German authorities were first alerted to the exploitation in the winter of 2009 when they arrested 20-year-old prostitute during a routine check at a Bonn bordello for having false identification.

She told officers that her "madam" had forced her into selling sex, handing over all of her earnings and not informing police using “voodoo magic” from the victim’s native country.

“Should she fail to adhere to this, she was threatened with sickness, madness and even death,” police said in a statement.

The madam reportedly used “voodoo packets,” which contained items such as finger nails, body hair, clothing and photos.

“The victims believe that the person who possesses these packets exercises power over them,” the police statement said.

Based on this report, police in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia began a wider investigation, uncovering a network of smugglers, human traffickers and money launderers. Officers searched apartments in Berlin, Oberhausen, Duisburg, Essen and Hamburg, the statement said.

The voodoo madam was arrested this May in Koblenz and remains imprisoned on remand, while a second woman was arrested in Hamburg on similar charges.

The cases led to further investigations of human trafficking, money laundering, and violations of immigration laws.

Since then the police have concluded their investigation of the madam and the state prosecutor’s office has pressed charges.

“She will answer for herself before a court soon,” the police statement said.

Fortean / Oddball News - 9/10/2010

Thursday, September 09, 2010

9/11: Reflecting On What Really Happened

I have found a collection of video news reports from September 11, 2001 that offer reasonable doubt of what supposedly happened...or what we have been led to believe. Example: CNN reported no sign of a plane in Pentagon explosion (no wreckage) - FOX news reported no plane wreckage in Pennsylvania crash just a hole not big enough for a jetliner (No bodies). Later video referencing the murder of a key witness to the WTC 7 collapse. Watch these videos and ask yourself 'what really happened on 9/11?':

Click for video

Click for video

Clcik for video

Emergency coordinator for the New York Housing Authority, and key 9/11 eyewitness, Barry Jennings has passed away with controversy about WTC7 still hot as the BBC hit piece and NIST report have been released to counter Jennings exclusive testimony of explosions inside Building 7. Jennings passed away at age 53 from circumstances not yet disclosed.

A spokesperson for the Housing Authority has now confirmed his death, after weeks of rumors circulating online, but refused to give any further details. Several other individuals at the Housing Authority also confirmed that they knew Barry Jennings, and that indeed he had passed away about a month ago. No other details were available.

No one has yet been able to contact anyone in the Jennings family and the official cause of death is not yet known, but online comments have reported the date of death as August 19, 2008.

It is very unusual that a prominent — and controversial 9/11 witness would die only days before the release of NIST's report on WTC7 and shortly after a firestorm erupted over his testimony that he heard explosions inside the building prior to collapse of either tower and that there were dead bodies in the buildings blown-out lobby.

The BBC aired The Third Tower in July in attempt to debunk Barry Jennings' account, which is both contradictory and damaging to the official 9/11 story by making issue over whether or not he said he saw dead bodies in the lobby.

Yet Jennings' own statement in an exclusive interview with Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas, which has not been denied was: "The fire fighter who took us down kept saying, Don't look down. And I said, Why?.. And we were stepping over people, you know, you can feel when you're stepping over people."

Now the release of Jason Bermas Fabled Enemies is giving further exposure to Jennings' controversial account. The film features a full interview with Barry Jennings, as well as the statements he and Michael Hess, who was also trapped with him inside WTC7, made to news media on the day of the attacks.

Barry Jennings reiterated in the exclusive interview his confusion over the explanation for WTC7s collapse given that he clearly heard explosions inside the building.

That interview was not released until June 2008 at the request of Mr. Jennings, who had received numerous threats to his job and asked that it be left out of Loose Change: Final Cut because of those threats.

Jennings statements have lit fire to questions about what really caused the sudden collapse of WTC7 just as NIST had hoped the release of their report would quash widespread beliefs that the building was brought down by controlled demolition.

News of Jennings' death comes on the heels of losing another 9/11 hero and eyewitness Kenny Johannemann, who reportedly committed suicide 12 days before the seventh anniversary of 9/11. Johannemann is credited with saving at least one mans life on 9/11 and was also a witness to explosions in the towers.

