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Ghosts of Tupelo, Mississippi

allvoices - Tupelo, Mississippi has a rich history that lends itself to the paranormal activity that has been reported around the area. The town was originally called Gum Pond due to the numerous black gum trees in the area. However, it would be renamed in honor of the Battle of Tupelo that happened during the Civil War.

The area is such a hot spot that Jumpin Gene Simmons (not KISS Front man) the co-writer of Tim McGraw's hit song, "Indian Outlaw" wrote a song in 1964 entitled, "Haunted House."

A little known fact that also lends itself to the possibility of paranormal activity is that Tupelo was used as a hiding spot for members of the Mafia. According to Dexter Babin, a life long student of the Mafia, "Although the group, "Dixie Mafia" wasn't a member of the Kosa Nostra. It was actually an association of criminals with different backgrounds."

Even just being criminals, the possibility that murders were not in the group is small. Murders tragically end lives shortly and lead to the possibility that some paranormal researchers believe lead to ghostly phenomenon.

One of the paranormal hot spots is "The Lyric Theater," a historic landmark that is still being used to this day. The story of particular interest, at least to enthusiasts of the paranormal is the tornado in the 30s that leveled the town. According to Tom Booth, Executive Director of the Community theater "The information about the use of the Lyric during the tornado that occured on April 5, 1936 is true."

Many sites have reported that the dead and dying of Tupelo were brought to the Lyric. Surgeries were performed by using the popcorn poppers to sterilize the instruments.

Local legends say that the theater is still haunted to this day. Probably the best time to visit the theater, if you want this kind of experience would be during the annual "Haunted Theater" event in October.



Just south of Tupelo is a sign that was placed by the National Park Service which reads WITCH DANCE..

The old folks say the witches once gathered here to dance and that whenever their feet touched the ground the grass withered and died, never to grow again....

And the sign appears to be right. If you search around the area, you can actually find scorched spots on the earth where the grass will not grow.

These spots have been there for years, catching the interest of even Andrew Jackson, who noted the spots in his journal after a trip along the Trace on the way home to Tennessee.

The Trace is very old. It was traveled along by the explorer De Soto in 1541 and for more than 500 years before that, used by the Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians as the best way to travel.... but even they avoided the scorched places in the earth.

It has been told to me that if your car breaks down on the Trace, especially in front of Witch Dance, stay with your car.

Wait for a ranger.

Do not try to walk to get to a phone...

Or you might not make it...ever.

People disappear there. They always have. - Jeff


My high school girlfriend and I were driving down the road on Lawndale Drive. I was taking her home which was 2-3 mins from my house. As we passed through the red light at the Gliff Cookin Blvd and Lawndale crossing, we saw an old man with a hat on, long coat. He was walking along the side of the road and as we got near him, my girlfriend asked if I had the AC on...said I didn't. When we passed him, I turned my head around and didn't see him again. I wonder if he died along that road or what. This was sighted on 2001 during Summer - Taylor


On January 11, 2010, me and my friends were bored and decided to go ghost hunting which we do a lot. We wandered on to the Brewer Community Center in Tupelo Mississippi and decided to take a few pictures not expecting to catch anything. Little to our suprise we ended up cathing a green orb, a little girls face that apperared to be about 7 to 8 years old and an orb that when you looked closely had the shape of a skull floating in midair. Several reports of ghost sighting have come from the Brewer Community Center. - Patrick


I got this one from my neighbor, a Mississipian. This incident occurred near Tupelo. Seems a hunter was out one evening running his coonhounds and they were up ahead of him when he heard them both yelp as if they were scared. Then all was silence. As he came out of the woods he realized he was in an old churchyard, one that had been long abandoned and overgrown. He was calling for his dogs but getting no response. Up ahead he could see the outline of the old church and then he stopped, frozen in terror. Through the broken down gate of the churchyard a woman dressed in long white flowing gown was walking. The hunter gained some composure and crept nearer. The woman walked across the churchyard and disappeared into the church, going right through the nailed shut door! The hunter turned tail and made a run for his truck and when he got to his truck made a hasty drive home, forgetting his hounds. The next day he returned to the church by an old road and found his dogs, they appeared skittish and the hunter figured the phantom had scared them first. - Z


Ghosts of Tupelo, Mississippi

Fortean / Oddball News - 6/26/2010

Laborer Survives With 1/2 a Head

dailymail - While helping to tear down a building without any safety training Alan Hind's life and features changed forever.

Left with half a head and brain damage, the 28-year-old laborer welcomed the conviction of of his boss who was found to have breached safety laws at the work site.

Mr Hind suffered massive head injuries, including extensive skull fractures, a badly broken jaw, a severed optic nerve that left him blind in one eye and irreparable brain damage.

He also suffered kidney damage and was left deaf in one ear following the February 2008 accident.

Surgeons carried out three complex operations and six months after his fall used a titanium plate to replace a large section of shattered skull.

Parts of his brain were so damaged they had to be removed.

At Carlisle Crown Court, a jury convicted Mr Hind's supervisor Eric Murray, 63, who allowed him to work on the roof of a building at Watt's Yard, off London Road, Carlisle, without safety equipment or training.

Murray's older brother Robert, 65, admitted two health and safety breaches at an earlier court hearing.

Following the trial, Mr Hind, recalled waiting for the plate to be inserted in his skull saying: 'That was a frightening time.

'There was nothing to protect my brain - just skin. I was worried to go out.

'I didn't like to be around lots of people in case I bumped my head.'

Mr Hind, of Lockerbie, Scotland, has been unable to work since his accident. He welcomed the guilty verdict but warned other young workers: 'If it's not safe, it's not worth it.'


Psychics Duke it Out in Connecticut

thehour - The owner of Psychic Tea Room on Washington Street will see what the future has in store for him on Monday at Norwalk Superior Court when he answers to the charges he is facing for his alleged role in a fight with another psychic.

Steve Cola -- a 38-year-old Norwalk resident -- is charged with third-degree assault, second-degree threatening and harassment.

Also facing misdemeanor charges for their alleged roles in the incident are Nino Miller -- a 22-year-old Southport resident who runs Psychic of Norwalk on Connecticut Avenue -- and a 17-year-old male, whose name is being withheld because of his age.

All three men were released on promises to appear in court

The fight began when Cola and the 17-year-old confronted Miller in a parking lot at 187 East Ave., where Miller was looking to rent an office, police said. Miller was accompanied by Sabrina Demetro at the time of the incident, police said.

Miller told police that Cola had been following him around all day and when he saw Cola, a heated argument began, police said.

According to police, Miller alleges that at one point during the argument, Cola asked him: "Do you want your children to grow up without a father?"

A physical altercation ensued and Miller claims he was pushed to the ground and kicked by the 17-year-old and Cola, police said. Miller said he hit his head during the fight, police said.

Miller said he saw Cola run into the building at 161 East Ave. and officers were able to locate Cola, according to police.

Cola told police that Miller had threatened to kill him and that Miller started the fight by punching him. He said that Miller and Demetro were "gypsies" and that he couldn't understand what they were saying during the verbal argument, police said.

