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MUFON CMS: Aliens in the Mist?

MUFON Case Management System Report - New Zealand: In the year 2007 I captured many images of some kind ( probably the aliens used the similar method to introduce themselves ). They are large images formed by the invisible fog (or mist); and of course, there are always some spheres or light beam near the project images. Most of the images are familiar by people: they are figures of Lizards, Reptiles, Dragons…etc. But some of them are difficult to understand, they are a kind of graphic shape( See the attached pictures). Until today I still don’t know which alien done all those projection and what are the implications of those graphic images.

Each those images only exist for a couple of seconds then disappear or another shape appears. I believe the aliens are intend to use this kind of projection to communicate with us.

Click for video

NOTE: the submitter (Sam) has filed MUFON CMS reports quite frequently...his original report was #18817. Below, I have reposted some of the information he has previously offered. You can find his blog at Spacelife...Lon


NOTE: I recently contacted Sam, a resident of New Zealand who has been experiencing strange encounters and documenting UFO activity since 2005. Below, I have posted (without revision) some of his commentary from his blog. He has given me permission to present it here...Lon

"Of my remarkable, colorful and odd looking UFO pictures, most are captured from invisible objects. It doesn’t matter how bright or how big they are shown in the photos. Only 20 pictures were seen with my eye. Some objects were even 1 to 3 meters from where I stood. I just couldn’t see their fingers or hear any noisy. Only once, two invisible objects landed on the top of my tent, and then I could see some silver mist, like Moon light, shower from the top. I tried to grab the blur fog with my hand, I got nothing. But one evening of October(?) 2005 I saw a spinning small bell shaped flying saucer come down from the cloud, and stayed 35 meters (?) above my kitchen’s roof for a minute then slowly turned to another direction.

Also my encounter with various types and large number of space life is different than those described events of UFO history. Their size ranged from sand to egg to basketball, to as big as 60 meters wide. Their shapes were micro- organism, insects, reptiles, Phoenix, Dragon and Mothman…...etc. Humanoid fingers appeared from a Martian(?) captain, middle-age knight, grasshopper robot, upright big bird to bubble shaped evil heads…….etc. All those images are in my photos collection.

Luckily, all happenings run smoothly and peacefully, looks I haven’t been abducted in these two years ( I can’t remember about before ). My house and family life haven’t been disturbed. Physically, only my body some time feel extremely cold. I know that is not coincident, someone or something is behind it. Why? Two different space-life come together to my place often, the small one stands or lies on the top the big one. But the big one wears a red collar on its neck, which is to keep the little one safe (holds them together? Or may be the little one can’t fly?). My question is “who puts the collar on?”

His remarkable images are posted on YouTube

MUFON CMS: Aliens in the Mist?

Fortean / Oddball News - 7/3/2010


Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, and San Diego Zoo have collaborated to create stem cells from the skin cells of a dead drill monkey, an endangered monkey native to Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria and Cameroon.

The scientists, speaking at the International Society for Stem Cell Research in San Francisco, hope that the "induced pluripotent stem" (iPS) cells thus created can then be biochemically persuaded into becoming sperm and egg cells. They can then be implanted into the womb of another monkey, and will hopefully form a viable foetus.

San Diego Zoo's Frozen Zoo project has taken samples from 8,400 individuals of more than 800 species. It is hoped that these samples can be used in IVF programmes to improve captive breeding projects.

Jeane Loring, one of the Scripps researchers, told New Scientist : "You could actually breed from animals that are dead."

The team used genetically engineered viruses fitted with specific human genes to reprogramme adult skin cells into becoming iPS cells. The process worked in drill monkeys, but failed in white rhinoceros cells, implying that it may be necessary to use species-specific versions of the cells in some cases.

There are also concerns that the reprogramming process can cause the iPS cells to become cancerous. However, other researchers have developed techniques for creating iPS cells without leaving the reprogrammed genes in the new cells.

While the process is being used on endangered species, it would be technically possible to use it for extinct animals, using surrogate mothers from other species.

Last year, for the first time, an extinct animal - the Pyrenean ibex - was cloned using skin samples and the eggs of a domestic goat, although the ibex died shortly after birth. Other researchers have been trying to recover intact DNA from frozen woolly mammoths, although this has not so far been successful.



A plastic arm brought "chaos" to the M62 after drivers mistakenly reported it, thinking it was a human limb.

Officers closed the westbound side and the slip road by junction 6 at Tarbock Island, Merseyside, while they hunted for the "severed arm".

They opened the road a few hours later, at 1630 BST, after receiving a call from two council workers who had spotted the forearm and removed it.

Police said it had caused "traffic chaos and a huge expense".

The two council workers then took the arm to a local police station.

Det Insp Tom Keaton said: "This was treated as a major investigation that tied up large amounts of resources and impacted on all areas of policing response in Knowsley.

"We don't know how this plastic arm came to be in the middle of the road, whether it was placed there deliberately or whether it had fallen out of the window of a passing vehicle.

"However, Merseyside Police put a lot of resources into this incident and not only has it caused expense both in terms of time and money it was also extremely upsetting for the drivers who saw the plastic arm in the road.

"We would like to thank the public for their patience and understanding while this enforced road closure was in place."

NOTE: reminds me of a prank a friend and I setup at a school function using a mannequin head, makeup and a butcher knife...very effective and quite comical, despite what the teachers and the cops thought. Lon



Has science finally established a paranormal effect?

Paranormal rappings associated with apparent poltergeist activity have been described for many hundreds of years. It is only now that an interesting pattern has been discovered within the fine detail of the paranormal rapping sounds. No explanation can be found for this pattern at present.

The current edition of the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), a learned publication dating back to 1882, carries an article by scientist Dr Barrie Colvin B.Sc., Ph.D., showing instrumental evidence for an inexplicable and objective banging sound detected in recordings made during alleged poltergeist activity.

Whereas raps and knocking sounds produced by ordinary means exhibit a normal acoustic pattern, those recorded in alleged poltergeist cases show quite a different sound signature. Continue reading at Scientific evidence of poltergeist knocking?



wpbf - An Okeechobee woman was killed Wednesday after a portion of a portable toilet crashed through her car's windshield, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Dawn Johnston, 38, was driving south on State Road 15 shortly after 11 a.m. when two portable toilets fell from the trailer of a pickup truck traveling north.

According to the crash report, the portable toilets broke apart when they hit the road, and a portion of one of them crashed through Johnston's windshield, striking her. Johnston's car then veered off the road and crashed into a tree.

Johnston was taken to an area hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

WPBF 25 News has learned Johnston was a mother of three who recently separated from her husband.

"She was going through some hard times, but she was getting her life back on track now," Johnston's mother, Colleen Heitmann, said.

Heitmann said she was at work when she received a telephone call informing her of what happened.

"I can't put that into words," Heitmann said. "I still feel like there's a hole in my heart that will never get filled back up. She was the light of my life. (She) was my life."

State troopers said the driver of the truck was taking the portable restrooms to a storage facility.

Heitmann said she isn't holding anyone responsible.

"It was a freak accident," Heitmann said. "Accidents happen."

A 27-year-old passenger in Johnston's car, Stephanie Wikes, was taken to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center, where she was treated for a broken hip.

Fortean / Oddball News - 7/3/2010

Jim Morrison Said to Haunt L.A. Restaurant Restroom

aolnews - July 3 marks 39 years since Jim Morrison, the deep-voiced front man for the band The Doors, was found dead in an apartment bathtub in Paris, France.