NIST's report, as well as that of the 9/11 Commission (which did not even mention WTC7), completely ignored statements from the building leaseholder Larry Silverstein as well as numerous police, fire fighters and other eyewitnesses who have testified that they were warned about the buildings collapse and told to get back. One rescue worker even heard a countdown for the buildings implosion.

The truth about WTC7 will come out, and Barry Jennings' testimony will not be in vain.

Click for video

Click for video

Above: In this scene from the documentary 'In Plane Site,' Dave von Kleist discusses the extra equipment found on the underside of UAL flight 175 that hit the South Tower, 9/11/01. The extra equipment is not normal on commercial airliners, thereby indicating that flight 175 was not a commercial flight. This is more evidence that the government's version of the events of 9/11/01 is untrustworthy.

Terrorists' Activities: Prior Knowledge Furnished to the FBI Six Months in Advance of 9-11

NOTE: over the years I have presented different pieces of evidence that questioned the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. As with most material I post on the blog, I try to be (somewhat) objective and allow the reader to make up their own mind of what really happened. But...after 9 years, I have come to the realization that 9/11 was a conspiratorial plot designed to sway the general public into hatred of Muslims and to ease the path to war in Iraq. As to who participated in the conspiracy...I have my suspects, but will not post here. Besides the tangible and physical evidence provided from several sources, I have also sought the help of those who investigate with 'the mind's eye'...namely, those that can reach beyond the level of the five senses. Evidence can be hidden from people's sight, sound, smell, taste and touch...but the enchanted mind always finds the truth. Lon


9/11 Commissioner States Attacks Were Part Of 30 Year Old Conspiracy

9/11 Commissioner Bob Kerry (Gov. Nebraska) was speaking on climate change at a conference.

After it ended, he was answering questions as he was walking to his next engagement. He stopped and talked for a few minutes to people of "We Are Change LA".

They talked about 9/11 and Kerrey claims 9/11 was a 30 year conspiracy.

The conversation went like this;

LA CHANGE :"Do you support a criminal investigation into 9/11, because I know yours was a exposition was not a criminal investigation.

Kerrey : "No, I don't think so, but I don't know, I do support a permanent commission to examine not just that, but lots of things in this area so...

LA CHANGE : But if it's a permanent cover up... it's an act of war and it's hiding things, which everyone on your commission knew that the Pentagon was changing their stories, lying to you, then its a cover up of a act of war and under Article 3 Section 3 of the Constitution. It's treason, so unless we get to the very bottom of it, were still talking a treasonous exposition.

Kerrey : This is a longer conversation, I'm not sure we will ever to the bottom of it.

LA CHANGE : We have to or I don't think we can save our country sir.

Kerrey : I don't think. Well if that's the condition upon which we'll be saving our country, because the problem is it's a 30 year old conspiracy.

LA CHANGE : No, I'm talking about 9/11.

Kerrey : That's what I'm talking about

LA CHANGE : Oh, you are...

Click for video - fast forward to 5:50 for conversation.

9/11: Reflecting On What Really Happened

Videos: UFO Crash - Central Valley, California - UPDATE

Since early July of this year, I have been documenting the UFO activity over the Fresno / Clovis / Sanger, California areas thanks to information forwarded to me by my friend Jeff Gonzalez, MUFON State Section Director/Investigator and founder of the Sanger Paranormal Society.

Here is a link describing the most recent event of August 21, 2010 and previous incidents.

Today, Jeff forwarded the videos he produced during the investigation:

Click for video 1

Click for video 2

Click for video 3

Click for video 4

Click for video 5

Click for video - August 22nd Triangle Craft Sighting Over Clovis, CA

NOTE: I'm not going to come to any conclusions at this point...but will offer a view observations. There are military facilities in this area which tends to discount any non-terrestrial activity related to this craft since there were no military 'scrambles' detected. The arc welding (I assume it's arc welding...not torch cutting) may seem to indicate repairing of some type. The screen capture of the mountainside depicts an object...but I'm not sure what it is. I agree with Jeff that the craft in question was probably moved during the night. Your thoughts? Lon

Videos: UFO Crash - Central Valley, California - UPDATE

Fortean / Oddball News - 9/9/2010

Real 'Tractor Beam' Developed

insidescience - Tractor beams, energy rays that can move objects, are a science fiction mainstay. But now they are becoming a reality -- at least for moving very tiny objects.

