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Reader Mail: A Hospice Visitor / The Fragrance of Flowers


I am a Hospice nurse, so death is part of my daily work life. I had been called to sit with a family while my patient was dying, not an unusual request in my line of work.

My patient was a widower who had also lost his only child to cancer a few years back. His niece and nephew were waiting for the grandchildren to arrive. The niece remarked that it seemed so unfair to the man to be dying alone after he, himself had so many losses. The nephew was outside on his cellphone arranging transportation for the out of town grandkids, I was sitting with the niece. Nephew came inside saying he was going to the motel to pick up two of the kids, I asked him to help me straighten the room to make room for visitors.

After the nephew left, I performed a quick once-over, and noticed a sweet looking young lady standing in the doorway, I assumed the kids had started arriving. I made brief eye contact with the girl, and stepped around her to give her privacy with her grandpa.Back at the dining room table, talking with the niece, she again mentioned the sad fact that he was dying alone. I reminded her about the girl in the whice she replied, "There's nobody back there." I walked back to look...there was only the dying man. I described the girl, we looked through family photos, but could not find anyone resembling the girl I saw. The niece said her husband was talking to a woman outside, but when he returned, he said he was talking to no one.

I looked AT the young girl, not through her; we made eye contact. I have not seen her since...but I suspect I will....someday. Suzanne


I work at a print shop where there are a variety of smells (ink, etc.) or sometimes no aromas at all. I also have a weak sense of smell. This morning, when there were no customers and the owners of the business were in other parts of the office and shop, I smelled a strong fragrance of flowers. No one had sprayed anything and no one was wearing perfume or cologne. The scent was as if I had walked into a roomful of flowers or like when someone brings a lot flowers into a room.

My mother Went Away on 1-12-09, and my friend's mother Went Away on 1-18-10. Until the last couple of dreams in which I could see my mother, she was pretty much in the same condition she was in at home, except, in the dream, she would be silent and kind of neutral with everything going on around her. (She was elderly, but ambulatory and responsive in life.) Over the last 2 nights when I dreamed of Mom, she was on a higher level and in the background, standing, and I could see her in a position where she could observe what was going on in my dream.

When I smelled the flowers today (5/21), it was about 10:50-10:55 a.m. I called my friend to see if anything weird had happened for her recently because she has experienced some phenomena too. I didn't get to speak to her until 11:50 a.m. She said she was in her mother's garden and her son had removed a keepsake ornament. I asked her when this transpired and she said it was about an hour previously, which turned out to be the same time I smelled the floral fragrance at work.

Neither one of us had any idea what the other was doing and there was no way we could have corroborated on this. I just thought it was interesting timing. Being moms, of course both of our mothers loved flowers. Michael

NOTE: both readers would appreciate feedback on their experiences...Lon

Reader Mail: A Hospice Visitor / The Fragrance of Flowers

EUTimes: 'U.S. Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig'

eutimes - A grim report circulating in the Kremlin today written by Russia’s Northern Fleet is reporting that the United States has ordered a complete media blackout over North Korea’s torpedoing of the giant Deepwater Horizon oil platform owned by the World’s largest offshore drilling contractor Transocean that was built and financed by South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., that has caused great loss of life, untold billions in economic damage to the South Korean economy, and an environmental catastrophe to the United States.

Most important to understand about this latest attack by North Korea against its South Korean enemy is that under the existing “laws of war” it was a permissible action as they remain in a state of war against each other due to South Korea’s refusal to sign the 1953 Armistice ending the Korean War.

To the attack itself, these reports continue, the North Korean “cargo vessel” Dai Hong Dan believed to be staffed by 17th Sniper Corps “suicide” troops left Cuba’s Empresa Terminales Mambisas de La Habana (Port of Havana) on April 18th whereupon it “severely deviated” from its intended course for Venezuela’s Puerto Cabello bringing it to within 209 kilometers (130 miles) of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform which was located 80 kilometers (50 miles) off the coast of the US State of Louisiana where it launched an SSC Sang-o Class Mini Submarine (Yugo class) estimated to have an operational range of 321 kilometers (200 miles).

On the night of April 20th the North Korean Mini Submarine manned by these “suicidal” 17th Sniper Corps soldiers attacked the Deepwater Horizon with what are believed to be 2 incendiary torpedoes causing a massive explosion and resulting in 11 workers on this giant oil rig being killed outright. Barely 48 hours later, on April 22nd , this North Korean Mini Submarine committed its final atrocity by exploding itself directly beneath the Deepwater Horizon causing this $1 Billion oil rig to sink beneath the seas and marking 2010’s celebration of Earth Day with one of the largest environmental catastrophes our World has ever seen.

To the reason for North Korea attacking the Deepwater Horizon, these reports say, was to present US President Obama with an “impossible dilemma” prior to the opening of the United Nations Review Conference of the Parties to the Treat on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) set to begin May 3rd in New York.

This “impossible dilemma” facing Obama is indeed real as the decision he is faced with is either to allow the continuation of this massive oil leak catastrophe to continue for months, or immediately stop it by the only known and proven means possible, the detonation of a thermonuclear device.

Russian Navy atomic experts in these reports state that should Obama choose the “nuclear option” the most viable weapon at his disposal is the United States B83 (Mk-83) strategic thermonuclear bomb having a variable yield (Low Kiloton Range to 1,200 Kilotons) which with its 12 foot length and 18 inch diameter, and weighing just over 2,400 pounds, is readily able to be deployed and detonated by a remote controlled mini-sub.

Should Obama choose the “nuclear option” it appears that he would be supported by the International Court of Justice who on July 8, 1996 issued an advisory opinion on the use of nuclear weapons stating that they could not conclude definitively on these weapons use in “extreme circumstances” or “self defense”.

On the other hand, if Obama chooses the “nuclear option” it would leave the UN’s nuclear conference in shambles with every Nation in the World having oil rigs off their coasts demanding an equal right to atomic weapons to protect their environment from catastrophes too, including Iran.

To whatever decision Obama makes it remains a fact that with each passing hour this environmental catastrophe grows worse. And even though Obama has ordered military SWAT teams to protect other oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico from any further attack, and further ordered that all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico be immediately stopped, this massive oil spill has already reached the shores of America and with high waves and more bad weather forecast the likelihood of it being stopped from destroying thousands of miles of US coastland and wildlife appears unstoppable.

And not just to the environmental catastrophe that is unfolding the only devastation to be wrecked upon the United States and South Korea by this North Korean attack as the economic liabilities associated with this disaster are estimated by these Russian reports to be between $500 Billion to $1.5 Trillion, and which only a declaration of this disaster being an “act of war” would free some the World’s largest corporations from bankruptcy.

Important to note too in all of these events was that this was the second attack by North Korea on its South Korean enemy, and US ally, in a month as we had reported on in our March 28th report titled “Obama Orders ‘Immediate Stand-down’ After Deadly North Korean Attack” and which to date neither the Americans or South Korea have retaliated for and giving one senior North Korean party leader the courage to openly state that the North Korean military took “gratifying revenge” on South Korea.

