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Legendary Humanoids: Genderuwo, Evil Seductor

Some mythical creatures have their origin in tradition and tales from the distant past. However, each culture is associated with a multitude of interesting and odd creatures, many of these beings are humanoids. One of these legendary humanoids is the Genderuwo.

Genderuwa (from the Java language: 'Genderuwo') is a Javanese myth about a type of the jinn or spirit that can manifest into human-like apes, big and stout with reddish black color, his body covered with thick hair. Genderuwa are most widely known in Java, Indonesia. Sundanese people call it "Gandaruwo" and the Javanese people generally call it "Gendruwo".

They are said to dwell in large trees that are shaded or damp corners of deserted buildings. According to myth, this creature resides in forest areas such as Teak Forest Nature Reserve Danalaya, Slogohimo district and in the White Weak, Purwosari, Girimulyo in Kulon Progo.

This entity is believed to communicate and make direct contact with humans. Various legends say that Genderuwo can change the appearance of its physical form to follow someone or to entice people. The Genderuwo creature is believed to be idle and dissolute, has the tendency to tease people, especially women and children. Genderuwo is sometimes happy slapping a women's rump, caressing her body while she slept, or even to switch women’s undergarments to others. Genderuwo occasionally appear in the form of furry little creatures that can grow in an instant. Genderuwo also like to throw stones at people’s houses at night. The Genderuwo is known to tempt lonely wifes when husbands leave or those that become widowed. Sometimes, Genderuwo have sexual relationships with these women in order impregnate them and produce more Genderuwo.

According to legend, The Genderuwo has a very strong ability to attract women. Genderuwo's sexual game is said to be unusual and that women feel often satisfied and extend extraordinary favors. Genderuwos have very strong libidos and possess seduction skills far superior to men.

There is a legend that states Genderuwo can enter and remain happy in the womb of a woman if an intimate relationship forms between the woman and the Genderuwo and that the desire never wains until one dies...which is usually the woman. At that point, the Genderuwo moves on to his next sexual conquest. There is little a woman can do to deter the advances of this creature.

The Genderuwa myth has been widely used in many modern entertainment media forms, mainly in horror films from Indonesia and Malaysia where Javanese communities still practice the beliefs and culture of Java. An Indonesian man who seems to possess an unusual knack for seducing women of all ages is seen as a Genderuwa and considered to be touched by evil and capable of committing horrible acts.

Legendary Humanoids: Genderuwo, Evil Seductor

Sighting of Large UFO Causes Stir at Malaysian Beach Resort

thebournepost - An unidentified flying object (UFO) was reported sighted at a beach resort in Tuaran recently.

The round blue object, which was said to be hovering in the sky near the Tuaran Beach Resort, was sighted by resort guests and employees.

Tuaran Beach Resort restaurant manager, James Dungil, 27, who were among the eyewitnesses said the object was sighted on Saturday around 4pm.

“I was in the restaurant with some friends and saw some guests pointing up to the sky.

“We were curious so we went out to see what the commotion was all about and I saw a round transparent object in the sky,” he said when contacted yesterday.

James said he and some others then ran up to the resort’s family living room, located on the second floor, to have a better view.

“I managed to take one photo before it disappeared out of sight,” he said, adding that there was no sound or shining light when the object vanished.

Several other guests and employees, who claimed to have also spotted the object, said it hovered in the air for a few minutes before disappearing.

Some even claimed that their handphones “went dead” when they tried to record the object with the devices.

Another witness, Donny Benedict, 29, said he did not believe in the existence of UFOs, but changed his mind upon watching the unusual sight.

“I saw the object for about 20 seconds before it disappeared.

“It’s strange that it did not make any noise like a normal aircraft,” he said, adding that he regretted not being able to take a picture of the object with his handphone as it was out of battery.

Claims of UFO sighting were also made in Hangzhou, China on July 7, forcing an airport to cease operations for one hour.

A flight crew preparing for descend first detected the object around 8.40pm and notified the air traffic control department.

Aviation authorities responded within minutes, grounding outbound flights and diverting inbound ones to airports in Ningbo and Wuxi.

Eighteen flights were affected. Though normal operations resumed an hour later, the incident captured the attention of the Chinese media and sparked a firestorm of speculation on the UFO’s identity.

Internet users claimed that the object was a US bomber flying towards China but it was neither a US missile nor a Russian satellite.

Some even suggested that the Chinese military was responsible for the UFO; a new missile or aircraft being tested out.


thestar - Sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) have been reported by guests and employees at a beach resort near Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Harian Metro reported.

The tabloid even published a front-page blurb of the object, which had apparently caused much excitement and uneasiness among those staying at the Tuaran Beach Resort.

One of the guests, Jemas Dungil, 27, told the tabloid that a woman shouted when she saw a round blue flying object in the sky.

“We came out of a hall to see what the commotion was all about and I saw a round blue disc in the sky.

“It turned green a few seconds later,” she said.

Several other guests and employees, who claimed to have also spotted the object, said it hovered in the air for a few minutes before disappearing.

Some even claimed that their handphones “went dead” when they tried to record the object with the devices.

Jemas said although she managed to capture a picture of the object, she did not believe that it was a UFO.

“What I saw was really extraordinary because it happened right in front of me,” she said.

Another witness, Donny Benedict, 29, said he did not believe in the existence of UFOs, but changed his mind upon watching the unusual sight.

“I saw the object for about 20 seconds before it disappeared.

“It’s strange that it did not make any noise like a normal aircraft,” he said, adding that he regretted not being able to take a picture of the object with his handphone as it was out of battery.

NOTE: well, it seems there were multiple witnesses and it's hard to think that something this size was either a balloon or military craft...especially in Malaysia. Anyway, I'm interested in your thoughts...Lon

Sighting of Large UFO Causes Stir at Malaysian Beach Resort

Fortean / Oddball News - 7/24/2010

UFO Near White House Emits Light Ray

A hyperdimensional UFO in over flight approximately one mile south east of the White House in Washington, DC appears to have fired a ray of light or directed energy beam in the vicinity of the White House.

The incident, which occurred on July 20, 2010 at 3:18 AM, was photographed in high-speed, high definition photographs by Wilbur “Will” Allen, a former White House employee and Air Force One engineer under U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. Mr. Allen is also a talented professional photographer for major motion picture studios such as Warner Brothers and record labels such as DefJam.

Mr. Allen states, “On July 20, 2010 at 3:18:07 AM in NW Washington DC, a relatively short distance from the White House, I imaged a slow moving UFO pulse through the sky, and then [observed the UFO] fire an energy beam which extended from it.” Mr. Allan also states, “I took several stationary images of the stars as I usually do. However, there is one object I thought to be a star, moving and then discharging a beam of light!!!.... There is one frame that does not make much sense? A Star is either moving or shooting a beam of light that is ‘bent’? The motion is not registered with any of the other ‘stars’ in this sampling.” Continue reading at UFO near White House emits ray of light: horseplay, false flag or ‘socially destabilizing’ event?

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China's 'Hairy Man' Back in the News

metro - 32-year-old Yu Zhenhuan has hair that covers 96 per cent of his body, due to a rare hormone imbalance.

Having previously starred in a number of movies and flirting with a singing career, Zhenhuan attempted to land the lead role of The Monkey King in a television adaptation of Journey to the West.

Unfortunately, the director decided that he wasn't attractive enough, prompting Zhenhuan's decision to undergo surgery.

'I thought I was the best candidate, as I look like a monkey and my nickname is monkey man,' he stated.

'I read through the book and found professional hair dressers to make me into a real monkey man. But I failed the audition because I am not good looking enough.

'I am going to have surgery to get rid of the hair and facial plastic surgery to make myself look more like a pretty monkey, and make the director regret his decision,' he told the China Youth Times.


India Unveils $35 Laptop

India's Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal this week unveiled the low-cost computing device that is designed for students, saying his department had started talks with global manufacturers to start mass production.

"We have reached a (developmental) stage that today, the motherboard, its chip, the processing, connectivity, all of them cumulatively cost around $35, including memory, display, everything," he told a news conference.

He said the touchscreen gadget was packed with Internet browsers, PDF reader and video conferencing facilities but its hardware was created with sufficient flexibility to incorporate new components according to user requirement.

