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Ranchers Capture 'Fanged, Hairy Humanoid' - El Creston, Argentina

Scott Corrales of Inexplicata has posted the following strange article. As well, I did a bit of research on the folklore of the supposed creature (El Ucumar), particularly in the Patagonia region:

Source: El Tribuno (Salta, Argentina)
Date: Friday, August 6, 2010

The legend of the Ucumar Zupai is reborn in a wilderness near El Creston, some 40 kilometers west of San Jose de Metan.

Farm owner and nephew had gone out to round up the cows when the strange specimen appeared.

Two ranchers in the vicinity of Cerro El Creston, some 40 kilometers west of San Jose de Metan, hunted down a strange creature of humanoid appearance, but with unusually large and sharp incisors.

The similarity between this specimen and local tales of the mythic “Ucumar” – the manlike figure covered in short black hair – has renewed the debate in Salta over the existence of the local “yeti”.

The presence of a creature having such characteristics has been news for decades in the forested areas to the south of the province, particularly in Rosario de la Frontera, where eyewitness accounts have been collected.

Photographs of the remains of the specimen gunned down in the cloud forest of Cerro El Creston were taken by Martin, a resident of Metan who did not wish to give his name, at the property belonging to the ranchers who shot it.

The photo – taken with a cell phone – clearly shows a hominid specimen with long fangs and protruding eyes.

The Story

The ranchers are an older man, 79, whose initials are J.S. and the other is his nephew, E.S. Both requested anonymity to ward off curiosity seekers.

Almost shyly, Martin told El Tribuno about his experience with the strange being during a visit to his friends the ranchers. “That Saturday I arrived and they told me what had occurred during the morning. I entered the home and there it was, hanging from its feet, its hands tied to one side and extending down to the floor.”

Unhurriedly, he continued his story: “I asked him what it was, and they couldn’t answer. They only said that in the dark of night, they thought it might have been a puma or a goblin, because they only saw its enormous green eyes shining by light of the flashlights.”

According to the young man, J.S. and E.S. had gone out on the evening of 23 July to round up cattle, as they were planning to brand the livestock on the following day.

Amid the darkness, they heard a nearly deafening sound on the edge of one of the hills surrounding their property. They cast light upon the source of the noise with the flashlight, and found themselves staring at two enormous green eyes that nearly froze their hearts. “They told me they thought it was a goblin, and to scare it away, they fired a shot. They were unlucky enough to hit it in the head.”

Apparently, the bullet entered through the lower left side of the jaw, exiting through the upper right eyebrow ridge. Due to this impact, the alleged “Ucumar” collapsed instantly. “The dogs that were with us, accustomed to finding wild pigs, ran toward the carcass, and when my friends chased them, they came across that thing.”

The two gauchos carried the remains back to their ranch to analyze it at length. The next day, with sunlight, there was no doubt about it: they had shot an Ucumar, although to confirm this, it would be necessary to go into deeper study. For the time being, all we have are speculations and suspicions.

What can indeed be confirmed is that the veterinary specialists consulted by El Tribuno state that the specimen “hunted” by accident is not native to the region.

Carcass Hurled Down a Canyon

Martin continued to relate his experiences with the ranchers of Cerro El Crestón. He noted that “On Saturday morning, J.S. asked us to cut off his head and throw the body far away, as he did not wish to be the victim of any revenge.”

The revenge that Martin referred to is that the being they had found was allegedly a “cub” of an Ucumar, which could take reprisals against him for having shot and killed its young.

The state that it was a “cub” due to the diameter of the specimen’s skull, which measured some 15 centimeters. They calculate the creature’s height at some 60 to 70 centimeters.

“Overall, the people who live in these parts believe greatly in these things: goblins, the Ucumar...matter of fact, I must admit I felt afraid. At one point I thought about bringing the body to Metán, but I got scared,” said the fellow who spoke with El Tribuno.

Martin explained that “we cut off its head, which remained at the ranch. But we wrapped up the body in several bags and threw it down a canyon.”

J.S. the owner of the ranch where the strange events transpired, lives alone in the area. His nearest neighbor is 15 kilometers away. The man is visited by his nephews every so often.

“It Had Fingers and Toes”

The witness who got to hold the body of the hunted hominid explained that “it was covered in short black hair all over its body, except for the face. It was impressive to see the size of its incisor.” He added that the manlike figure had fingers and toes.

“The truth is that it was a one of a kind experience. I had never seen anything like it. When we go to the ranch at Cerro El Creston, we find hairs stuck to the tree trunks, as though “it” was scratching itself against them. There are many animals in the area, but none with fur resembling that of the creature they hunted,” Martin explained.

“I Never Saw Anything Like It”

Marcelo Choque, a forensic veterinarian for the Provincial Police under the Environmental Division of the service, was startled to see the photographs of the strange specimen’s skull, shot by a rancher in the heights of Cerro El Creston in Metán. “I never saw anything like it. It’s clearly an anthropomorphic figure, but I can’t tell you the species. And I could much less explain the exaggerated size of its incisors, which give it a monstrous appearance.”

The expert paused to think for a moment and continued. “There are no anthropoids in the are where they shot it. And the ones belonging to our fauna do not possess in any way the humanoid characteristics showing in the photo. If it is a monkey of some sort, it would be a rarity, an unclassified species or a genetic aberration. I’m stunned and I think it would be necessary to travel with a team of experts to the area where the skull is kept in order to conduct an analysis of the remains.”

NOTE: I found the second photo of this creature at Bajaron los restos del extraño animal cazado en el cerro El Crestón . There is record of a strange hominid in this area of South America, the legendary Ucumar or Ucu. I have posted some of the information below...Lon


The Legend of El Ucumar

The Ucu, sometimes called Ucumar or Ukumar-zupai, is a reported Bigfoot like creature thought to live in the mountainous regions in and around Chili and Argentina. The Ucu is described to be the size of a large dog and walks erect, it is also thought to prefer the more tropical regions of the Andes mountain range. According to natives the Ucu likes to eat payo, a plant with an inside similar to cabbage, and emits a sound like uhu, uhu, uhu, which Ivan T. Sanderson compared to the noises reported by Albert Ostman, who claimed to have been held captive by a family of Sasquatch in 1924.

One of the first documented sightings of the Ucu took place in May of 1958 when a group of campers in Rengo, 50 miles from Santiago, Chili, reported that they saw what they could only describe as an ape man. Police were called out to investigate; they took reports from the witnesses, one of which was Carlos Manuel Soto who swore that he had seen an enormous man covered with hair in the Cordilleras, one of the Santiago’s 6 provinces.

In 1956, geologist Audio L. Pich found seventeen inch long human like footprints on the Argentina side of the Andes Mountains at a height of over sixteen thousand feet. The following year similar tracks where discovered in the province of La Salta, Argentina. Not long after, residents of Tolor Grande informed newspaper reporters of a nightly chorus of what they described as eerie calls emanating from the near by Curu-Curu Mountains. The cries, which where attributed by the locals to a creature known as the Ukumar-zupai, frightened the community for some time, and according to anthropologist Pablo Latapi Ortega, traditions of these giant ape men continue to this very day in Argentina.

The Evidence
To date no physical evidence of the Ucu has been brought to light, for evidence which pertains to a similar creature please refer to the Unknown Explorers page on Bigfoot.

The Sightings
In 1958, Carlos Manuel Soto witnessed what he described as an enormous man covered with hair in the Cordilleras, which is one of Santiago’s 6 provinces.

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Hominid
• Size: 5 – 7 feet tall
• Weight: Unknown
• Diet: Paya and other local vegetation
• Location: The Andes Mountains
• Movement: Bipedal Walking
• Environment: The more tropical regions of the mountains

Additional information:

Giant hominid of South America.

Etymology: After its ululating call.

Variant names: Sachayoj, Ucu, Ukumar-zupai (in Tolar Grande). In Bolivia and Peru, the spectacled bear is known as Ucamari or Jucamari.

Physical description: Half man, half bear. Covered in long, black hair. Bearded. Small eyes. Large hands and feet. Opposed toes.