And for those believing that things couldn’t get worse, they couldn’t be more mistaken as new reports coming from Japanese military sources are stating that North Korea is preparing for new launches of its 1,300 kilometer (807 miles) intermediate range ballistic “Rodong” missile which Russian Space Forces experts state is able to “deploy and detonate” an atomic electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device, and which if detonated high in the atmosphere could effectively destroy the American economy for years, if not decades, to come.

NOTE: these conspiracy theories coming from Europe are really 'out there'. I'm not buying this one, though it is an interesting read...Lon

EUTimes: 'U.S. Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig'

Dangerously 'Wobbling' Saratov Bridge Closed Down

Click for video

A seven-kilometre-long bridge over the Volga River has been closed after the structure started to wobble.

The bridge in Volgograd, southern Russia was built last year at a cost of £55m, and opened in October 2009.

Several people were traveling across the bridge in cars when it started moving, but there were no injuries reported.

It was closed last night, and remained shut this morning as emergency services looked to see if there had been further structural damage.

Engineers were examining whether strong river currents caused by melting snow upstream had loosened one of the bridge's vertical supports.

Its closure is a blow to drivers and inhabitants of Volgograd, a large industrial city.

The nearest bridge is a hundred kilometres away and the only alternative is a ferry.

The Eckhart Encounters - Reptilian Emerging From Portal

Over the past year, I have released photographic and anecdotal evidence from David Eckhart in reference to his continued encounters with alien beings in his home and during abductions. Here are the links to the more recent releases: The Eckhart Encounters - New Evidence and The Eckhart Encounters - Further Evidence.

Back in October 2009, I posted a few photos of a 'stargate' or portal from which these beings were entering David's bedroom. This portal would develop in front of his television Alien Home Invasion Update: 'Stargate' Appears. The following photograph is a capture of a full bodied reptilian being coming through a portal from the far wall of David's bedroom (left of the television and dresser). This capture is actually 1/30 of one second of video and was only recently detected from his many videos while transferring to DVD. The emergence occurred so quickly that David had not noticed the being (he and his wife were in bed and awake). I estimate that the being was close to 7 ft. in height which is similar to David's descriptions of the reptilians he has had contact with.

NOTE: David was recently interviewed by my friends Benjamin Grundy & Aaron Wright at 'Mysterious Universe' for a future podcast. I'm not sure if it will be part of the regular broadcast or the Plus+ edition. I've been told it's an amazing interview. Please refer to the 'Mysterious Universe' website for further information...don't miss it! Lon

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The Eckhart Encounters - Reptilian Emerging From Portal

'Bigfoot Hunt' Actually $1M Hoax

HP - For a photographer, the chance to win $1,000,000 for a photo is the opportunity of a lifetime. Unfortunately for Western Slopers, a widely publicized competition that promises that sum for a picture of Bigfoot appears to be a complete hoax.

As 9News reports, the competition was organized by Silverton businessman Rick Lewis. Lewis promises participants, who were charged a $250 entry fee, a million-dollar prize for anyone who captured a photo of the mythical Bigfoot creature, which-- according to conspiracy theorists' postulations--may inhabit the region.

The problem? None of the sponsors listed on the Lewis's website seemed to have any idea they were a part of the website when 9news asked them. Nor did the Kendall Mountain Resort in Silverton, which was listed as the host of the event.

Lewis has since canceled the event citing a lack of interest. It remains unclear just how much money he collected.



The $1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot will be held in the San Juan Region of Colorado on July 10-14, 2010 with Hunt Headquarters located at Bigfoot Central in Silverton, CO. approximately 50 miles North of Durango, CO. on Hwy. #550. Many sightings of Bigfoot have been reported in this area over the past 200 hundred years, with recent credible reports of sightings and personal encounters during 2009. Registered participants will be given (96) hours to locate and photograph a live Bigfoot within the Designated Hunt Area of a 100 mile radius of Silverton, CO. The first photograph presented to the Promoter and authenticated by it's designated specialists, will win the $1,000,000.00 reward. Additional prizes will be awarded for photographs of Bigfoot Physical Evidence, i.e. tracks, shelters and the like as well as for Best Photographs of selected animals in the wild.

Check-In for registered participants will begin on July 10th., between 7-11 AM at the Kendall Mountain Resort Complex in Silverton, CO. The $1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot will officially begin at 12:01 PM on July 10th. and end at 12:01 PM on July 14th. The "$1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot" closing party will be held on the evening of July 14th. between 8 PM and 1 AM at the Kendall Mountain Resort Complex, with a catered Buffet Dinner, Drinks, Live Music and Dancing, and a noted Guest Speaker (to be announced), Bigfoot Swag and Door Prizes, Vendor Expo, and lots of fun for all. Bigfoot Central and the Legend of Bigfoot Museum will be open for viewing each day from 9 AM till 6 PM.

Registration is through this website. The $1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot is limited to the first (400) entries and Registration will close when available entries are filled. Entry Fee is $250. for (1) Designated Hunter. Additional T-Shirt/Museum/Party tickets are available for Family Members/Friends at $75. per person. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover Card are accepted through our secure Google Check-Out.

Entry Includes
Maps indicating most recent sightings of Bigfoots within the Designated Hunt Area.
Official "$1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot" T-shirt.
Complimentary visit to the Legend of Bigfoot Museum at Bigfoot Central.
Dinner and Dance with Live Music at our "$1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot" closing party (supervised party for kids at adjoining location).
Bigfoot Swag and Prizes.
Bigfoot Memorabilia and Bigfoot Collector Item Vendors.
Noted Guest Speaker (to be announced)

Recent Bigfoot Sightings in The San Juan Region
March 2009- Bigfoot sighting and photographic evidence of footprints in the snow reported by a BLM Ranger 14 miles from Durango Mountain Resort on the backside of Purgurtory.
May 2009- Bigfoot sighting with photograph reported by a vacationing couple en-route to Silverton, CO. on Hwy. #550 that witnessed a Bigfoot crossing the highway.
April 2009- Bigfoot lean-to found approximately 8 miles from Silverton, CO. Structure was built from branches broken-off of trees at a height of 8'+.
June 2009- Bigfoot activity reported by family camping at Navajo Lake. Creature was vocalizing and tossing small stones at campsite tents.
August 2009- Bigfoot sighting and evidence of broke-off branches on a tree reported by an elderly couple to a U.S. Forest Service Agent who surveyed the site and confirmed footprints and broken branches. Location in La Platte Canyon at Lil Olga Campsite.
August 2009- Bigfoot sighting on the banks of the San Juan River at Farmington, NM reported by a BLM Ranger.
August 2009- Bigfoot sighting along the Animas River approximately 9 miles from Silverton, CO. Reported by Crew and Passengers on the Durango/Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Train.

'Bigfoot Hunt' Actually $1M Hoax

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Was the Needles UFO a Secret Military Craft?