Sibal said the Linux based computing device was expected to be introduced to higher education institutions from 2011 but the aim was to drop the price further to $20 and ultimately to $10. The device was developed by research teams at India's premier technological institutes, the Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Science.

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NOTE: in others words, we're all paying way too much for our computers. I burn through a laptop every 18 months or so...Lon


Vatican Inquisition Warning to Outspoken American Nuns

I spent an afternoon with six nuns. They are all women of a certain age who look like your grandmother. White hair. Sensible shoes.

These sisters have served the church faithfully for decades. They have advanced academic degrees. And experience running complex things like hospitals and schools.

They are furious.

Not a ranting, raving kind of fury. But a quieter, deeper anger born of betrayal and disrespect.

And it's directed quite specifically. Not at priests in general, because these nuns honor and respect many of the priests they know. They are outraged at specific priests who have betrayed the cloth. And at the curia in Rome which, in its insulation and tone-deafness, has time and again failed to respond in a timely, open and transparent manner to the worst of all abuses -- the violation of young people under their protection.

The sisters and I met over the Fourth of July weekend. The Vatican had not yet issued its mind-boggling declaration of "grave sins" that stuck the attempted ordination of women on the same list as pedophilia. That outrage was yet to come.

Instead, the sisters and I talked about the continuing Vatican investigation of nuns. It is a two-pronged probe in which religious orders of women in America are being questioned about their lifestyles, their faithfulness to church orthodoxy and about their concerns for the future of the church.

One nun told me that one of the sisters in her order responded recently to her Vatican-sent questioner by saying that among her serious concerns were the continued revelations about priestly pedophilia. No sooner had she given that answer than she realized from the look on her inquisitor's face that she'd just flunked the test.

The interrogation of American nuns, as you may know, will not result in a published report. The Vatican will conclude its chilling probe but will keep its conclusions to itself. A stern way of warning sisters they'd better straighten up and fly right, that someone above them is watching. No, not God. But the boys in Rome who are displeased with their independence and outspokenness. That no doubt includes Cardinal Bernard Law, the obstructor of justice from Boston about whom I have written often. Law lives a fabulous life in Rome, flies first class and remains a member of the College of Cardinals despite his massive role in the church's cover-up of pedophilia in the United States.

Law has never been prosecuted, defrocked or excommunicated. The church saves its speedy justice for its women. Like Sister Margaret McBride, an administrator at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, who in May realized the only way to save the life of a pregnant 26-year-old mother of four was to abort her fetus. Otherwise, both mother and baby would die.

Bishop Thomas J. Olmstead quickly excommunicated her. His decision has horrified many Catholic clergy and lay people alike.

On the heels of that shocking injustice dispensed to a sister dedicated to saving lives came the church's July document explaining "more grave sins."

It was supposed to demonstrate just how seriously the church is now dealing with relentless, daily revelations of sex abuse across Europe.

And to express the church's determination to deal expeditiously with offenders.

But by tossing in the attempted ordination of women, it looked for all the world as though the Vatican was equating the two.

Not so, assured Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington.

Wuerl "was left to attempt to convince the skeptics in the United States that the Church loves and values women," according to the National Catholic Reporter.

Sure it does.

As long as they know their place.


Georgian Cat Gives Birth to Puppy?

A cat in the eastern village of Georgia has given birth to a puppy, Georgian media reported Friday. The owner said the cat was in labor for several days before bearing a pup that has its mom’s ears and tail.

The story, which showed the cat breastfeeding her healthy pup, received substantial coverage on Georgian television. Yet zoologists have been unable to provide a definite explanation for the incident or disprove it. They have, however, suggested that radiation could be a possible cause.

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Fortean / Oddball News - 7/24/2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cryptid Sightings: Jefferson / Orange Counties - Texas Gulf Coast

I received the following email from Vidor, Texas in reference a cryptid sighting in or near Rose City, Texas approximately 10 years ago. After reading this email, it reminded me of sightings I had read about in the same general area. I decided to see what I could find:

"I do not know about all the things you talk about, but my recently deceased Uncle Albert once told me of his grandfather having seen a big foot in Arkansas. A local man shot what he thought was a bear. They hung it in the town square until it started to stink up the place. The county is to the east of the county they made the big foot movie about. I do not have any verification."

"About 10 years ago in Rose City, Texas, I drove around the curve on highway 90 just before the railroad crossing to IH-10. Standing in the grass next to the ditch/slew between the two railroads I saw a creature I have never seen in any book or anywhere else. It was upright like a man. It was as tall as a buck dear, but had a shape & stance more like a rooster. It's eyes were very expressive. It's expression was like 'oh no, you aren't suppose to see me', but not afraid. It had a ridge that was variegated and reminded me of a child's hoola-hoop in shape/design. That ridge went up it's chest, face, over the head and down it's back like a horses mane. It's skin was light tan like deer fur, but had a soft scaled appearance. It moved very fast. I assume it went into the stagnant water behind him because it was gone before I got to the curve where it had been standing. I did not get out or stop since I was by myself."

Vidor, TX resident

NOTE: That's an excellent description and one that I have never heard before. Any ideas? Sounds like a creature that would definitely be from the 'other side'...Lon


The following is a BFRO Class A report from a sighting just east of Rose City, TX in Orange, TX:

Report # 21438 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, September 02, 2007. Late Night Sighting by Motorist near I-10

YEAR: 2007

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 13

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Orange County



OBSERVED: my mom and I where driving home from a friends house and we noticed a very large man crouched on the side of the road so we turned the car around to see if he needed help by the time we had returned he was gone so we continued on are way and about a quarter of a mile down the road we saw a very large thing cross the road in two steps it walked upright had very dark brown red shaggy fur and it had to have been 7.5-8 foot in height after we witnessed this we where pretty spooked so we didn't stick around

ALSO NOTICED: I noticed that it had pulled up some wild onions

OTHER WITNESSES: one other witness

OTHER STORIES: yes a close family friend said that he had seen it at the same location about 20 years ago

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 9:01pm fairly light hot and dry

ENVIRONMENT: farmland with swampy woods about a mile east of sighting location

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator D.A. Brake:

The witness was interviewed in detail by phone. The witness was a passenger in the car driven by her mother and was traveling approximately 40 mph when it passed the crouched animal with its back to the road approximately 10-20 ft off the passenger side of the road. They continued approximately ¼ mile down the road, turned around and started back to the area of the sighting moving at a slower speed of 25-30 mph. Their car continued past the point of the first sighting at which point another car was noticed approaching from the other direction.

In the headlights of both cars, the witness described seeing a bi-pedal animal cross the road approximately 150 feet in front of their car, moving from left to right. She described the creature as moving at a fast walk, slightly hunched forward and having a pointed head, unusually long arms with hair on its back, chest and upper thighs. She also described the animal as having an athletic build and weighing at least 400 lbs. The animal did not turn its head toward either car while crossing and appeared to be carrying root-like objects in its left hand. When the creature reached the other side of the road, it briefly stopped and looked left and right and then disappeared into the tall bushes. The animal was not observed by the time the car passed the point where the animal had entered the bushes. They continued up the road and then turned around and started back in the original direction they were headed and do not see anything further.

The next morning the witness and mother returned to the point of the sighting where the creature was first spotted crouching by the road. The witness looked around the area and noticed that the ground had been dug up and described it as looking similar to what a wild pig may do when feeding on plants and roots. She also noticed several broken branches about 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter about 4-5’ off the ground. No footprints were observed and the witness commented that it had rained late the previous night and into that morning.

The witness lives approximately 10 miles from the area of the sighting and travels this same road 3-4 times a week. A Union Pacific railroad line runs parallel to the road. The area of the sighting is fairly rural with forested hardwoods and pines with sporadic swamps and farmland on both sides of the road. The witness spends a lot of time outdoors hunting and fishing and is familiar with the indigenous animals of the area.

BFRO Investigator D.A. Brake


The following account is from a sighting in an area by the Neches River near Beaumont, TX...not far from the sightings posted above:

"Two friends and I were fishing in South Texas on the bank of the Neches River about three in the afternoon. We had been there about four hours when my friend said something about hearing something in the woods behind us. We all had been hearing it but were not concerned and did not think it was important."