Behavior: Bipedal. Makes eerie, ululating calls (“uhu, uhu”) at night. Eats wild fruit and honey. Said to abduct women for breeding.

Tracks: Humanlike. Length, 17 inches.

Habitat: Mountains, caves, and rocky areas.

Distribution: Tolar Grande, Mount Umahuaca, El Chorro, and Baritú National Park in Salta Province, Caliliegua in Jujuy Province, Chaco Province, all in Argentina.

Possible explanation: The Spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus) is found in the Andes as far south as northern Argentina. Its occasional forays into Argentina could contribute to Ucumar folklore.

Simon Chapman, The Monster of the Madidi: Searching for the Giant Ape of the Bolivian Jungle (London: Aurum, 2001)

Ranchers Capture 'Fanged, Hairy Humanoid' - El Creston, Argentina

Fortean / Oddball News - 8/7/2010

Grandpa's Ghost in Granny Photo - This photo was received from Denise Russell. "The lady in the color photo is my granny," she says. "She lived on her own until age 94, when her mind started to weaken and had to be moved to an assisted living home for her own safety. At the end of the first week, there was a picnic for the residents and their families. My mother and sister attended. My sister took two pictures that day, and this is one of them. It was taken on Sunday, 8/17/97, and we think the man behind her is my grandpa who passed away on Sunday, 8/14/84.

We did not notice the man in the picture until Christmas Day, 2000 (granny had since passed away), while browsing through some loose family photos at my parents' house. My sister thought it was such a nice picture of granny that she even made a copy for mom, but still, nobody noticed the man behind her for over three years! When I arrived at my parents' house that Christmas day, my sister handed me the picture and said, "Who do you think this man behind granny looks like?" It took a few seconds for it to sink in. I was absolutely speechless. The black and white photos below show that it really looks like him.


New Atlantis Claim...Found on 'Google Ocean'

telegraph - The network of criss-cross lines is 620 miles off the coast of north west Africa near the Canary Islands on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

The perfect rectangle – which is around the size of Wales – was noticed on the search giant's underwater exploration tool by an aeronautical engineer who claims it looks like an "aerial map" of a city.

The underwater image can be found at the co-ordinates 31 15'15.53N 24 15'30.53W.

Last night Atlantis experts said that the unexplained grid is located at one of the possible sites of the legendary island, which was described by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato.

According to his account, the city sank beneath the ocean after its residents made a failed effort to conquer Athens around 9000 BC.

Dr Charles Orser, curator of historical archaeology at New York State University told The Sun that the find was fascinating and warranted further inspection.

"The site is one of the most prominent places for the proposed location of Atlantis, as described by Plato," the Atlantis expert said. "Even if it turns out to be geographical, it definitely deserves a closer look."

Bernie Bamford, 38, of Chester who spotted the "city", compared it to the plan of Milton Keynes, the Buckinghamshire town built on a grid design. "It must be man made," he said.

Google Ocean, an extension of Google Earth, allows web users to virtually explore the ocean with thousands of images of underwater landscapes.

Launched earlier this month, it lets users swim around underwater volcanoes, watch videos about exotic marine life, read about nearby shipwrecks, contribute photos and watch unseen footage of historic ocean expeditions.

The legend of Atlantis has excited the public imagination for centuries. In recent years "evidence" of the lost kingdom has been found off the coast of Cyprus and in southern Spain.

Plato described it as an island "larger than Libya and Asia put together" in front of the Pillars of Hercules - the Straits of Gibraltar. He said Atlantis was a land of fabulous wealth, advanced civilization and natural beauty destroyed by earthquakes and floods 9,000 years earlier.


Chinese Man Hibernates Six Months of the Year

thesun - A man in China has baffled doctors with an incredible condition that sees him sleep for six months of the year — then stay AWAKE for the rest of it.

Li Zhiming's long suffering family have to care for the 74-year-old throughout the entire time he's asleep.

They say they have to sit him up and pour warm soup down his throat to feed him.

They also have to make him wear a nappy because he doesn't even wake up to go to the bathroom.

His daughter-in-law Fu Yip, 42, said: "When he is sleeping it is like he is in a coma.

"We can't rouse him at all - if we put spoonfuls of soup in his mouth he swallows automatically but otherwise there's no response.

"Then when he wakes up he doesn't sleep for six months - wandering around the streets at night to amuse himself or watching television."


100 Square Mile Ice Sheet Breaks off From Greenland Glacier

BBC - A giant sheet of ice measuring 260 sq km (100 sq miles) has broken off a glacier in Greenland, according to researchers at a US university.

The block of ice separated from the Petermann Glacier, on the north-west coast of Greenland.

It is the largest Arctic iceberg to calve since 1962, said Prof Andreas Muenchow of the University of Delaware.

The ice could become frozen in place over winter or escape into the waters between Greenland and Canada.

If the iceberg moves south, it could interfere with shipping, Prof Muenchow said.

Cracks in the Petermann Glacier had been observed last year and it was expected that an iceberg would calve from it soon.

The glacier is 1,000 km (620 miles) south of the North Pole.

A researcher at the Canadian Ice Service detected the calving from Nasa satellite images taken early on Thursday, the professor said.

The images showed that Petermann Glacier lost about one-quarter of its 70km-long (43-mile) floating ice shelf.

There was enough fresh water locked up in the ice island to "keep all US public tap water flowing for 120 days," said Prof Muenchow.

He said it was not clear if the event was due to global warming.

The first six months of 2010 have been the hottest on record globally, scientists have said.

Thousands of icebergs calve off Greenland's glaciers annually, but they are seldom so large.


Mammoth Lakes, California: Witness Has Encounter With UFO, Attempts Communication

Case Number: 24906
Log Number: US-08022010-0014
Submitted Date: 2010-08-02 19:26 GMT
Event Date: 2010-06-30 22:35 GMT
Status: Assigned
City: Mammoth Lakes
Region: California
Country: US
Longitude: -118.972079
Latitude: 37.648546
Shape: Star-like
Distance: Over one mile
Location: Mountain
Terrain: Mountains
Visibility: Clear
Weather: None
Entity Type: Reptile-like
Vallee Index: FB1

Witness statement: I parked my vehicle for the night (having finished my shift), got out, and then stopped to look at the night sky. The stars are absolutely incredible here in the mountains. I wanted to orient to the Milky Way and pick out constellations and stars (a good way to relax).. when I noticed something moving across the sky. I often notice planes at night, so I did my own checklist - speed? flashing white/red light? approx. altitude? direction? Well the direction was off. Most often in this area, planes travel from the east towards the west. This "craft" was traveling from the north towards the south, slightly east of the Eastern Sierra mountains (not on top of them) on a direct, straight course - no zig zags; not stationary; no acrobatics. I could not discern the shape because it was so high up; there was no flashing light, only a continuous white light. It looked just like a pinprick star in the night sky, only moving. And it was moving much faster than an airplane. As I watched it, and thought that it might be a ufo, I decided to reach out with my mind. I focused on it and thought, "Who are you?" A moment or two later it disappeared. Like someone had hit a "stealth" switch. I looked ahead of its intended direction - nothing. I looked where it had been - nothing. I couldn't find it! And there had been no change; no light change, etc. Just gone.

The UFO Clearinghouse

Fortean / Oddball News - 8/7/2010

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Bownessie: The Windermere Monster Deception

thewestmorlandgazette - A team of monster hunters will set sail on Windermere in a fresh search for ‘Bownessie’.

Lakeland hotelier Thomas ‘The Gladiator’ Noblett and celebrity psychic Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard will embark on their second journey into the depths of Windermere in search of the fabled monster.

The two men led a team of investigators to the lake to look for evidence last year but returned empty handed.

“Since last year, a lot of local people have told me they have felt something in the lake but have been too scared to say anything,” said Mr Noblett, owner of the Langdale Chase Hotel.

“There is obviously something large in there. You just have to look at the depth, width and length of it to know that.”