8newsnow - It's a UFO, in the literal sense -- it's still unidentified. Half a dozen witnesses say they saw something in the sky over Needles and Bullhead City or watched it being carried away by a phalanx of military helicopters. Was it a spy plane or a drone or something more exotic?

Several eyewitnesses say the mystery object blazed out of the sky in the early hours of May 14, 2008. The long cylinder with the turquoise glow was seen over Bullhead City by former cop Frank Costigan and others. It seemed, at one point, to slow down in its descent.

South of Needles, a fisherman in a houseboat saw the light pass over and slam into the riverbank 50 or so yards west of the Colorado River. Minutes later, at least four military type helicopters appeared in the area and a giant sky crane was used to haul the object into the air and away toward the north.

The fisherman, who uses the nickname Bob on the River, said what he saw. "It didn't look like a meteor. I've seen meteors before. It looked like a plane crashing."

In the two years since the story broke, a lot of people have traveled to the rough terrain of the tri-state area to search for the point of impact -- UFO enthusiasts, TV producers, aviation buffs -- but the shifting sand and thick salt cedar defied efforts to identify a crash site.

The I-Team traveled with Houseboat Bob to whittle down the search area, though we still did not locate the spot. But Bob kept looking.

He traded in the houseboat for an RV and now lives in the desert, not on the river, but he never stopped searching, driven by one thing.

"Everybody thinks I'm an idiot. Everybody thinks I'm looney tooney in the cabooney," he said.

His weekly one-man safaris into the riverbank region came up with something no one else noticed, not even those who searched by air. A large, flat clearing where someone used heavy equipment to remove the gnarly brush, about 70 yards west of the river at almost the exact spot where Bob says the object landed.

It's an unusual spot, he says. "You would not see another hardened ground clearing like this anywhere between here and Needles. It's all sugar sand everywhere."

Ex-cop Frank Costigan is one of those who searched for the crash site. He's also amazed to find the clearing, but says area residents encountered members of what was described as a clean up team in the weeks after the crash.

"There was a cleanup crew dining at the Topock Marina on occasion, after that thing had been removed and we were hunting for the spot," he said.

But if this is the spot, we still don't know what hit the ground. Retired intelligence Colonel John Alexander speculates it could be any number of high tech UAV's -- unmanned spy planes being developed at several western test ranges, including Area 51 in Nevada, or Edwards in California.

"It's also the possibility it lost control and flew off the range. It's not that far from Edwards or the test ranges," he said.

Last month, a classified object was launched into space by the Air Force. The Pentagon has confirmed it's the X-37B space plane, an unmanned spy plane, sort of the military's version of the space shuttle. A few images of the X-37 have been made public, along with video of a sister vehicle the X-40.

The military acknowledges these crafts have been test flown at Edwards and Vandenberg, not too far from Needles. The shape and the size are a near perfect match for what the witnesses saw.

Bob confirms it looks like the object he saw. "Without the horizontal surfaces, yes. Without the wings," he said.

Houseboat Bob said even though the glow from the object was blue green, the object appeared to be black and shiny as it was being airlifted away. Photos of the X-37 show black, shiny tiles on the exterior.

The I-Team sent records requests to numerous agencies and none were able to shed light on what the Needles object might have been. The Air Force won't say much about the mission of the X-37, but military analysts have some guesses.

"What they say they will use it for testing space technologies, and certainly having a re-usable vehicle would be a way of sending up prototypes, batteries, cooling systems, electronics, testing them then bringing them back down so you can modify them. Possibly, it's a space maneuver vehicle so it can duck back in the atmosphere and change its orbit so next time it flew over China, the Chinese wouldn't expect it coming," said military watchdog John Pike.

Another military analyst who spoke on the condition of anonymity says he thinks it could be part of a weapons program known as the Rods from the Gods, which we know has been tested out at Area 51. These are spaced-based kinetic weapons that literally fall out of the sky and cause problems for the bad guys.

But for now, the best guess of the witnesses is the X-37.

NOTE: I have to give Las Vegas 8 News reporter George Knapp a lot of credit and kudos for sticking with this story. From my understanding, he took heat from the Feds and local government while looking into this event...Lon
Originally posted - 7/29/08

New UFO Mystery Surfaces in the Mojave Valley

A large object with a turquoise hue plummeted out of the sky earlier this summer and plowed into the earth south of Las Vegas near Needles, California.

Eyewitnesses say this was no meteorite, especially since a bunch of helicopters came looking for it and then hauled it away.

The object was seen in the early morning hours of May 14. It appeared to crash into the ground just west of the Colorado River. And that's when things got interesting for residents of the area.

Somewhere in the rough terrain just west of the Colorado River and south of Needles is a point of impact, maybe some burn marks, created by something that fell from the sky. Frank Costigan saw it because he got up at 3 a.m. to let his cat out -- a fiery object that flashed across the sky, but it wasn't a meteor he says.

"It was bright, bright enough that it illuminated the ground," he said.

For seven years, Costigan worked as the chief of airport security at L.A.X. He says the mystery object flew out of the north east, heading southwest, traveling very fast, but at one point it slowed down, then sped up again.

"It went behind a hill, and I waited to see if I could hear it crash because as big as it was, it was bound to make noise," he said.

But he didn't hear a crash. Hours later, David Hayes, the owner of KTOX Radio in Needles, was coming to work when he spotted an odd formation of dark vehicles getting off the highway. He drew a picture of the lead vehicle, a large truck with a dome on top and a black structure that reminded him of a stealth fighter.

"It seemed like it was some kind of surveillance vehicle -- four-wheel drive. It had government plates, U.S. government plates and behind it were a couple of vans that looked like support vehicles," said Hayes.

The men inside had a military bearing, Hayes said, but weren't in uniform. He made eye contact with one of the drivers and the guy followed him. Later in the day, one of the vehicles was parked outside the station, seemingly conducting a surveillance of the place.

"These guys staring you down had a 'Men in Black' feel to it?" asks Knapp.

"Absolutely. Very serious, serious as a heart attack," said Hayes.

Coincidentally, Costigan, the ex-cop, works on investigations for Hayes. When he came in to the radio station, he told Hayes about the thing he had seen in the sky, and Hayes told him about the Men in Black.

Then they got another piece of the puzzle -- a call from a man who lives in a houseboat on the river, who said he saw the fiery object -- that it had crashed about 100 yards west of the river, that it landed with a thump. Hayes says he's known the witness for years by the name Bob on the river. Bob thought a plane had crashed and tried to call 911 but his cell wouldn't work, so he moved his boat out into the river, and then heard the helicopters.

In an interview with journalist Linda Howe, Bob says he saw at least five helicopters flying in formation, including a large sky crane. The crane picked up the oval shaped object, still glowing, and flew away, heading in the direction of Las Vegas. One odd detail, the choppers arrived only 17 minutes after the object crashed. He described it to Hayes.

"It was about the size of a semi-trailer, he says, oblong shaped thing," said Hayes.

Out of the blue, the station got a call from a friend in Laughlin who said the Laughlin Airport had been inundated on the night of the crash with so-called Janet planes. That's the airline that flies workers to top secret Area 51. Costigan says the airport could not confirm this because no one is on duty after 6 p.m. at night, not even in the tower.