"Anyway, my friend Tim turned around and almost had a heart attack. He just kind of whimpered because he was too scared to talk. It is funny now but was rather serious then. Anyway, we all turned around to see a very large animal standing just outside of the treeline looking at us as if he wanted something. Well needless to say we did not stick around to see what it wanted. We all backed into the water about ten or fifteen feet and then walked down the river until we were at least fifty feet downriver from it."

"The thing we saw was a good six and a half to seven feet tall with hair all over it. It did not appear mean and I think if it was I would not be telling you about it. Anyway, we left. Only thing was we left all our gear so we went back the next day to get our stuff and found the darnedest thing. All our stuff was there except the stink bait. The can was there but the bait had been scooped out and I guess eaten. I don’t know if it had eaten it or what but I think that is what it was there for in the first place. It smelled our bait and thought maybe it could get an easy meal."

"When I think back on it now I can’t help but think that if we had not left when we saw it then it would probably just have left. It did not seem mean or aggravated at all. We were just scared anyhow. That is my story. I swear its true. My name is Thomas Vick. I won’t tell the names of my friends but can tell you they, like me, will never forget that day. But you know I feel very fortunate to be able to say that I have seen what I’ve seen and I think that it is really cool. By the way, we were fishing on the bank of the Neches River near Beaumont, Texas."


This report was filed in reference to a sighting in Jefferson County, TX (near the area of the previous report) on October 1984 to the TBRC:

Report #01060011
Occurred October 15, 1984 -(Submitted April 7, 2006)

Witness Observation:

I was squirrel hunting out around Pine Island Bayou in the early afternoon. I was walking down a make shift trail running beside the bayou. The area was pretty open and you could see everything clearly. No high brush or dense wooded areas either. I was sitting on an old tree that had fallen and was snacking on something and petting my dog that was with me, half lab/half pit bull. We were sitting there when all of a sudden we heard this splashing noise coming from the bayou which was probably 50 feet to the side of me. The splashing was probably 200 feet away from me down the trail. My dog snapped to attention and I had my shotgun pulled and ready for whatever we saw. Up the bank came this large creature walking on 2 legs. It looked right at me and took a step toward me when my dog started growling and barking at it. It was probably 6'5" - 7'0", covered in dark brown, somewhat wet hair from head to toe. It looked right at me and it looked like the face of a man who had not shaved in many years but it was very intimidating. Well, my dog started to run toward it and it picked up an old log and threw it at him, then turned around and ran back across the bayou and back into the woods on the other side. It had made a kind of growling/yelling noise when it threw the log at him. I did shoot at it when it threw the log but I only had a single shot .410 and I do not know if any of the buckshot hit him. It scared me so bad that instead of running back up the trail I had came down, I just ran straight into the woods behind me until I came to the first house in the back part of the sub-division and never looked back until I hit the road that was there and waited for my dog to catch up to me. From that day forth I have never went back into those woods or any woods around me. I have not told anyone until recently we saw the report on the Travel Channel and I told my wife what I saw. I did not stay around or go back and look for anything. I will say this, I still have dreams/nightmares of that moment.

Physical Evidence: I did not go back and look nor did I tell anyone about it.

Sounds: It growled/yelled

Additional Observations: Large creature walking on 2 legs. It was probably 6' 5" - 7' 0", covered in dark brown, somewhat wet hair from head to toe. It looked right at me and it looked like the face of a man who had not shaved in many years but it was very intimidating. No. Too far away to notice.

This was at Pine Island Bayou, back of Bevil Oaks Subdivision, (now part of a Big Thicket National Preserve corridor)

Time and Conditions: 2:00pm - Clear and Cool. Swampy & wooded.

Investigator's Comments:

Bob Hilliard

I spoke with the witness on 25 May 2006. He gave me no reasons to dismiss his report, was very cordial and seemed very sincere about what he allegedly saw.

As stated in his report, the witness told me that he was hunting for squirrels with his dog behind the Bevil Oaks subdivision and was sitting about 50 feet from Pine Island Bayou. He reportedly heard a loud splashing sound and then sounds like something large coming through the water to his side of the bayou. Thinking maybe it was a deer, the witness stated that he crouched down so that it would not see him. The witness went on to tell me that to his surprise, "a large creature with dark brown, almost black hair, walking on two legs, came up the bank."

The witness said that it looked straight at him and its face looked very human. The witness reported that when his dog started barking, the strange subject made sort of a growling yelp, threw a small log their way, then turned and went back across the bayou and into the woods. He said the bayou is at least five feet deep but the subject had no problem at all crossing it.

The witness stated that the wind was behind him and the subject was about 50 to 75 yards away so there was no smell. He also stated that he had seen some tracks earlier but thought the reason they were so big was because the person making them was sliding in the slick mud.

After thinking about it later on, the witness said:
1. No one would be walking around out there barefoot and;
2. He didn't remember seeing any slide marks.

When asked if he had had any other experiences in the area or heard of any more sightings, the witness replied that two of his friends had supposedly heard some strange whooping and howling in the same area and that there was another alleged sighting a couple of years later further on down the bayou. The witness had not heard of anything recently.

It is my assessment that the witness seemed credible, was very forthcoming and answered all my questions as best he could. The witness told me that he just recently told his wife about his sighting because he had seen the TBRC on the Travel Channel; according to his own testimony, he has never told anyone else.

The area in which the sighting occurred is now quite developed, although much less so at the time of the alleged event. About three miles from this area to the west, the Big Thicket National Preserve Bayou corridor continues into Little Pine Island Bayou, which eventually runs through the Lance Rosier Unit, and on northward toward the Turkey Creek and Big Sandy Creek units; none of the units mentioned here are without reported "wild man" sightings, both aged and recent.

Phantoms and Monsters archives

Cryptid Sightings: Jefferson / Orange Counties - Texas Gulf Coast

Photos: 'Ghost' Appears In Two Photos From Different Tours

The shadowy woman has now shown up in the photographs of two tourists following visits to Mary King's Close

STV - Staff at one of Edinburgh’s spookiest tourist attractions have been left mystified after a ghostly figure showed up in the photographs of two separate tourists.

Bosses at Mary King’s Close say the blond haired woman who appeared in images from two different tours was definitely not a customer.

Both photos appear to show one person more than expected and staff believe that on close inspection, the ghostly figure appears to be the same woman.

Staff were first alerted to their unexpected visitor last October, when a member of the public queried their souvenir photograph. A few weeks later, the same thing happened with a different tourist, and staff say they have been trying to figure out what is going on ever since.

They have now introduced later night tours for the month of August in a bid to get to the bottom of the mystery. And they have asked anyone who sees a strange apparition in their pictures to allow them to be examined.

Lisa Robshaw, spokesperson for The Real Mary King’s Close, said: “We hope that by extending the hours of opening we can get to the bottom of this mystery.

“We’ve long been associated with supernatural and unexplained stories. We’ve had sightings of dark shadowy figures who lurk in the myriad of passageways, rooms and corners of the Closes, and reports of lots of strange noises – these images seem to give us even more evidence.

“By running tours late in to the night with the last one finishing at midnight, we hope that this might make the ghostly image reappear. “

Ms Robshaw insisted the images had not been doctored by staff, adding: “We have spent a long time studying these photographs and cannot come to a satisfactory conclusion. In both these images there appears to be a blurry ghostly image of a blond haired lady which we cannot explain, and we hope that by making the images public that someone might be able to help.

“If there are people in the images who can explain who the lady is we would love to hear from them. We’ve tested the static camera that we use and it appears to be working normally so we really do not have an explanation. We just want to try and understand what has happened.”



Mary King's Close is said to be one of Scotland's most haunted areas. Situated just off Edinburgh's Royal Mile, Mary King's Close is a real step back in time. The close, or street, has a dark history, and since it reopened, it has become a major tourist attraction. It is a draw not only for ghost hunters, but also for anyone wishing to view a real 17th century street.

Edinburgh itself is a city full of small, winding streets and dark alleyways. It is a historic city, and many of the original buildings date back centuries. Mary King's Close is one of the oldest streets now available for the public to view. It is a dark, winding street full of original shops and houses from the 17th century.