Cola also alleged that Miller assaulted his ex-wife Janet Lee -- a Westport-Greenwich psychic -- in Sept. 2009, according to police and sources close to the case.

Lee had told Greenwich Police in September 2009 that a rival psychic gave her a black eye, police said. However, she was later charged with giving a false statement to police after police found inconsistencies in her statement, police said. The charges against Lee have since been dismissed because of her successful completion of the accelerated rehabilitation program.

In addition to the three people arrested for their roles in the fight, Demetro was arrested on a warrant for failure to appear in court.

Cola said his lawyer advised him not to comment on the incident.

Lee told The Hour that the incident "is kind of proof that I was right" about the Greenwich incident but she would not comment any further on the case.

Miller could not be reached for comment.


Woman Set Office Ablaze So She Could Go Home Early

A Florida woman accused of starting an office fire to get sent home early with pay pleaded guilty to criminal mischief.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office said Michelle Perrino, 40, drew suspicion during a meeting of Bayonet Point Oxygen employees when she mentioned the May 12, 2009, fire had started in a filing cabinet before workers had been informed of the fire's origins.

Investigators said a friend of Perrino told them she had admitted to tripping the main circuit breaker and adjusting phones to block incoming calls in bids to go home early without sacrificing the day's pay.

Perrino was sentenced to 9 months imprisonment followed by 5 years of probation. She was also ordered to pay Bayonet Point Oxygen $4,800 in restitution and banned from contacting the company or its employees.


911 CALL: Brother Killed Brother, Buries Body in Backyard

Click for video

A frantic 911 call made by the sister of a brother who murdered his brother and buried him in the backyard. While she is talking to a very dim and annoying 911 operator, the brother DIGS UP THE DEAD BROTHER'S BODY in the backyard.

Police say Stanley Elias Eckard admitted to strangling his brother Sean and burying the body next to his parents' home. The family discovered the body in the ground.

Phantoms and Monsters - Fortean / Oddball News - 6/26/2010

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Yvette Fielding Leaving 'Most Haunted'

digitalspy - Yvette Fielding has announced that she is leaving Most Haunted.

The presenter made the announcement in a statement posted on the website for the show's production company Antix Productions, which she set up with her husband Karl Beattie.

"It has been a great ten years. However, after a lot of thought and soul-searching over the past year, I have come to a decision. It is now time for me to hang up my long black coat, move on and leave Most Haunted as its presenter in order to pursue other projects."

Fielding said that she is proud of what her "baby" had achieved including being "watched by royalty" and parodied by shows like Saturday Night Live.

"At the start I wanted to bring paranormal investigations to a wider audience, making them more acceptable and with the ever growing amount of investigation groups that have started since Most Haunted began, I feel that this has been achieved."

The 41-year-old confirmed that she intends to continue working in the field.

"As well as continuing with ITV2's Ghosthunting with... - which grows from strength to strength and with some great celebrity guests coming up, it is must-watch TV - I will be carrying on my quest to find paranormal activity on other channels taking investigations further than ever before and extending on what I have already done."

Living has yet to confirm if the show will continue with a new presenter but Fielding expressed her hope that it would.

"I hope that the brand will continue for years to come as it will always be dear to me."

NOTE: Other than the history information that the show provides, it's rarely real probing of paranormal phenomena. Statements made by Dr. Ciarn O'Keefe as well as insight I received from staff and crew while 'Most Haunted' spent time in Gettysburg, Pa. a few years ago led me to come to the conclusion that the show was more geared to entertainment value than actual paranormal investigation. Besides, all the damn screaming and crying got on my nerves...Lon

Yvette Fielding Leaving 'Most Haunted'

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Fortean / Oddball News - 6/25/2010

Man Found Dead Four Years After Bedtime - Relatives followed the instructions of a Dutch man who asked not to be disturbed when he went to his bedroom: they left him alone and his body was found in bed four years later, police say.

The man, 50 at the time of his death, lived with four siblings aged between 44 and 71 in the northern village of Minnertsga.

"He was used to being obeyed and very quick to anger," police spokesman Wouter De Vries said.

"Four years ago he told his brothers and sisters he didn't want to be disturbed and went to his bedroom."

Though they frequently passed by the bedroom door, no one dared to open it and look in, Mr de Vries said.

The body was only discovered when the landlords decided some work needed to be done in the room.

"A decomposing body produces a very strong smell, and it's really remarkable that his brothers and sisters don't seem to have noticed anything," the police spokesman said.

NOTE: he must have been one grouchy SOB. This story has a rotten smell to it (bad humor acknowledged)...Lon


Giant Green Algae Blob Threatening Chinese Coastline

news24 - A massive floating expanse of green algae is heading toward China's east coast, potentially threatening wildlife and the region's tourist industry, state media reported on Tuesday.

The algae bloom covered 200km² and was about 13km offshore and floating towards the coastal city of Jiaonan in Shandong province, Xinhua news agency said.

The local branch of the State Oceanic Administration, which monitors marine conditions, is sending boats in a bid to clear the algae, it said.

Algae blooms are typically caused by pollution in China and suck up huge amounts of oxygen needed by marine wildlife to survive and leave a foul stench when they wash up on beaches, the report added.

In August 2008, a large offshore algae bloom threatened the sailing competition of the Olympic Games when it engulfed waters surrounding the event's venue in the eastern China city of Qingdao, near Jiaonan.

Up to 10 000 soldiers and volunteers were enlisted to clean up more than a million tonnes of the foul-smelling algae as they raced to clear the waters in time for the Olympics.

According to a 2008 State Oceanic Administration report, raw sewage and pollution from agricultural run-off has polluted 83% of China's coastal waters, leading to algae pollution and other problems.

In 2008, China's coastal waters witnessed 68 red tides - another type of algae bloom - covering 13 700km², an increase of more than 2 100km² over 2007, the report said.


TILT: The Illness Afflicting Workers Exposed to BP's Oil Disaster?

southernstudies - Workers cleaning up the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico have reported suffering from flu-like symptoms that may be the consequence of exposure to chemicals in the oil as well as the petroleum-derived solvent being used to disperse the spill.

The illness -- marked by headaches, fatigue, upset stomach, and problems with memory and concentration -- has been dubbed toxicant-induced loss of tolerance, or TILT. People suffering from TILT lose the ability to tolerate exposures to household chemical products, medication or even food, Dr. Claudia Miller of the University of Texas Health Science Center told WOAI TV:

"Things like diesel fuel, exposure to fragrances, cleaning agents that never bothered them before suddenly bother them," adds Dr. Miller.

Miller first described TILT in 1996, but it remains a controversial diagnosis among the medical community. The syndrome is also known as multiple chemical sensitivity and idiopathic environmental intolerance. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, a division of the National Institutes of Health, has defined the illness as a "chronic, recurring disease caused by a person's inability to tolerate an environmental chemical or class of foreign chemicals."