The black vehicles have left Needles. Bob the houseboat guy can't be found either.

"The fact that there were people here the next day, it was almost like they were doing some sort of cleanup or whatever. The point is, something definitely happened.

The I-Team phoned nearly every agency we could think of to see if they had received any report or knew anything. We were not surprised to learn that no one knew anything.

Here's the list -- police agencies in three states, the Laughlin Airport, the weather service, the FAA and several military bases.

A military watchdog group found a public record showing there was at least one army helicopter in the air in that area at that time. The helicopter, oddly enough, is listed as being attached to a U.S. base in Europe.

We are filing freedom of information requests and will report back when we get responses.

Video: More on Needles UFO Crash, Military Helicopters and Area 51

On May 14th the Eyewitness News Channel 8 reported a large object with a turquoise hue plummeting out of the sky earlier this summer and plowed into the Earth south of Las Vegas. Eyewitnesses say this was no meteorite, especially since they witnessed a group of black helicopters flying in formation to quickly haul it away.

Numerous witnesses to the crashed UFO say it was speeding down towards the Earth and crashed, one witness heard a thud. Five Black helicopters were reported on the scene 17 minutes after the crash with one helicopter identified to be a skycrane helicopter which has a very special design enabling it to carry the large glowing object away from the scene.

One witness reported a group of dark, strange looking vehicles canvassing the area. The men inside had military markings that could not be clearly identified. Their appearance was very similar to 'men in black' according to one witness at the crash site. Witnesses conclude that shortly after the crash there was a very obvious and quiet clean up of the area.

This video is certainly worth the time to watch and more details are covered in the video regarding the local airport and secret flights to the area 51 base. There has not been an official UFO crash since the Roswell, New Mexico incident.
Originally posted 5/15/09

One Year Ago: Colorado River UFO Crash Update

One year ago, residents in the tri-state area of Nevada, Arizona, and California saw something weird blaze out of the sky and crash on the banks of the Colorado River, south of Needles.

Reports about the needles UFO were sent all over the world and brought a lot of visitors, including men-in-black types to that region. Residents have had a year to think about the object that crashed and to ponder some new, similar sightings from the past few months.

A trio of yapping dogs, excited about something outside their Bullhead City home is what caused Tutu Martin and her husband Paul to awaken just after 3 a.m. on May 14, 2009. "The whole bedroom lit up, like they had lights on it, so I pushed the blinds back and looked," said Tutu.

The glowing object blazed across the sky in a southwest direction and appeared to slow down, then speed up. Minutes later, Martin says, she saw and heard a formation of helicopters as they sped south past the Laughlin skyline. "They were definitely following the river heading south. About another 20 minutes or so, they were coming back," she said.

"It was bright -- bright enough that it illuminated the ground," said former police chief Frank Costigan.

A few miles away, a cantankerous cat caused Frank Costigan to awaken. He also got a good look at the streaking object, saw it slow down, then speed up, then zip below the horizon. "I expected to hear a boom or siren or something," he said.

Down on the Colorado, a fisherman we call Bob on the River had the best view of all. The oblong object with a turquoise hue lit up the water and then smashed into the sandy bank 100 yards away. "It didn't look like a meteor. I've seen meteors before. It looked like a plane crashing," he said.

Within minutes, Bob says, the air was buzzing with helicopters, and then a large sky crane somehow attached the object, picked it up, and carried it away.

In Bullhead City, Brad Allen watched the aerial procession with his son. "I looked thru the binoculars and below one of them was a green object. It was glowing a faint green," he said.

Tutu Martin saw the same procession. An hour or so later, she says the Laughlin Airport, located just below her home, was invaded by several 737's which were identical to the famed Janet planes used to transport workers from Las Vegas to the Area 51 military base. "It was white with a red stripe," she said.

In the days that followed, residents in and around Needles reported encounters with mysterious men-in-black types in odd unmarked vehicles with government plates.

Radio station owner Dave Hayes says the vehicles were similar to, but not exactly like, a government convoy the I-Team ran across. The group the I-Team stumbled upon turned out to be a team from the agency which transports nuclear weapons.

In the year since the needles UFO incident, plenty has happened. Hayes' station, KTOX, which is also where Costigan works, has become an unofficial clearinghouse for UFO reports.

Most are explainable or not believable, he says, but Costigan thinks there's no question the object that crashed near Houseboat Bob was the real deal, though every military unit within 200 miles denies knowing anything about it.

Although the story has raised the public profile of the area and has drawn curious tourists, sort of like Roswell on the River, Costigan says the locals think it's a serious matter, even if it was a military test of some sort, which is the prevailing view.

"I think it was military or the military was tailing it or knew it was coming down. But my gripe, why didn't we get warning we were in danger of something falling out of the sky? We want answers," he said.

Residents of Lake Havasu would also like answers about what's been flying over their heads in recent months. In March and again in April, eyewitnesses saw a large triangle, some say boomerang, cruising over the lake in the wee hours. The craft was flanked or followed by warplanes. The reports are similar to huge triangles seen all over the world in recent years.

A Las Vegas think tank known as NIDS found an apparent correlation between the sightings and military facilities, but the Pentagon denies having anything this big in operation.

Costigan says the Havasu sightings ring true to him. "It was seen up and down the whole West Coast. I've got several descriptions, but always with a military presence," he said.

NOTE: here are links to the 'UFO Hunters' episode that references this incident...Lon

UFO Hunters - UFO Crashes - 1/5
UFO Hunters - UFO Crashes - 2/5
UFO Hunters - UFO Crashes - 3/5
UFO Hunters - UFO Crashes - 4/5
UFO Hunters - UFO Crashes - 5/5

Was the Needles UFO a Secret Military Craft?


*Uh...going to a Walmart in China? Look at some the great shit you can purchase!

Unknown 'Monster' Pulled From Ontario Lake

dailymail - Locals in a small Canadian town have been stumped by the appearance of a bizarre creature, which was dragged from a lake.

The animal, which has a long hairy body with bald skin on its head, feet and face, has prompted wild internet speculation that it is a more evolved version of the famous 'Montauk monster'.

The creature was discovered by two nurses in the town of Kitchenuhmaykoosib in Ontario, Canada, while out on a walk with their dog.

When the dog began sniffing in the lake, the two women started investigating, before the dog pulled the dead animal out.

After taking some photographs of the odd animal, the nurses left it alone. When locals decided to go back and retrieve the body, it has disappeared.

The photographs have now been posted on a local website, with an explanation which reads: 'This creature was first discovered by Sam the Dog, a local dog.

'It was discovered first week of May in the creek section of town, hikers noticed Sam sniffing something in the water and they approached to see in what the Sam had detected and they noticed the creature in the water face down.

'The dog jumped in the lake and pulled the creature to the rocks and dragged it out for the hikers to see and these are the photos they took.

'The creature's tail is like a rat's tail and it is a foot long.'

There has been much speculation about what kind of species the animal is.