But that doesn't mean "The Lizard King" isn't still making the rounds in one of his former West Hollywood haunts.

As devout fans gather at his Parisian grave this weekend, looking for signs of the brooding singer and poet's spirit, they might be better served if they visited a Mexican restaurant at 8512 Santa Monica Blvd.

"You feel it here almost every day, throughout the entire place, but especially near this spot," says Christina Arena, general manager of Mexico, a colorfully festive restaurant that's been open about a year.

And just what spot does Arena refer to?

The unisex restroom.

You see, the building Mexico occupies was formerly "The Doors Workshop," an office space/crash pad/recording studio used by the band in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

And the restroom? It was the actual vocal booth where Jim Morrison recorded the classic "L.A. Woman" in 1970.

Today, a framed plaque featuring the album cover, gold record and hand-scrawled lyrics hangs outside the famous john. Fans come from all over the world to pay homage to Morrison at this sacred site, and they may get more than they bargained for.

"His presence hangs very heavy here," Arena says. "It gets eerie sometimes."

"Jim Morrison is definitely still here," office manager Christine Chilcote agrees. "Funky things happen all the time we can't explain. Lights popping on and off at weird times. But when that bathroom door handle jiggles by itself, that's the weirdest sign. It's totally inexplicable."

Well-known chef and restaurateur Larry Nicola, who opened Mexico last year, has created an authentic, south-of-the-border atmosphere using bright fiesta colors and fun outdoor decorations that make it seem as if a giant pinata exploded nearby.

He's also a huge Doors fan, so he understands that some customers may initially arrive to feast on memories of Morrison before ordering up some of Mexico's mouth-watering Mexican specialties (or one of their famous margaritas, like a "Cadillac Eldorado With Pink Fins" or a "Screamer").

"One of my favorite bands," Nicola says. "We knew what had happened here before we came in, and it's important for us to preserve the memories. It's incredible to think about what took place here."

Doors guitarist Robbie Krieger was even in recently to reminisce about the hazy, crazy "L.A. Woman" days spent at this very site.

"His spirit is here for sure," Nicola said without a hint of doubt.

"The building moans and breathes and makes sounds I can't explain," Nicola says. "We had someone come in before we opened up, to do a 'spiritual cleaning' to try and put everything at peace, but in the end they told us, 'Sorry, whatever is here is not leaving.'

"So we said, 'Cool. It's Jim's place, too. We're fine with that.' I hear it from guests all the time, especially the serious Doors fans. They know he's still here."

Nicola's daughter, Michaela, also works in Mexico. While giving a recent tour of the restaurant to AOL News, she said she understood from day one that they have a special guest who never leaves.

"I felt it from the beginning, and even though it can get a little weird sometimes, we love it. It's a special, unique history this building holds, and we honor it."

Sitting upstairs in Mexico's cozy open-air lounge, she adds, "I think if he was still alive today in body, this would be the place that would serve Jim Morrison's favorite margaritas. But we have Jim Morrison in spirit, and so we just have to be happy with that."

Jim Morrison Said to Haunt L.A. Restaurant Restroom

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Friday, July 02, 2010

World Record: Largest Shark Landed With Rod and Reel

politiken - Per Jensen and Henrik Hansen have smashed the world record for a shark landed by fishing rod.

According to NRK it took the Danes 45 minutes to land the 880 kilo, 4 metre and 10 cm Eqalussuaq or Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus) in Norway’s Bokna Fjord. The previous record for a rod-caught shark specimen is said to be 775 kilos.

The Bokna Fjord is in Rogaland County between Stavanger and Haugesund.

“It all went very well,” says Henrik Hansen.


The two had traveled to the Bokna Fjord as they had heard that particularly large Greenland shark were to be found there. For bait, the two used an empty potato sack full of plaice.

The plaice would probably have been a better bet if the two had hoped to catch something to eat in the near future. The meat of the Greenland shark is toxic as the flesh contains trimethylene oxide, which when digested has the same effect as severe drunkenness.

When properly prepared in a painstaking process, it can however be eaten and is considered a delicacy in Iceland and particularly Greenland, where the fish, which is not generally dangerous to humans, is closely tied to Inuit folklore.

The Greenland shark, which also bears the names sleeper, ground, gurry or grey shark is one of the largest species of shark and can grow to over six metres.

World Record: Largest Shark Landed With Rod and Reel

Retired Police Officer Reports Alien Close Encounter

herald24 - A former police officer saw a UFO, and what he thought were children that “disappeared all of a sudden”, while driving from Hertford to Puckeridge.

The sighting was in July last year, but has only emerged within the last few days on a UFO-watcher’s website.

In his tantalizing account the ex-cop, who identified himself only as Nick R, wrote: “I saw whilst driving along the A10 going home one evening after work north a light which was not the moon, orange and oval in shape. I drove into my parking space in Puckeridge and went into my flat. Faffed about for about 10 minutes then went outside for a cigarette.

“I saw something which I have never told anyone about. My flat was in Cambridge Court in Puckeridge backed on to fields. I saw in the twilight what I thought were kids messing about. No, as the light faded around 21.30 the orange globe appeared in the sky. I was at this time watching something on TV, then went outside for a fag again.”

Chillingly he raised the prospect of seeing alien beings that he initially thought were “children”, in the field – a so-called ‘close encounter of the third kind’.

He added: “I know that area is a flight path from Stansted, but that was strange.

“The children disappeared all of a sudden. I lived there for one-and-a-half years, and never experienced anything like that.”

In reply to the post another site user wrote: Intrigued by your report, am interested in sightings on either 25/26th of July in this area seems to be a pattern.”

He suggested Nick R report his sighting on another site dedicated to serving and retired police officers’ sightings of UFO-related phenomena.

Retired Police Officer Reports Alien Close Encounter

Former MoD UFO Expert Nick Pope Says Pasture Close, Bushey Video 'Very Interesting'

Click for video

Former Ministry of Defence UFO investigator Nick Pope described unusual footage of a Bushey sighting as “very interesting”. Pope, who worked for the MoD between 1991 and 1994, is recognized as a leading authority on UFOs and continues to investigate and comment on unusual sightings.

After viewing the video taken in Pasture Close, Bushey, on Wednesday, Mr Pope said he could not be sure what the object was, but that it probably had a logical explanation.

He said: “We are getting more and more sightings of UFOs. I think this is partly down to science fiction movies and people becoming more open to the possibility we are not alone.

“When I was running the government UFO project we got about two or three hundred sightings a year. Now people have more access to technology to record what they see, we are getting more and more good footage of UFOs.”

Mr Pope said the object in the video, taken by Jackie Noise, was probably a Chinese lantern but could not rule out the possibility of extra-terrestrial life visiting Earth.

“There is a lot of strange stuff being seen. Is there life out there? Definitely. Is there life visiting us? I'm not so sure. It is possible and throughout my career I have seen evidence, but no proof.”

Former MoD UFO Expert Nick Pope Says Pasture Close, Bushey Video 'Very Interesting'

Fortean / Oddball News - 7/2/2010

The Battle of Loch Ness

bbc - Rival Loch Ness Monster tourist attractions have settled a legal dispute by agreeing out-of-court to change their names.

Operators of the Official Loch Ness Exhibition Centre were suing the owners of the Original Loch Ness Monster Exhibition Centre for £1.3m.

The sites are 100 yards apart in Drumnadrochit near Loch Ness.

They are now to be known as the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition and Nessieland Castle Monster Centre.