Like many Edinburgh streets in the 17th century, conditions were less than sanitary in Mary King's Close. Human waste was simply thrown out of windows onto the street. The inhabitants of the houses were poor, and illness was rife.

During the time when the plague raged in Britain, Scotland lost over a quarter of its population to the disease. Mary King's Close was rife with plague. City leaders decided to take the inhumane action of sealing off Mary King's Close in order to contain the plague that ravaged the inhabitants. Many experts claim that religion also played a role in this decision, as the street was inhabited mainly by Catholics.

Mary King's Close is mainly situated underground, and both ends were sealed with bricks in 1644, leaving the inhabitants to die inside. It was estimated that almost 600 people were found dead when the street was reopened within a year. Butchers sliced up the bodies, and they were taken through the streets of Edinburgh and buried in huge, mass graves.

Life once again resumed in Mary King's Close, mainly due to the cheap rents offered to new tenants. In the 19th century, the close was emptied and again permanently sealed up. It has been reported that the close was rediscovered by workmen digging above the street.

Since Mary King's Close has reopened, thousands of visitors have flocked to the street. Many have been attracted by stories of ghosts, and it has become a regular site for paranormal investigators. The dark, claustrophobic atmosphere of the streets, houses, and shops has also led many visitors to leave the close minutes after entering.

The most famous spectral inhabitant is said to be the ghost of 10-year-old Annie, who died of the plague. Many people have reported feeling her presence, including psychics who have noted temperature changes when entering her room. Visitors to the close now leave dolls and sweets in the room Annie is supposed to haunt. Ghosts aside, Mary King's Close is an excellent historical tour of a forgotten age.

NOTE: If they have the head counts right then a phantom may be taking in the tour. I've had several anecdotes and photos of apparitions popping up during tours of Scottish sites. BTW, Mary King's Close is definitely a place you want to see if you find yourself in Edinburgh...several friends and associates have had some strange encounters there...Lon

Photos: 'Ghost' Appears In Two Photos From Different Tours

Fortean / Oddball News - 7/23/2010

Saudi Man Chained For Six Years...Father Believes He Is Possessed By Evil Female Genie

A Saudi man has been chained in a basement apartment for more than six years because his father believes he is possessed by an evil female genie.

'When he has fits he has convulsions and his entire body twists and his eyes become completely white,' said the father of the 29-year-old man who has been identified only as Turki.

'Then the voice of a woman can be heard coming from him.'

When Turki first began behaving bizarrely, his father took him to local Muslim clerics to recite the Koran over him.

'But most of them became scared when they heard the female voice telling them that she was a royal jinn (genie) and that no-one can exorcise her unless Turki dies,' his father said.

One cleric advised him to shackle his son’s arms and legs in chains and read the Koran to him.

But genies, or jinn, in Islamic theology can be much more sinister. Some are good, others bad.

They are believed to be normally invisible but have the ability to assume human or animal form and are often said to be motivated by jealousy or revenge.

'We did this. My son became quiet but is totally unaware of what is happening around him. He does not talk and is now unable to harm anyone,' Turki’s father told Arab News, an English language Saudi daily.

A Saudi family last year took a 'genie' to court, accusing it of theft and harassment.

The jinn was said to have terrified the children by throwing stones, stealing mobile phones and speaking in male and female voices.

Turki lives in a tiny, two-room basement apartment with his impoverished mother and her three other children in the holy city of Mecca. They survive on £150 a month from social security.

His parents divorced before he was 'possessed'.

Turki’s father claimed he himself was afflicted by a jinn at the age of nine and suffered for more than four decades until it was exorcised by a cleric.

'I used to see a woman who would at times appear very beautiful and at times extremely ugly,' he said.

On some occasions she was 'surrounded by fire' and on others appeared 'with animal limbs'.

A Saudi human rights activist and professor in Sharia (Islamic law) who visited Turki found him to be in a 'semi-coma'.

Muhammad Al-Suhali said Turki 'did not know what was going on around him. He could not eat, drink or use the toilet without the help of others'.

The professor added that when started to read some Koranic verses, Turki became furious and shook until he nearly fell out of his bed.

'When I stopped reciting, he became quiet again but was distant and unaware of what was happening,' Suhali told Arab News.

He praised Turki’s young wife for staying with him despite his frightening condition.

Suhali called on Saudi Ministry of Social Affairs to provide the family with better accommodation and to include Turki in its social security programme.

NOTE: Another fine example of Saudi barbarism...I just wonder how much stuff we never hear about...Lon


Big Cat Reported in Central Ohio

newarkadvocate - The latest unusual animal sighting in Granville was even more inconclusive than the last

The resident of the east side of the village who saw it said she thinks it was in the cat family. A state wildlife expert said it is more likely to be in the dog family.

Rose Wingert, of Victoria Drive, reported seeing the animal in front of her home the morning of July 13. The animal ran away quickly, but Wingert said she was able to get a good look at it.

She said her first impression had been that it might be a coyote. But after checking photos of coyotes on the Internet, she decided the animal she saw wasn't one.

"At first, I didn't think too much of it, but then I started wondering, 'What was it?'" she said. "It was a lean and long animal," she added in an e-mail. "It was not a mountain lion, but a rare type of cat."

Contacted about identifying the animal, Andrew J. Montoney, state director for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services in Reynoldsburg, said based on the description from Wingert, the animal is more likely to be in the dog family than the cat family.

Montoney said there are no native "cat" species matching this description in Ohio. However, he said the description -- a body about 3 feet long, a long tail and short fur of mottled (browns, blacks and grays) color -- could match any of three common "dog-like" species native to Ohio: the coyote, red fox and gray fox.

It also could have been a non-native, exotic animal, Montoney said.

"There are periodic reports of people seeing non-native (exotic) animals all throughout Ohio," he wrote in an e-mail. "When verified, these exotic animals usually turn out to be someone's pet that escaped or was intentionally turned loose due to difficulty of raising a wild animal. But these verified incidents are rare and uncommon."

Granville police received a report on the sighting the evening of July 13 but did not send out an officer. Granville Police Chief Jim Mason, who wasn't on duty at the time, said an officer mostly likely would have been sent if the report were timely.

In April 2008, another east-side resident, Char Donelan, reported seeing an unusual animal in her backyard on Longford Drive. The animal she described resembled the one Wingert reported. After viewing a video a neighbor took of the animal, Donelan said she thought it to be a coyote.


The Oklahoma 'Panty' Bandit

news9 - A middle-aged woman wearing what appeared to be underwear over her face is wanted in connection to an overnight drive-thru burglary.

On Tuesday morning around 3 a.m., an employee of the 24 hour McDonald's, at 7025 S.E. 15th Street, noticed that money was missing from the cash register in the drive-through.

When the manager reviewed the surveillance video, it showed a white female dressed in a black shirt, black pants, most likely a blonde wig, gloves and underwear over her face held in place with yellow paperclips, walking toward the drive-thru window. A car then pulls around the business and the female walks off.

A short time later, the same suspect walked up to the drive through window, slid it open, reached into the business with a cash drawer key and opened up the register. The woman stole money from the cash drawer and walk off. The employee who was working the drive-through was somewhere else in the business at the time of the theft.

"I've seen a wide variety of crime over the last 30 years but this particular case is one of the strangest based on her method of operation and weird disguise," said Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes in a press release.

NOTE: You know times are tough when Grandma covers her face with a pair of old panties and grabs a couple of bucks out of a McDonald's drive-thru at 3:00am...Lon

Click for video


Cornucopia, the Food Printer...Now YOU Can Cook Like Jane Jetson

physorg - The food printer is at the concept design stage, and would work by storing and refrigerating ingredients and then mixing them, cooking layers of the mixture and printing them onto a serving tray. The concept design was introduced by two graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Fluid Interfaces Group Media Lab: designer/engineer in algorithmic image process development Amit Zoran, and designer and research assistant Marcelo Coelho.

The food printing process begins with selecting the required food canisters in which ingredients are stored and kept refrigerated. Ingredients are then fed into a mixing chamber and the mixture is extruded and deposited in layers of various and complex combinations of ingredients. During deposition of the layers onto the serving tray the ingredients are either cooked or cooled in the chamber or by heating/cooling tubes attached to the printing head.