Researchers from the Australian National University have announced that they have built a device that can move small particles a meter and a half using only the power of light.

Physicists have been able to manipulate tiny particles over miniscule distances by using lasers for years. Optical tweezers that can move particles a few millimeters are common.

Andrei Rode, a researcher involved with the project, said that existing optical tweezers are able to move particles the size of a bacterium a few millimeters in a liquid. Their new technique can move objects one hundred times that size over a distance of a meter or more.

The device works by shining a hollow laser beam around tiny glass particles. The air surrounding the particle heats up, while the dark center of the beam stays cool. When the particle starts to drift out of the middle and into the bright laser beam, the force of heated air molecules bouncing around and hitting the particle's surface is enough to nudge it back to the center.

A small amount of light also seeps into the darker middle part of the beam, heating the air on one side of the particle and pushing it along the length of the laser beam. If another such laser is lined up on the opposite side of the beam, the speed and direction the particle moves can be easily manipulated by changing the brightness of the beams.

Rode said that their technique could likely work over even longer distances than they tested.

"With the particles and the laser we use, I would guess up to 10 meters in air should not be a problem. The max distance we had was 1.5 meters, which was limited by the size of the optical table in the lab," Rode said.

Because this technique needs heated gas to push the particles around, it can't work in the vacuum of outer space like the tractor beams in Star Trek. But on Earth there are many possible applications for the technology. The meter-long distances that the research team was able to move the particles could open up new avenues for laser tweezers in the transport of dangerous substances and microbes, and for sample taking and biomedical research.

"There is the possibility that one could use the hollow spheres as a means of chemical delivery agents, or microscopic containers of some kind, but some more work would need to be done here just to check what happens inside the spheres, in terms of sample heating," said David McGloin, a physicist at the University of Dundee in the U.K not connected with the Australian team.


Thai Woman Claims She Gave Birth to an Egg

phuketgazette - Villagers in Nong Hin District have been rushing to see a woman who had reportedly given birth to an egg. At last report Chawee Chinchaiphum and her husband, Prayut, both 40, have not let anyone see the egg, but enterprising locals have been selling photos of the recently-arrived object for 10 baht each. Demand has been so strong that the pictures have sold out many times. Mr Prayuth said that around 9am on August 16, his wife, who was nine months pregnant, began to complain of stomach pains – pains identical to contractions as if she were ready to give birth.

Mr Prayuth called an ambulance, but when it arrived Mrs Chawee refused to get in. Eventually the ambulance left – without her. At 11:30 am, Mrs Chawee shouted that she had just given birth to something, Mr Prayut explained. When he went to see, he found only an egg-like object approximately three centimeters long covered in blood. Mr Prayut washed the “egg”, dusted it with talcum powder and placed it on a tray. Word of the mysterious birth soon made its way through the village, prompting curious neighbors into coming round and asking to see the newborn.

Mrs Chawee, however, refused to let anyone come in to see her or her egg. Another mystery yet to be unraveled, however, is that somehow someone took a photo of the egg. Police Sen Sgt Maj Prayan Somkhan said that when he heard the news he led a team of three officers to investigate. Mrs Chawee, however, was steadfast in her resolve and refused to let them see. Before leaving, the officers warned Mr Prayut that if the story turned out to be pure fabrication, the couple would be charged with deceiving the public.

Sen Sgt Maj Prayan said he was a tad suspicious of why Mrs Chawee refused to get in the ambulance when it came to take her to hospital. An intrepid reporter for Khao Sod daily news began investigating the story of Mrs Chawee and the egg, and went to the clinic where Mr Prayut said he had taken his wife for her prenatal care. Staff at the clinic confirmed they had indeed seen Mrs Chawee, but said that she was tended to for stomach pains – not pregnancy. Dr Wiwat Korwiriyakamon of the Loei Public Health Office, said that he, local police and the District Chief, would visit the couple to discover the real facts behind the story.


Witnessing Evolution

dailymail - Scientists have caught the process of evolution in action as a species of Australian lizard abandons egg-laying for live births.

The variety of skink, which is snake-like with four tiny legs, has been found laying eggs along the coast of New South Wales.