Regardless of whether the illness being reported in Gulf cleanup workers and residents ends up being confirmed as TILT, the fact remains that the chemicals people are being exposed to in the oil and dispersants are known to have health impacts including eye, skin and respiratory irritation, as well as headaches, dizziness, weakness, nausea and confusion. An analysis of EPA air testing data has found levels of these chemicals in coastal communities exceeding safety standards.

As of this week, the Louisiana Department of Health has documented 109 reports of illnesses among residents exposed to the spill, with 74 of those complaints coming from cleanup workers, according to ProPublica. In Alabama, another 19 cases of illness have been reported among people exposed to chemicals in the spill.

As Facing South reported, the Louisiana Environmental Action Network has been distributing safety equipment including respirators to cleanup workers -- but some workers have been threatened with firing if they wear them, apparently because of BP's liability worries.


North Korea Seeks $75 Trillion in Compensation - Cash-strapped North Korea has demanded the United States pay almost $US65 trillion ($75 trillion) in compensation for six decades of hostility.

The official North Korean news agency, KCNA, says the cost of the damage done by the US since the peninsula was divided in 1945 is estimated at $US64.96 trillion.

The compensation call comes on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the start of the 1950-1953 Korean War.

KCNA said the figure includes $US26.1 trillion arising from US "atrocities" which left more than 5 million North Koreans dead, wounded, kidnapped or missing.

The agency also claims 60 years of US sanctions have caused a loss of $US13.7 trillion by 2005, while property losses were estimated at $US16.7 trillion.

The agency said North Koreans have "the justifiable right" to receive the compensation for their blood.

It said the committee's calculation did not include the damage North Korea had suffered from sanctions after its first nuclear test in 2006.

NOTE: yeah, I realized this is somewhat off topic but Kim Jong Il is always good for a laugh...Lon

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Fortean / Oddball News - 6/25/2010

This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio - Sunday, June 27th - 9:00 PM ET

This week on Beyond the Edge Radio - Sunday, June 27th at 9:00 pm ET
Hosts: Eric Altman & Sean Forker

* * * * * *

Special Guest: Steven Myers - Author of 'Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramids'

Steven Myers is the founder of the nonprofit organization called the Pharaoh's Pump Foundation. The foundation's purpose is the research and development of technologies used to build and operate the Great Pyramid as intended by the Original Builders. Our foundation, headed by Mr. Myers, is conducting research and experimentation to help understand the mysteries of how the Great Pyramid was built and why. Our goal is to further the understanding and utilization of the ancient technology related to the Great Pyramid's construction and purpose.

Steven is an advocate for the re-development of the lost ancient high technology of the Great Pyramid and to use that ancient but advanced technology to help our modern but troubled world.

He is also on the Advisory Board of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association and was a contributor to the book called: The Complete Pyramid Sourcebook.

Author of numerous articles which have been published in magazines around the globe, Steven Myers has done more than anyone living today to present to the general public one of the most controversial theories detailing how and why the Great Pyramid was built. He has presented his information as the guest in numerous radio talk shows as well as in fascinating lectures.

* * * * * *

Weekly Segment Host:
James Baker - "The Bake Shop"

This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio - Sunday, June 27th - 9:00 PM ET

Flashing UFO Witnessed Over Flushing, New York

Last evening, I was contacted by a reader in Flushing, NY who later sent the following report to MUFON. Please note, the northeast U.S. experienced some very nasty storms from Maryland to Rhode Island on Thursday. We have been told that a MUFON field investigator will be assigned the case today:

MUFON Case Management System: I happened to glance outside and noted how grey the skies were tonight. We had an intense rainstorm in the general (golf sized hailstones out in Long Island, trees torn up and an unusual amount of heat & humidity before the rain hit). I notice an odd light in the skies. At first I thought it was a plane but it was stationary. I then assumed it was a helicopter but something was nagging. I got my binoculars and took a peek. It was definitely not a plane because jets were passing by all night (I'm 30 min from La Guardia) and this object was just hovering in place. On the left side I saw the tip was blue while the rest was an off-white/yellowish shade. Then colors changed to white and began to flicker in an odd pattern. after a few minutes I noticed a definite pattern.

three short flashes
three long flashes
three long flashes
a long flash and a short dash

Unnerved, I called over my mother who has better eyesight, 20/20 in fact to view. After a few moments she gasped and gave me the binoculars. The object stopped flashing its pattern and return to its whitish-yellowish color with blue on its left side. It then got brighter then it abruptly blinked out.

I just spent an hour scouring the web for any astronomical reports of predicted sightings to no avail.

1 - I was in the living room watching TV
2 - I happened to glance outside to stare at my now-vacant apartment that belonged to my godparents (one died and the other moved back to cuba). I looked to the sky
3 - A star but the clouds were too cloudy. Then i thought it was an airplane but it wasn't moving. THEN i thought it was a helicopter but it was too far and too high to be a copter
4 - it simply hovered. it was vaguely teardrop with a slight bump in the middle like saturn or a typical looking saucer with a dome. the colors were blue on the left and yellowish-white the rest. it then to flicker in an odd pattern
5- For some reason after the flashing pattern I started feeling anxious, nervous, restless and for some reason very worried
6 - it just blinked out

NOTE: the witness told me that the flashes spelled "SOON" in Morse Code...Lon

Flashing UFO Witnessed Over Flushing, New York

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Father of Psychic Warfare, UFOs and the NIDSci

I found this interesting narrative today in reference to Col. John Alexander and NIDSci:

In the early 1990s, I had a chance to visit a Col. John Alexander at his office in Las Vegas.

Apparently he had just moved in to that office there.

He was quite cordial.

We asked him some questions about non-lethal weapons systems and their applications.

I even asked him a couple of questions about "thanatology" (since, at that time I was a full-time licensed funeral director in Los Angeles).

It was quite interesting.

However, towards the end of the interview we asked him a question about "UFOs".

As soon as he heard us mention "UFOs", his attitude suddenly changed and he became totally upset.

He then scolded us and told us never to bring up that topic again.

He said that he had absolutely no interest in "UFOs".

Anyway, upon leaving his office (after we apologized to him), he led us the way out of his office.

As soon as he started walking towards the hallway to lead us out of his office, I instantly went behind his desk and had a quick look at his computer screen.

To my amazement, his computer screen showed a partial list of UFO organizations and names of UFO researchers.

To this day, I have no idea what to think of him and this experience there in his office.

This is why I still have a difficult time trusting the ultimate goal of organizations such as the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), financed and headed by Robert Bigelow of Las Vegas.

Col. John Alexander, I believe, was under the payroll of Robert Bigelow in the 1990s. (He still my be, even today).

My fear is that the goal of NIDS is to dominate and control the flow of UFO information and to infiltrate organizations such as MUFON, through their vast financial resources.

I may be wrong on this.

I am not sure.

Norio Hayakawa - MySpace


Col. John Alexander admits UFOs are real
- Alexander's wet blanket - Unlike many researchers, Alexander has long contended there’s no UFO coverup, that the only info the feds are holding back involve sources and methods. Near the end of his military tenure, Alexander says he queried military brass about UFOs – all the way up to two-star rungs – and insists they were entirely candid when they said they didn’t know squat about it. What he does have scalding words for is the way the Air Force fumbled the ball on the Roswell Incident (three separate official verdicts), as well as the 1969 University of Colorado study on UFOs. The Colorado whitewash marginalized the evidence and allowed the USAF to close to its public investigation.