The researchers say the printing process brings cooking technologies into the digital age and allows entirely novel textures and flavors to be created that would otherwise be unimaginable and which are unobtainable through traditional cooking techniques. They say users would be able to control the nutritional value, quality and flavors in each meal through a touch-screen interface and Internet connectivity, which would allow them to manipulate parameters such as carbohydrate or fat content and calories. The design also allows for the food printer to be able to automatically order new ingredients and suggest an alternative ingredient if one runs out.

3D printers already exist (see, for example, PhysOrg’s article on 3D printers for moon bases and the affordable desk top 3D printer). The printers are becoming more common and are already being used in applications such as creating three-dimensional prototypes or models.

The researchers hope their concept will "provide a glimpse at the new aesthetic and cultural possibilities, which can be brought forth by a new, digital gastronomy."


'Well, Robin...I suppose we'll have to use the Bat Cave instead"

Fortean / Oddball News - 7/23/2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The David Eckhart Encounters Interview - Part 2 - Mysterious Universe

The David Eckhart Encounters Interview - Part 2

From 'Mysterious Universe': As our Plus+ members will recall we interviewed David Eckhart a little while ago about his fascinating encounters and this week he returns to share more detail on his 10+ years of abductions.

Eckhart describes stunning scenes of invasive, physical surgery along with newly revealed accounts that will send a chill down your spine.

We also delve into the theory of inter-dimensional Bigfoot and hallucinations. While Plus+ members will discover what it feels like to be pursued by an evil entity

NOTE: I have posted the link to the 1st interview below...Lon

The Eckhart Encounters Interview - Part 1 - 'Phantoms and Monsters' Readers Edition

Benjamin Grundy and Aaron Wright of Mysterious Universe were kind enough to forward a special edited version of their interview with experiencer David Eckhart - The Eckhart Encounters Interview - Phantoms and Monsters Readers Edition. There are other interviews planned including recollections from David's family.

We are currently in the process of reviewing images of a 'worker' being that David captured (pictured) on video as well as other evidence that has recently become available. At one point, David was sending video and other evidence to his sister and father for safe keeping. He states that the alien beings were aware that he was attempting to tape the encounters and, on several occasions, they had searched for and seized material from David's home. I hope to begin examination of these tapes within the next few weeks.

David described these creatures as humanoid and somewhat similar to the Reptilians, though they are smaller in stature. Images of the head and part of the face of this particular 'worker' being were captured by a video camera that was positioned near a sofa...a location where David had witnessed these beings previously. Stay tuned...Lon

The David Eckhart Encounters Interview - Part 2 - Mysterious Universe

Suspected Joint Human / Alien Underground Bases

theonlinemail - The UFO Investigations and Research Unit, based in Shrewsbury, have turned their attentions to Anglesey in their quest to gather information on extraterrestrial phenomena.

Phil Hoyle, who runs the unit, said: “We are currently investigating numerous sightings that have taken place around Anglesey and, in particular, near Puffin Island.

“Many witnesses, some ex-military and professional people, have witnessed unconventional lights entering or leaving the sea around Puffin Island.”

In January, 1974, a number of people claimed to have seen large, structured objects leaving the sea near the island, and similar sightings have been sporadically reported up to the present day, said Mr Hoyle.

“The people who have contacted us have all been unrelated, but have all told us the same thing,” he said.

“We would be very interested to hear from anyone who might have additional information regarding these as yet unexplained sightings.

“Someone might have seen something last week or seen something 50 years ago, but if other people have seen the same thing it will hopefully make them realise that they’re not crazy.”

Victims of abduction near Shrewsbury were told by the humanoid beings who contacted them that they came from a base under the sea near Puffin Island, said Mr Hoyle.

The area has been suggested as the location of Cantre’r Gwaelod, the legendary ancient sunken kingdom.

Anglesey’s ancient past means the island could be a UFO hotspot, said Mr Hoyle.

“There is definitely a link; we’ve found an 80% increase in UFO activity over ancient sites compared to anywhere else, including Anglesey.”

Mr Hoyle said he had visited Anglesey and taken a boat around Puffin Island after hearing of the sightings, but that the investigation was still at an early stage.

In January, the Mail reported a number of sightings of strange objects in the skies over Anglesey, and an incident in 1977 – when pupils at Ysgol Rhosybol saw a strange object hovering overhead – made national headlines.

NOTE: After reading this piece, I thought I'd dig through some alien underground base evidence and commentary and add it to this article...Lon



The Dulce, New Mexico Base
An underground Military Base/Laboratory in Dulce, New Mexico connects with the underground network of tunnels which honeycombs our planet, and the lower levels of this base are allegedly under the control of Inner Earth beings or Aliens. This base is connected to Los Alamos research facilities via an underground "tube-shuttle." (It can be assumed that such a shuttle way would be a straight-line construction. It should then be possible, by using maps and some deduction, to determine the most likely location of this base, especially since the general location is already known.) Beginning in 1947, a road was built near the Dulce Base, under the cover of a lumber company. No lumber was ever hauled, and the road was later destroyed. Navajo Dam is the Dulce Base's main source of power, though a second source is in El Vado (which is also another entrance). Most of the lakes near Dulce were made via government grants "for" the Indians.

Dulce Base - The Central Hub

-1st Level - contains the garage for Street Maintenance.

-2nd Level- contains the garage for trains, shuttles, tunnel-boring machines and UFO maintenance.

-3rd Level - the first 3 levels contain government offices.

-4th Level - Human Aura Research as well as aspects of Dream Manipulation, Hypnosis, and Telepathy. They can lower your heartbeat with Delta Waves and introduce data and programmed reactions into your mind (for those implanted with brain chips). Most people already are, they just don't know it.

-5th Level - witnesses have described huge vats with amber liquid with parts of human bodies being stirred inside. Rows and rows of cages holding men, women and children to be used as food. Perhaps thousands.

-6th Level - privately called "Nightmare Hall." It contains the genetic labs. Here are where the crossbreeding experiments of human/animal are done on fish, seals, birds, and mice that are vastly altered from their original forms. There are multi-armed and multi-legged humans and several cages and vats of humanoid bat-like creatures up to 7 feet tall.

-7th Level - Row after row of 1,000s of humans in cold storage including children.

NOTE: It is alleged that Los Alamos and the mountainous regions east and southeast of it in and around the Santa Fe National Forest are the major holding area of earth based extraterrestrial beings in North America, although there are a number of smaller habitation locations scattered throughout the underground networks between Dulce and Area 51. 'Dulce Base' is said to hold the second largest repository of extraterrestrials and equipment in North America. None of this information takes into account what resources other nations and governments possess. All the evidence I have received is anecdotal but, IMO, the sources are reliable...Lon

You can find more at Dulce Conference Ends / The Dulce Report and What Really Happened in the 1979 Dulce Firefight?

Pine Gap - Alice Springs, Australia
This base is a massive multi-leveled facility run by the Club of Rome which, like the Bilderberger organization, is reputedly a cover for the Bavarian Illuminati. Pine Gap is to be a major control center for the New World Order Dictatorship and is equipped with levels of computer terminals tied-in to the major computer mainframes of the world.

The Nahanni Valley (Canada) Entrance
This covers 250 square miles in the southern end of the Mackenzie Mountains of Canada. It lies almost 550 miles due west of Fort Simpson on the Mackenzie River of northwest Canada. Hot springs and sulfur geysers keep the valley warmer than the surrounding areas by about 30 degrees year -round, making it perpetually mist-covered. This valley is inhabited only by animals as people entering the valley are usually found headless and quite dead. The Indian tribes of the area avoid this valley. This valley is often referred to as "the Valley of the Headless Men.

The Liyobaa Cave Entrance
This was sealed off by Catholic Priests who believed it to be an entrance to "Hell." "The village of 'Liyobaa' or to translate, 'The Cavern of Death,' was located in the province of Zapoteca, somewhere near the ancient village of 'Mictlan' or the village of the 'Underworld.

"The Cavern of Death was actually located in the last chamber of an eight chamber building or temple. This temple had four rooms above the ground and four more important chambers built below the surface of the Earth. This building was located in "Theozapotlan," and the tunnel entrance led one beneath a mountain.