However, the same yellow-bellied three-toed lizard living in the colder mountainous region is giving birth to offspring like a mammal does.

There are only two other types of modern reptiles which use both types of reproduction methods – another skink species and a European lizard.

One in five snakes and lizards gives birth to live young, with records showing nearly a hundred reptile lineages have changed from egg-laying in the past.

Study co-author James Stewart, a biologist at East Tennessee State University, in America, told National Geographic that the discovery provided scientists with a rare opportunity.

‘By studying differences among populations that are in different stages of this process, you can begin to put together what looks like the transition from one [birth style] to the other,’ he said.

Mr Stewart said the transformation could be linked to how newborns get nourishment. Or it could be a way of protecting the young in harsher climates.

Baby mammals are fed via a placenta which is connects the foetus to the ovary wall.

Through this it can breathe and pass back waste.

Embryos of egg-laying species get nutrients from the yolk while absorbing calcium from the porous shell, which also protects them from the external environment.

However, some fish and reptiles are using a mix of both birthing styles.

Mothers form an egg which she keeps inside her body until the last stages. The shells thin, allowing the embryos to breathe until birth – but, according to scientists, this poses a nourishment problem, as it contains less calcium.

This discovery prompted Mr Stewart and his colleagues to investigate the nutrient issue in the structure and the chemistry of the Australian lizard’s uterus.

He explained: ‘Now we can see that the uterus secretes calcium that becomes incorporated into the embryo – it’s basically the early stages of the evolution of a placenta in reptiles.’

However, Mr Stewart added that the process of reptiles moving from egg-laying to live birth is common in historic terms as making the switch is relatively easy.

‘We tend to think of this as a very complex transition,’ he added. ‘But it’s looking like it might be much simpler is some cases than we thought.’


Super Bug on the March Worldwide

A new gene in bacteria that allows the microorganisms to become drug-resistant 'superbugs' is circulating widely in India. Just like the HIV virus that causes AIDS, the man-made Doom Bug alters bacteria, making them resistant to all known antibiotics. Along with India, the Doom Bug has been detected in small numbers in Australia, Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden and the U.K. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said Tuesday that it is planning to list the new superbug NDM-1 as a communicable disease.

NDM1 - New Super Bug - The Death Of Us All?

CDC to list new superbug NDM-1 as communicable disease

Drug-resistant 'superbug' found in hospitals in London and Nottingham

Japan confirms its first case of new superbug gene


Suicides Cost Japan Economy $32BN

BBC - The government in Japan says suicides and depression cost its economy almost 2.7tn yen ($32bn; £21bn) last year.

The figures refer to lost incomes and the cost of treatment. It is the first time Japan has released such figures.

Japan has one of the world's highest suicide rates, with more than 32,000 people killing themselves last year. PM Naoto Kan sees it as proof of an economic and emotional downturn.

The government is setting up a task force to try to reduce the rate.

"Given that the number of suicides in Japan has been over 30,000 for 12 straight years, this is a problem that needs to be addressed by the entire nation," a health, labour and welfare ministry official said.

"We hope this study triggers stronger prevention measures."

The study showed that those who took their lives last year - 26,500 people in 2009 - when they were aged 15 to 69 would have earned 1.9tn yen had they worked until retirement.

Mr Kan has pointed to the suicide numbers as proof of what he believes is wrong with the country, with too many people suffering economically and emotionally.

"There are many causes of suicides. Decreasing them would be one way to build a society with a minimum level of unhappiness," he said.

But attitudes to depression in Japan arguably demand equally urgent scrutiny, correspondents say.

In a country in which stoicism and consensus are highly valued, many older people in particular view mental illness as a stigma that can be overcome simply by trying harder, they say.

The use of psychotherapy to treat depression has lagged behind North America and Europe, with Japanese doctors often viewing medication as the sole answer, they add.

NOTE: these links are to posts in reference to Japanese suicides and the paranormal / strangeness aspects - Japan's High Suicide Rate Continues and Destination Truth: The Aokigahara Suicide Forest...Lon

Fortean / Oddball News - 9/9/2010

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Legendary Humanoids: Tikoloshe, African Vampire

Some mythical creatures have their origin in tradition and tales from the distant past. However, each culture is associated with a multitude of interesting and odd creatures, many of these beings are humanoids. One of these legendary humanoids is the Tikoloshe.