The case was set down for five days at Inverness Sheriff Court, but was resolved after two days of talks.
Lost profits

Sheriff Ian Abercrombie had appealed to both parties to sit down together in a bid to resolve the matter before any evidence was led.

Robbie Bremner, of the Official exhibition which will now become Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition, took the long-running row to court.

He alleged the Original run by Donald and Gillian Skinner had cost his business £1.3m in lost profits since 1987.

In court documents, the Bremner family claimed that the Skinners had deliberately sought to confuse the public by using similar names and a similar colour scheme on promotion material to their company.

The Skinners denied the allegations.

Following out-of-court discussions, solicitor Bobby MacDonald, representing the Skinners, told Sheriff Abercrombie: "I am happy to say all matters have been resolved."

He said there were no longer any matters for the court to decide on.


Witches and Miracle Healers Still Rule Roost in Superstitious Balkans

heraldscotland - It might sound weird, but even in 2010 the brooding Balkan countries can’t shake their addiction to psychics, clairvoyants, soothsayers and assorted ‘white witches’, all of which are still doing a roaring trade, from Bulgaria to Translyvania.

Clairvoyants and soothsayers ply their ancient trade around hospitals in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, reassuring anxious relatives with visions of a rapid recovery for their loved ones. They market ‘miracle cures’ and love potions, and in newspaper columns advise lovelorn women on how to land a man.

Some claim to be able to read, from coffee grounds, the fates of their fearful customers, while others predict the future from the stars. Their clientele pay handsomely for every divined word. Old women from the countryside tout herbal cures for everything from frigidity to erectile dysfunction and cancer, and claim that their healing craft extends well beyond traditional medicine. Credulous Bulgarians are the world’s biggest spenders when it comes to the miracle cures market.

Every second Bulgarian who took part in a survey for the Sofia television channel BTV said they believed in supernatural powers, and especially feared a curse being put on them. Professor Ljubomir Halachev confirmed in the programme that “trust in psychic powers and second sight is widespread in Bulgaria”.

At the upmarket end of this booming business, savvy younger ‘practitioners’ use state-of-the-art tools – internet websites, blogs and chatrooms – to spread their psychic messages, and give their readings a techy edge. Soothsayers’ most sought-after services include the lifting of curses, countering havoc wreaked by an evil eye and turning bad luck to good.

The apparently unchallengeable claim by Bulgarian clairvoyants and psychics to paranormal powers rests on the world-renowned reputation of their late peer, the seer Baba Vanga.

Born Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova in 1911, this blind clairvoyant and herbal healer is claimed to have predicted, before her death in 1996, a number of world events, including the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the death of Princess Diana, the break-up of the Soviet Union, the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US – “two American brothers would fall under attacks by birds of steel” – and the sinking of the Russian nuclear cruise-missile submarine Kursk.

Then there was her ‘chilling’ prophecy of the date for the outbreak of the Third World War – December 2010. Enigmatically, she said this would be the result of “attempts on the lives of four leaders following a conflict in Hindustan”.

Of course, ‘Hindustan’, in the parlance of an illiterate Bulgarian village clairvoyant, could well have covered the entire Indian sub-continent. And, as the slayings of Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman of Bangladesh among others bear witness, the sub-continent is no stranger to political assassinations.

Asked, when she was quite elderly, about her psychic sources, she became shrewdly vague. Her words were ­especially difficult to decipher because she had spent her entire life in the Rupite region of the Kozhuh Mountains, and spoke with a heavy local accent barely comprehensible to outsiders. Her television interviews were always supported by subtitles.

She spoke of “creatures invisible to people with ordinary sight”, who told her about the fate and future of many people.

In the good ‘white witch’ stakes, Romania has the edge on the rest of the Balkans – even on Bulgaria. While keeping their ancient craft traditional, Romanian white witches use websites, blogs, email messaging and chatrooms to reach their clientele.

To judge by the claims of her website, Rodica Gheorghe is the leading ‘white witch healer’ in the country. Her credentials are based on her family tradition of witchcraft. She is the daughter of the witch Mama Omida and granddaughter of the witch Sabina. Some joke that her family are well on their way to having enough for their own coven.

But in the competitive cut-throat witch business, nothing is lasting, and in Romania’s Transylvania province, ‘black witches’ have muscled in on the lucrative evil eye and funerary markets. Proven spells to keep a newly widowed man from remarrying, and thus depriving his children of their inheritance, are especially well paid for.

After any death in the village of Camarzana, a witch is called in to smear the udders of cows with garlic to prevent ‘revenants’ – vampires returning from the grave – stealing their milk.

As long as the ancient Balkan superstitions rule ordinary lives, witches, clairvoyants and miracle healers will do brisk business, with or without the internet.


Study Links Bee Decline to Cell Phones

cnn - A new study has suggested that cell phone radiation may be contributing to declines in bee populations in some areas of the world.

Bee populations dropped 17 percent in the UK last year, according to the British Bee Association, and nearly 30 percent in the United States says the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Parasitic mites called varroa, agricultural pesticides and the effects of climate change have all been implicated in what has been dubbed "colony collapse disorder" (CCD).

But researchers in India believe cell phones could also be to blame for some of the losses.

In a study at Panjab University in Chandigarh, northern India, researchers fitted cell phones to a hive and powered them up for two fifteen-minute periods each day.

After three months, they found the bees stopped producing honey, egg production by the queen bee halved, and the size of the hive dramatically reduced.

It's not just the honey that will be lost if populations plummet further. Bees are estimated to pollinate 90 commercial crops worldwide. Their economic value in the UK is estimated to be $290 million per year and around $12 billion in the U.S.

Andrew Goldsworthy, a biologist from the UK's Imperial College, London, has studied the biological effects of electromagnetic fields. He thinks it's possible bees could be affected by cell phone radiation.

The reason, Goldsworthy says, could hinge on a pigment in bees called cryptochrome.

"Animals, including insects, use cryptochrome for navigation," Goldsworthy told CNN.

"They use it to sense the direction of the earth's magnetic field and their ability to do this is compromised by radiation from [cell] phones and their base stations. So basically bees do not find their way back to the hive."

Goldsworthy has written to the UK communications regulator OFCOM suggesting a change of phone frequencies would stop the bees being confused.

"It's possible to modify the signal coming from the [cell] phones and the base station in such a way that it doesn't produce the frequencies that disturb the cryptochrome molecules," Goldsworthy said.

"So they could do this without the signal losing its ability to transmit information."

But the UK's Mobile Operators Association -- which represents the UK's five mobile network operators -- told CNN: "Research scientists have already considered possible factors involved in CCD and have identified the areas for research into the causes of CCD which do not include exposure to radio waves."

Norman Carreck, Scientific director of the International Bee research Association at the UK's University of Sussex says it's still not clear how much radio waves affect bees.

"We know they are sensitive to magnetic fields. What we don't know is what use they actually make of them. And no one has yet demonstrated that honey bees use the earth's magnetic field when navigating," Carreck said.


Check out Rick Phillips' latest blog entry - Finding 'Portal' Intrusions - in which he uses my personal Bigfoot encounter as an example of an entity moving through portals. Very interesting read...Lon


Boulder, Colorado Police Search for Leprechan

kdvr - Boulder Police are looking for a Leprechaun who caused mischief and mayhem in a King Soopers parking lot.

They received calls from people about a man dressed as a Leprechaun outside the store at 30th St. and Arapahoe Ave. at about 1:00 p.m. Wednesday.