The Maltese Cave Entrance
This entrance is located on the island of Malta, near the small village of "Casal Paula." (This village is built on the "Corradino" plateau, and overlooks the capitol town of Malta, "Valletta," as well as Grand Harbour.) In 1902, workmen digging a well in Casal Paula fell into a subterranean cavern. The well was being dug for a house on "Hal Saflienti," the main street in Casal Paula. The cavern the workers had fallen into connected with an entire complex of caves and tunnels. This entrance is known as the "Hypogeum of Hal Saflienti." (In Latin, "Hypogeum" is the name for an underground structure.) "The tunnels under the Hypogeum have been sealed off even since a school took 30 students into the caves and disappeared, guide and all. Search parties were never able to locate any trace of the people and children.

The Staffordshire, England Entrance
Somewhere in Staffordshire, England, a lonely field exists in which a laborer discovered a large iron plate beneath the dirt. The "hatch" was large and oval, with an iron ring mounted on it. This entrance led into the tunnels. The field is in a valley surrounded on almost all sides by woods. The laborer was digging a trench for some purpose. The incident was reported in "A History of Staffordshire" by Dr. Plot, who wrote the book in the late 1700s. It may be possible to find the entrance if it can be ascertained exactly which valley the laborer was digging in.

The Mt. Lassen Entrance
Mt. Lassen in Tehama County, California is an entrance to a large underground city. Near the foot of Mt. Lassen is a town called Manten. A man named "Ralph B. Fields" lived there, and found the entrance to the underground city. His friend "Joe" was with him. The cave entrance is in the side of the mountain, at a little over 7,000 feet above sea level, and is near a rock outcropping suitable for camping under.

Death Valley, CA. Entrance
Local Indian legends speak of a tunnel that runs beneath the desert. (Note: The book "Death Valley Men," tells the story of 3 people who are supposed to have found an underground city connected with this tunnel, and who actually took treasures from it. The entrance to the Death Valley Tunnel is in the Panamint Mountains down on the lower edge of the range near Wingate Pass, in the bottom of an old abandoned shaft. The bottom of the shaft is collapsed, opening an entrance into a large tunnel system containing much treasure. These tunnels connect with the surface also through arches in the side of the mountain and they look down on Death Valley. They're high above the valley now, but they were once on the edge of the water, and were accessed by boats. The "windows" in the Death Valley side of the Panamint Mountains are about 4,500-5,000 feet above the bottom of Death Valley, and are across from Furnace Creek Ranch. From these openings you can see the green of the ranch below you and Furnace Creek Wash across the valley. You can drive down Emigrant Canyon towards Death Valley. You can then park beside the road between Furnace Creek Ranch and the Salt Bed. Indian legends of the Paiutes Indians speak of the people who used to live in the Panamint's caverns.

The Mt. Shasta, CA Entrance
There are tunnels beneath Mt. Shasta that lead to a UFO base there, as well as tunnels that connect with the vast world-wide tunnel network. The Lemurian city "Telos" is said to exist beneath Mt. Shasta. William Hamilton has done much research on Mt. Shasta and the tunnels. He has privately published a book entitled "Alien Magic".

The Brown Mountain Entrance
Brown Mountain is in North Carolina near Morganton. Morganton is "about 15 miles north of an actual highway marker which has been posted by the state providing any visitor the best view" of Brown Mountain. Brown Mountain is an area in which many strange lights have been seen. There are entrances that lead inside the mountain to an isolated alien base.

Canadian UFO Bases
Entrances at Lake Ontario possible underwater UFO bases/cities. Toronto Tunnels leading to subterranean city. Newfoundland Condemned Iron Mine connects with tunnels. Lake Ontario "Lights" Orange-colored spheres have been seen coming out of/diving into Lake Ontario. The area of highest activity is between Oakville and Toronto. There may be a connection to the Lakeview Hydro-electric plant, as many of these UFOs have been seen heading in that direction.

Toronto Entrance
There is a small opening to the underground tunnels off Parliament Street in downtown Toronto. (The entrance is between two apartment buildings, and leads to the tunnels via the sewers.) The underground city beneath Toronto has its center beneath Gerrard Street and Church Street. Above this area, strange magnetic effects have been observed. This corner of Gerrard & Church streets has a higher accident rate than anywhere else in Toronto. It is believed that underground equipment utilizing powerful magnetic fields which have caused many strange magnetic effects in houses near this intersection are responsible for the bizarre equipment failures that often are the cause of these accidents. The Indians near Toronto have legends of these tunnels.

Newfoundland Iron Mine Entrance
After one of the Iron Mines in Newfoundland Province had been dug deeper than any other, strange happenings caused the mine to be shut down. The mining town in which this mine is located is near the Newfoundland-Quebec Border. This mine, having been condemned, is off-limits, and the police DO enforce this. Sneaking in late at night seems to be the only way to gain entrance.

Click for videos

An excerpt from the full 2005 interview with the late Bill Uhouse who was a specialist project engineer in Underground base Alien. Uhouse claimed to have helped build flight simulators to train human pilots to fly alien craft. Like Lazar's story, Uhouse's claims had remarkable internal consistency, were limited in scope to what he actually "saw" and had no obvious personal motivation. There is further information at The Groom Lake Desert Rat #24 and The Groom Lake Desert Rat #27

NOTE: There is other information available at The Majestic 12 Committee and the Truth About Interplanetary Aliens and Underground Bases, Missing Children and Extra-Terrestrials - What You Need to Know for Your Future. There are many websites that list a variety of suspected alien bases located on Earth, I have attempted to post those locations where some evidence is provided. There is also evidence of various joint human / alien underwater bases off the coast of Florida, The Bahamas and Peru. I intend to research the available evidence and report at a later date...Lon

Alien Base: The Evidence For Extraterrestrial Colonization Of Earth - Good, Timothy

Suspected Joint Human / Alien Underground Bases

Most Massive Star on Record Found

Above - The R136 cluster in near-infrared with the cluster itself lower right. Astronomers say colossal star known as R136a1 is more than 265 times more massive than the sun

guardian - Astronomers say they have discovered the most colossal star on record, in a region of space known as the Tarantula nebula in a neighbouring galaxy to our own.

The record-breaking star has a mass 265 times greater than the sun and is millions of times brighter, they said.

The discovery has astonished scientists, who thought it was impossible for stars to exceed more than 150 times the mass of the sun.

When the star was born it could have been more than twice as massive. Because it is so far away – about 165,000 light-years – it can only be seen with the use of powerful telescopes in the southern hemisphere.

If the star, known as R136a1, took the place of the sun in our solar system, its gravitational attraction would pull our planet in so close that the length of an "Earth year" would shrink to three weeks.

"It would bathe the Earth with incredibly intense ultraviolet radiation, rendering life on our planet impossible," said Raphael Hirschi, a researcher at Keele University.

A team led by Paul Crowther, an astrophysicist at Sheffield University, used the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in the Atacama desert of northern Chile and archival material from the Hubble space telescope to study two young clusters of stars called NGC 3603 and RMC 136a.

The first group of stars, NGC 3603, lies about 22,000 light-years away, while stars in the RMC136a cluster are in a neighbouring galaxy called the Large Magellanic Cloud.

The astronomers found a clutch of monster stars, including several that are tens of times larger than the sun and several million times brighter. Some have surface temperatures of more than 40,000C – seven times hotter than our own sun.

These enormous stars churn out vast quantities of material, and, close up, would look fuzzy compared with the sun. "Unlike humans, these stars are born heavy and lose weight as they age," said Crowther. "Being a little over a million years old, the most extreme star, R136a1, is already 'middle-aged' and has undergone an intense weight-loss programme, shedding a fifth of its initial mass over that time, or more than 50 solar masses."

Such heavyweight stars are extremely rare, forming only within the densest star clusters. Distinguishing the individual stars was made possible by the use of infra-red instruments on the telescope.

"Owing to the rarity of these monsters I think it is unlikely that this new record will be broken any time soon," said Crowther.

Lightweight stars, such as our sun, live a long and quiet life. Massive stars, on the other hand, are very rare, and have a short but intense existence before exploding as supernovas.