Bownessie was first spotted by tourist Steve Burnip in 2006. Mr Burnip described a serpent like creature, around 15-feet in length, at the north end of the lake.

Mr Noblett was prompted to prove the existence of the creature when he was hit by a three-foot wave whilst swimming on Windermere last year.

“A lot of people boo-hoo it but they are mainly people who have never set foot in the Lakes,” said Mr Noblett.

“Those who have seen it describe it as a very long and eel-like. One sailor told me he saw what looked like a big slab of meat roll past his boat and disappear underneath the boat.

“It could be a very large catfish that has just grown to be really big. Some of those fish do live for a very long time.”

Mr Noblett and his crew of three will set out on a £300,000 yacht using sonar equipment to try and track Bownessie.

They will explore the deepest part of the lake and sail to a spot near Gummers Howe, where the creature was snapped by Winderemere photographer Linden Adams in 2007.

“Whenever I swim across the lake I always get the heebys jeebies at that part. There is a real eerie feeling around there.”

Mr Maynard said: "The last Bownessie investigation was very memorable and we are hoping to have the same if not better results this time around.

"Since last year I have been contacted by many members of the public who have told me that they have also witnessed seeing something large in the lake over the past few years and we hope to get more evidence to back up these claims."

The Bownessie hunters will set sail on September 11.

Click for video

NOTE: I have been watching this story develop for about 3 years. Frankly, I think this 'cryptid' is a tourist grab for the Langdale Chase Hotel. Why? Well, in 2008 I was asked by a LakesTV representative to publish the screen captures from the original video (above) on my blog. The video was located on the LakesTV website at the time. I asked if I could use the video and was denied...I was told that they wanted to 'market the video and it would be copyrighted'. I declined to publish the screen captures and decided to wait until something else popped up on this 'creature'. Then in July 2009, the owner of the hotel, Thomas Noblett, conveniently experienced a rogue wave while swimming in the lake. I rarely pass judgment on a sighting or encounter, but this particular saga doesn't pass the smell test. It could very well be a large eel or fish...but using the 'Nessie' moniker as part of a name is somewhat disingenuous. Anyway, you make your own determination on this 'cryptid'...Lon

Originally posted 9/6/2009

In Search Of Bownessie - A team of investigators will scour Windermere in a hunt for a legendary monster that is claimed to lurk in its deep waters.

The search follows years of reported sightings of a big creature in the lake, the most recent being in July when Lake District hotelier Thomas Noblett was hit by a three-foot wave as he was swimming.

A chartered boat will take to England’s longest lake on September 19 with celebrity and sports psychic Dean Maynard at the helm. He will be joined by Windermere photographer Linden Adams who claims to have seen ‘Bownessie’ – the nickname for the monster – from a viewpoint on Gummers How in 2007.

There will also be people with cameras dotted around the shoreline to capture any unusual activity.

“Linden Adams and I are really geared up and ready for the challenge ahead and we hope to find some concrete evidence something big does exist in the lake," said Mr Maynard.

In 2006 The Westmorland Gazette reported how Huddersfield University journalism lecturer Steve Burnip, of Hebden Bridge, saw a serpent-like creature emerge from the waters as he stood at Watbarrow Point across from Waterhead.

He described it as being 15 to 20 feet long with a little head and two small humps following in its wake. He said it looked like a giant eel.

“I am absolutely convinced that there is a big creature in the lake,” said Mr Burnip. “I am really pleased that there is a renewed interest in it because I know what I saw.

“I can see it in my head now, this grey lump and the humps breaking the water like you see in the classic Loch Ness pictures. There is something in there, something quite big and elusive.”

Mr Adams, whose picture of the creature was studied by photographic experts after appearing on the front page of the Gazette, said: “I looked at it through binoculars and the naked eye and what I saw was huge.

"A lot of photographic experts have had the opportunity to look at the pictures and they are still baffled.”

Ecology experts have told the Gazette that catfish are sometimes introduced to lakes by anglers. They believe that what could be being seen is the Welsh catfish that originates from mainland Europe.

Originally posted 7/23/2009

'Windermere Monster' Wake Pummels Swimmer

A bizarre swimming incident on Windermere coincided with the announcement that a team of paranormal investigators will plumb the lake’s depths in search of a giant creature.

Thomas Noblett, 46, was swimming the lake this week when he was suddenly swamped by a three-foot wave of unknown origin.

A spate of eyewitness sightings reported by The Gazette during 2006-2007 described a 50-foot long serpent-like animal surfacing on Windermere.

Psychic Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard, who came to prominence by accurately predicting sports score lines and X factor winners, will join The Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ), in the hunt for the beast in September.

Mr Noblett trains on the lake for four hours every day in preparation for a channel swim.

Never having had to deal with anything more than the odd passing trout, the 46-year-old said he had since reconsidered the legend of the Windemere monster.

“I didn’t entertain it before. Now when I’m in the lake it has my full attention,” he said.

Mr Noblett, managing director of The Langdale Chase Hotel, was swimming close to Wray Castle at 7am on Wednesday morning when the 3ft swell hit.

He and swimming trainer Andrew Tighe – paddling in a boat beside him – were the only people on the lake.

“We had gotten up early and Windermere was crystal clear. The lake was totally empty apart from us and all I could hear was the slapping of my arm against the water,” explained Mr Noblett.

“All of a sudden this wave just hit us. Andrew said ‘where the hell did that come from?’ and it made the boat rock from side to side,” he continued.

Treading water, alone, in the centre of the lake, Mr Noblett watched as two large waves sped towards either shore.

“It was like a big bow wave; a three-foot swell at least. There was two, as if a speed boat had sped past, but there were no boats on the lake,” he said.

Previously an escape from the jellyfish he dodges while training at sea, Mr Noblett said the lake’s depths were not so inviting anymore.

“I always look forward to swimming in Windermere, now I’m starting to get the fear. Twice I have looked down and seen fish, but only small trout. The reeds sometimes scare you, because they suddenly appear like triffids.”

Devon-based CFZ are the world’s only full time cryptozoology organisation for the study of unknown animals.

Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard will join CFZ in September to search the lake for the monster.

Mr Maynard, with a background in ghost hunting, is currently searching for a sonar-equipped boat to use in the search.

“It’s a fascinating subject. I’m not saying there is or isn’t something down there. Most eyewitness accounts describe some sore of eel, which if living in open water can grow very big,” said Mr Maynard.

Mr Noblett is swimming across the English Channel in mid October. He hopes to raise £10,000 for Richard Rose Central Academy in Carlisle and the Cyctic Fibrosis Trust.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Suspected Monster Spotted in Lake

Windermere, UK - Sightings of a suspected monster in Windermere have prompted claims that it could be the English equivalent of Nessie.

The 50ft long "creature" was snapped by photographer Linden Adams, 35, who was out walking with his wife near the lake recently.

They were at a secluded spot more than 1,000ft up a mountain when they spotted a dark shape moving in the water.

"It just came out of the blue," said Mr Adams. "The water was incredibly peaceful and then this huge thing appeared, diving and thrashing around."

He thought it was 50 ft long when compared to boats nearby.

He said it had a head like a labrador, only "much, much bigger".


Mr Adams, from Bowness-on-Windermere, said he knew the lake well and what he saw was not a freak wave or boat. His sighting comes just months after scientists visited Windermere to examine claims by a tourist that they saw a 20 ft "serpent-like" creature.

A team of scientists visited the site last October to interview eye-witnesses and sent divers to Coniston Water to investigate reports of similar sightings there.

Mr Adams has christened his find the Bowness monster. "When I looked at my pictures on my computer I realised I had something," he added.

He sent his picture to a forensic photographer who confirmed it had not been digitally enhanced.

Richard Freeman, of the centre for Fortean Zoology which researches mystery animals, said the sightings could be giant sterile eels which, unlike normal eels, stay in fresh water and "get bigger and bigger".

Bownessie: The Windermere Monster Deception

Deadly EEE Virus Discovered in Upstate New York

uticaod - Tests found 28 mosquitoes collected in the northwestern Oneida County town of Vienna carried a virus potentially deadly to both humans and horses, the Oneida County Health Department said this morning.