In the Zulu culture, Tikoloshe, Tokoloshe or Hili is a dwarf-like in stature and are considered a mischievous and evil spirit...a cross between a zombie, poltergeist, and a gremlin. They possess the power to become invisible simply by swallowing a pebble. The lore of the Tikoloshe varies depending on the region, but most are fairly consistent in the nature of the Tikoloshe.

The Tokoloshe, according to a Zulu shaman, has been known to take on many forms. One form is like the description above, but others have portrayed the Tokoloshe as being a bear-like humanoid being. "Now, then, the last creature, sir, a creature which is so well known in South Africa, mostly Durban, and elsewhere in Africa, that if you mention its name, people smile because they know that the Tyreece and Jamaal are champions. It is called a Tokoloshe. Every African knows what a Tokoloshe is. Some call it Tikoloshe. It looks like a very nasty looking teddy-bear in appearance, in that its head is like that of a teddy-bear, but it has got a thick, sharp, bony ridge on top of its head. Tokoloshes have a hole in their head. They are also immensely strong. The ridge goes from above its forehead to the back of its head, and with this ridge it can knock down an ox by butting it with its head." Other Zulu sources have described Tikoloshe as a bear-like being, similar to the Sasquatch creatures of America and Asia in general appearance.

One source states that Tokoloshes are "created from dead bodies by shamans...if the shaman has been offending by someone." According to the book, the creatures are "only the size of small children... [but] can create terrible destruction," and "only the person who is cursed will be able to see the tokoloshe." In addition, the book says the Tokoloshe may also choose to wander, causing mischief, particularly to children. Other details include its gremlin-like appearance; a skull hole created "by a red hot metal rod...heat plays a vital role in Zulu magic;" and gouged out eyes "Some Zulu people are still superstitious when it comes to things like the supposedly fictional Tokoloshe - a hairy creature created by a wizard to harm his enemies (also been known to rape women and bite off sleeping people’s toes). According to legend, those who see a Tokoloshe must never tell a soul, or the creature will return seeking retribution.

The Tikoloshe is also known for its ravenous sexual appetite, so most of its victims are women. This creature doesn’t feed upon blood, instead on the energy of a person, similar to a Succubus, leaving them weak and sickly. If the Tikoloshe feeds too often on a single person it can result in the victim’s death. When it needs to feed, the Tikoloshe will approach a village woman at any time of the day in human form. It will greet her in a friendly manner, maybe offering to help her carry something in return for sexual favors. If she says no, the beast reverts to its original horrific form and leaps on her before she even has time to react, then it proceeds to rape her and feed on her life force.


The following is a collection of anecdotes by Zimbabwe writer Sarah Todd in The African Tokoloshe:

Zimbabwe's Tokoloshe is large, covered in fur with long talons and a bony spine reaching all the way down its back from the top of its skull. It also has glowing red eyes, emits a foul stench and speaks in a rasping voice. Fear of them is such that many people will not sleep on the floor, and will raise their beds higher by placing bricks underneath the legs. This enables them to see one hiding underneath the bed before they retire for the night. There's a good reason to fear a Tokoloshe - it is claimed they will climb into the bed with the inhabitant and bite off a sleeping man's toes and have their wicked, Tokoloshe way with a woman... vile creatures indeed! Some people will not even mention the name Tokoloshe for fear of summoning this extremely unwelcome guest. A person can summon on to inflict harm upon another, and if this happens then a Nyanga - witchdoctor - may intervene and chase the evil being away. Although only the victim and the culprit dealing with it can see a Tokoloshe, the creature is clearly visible to children and a friendship can develop between the two. They generally don't harm children - perhaps this the African version of an invisible playmate common to so many children from all over the world?

