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Chip Coffey: Rare Medium

WFP - Chip Coffey was on his riding mower in the yard of his Atlanta-area home a couple of years ago when he came around the side of the house and saw his mother standing there, grinning at him.

Although he'd been praying for that moment for years, his initial reaction wasn't exactly joy.

"My first thought was, 'I've just had a freakin' stroke,'" Coffey, 55, recalled during a phone interview. "But I reached up and felt my mouth and it wasn't drooping. And it wasn't hot enough for me to have had a heat stroke...

His mother, you see, died in the late '90s.

In retrospect, Coffey admits his reaction to seeing her -- "the most wonderful four or five seconds of my existence" -- may have been overly dramatic, considering he'd already been communicating with the dead for years at that point.

In fact, the bespectacled former travel agent quit his day job to work as a psychic and medium full time back in 2001, the year he began receiving messages from the deceased brother of a co-worker. Coffey considers that his first experience with "true interdimensional communication."

He's had many more encounters with the supernatural since, as witnessed by TV viewers during his regular appearances on two recent A&E Network series, Paranormal State and Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal.

"I remain skeptical," says Coffey, who, in addition to giving psychic and "crossing over" readings out of his home, is also a "certified" ghost hunter and paranormal investigator. TV audiences have watched him assist with exorcisms, investigate haunted houses and help children understand their psychic abilities.

"I always try to find explanations that are outside the realm of the paranormal because I don't want to completely give in to that part of myself," he says. "I urge everyone to exhaust, and I mean thoroughly exhaust, potential real-world causes for anything strange that happens."

So it was probably a coincidence when, in the middle of an Edmonton show last year, alarms rang out and the theatre filled with smoke (and had to be evacuated) just as Coffey and his Paranormal State co-star were showing a video on demonic possession?

"I found the timing to be a bit eerie," he says, laughing, "but I can't make everything a woo-woo experience."

Compared with the kid in The Sixth Sense, Coffey was a late bloomer. As a toddler, he would tell his parents when the phone was going to ring and who was on the other end, but he didn't see his first full-bodied apparition until he was an adult. Rather than see dead people, he feels the energies of spirits around him.

The difference between a ghost and a spirit, Coffey says, is that the latter has completed the journey between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Ghosts, on the other hand, are souls that, for whatever reason, have chosen to stick around. They may not know they're dead, he says, or they may fear judgment on the other side. Or sometimes it's the living who need to let go. "If the grief of our loved ones is immense, we might feel obligated to stay and comfort them," says Coffey, who InStyle magazine described as a cross between John Edward and Dr. Phil.

Unlike Edward and other celebrity mediums like Sylvia Browne, Coffey doesn't do open-channel readings where random spirits communicate through him spontaneously. So whether or not you get a message from beyond or an answer to a big life question at Monday's show will depend on whether Coffey's spirit guides lead him to you.

Coffey says he has no idea how he receives information during a psychic reading. "It's almost as though it's an afterthought, like the information completely bypasses my five senses and gets implanted in my brain," Coffey says. "Other times, it'll fly out of my mouth before I even get a chance to think about what I'm saying."

All he knows is that when he's not working, he can flip the psychic switch to "off."

"I don't want to be like Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost and have Patrick Swayze -- bless his heart -- singing to me at three in the morning," says Coffey. "I'm not running Western Union for the dead."