Boulder Police Sgt. Fred Gerhardt told the Daily Camera they responded because the caller said the Leprechaun was jumping in and out from between cars, pretending to shoot at people with his fingers. The report also said on top of that, he may have made obscene gestures with his fingers.

"I think that's why they called us," Gerhardt says. "He was acting bizarre."

But officers didn't find anyone matching the suspect's description.

Boulder Police had not ever received a complaint about a Leprechaun before this,Gerhardt said.

NOTE: I wonder if it has anything to do with the 'vampire' that caused the woman to crash her car the other day? Lon


Maggots Force Plane to Return to Gate

Click for video

A flight bound for North Carolina was forced to return to the gate in Atlanta after passengers noticed maggots falling from an overhead bin. Passenger Donna Adamo describes her experience in video above.


Scare Tactics...FREAKED!

Click for video

NOTE: reminded me of Yvette Fielding and the other neurotics on 'Most Haunted' who constantly scream, cry and freak out. This guy would fit right in that show...Lon

Fortean / Oddball News - 7/2/2010

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Alien Abduction - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan - 12/23/2009

I plucked this abduction report (unedited) from the MUFON Case Management System today. Honestly, I don't know how many, if any, of these abduction cases are investigated by MUFON but I usually like to glean the report for as much information as possible so I can do a followup. If the witness finds this post, please feel free to contact me...Lon

Please, this is a true story that took place on December 23rd of 2009. I was in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and there is a local legend of a ghost train that appears on an old railroad track located in the woods just off an out of town road. I decided to check it out as I was on my way to town. It was 1AM. I was driving for a while and I decided I needed a stretch, have a few cigarettes and get back on the road. I parked just off the road and made my way through the field to the woods. It was extremely dark. I heard some quick footsteps. I got scared but figured it must've been a baby deer or a fox or something. I remember then smelling a strong odour. It smelt like chemicals, strong enough to make you cringe and tingle your brain. That's the last I remember of being in the woods. I must've passed out but I awoke and I was being led in a dark hallway. Something was communicating with me. It told me "not to worry," and that "you will not be harmed." For some reason I trusted it. The platform we were walking on seemed to cushion my every step. The creature appeared to be communicating with others but I couldn't see anything else. Finally we approached this spherical room. We entered but nothing was in there. Just two weird looking seats and the entrance. A dim bluish light illuminated from above. At this point, I thought I was dreaming. The "thing" that was leading me appeared to be some sort of creature. It invited me into one of the seats as it took the other. This is where I observed its appearance. It was very short. It had dark skin. It had a large head with two large dark eyes. It had a visible nose but no visible ears or mouth which is weird because it had a voice. It also had long limbs and long fingers. It appeared to have some sort of engraving on it's chest. It also appeared to be injured. This creature and I had a conversation. It spoke to me.
It asked me, "What are you?"
I responded, "I'm a human being."
It then asked me, "And this is your home, Earth?"
I responded, "Yes. Why are you here?"
It paused for some brief moments. Then it said, "Because the humans will face the exact same fate that the Ithileceus faced. The creature stated "Ithileceus". I'm guessing that's how you spell it and I'm guessing that's the race of the creature.
I asked, "And what's that?"
It replied, "Extinction."
Before I asked another question, it continued. "If the humans don't build an Ostisuphrymicous, during the year 2065, they will perish and your world will become their world."
I asked, "What's an Os-tis-u-phrym-icous?"
Then a small desk appeared from above us and landed in between us. A small sphere appeared. It seemed to emit some sort of energy. The creature just stared at it. It started to glow and I felt all my energy drain from my body. Then it stopped glowing. I felt exhausted and vulnerable. The creature said, "This one was built for use against your kind just in case you happened to portray some level of hostility. But after some observation, your kind is at most, harmless. We used the last of our resources to build it."
I can't describe the sphere with words. I probably could only draw it. I asked the creature, "Where are you from?"
The creature replied, "I am from a place far more advanced than this one. Approximately a thousand times more advanced. But my home is now home to invaders. My race was completely destroyed. I as well as a few others are all that remain in existence."
I asked, "Why are you helping us?"
The creature replied, "It is in our nature to aid those that we cross paths with. It appears that your planet is in a collection of several planets and as a group, appears to be in the path of the invaders that have taken our planet. I am simply warning you of what's to come."
I still believed I was dreaming. The creature seemed to be able to read my thoughts and my feelings. The creature said, "As victims in a massive slaughtering, this makes us brothers in this universe. If you don't survive, at least you will die fighting."
I tried to comprehend everything that was being told to me. But I just couldn't believe it. The creature extended it's hand out as to shake my hand. I reached out too and as our hands touched I went unconscious. The next thing I know, I awoke in my bed. My clothes were still on, as well as my shoes. But my watch was missing. So was my wallet, my phone, my Ipod, my cigarettes and my lighter. I looked outside and my car was nowhere to be found. I asked a friend to drive me where I had stopped the night before. My car was still there but nothing else was found. I called my phone several times using my friend's cell and each time there was an automatic pick-up. Each time I heard a weird humming noise, like a light saber and occasionally a beep. During the fourth call, it cut and all I got was the operator voice telling me the number was not assigned. After that day, I had several dreams of a global takeover, more than 6 to be exact. This incident is truly chilling and disturbing and I've questioned our reality and my existence ever since. This is a true story. Please believe me. This incident happened to me. Please e-mail me if you want to see the pictures I drew of the sphere and the creature: [cms/tg/pid] The creature warned me of the year 2065.

NOTE: Again, if the witness in this report happens to read this post, please contact me at this email link or at ...Lon

Alien Abduction - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan - 12/23/2009

Videos: Pulsating, Morphing UFOs Over Colorado

Click for video

Click for video

MUFON Case Management Report - Witness Statement - unedited: I have been taking pictures for over a year now of strange events going on in my own back yard. I first noticed a star that really stood out and started observing it through binoculars. Since then, these star like lights have multiplied and produce other strange flying lights. One time, the flying lights came straight at me, making me fall down with my camera but managed to capture it anyway. After observing these for a while, I noticed my back yard motion detector lights going off. For some reason, I don't no why, I goggled orbs and got the information on how to take pictures of these. Sure enough, my first night taking pictures with the only intent of capturing orbs, I was shocked. There were hundreds of them, most of them with faces. Since then, I have noticed that these orbs are always around when I take pictures of the UFOs. The strangest video I took was around Feb. 6, 2010 of the strange light in the sky. My friends, who have been the biggest skeptics, have changed their mind when viewing this incredible video. You'll have to see it to believe it. Thank you for this opportunity to tell someone.

NOTE: the witness posted the videos on YouTube in April 2010...then eventually posted this report today. Watch the videos...what's your impression? Lon

Videos: Pulsating, Morphing UFOs Over Colorado

Fortean / Oddball News - 7/1/2010

'Catwoman' on the Prowl in NYC!

A serial robber who apparently loves dressing up as a cat is running rampant across the city hitting only high-end shoe and beauty shops, according to New York City police.

The frisky feline has already struck three times and was captured on surveillance video during her heist at the high-end Arche store on Astor Place in the East Village on Thursday.

During the robbery at Arche, the 5-foot-6, 115 pound thief, apparently asked the a salesperson if she likes cats and then began moving like cat woman - even making cat sounds.

Before she pounced, police say the suspect shopped for nearly 40 minutes, before turning over a note to an employee reading, "Give me the money! I have a gun!" Police say she then fled the store with $86 in cash.

The following day the suspect hit The Body Shop in Forest Hills, Queens, police said. This time, however, she wasn't wearing her cat mask but was instead donning a scarf she had wrapped around her head. In that instance, she demanded money and made off with $500.