The body of the creature appears to look something like an otter, while its face - complete with long fang-like teeth, bears a striking resemblance to a boar-like animal.

Even the local police chief Donny Morris is baffled, saying: 'What it is, I don't know. I'm just as curious as everyone else.'

The pictures of the animal have caused mass speculation online, from bloggers who are all stumped as to what the creature could be.

One internet blogger wrote: 'That certainly is a face only a mother can love. It looks like some sort of otter, weasel-type thing.'

While another added: 'Some kind of mustelid - I thought otter first.

'Being in the water and bashed around has made the fur on the face and tail come off so clean like that.'

Many people have suggested the animal could be a new 'Montauk monster' - due to the similarities between these photographs and those of a different creature which washed up in Montauk, New York, in 2008.

The animal, which quickly earned the nickname the 'Montauk monster', thanks to the beach's location to a Long Island government animal testing facility, has never been officially identified - although the general consensus is that it was some kind of racoon.

However, other bloggers have speculated that the new creature discovered is a type of chupacabra, or 'goatsucker'.

The chupacabra is rumoured to inhabit parts of the U.S., with many several hundred eyewitness accounts over the past few years.

But despite these sightings, the majority of biologists and wildlife experts believe the chupacabra is a contemporary legend.

Thanks to Billy Green for the 'heads up'!

NOTE: There are a few suspects to consider, namely Beaver, Northern River Otter, Muskrat, Pine Marten, Mink. But my guess is the Fisher (Martes pennanti)...Lon

Unknown 'Monster' Pulled From Ontario Lake

U.S. Scientists Announce 'Artificial Life' Breakthrough


The scientists "decoded" the chromosome of an existing bacterial cell - using a computer to read each of the letters of genetic code.

They copied this code and chemically constructed a new synthetic chromosome, piecing together blocks of DNA

The team inserted this chromosome into a bacterial cell which replicated itself. Synthetic bacteria might be used to make new fuels and drugs.

bbc - Scientists in the US have succeeded in developing the first living cell to be controlled entirely by synthetic DNA.

The researchers constructed a bacterium's "genetic software" and transplanted it into a host cell.

The resulting microbe then looked and behaved like the species "dictated" by the synthetic DNA.

The advance, published in Science, has been hailed as a scientific landmark, but critics say there are dangers posed by synthetic organisms.

Some also suggest that the potential benefits of the technology have been over-stated.

But the researchers hope eventually to design bacterial cells that will produce medicines and fuels and even absorb greenhouse gases.

The team was led by Dr Craig Venter of the J Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) in Maryland and California.

He and his colleagues had previously made a synthetic bacterial genome, and transplanted the genome of one bacterium into another.

Now, the scientists have put both methods together, to create what they call a "synthetic cell", although only its genome is truly synthetic.

Dr Venter likened the advance to making new software for the cell.

Dr Venter told BBC News: "We've now been able to take our synthetic chromosome and transplant it into a recipient cell - a different organism.

"As soon as this new software goes into the cell, the cell reads [it] and converts into the species specified in that genetic code."

The new bacteria replicated over a billion times, producing copies that contained and were controlled by the constructed, synthetic DNA.

"This is the first time any synthetic DNA has been in complete control of a cell," said Dr Venter.

'New industrial revolution'

Dr Venter and his colleagues hope eventually to design and build new bacteria that will perform useful functions.

"I think they're going to potentially create a new industrial revolution," he said.

"If we can really get cells to do the production that we want, they could help wean us off oil and reverse some of the damage to the environment by capturing carbon dioxide."

Dr Venter and his colleagues are already collaborating with pharmaceutical and fuel companies to design and develop chromosomes for bacteria that would produce useful fuels and new vaccines.

But critics say that the potential benefits of synthetic organisms have been overstated.

Dr Helen Wallace from Genewatch UK, an organisation that monitors developments in genetic technologies, told BBC News that synthetic bacteria could be dangerous.

"If you release new organisms into the environment, you can do more harm than good," she said.

"By releasing them into areas of pollution, [with the aim of cleaning it up], you're actually releasing a new kind of pollution.

"We don't know how these organisms will behave in the environment."

Dr Wallace accused Dr Venter of playing down the potential drawbacks.

"He isn't God," she said, "he's actually being very human; trying to get money invested in his technology and avoid regulation that would restrict its use."

But Dr Venter said that he was "driving the discussions" about the regulations governing this relatively new scientific field and about the ethical implications of the work.

He said: "In 2003, when we made the first synthetic virus, it underwent an extensive ethical review that went all the way up to the level of the White House.

"And there have been extensive reviews including from the National Academy of Sciences, which has done a comprehensive report on this new field.

"We think these are important issues and we urge continued discussion that we want to take part in."

Dr Gos Micklem, a geneticist from the University of Cambridge, said that the advance was "undoubtedly a landmark" study.

But, he said, "there is already a wealth of simple, cheap, powerful and mature techniques for genetically engineering a range of organisms. Therefore, for the time being, this approach is unlikely to supplant existing methods for genetic engineering".

The ethical discussions surrounding the creation of synthetic or artificial life are set to continue.

Professor Julian Savulescu, from the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford, said the potential of this science was "in the far future, but real and significant".

"But the risks are also unparalleled," he continued. "We need new standards of safety evaluation for this kind of radical research and protections from military or terrorist misuse and abuse.

"These could be used in the future to make the most powerful bioweapons imaginable. The challenge is to eat the fruit without the worm."

The advance did not pose a danger in the form of bio-terrorism, Dr Venter said.

"That was reviewed extensively in the US in a report from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Washington defence think tank, indicating that there were very small new dangers from this.

"Most people are in agreement that there is a slight increase in the potential for harm. But there's an exponential increase in the potential benefit to society," he told BBC's Newsnight.

"The flu vaccine you'll get next year could be developed by these processes," he added.

U.S. Scientists Announce 'Artificial Life' Breakthrough

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teen Girls Chased By Black Panther - Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK

Kim Howells, left, and Sophie Gwynne near the spot in the Forest of Dean where they saw the big cat they believe to have been a panther

dailymail - A 15-year-old schoolgirl has told of her terror after being chased by a big cat she claims was a 'black panther' in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

Kim Howells was enjoying a walk through the woodland on her 15th birthday with her cousin Sophie Gwynne, eight, when they came across the animal lying beneath a tree.

Ms Howells, who described the 'panther' as about the size of a Great Dane dog, with big eyes, paws and a long tail, said the creature began following them after they spotted it at around 8.30pm on Monday night.

She said: 'I saw something out of the corner of my eye and at first I thought it was a log or something.

'We carried on walking but then I looked back and it was sitting up looking at me.

'It was definitely a big cat. I've seen wild boar and deer in the Forest before and it definitely wasn't one of them.

'What makes me sure is that it was still light so I could see it really clearly.'

Ms Howells added: 'Sophie was asking what it was and then we looked behind us and it was about five metres away, following us.

'I didn't know what to do so we cut through the brambles and just started running.'

The pair then ran all the way back to Ms Howells's family home in nearby Ruspidge.