Star R136a1, discovered thousands of light years away from the solar system, the most massive star found to date. It has a mass about 265 times that of our own sun and would have been over 320 solar masses when it was born a million or so years ago.

R136a1 has now overtaken the likes of Eta Carinae and the Pistol Star as the most massive and luminous known star in existence. Like these other giants it has a large radius for its mass and surface temperature, over 40,000C. Its brightness is hundreds of thousands of times greater than that of the sun.

While still a young star, R136a1's size eclipses other categories: red dwarfs, which weigh in at about 0.1 solar masses, low-mass yellow dwarfs such as the sun, and massive blue dwarf stars weighing eight times more than the sun.


Most Massive Star on Record Found

Dim All The Lights: UFOs and Blackouts - Inexplicata

inexplicata - by Scott Corrales - Summer can be the cruelest season when the mercury soars past the hundred degree mark and the nights are almost just as hot. Without an electric fan or air conditioner, sleep can be reduced to an incessant tossing and turning. The Spanish town of Bollullos (Huelva) was certainly a perfect example of this unrelenting heat in the month of July 1975, when what little relief offered by mechanical cooling devices was interrupted by a sudden, unexpected blackout.

The power outage had occurred at eleven o'clock in the evening, prompting locals to look out their windows for a possible explanation. Three local youths had gone to the movie theater in search of some relief from the heat, only to find their enjoyment interrupted by the blackout. With nothing left to do, the dejected trio returned home, only to have a startling encounter with the unexplained.

Francisco Esquivel, Diego Sanchez and Diego Salas suddenly became aware of a strange yellow ball of light at the edge of the road--the only source of light amid the surrounding darkness. It appeared to be hovering above the power lines.

Cautiously, the driver slowed down to allow his vehicle to coast gently past the unknown object. In a newspaper interview with Spanish journalist J.J. Benítez, Francisco, the driver, said that the object's fuselage shone with a metallic sheen, surrounded by an aura of bright white light. He added that he felt the strange presence was "trying to drive them away" by hurling flashes of light in their direction.

This did nothing to allay his curiosity: Francisco got out of his car to take a closer look. Just as he did so, the high voltage lines began producing a shower of sparks. Fear gripped the driver and his friends, and they sped away from the area even as their car's engine began to sputter and die. Running into town in a panic, they told anyone who listened what they had seen: a UFO had been responsible power outage.

The Great Northeastern Blackout

One of the earliest factual cases of UFO interference with the flow of electricity to our residential areas occurred in November 1953, a football-sized UFO stormed down from the heavens over New Haven, Connecticut. The mini-UFO proceeded to smash through a billboard close to a residential area and head skyward after the impact. Lights all over the neighborhood dimmed as the event took place. Tamaroa, Illinois, also had its lights cut by a giant hovering UFO in 1957. Porto Alegre, Brazil, was plunged into darkness on August 30, 1954, and the city of Rome had lost power on August 3, 1958. In 1962, an UFO touched ground at Eureka, Utah, not far from Stead AFB and left a nearby power substation inoperative for 40 minutes until the object took off.

Was it inconceivable for UFOs, with their apparent interest or thirst for electricity, to affect even larger population centers? On November 9, 1965, twenty-nine million residents of the northeastern United States, and millions more in Canada, were plunged into darkness as electricity was affected by a mysterious source. At five thirty p.m. on that fateful day, thousands of terrified New Yorkers were trapped in subway tunnels and within elevators in the heart of skyscrapers. No one was spared the event, not even military bases.

The blackout spread like an ink stain from the Niagara Falls area to the cities of Buffalo, Rochester, Utica and the smaller communities along the Great Lakes in a matter of minutes. Shortly after, it grew to encompass the states of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont. In a country still in the throes of the Cold War, and with the Cuban Missile Crisis a fresh memory, it was first feared that the blackout heralded nuclear armageddon. An airline pilot allegedly exclaimed that the vision of utter blackness on the ground below him made him think it was "the end of the world."

Radio stations, operating on backup power, were able to keep the frightened population calm, although news items in the broadcasts made reference to "trouble up north" without providing any specifics. A private plane instructor north of Syracuse,NY reported seeing a colossal fireball hovering above the quarter-million volt lines of the Niagara Mohawk Station in Clay, NY. Precisely at that time, operators in the New York City area registered a massive onrush of power to the north, perhaps drawn by the "fireball". The blackout occurred minutes later.

Thousands of witnesses in the darkened cities and countryside would later claimed to have seen strange lights crossing the skies with impunity on that fateful evening. Others reported seeing "fireballs" hovering over power transmission cables, changing in color from blue to orange to green.

The official explanation given at the time was a relay break in the massive Sir Adam Beck Plant No.2, located a few miles to the north of Niagara Falls. According to experts, the break allegedly overloaded the U.S. lines and the load detectors failed to perform according to design -- a fact which was never satisfactorily explained.

The entire Northeastern U.S., plunged into darkness, commanded global attention. Not so the equally mysterious blackouts that followed: New Mexico, Texas and Mexico itself suffered unexplained power losses in later weeks: On December 3rd, Ciudad Juárez in Mexico and the major cities of the American Southwest were left in shadow as Socorro, NM (a UFO mecca), Holloman AFB, White Sands Missile Range and other sensitive installations were rendered inoperative. Blame was placed on a pair of defective units somewhere in New Mexico--however, local witnesses claimed to have seen a glowing object over the power station.

In 1979, author Yurko Bondarchuk accused Canadian prime minister Lester Pearson of covering up the UFO aspect of the Great 1965 Blackout. Bondarchuk cites the explanation offered by Dr. James McDonald that the explanation given about a broken relay as the cause of the power outage was a cover. The prime minister, suggests the author, must have believed that disclosing the real source of the blackout was unwise."UFOs," writes Bondarchuk, "create sudden power surges in transmission lines as the craft flies theory, these power surges could produce blackouts of massive proportions." (National Post, 2003)

A Precursor to the 1965 Blackout?

The age of the great UFO-induced blackouts continued throughout those troubled years. A harbinger, perhaps, of would happen later on across the northeastern U.S., were the three separate power failures of September 23, 1965 in the Mexican city of Cuernavaca -- fifty miles away from Mexico City.

The Ultima Hora newspaper indicated that the blackout had been caused by a large luminous flying saucer which crossed the heavens over the city--an inverted soup-bowl device which was seen not only by thousands of citizens but by city mayor Emilio Riva Palacios, who was attending the opening of a film festival with members of his cabinet. The lights went out during the showing, and upon going outside, the city fathers were treated to the sight of the massive object's glow, which reportedly filled the entirety of Cuernavaca valley.

But the force behind all these aerial phenomena appeared to be take a shine to Mexico City itself, with its juxtaposition of massive colonial structures, modern skyscrapers and ancient ruins: it chose the 16th of September, the one hundred fifty-fifth anniversary of Mexico's independence from Spain, to manifest half a dozen luminous objects over the city's skies, casting downtown Mexico City into unbreakable gridlock as drivers left their vehicles to take a better look at the phenomenon. Newspapers reported that aviation authorities had received in excess of five thousand telephone calls from people asking if they had also seen "flying saucers". On September 25, a citizenry weary of craning their necks skyward endured another leisurely display of the unknown as a vast luminous body passed overhead, remaining motionless for a while before shooting out of sight at a terrific speed. Only days later, two smaller objects would buzz the gilded dome of Mexico's Palacio de Bellas Artes, a turn of the century structure that dominates La Alameda park. The early evening sighting was witnessed by a few dozen people waiting at a bus stop; they described the objects as "enormous luminous bodies with intermittent sparkling lights."

By this point in time, some of the world's major newspapers had picked up on Mexico's saucer situation. Paris's Le Figaro reprinted an editorial from Italy's Corriere della Sera on the subject: "Mexico City International Airport has officially recorded, of late, some three thousand cases of mysterious apparitions described in detail. At nightfall, people gather on the terraces and balconies of their homes to search the skies...a clamor of voices can occasionally be heard, saying: "There goes one! Can you see it?" Invariably, what follows is this: traffic is paralyzed on neighboring streets, since drivers also want to partake of the spectacle. The roadways grind to a halt, leading to monstrous traffic jams. After a while, witnesses to tho the event are willing to swear that the presence of platillos voladores causes engines to stall and plunges homes into darkness. Throughout Mexico, the number of blackouts has been inexplicably high..."