Last year, police say she hit another store. This time, she targeted a Nine West in Forest Hills. It is not clear how much money she got away with in that case. The cat bandit is still on the prowl.

Click for video


Barracuda Jumps Into Boat, Attacks 14-Year-Old Girl

Koral Wira was named after the sea and its tranquility, not the terror she experienced on Sunday morning. Fishing with her family in the Gulf of Mexico, the unsuspecting 14-year-old girl from Venice was attacked by a 45-inch barracuda while sitting inside a boat.

According to the family, the barracuda jumped from the water, flew across the boat like a bullet, clamped onto the girl's left arm and left it looking like "raw hamburger."

Wira had incision-like bite marks from her elbow to her wrist, and the wounds required 51 stitches to close. "It was like out of 'Jaws,' it was that scary," said Dina Parker, Wira's mother. "We'll never go back out there again. It was the most terrifying thing I've ever been through. I've never been so scared in my life.


Man Installs TV With Gun, Kills Wife

Click for video

NOTE: A Missouri man allegedly shot and killed his wife while he was trying to install a satellite TV system in his home. He should have at least been charged for being a stupid ass...Lon

Donald Duck Arrested For Marijuana, DUI

Click for video

NOTE: Officers said Duck, 51, was arrested at about 5:25 p.m. Saturday after he repeatedly struck the car in front of him while at a drive-through pizza line on Lincoln Way East in Massillon, Ohio. Police said Duck was charged with drug paraphernalia offenses and possession of marijuana. Ought to change his name to 'Dopey'...Lon

Fortean / Oddball News - 7/1/2010

Prehistoric 'Leviathan' Whale Discovered

bbc - Researchers have discovered the fossilized remains of an ancient whale with huge, fearsome teeth.

Writing in the journal Nature, the scientists have dubbed the 12 million-year-old creature "Leviathan".

It is thought to have been more than 17m long, and might have engaged in fierce battles with other giant sea creatures from the time.

Leviathan was much like the modern sperm whale in terms of size and appearance.

But that is where the similarity ends. While the sperm whale is a relatively passive animal, sucking in squid from the depths of the ocean, Leviathan was an aggressive predator.

According to Dr Christian de Muizon, director of the Natural History Museum in Paris, Leviathan could have hunted out and fed on large sea creatures such as dolphins, seals and even other whales.

"It was a kind of a sea monster," he said.

"And it's interesting to note that at the same time in the same waters was another monster, which was a giant shark about 15m long. It's possible that they might have fought each other".

The researchers speculate that Leviathan was able to feed on very large prey up to 8m long. It would catch the prey in its huge jaws and tear it apart quickly and effectively with its giant teeth.

A 3m-long fossilized skull of the creature was discovered by researchers in southern Peru in 2008. Dr de Muizon's student, Olivier Lambert was among them.

"It was the last day of our field trip when one of our colleagues came and told us that he thought he'd found something very interesting. So we joined him and he showed it to us," he said.

"We immediately saw that it was a very large whale and when we looked closer we saw it was a giant sperm whale with huge teeth."

The teeth were more than twice the length and diameter of those found in modern sperm whales and they were on the upper and lower jaws.

Sperm whales only have teeth on their lower jaw.

Dr Lambert and his colleagues had speculated that such a fierce creature might once have existed on the basis of discoveries of individual teeth.

Now, the discovery of the skull means that the Leviathan is not merely the stuff of myth and legend.

"Finally we found it," said Dr Lambert. " It was a very exciting moment".

The researchers do not know why this ancient whale died out. They speculate that the ecology and environment changed so that the creature had to change its feeding habits.

That may have led to the emergence of today's much gentler sperm whales, with the carnivorous niche filled by killer whales as conditions swung back again.

The authors of the report in Nature, who are all whale experts, are fans of the novel Moby Dick, which involves a ferocious white sperm whale.

So taken are they with the novel that they decided to dedicate their discovery to the author, Herman Melville, and give the creature its full scientific name of Leviathan melvillei.

Prehistoric 'Leviathan' Whale Discovered

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Argentina: The Pretzel CE-3 and Possibly Related Humanoid Sightings

Scott Corrales of Inexplicata has posted the following fascinating article:

Venturing into the dark vaults of South American UFO lore, Contributing Editor Guillermo Gimenez brings us the story of a major CE-3 of a kind reported elsewhere in the Spanish-speaking Americas in the 20th century.

Argentina: The Night Visitor (The Pretzel CE-3)
By Daniel J. López and Luis Burgos

From the incomparable 1968 Argentinean – and worldwide – UFO wave, I remember that one of the most widely known and controversial cases involved an encounter between a young woman and a strange entity in the mountain ranges of Córdoba. Much has been said since then: that it was a hoax with the purpose of attracting tourists, that the protagonist herself confected the story, to a media-driven creation. Even today, naysayers hiding behind curtains will have a field day with it. The fact of the matter is that I was unable to travel to the site to inverview the witness. But in 1986, 18 years after the “contact” experience, I assigned researcher Daniel Jose Lopez of FAO, Bs.As., to reinvestigate the case. And the trip yielded results, since the eyewitness interview presented fundamental evidence suggesting that “something indeed happened at the time”. A story that was consistent, detailed and beyond all whimsical conexts emerged from the woman’s mouth. She was 37 years old at the time, nearly two decades later. Let’s take a look...

Villa Carlos Paz is a classic Argentinean tourist destination. It is located some 30 kilometers west of Cordoba. There we can find the “La Cuesta” motel, along Route No. 20 and some two kilometers from the center of town. It is owned by Mr. Pedro J. Pretzel. His daughter Maria Elodia, 19, helps her father in running the establishment.

Maria Elodia Pretzel is a determined young woman, well thought of in her community, and who is not given to reading science fiction. Early that year, she underwent surgery. After recovery, she assisted in managing the hotel. But her life changed one morning in June 1968: at around 1:00 a.m. on the 14th, Mr. Pedro Pretzel was driving back home along Route 20 when he saw “two large red lights over the road, too far apart to be the tailights of another car” some 50 meters from his motel. Finding the front door open was also disconcerting, as he knew his daughter to be quite concientious about such things. As soon as he entered the house, he headed for her bedroom, only to find the young woman spread out on the bed, unconscious. What had happened there?

After bidding two guests farewell, Maria Elodia went to the kitchen and found that a considerable amount of light was pouring into the hallway. Thinking that someone had left the living room lights on, she went in and was faced with a strange and extraordinary visitor: a large figure, standing in excess of 2 meters, blonde, hair combed backward with a friendly facial expression, stood a short distance away. He was clad in some sort of jumpsuit, light blue, covering his body from his neck down to his feet. Small luminous rays poured from his fingertips. In his left hand he carried a crystal orb that emitted bright beams of light. In his right hand he bore a ring, almost a gauntlet. According to the young woman, every time the being raised the gauntlet, “it was as though he himself rose into the air and remained suspended...”

At that time, Maria Elodia felt herself weaken and fall down, but when the entity lowered the gauntlet, she felt her strength returning. The being advanced toward her with a kindly, calm manner, moving his lips slowly, speaking a strange, melodic language that reminded her of Japanese. He said something like “cling-gling-crish”. At a given moment, the young woman felt a sensation of “bubbles in her head” and a feeling of perspiration, but when she touched her neck, she was perfectly dry.