NOTE: I have a lot of respect for Chip and his abilities. 'Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal', IMO, is a remarkable production and really gets to the heart of how children and young adults react to their gifts. I can relate to the stories since I went through many of the same feelings, though I never allowed my parents or friends (and ex-wife) share the emotional roller coaster of my personal psychic encounters...Lon

Chip Coffey: Rare Medium

MUFON: Recent Encounter Reports from the Past and Present

MUFON witness report - undisclosed location in Kentucky - unedited: Early in June of 1974 on a Sunday evening approximately 6 pm my mother sent me to the corner store for something, as I was driving back I saw a silver disc high in the sky with the sun reflecting on it. I kept my eyes on it as I slowly weaved down the road the 50 or 60 yards to our driveway and pulled in. The disc was descending and getting closer and closer to me. I jumped out of the car yelling repeatedly for my mother and father to get the camera. Mom heard me yelling and came running out of the house with flour dough covering her hands (she was making biscuits). When she saw it she began shouting for dad to come out. However, he was watching the news and didn't hear us. By now the disc was silently hovering about 25 to 35 feet above us. It had green and blue lights flashing on and off around a white center underneath it. On the upper part it had circular windows. After approximately three minutes it silently shot off in a southwesterly direction and disappeared in a matter of seconds. We were shocked and in awe of what we had just witnessed. Of course we told dad immediately and just about everyone we knew. Then on that Friday night dad who normally worked the day shift was filling in for a co-worker on the night shift so mom and I were home alone. It was the middle of the night and we were asleep in our beds when I was awakened by a brilliant blue white light that filled my bedroom. It was as if my window had no curtains. Although I was frightened, I believe I could not move. Then the light began to shift and now it was shining through the front door. My bedroom had two doors, one opened into the living room and the other into the hallway, both doors were open. As soon as that light was off me I jumped out of bed and ran down the hall to mom and dad's bedroom. Their bedroom also has two doors, one opens to the hall and the other to the kitchen, both doors were open. Mom was instantly awakened by me and the brilliant blue white light. We were very frightened so I got dad's loaded rifle from under their bed. We huddled together on the bed as we watched the shadows shift as the light now was slowly coming through the side windows. From the living room then through the dining room windows and then the kitchen. With the gun cocked and pointed toward the backdoor, I said to mom that if someone comes through that door I was going to shoot them. Then the light went out and we were in the dark. We were afraid to move for sometime, finally we got our nerves up to peak out the windows and didn't see or hear anything. We called dad and told him and wondered if we should call the police but he said why bother since nothing had happened. This episode lasted approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Mom and I know the light definitely had something to do with our ufo sighting.