Candles and Flashlights

Respected Argentinean author Roberto Banchs mentions the July 4, 1968 blackout that darkened the entire sector of Tigre (province of Buenos Aires). During this incident, a number of witnesses reported seeing a UFO. A woman named Isabel Gómez stated that the object "seemed to emit light. It was the only lighted object at the time." A few months later, the city of Chascomús was plunged into darkness. Mrs. Blanca Davis witnessed a UFO measuring some 7 or 8 meters in diameter hanging motionless in the air, directly above the town square. "When we looked toward the west," she reported, "we saw two [more] discs and another one which gave the impression of being ready to land. Suddenly the UFOs headed toward the lagoon area, from which twenty more objects appeared, flying from north to south at fantastic speeds." Banchs reports that electricity was restored the moment the objects disappeared.

The 1968 wave of UFO sightings, which extended from the Dominican Republic to the island of Puerto Rico, also caused a series of blackouts. On August 11 that year, police officers in the town of Yauco on the island's southern coast were startled to see "a brilliant moon-shaped object which lit up the area completely. The following day, a similar object was seen in the neighboring Dominican Republic by residents of Puerto Plata and Sosúa. According to researcher Sebastián Robiou, the minute that the locals saw the phenomenon approach, they would hurry up to find "candles and flashlights, since electricity always failed whenever the objects flew over their homes."

UFOs and blackouts plagued Argentina again in January 2001, when the La Voz del Interior newspaper ran a story about the harrowing experience suffered by a local motorist named Julio Salguero. At 3:30 a.m. on New Year's Day, Salguero was on his way home in the town of Corralito, cutting across the community of Rio Tercero to save some time.

"We were calmly driving along," said the driver, "when suddenly my wife screamed: "Be careful!" and we saw a light heading straight for us. I hit the brakes. What I could see was a round, very powerful light, like a welding light, over a meter in diameter. It seemed to be heading straight for the car, but it suddenly stopped and backed off. It remained at the hight of the power cables that are now at the side of the road, moving up and down," he explained. "The light lit everything up for a few minutes, without any exaggerations, as if it were broad daylight, due to its intensity. It then rose some 30 meters into the air and suddenly vanished. Neither I nor my family can state which way it went, because we'd be lying. What we saw is that it vanished suddenly, like a light being switched off."

Salguero and his family were startled to hear that the strange object they had seen over the high-voltage lines had deprived the town of Corralito of electricity on a night without storms or high winds, and even more so when they discovered that nearby Rio Tercero had lost power at exactly the same time they had their experience. "As far as I know, no reason for the power outage has been found," he said.

Argentina has not been the only South American nation bedeviled by blackout-causing UFOs: in the Summer 1998 issue of the Samizdat newsletter, Brazilian researcher Oriel Farías told the world about the incredible and still little-known UFO wave that covered northeastern Brazil and which centered on the town of Guarabira. According to Farías, the outstanding characteristic of the '98 flap was the sheer variety of objects reported, ranging from standard disk-shaped craft to massive objects projecting powerful beams of light. "Lengths of 30 meters have been reported, the size of a 20-storey building," he writes.

The Guarabira "invasion" began on March 3, 1998 and was spearheaded by 26 UFOs flying over the city at 6:45 p.m., when the lights went out in Guarabira, and lasting until 3:45 a.m., when power returned to the city. This blackout remains unexplained to this day.

Lights Out in Puerto Rico

UFO and paranormal activity ran almost non-stop throughout the 1990s after a decade of inactivity. Earlier saucer flaps had created their fair share of electromagnetic interference with automobiles and aircraft, and even some widespread power outages

In September 1977, residents of the Colobó sector of Loiza, P.R., were treated to the sight of a UFO flying low over the local beach at around 8:30 p.m.. The object, according to Sebastian Robiou, made an occasional buzzing sound and then "shut off and disappeared". When interviewed, the same residents noted that the lights browned-out in the sector while the UFO was in evidence.

Fifteen years later, residents of the Mayagüez Terrace development ran out of their homes in response to the shouts of students from the nearby university, who were reacting to the sight of a spherical UFO crossing the skies in the general direction of Cerro Las Mesas. The orange-hued sphere materialized after having apparently been the cause of a blackout which affected a considerable part of the city for a few minutes.

Puerto Rico can also boast the distinction of being the only place in the world where a blackout was deliberately caused by the authorities to disprove the presence of the UFO phenomenon in the island's UFO-ridden southwestern corner. Since 1987, reports had pointed to UFO activity in the vicinity of a shallow lagoon known as Laguna Cartagena: all manner of solid craft and intriguing "lights in the sky" had been seen in the area, and in some cases, emerging from and vanishing into the water, leading many to believe that an "alien base" must exist underground in the Lajas Valley.

On October 2, 1991, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) left hundreds of homes without electricity for thirty minutes. Ramón Montalvo, an engineer at the PREPA plant in San Germán, claimed that the unusual lights vanished from the darkened sky "the minute the power was cut off." Lt. Rafael Rodríguez of the Lajas police argued that the blackout proved the lights believed to be UFOs were merely the reflections on the lagoon's surface.

The authorities went to the extreme of placing a series of large reflectors on the crest of nearby Mt. Candelaria. The experiment failed miserably -- no such reflection was seen, despite official claims. Any individual armed with a map would have noticed that the lights on Candelaria, twenty miles away, could not possibly account for the situation being experienced on an almost daily basis by the residents of the Lajas Valley.

In mid-March 1992, residents of the Puerto Rican city of Trujillo Alto were roused from their sleep by an unearthly noise and a spectacular display of blue light. The light changed to other colors of the spectrum in rapid succession as two powerful searchlights scanned the darkened surface from above. Hundreds, if not thousands, of residents were able to see a massive UFO hovering directly over a local power substation. The airborne goliath began drawing electricity from the substation in a stunning visual display that filled onlookers with awe.

Equally awed were the technicians from the local power utility, who reported early the next day to repair the burned out substation: according to estimates, the UFO had caused well over a $250,000 in damages that could not be readily explained, such as the molten transformer terminals and the inoperative automatic breakers which should have prevented such a tremendous loss of current.

They Said It Couldn't Happen Again

Computer screens suddenly went black as the hum of 21st century civilization suddenly stopped to be replaced by an unaccustomed silence. The time was 4:11 p.m. on August 14, 2003.

In a matter of minutes, battery-powered radios would report that a widespread blackout had plunged New York city into darkness for the third time in forty years, and at precisely the worst time of day, as tens of thousands of office workers were getting ready to return home on one of the hottest days of an otherwise unremarkable summer. The problem affected not only the Big Apple, but a wide swath of territory stretching westward: Toronto, Lansing, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester...the litany of affected cities included major urban concentrations and minor villages. Politicians rushed to occupy their places before the cameras to assure the population that the blackout of 2003 was not an act of terrorism and that power would be restored soon.

The blame game started almost immediately, with New Yorkers blaming Canadians, and placing the blame on a "lightning bolt" which had allegedly struck a power stations. The blame then shifted to an alleged fire at a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania, and so forth. The Great Northeast Blackout of 2003 had affected fifty million people and as of this writing, no official explanation has been put forward.

Is it perhaps naive to ascribe this blackout to the UFO phenomenon, especially as no reliable reports have come in? According to the National UFO Reporting Center, New York state alone reported 703 sightings since the beginning of 2003 (with heavy activity in June and July) so something unusual could conceivably happened. Forty-eight hours after the blackout, it was suggested that a strange "power inversion" along the Lake Erie Loop had caused the blackout, but no explanation had been put forth as to the external force capable of causing the phenomenon. The fact remained that "a huge field of electricity dropped out and drained north," in the words of an Associated Press teletype. Could this have been one of the UFO-induced "massive surges in power" that Yurko Bondarchuk mentioned in his book?

As far as the cause is concerned, it seems as though we will remain in the dark for a long, long time.

*Thanks to Scott Corrales of Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology for permission to reprint his article

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