Maria Elodia was able to dash for the safety of the counter, even as the entity moved the orb constantly and tried to get near her. She claims that she could hear, in the recesses of her mind, a message that repeated: “Don’t be afraid...”

Suddenly, the bright orb went out. The stranger stopped, spun around and withdrew toward the outside door. As he turned, the experiencer was able to see a kind of skirt around him, but the truly uncanny event occured as he approached the door: it opened by itself and closed as he departed.

From that moment on, Maria Elodia, who had backed away, remembered nothing more. A few moments later, her father arrived.

Dr. Hugo V. Vaggione, 33, knows the young woman well, as he is the Pretzel family’s physician. According to the doctor, she is a serious, somewhat introvered and very responsible person. He diagnosed her as being in a “pronounced state of nerves” afer the ordeal, due to emotional impact, but far from a breakdown. She was perfectly coordinated in her statements, and her blood pressure was normal. Finding her mentally and physically sound, the doctor can find no reason for deception or hallucination...

While the Pretzel Case does not present the physical evidence so longingly sought by everyone (footprints, remains, etc.) unofficial versions stated that traces of radioactivity were found in the motel’s carport and in areas where the “visitor” entered. There are only four (4) cases in Argentina where radiation has been detected.

This type of humanoid, prevalent in the 1960s and which is rarely seen nowadays, yielded its place to the ubiquitous Greys, which appear to have co-opted most of the entity case histories. There was, however, another close encoutner in Argentina with an occupant resembling the one in the Villa Carlos Paz incident. This was the famous encounter at La Florida, in San Luis, where a tall figure, similarly clad, appeared before three fishermen on the night of February 4-5, 1978. Regarding the correlation of cases, that night (June 13-14, 1968) involved numerous UFO and humanoid sightings throughout various provinces in Argentina. Right there, in the vicinity of the “La Cuesta” motel, local residents reported seeing “two very powerful red lights” in flight around 22:00 hours on the evening of June 13.

If the night visitor, who arrived from who knows where, waited for the last couple to check out of the motel before entering...did the imminent arrival of Ms. Pretzel’s father interrupt any subsequent actions (the orb blinking out and the entity leaving)? These questions will remain unanswered in this memorable case.


The following are references to this case:

*1968 - At 45 minutes after midnight Mr. Pedro Pretzel, a 36-year-old hotel proprietor in the resort town of Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba, Argentina sighted a UFO with two very intense beams of red light while walking home. A short while later his 19-year-old daughter Maria, who had been working as the hotel receptionist, encountered a six and a half foot tall blond man dressed in a sky blue diver suit, holding a sky blue sphere in his left hand. On his right hand was a huge ring, like a gauntlet covering half his hand. The ends of his fingers and toes emitted light, and whenever he pointed his hand at her she felt faint and began to lose consciousness. He smiled and spoke to her in an unintelligible language for some minutes before leaving. (Sources: Charles Bowen, FSR, September-October 1968, p. 11; Jane Thomas, FSR, November-December 1972, p. 24; Oscar A Galindez, FSR, January 1981, p. 8; David F. Webb and Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1968-32, citing FSR)

*Jun., 1968 Carlos Paz (Argentina). Pedro Pretzel, 39, motel
0050 owner, observed an object 50 m away on road 20,
showing two powerful red headlights. Arriving at his
room, the witness found his daughter unconscious.
When she came to, she said that a blond man, 2 m
tall, wearing a blue, bright suit, and holding a pale-
blue sphere in his hand, had appeared and spoken to
her. (LDLN 95)

*Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba Argentina - June 14 1968 - 0050A

Pedro Pretzel, the proprietor of a motel, was walking home when he saw near the motel an object projecting 2 very intense beams of red light. On arriving home he found his 19-year old daughter Maria in a faint. She said she had encountered in the vestibule a blond man over 6 ft tall, dressed in a “diver’s suit” of sky blue scales, and holding in his left hand a sky-blue sphere. On his right hand was a huge ring, like a gauntlet half covering his hand. The ends of his fingers and toes emitted light, and whenever his hand pointed at her she felt weak. He smiled and spoke to her in an unintelligible language resembling Japanese for some minutes before leaving. As he walked out the rear door it opened by itself and then it slammed shut as the stranger walked out. She saw what appeared to be a type of skirt on the back of the stranger. Before he walked out Maria felt very dizzy and began sweating profusely in her mind she heard a voice telling her not to be afraid.

Source: Charles Bowen, FSR Vol. 14 # 5


This case peaked my interest, so I checked for other sightings around the same time and general location. I was surprised to find that there were several other humanoid sightings in Argentina before and after the Pretzel sighting and report:

*Near Buenos Aires, Argentina - June 4 1968 - 0100A
Walking home after midnight, artist Benjamin Solari Parravicini was suddenly confronted by a fair skinned man with eyes ‘so light in color that he looked as if blind,” who addressed him in an unintelligible guttural language. Looking upward, the witness saw only 50 yards away a hovering aerial craft, with no lights. He became dizzy, and when he recovered, he found himself inside the machine, with 3 other persons. One of these, very handsome, was questioning Parravicini in an alien language, which he was able to understand telepathically. They told him that they would taken him once around the earth, and he observed Japan, France, and Chile before being returned to the same street corner. Since this experience, the alien beings have contacted Parravicini several times.

Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 14 # 5

*Cordoba, Argentina - about June 10 1968

A youth stated that he had been visited by a strange being whose body emitted rays of light, and who spoke a strange language he did not recognize. No other information.

Source: Newspaper source

*Cigarrales, Cordoba, Argentina - June 10 1968 - 0330A

Jorge Yaru, a member of the Argentine Navy, stepped out of his home to hear a very loud engine type noise, looking around he sees nothing and re-enters the house. Soon he again hears the noise and goes outside to investigate. Looking towards a nearby empty field he sees a hovering disc shaped object with a dome on top and one in the bottom, he estimates the craft to be about 1.50 meters in width and 6 meters in length, the craft was rotating in anti-clockwise manner. He watched the object for 45 minutes then the craft shoots away at a ninety-degree angle towards the nearby wooded hills. Mr. Yaru then feels a strange urge to bathe in a nearby brook, which he does, not withstanding the very low temperatures at the time. He strangely felt, as he had to “cleanse” himself. At the same time, a neighbor, Adela Garcia, heard the same noise and noticed in the same empty field a strange triangular shaped cloud from which a giant man-like figure, over 2 meters tall, with long blond hair, descended to the ground. The strange being, which Garcia likened to Jesus Christ, approaches her and she kneels before him. Turning away briefly from the being, she looks up and both the being and the triangular shaped cloud had vanished. At the empty field a large scorched area of grass was found.

Source: Revista Enigmas, Argentina

*La Armonia, Necochea, Argentina - June 14 1968 - late night

Catolicio Fernandez, a farmer, was in bed resting when two very tall human like figures appeared in his room. They were thin and wore tight fitting green shiny coveralls. The men sat on the edge of the witness bed and one of them raised his hand making the witness feel dizzy, he then lowered it and the witness felt better, they then left. No other information.

Source: Hector P Anganuzzi, Historia De Los Platos Voladores en Argentina

*Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina - June 20 1968

Eustaqui Zogorwski, 63, a Polish immigrant, claimed that on the above date he was drugged by a man who drove up to his house in Avellaneda in a black car. When he came to, he found himself in “an hallucinating world, where giant beings were dwelling in an aerial city.” Two of these beings, over 2 meters tall, conducted Mr. Zogorwski to a tower in the center of the city, seemingly suspended in space; he was seated at a table around which sat 12 similar giants. They took his arms and he began to “trace signs automatically.” He believed that they had “brain washed” him. He was finally released between the towns of Brinkmann and Cotagaita, in Cordoba, where the mysterious man in the black car picked him up and delivered him to his home.