MUFON witness report - Arkansas - unedited: A couple of days ago, I filled out a report of two high flying UFO's that nearly collided. I never thought I would be doing this again. I will never ever forget what I saw yesterday. It has haunted me with questions all day today. Approx 6 pm yesterday 5/06/2010, I heard a massive airline leave our small airport. I looked up to see a air-bus with a tan front end and a weird tail on it. This huge plane was coming out of our municipal airport which is only used for small aircraft. I turned toward my front door while looking up. And to the east approx 1500 ft above my home was a cigar shaped UFO floating by between 60 and 70 mph. It obviously was watching and following this air-bus. I thought camera and ran to the door but the door was locked accidentally by my 10 year old grand daughter. I yelled and beat on the door and my wife and grand daughter came blasting out to see what was wrong. I pointed at the craft and said look no wings! No sound! (you could still hear the sound of the air-bus though) I knew I did not have time to take a picture so I grabbed my rifle scope and tried to see it. If you have ever tried to do that, its near to impossible! My wife and grand daughter which did not believe in UFO's now had substantial proof. The UFO was approx 60ft to 70 ft long, 8 to 10 ft high and approx 15ft wide, moving at a speed of which any of our aircraft would fall out of the sky. It was metallic gray, glistened in the setting sun as it drifted upward keeping a level profile. From the side appearance, it looked like a disc because of the abrupt downward slope at each end of the craft. I watched as the air-bus made a slight left turn into the clouds and the UFO angled in that direction then vanished. But right before it vanished, I got a glimpse of the rear of the craft and it appeared to have an almost octagon shape ( a wide octagon with rounded points) This I cannot say for sure as it was a ways away. It seemed either to be half cloaked or the energy from it made it seem a bit hazy. The following is the records from the airport. It does not show a large airplane leaving our airport! We live In Rogers Arkansas which is a very small town and also the near home of Walmart. I am positive that the UFO was with this airbus ( maybe aiding it up out of the small airport or ?. Departures: Rogers Muni-Carter Field Airport (Rogers, AR) [KROG]
Ident Type Destination Departure
Time Estimated
Arrival Time Arrival
N245CM LJ45 Chester County G O Carlson (KMQS) Fri 06:45AM CDT Fri 09:38AM EDT Fri 09:41AM EDT
N150TJ BE10 Athens/Ben Epps (KAHN) Thu 06:49PM CDT Thu 09:52PM EDT Thu 09:41PM EDT
N346K C172 Lee'S Summit Muni (KLXT) Thu 05:34PM CDT Thu 06:05PM CDT Thu 06:05PM CDT
GLT824 BE9L Springfield Arpt (KSGF) Thu 04:51PM CDT Thu 05:17PM CDT Thu 05:09PM CDT
N602DC C421 Dayton-Wright Brothers (KMGY) Thu 03:13PM CDT Thu 06:38PM EDT Thu 06:30PM EDT
N759VP C172 Saline County Rgnl (KSUZ) Thu 02:51PM CDT Thu 08:18PM GMT Thu 08:59PM GMT
N475DH C525 Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) Thu 02:14PM CDT Thu 04:45PM EDT Thu 04:41PM EDT
N901TS BE9L Sullivan Rgnl (KUUV) Thu 01:26PM CDT Thu 02:25PM CDT Thu 02:08PM CDT
N69670 C310 Fort Smith Rgnl (KFSM) Thu 12:58PM CDT Thu 01:11PM CDT Thu 01:27PM CDT
EJM214 CL30 Chicago Executive (KPWK) Thu 12:36PM CDT Thu 01:51PM CDT Thu 01:45PM CDT
N266RA RM06 Hutchinson Muni (KHUT) Thu 10:28AM CDT Thu 11:09AM CDT Thu 10:50AM CDT
I am a very honest person, and all of this is true. My grandaughter even picked up a small pipe I had on the table and said "this is what it looked like grandpa. I have attached a drawing of what we have seen and I feel this could be investigated because their are leads. The air-bus! Please feel free to contact me.

MUFON: Recent Encounter Reports from the Past and Present

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Mystery Deadly Fungus Now Linked to Missing Israeli Scientist

truthout - Media outlets across the Northwest United States began reporting on April 24 that a strange, previously unknown strain of virulent airborne fungi that has already killed at least six people in Oregon, Washington and Idaho is spreading throughout the region. The fungus, according to expert microbiologists, who have expressed alarm about the emergence of the strain, is a new genotype of Cryptococcus gatti fungi. Cryptococcus gatti is normally found in tropical and subtropical locations in India, South America, Africa and Australia. Microbiologists in the United States are reporting that the strain found here, for reasons not yet fully understood, is far deadlier than any found overseas.

Physicians in the Pacific Northwest are reporting that an undetermined number of people in the region are ill from the effects of the strange strain. Physicians also say that the virulent strain can infect domestic animals as well as humans, and symptoms do not appear until anywhere from two to four months after exposure. Symptoms in humans include a lingering cough, sharp chest pains, fever, night-sweats, weight-loss, headaches and shortness of breath. The strain can be treated successfully, if detected early enough, with oral doses of antifungal medication, but it cannot be prevented, and there is no preventative vaccine. Undiagnosed, the fungus works its way into the spinal fluid and central nervous system and causes fatal meningitis.

The estimated mortality rate is about 25 percent of 21 cases analyzed. Several newspapers and media outlets in the US and overseas quote a researcher at Duke University's Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Edmond Byrnes, as stating: "This novel fungus is worrisome because it appears to be a threat to otherwise healthy people. Typically, we see this fungal disease associated with transplant recipients and HIV-infected patients, but that is not what we are seeing."