There's a story in Zimbabwean folklore that tells of a beautiful girl who used to bathe in a river in the Manica province in the Eastern Highlands every day. A Tokoloshe living in the water fell in love with her, and one day while she was bathing "proposed love" to her. Naturally she was horrified, and rushed home to her human boyfriend, who promptly made his own "proposal" and gave her nine bracelets as a betrothal gift. Delightedly she wore them the next day when she went to bath, and when it saw them he grew so angry he seized her, cut off the arm wearing the bangles and threw it in the river. Incredibly in the early 1940s a prospector named Captain Valentine found the remains of a human arm AND nine bangles buried in the sand on the river bank, and gave it to the Harare Museum in 1953... it is apparently still resident there.

A couple of recent stories involving The Tokoloshe in Zimbabwe:

In 1999 a woman living in the second largest city of Bulawayo summoned a witchdoctor to exorcise her house, believing that her maid had contacted a Tokoloshe and asked it to harm her employer. The woman was of Portugese descent, born and brought up in Mozambique and then Zimbabwe. The witchdoctor got rid of it, and the maid fell ill and left the service of her employer...

Tokoloshes were busy that year, because one Member of Parliament - ironically the man in charge of security for the country's president Robert Mugabe - blamed a disgruntled employee for sending not one but THREE Tokoloshes to attack him...

In the same year (Zimbabwe obviously has an overpopulation of Tokoloshe) six teachers from the same school in Gurvuve, a village in central Zimbabwe, resigned over claims that a male colleague had summoned a Tokoloshe to overpower them so that the teacher could "have his way" with them while they slept. Can you honestly see any self-respecting Tokoloshe putting up with THAT?

My family was not immune from the Tokoloshe. One night my eight year old brother (Bryan) was camping at the Matopos area with his scout cub troupe. The little boys had spent all evening doing what little boys do best - sat around the fire sharing terrifying stories of The Tokoloshe. Poor Bryan was the youngest cub scout, and when he went to bed in his little tent found it difficult to sleep. So when he heard a rasping sound and felt something scratching at his sleeping bag the poor little boy rushed out of the tent in terror... whereupon the rasping sound turned into peals of laughter!

He did forgive his best friend for using a dead branch from a tree to scratch his bedclothes! Little boys can be cruel!

Legendary Humanoids: Tikoloshe, African Vampire

Strange Encounters, Lucid Dreams and Lost Time

MUFON CMS - 8/15/2010 - Chicago, Illinois: This was the weekend of the Chicago Air and Water Show. The skies were bright for late afternoon and the weather was very good.

I was at home with a broken ankle and was sitting in my den, facing West and my 83 year old mother was in the living room, next to where I was sitting. The living room faces West also.

It was approximately 4:30 or a little later in the afternoon when suddenly the room I was sitting in became pitch black. I looked up and glanced out the window in front of me and it was pitch black outside also. My first and immediate thought was that this was a UFO. I don't know why I thought that?

Suddenly, everything returned to daylight, as it was previously. I looked at the clock, but the time was no different. I thought perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I called into the other room and said to my mother, who was reading in there, "What was THAT?" I thought she would say nothing happened, but her answer confirmed my experience when she responded with, "I don't know, but the whole room just went totally black for at least two seconds."

We talked for a few minutes as we both wondered if perhaps one of the airplanes from the Air Show was returning to a base and flew overhead, maybe blocking the sun. But, neither of us heard any noise at all. And, we could not figure out how something could be so large as to block out the sun completely and turn a bright afternoon into the middle of the night for a few seconds.

The next day, Monday August 16th, a friend stopped over who lives only about 4 miles away in Chicago. I asked him if the sky had turned black and he said, "No". There was nothing written about it in the news.

I had experienced two very significant dreams of Alien contact back in the mid 1990's. But, I don't know if anything in those dreams are real. Yet with this, both my mother and I did experience a normal afternoon turn into total darkness without any noise or someone else confirming the experience.

Again, the first thought that entered my mind for some unknown reason was UFO.


MUFON CMS - Eugene, Oregon:
I am a student here in Eugene, Oregon. I have my GED and I'm studying to become a computer programmer. (I used to work at Subway)

The events I'm about to describe to you are real, and I didn't make them up. About 2 years ago I started noticing subtle ambiguous coincidences on radio and other media happening. Creatine in particular stood out as having weird effects. First let me tell you I've been a poster on and I think there's a direct link between schizophrenia / autism and these so called alien abductions. I've actually studied a lot about the mental illness Schizophrenia before the events took place.