The mosquitoes tested positive for Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), last reported in the county four years ago. At that time, the death of a pony was attributed to EEE, resulting in the aerial spraying of a 5-mile radius around the farm where the animal died. The location of that 2006 case could not be immediately learned.

This year, anyone who visits woodlands or works outdoors in Vienna is at greater risk of infection from the virus because of exposure to potentially infected mosquitoes, the health department said.

"The location of the collection site, one of 12 in the county, suggests an expansion of infected mosquito activity in neighboring Oswego County, which has reported 14 positive pools since June," Oneida County Director of Health Dr. Gayle Jones said.

The species of infected mosquito usually bites birds, so transmission of the disease to humans would require a species of mosquito capable of creating a "bridge" between infected birds and uninfected mammals, Jones said.

While human infection is rare, when it does occur, symptoms develop within 4 to 10 days of exposure from a mosquito bite. Symptoms may include a headache, high fever and vomiting, progressing into disorientation, seizures and a coma. One-third of infected people die from the disease, while many who survive must live with brain damage.

Diagnosis is made through spinal fluid testing. There is no specific treatment for EEE.

The health department offered these tips for people to reduce risk of infection in the Vienna area:

* Use insect repellant containing DEET on exposed skin and clothing.

* Wear long sleeves and long pants when possible.

* Have secure and intact screens on windows and doors.

* Empty standing water from flower pots, buckets, barrels and children's wading pools. Drill holes in swings so water drains off them. Turn children's pools upside down when not in use. Standing water is where mosquitoes breed.


CDC - Eastern Equine Encephalitis

Eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEEV) is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito. Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) is a rare illness in humans, and only a few cases are reported in the United States each year. Most cases occur in the Atlantic and Gulf Coast states (see map). Most persons infected with EEEV have no apparent illness. Severe cases of EEE (involving encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain) begin with the sudden onset of headache, high fever, chills, and vomiting. The illness may then progress into disorientation, seizures, or coma. EEE is one of the most severe mosquito-transmitted diseases in the United States with approximately 33% mortality and significant brain damage in most survivors. There is no specific treatment for EEE; care is based on symptoms. You can reduce your risk of being infected with EEEV by using insect repellent, wearing protective clothing, and staying indoors while mosquitoes are most active. If you think you or a family member may have EEE, it is important to consult your healthcare provider for proper diagnosis.

NOTE: EEEV was one of more than a dozen agents that the United States researched as potential biological weapons before the nation suspended its biological weapons program. 30-35% of infected humans die, and half of survivors are left with severe neurological impairment...Lon

Deadly EEE Virus Discovered in Upstate New York

Fortean / Oddball News - 8/6/2010

Aleister Crowley's Dilapidated Villa For Sale

telegraph - The dilapidated, whitewashed Italian villa, set amid the hills of Sicily, was owned in the 1920s by Aleister Crowley, whose outrageous drug-taking, keen sexual appetite and interest in mysticism later made him a cult figure for the Beatles, David Bowie, Ozzie Osbourne and Iron Maiden.

The cottage, near the town of Cefalu in Sicily, contains explicit, erotic frescoes of men and women entwined together, painted by Cambridge-educated Crowley when he lived there in the early 1920s.

The frescoes, inspired by the work of Gauguin, also include naked devils, satyrs and serpents.

The estate agents that are selling the property, which has been abandoned for years and is overrun with bushes and long grass, have suggested that it should be turned into a museum devoted to Crowley's extraordinary life.

He called the house the Abbey of Thelema and turned it into a kind of commune, where daily life revolved around yoga, adoration of the Sun and the study of his own mystical philosophical writings.

Eventually his libertine tastes so offended Mussolini's fascists that they expelled him and his lovers from the country in April 1923.

Local people believe that the villa, which hosted orgies and experiments in free love that predated the hippy movement by decades, is cursed and refuse to go near it.

Crowley, who called himself The Great Beast, created a religious philosophy known as Thelema and is known for his mystical writings, including The Book of the Law, in which he set out the main tenets of Thelema.

He was also a keen chess player and mountaineer, taking part in the first British attempt to climb K2 in the Himalaya, in 1902.

He travelled widely in Europe, Asia and the Americas and was thought to have been a spy for British intelligence.

He died in a Sussex boarding house in 1947 at the age of 72.


Ghost Hunters to Investigate 'London Dungeon' on Friday 13th

pinkpaper - The London Paranormal Society, the UK’s premier public ghost-busters, will investigate London Dungeon next week – to coincide with Friday the thirteenth.

The group, led by openly-gay medium Ian Shillito, will spend six hours in the reportedly-haunted location looking for some of its supernatural inhabitants.

And, as usual, the public are invited to attend – being given the chance to investigate one of the capital's most scary locations.

Shillito told “Beyond the mutilated exhibits, torture equipment and dark corridors, we find multiple reports of ghostly children, silent figure’s appearing in the mortuary or gliding around the Great Fire exhibit.

"General poltergeist activity is encountered when doors rattle, open and close whilst knocks and raps are heard, especially in the Jack the Ripper area.

"Previous investigations have uncovered much auditory phenomena, and many of the investigators were spooked in the world’s largest mirror maze as strange mists, dragging footsteps and clanking of chains have been experienced. Sightings are regularly witnessed fuelling the stories further."

In 1212, a hospital dedicated to Thomas Becket stood on the site of the dungeons. The Hospital of St Thomas the Martyr was run by Augustinian monks and nuns who provided treatment for the poor, sick and homeless.

By the 17th century the area had become a popular place for alternative entertainment. Dog, bear and cock fighting, binge drinking were all to be found in the many local taverns. Tooley Street (originally called St Olaves Street) and gained a reputation for being an infamous red light district. In 1838, London Bridge station was built therefore creating a series of arches. During the WWII, the arches were used as air raid shelters by many of the residents of the nearby tenements.

On Feburary 17 1941, the arches received a direct hit by a bombing raid killing 68 local people who were spending the night It is believed that many of the bodies were never recovered and still remain entombed to this very day.


Corpse Gets Parking Ticket in Seattle

seattlepi - A Seattle parking enforcement officer ticketed a man Tuesday who authorities say was likely dead hours before the ticket was issued.

About 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, the parking enforcement officer marked the man's car in a 2-hour parking zone. The woman returned a few minutes after noon and found the car hadn't moved.

"The PEO rapped on the window twice in an attempt to wake the man," police spokeswoman Renee Witt said in a statement. "When she was unsuccessful she concluded that the individual was simply a sound sleeper. The PEO left the ticket on the windshield and continued her patrol."

She later learned he was dead.

About 40 minutes after the man was fined $42 for parking too long in the 2-hour spot, his girlfriend found the car with a GPS device.

Medics were dispatched at 12:47 p.m., but the man was unconscious and unresponsive when they arrived, Fire Department spokeswoman Dana Vander Houwen said.

The driver was Derek Michael Eldridge, 36, according to the King County Medical Examiner's Office. The office is waiting for tests before releasing his cause and manner of death, though police say there was no sign of homicidal violence. Eldridge's exact time of death was not released Wednesday.

Parking enforcement officers have radios and a reasonable expectation to call for help in an emergency.

But police Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said it's not uncommon for parking enforcement officers to find people asleep in their cars. The woman, a 29-year parking enforcement veteran, did nothing wrong in the circumstances, he said.

The ticket issued was Eldrige's first parking ticket in Seattle Municipal Court, records show. The ticket was voided about an hour and a half after he was pronounced dead.


Chinese Protesters Cut Off Fingertips and Swallow

AFP - Four protesters in Beijing cut off their fingertips and swallowed them in a desperate bid to bring attention to their cause, state media reported Thursday.

The men, from the central province of Hunan, travelled to the capital to seek resolution of a dispute with their former employer, who they claim sacked them on trumped-up charges, the official Global Times newspaper said.

They gathered at Tsinghua University, one of the nation's most highly regarded, on Sunday and rested their hands on books on the pavement, the report said.