Ms Howells's mother Cathy said: 'They were in a real state, their feet were all cut and Sophie was in tears.

'Kim is a very sensible girl and if that's what she says she saw, that's what it is.'

Mrs Howells later showed her daughter a picture of a panther on the internet for her to confirm that was indeed what she had seen.

Mrs Howells said she now has doubts about letting her daughter and niece play in the nearby woods.

She added: 'I used to think that they were much better off there than a public park or somewhere but now I'm not sure, it is a real worry.'

It is not the first time a big cat sighting has been reported near Ruspidge.

In June 2007, milkman Robert Brinton got an early morning wake-up call when he encountered a big cat in Railway Road.

Earlier the same year, firefighter Peter Bishop reported a black cat sighting in Cinderford and a lorry driver from Lydney also saw one on Valley Road.

Teen Girls Chased By Black Panther - Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK

South Australian Police Raid 'Doomsday Cult' Properties

adelaidenow - They believe the Apocalypse is looming in 2012, but for the leaders of the Agape Ministries cult, their world yesterday tumbled down.

After 90 heavily armed police swooped on 12 properties owned by the sect in Adelaide and south of the city, three church elders were last night being sought by police.

Church leader Rocco Leo - known to his congregation as Brother Rock - was among those whose whereabouts were last night unknown.

Leo, 54, has a criminal record for running a brothel in the 1980s. Former members say he is behind a fraud involving millions of dollars donated by sect members.

Those sect members are required to pass on 10 per cent of their earnings.

The Agape Ministries believes the world will end in 2012, and has attracted several hundred people to its "House of God" at Oakden, in Adelaide's northeast.

Police charged four men after the raids yesterday and on Wednesday, but are still seeking at least three senior members.

"Police have not been able to locate the leaders of Agape Ministries or its key personnel," Superintendent Jim Jeffery said.

"We don't know of their whereabouts (but) there's nothing to cause us to believe they are not in Australia."

Supt Jeffery said police were concerned that while ammunition was found in the raids, high-powered guns believed to be possessed by the cult were missing.

An Upper Sturt man, 46, will face Adelaide Magistrates Court and a Mt Compass man, 49, will appear in Christies Beach Magistrates Court next month. Two other men - one, 38, of Oakden, the other, 48, of Aberfoyle Park - were reported for firearm offences and will be summoned to appear in court later.

Fifteen illegal firearms and extendable batons were found in the raids, while Major Fraud detectives also seized financial records.

A core group of about 60 believed the cult leaders would use their money to buy a Pacific Ocean island to build a Christian colony for the congregation, police said.

A former cult member has told The Advertiser that church members are brainwashed into believing that life on Earth will end after microchips are implanted into everyone by the end of 2012.

Supt Jeffery would not say if money was seized in the raids but he said the ministry had built up a substantial fund from pledges by the congregation.

He said some members had sold their homes and given the proceeds to the church to buy the Pacific Island colony.

He said police believed church leaders had been making arrangements to move offshore.

Information from former Agape church followers and the criminal history of "some of the people involved" sparked the investigation, which included federal police and Customs dogs specially trained in locating firearms and ammunitions.

Two weapons and two batons were located at the church's main headquarters in Oakden - which was bought by Mr Leo for about $500,000 but put on the market recently for $5 million.

Batons, fuses, detonators, detonator cords and about 20,000 rounds of high-powered ammunition was found at a church-owned property on Blackfellows Creek Rd, Mt Magnificent, east of Mt Compass.

Supt Jeffery said the ammunition was hidden inside the steel frames of bedheads and also in shipping containers..

"By the looks of the shipping containers there, they were having plans to relocate overseas but, of course, we don't know the reasons for stockpiling weapons or why they secreted ammunition inside those containers," Supt Jeffery said. "High-powered ammunition is very concerning and we haven't located the firearms that go with that ammunition, which is very concerning."

At the Oakden church yesterday, neighbour and businessman George Kruszewski said one hectare of land was offered for sale to him for $5 million about three months ago, by church "financier' John Mouhalos.

Last month, Mouhalos walked free from the District Court on a suspended sentence over a 2007 assault of a man who borrowed money from him, as well as over the discovery of two pistols inside his car.

In sentencing, Judge Paul Cuthbertson found that Rocco Leo - who gave evidence in Mouhalos' defence - was an "unbelievable" witness.

Mr Kruszewski said Mouhalos also said he could organise business loans of $10 million upwards and that the church owned properties in Queensland, Melbourne and the leaders were considering buying a island outside Australia.

"It's probably more of a business than a cult . . . the inner circle of people there seemed to be involved in finance and business and that sort of thing," he said.

The inside of the ageing building, which was originally part of the Hillcrest Mental Hospital, was renovated and furnished with expensive chandeliers, marble benches and other equipment plus a "huge" warehouse at the back", Mr Kruszewski said.

"It's not the sort of place you'd say looked like a church when you've got lots of building materials, coldrooms and a commercial kitchen in there," he said.

He said Leo and Mouhalos had been friendly and welcoming when they first moved in but the group had become progressively "secretive" and kept "a low profile" in recent years.

Mr Kruszewski said about 100 people attended the Sunday church meetings with about 50 cars parked inside a large locked iron gate. He had attended several Sunday meetings in which "Brother Rock" had preached from the Bible.

"He was putting himself up as a great healer and a person who's got authority," he said.

"It didn't attract me, I could see right through it."

Several neighbours said four German shepherd guard dogs always patrolled inside the fence at Oakden.

Meanwhile, at the cult's Mt Magnificent property, an "Exclusion Notice - by order of the High Court of Australia" on the front gate suggested a lack of hospitality.

With at least six main buildings and a stern warning that trespassers risked a $500,000 fine, it is unlikely any lost hiker would find their way on to the retreat, situated near Mt Compass south of Adelaide.

Yesterday, the only people to pass the private property notice were police, who spent the afternoon scouring the farm for firearms and other evidence.

A police diving team searched the murky depths of a large dam before moving to a rusting rainwater tank.

Children's play equipment was set up metres from dormitory-style accommodation, although neighbours said they had only noticed adults come and go.

"They never come near us," dairy farmer Geoff Anderson said.

"We wouldn't have spoken two words in two years ... they're some kind of doomsday mob that's all I've heard."

Mr Anderson said he had heard gunshots from the property but not enough to rouse suspicion.

South Australian Police Raid 'Doomsday Cult' Properties

BAASS 'Lending Insight' to MUFON Capri UFO Probe

marcoislandflorida - Bigelow Aerospace has joined the investigation into the recent strange UFO sightings over the Isles of Capri.

The nonprofit Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network held a packed public town hall on May 11 on Capri, attracting residents and others who have seen strange objects in the sky.

Gary Hernandez, field investigator with Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies, is interested in follow-up studies on the Capri UFO reports.

Bigelow Aerospace, which has announced plans to someday enter the private space-flight industry, has expertise in alternative methods of propulsion.

"We have a highly sophisticated system of investigative tools that can help lend insight into strange phenomena such as those seen by the residents in your area," Hernandez said in a phone conversation on May 13.