“UFOs are real. The evidence for things flying all over our skies that aren’t ours is overwhelming,” Alexander says. “And most scientists won’t go near it because they think Condon” – first name Edward, who supervised the Colorado project — “conducted a thorough study, which he did not. We need to make it permissible for scientists to study again, and what Senator Pell went through shows you what happens to a serious person attempts to study it.

“I think this is something a John Podesta could in fact do. He could help to make a formal request to the National Academy of Science to take another look at this thing based on evidence that’s been ignored. But this isn’t going to be easy, because it’s not politically enhancing. And the scientific community doesn’t even want to look at the evidence. They dismiss it a priori.”

Col. John Alexander's recent interview on 'Coast to Coast'

NOTE: I'm not sure what to make of this post. Col. Alexander is best known as the father of non-lethal weapons who developed 'psychic warriors' for the U.S. Army and was the driving force behind the film 'Men Who Stare at Goats'. But there have also been rumors of connections with the 'New World Order', that he is/was a mind programmer for the NWO (hey, I'm just reporting the rumors). As far as Hayakawa's statement in reference to Robert Bigelow, I'm still trying to wrap my head around Bigelow's motivations for making the comment of people being directly and/or indirectly killed by ET's as well as the interest it has prompted. Whatever the agenda, I agree with Hayakawa...we need to be very wary of people mucking up the already murky cesspool of ufology...Lon

The Father of Psychic Warfare, UFOs and the NIDSci

Saucer Shaped UFO Photographed Over Peru

Date: June 24, 2010

An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was photographed during a commercial flight over PerĂº.

The object was seen in broad daylight on June 18th during a TACA flight headed from Lima to Piura.

The object is visible along with some detail of the aircraft's wing. Around 3:00 p.m., one of the TACA passengers saw the object beyond one of the wings.

Not believeing what he was seeing, the passenger alerted other travelers, and was able to ascertain that they were seeing the same thing.

He then reached for his camera and took these photos, which were turned over to Con Nuestro PerĂº

The passenger is a renowned attorney who requested confidentiality.

[Aside from the considerable quality of the images, and the corroboration by fellow passengers, the fact that the Piura region has become known for its luminous phenomena is also noteworthy. See "The Piura Lights" entry earlier this year in INEXPLICATA -- Scott Corrales]


Piura, Peru Lights Sightings - 4/19/2008

Description: Saturday April 19, 2008 - In the evening a strange yellowish light appeared in the south indicating that something was going to happen. Suddenly disappeared. At 9:30 PM east, flying over a hill appeared a big oval light that suddenly split in three. Then between 10:30 and 10:50 PM an object full of light that changed in shape and color. Exactly 11:02 PM a oval pale orange light suddenly jumped into the air scattering many tiny bright stars around and finally, two minutes later, an incredible powerful silver flash of light was seen in the middle of the dark of the desert.

Saucer Shaped UFO Photographed Over Peru

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Jaws...Meet Jaws

ntnews - This monster crocodile has just proven who's the king of the swamp.

The 5m saltwater croc made mince meat of a bull shark at Kakadu National Park.

A bunch of tourists looked on in shock when they saw the croc chomping on the shark at the upper flood plains of the South Alligator River on Saturday morning.

The shark had already been bitten in two by the hungry beast when this photograph was taken.

But tour guide Dean Cameron, 34, believed it would have been at least 3m long and weighed 60kg.

"It would have been amazing to see (the attack) - very wild footage," he said. "The croc would've taken the shark at night and then it would've had to take it to the bank to eat it."

Two separate tour boats with about 45 tourists each on board were shipping along the river as part of the Yellow Water Cruise about 8.15am when they saw the wild feast.

Mr Cameron, who was guiding one of the boats, said the visitors were over the moon to see the spectacle.

"Nearly 100 people saw it all up and they were jumping for joy," he said.

"They said this had made their Kakadu trip."

But it was not the first time a crocodile has been witnessed feasting on a shark.

Maxine Rawson-Rodriguez was on a jumping crocodile cruise at Adelaide River - about 100km south of Darwin - when the tourist boat came across a crocodile eating a shark on March 24.

And the Northern Territory News reported on January 29 how five fishermen fought off a crocodile to defend a prized shark caught off a Territory beach.

Mr Cameron, who has been a tour guide for two years and a park ranger for several more, said he would come across such a spectacle once a year.

And he said he was not surprised about finding sharks that far into a freshwater river system.

"With the wildlife here you just don't know what you'll get to see," he said.

"That's the beauty of it."

Jaws...Meet Jaws

Fortean / Oddball News - 6/24/2010

Mysterious Martian Cave Discovered By 7th Graders?

HP - A class of 16 seventh-graders has found a mysterious cave on Mars--a kind of "Martian skylight"--during the course of their research project analyzing images snapped by NASA's Mars orbiter.

The Evergreen Middle School class pinpointed a "hole in the roof of a cave on Mars" that may have been formed by volcanic activity on Mars. The pit is believed to measure some 620 by 520 feet wide and 380 feet deep.'s Clara Moskowitz explains the Mars Student Imaging Program in which the students were participating:

The intrepid students were participating in the Mars Student Imaging Program at the Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University. The program allows students to frame a research question and then commission a Mars-orbiting camera to take an image to answer their question.

The students have submitted their site to be further imaged by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which could reveal enough detail to see inside the hole in the ground.


'Horse Boy' Becomes Internet Sensation!

bbc - Mystery surrounds a man wearing a horse's head who has been captured on Google's Street View in Aberdeen.

The man - who has become known as 'horse-boy' - can be seen in the Hardgate area of the city.

The sighting has become a popular attraction on Google's service, which offers a photographic map of streets.

The man is wearing dark trousers, a purple shirt - and a brown and white horse's head.

Dozens of BBC news website users have e-mailed from across Europe to say they know who horse boy is.

Others have sent in images of the mystery horse-head wearer and some have claimed to be him.

Stefan Kleen from Germany said he and a friend met horse-boy at a German festival last weekend.

He added: "He only spoke English so we didn't really talk a lot to him."

Anders Hauge reckons he has been shopping in Haugesund in Norway; John Hammond was convinced he was playing the fairways and relaxing in the bars of Marbella and Julian Sykes said he had been sighted in Cardiff.

John Ainsworth insisted he saw horse-boy in Norwich earlier in the year walking through Wensum Park.

He said: "I thought I was hallucinating at first but then realised it was real."

Other readers have not been impressed with the story and some have told the website that it is not newsworthy and is a prank to generate further publicity.

A number of contributors have said that horse-boy features in other parts of Google's street view service.

Mark Coates said: "If you go down the road and turn back you can see him putting on the horse head and on the shot back up the road again he has white hair."