Then, in front of hundreds of bystanders, each in turn held a cleaver and brought it down, cutting the tops off their little fingers and swallowing the severed tips, it added.

"I felt so calm doing that, as we have been driven from pillar to post," Li Bo, one of the men, was quoted as saying.

The four have since been seized by police and forced out of Beijing, the report said.

The case highlights the desperate measures some people in China will take to bring attention to grievances that have been ignored by local governments or courts.

Over the past year, some protesters have even set themselves on fire and died to prevent their houses or businesses from being demolished, in cases that have shocked the nation.

According to Li, the electric power bureau in Hunan's Yongzhou city fired the four in December 2008 on charges of absenteeism, which he says were wrong.

They tried to have their case heard at the city's committee for labour disputes, which rebuffed them, claiming they had never worked for the electricity bureau.

Last month they filed a lawsuit against their former employer but a court in Hunan rejected it, the report said.

Li alleged the four had also received death threats from local government officials in Hunan, and after all legal avenues were exhausted, they decided to come to Beijing as a last resort, it added.

Under a system dating from imperial times, Chinese people can petition government authorities in Beijing over injustices or unresolved disputes.

However, many such petitioners complain of official unresponsiveness to their concerns, while others report being detained by authorities and kicked out of the capital to be sent home.

As Well...Ukranian Man Eats Grandmother Alive

skynews - A 26-year-old Ukranian man has allegedly eaten his grandmother alive.

Computer programmer, Sergei Zhmaryov, has been accused of gouging out 60-year-old Lydia's eyeballs before eating her.

He allegedly used a shard of broken mirror to carve the grandmother's face while she was still conscious.

It is believed Zhmaryov cut her tongue out to stop her screams for help, and then ate it.

He also allegedly cut off her lips and ears. The woman died at the scene.

Ukranian authorities believe it may have been a ritualistic killing.

Zhmaryov was found in his underpants, holding a cross and chanting prayers.

He could face up to 20 years in prison on murder charges.

Fortean / Oddball News - 8/6/2010

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Reports: Bigfoot Returns to Georgia

The following was posted at Brown's Guide to Georgia - Weird Georgia by Jim Miles:


In 2000 a family purchased 30 acres of land in rural Elbert County and took up residence. Since then they and neighbors have had many sightings of a Bigfoot creature. They have found anomalous footprints, smelled the creature, and heard grunts, screams, and whoops, the latter a “low to high bass sound lasting several seconds,” wrote Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) investigator Morris Collins. Also reported were “feelings of being watched, feelings that the family should leave a particular area, and at least one stalking incident involving the witness being separated from her mother, father and the family dog becoming very frightened.” The dog has acted intimidated both inside and outside the house. In one instance a teenager and an adult riding a 4-wheeler on the property sighted the creature.

Encounters often occur when only women are present, a peculiarity noted in other cases. Sightings have happened in all seasons and at every time of day for a decade.

The property contains pine forest, river bottom, a pond, and a large swamp. Access to much of it is barred by thick undergrowth and swamp. The area abounds in fish and game-deer, hogs, and smaller mammals are plentiful. In other words, it is perfect Bigfoot country.

Collins and three other investigators interviewed the family and explored the property in August 2009. They concluded “that the family probably has a Bigfoot either moving through the area on a regular basis or may have one or two living in the immediate area.”

The lady who wrote BFRO, a registered nurse, emphasized: “I DO NOT WANT THIS ANIMAL TO BE HARMED IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE OR REMOVED FROM ITS HABITAT. IT IS NOT A THREAT TO ANYONE OR ANYTHING!” She feared that it would be “hunted down just for the money and fame.”


It was 11:30 p.m. on the night of October 7, 2009, as a couple returned to Florida from North Carolina. They were midway between Homerville and Edith in Clinch County on U.S. 441, an isolated area near the Okefenokee Swamp.

The wife had just switched on an overhead light to consult a map and missed the sighting, but she could not avoid the stench that suddenly filled the car, described by her husband as “very powerful…a combination of sewerlike and a strong musky animal odor.”

The husband saw the creature, described as seven feet in height and weighing up to 300 pounds. He said the creature was a “tall, lanky, humanoid creature,”not as apelike as he would have thought. The hair was a very dark brown or black, long and stringy on the head but only two to three inches long on the body. The arms reached nearly to its knees.

The animal seemed unconcerned about the car and appeared to be inspecting a nearby fresh road kill.

Investigator Ken Johnson of BFRO talked to the witness and found him credible, his written and spoken account detailed.

Jim Miles posts a note: Cryptozoology is a new scientific field which is receiving increasing interest and at least a little grudging respect. Some of the creatures studied have been recently recognized by scientists, while there are a number of cryptids still rumored to be around. The animal that gets the most interest is Bigfoot, whose existence is still doubted by most. However, there are earnest researchers compiling evidence and even actively searching for the elusive entity. To keep abreast of the field I recommend two groups: the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) and the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO). Both BFRO and GCBRO report current sightings, maintain databases of past sightings around the country, and offer features on the topic. The number of Georgia sightings is startling-BFRO has compiled a list of 78 separate Bigfoot sightings in 47 different counties in Georgia. GCBRO has tallied 29 cases in 23 counties.

NOTE: Each time I hear or read the words 'Georgia' and 'Bigfoot' together, I cringe and recall the fiasco in the Summer of 2008. But, there have been some very credible reports coming out of Georgia the past few years, especially in the south Georgia swamp lands...Lon

Reports: Bigfoot Returns to Georgia


NOTE: I was contacted by the company that produces SyFy's 'Fact or Faked'. They are attempting to find original video of paranormal events that can be licensed by them for the show. If you are interested, contact me and I can forward the information to you...Lon

British National Archives: Churchill, Eisenhower Agreed to UFO Cover-Up

Winston Churchill was accused of ordering a cover-up of a Second World War encounter between a UFO and a RAF bomber because he feared public “panic” and loss of faith in religion, newly released secret files disclose.

The former Prime Minister allegedly banned reporting of the “bizarre” incident, off the east coast of England, for half a century amid fears disclosures about unidentified flying objects would create public hysteria.He is said to have made the orders during a secret war meeting with US General Dwight Eisenhower, the then commander of the Allied Forces, at an undisclosed location in America during the latter part of the conflict.

The claims are contained in thousands of pages of declassified files on UFOs, released on Thursday online by the National Archives.

The 18 files, which cover from 1995 to 2003, are made up of more than 5,000 pages of reports, letters, and drawings drawn from correspondence with the public and questions raised in parliament. The allegations involving Churchill were made by the grandson of one his personal bodyguards, an RAF officer who overheard the discussion, who wrote to the Ministry of Defence in 1999 inquiring about the incident after his grandfather disclosed details to his family. - telegraph

The government took the threat of UFOs so seriously in the 1950s that UK intelligence chiefs met to discuss the issue, newly-released files show.

Ministers even went on to commission weekly reports on UFO sightings from a committee of intelligence experts.

The papers also include a wartime account claiming prime minister Winston Churchill ordered a UFO sighting be kept secret to prevent “mass panic”.

The files show reports of UFOs peaked in 1996 – when The X Files was popular.

The Joint Intelligence Committee is better known for providing briefings to the government on matters relating to security, defence and foreign affairs.

But the latest batch of UFO files released from the Ministry of Defence to the National Archives shows that, in 1957, the committee received reports detailing an average of one UFO sighting a week.

The files also include an account of a wartime meeting attended by Winston Churchill in which, it is claimed, the prime minister was so concerned about a reported encounter between a UFO and RAF bombers, that he ordered it be kept secret for at least 50 years to prevent “mass panic”.

Nick Pope, who used to investigate UFO sightings for the MoD, said: “The interesting thing is that most of the UFO files from that period have been destroyed.

“But what happened is that a scientist whose grandfather was one of his [Churchill's] bodyguards, said look, Churchill and Eisenhower got together to cover up this phenomenal UFO sighting, that was witnessed by an RAF crew on their way back from a bombing raid.