"I was down in your area several years ago investigating similar sightings, and would very much like to return and speak with eyewitnesses there now," Hernandez said.

"I'll do my best to objectively research and investigate each occurrence and gather as much supporting information to come to a potential conclusion," Hernandez wrote in an e-mail on May 13.

Hernandez said he did not agree with MUFON's conclusion that the photo captured by the Isles of Capri Fire/Rescue Department's webcam was likely the moon setting.

And the photo could not have been of the planet Venus, said Hernandez.

"Although the photo was small, there is no way that the dates, time, and weather conditions would support that conclusion," Hernandez said.

"On the night of March 27, it was raining sideways, the wind was gusting to 51 mph, and the sky was black," said Hernandez. "Skies were dark as well for the next two nights."

Hernandez plans to study the photo further and speak with witnesses to gather additional information.

Morgan Beall, state section director with MUFON, presented his conclusions after talking with eyewitnesses of the strange phenomena that appeared on and around the Isles of Capri from March 27 through early May.

Beall's report was made on May 7.

In Beall's words, "With great detail and correlating past reports and current continual reports, this case's disposition is unknown. It is the opinion of this investigator that the exact nature of the events of the March 27, 28, and 29, 2010 sightings is unidentified.

"Historical cases show a similar pattern of sightings ranging back to 2007," Beall said.

"Suspect sightings occurring after the March sighting dates from secondary witnesses contain plausible explanations such as being the moon setting and misidentification of conventional aircraft from the Naples air traffic or local air traffic."


Beall's recommendations:

1. Have witnesses participate in further investigation;

2. Continue to monitor the region for similar reports;

3. Collect more witness testimonies and

4. Create a working relationship with the witnesses and local community to establish a line of contact and evidence collection.

Beall also advised residents to be vigilant.

This area appears to be a "hot spot" for unusual phenomena, Beall said.


The mysterious UFO sightings that have been reported from the Isles of Capri have gained enough exposure for a town hall meeting to be setup for local’s who have made reports to tell their stories. The town hall event is being set up by Morgan Beall who is a state section director for MUFON ( Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network). MUFON has gone to the Isles of Capri for a full investigation of recent sightings.

Beall spoke to local Capri Fire Chief Emilio Rodriguez who was one of the original people to report seeing the mysterious light along with members of his staff. Also interviewed was Mike Castellano who owns a local business called the Capri Fish House. Castellano and other workers stated that they also had sightings of the unidentified flying object on more then one occasion. Other residents of Capri have also called in with various sightings having the same description.

During one sighting on April 20 workers from the Capri Fish House reported a sightings of the mysterious light and that a group of jets were attempting to approach it in the night sky. They said they jets seemed to pursue the strange UFO but it would disappear before they could reach it and then reappear in a different location. The aircraft would redirect back toward the lights new position but the object would disappear again and not return.

A Weatherbug camera located on the Isle of Capri took a photo of what seems to be the light or unidentified object hovering on March 29. Since this picture was taken many local residents have reported sighting with the same type of descriptions prompting MUFON to launch an investigation and send in a director to hold the local town hall meeting.


NOTE: I'm going to reserve comment for now. Let's see how MUFON and BAASS handle this sighting and how the witnesses respond to the investigation...Lon

BAASS 'Lending Insight' to MUFON Capri UFO Probe

Beware of the Gold Peddlers!

Please note...I did not post this as a political statement and/or personal view of Glenn Beck and the conservative media. Just a warning before you start sending me the emails...Lon

mediamatters - Throughout Glenn Beck's meteoric rise to become king of all right-wing media, a once-obscure Santa Monica peddler of gold coins called Goldline International has been along for the ride. The support of Beck and other radio hosts -- mainly conservatives like Mark Levin and Fred Thompson -- who spend 55 minutes creating fear of an economic collapse and then five minutes telling you why coins from a company like Goldline are the only safe haven has helped Goldline become a $500 million company.

This, for example, is what 2 million TV viewers who clicked on Beck's nightly Fox News Channel show heard on Oct. 6, 2009:

You don't have any gold, right? This is you. This is you. This is your savings. How much did you lose if you had any money in your 401k? Did you lose, let's say, I don't know, 40 percent of it? So, that's gone. Now, did you know that the dollar has lost nearly 29 percent of its value in the last seven years? Twenty-nine percent. OK, that's gone. Just gone.

This isn't an advertisement, although it may sound like one. It's the editorial content of the show, although at some point during the hour viewers are sure to see an ad for Goldline with their "800" number prominently displayed. Meanwhile, visitors to see a big ad for Goldline, while visitors to can see testimonials from Beck for Goldline. It's hard to know sometimes where Beck -- who famously told his viewers to get behind "God, gold, and guns" -- ends and Goldline begins.

Never mind that anxiety-drenched radio listeners never got to hear the other side of the gold coin, which is that the industry is plagued by high-pressure sales tactics as well as high commissions which mean that gold -- already at a record high (although not when adjusted for inflation) -- would have to rise well beyond its current highs to see a reasonable return on their investment.

Finally, a grown-up has stepped in to try to clean up this mess -- Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York.

At this hour, Weiner is holding a news conference not only to call out Goldline as "a company that uses conservative rhetoric, high pressure sales tactics and tall tales about the future of gold to sell over priced coins that can be bought somewhere else for cheaper," but to ask regulators from the Federal Trade Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate its tactics.

Weiner's staff investigated Goldline and found that the coins it sells are not the good investment that its salesmen -- who are not licensed investment advisers -- claim that it is to consumers, because the price of gold would essentially have to double beyond its current high to begin seeing any gains. Specially, the investigators found Goldline coins selling for 90 percent above the melt value of the coin, that is, its value by weight. The largest markup seen on a coin, Weiner said, was 208 percent above the melt value.

"In the past there is always the "product" that is either the next big thing (the dot com boom) or the investment that will never go down in price (the housing market), and in the past much of the media has failed in its duty to conduct due diligence, but never before have they worked so hand in hand to cheat consumers," Weiner said in his prepared report. "Commentators like Glenn Beck who are shilling for Goldline are either the worst financial advisers around or knowingly lying to their loyal viewers."

Adds Weiner:

Goldline's high pressure sales tactics and fear mongering about big government as well as their ability to hire sales staff and spokespeople who misrepresent their roles are case studies in why entities like the SEC and FTC are necessary.

The Brooklyn congressman sent letters to the heads of the FTC and the SEC requesting that some of Goldline's more questionable tactics be investigated. In addition, he says he will propose legislation requiring full disclosure of hidden fees, the purchase price/Melt value/Resale value, and how much the cost of gold will need to rise in the value for the customers' investment to be profitable. All common sense ideas.

Look, no one but Beck himself -- whose made a career out of gaining trust from his listeners only to sell them a bad investment that also enriches him through endorsement fees -- and Goldline International are to blame for this mess. But of course, Beck is doing what he does best and blaming the messengers, accusing them of "McCarthyism" by going after his sponsors. That has nothing to do with this -- it's about consumer protection. If Beck endorsed companies that didn't use questionable sales tactics, there would be no story. And frankly, Weiner wouldn't even be involved if the SEC and the FTC had been doing their jobs in the first place.