Saudi Women Threaten to Breastfeed Drivers if They Aren't Allowed to Drive

latimes - Many were stunned when Saudi cleric Sheik Abdel Mohsen Obeikan recently issued a fatwa, or Islamic ruling, calling on women to give breast milk to their male colleagues or men they come into regular contact with so as to avoid illicit mixing between the sexes.

But a group of Saudi women has taken the controversial decree a step further in a new campaign to gain the right to drive in the ultra-conservative kingdom, media reports say.

If they're not granted the right to drive, the women are threatening to breastfeed their drivers to establish a symbolic maternal bond.

"Is this is all that is left to us to do: to give our breasts to the foreign drivers?" a Saudi woman named Fatima Shammary was quoted as saying by Gulf News.

Obeikan argued in his decree that if the women give their drivers their breast milk, the chauffeurs would be able to mingle with all members of the family without having to worry about violating Islamic law. Some Islamic scholars frown on the mixing of unmarried men and women. Islamic tradition, or hadith, stipulates that breastfeeding establishes a maternal bond, even if a woman breastfeeds a child who is not her own.

Drawing from the cleric's advocacy, the women have reportedly chosen a slogan for their campaign that translates to, "We either be allowed to drive or breastfeed foreigners."

The current driving ban applies to all women in Saudi Arabia, regardless of their nationality, and it's been a topic of heated public debate in recent years.

The ban on driving was unofficial at first but was introduced as official legislation after 47 Saudi women drove cars through the streets of the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in 1990 in an attempt to challenge authorities.

The incident brought harsh consequences for the women, who were jailed for a day and had their passports confiscated. Many of them were said to have been forced to leave their jobs after the driving protest.

Still, every now and then, reports of Saudi women driving in defiance of the ban emerge in the media.

Two years ago, 125 women in Saudi Arabia signed a petition that called on the Saudi interior minister to lift the ban.

One of the Saudi female signatories, Wajeha Huwaider, posted a video of herself driving on YouTube in a direct appeal to the Saudi authorities to allow women to drive.

"For women to drive is not a political issue," Wajeha said as she sat behind the wheel. "It is not a religious issue. It is a social issue, and we know that many women of our society are capable of driving cars. We also know that many families will allow their women to drive."

NOTE: like I've stated on several occasions, Saudi Arabians are a nutty bunch...though, I'm sure this threat will get a response. Lon


Arizona Restaurant's Lion Burgers Draw Protests

azcentral - A Mesa restaurant owner is providing customers a South African experience to honor the World Cup on Wednesday and Thursday, serving burgers made with African lion meat.

But the novelty meal is creating a backlash.

Il Vinaio restaurant in downtown Mesa has received more than 150 emails from protestors as well as a bomb threat, owner Cameron Selogie said Tuesday.

According to Selogie, African lions are on the protected list, but not endangered.

"Because it is from a farm, it in no way affects the scarcity of lions in Africa," Selogie said.

The restaurant ordered five pounds of the African lion meat from a USDA regulated free-range farm in Illinois, which Selogie said he researched to make sure they were humane. After some positive feedback and more reservations were made, however, they ordered five more pounds.

Selogie estimates that only 15 of the burgers will be served each night.

During one of the restaurant's Wine-Pairing dinners, where they serve wine with other uncommon meats such as wild boar, customers heard about the availability of lion meat and seemed interested in trying it. Selogie was inspired by the FIFA World Cup's location and decided to serve the meat to coincide with the games.

The restaurant advertised their decision through their e-mail newsletter club to keep the attention to a minimum, but one member and animal activist, Susan Cooper, spread the word.

Cooper said she called the restaurant to clarify their newsletter, thinking the "lion meat" was a joke or a name, but when she discovered it was not she informed other animal advocates about what she calls a "snob appeal" dish.

"I'm thoroughly disgusted to say the least," Cooper said. "I've gotten information around to the animal community and everyone is thoroughly disgusted too."

USDA spokesman Jim Brownlee said lion meat is an uncommon dish, but he knew of no prohibitions against it. Selogie said Il Vinaio will be the first restaurant in Arizona to serve it.

The lion burgers, which will be mixed with ground beef, will be served with corn and spiced kettle chips. The restaurant will offer a South African wine to complement the $21 dish.

Selogie has interacted with the protesters and replied to their emails.

While he does not expect much will happen over the two days, he has informed Mesa Police and bought bottled water for any pickets that may show up at the door each night and according to Cooper, they intend to.

"We have been interacting with several of the animal activists and we committed to making a donation to the ASPCA after this, because we are animal lovers," Selogie said.

Selogie did not want to draw too much attention to the dish, which he said will not be put on the regular menu. He said he was reluctant at first about serving the meat and wanted to order as little as possible.

Selogie himself has not tried the lion meat yet.

"A beautiful, exotic creature that should be out in the wild is being killed for someone to eat as a burger," Cooper said. "What's next? Dogs? Cats? What's the difference?"

Fortean / Oddball News - 6/24/2010

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ex-Royal Navy Officer Claims Holy Grail Located At Lincoln Cathedral

24masti - A retired Royal Navy officer who has spent years studying ancient texts, believes he has at last solved the mystery of the disappearance of the Holy Grail.

For millions of believers, the Holy Grail is the most precious object on earth.

The chalice, which Christ drank from at the Last Supper and was later used to collect some of his blood at the Crucifixion, is a priceless Christian relic.

Faithful have searched in vain to find it. Finally it has been discovered, overlooked and unrecognized, in the corner of a cathedral in the heart of England.

“I never intended to start out on a search to find the Holy Grail. I was interested initially in researching the links between the Crusaders, England and the medieval saints,” the Sunday Express quotes E.C. Coleman, as saying. Coleman believes that the artifact is the Holy Grail

“However the more I read the more I was led along a trail that explained the extraordinary journey this lost relic has taken.

Historians and academics will be astonished by the revelation that Christendom’s most prized historical object has been under their noses for decades.

In 1889 Lincoln Cathedral was undergoing repair. A group of workmen lifted a large Portland marble slab and revealed the tomb of Bishop Oliver Sutton, who died in 1299.

Inside the grave, archaeologists found a chalice next to the skeleton; it was still standing where it had been placed almost 600 years earlier. It was made of silver, four-and-half inches high and completely without decoration.

“This was the Holy Grail but no one acknowledged it. Subsequently it went on show on a shelf in the Cathedral’s treasury where you can see it today but there is nothing there to say what it really is,” says Coleman, who has just published The Grail Chronicles describing his quest.

“Finding such artifacts in the tomb of a bishop was not at all unusual and putting them there may well have been normal practice in the Middle Ages but this chalice was different,” says Coleman.

Coleman further says: “Previously discovered examples were richly engraved but this one had a simple elegance rendered slightly homely by the use of plainly visible rivets to join the different parts of the stem. I have never touched it but it has been very nice just to be near it. In my own mind and in all good faith I am confident that the chalice recovered from Bishop Sutton’s tomb is the Holy Grail.”

NOTE: According to Christian mythology, the Holy Grail was the dish, plate, or cup used by Jesus of Nazareth at the Last Supper and said to possess miraculous powers. In truth we do not know what the Holy Grail is, or if it even exists at all.