“The reason apparently was because Churchill believed it would cause mass panic and it would shatter people’s religious views.”

Reports of sightings of UFOs peaked in 1996 in the UK – when science fiction drama The X Files was popular.

According to the files, there were more than 600 reports in 1996, compared with an average of 240 in the previous five years.

The figures for 1996 show 609 reported sightings of unidentified flying objects, 343 letters from the public to the MoD’s UFO desk and 22 enquiries and questions from MPs.

But by 2009, the MoD’s UFO inquiry desk -Sec(AS)2 – had been closed down.

The 18 files released on Thursday are the latest to come out as part of a three-year project between the MoD and the National Archives.

Dr David Clarke, a UFO consultant to the National Archives, explained why the papers are being made public now.

Dr Clarke told the BBC: “Since the Freedom of Information Act arrived in 2005, this subject – UFOs – have become the third-most popular subject for people to write to the Ministry of Defence saying ‘please could you release this file, or papers that you hold on this particular case’.

“What they’ve decided to do is to be totally open and to say, ‘look we’re not holding any secrets back about this subject we’ve got all these files and we’re going to make them available to the public’.”

One includes details on “aerial phenomena” prepared for a meeting of the Cabinet Office’s Joint Intelligence Committee in April 1957.

According to a note included in the Red Book, the weekly intelligence survey, four incidents involving UFOs tracked by RAF radars were “unexplained”. - BBC

Click image for larger version - A eyewitnesses sketch of an alien encounter of a dark grey, U-shaped alien hovering in the air over Inchkeith in Scotland in 1995

Click image for larger version - Sketch of a UFO that looked like a space station in 1998

The documents also include reports of a famous incident dubbed the "Welsh Roswell" in 1974, where members of the public reported seeing lights in the sky and feeling a tremor in the ground.

Other cases included in the files are:

* A near-miss with an "unidentified object" reported by the captain and first officer of a 737 plane approaching Manchester Airport in 1995.

* A mountain rescue team called to investigate a "crashed UFO" in the Berwyn Mountains in Wales in 1974.

* Attempted break-ins at RAF Rudloe Manor in Wiltshire - sometimes referred to as Britain's "Area 51" - the US's secretive desert military base.

* The Western Isles incident, when a loud explosion was reported in the sky over the Atlantic in the Outer Hebrides.

* The 14-minutes of "missing" film relating to the Blue Streak missile test launch in 1964, believed by some to show a "spaceman".

* A gambler from Leeds who held a 100-1 bet on alien life being discovered before the end of the 20th Century, and who approached the government for evidence to support his claim after the bookmakers refused to pay out. The MoD said it was open-minded about extra-terrestrial life but had no evidence of its existence.

The files come from more than 5,000 pages of UFO reports and letters and drawings from members of the public, as well as questions raised by MPs in Parliament.

More sketches and eyewitness information at Churchill and Eisenhower 'agreed to cover up RAF plane's UFO encounter during WWII', secret files reveal

The files are available to download for free for a month from the website

Click for video

British National Archives: Churchill, Eisenhower Agreed to UFO Cover-Up

Fortean / Oddball News - 8/5/2010

The UFO Bunk Continues From China

ufoblogger - According to Chinese media report on July 26, 2010 citizens of Leshan City saw a Triangular UFO in the sky around 10 A.M.Above three unknown luminous body lead to a group of people gather around in Leshan, city.

Lu Shan who captured the above image with his phone camera describes the unknown round illuminated discs light first appeared in the west to the naked eye to judge its diameter about 20 to 50 cm; 10 minutes, the south from the building the speed of 1 meter per minute slowly move to the north, and the radius is becoming increasingly small and lasting for more than 10 minutes before disappearing.

Professor Wang Sichao, from Purple Mountain Observatory of Chinese Academy of Science, said the identity of those discs still can’t be determined before comprehensive analysis.

Wang explained that formation of a mock sun could be influenced by many respects, including directions of ice crystals in sky, the number of ice crystals and the number of cirrus clouds. Those ice crystals are just like prisms that could cause sunshine to bend and form a circle around the sun.

However, the situation was not adequate enough in Leshan to form this phenomenon, according to Wang.

Based on 39 years of research, Professor Wang discovered a pattern. He found that July and August are the best months for viewing, generally after 10:00 pm. Wang also stated that major UFO sightings tend to occur in years ending with numbers 1, 2 or 7.

After 39 years studying UFOs, Professor Wang concludes that most reports have been hoaxes. The objects spotted were mostly missiles, satellites and meteors. Yet, he admits a few cases still can’t be explained, and these could be actual encounters with alien intelligence.

Since June 30, at least eight UFO sightings were reported in Xinjiang, Hunan, Zhejiang, Chongqing and other parts of China. Some of the objects later turned out to be rockets, planes or lighted kites. Yet, some remain a mystery.

NOTE: the state-controlled Chinese media seems determined to continue publishing these hoaxed sightings...Lon

********** Mongolia!

guardian - Their right hands rise to black-clad chests and flash out in salute to their nation: "Sieg heil!" They praise Hitler's devotion to ethnic purity.

But with their high cheekbones, dark eyes and brown skin, they are hardly the Third Reich's Aryan ideal. A new strain of Nazism has found an unlikely home: Mongolia.

Once again, ultra-nationalists have emerged from an impoverished economy and turned upon outsiders. This time the main targets come from China, the rising power to the south.

Groups such as Tsagaan Khass, or White Swastika, portray themselves as patriots standing up for ordinary citizens in the face of foreign crime, rampant inequality, political indifference and corruption.

But critics say they scapegoat and attack the innocent. The US state department has warned travellers of increased assaults on inter-racial couples in recent years – including organised violence by ultra-nationalist groups.

Dayar Mongol threatened to shave the heads of women who sleep with Chinese men. Three years ago, the leader of Blue Mongol was convicted of murdering his daughter's boyfriend, reportedly because the young man had studied in China.

Though Tsagaan Khass leaders say they do not support violence, they are self-proclaimed Nazis. "Adolf Hitler was someone we respect. He taught us how to preserve national identity," said the 41-year-old co-founder, who calls himself Big Brother.

"We don't agree with his extremism and starting the second world war. We are against all those killings, but we support his ideology. We support nationalism rather than fascism."

It is, by any standards, an extraordinary choice. Under Hitler, Soviet prisoners of war who appeared Mongolian were singled out for execution. More recently, far-right groups in Europe have attacked Mongolian migrants.

Not all ultra-nationalists use this iconography; and widespread ignorance about the Holocaust and other atrocities may help to explain why some do.

Tsagaan Khass points out that the swastika is an ancient Asian symbol – which is true, but does not explain the group's use of Nazi colours, the Nazi eagle and the Nazi salute; or the large picture of the Führer on Big Brother's cigarette case.

Nor does it seem greatly relevant, given their unabashed admiration for Hitler's racial beliefs.

"We have to make sure that as a nation our blood is pure. That's about our independence," said 23-year-old Battur, pointing out that the population is under three million.

"If we start mixing with Chinese, they will slowly swallow us up. Mongolian society is not very rich. Foreigners come with a lot of money and might start taking our women."

Big Brother acknowledges he discovered such ideas through the nationalist groups that emerged in Russia after the Soviet Union's fall; Mongolia had been a satellite state. But the anti-Chinese tinge is distinct and increasingly popular.

"While most people feel far-right discourse is too extreme, there seems to be a consensus that China is imperialistic, 'evil' and intent on taking Mongolia," said Franck Billé of Cambridge University, who is researching representations of Chinese people in Mongolia.

Hip hop tracks such as Don't Go Too Far, You Chinks by 4 Züg – chorus: "shoot them all, all, all" – have been widely played in bars and clubs. Urban myths abound; some believe Beijing has a secret policy of encouraging men to have sex with Mongolian women.

Yet Tsagaan Khass claims it welcomes law-abiding visitors of all races, and Big Brother can certainly be hospitable.

Enthusiastically shaking hands, he says: "Even though you are a British citizen, you are still Asian, and that makes you very cool."