NOTE: I was shocked to see the prices that these dealers are charging for gold coins. They are touting their inflated priced coins as an investment when the collectible value is probably not or never will be much higher than the actually weight value. When the gold market plummets, which it will eventually, a lot of people are going to be stuck with shiny discs of gold metal that are worth only a small fraction of what they paid...Lon

Beware of the Gold Peddlers!

PAST Team Investigates Missing Person Mystery

I received the following email on Weds. May, 19th from the PAST Investigators:


We wanted to share some footage from a recent investigation. We are the Paranormal Anomaly Search Team located outside Chicago Illinois. Recently we were asked to investigate in Mendota Illinois. Just after midnight on September 20, 1990, Veronica Jill Blumhorst left her job to drive a few blocks to her home. Her car was found parked in the family garage the next morning, but she has never been seen again. There are many reports of paranormal activity around the area she disappeared, including a grocery store that was built at the time of her disappearance. Many believe the activity may be from Veronica. We went to many locations around town including the grocery store to gather evidence. The family was hoping for the team to contact her or to get answers. To this day a body has not been found and the case has no leads or suspects. It is believed her life ended that night. Our team is based on hard evidence. We thoroughly scrutinize our findings to ensure what we present is true paranormal evidence. The teams founder, John, also has an ability to sense things from the spirit world which helps lead us to the right areas and questions. We do not solely present what he senses if we can't back it up with hard evidence. We were amazed at our findings which include knocks, a voice that answers a question about her brothers name, gun shots and an amazing clip 4 word sentence response to a question.

The PAST Team

Click for video

You can also find more videos and photos at Paranormal Investigation
in Mendota Illinois

PAST Team Investigates Missing Person Mystery

* * * * *

Rick Phillips has posted an interesting article on his UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock blog - UFO 'Knowledge' - Take Your Pick. Read the post and tell him what you think.

* * * * *

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Minnesota / East Texas Residents Present Bigfoot Evidence and Encounters

ksax - Bigfoot alive and living in northern Minnesota? The co-founders of the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Society say, "100 percent yes."

They said they have received more than 75 reports of sightings, captured images, and Bigfoot footprints in just three years. They're sharing their insight while sorting fact from fiction as they take KSAX on the hunt for Bigfoot.

"I'm a skeptic of Bigfoot because I've trapped this whole area and never, ever did we see any Bigfoot tracks or see Bigfoot anywhere," William Tucker of Bena said.

Long time trapper William Tucker is anything but a believer, but just miles away from Bena, mind boggling footprints were found.

Each track was a bit different, different pressures, different depths, eliminating the possibility of some sort of footprint stamp.

This is just one of the things the co-founders of the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Society say confirms the fact, Bigfoot is out there.

"I'm 110% convinced that it exists. There's just too much evidence, too many people's emotions showing when they recount their stories," Bob Olson, a co-founder of the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Society said. "One lady cries when she recounts her story of how this thing stood up and looked at her. She felt it looked into her soul."

Since 2006, Olson and Don Sherman have received about 75 reports of similar Bigfoot sightings in Northern Minnesota, some of which have been captured on camera.

The most recent was captured in Remer. Though to some, the image may look like a man in a suit, a comparison with 6 foot 5 inch Bob Olson showed this man would have had to have been at least 7 feet tall.

Sherman and Olson say "wood knocking" is just one more way Bigfoot makes his presence known. Olson said Bigfoot responded to him at Carey Lake when he knocked on a tree five times.

What about bones? One KSAX reader says, "I believe Bigfoot is 100% real, as are a lot of the other creatures of Cryptozoology. But i believe in their true form, they are spiritual creatures, that manifest in flesh as they so desire. That is why we will never find bones, or other such evidence of them."

On the other side of the coin, Olson says giant bones belonging to Humanoid creatures were found in the late 1800's, stretching 10 to 12 feet.

While there haven't been any Bigfoot skeletons found, many trappers say they've never come across any bear, wolf, or other large animal skeleton either.

Other signs Bigfoot exists include branches plucked straight out of trees, strange looking shelters, and stick men to warn other Bigfoot of humans in the area.

"When there's stuff that doesn't go away, there's gotta be something to it and the evidence just keeps mounting up," Olson said.

For some Bena residents, the legend of Bigfoot is far from a tall tale.

"I never seen it, but like I says I believe in it," New Prague resident Leo Hinderscheid said.

"I don't know what to say Megan but I believe in it and that's the way it will be," Helen Tibbetts of Bena said.

So, the hunt for Bigfoot continues.

East Texans Recall Bigfoot Encounters

c-bstatesman - For years, people have claimed sightings of a large, human-like creature in the thick woods of East Texas.

About 300 people recently gathered in Tyler for a Bigfoot Conference to share their personal confrontations with the creature.

Speaker Daryl Colyer, who claims to have had an encounter with the beast, said he heard the legends and stories from families when he was growing up.

Colyer’s own encounter with Bigfoot occurred near the Trinity River in Liberty County. He and his wife were walking along a trail at dusk when they spotted a large, hairy figure with a musky smell.

Here are some other sightings of Bigfoot-type creatures in East Texas:

In 2003, a motorist spotted an 8-foot-tall creature crossing Texas Highway 154 near Harleton and Little Cypress Bayou.

In December 2001, a deer hunter near Marshall saw a 7-foot upright ape-like figure that was dark brown in color. The figure was picking up apples.

In October 1995, a man was looking at land he was considering buying near Cleveland when he saw a creature lying on the ground. The creature rose on two legs and hit the man in the chest.

In June 1976 near Vidor, a couple moved out of their house because they had enough of Bigfoot sightings in the area.

In Summer 1976, a witness reported seeing a 12-foot-tall creature with silver hair eating ears of corn near Hallsville.

Not all of the Bigfoot sightings have turned out to be accurate.

In his book “The Search for Bigfoot,” Peter Byrne wrote about a man who claimed to have seen a Bigfoot creature standing with his back to the man, streaked in gray and black hair, huge, broad-shouldered and bent over.

When Byrne investigated, he discovered the man had seen nothing but a roadside stump.

For more than 400 years, people have been reporting large, hair-covered, manlike animals in wilderness areas of North America. Sightings of the creatures and their tracks continue today.

Minnesota / East Texas Residents Present Bigfoot Evidence and Encounters
Purchase your copy at Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

 photo fortean-reptilian_zpsb0c95d60.png

NOTE: Any use of witness information, which includes any attempt to contact a witness or persons involved in an event, is strictly prohibited without the written consent of 'Phantoms and Monsters' and/or its associates.

Chicago & Regional Winged Humanoid / Flying Entity Sightings & Encounters - Witness Sightings Map

NOTE: Any use of witness information, which includes any attempt to contact a witness or persons involved in an event, is strictly prohibited without the written consent of Lon Strickler.


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