Microbiologists and epidemiologists studying the strain say the mystery fungus came from an earlier fatal fungus that was first found on British Columbia's Vancouver Island in the fall of 2001, and perhaps as early as 1999. There the fungus infected and killed dogs, cats, horses, sheep, porpoises and at least 26 people. The disease spreads through spores carried by breezes and wind and when people and animals encounter infected ground where the fungus is present. A number of microbiologists say that the disease has "the potential to essentially travel anywhere the wind or people can carry it." Reads an alarming study authored in part by Duke University's Edmond Byrnes: "The continued expansion of C. gatti in the United States is ongoing, and the diversity of hosts increasing."

Several researchers in California also note that the Cryptococcus gatti fungus has been researched for decades, extending back to the 1950's, at the US Army's biological warfare center, Fort Detrick, in Frederick, Maryland. One microbiologist at the University of California at Los Angeles recounted that the fungus was first brought to the attention of Fort Detrick researchers by British scientists experimenting with the bark of eucalyptus trees from Australia. Army biological warfare reports obtained through the Freedom of Information Act reveal that beginning around 1952 the Army mounted a huge research program involving numerous plant and fungi products, and that well over 300 long-term contracts and sub-contracts were let with over 35 US colleges and universities to carry out this multifaceted research. Examples of this early research in California included experiments and projects at Camp Cooke; Port Huemene; Harpers Lake; Oceanside, and extensive experimentation with wheat stem rust and "various spores" including "several from tropical locations" and cereal rust spores and dyed Lycopodium spores. Several Army reports reveal that private-sector corporations that participated or assisted in these projects were the American Institute of Crop Ecology; the American Type Culture Collection Inc.; University of California; Bioferm Inc. and the Kulijian Corporation.

The same microbiologist, who declined to speak on the record and who recounted extensive fungus work at Fort Detrick, also stated that researchers at Israel's Institute for Biological Research, located in Ness-Ziona about 20 km from Tel Aviv, have worked with the Cryptococcus gatti fungus. They also report that mysterious Israeli-American scientist Joseph Moshe, 56 years old, may have conducted covert studies with the fungus while he was recently living in California. This report concerning Moshe is especially interesting because Moshe was briefly in the international spotlight in 2009 when he was the subject of a spectacular chase and arrest by the LA police department and SWAT team, assisted by the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, US Army and several other unidentified federal officials. That highly unusual arrest has never been fully explained to the media, and the whereabouts of Moshe has remained unknown since its occurrence. Compounding the mystery surrounding the Moshe case is that there is another scientist named Moshe Bar-Joseph who works in Israel and who looks remarkably like Joseph Moshe, except that he is about 20 years older.

Why Moshe was pursued and apprehended by the police is a largely unanswered question. According to the Los Angeles media, which recorded the entire incident by helicopter and ground cameras, Moshe claimed to be "a former Mossad microbiologist" who had telephoned a police dispatch number before his pursuit and had made "threatening statements about the White House and the president." Reportedly, Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan confirmed this when he spoke with several Los Angeles reporters.

On August 14, 2009, several Los Angeles police cruisers and an unmarked armored vehicle pursued Joseph Moshe as he drove his red VW automobile several miles through downtown Los Angeles before his car's engine was reportedly knocked out by an electromagnetic pulse. Moshe refused to exit his car when ordered several times by the police, and after the driver's window of his VW was smashed out by a robotic arm and several rounds of tear gas and pepper gas were fired into the vehicle, he still remained behind the wheel, refusing to move. At the time, police officers on the scene were stunned that Moshe was able to withstand three tear gas shells and hosing with pepper spray without moving. Later that day, a Los Angeles law enforcement official said: "I can't explain that; there's no way to explain that."

After his apprehension, Moshe was taken to the Patton State Mental Hospital and then to the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles. Sometime about 60 days later, Moshe was quietly released and his current whereabouts are unknown. Since his arrest became public, reports about Moshe's activities in the US have spread like wildfire, especially across the Internet. Many of these reports are unconfirmed, but a few come from credible sources and have linked Moshe to the grossly underreported outbreak of flu in the Ukraine.