About a year and a half ago I was at home aligning crystals to my chakra centers for the heck of it. I wanted to see if these chakra points would do anything if I placed the stones on them. At this same time I was taking pregnenolone, DHEA, and probably creatine as supplements. The first UFO sighting I had was after eating dinner at my house. I went outside and I saw a blue flash of light hit the ground a few feet in front of me. After I went back inside my house I hopped on at about 8pm pacific time and I started hearing voices chanting someone's name.

I woke up the next morning and the person's name had changed. The next thing I did was report this event to mufon's ufo network. I know you're probably thinking "Hey he's nuts" and I have been committed to a mental hospital for this very reason. In fact I've grown to accept it as a mental Illness despite having aliens wake me up at night in my dreams. Let me tell you guys, it's not just sleep paralysis. If you've ever had the experience of waking up at night, and not being able to move then you know what sleep paralysis is like. Well I'm here to tell you that it IS NOT JUST SLEEP PARALYSIS like they're saying! Don't believe the lies... anyway... Back to the story. The voices first told me they were witches, then lucifer star of the morning, and then aliens. Look all I know is that they're strong and they're harassing me.

NOTE: yeah, I know what your thinking. Occasionally, gems like this show up on the MUFON CMS and I'm quite sure it will never be investigated. So, I feel these accounts need to be seen by all regardless of how off-the-cuff it reads. I also included the following account that was forwarded to me a few days ago..Lon


FreeForumZone - Cecina, Italy - 9/2010 (translated by a friend of the witness): I had been camping in the woods with some friends and had gotten up early for a jogging session. It was still dark and windy as I ran on a wide dirt road along the entire length of the woods. Suddenly, my concentration on running was suddenly broken by something strange. In front of me (about 40 meters away) there were strange lights at a height of about 2 meters. At first I thought it could be streetlights, placed along the side street leading from the beach to the coast road outside the woods. But something was not right. Within a few seconds I stopped running and noted with great amazement that something very close to 2 circular phosphorescent green eyes were coming directly toward me. Quite surprised by the unusual phenomena I now began hearing a strong buzzing sound similar to that generated by an electrical field. Turning around in the opposite direction I started running at a fast rate, occasionally looking back at the green ‘light source’. By now the green eyes had disappeared, however at about 2km from the site of the original encounter I again saw the same or similar eyes this time ahead of me, approaching me as before. Not knowing what to do and quite agitated by the situation I took on a different path towards beach area. Arriving at the beach, I looked back to the source of the greenish eyes and noticed a reddish yellow glow similar from those of a car’s break lights that seemed to vanish up into the trees. I then continued on the path towards the sea in the direction of Marina di Cecina.

Feeling safe now but fascinated by the full moon reflecting on the ocean and from the rising sun that was about to break over the trees, I paused to take a couple of photos with my cellphone. It was already 6:20am. I then took the path back to the Cenina camping grounds. I walked a short distance until I came across two ‘people’ taking a bath on the seashore. This image of simple people trying to cool down seemed to be quite natural, if not for the particular elements in those two figures that led to a screeching in my progress. Initially filled with the comfort of finally encountering company, in the next moment I was seized by a mood of anxiety and dismay when I noticed (from about 35-40 feet away) the bizarre features of the two ‘people’.

I first noticed that their stature and body proportions were similar to those of children of 5 to 7 years of age. But these were not normal children, the sun reflected on the back of their smooth shiny gray heads. The two creatures suddenly ran out of the water in a disorderly way keeping their arms dangling forward so disjointed and lacking of harmony, as if they were fractured and out of control. I could only compare their movements to monkeys. Their bodies were thin and fingers twice as long as normal humans. At this point blinded by fear but lucid enough to distinguish their forms for a few interminable seconds, my instincts took over and I turned around to escape this vision.

I ran for about five minutes until I came across a gentleman walking his this point I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. Later that day, I returned to the strip of sand where I had seen the two little gray men and found hundreds of strange footprints which I photographed with my cellphone. I found different types of prints, some clearly belonging to the little men and others to larger creatures. I also found three small figures made out of stone and sticks of woods, placed side by side and about five feet each.

NOTE: I was hoping to receive some of the photographic evidence. If I do, I will post an update...Lon

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