The legend of the Grail is believed to be a mixture of Christian lore and Celtic myth, perhaps originating around the 12th and 13th centuries. Several churches claim to have the grail, but this has not deterred people's interest and the search continues. That interest was recently encouraged by Dan Brown's bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code which asserted that Jesus may have wed Mary Magdalene and fathered children whose Merovingian lineage continues today and that the Holy Grail was merely a reference to Mary Magdalene as the receptacle of Jesus' bloodline.

Though I am not religious, I have always been fascinated with religious history, mythology and lore...Lon

Ex-Royal Navy Officer Claims Holy Grail Located At Lincoln Cathedral

Fortean / Oddball News - 6/23/2010

Did Bigfoot Crush Roof of Town Manager’s Car?

starexponent - In an unconfirmed report, Bigfoot visited the town of Culpeper last week, leaving a massive dent on the top of the town manager’s work car.

On a more serious note, someone — or something — flattened the top of the 2000 Ford Contour as it sat parked in the lot at town hall.

Culpeper Town Manager Jeff Muzzy, contacted Monday, was at a loss as to what happened.

“It looks like something fell or jumped up and down on it for several minutes,” he said. “I do not think this is personal. In fact, I had not even thought of that as a possibility.”

Though the older model car is assigned to him for work use, Muzzy said he rarely drives it. Instead, the car is more often used by other town hall staff members, he said.

The car is parked farthest out from town hall and closest to Main Street — within a stone’s throw from 7-Eleven. It sits not far from the back entrance to the law offices of Monica Chernin as well.

The car is not identifiable as the town manager’s work car and is parked in a spot reserved, more generally, for town staff.

Muzzy said the town filed an insurance claim for the damage, but he doubted it would result in much money due to the vehicle’s age. The Contour, is still drivable, he said, and was away from its parking spot and in use Monday morning.

“To me, someone just wandered over there and said, ‘Boy, wouldn’t it be fun to jump on that car?’ I hate to even give them credit for it,” Muzzy said.

He acknowledged town staffers are still talking about the strange incident. Many theories — including the Bigfoot one — have been tossed around.

Or maybe it was a bear, some have jokingly speculated.

The damage was reported to police, and the incident is being investigated as vandalism.

NOTE: I blame Billy Willard for this...LOL Virginia Man Says He's on Verge of Bigfoot Discovery...Bigfoot Is Alive and Well, Says Bigfoot Expert Billy Willard...Lon


Extinct Huia Bird Feather Fetches £4,000 at Auction

telegraph - A single plume from the extinct huia bird has sold for a record sum at auction in New Zealand making it the most expensive feather ever. The brown and white feather fetched NZ$8,000 (£3,800), far exceeding the NZ$500 that it had been estimated to reach. The feathers were traditionally used to adorn Maori chiefs.

The huia bird is thought to be extinct and has not been seen since 1907. The feather went under the hammer at Webb's Auction House in Auckland. Neil Campbell, the managing director of Webb's, said that the auction room had been "spellbound" as the bidding mounted.

"Starting in $100 increments, that quickly leapt into the thousands and came to rest at a world record price (for a single feather) of $8400 ($6,787)". The huia feather was bought by a family from the city of Wellington who declined to be identified. A spokesman from Webb's said that the family own a large collection of Maori artefacts. It was sold by an unidentified vendor who had had the feather in his family for generations.

The feather that sold in Auckland had been verified as authentic by experts from New Zealand's national museum, Te Papa. The previous record price for a single feather was reached when one from a bald eagle sold at a US auction for $US2,800 (£1,900). Numbers of huia birds declined rapidly after predatory mammals were introduced into New Zealand in the 1890s. Populations also suffered from hunting and deforestation.


Bigamist's Wives Battle Over Corpse

foxnews - A Bangladeshi court summoned friends of a dead man in an effort to end a six-month wrangle over his corpse by his two wives - one of whom is Hindu, the other Muslim, police said on Monday. When Chandan Kumar Chakrabarty, alias Sazzad Hossain, 42, a vice-principal at a Dhaka college, was stabbed to death by muggers last December his secret double life was exposed and his two wives have since fought over his body.

"His friends will testify about whether he converted to Islam as his second wife claims," policeman Delwar Hossain said, adding that the friends would appear in court on June 29. His Muslim wife, who said she married him a year ago, wants Chakrabarty to be buried in line with traditional Muslim rites.

His Hindu wife, who was married to him for 15 years, said the body must be cremated, and accuses the second wife of being a "fake.” "If we still can't decide, the court will then see if we need to re-examine the body and see if he had been circumcised," Hossain said.

Circumcision is mandatory for Muslim men but Hindu men are not required by their religion to undergo the operation. Bangladesh is a Muslim-majority country but has a secular criminal system inherited from the British, who formerly ruled the Indian sub-continent.


Dumb and Dumbass: Aussie Men Shoot Each Other in the Ass to Find Out if it Hurts

smh - Police are investigating two men who allegedly shot each other with air rifles while intoxicated to experience the sensation.

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. But for two mates, it led only to trouble with the law - and a massive pain in the butt.

On Sunday evening, the 34-year-old men were sharing a few beers when they thought it would be interesting to shoot each other with an air rifle to see if it would hurt, or if the slugs would penetrate their skin.

Sergeant Brendan Khan from Horsham Police said the the two men took it in turns to shoot one another in the buttocks and leg.

Other than experiencing a bit of pain, the two men, who live at the base of the Grampians, thought they were fine.

Two days later, it was a different story, with both men admitted to hospital for surgery to remove slug pellets from their buttocks and legs.

‘‘Basically it was two mates in a shed having a drink,’’ Sergeant Khan said.

‘‘They have admitted that it was just stupidity and they wanted to see if it was painful or not.’’

And now it appears they will be permanently stuck with a memento of the night, with surgeons opting to leave the slug pellets embedded in the men’s skin.

‘‘They’re not going to remove the slugs, they’re going to leave them in there,’’ Sergeant Khan said, after speaking to one of the men this morning.

‘‘Apparently the surgeon said they’d make more of a mess by trying to get them out, because they’re so deep. They believe that by putting them on courses of antibiotics something will hopefully form around them and they’ll be all right to stay in there.’’

Both men will be interviewed by police at a later date due to their medical condition and Horsham police will continue to investigate.

Sergeant Khan said both men could be facing firearms charges. One of the men will have his firearms licence withdrawn and his firearms confiscated.

Both men have been released from hospital and are returning to work today.



NOTE: no disrespect intended...just a very odd and disturbing image...Lon

Fortean / Oddball News - 6/23/2010

'Sabre-Toothed Duck-Billed' Creature Probably Hoax

Click for video

Witness Donald Gialanella's statement: I came across this sabre-toothed Duck-billed creature while hiking in the remote high desert in Northern New Mexico. It was about 4 ft. in length and had strange bumps protruding from it's back as well as a very long snout and one large canine tooth. It was dry as a bone and stiff as a board.