Other reliable sources, including two former Fort Detrick biochemists, have also linked Moshe to a mysterious disease that is becoming alarmingly common in Vermont and other states, including California. The disease is known to have killed or incapacitated at least 10 to 20 rural dwellers and farmers. This disease is said to be Morgellons disease or "a rare, mutated form of Morgellons disease." Former Fort Detrick scientists, speaking off the record, say that the disease is one that was "experimented with intensely" in the late 1960's at several "test sites in New England." Morgellons causes patients to suffer horrible skin problems as well as fatigue, confusion and serious memory problems, as well as joint pain and the strange sensation that pins and needles are piercing the body or that something is crawling beneath one's flesh. Some researchers and physicians believe that Morgellons is actually a psychiatric condition called "delusional parasitosis." Other physicians, who are familiar with treating the disease, say it may be caused by "an airborne, unidentified spore" and that it was developed in the laboratory from an affliction that was first identified in the 1700's. Regardless of its origin, some researchers say that Morgellons is becoming "a very real medical problem in some parts of the country."

Mystery Deadly Fungus Now Linked to Missing Israeli Scientist



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“Liquid Mountaineering is a new sport which is attempting to achieve what man has tried to do for centuries: walk on water. Or to be more precise: running on water. We are developing the sport from scratch. By accident we found out that with the right water repellent equipment you can run across bodies of water, just like a stone skimming the surface.”

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Friday, May 07, 2010

'Swamp Ape' Sightings Flap In South Georgia

VDT - Referring to the Skunk Ape story (**posted below) in last week’s editions of The Valdosta Daily Times, the man’s voice paused on the recorded phone message.

“... I saw it.”

The Times received calls from readers who believe they have seen what may be a Skunk Ape in South Georgia. One reader account came from Brooks County, the other from Berrien County.

A Skunk Ape is reportedly a hairy humanoid creature that walks on two legs. It is described as being similar to the legendary Bigfoot, but of slighter build. Skunk Apes grow about seven-feet tall and weigh 200 to 300 pounds, according to witness accounts.

The creature is called a Skunk Ape because of the foul odor accompanying most sightings. The smell is described as being similar to rotten eggs. Skunk Apes reportedly love wooded, swampy areas, and the Skunk Ape legend comes primarily from the Florida Everglades.

While the Skunk Ape ranks among legendary creatures such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, the Mothman, and others, numerous Internet sites report witness accounts. Several sites mentioned recent Skunk Ape sightings along the Withlacoochee River between Quitman and Valdosta in Brooks County. This repeated Internet mention to South Georgia led to The Times story last week.

The article led to these subsequent reader accounts. Both sightings occurred prior to the article’s publication, according to these readers. Both readers gave The Valdosta Daily Times their full names. One asked that we not publish his name. We use the first name of the other caller.

Did these folks see a Skunk Ape? We’ll share their stories and you decide.

• Between 10-10:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 21, Joy was driving along Highway 37 in Berrien County. She had a friend on her cell phone.

Outside of Ray City, she had her car’s bright lights on and she saw something hairy, walking away from the road, into the woods.

“I saw the back of something,” Joy says. “It was tall. ... I thought it was a bear but a bear don’t walk on its back legs. ... Honestly, it looked like an ape.”

Joy said her husband’s about six feet tall and she gauged what she saw to be about the same height as her husband. She didn’t smell anything driving by the creature.

She told her friend on the phone that she thought she saw something like a hairy man walking into the woods. Her friend laughed and asked if Joy had been drinking. “I told her I hadn’t been drinking and, sir, I don’t drink,” Joy told The Times.

Joy continued driving that night. She mentioned what she saw to a few people, but didn’t give it much more thought until her mother told her about the article in The Valdosta Daily Times.