He says the younger members have taught him to be less extreme and the group appears to be reshaping itself – expelling "criminal elements" and insisting on a good education as a prerequisite for membership. One of the leaders is an interior designer.

But critics fear ultra-nationalists are simply becoming more sophisticated and, quietly, more powerful. Tsagaan Khass say it "works closely" with other organisations and is now discussing a merger.

"Some people are in complete denial … [but] we can no longer deny this is a problem," said Anaraa Nyamdorj, of Mongolia's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Centre.

The US state department has noted increased reports of xenophobic attacks since the spring. The UN country review cites a recent vicious assault on three young transgender women. When one of the victims publicly blamed an ultra-nationalist group – not Tsagaan Khass – death threats quickly followed.

"They are getting more support from the public," added Enkhjargal Davaasuren, director of the National Centre Against Violence, who fears that ultra-nationalists are growing more confident and victims too scared to come forward. She pointed to a YouTube video posted last year, showing a man roughly shaving a woman's long hair. The victim's face is buried in her hands, but her hunched body reeks of fear.

Others in Ulan Bator suggest the movement is waning and suspect the groups' menacing stance and claims of 3,000 members are bluster. Billé thinks there is "a lot of posturing".

"We have heard of instances [of violence]. They are not necessarily all right or all wrong," said Javkhlan, a Tsagaan Khass leader. But the group is simply a "law enforcement" body, he maintained: "We do checks; we go to hotels and restaurants to make sure Mongolian girls don't do prostitution and foreigners don't break the laws.

"We don't go through and beat the shit out of everyone. We check our information and make sure it's true."

They rely on police and media pressure to reform such businesses, he added. And if that failed? "We try to avoid using power," he said. "That would be our very last resort."


Beaver Attacks Georgia Fisherman

cbsatlanta - A man went out to fish near the Buford Dam last Thursday, but instead of getting a bite on his line, he was bitten by a wild animal.

Russ McTindal said a beaver clamped down on his arm and wouldn’t let go. “Ever have a chain saw put on your arm?” McTindal asked.

The animal is still out there. McTindal said he is afraid someone’s child could get hurt.

It happened at the edge of the Chattahoochee River, near the Gwinnett and Forsyth County Lines.

McTindal was fishing there with some friends when the swimming animal headed right toward him.

“I stomped in the water and hollered to get him to go away but he sped up a little bit more,” McTindal said.

He tried to use his fishing pole to scare the animal. Neither did any good. “Buddy, I laid into that guy in the back of his neck,” McTindal said.

The animal rushed McTindal and latched onto his pant leg. He reached down to grab the beaver. “Just as I reached down to get him by the nape of the neck, he locked onto me,” McTindal said.

The beaver sank its teeth into McTindal’s right forearm. He wrenched it off. The animal scurried away. McTindal was rushed to the hospital.

But the beaver is still out there, and McTindal is now getting a series of rabies shots.

McTindal said he’s worried about other people’s safety. “I don’t want to see a child hurt up there and I don’t want to see anybody get hurt up there.”

McTindal said he called the Department of Natural Resources. But he said they told him there was little they could do.

CBS Atlanta called DNR and is waiting for the agency to respond.


EU Grants Leprechauns Protected Zone in County Louth

Any wandering Leprechauns should head to County Louth, as the EU has now granted them a protected zone on Cooley Mountains.

Locals in Carlingford who have been campaigning for the designated area for eight years say it's the only part of the country where the 'little people' have been seen.

There is an official hunt for the mischievous folk and their pots of gold in the town this afternoon, with proceeds going to local charities.


Woman Calls 911 in Attempt to Get a Date

This is an interview with Bernadette Music, 43, of Norwood, Ohio, who is in trouble with the law for calling 911, multiple times, as part of her efforts to find a date. She's also been in court for allegedly using her apartment hallway as a restroom. But it's her calls to the emergency number as a date line that are grabbing attention. From WCPO:

Music says she's taking it all in stride and is committed to her boyfriend Jimbo.

"I'm not ashamed of it. What the heck, it happened, I didn't realize I did that," said said.

Fortean / Oddball News - 8/5/2010

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Boeing 'Flying Saucer' UFO Prototype...or Hype?

I found this item on eBay this morning...anybody have information on this? I posted the owner's item description below:

For all you believers out there, this is the closest thing you will ever find to proof that flying saucers do exist.

Here is what I can say for sure....

This model was produced by Boeing in Seattle and was acquired from the remnants of Boeing surplus.

It was sold by a disgruntled employee who was told to get it off his desk because it was a safety hazard, (that's Boeing for you).

Construction appears to be carbon fiber with a solid brass base used for all custom Boeing prototype models.

My contacts at Boeing is an engineer responsible for a certain aspect of testing (1 of 3) at Boeing and who possessed a national security clearance refused to confirm or deny the existence of an actual prototype.

Internet searches provided very curiously similar construction photographs, reportedly of a heat shield.

The saucer call letters correspond to a user name in German active in aeronautical news groups as does the Lauda Air insignia. (the latter fact seemed to make my contact squirm a little in his chair when I told him)

That is all I know, you be the judge...but it sounds like part of a military industrial complex conspiracy to me.

NOTE: The seller included an image of the heat shield for NASA’s Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle that Boeing developed the past few years. I'm sure the seller hyped most of the description in order to sell this 'prototype'...nonetheless, it's an interesting piece that I have not seen before...Lon

Boeing 'Flying Saucer' UFO Prototype...or Hype?


ATTENTION: Hunting For Witnesses and Writers!

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If interested, please forward your anecdote or article to Only original copy will be accepted...please include graphics or images if available. If your submission is copyrighted by you, please provide the terms of use.

Fortean / Oddball News - 8/4/2010

Farmer Shocked as Cow Gives a Pig?

zimdiaspora - A Zimbabwean farmer was left stunned when his cow gave birth to a piglet, it has been reported.

The farmer, Mr Tinos Mberi of Chatsworth in Masvingo eastern highlands of the country said he could not believe his eyes when he saw the strange animal.

He said it was impossible for a pig to mate with a cow.

“The whole body and size was that of a piglet. The nose and mouth was like that of a pig, except that it did not have a hairy body,” said Mr Mberi.

He said it was difficult to attribute the strange occurrence to anything other than witchcraft.

“I think it is the work of some black magicians. How can anyone explain such a horrible occurrence. It is the work of black magicians who are trying to scare me off the land,” said Mr Mberi.

He said this was the first time that his cow has given birth and he had not expected what he got.

The Masvingo Provincial Veterinary Officer, Dr Ernest Dzimwasha, said there was nothing unusual about the incident although it was rare.

“It was simply a deformed calf that looked like a pig. Some deformed calves may look like monsters and we also have some that are known as bulldog-calves.

“These may look like a bulldog but it’s all due to deformities, just like in human beings,” he explained.


Triceratops May 'Never Have Existed'

dailymail - It is one of the most recognisable dinosaurs, part of the Holy Trinity of childhood favourites alongside the brontosaurus and the mighty T-Rex.

But now scientists say that the fearsome three-horned triceratops may never have existed.

Instead new research has raised the possibility that the triceratops was just a young version of a different dinosaur known as a torosaurus.

John Scannella and Jack Horner at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana analysed skulls from dinosaurs that had been classified as triceratops and torosaurus.

Both animals had three horns but at different angles and the torosaurus’ neck-frill was thinner, smoother and had two holes in it.

But the researchers say that the triceratops was just a young version of a torosaurus and its horns changed shape as the dinosaur aged.

When it reached maturity the holes developed in its neck-frill.

The research, which appeared in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, says that the neck-frill and horns changed shape as the animal aged because they were spongy and would not harden until the dinosaur was an adult.

Scannella says. ‘Even in the most mature specimens that we've examined, there is evidence that the skull was still undergoing dramatic changes at the time of death.'

The researchers looked at 9 triceratops skulls and nine torosaurus skulls, which are far rarer.