Source: Newspaper source

"Laguna Paiva, Santa Fe, Argentina - June 24 1968 - 0110A

The witness, Mrs Dora Egger de Torrez was sleeping with her husband when she was suddenly awakened by a strong buzzing sound that was hurting her ears. When she turned around she noticed on the corner of the bedroom an oval-shaped light and inside of it two human-like figures, one tall, about 2 meters in height and the second only about 50 or 70cm in height. Both wore tight-fitting metallic brown diving suits and helmets with plastic-visors that covered their faces. The shorter creature seemed to move its hands and walked towards the witness who suddenly felt a sort of burning sensation in her body. The shorter figure appeared to have noticed and retreated backwards. The taller figures at times walked around the shorter humanoid at times showing his back. When the witness attempted to wake her husband the shorter figure again approached and she felt paralyzed, and could not move her hand, which seemed to bump against something invisible. She is not sure how long the observation lasted. The humanoids seemed to have communicated with her and she felt that they had told her that they would return someday. However she did not hear any words being spoken and did not noticed their lips moving. Finally the oval shaped light its occupants seemed to suddenly shrink in size until vanishing from sight along with the loud buzzing sound. Only at that moment was Dora able to wake her husband punching him really hard on the stomach. He found his wife in an extremely excited state, repeating the phrase, “they will return”. Dora later found a strange blister on the top of her mouth that remained there for several days. A neighbor that visited the location noticed a strong odor resembling that of burning electrical wire, which appeared to be stronger on the corner where the humanoids had originally appeared.

Source: Dr. Oscar A Galindez, FSR Vol. 27 # 1

*Cerro De Las Rosas, Cordoba, Argentina - June 27 1968 - 1730

Three children, Hugo Cesar Messina, Oscar Crespo, and a 3rd boy whose name has been kept confidential were bicycling when they were surprised by the appearance of a silvery colored object, which had on its lower part a kind of helix, where lights of white and sky-blue were revolving. The UFO remained hovering about 20 meters up and 50 meters away from the boys. On the upper part of the object appeared a couple, a man, and a woman, floating in the air. They were of enormous stature, with long white hair, and wore luminous close fitting garments. Holding hands, they began to go down slowly, disappearing into the object without any door opening. The luminous helix began to rotate at greater speed, and the UFO went away at great speed.

Source: Carlos Banchs

*Lujan, Mendoza, Argentina - June 30 1968 - 0115A

Jose Paulino Nunez, a distillery worker, encountered on the beach two people he first took to be guards. Their dress and actions were like normal people, but they showed him a spherical device of some 30 cm in which he could see the images of people walking about. Speaking in a strange, metallic voice, one asked the witness, “Do you know these people? They were like you. Many more will be like them. Many people in the world will see the same thing you have seen. We will talk about this again. If you speak of this, be sure it is with responsible people.” At that point the witness experienced a lapse of memory, for the next thing he recalls was being back in the laboratory, where it took him an hour to compose himself. The people he saw in the images were all tall human like, with pale complexions, and long light colored hair, which appeared to be walking about in a trance like state.

Source: Richard Heiden, & Jader Pereira

*Ricardone Entre Rios, Argentina - July 1 1968 - 0400A

Returning home after a dance, 17-year-old Raul Salcedo encountered two strange beings nearly 10 ft tall. He “felt himself drawn towards them by the powerful magnetism radiated by them, which well nigh immobilized him,” but he broke free and fled home in terror. There was, simultaneously, a spate of UFO sightings locally and in nearby San Lorenzo.

Source: FSR Vol. 14 # 5

NOTE: I was very surprised to find so many similar sightings in the same general area and time period. I went back and tried to find other references but most were in Spanish...but I was able to find a comment in a newspaper article where one of the witnesses was told that 'there are many more of us'. BTW, 1968 was a very busy year for UFO sightings well as all the other turmoil and tragedy of that infamous year...Lon

Argentina: The Pretzel CE-3 and Possibly Related Humanoid Sightings

Ex-MUFON Director Carrion Rants About Ufology

The following is a recent blog post by former MUFON Director James Carrion. He now manages the website The Center For UFO Truth:

Blasphemy Will Get You Stoned

James Carrion - It has been interesting to read the various reactions from those inside the circus tent of Ufology to the formation of the Center for UFO Truth. It is reminiscent of the protests and admonishments I received at my presentation at the 2009 Crash Retrieval conference on “Russian Espionage and UFOs” where despite showing authenticated documented evidence to back up the statements I made, some individuals simply could not bring themselves to accept my theory as a possibility. It was also at that conference that I realized that presenting a human theory for the origin of UFOs at a UFO conference is tantamount to blasphemy.

I began to wonder what it would take to convince the circus visitors that the human deception theory was a possibility. More documentation? Better explanations? Enlisted experts? The more I thought about it, the clearer it became that NOTHING would convince someone whose mind is made up and who espouses a specific belief system.

Imagine I walked into a large Christian church on a Sunday morning and announced at the pulpit that Jesus Christ did exist, but did not resurrect from the dead because I had scientific proof – the authenticated bones of the dead Christ. The ensuing outraged uproar would be the same if I made a similar pronouncement in a Mosque about Mohammed.

Now of course there would be some critical minds already riding the fence of their own beliefs who would examine the evidence and at least consider it a possibility, but those whose beliefs are so thoroughly entrenched would not be tempted for a New York minute to even admit the evidence into their world view.

So it is no surprise that one prominent UFO journalist wondered who had let the fox in the hen house when I dared to question the sacred cow of Ufology – Roswell. How dare I as the director (at that time) of a National UFO organization question the unimpeachable event of the crash landing of an alien craft?

Even Stanton Friedman who decries the debunkers as vile for having their minds made up and being too lazy to do their own research pulled his own debunking tactic by dismissing my research and its possible connection to Roswell in an article in the January 2010 MUFON Journal. If even Stanton Friedman doesn’t have an open mind, then I fear that Ufology is doomed to choir practice and baptisms.

Now some have questioned why the focus of the Center for UFO Truth is so narrow and that trying to prove the human deception theory is itself inherently a preconceived belief. I have four words to answer that – “Show me the evidence”. In science you can propose whatever theory you would like as long as you are willing to back it up with evidence. When Copernicus proposed that the Earth was not the center of the Universe, he didn’t have to first explain celestial mechanics of the wider universe. He focused on one question – does the earth revolve around the sun or not – simple and unambiguous.

That is exactly what the Center for UFO Truth is focused on – a simple and unambiguous theory of human deception in the early days of UFOs. If CUT can unequivocally prove that United States and its allies hijacked the UFO theme for Cold War purposes and that Kenneth Arnold’s sighting and Roswell were part of this deception, through authenticated documents, rather than anecdotal evidence, then critical thinkers should take notice. If you are a staunch believer, don’t worry, CUT will not present evidence at your pulpit anyway.

Why are the early days of UFOs so important? Well it is simple - these early UFO events are the sacred cows of Ufology. If they are proven to be deceptions, then all UFO data collected to the modern day needs to examined through a different set of lenses. Critical thinkers will consider putting on a different pair of glasses. Believers will not think anything is wrong with their vision and will look the other way.