During daylight, Thursday, April 29, the day after The Times story, Joy and her mother traveled to the same part of the road where she claimed to witness a creature. She said the area has numerous trees and is swampy.

Joy believes she saw a Skunk Ape or a creature like it.

— Last Friday, The Times received the phone message from the man in Brooks County who claimed “... I saw it.”

Calling him back, he said earlier this spring, before the leaves returned to the trees, he was smoking a cigar on the back porch of his Brooks County home, three miles outside of Quitman. It was between 10-11 a.m., when he “saw something walk out of the woods.”

He first thought it a deer but saw that it had no hind quarters. He then thought it “an idiot in a ghillie suit,” a type of camouflage clothing covered in loose strips of cloth or twine designed to look like foliage.

But even then he thought something wasn’t right.

He went inside his house and got a pair of binoculars. He saw a hairy humanoid, with the hair being red, fading to brown and grey. The creature was lean and at least over six-feet tall. The creature was probably about 500 yards away, too far away to smell, he said.

He watched the creature for about eight minutes through the binoculars. During that time, the creature leaned on one arm against a tree, looking around. It scratched its left calf with its right foot. Then it ran away.

“It didn’t walk like a human,” he said. “It’s joints don’t quite move like a human.”

He said if you throw a sheet over a man or a woman, you can tell the gender by the way the person walks despite the sheet. This creature had a strange walk that did not match the movements of a human, he said.

The man thinks the creature is an omnivore, an eater of meats and plants, rather than a vegetarian. A vegetarian has a bigger belly, like a cow, he said.

He believes this creature stays lean from eating meat. What kind of meat? The man says he’s taking no chances.

“If I go out in the woods now,” he says, “I make sure to carry something with me that goes bang.”

He believes he probably isn’t the only person to see the creature.

“If I’m calling, there’s probably nine other people who’ve seen it who haven’t said a word to anyone,” he says, “because they don’t want people thinking they’re crazy.”

**Planet of the Skunk Apes - Has legendary creature visited South Georgia?

VDT - Several Internet Web sites list the Withlacoochee River between Valdosta and Quitman as the scene of many of the most recent sightings of the legendary Skunk Ape.

Figuring out how Brooks County became one of the most recent homes of the Skunk Ape may be as elusive as the creature described as being a smaller, smellier version of Bigfoot.

Ask Brooks County Sheriff Mike Dewey if his office has handled any calls regarding Skunk Ape sightings, he says not in the year and four months since he’s taken office. And he cannot recall any during his previous 19 years as a deputy sheriff either.

Brooks County receives the occasional call regarding a panther in the wild, but the sheriff says as far as “a Bigfoot, a Skunk Ape, or anything like that? No.”

One Skunk Ape aficionado recalls some sort of probe along the Georgia-Florida state line last year. But he has no details and isn’t certain of a more specific location.

Visit Skunk Ape Web sites and they list in great detail sightings of the creature. Sites detail a Clinch County sighting last fall, a 2008 Berrien County case, a Valdosta resident reporting a sighting from the 1950s. But nothing detailing sightings along the Withlacoochee in recent months or years.

Yet, several Web sites, from the Chicago Tribune to the Florida Sun Sentinel, include this same passage: “In recent months, several sightings have been reported near the Withlacoochee River in Brooks County, Ga., between Quitman and Valdosta.”

Who handled these reported sightings is as intriguing a question as what’s a Skunk Ape?


The Skunk Ape has many names: Swamp Logger. Stink Ape. Swamp Monkey. Florida’s Bigfoot.

The Skunk Ape is a hominid, walking on two legs similar to a man, but it also reportedly lives among trees like a monkey.

Yet, it is its foul odor, often described as the reek of rotten eggs or hydrogen sulfide, that puts the “skunk” into the creature’s name. A Skunk Ape witness said in 1977: “It stunk awful, like a dog that hasn’t been bathed in a year and suddenly gets rained on.”