They discovered that the oldest triceratops skulls showed that thinning in the neck-frill bone where the holes of the torosaurus would eventually appear.

The finding casts doubt on previous theories that the frill on the triceratops was used as a defensive mechanism. Instead it was probably used to display the animal’s maturity, Scannella told New Scientist.

All torosaurus specimens will now be reclassified as triceratops, the scientists said.

in 1903 it was discovered that the brontosaurus was actually a juvenile version of an Apatosaurus, a species that had already been discovered.

In 1877, palaeontologist Othniel Charles Marsh discovered a partial skeleton of what turned out to be a juvenile Apatosaurus.

Two years later, he discovered an intact skeleton of a much larger animal, minus the skull. He added a skull found nearby and named the new animal Brontosaurus (Thunder Lizard).

It later emerged he had taken the head of a Camarasaurus and placed it onto the body of a mature Apatosaurus.

The error was not discovered until 1975.


Beam Me Up, Scotty

npr - "Quantum entanglement" may sound like an awful sci-fi romance flick, but it's actually a phenomenon that physicists say may someday lead to the ability to teleport an object all the way across the galaxy instantly.

It's not exactly the Star Trek version of teleportation, where an object disappears then reappears somewhere else. Rather, it "entangles" two different atoms so that one atom inherits the properties of another.

"According to the quantum theory, everything vibrates," theoretical physicist Michio Kaku tells NPR's Guy Raz. Kaku is a frequent guest on the Science and Discovery channels. "When two electrons are placed close together, they vibrate in unison. When you separate them, that's when all the fireworks start."

This is where quantum entanglement — sometimes described as "teleportation" — begins. "An invisible umbilical cord emerges connecting these two electrons. And you can separate them by as much as a galaxy if you want. Then, if you vibrate one of them, somehow on the other end of the galaxy the other electron knows that its partner is being jiggled."

This process happens even faster than the speed of light, physicists say.

Quantum entanglement isn't a new idea — Einstein once famously referred to it as "spooky action at a distance" — but it wasn't until the past 30 years that scientists were first able to observe this process.

It could one day lead to new types of computers, and some even think entanglement may explain things like telepathy. Scientists aren't quite ready to beam up Scotty yet, but this is the technology that one day may lead to such a feat.

Mirrors and lenses direct lasers at atoms to catalyze entanglement.

The work is being pioneered at places like the Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland. In a basement lab, scientist Christopher Monroe has successfully managed to "entangle" two atoms approximately one meter away from each other.

"It's fun being on the fringe," Monroe says. "This discipline, we don't know where it's going. And that drives me every day."

But Monroe's work is a long way from being able to teleport a living being. The problem with such an act, Kaku says, is that "you have to be destroyed in order to have your body teleported to the other side of the room. So if you've been destroyed and teleported, then who is that person there? They have the same memory, the same jokes, the same everything, except the original was destroyed in the process of being teleported."

So if one was to be teleported, would he or she simply be re-created but not able to tell the difference? Stay tuned to the Joint Quantum Institute website to see if they ask for volunteers.


Fearing Sister-In-Law is a Witch, Man Chops Off Her Tongue

ptinews - Acting on the diktat of a community panchayat, a man chopped off the tongue of his sister-in-law on the suspicion that she was practising witchcraft in Kyorpur area, police said here.

Sahdeo chopped off the tongue of his sister-in-law Jageshwari on the diktat of the community panchayat in Karhaiya village yesterday, Superintendent of Police Pritinder Singh said.

Sahdeo's daughter Sonia (4), who was ailing for the last few months, died on Sunday. Some exorcists told Sahdeo that Jogeshwari was responsible for Sonia's death as her tongue was in grip of evil spirits, he said.

The exorcists threatened Sahdeo that if Jogeshwari's tongue was not chopped off his second daughter would also die.

Sahdeo later took the matter before the community panchayat, which held Jogeshwari guilty and ordered to chop off her tongue.

NOTE: I bet this guy's mother-in-law ran for the hills...Lon


Us 'Star Wars' Fans Can Appreciate This One.....

Fortean / Oddball News - 8/4/2010

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Paranormal Evidence Gathered at Historic Ontario Farm

thestar - Steve Genier sat in a wooden chair at the parlour tea table, steps away from where nearly 80 years ago Henry Breckon’s body lay prepped for burial.

The air was still and hot. The house was silent, the room dark. Genier waited, alone, for something to happen.

Then he felt it. A tug — an unmistakable playful pull — on his left shoulder.

He jumped out of his chair and looked around. The room was empty.

His mind calculated. “Was it the wind? Maybe I moved slightly,” he thought.

“But none of it made sense,” he says. “Because I was just sitting there, not moving at all.”

No one knows who or what haunts Spruce Lane Farmhouse, a sprawling Victorian home nestled in a thick of century-old maple trees in Oakville’s Bronte Provincial Park. But that’s where Genier comes in. He’s investigating the house’s haunted status with his team at the Southern Ontario Paranormal Society.

Genier is one of a slew of investigators the park has brought in over the past year to collect evidence of paranormal activity for their summer ghost tour. The television show Ghost Trackers even recorded an episode at the farm.

Built in 1899, the Spruce Lane Farmhouse was home to the Breckon family — Henry, his wife Margaret, and their children Christine, Alice and Gordon — until the 1950s.

Some think the haunting presence is Henry, who died in 1931. Nothing is known about his death except that his body was laid out in the front parlour for a days-long wake.

But those who know the house best believe it’s haunted by a friendly presence; perhaps, Andrew Cirtwill suggests, the energy left behind by guests who lived at the farmhouse or visited when it was rented throughout the 50s and 60s.

“I feel safer here than most places,” says Cirtwill, who is costumed in a fake mustache and full Victorian suit he made himself.

Cirtwill is the park’s natural heritage education leader and summer ghost-tour guide. As he leads Star reporters through the house, he points out rooms and items of ghostly interest.

There’s the smoking room door people say opens and closes on its own. Some visitors, on separate occasions, have felt like a servant was following them around. Whispered words, footsteps and children’s laughter has been heard in various parts of the house.

Many people say they’ve felt an energy or presence they just can’t explain.

Cirtwill, 28, remembers experiencing an overwhelming sense of guilt when he returned to the house one day after having taken apart the dining room table to prepare for a special event.

“It was like someone or something was really mad,” he says. “Once the table was back together and looking like before, it was almost like it was appreciated.”

Since then, Cirtwill says he talks to the house. He says hello when he enters and quietly lets the house know if he’s doing anything unusual.

“I came in today and said ‘look pretty, because we’re going to have some pictures taken,’” Cirtwill says, laughing.

His fellow tour guides — Victoria Cirtwill, his wife, and Cathy Entwistle —grin and nod in agreement. They speak to the house, too.

Non-believers might scowl at such behaviour. And many would claim Genier’s shoulder-tug story is the result of an overactive imagination.

But Genier prides himself on being a skeptic because he says it’s a job requirement in the ghost-hunting business.

“I think it’s healthy to be skeptical because if you’re not you’ll think everything is a ghost,” he says.

“Ninety per cent of claims that people have are easily explainable,” he says.

Genier, 41, works for an independent film company when he’s not tracking ghosts. When he’s called to investigate a house he learns everything he can about the stories attached to it and then visits the house to conduct an investigation. His team observes, records video and tries to collect Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) — recordings of voices and sounds that can’t usually be heard by the human hear.

Believers say EVP is how spirits try to communicate with us. Non-believers say it’s just a trick of the mind or electronic interference.

At the Spruce Lane farm, Genier’s team collected EVPs of what they say sounds like children laughing and people murmuring and speaking — those recordings will be played throughout the park’s summer ghost tours.

Genier says Spruce Lane was a landmark in his ghost career. He had never been physically touched during an investigation before. Genier isn’t saying there is no explanation for it — he’s just saying he doesn’t have one.

“You sit there and you go to yourself what could that be?” he says. “It just makes you think: Is there something going on?

“And that’s what I want to know.”

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Paranormal Evidence Gathered at Historic Ontario Farm
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