Fernand0 on forum notes "I looked at the negative, a JPG image has a smooth texture to it normally, the only area where there is obvious cubic blurring from resizing is the tooth. I also noticed some cubic blurring along the back spine, possibly a result of Photoshop's Liquify tool." - Images below

'Sabre-Toothed Duck-Billed' Creature Probably Hoax

Chemtrails and Naked Cousin Harry....A Comparison

Chris Holly's Paranormal World - Imagine a family holiday. The house is filled with family and friends. The rooms are filled with the smells of Turkey cooking and apple pies cooling. A fire cracks in the fireplace as everyone gets ready to sit down at a beautiful table set for this wonderful occasion. As the family finds their way around the large table all seems right with the world- until cousin Harry walks in. Harry a rather overweight hairy man well past his prime plows through the room and plops down completely naked in full view of one and all -young and old.

The group of family and friends now have a decision to make that will not only control all future family holidays but all future days in general. If they ignore the fact old Harry is sitting there in all his hairy naked glory chances are he will attend every holiday or family get together in the same way. If they ignore his large nude presence Harry may continue this practice over to shopping, working, and picking the kids up from school, completely naked.

The family has a choice. They can demand an explanation for his behavior and insist he stop at once and find his knickers and sweater or slink away , look away and let Harry destroy the family holidays and perhaps life as they know it.

After all who wants to deal with life with a large daily dose of a hairy naked cousin Harry replacing what should be lovely family memories and moments?

The future of them all depends on how they handle Harry and his naked actions.

This is what is happening to our extended family, our society. Instead of the our ignoring a naked cousin Harry destroying our traditions we are ignoring what is going on over our heads that could possibly destroy our world as we know it.

We all sit as family around our home, this planet , while strange and unexplained spraying of our skies takes place each and every day and no one is saying a thing.

I think the lack of concern to this phenomenon is indifference to that which we do not recognize as a problem that could concern us directly. I think most of your reaction is due to lives filled with stress that simply cannot find time to worry about what is going on over our heads. I think it is easier for most to ignore the sky with so many other things taking our time. I also think we are under the assumption that someone will stop it if it is really bad.

Unfortunately all of that thinking is why we were so shocked when 911 occurred. Sadly that was our thinking when Hurricane Katrina destroyed so much of the gulf coast region. And now we face the fact that this exact lack of care or thinking seems to be the route of the catastrophic oil leak in the gulf that will remain a crisis for a very long time.

It seems to me we all have decided to let cousin Harry walk around naked without control or care until we have a world full of perverted hairy nude dudes running a muck.

People please take a moment and listen to those trying to bring your attention to what is taking place over our heads.

Our skies are filled with aircraft dumping huge amounts of something all over the world. Do not waste your time trying to get out of dealing with this by waving it away with the idiotic idea it is normal exhaust from normal air traffic . What is going on IS NOT con-trails. What is happening is a massive worldwide spraying of some type of substance that lasts for hours and turns a perfectly normal sky into a huge odd covered sky of long lingering cloud like mountains of whatever it is they are soaking our sky with.

There are many people trying to find answers to this ongoing event. The major problem however is the fact the public seems to not care at all. This lack of interest by the masses is why those trying to find answers are met with deaf ears and mute responses from those who should be responsible for our air space. We are simply allowing something awful to happen to us without so much as a question or even a bit of normal curiosity.

I have been trying to get people to pay attention to the sky and what is happening above them for years. I have had little to no luck at all finding people to show concern to what I consider a huge world event. I have come to the conclusion that part of what they are spraying has to be a form of dummy juice that keeps the public numb dumb and indifferent to the world around them.

I am really confused about what is taking place around us and to us. I think at this point I am even more concerned that none of you seem to care.

I recently read about how the seed companies that supply our farmers the seeds they use to grow the food we eat are being engineered to grow with a tolerance to a list of chemicals used in the fertilizers and pesticides needed for strong crops. I do not know if I am comfortable with eating engineered food. I am not sure what that will do or mean to us in our future.

Shortly after reading that article I read about a group of people who have been collecting what is being sprayed from the chem-trail jets to have it analyzed . To my shock I found that the list of chemicals found in the spraying of the jets was similar to the same list that the seed is being engineered to tolerate. I find this coincidence a bit frightening.

I do not know what is going on in our air space. I do not know why we are tampering with our world with all the added chemical mixtures we are being exposed to via our food supply and sky. I have no answers only questions.

My main question however has to be - Why don't you care?

I do not want to live in a world of naked hairy cousin Harry type men sitting at my dinner table . I know I would throw a robe over Harry and try to make sure it did not happen again.

I am sure most of you would do the same. I doubt many of you with family would allow that kind of behavior to take place during your next large family holiday event.

I am just really confused why you would allow something as odd as your sky being taken over and your world to be sprayed without even a look or reaction. As I said the reaction or non reaction of all of you is the most astonishing part of the chem- trail issue.

I will continue to throw blankets over any Harry I come across and question what is being done to our world. I just wish I did not feel so lonely doing it.

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World
Copyright © 2008-2010 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Chemtrails and Naked Cousin Harry....A Comparison

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Bunyip: Australia's Cryptid King

theage - The mythological creatures that fill today's horror literature and movies hail from faraway lands. Zombie tales originated in the Caribbean, while European folk tales gave us vampires and werewolves. But a vastly more terrifying creature lurks much closer to home: one that has haunted the dreams of Australian children and the imaginations of adults: the bunyip.

Bunyips are not at all funny, although recent children's books, plays and TV have made them seem that way. Rather, the bunyip is a fascinating emblem of cross-cultural contact in colonial Australia: an indigenous bogeyman that came to terrify European settlers.

The bunyip is that breath of cold air on the back of your neck in a closed room. It's that person staring at you in a crowded party, whose face you can't place. It's an anxious mystery that makes us doubt ourselves...which is why Australians have tried to laugh it off.

White settlers first learned of bunyips from indigenous Australians in the early 19th century. The word itself comes from the Wergaia people of north-western Victoria, although similar creatures exist in indigenous folklore across Australia. William Buckley, the escaped convict who lived with the Wathaurong near the Barwon River, claimed to have spotted one several times.

Another escaped convict turned bushranger, George Clarke, had lived with the Gamilaraay on the Namoi River in northern New South Wales. Trying to capture Clarke's gang in 1832, policeman Captain John Forbes met "Liverpool", a Gamilaraay leader who sketched a creature he called a "Wawee". It had fin-like feet, teeth and a tusk. "All the Blacks express fear of it, and say that it will devour them if it can catch them in the water," wrote Forbes in his diary. A town in the Wawee's splashing ground is now known as Wee Waa. Similarly, in 1878 indigenous man Kurruk sketched a fearsome, emu-like bunyip called Toor-roo-dun said to terrorise swamps around Western Port — where Tooradin stands.

While the bunyip was always large, amphibious and emitted a terrifying moan, no two accounts seem to agree about its physical appearance. In some descriptions it had a seal's flippers and sleek body; in others, scales or shaggy dark fur. It usually had tusks or horns, but its head could resemble a pig's, dog's, cow's or duck's.