If CUT can not substantiate its theory, then it no longer remains a viable theory and can be discarded. To substantiate a theory requires hard work, and no amount of wishing it to be so, makes it a viable theory. So while CUT does its scientific homework, Ufology can continue its revival and convert as many souls as possible before CUT’s blasphemous efforts reach the ears of the unfaithful. Warning, heresy is afoot. - Blasphemy Will Get You Stoned

NOTE: I don't know if he's taken a bitter pill or really thinks that there is a mass conspiracy in Ufology. Is CUT Carrion's sole venture or are there others involved with the research? Please post your comments...Lon

Ex-MUFON Director Carrion Rants About Ufology

Fortean / Oddball News - 6/30/2010

Cleopatra VII OD'ed...Didn't Die From Asp Bite

telegraph - The Queen of the Nile ended her life in 30BC and it has always been held that it was the bite of an asp – now called the Egyptian cobra – which caused her demise.

Now Christoph Schaefer, German historian and professor at the University of Trier, is presenting evidence that aims to prove drugs and not the reptile were the cause of death.

"Queen Cleopatra was famous for her beauty and was unlikely to have subjected herself to a long and disfiguring death," he said.

He journeyed with other experts to Alexandria, Egypt, where they consulted ancient medical texts and snake experts.

"Cleopatra wanted to remain beautiful in her death to maintain her myth," he says on the Adventure Science show screened by the German television channel ZDF.

"She probably took a cocktail of opium, hemlock and aconitum. Back then this was a well-known mixture that led to a painless death within just a few hours whereas the snake death could have taken days and been agonising."

Cleopatra reigned from 51BC to 30BC and was the last person to rule Egypt as an Egyptian pharaoh. After she died, Egypt became a Roman province.

She was an ally of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar, and established a relationship with the Roman General Mark Anthony. They had three children together and there are letters that suggest she married him, although both were already married; she to a brother and he had a wife in Rome.

In 44 BC, after the assassination of Caesar, she aligned with Antony in opposition to Caesar’s legal heir, Gaius Julius Caesar Octavian

After losing the Battle of Actium to Octavian’s forces, Antony committed suicide. Cleopatra followed suit, aged 39 on August 12, 30BC.


While We're on the Subject of Egyptian Royality...King Tut Died of a Blood Disorder

yahoo - Legendary pharaoh Tutankhamun was probably killed by the genetic blood disorder sickle cell disease, German scientists said Wednesday, rejecting earlier research that suggested he died of malaria.

The team at the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in the northern city of Hamburg questioned the conclusions of a major Egyptian study released in February on the enigmatic boy-king's early demise.

That examination, involving DNA tests and computerised tomography (CT) scans on Tutankhamun's mummy, said he died of malaria after suffering a fall, putting to rest the theory that he was murdered.

But the German researchers said in a letter published online Wednesday by the Journal of the American Medical Association that closer scrutiny of his foot bones pointed to sickle cell disease, in which red blood cells become dangerously misshaped.

"We question the reliability of the genetic data presented in this (the Egyptian) study and therefore the validity of the authors' conclusions," the letter said.

"(The) radiological signs are compatible with osteopathologic lesions seen in sickle cell disease (SCD), a hematological disorder that occurs at gene carrier rates of nine percent to 22 percent in inhabitants of Egyptian oases."

Tutankhamun's death at about 19, after 10 years of rule between 1333 to 1324 BC, has long been a source of speculation.

One of the most common genetic disorders, sickle cell disease causes blood cells to take the shape of a crescent instead of being smooth and round, thereby blocking blood flow and leading to chronic pain, infections and tissue death.

The researchers called for further DNA tests on Tutankhamun's mummy for a definitive cause of death.

...and Missing His Mummified Penis

nydailynews - Where in the world is King Tut’s missing member?

The Egyptian boy king’s penis may have been swiped because the 19-year-old royal was less-than-endowed, raising the concept of a possible anatomical conspiracy, according to Time Magazine.

This much is certain though: that particular body part has disappeared, and it appears that the clandestine castration took place relatively recently.

What happened to a particular part of Tut’s anatomy isn’t the only mystery enshrouding the king. Scientists have debated the cause of the famed king’s death as recently as this year, when some were guessing it might be due to a bone disorder or malaria. Earlier this month German researchers overruled that theory and said the boy royal had sickle cell anemia, which can lead to organ failure.

But when journalist Jo Marchant started researching this newest diagnosis for The New Scientist, evidence surfaced to suggest that Tut may have had a genetic mutation that causes weird physical effects like elongated skulls and under developed genitals.

While Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s chief archaeologist, says that the 19-year-old king was actually well-developed, the fact remains that the king’s member is no longer attached to the mummy. Marchant confirmed that the mummy was intact at its first unwrapping in 1922. The penis was said to be missing in 1968 but a CT scan later revealed that it was hidden by sand surrounding the mummy. Now some scientists think the penis was taken at some point after the body was enbalmed, raising the possibility that it might have been a conspiracy to spare Tut, in the afterlife, the “locker room” variety of embarrassment


The Amazing Spider-Man Lives! - A Cambridge schoolboy has converted two budget vacuum cleaners into a Spiderman gadget which helps him scale walls.

Hibiki Kono, 13, a big fan of the superhero, made the incredible climbing machine using the suction from two Tesco Value vacuum cleaners.

The schoolboy then amazed his friends by using the giant suckerpads to climb the school wall during morning assembly.

"I used to dress up as Spiderman when I was younger and I love all the films so it's great to be able to climb walls like him," said Hibiki.

Hibiki spent five months designing and making the gadget in his design technology lessons at King's College School in Cambridge.

He used two 1400 watt vacuum cleaners, bought for just £14.98 each from Tesco and attached square wooden pads to the nozzles.

Design technology teacher Angus Gent said: "I'm hugely proud of him. When he came to me with the idea at the beginning I had my doubts, but once he proved it could be done I encouraged him.

"He developed it himself which is amazing for someone of his age. He has spent two and a half hours a week creating it over the last five months."

Hibiki added: "My mum thinks it's brilliant but she won't let me us it in my bedroom as she is worried I may pull down the ceiling.

"I've climbed up the school wall but I'm not allowed too high. It's not scary and I completely trust the machine."

Click for video


Marilyn Monroe's Chest X-Ray From 1954 Sells For $45,000

Marilyn Monroe's bust has sold for a bundle. A 1954 x-ray of the stunning starlet's chest sold at auction in Las Vegas on Sunday for a sizable $45,000. This was well above the estimated $800 to $1,200 it was expected to fetch.

The bizarre medical photograph was one of several of Monroe's belongings that were up for bid at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino via Julien's Auctions over the weekend.

"[The x-ray] was taken around the time she was believed to be pregnant, and rumour has it that she had a miscarriage," President/CEO Darren Julien said back in April.

It was captured at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital (which in 1961 merged with another hospital to become Cedars-Sinai Medical Center), and features the then 28-year-old Monroe's chest and lungs.


Colorado Woman Blames Vampire For Car Crash

FRUITA, Colo. - If a Western Slope woman is to be believed, vampires may be lurking in Colorado's Grand Valley.

The woman claims she spotted a vampire in the middle of a dirt road near Fruita, Colo. Sunday night. She told Colorado State Troopers she was startled by the undead being, threw her SUV into reverse, and crashed into a canal.

She was not injured.

State Troopers say the woman's husband arrived at the scene and took her home. The vampire, which was not seen by anyone else, apparently let her get away.

Troopers do not suspect drugs or alcohol to be factors in the crash.

Fortean / Oddball News - 6/30/2010
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