This uncertainty frustrated white settlers. Robert Brough Smyth's 1878 book Aborigines of Vic-toria concluded that the locals "appear to have been in such dread of it as to have been unable to take note of its characteristics."

Other colonialists were more sceptical. In an 1891 ghost story, Rosa Campbell Praed wrote, "The blacks have an impish drollery and love of mischief, and they delight in imposing on the credulity of their white auditors." Captain Forbes worried: "I am not very sure, after all, that these people are not laughing at us."

White Australians have long debated whether the bunyip is, or was, a real creature. After all, to European eyes Australian wildlife already seemed like a bizarre zoological prank: deer that stood like humans but hopped like frogs; egg-laying otters with ducks' bills and beavers' tails.

The word "bunyip" first appeared in print in July 1845, under a Geelong Advertiser headline: "Wonderful Discovery of a New Animal". But an edition of the Warrnambool Examiner, dated May 12, 1857, dismissed "stupid and idle stories" about bunyips, concluding: "It's obvious that the bunyip is a mere tradition of the crocodile, with which the northern rivers abound."

Australian Museum naturalist George Bennett was first to suggest formally (in 1871) that the bunyip might be an indigenous cultural memory of extinct Australian megafauna, passed down through oral tradition. By 1991, the authors of Vertebrate Palaeontology of Australasia were postulating that, "When confronted with the remains of some of the now extinct Australian marsupials, Aborigines would often identify them as the bunyip."

And in 1998, geologist Greg McNamara told Australian Geo-graphic magazine his theory that the remembered bunyip was actually a prehistoric turtle, Meiolania prisca, "a most impressive beast" up to two metres long with a metre-long, bony club tail and curved 25-centimetre horns.

Aborigines' and Europeans' shared uncertainty colours the bunyip's meaning even today. By the 1850s, the word came to denote imposture and pretension: in 1853, radical lawyer and political activist Daniel Deniehy lampooned William Wentworth's bid for a hereditary peerage in Australia by branding it a "bunyip aristocracy". Prime Minister Paul Keating used the same phrase to ridicule his Liberal opponents in Parliament.

The 1970 comedy/documentary The Naked Bunyip dealt frankly with Australian sexuality. Director John Murray had read a story in which a bunyip didn't know what sort of creature it was. "We, as Australians, did not have a strong sense of identity, either," Murray recalled in 2005. "Were we a myth, too? Why not strip this creature bare and find out what it is made of?"

Australian parents used the indigenous stories to warn their children away from the bush. In colonial times, kids regularly drowned in waterholes or died of exposure, so these scary tales were practical. But as children's entertainment strove to build a self-consciously Australian vocabulary in the early 20th century, bunyips began to appear as literary monsters.

The children's pantomime The Bunyip was the Wiggles of its day, playing from 1916 to 1924. A stunningly elaborate production, it featured indigenous actors throwing boomerangs out over the crowd!

But by the 1957 children's musical The Bunyip and the Satellite, the bunyip had become wise and whimsical, advising children how to defeat the wicked Bush Fire Spirit. Barry Humphries, who played the bunyip, described it as a "prancing bird-like clown with a falsetto that inevitably got huskier after 12 performances a week".

Humphries also presided over a giant bunyip float in the 1958 Moomba parade and starred in a Channel Seven TV series. He fled from bunyip typecasting by moving to London in 1959. But by then, kindly bunyips were the go — especially Michael Salmon's pink Alexander Bunyip, who ate Canberra in 1972 and will soon get his own statue outside the Gungahlin library.

Nonetheless, the bunyip retained an undercurrent of fear. As a child I remember finding the Ron Brooks illustrations in The Bunyip of Ber-keley's Creek (1973) deeply disturbing. And Patricia Wrightson's The Ice Is Coming (1977) featured the chilling description: "Its red eyes were like death and its bellow was like fear... You could not tell what it was except that it was dreadful..."



The bunyip is a mythical creature that is native to Australia. It is also known as kianpraty. The Aborigine word “bunyip” translates into demon spirit. The Australian Aborigines believed in the Bunyip so thoroughly that it has been integrated as a part of their traditional ceremonies and stories.

There are numerous descriptions of this beast from a giant starfish to being identical to the North American Bigfoot. One of the most common descriptions is that it has a canine face and head, tusks like a walrus, flippers and a horse-like tail. Because of this description, some believe that the bunyip is, in fact, an endangered, or even extinct, species of seal or sea-lion. Other descriptions included anything from feathers and legs like a dinosaur, to scales like a crocodile.

Though the creature seemed to prefer the unexplored territories of Australia, there have been sightings in Tasmania. The bunyip lives in a rivers, swamps, bogs, or water-holes, across Australia. It is believed that if a camp is set too near a bunyip hole, the entire camp will be destroyed, including the campers, during the night, by an enraged bunyip. The main source of food for a bunyip is thought to be cattle and people. Many people claim that several drownings throughout Australia are due to the bunyip, rather than bad choices or inability to swim.

Probably the most prolific period for bunyip sightings was in the 1850s. Hundreds of settlers and natives claimed to have seen the creature.

There are several explanations for the possibility of the bunyip. The first, an endangered or extinct seal or similar marsupial, is a good possibility. Another explanation is that it is a species of creature thought to be extinct over 10,000 years. The species is known as the diprotodon. The diprotodon was a plant eating marsupial that was large and to a point meets some of the criteria in the descriptions. Some researchers claim that if this creature did survive, but is yet undiscovered, it would have evolved into a hippo-like marsupial.

First Written Use of 'Bunyip'

Fossils found near Geelong were revealed by The Geelong Advertiser in July 1845, under the headline Wonderful Discovery of a new Animal. It continued "On the bone being shown to an intelligent black (sic), he at once recognised it as belonging to the bunyip, which he declared he had seen. On being requested to make a drawing of it, he did so without hesitation." The account noted a story of an Aboriginal woman being killed by a bunyip, and the "most direct evidence of all," which was that of a man named Mumbowran, "who showed several deep wounds on his breast made by the claws of the animal." The account provided this description of the creature:

“The Bunyip, then, is represented as uniting the characteristics of a bird and of an alligator. It has a head resembling an emu, with a long bill, at the extremity of which is a transverse projection on each side, with serrated edges like the bone of the stingray. Its body and legs partake of the nature of the alligator. The hind legs are remarkably thick and strong, and the fore legs are much longer, but still of great strength. The extremities are furnished with long claws, but the blacks say its usual method of killing its prey is by hugging it to death. When in the water it swims like a frog, and when on shore it walks on its hind legs with its head erect, in which position it measures twelve or thirteen feet in height.”

Shortly after this account appeared, it was repeated in other Australian newspapers. However it appears to be the first use of the word bunyip in a written publication.

Mastin, Colleayn O. Illus. by Sovak, Jan “The Magic of Mythical Creatures”
The Geelong Advertiser 2 July 1845 in Peter Ravenscroft's "The Bunyip and Inland Seal Archive"

The Bunyip: Australia's Cryptid King
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