The Skunk Ape has been described as being about six-and-a-half to seven feet tall. A build that is shorter and weighing far less than the descriptions of the eight-foot, 1,000-pound Bigfoot. Like Bigfoot, a Skunk Ape has never been caught and sightings are often regarded with skepticism.

Yet, Skunk Ape sightings reach back hundreds of years. Florida’s Native Americans reportedly called the creature “Shaawanoki.”

Sightings range primarily in the South, and predominantly in the Florida Everglades.


Dave Shealy runs the Skunk Ape Research Headquarters & Trail Lakes Campground in Ochopee, Fla. Shealy has spent his life living in the region of Florida Everglades.

He fully believes in the Skunk Ape and says he’s seen them on several occasions. Shealy believes the capture of a Skunk Ape would be horrible for the creatures, but believes that if more people knew the truth of their existence, he could more successfully protect them.

“Putting an endangered species at risk is wrong,” Shealy says, “just because some people don’t believe they exist.”

Shealy told The Times that the Skunk Ape likes rural swamp areas with plenty of water and trees. They have been sighted throughout Florida, he says.

Though he specifically is unfamiliar with the Withlacoochee sightings in South Georgia, he does mention a study on the Georgia-Florida state lines that reportedly took place last year, when donuts were used in an effort to attract the Skunk Apes.

Given South Georgia’s woods and the nearness of a body of water, Shealy says the Brooks County sightings would be quite possible.

He believes the Okefenokee Swamp sustains a small, viable population of Skunk Ape. The creatures enjoy going on a walk-about in areas with plenty of trees, so the Brooks sightings may have been the Okefenokee tribe of Skunk Ape, he says.


— A Valdosta resident named Rebecca Leinberg reportedly shared a 1951 sighting in Boston, Ga., with Skunk Ape follower Ramona Clark Hibner, according to

In Boston, Leinberg went outside one night upon hearing her dogs barking fiercely. She found “a giant of a man on the front porch cornered by the dogs. It was an upright, hairy man. Her husband shot at it and it ran off.”

On another night, the woman’s stepfather shot at what he thought was a naked man. The next morning, they discovered 20-inch footprints and figured the creature from the previous night must stand about seven feet tall.

— At approximately midnight, July 2, 2008, along Cat Creek Road in Berrien County, a man was in his game room above a garage. He thought he heard something strike the garage door, according to

Looking out the window, he saw “a large thing covered in hair ... The hair had a dreadlock appearance, long and matted. ... The animal had large arms, hands and feet ... moving very quickly” away from the garage toward the woods.

The sighting lasted only a second or two. The man discovered no physical evidence of the creature’s presence.

— Shortly before midnight, Oct. 7, 2009, on a road in Clinch County, outside of Homerville, a family traveled from North Carolina on their way home to Florida. Seated in the passenger seat, the wife smelled the odor first, between Homerville and Fargo, not far from the Okefenokee Swamp. Driving, the husband saw a strange figure on the side of the road, according to A sight that shook him up.

“He saw a very dark brown black colored tall humanoid figure standing on the left shoulder of the road, quarter facing toward the road and towards the direction they were traveling,” the Web site reports. “It was standing still, very vertically erect with both arms loosely down at its sides. Didn’t see any facial features or individual features of hands or feet. Thought it was about seven-feet tall weighing about 200 or 300 pounds. It was lanky rather than stocky and was not crouching forward, but was standing very vertical. ... The hair on head was long and stringy but the rest of the body hair seemed only two or three inches long. It laid down smooth not frizzy.”

The smell overpowered them more than the sight. “The smell coming into car vent was powerful and was a combination of sewer-like and strong musky animal odor,” according to


Like many legends, from Bigfoot to the Loch Ness monster to UFOs, there are numerous accounts of the Skunk Ape but not the definitive proof many folks require.

The closest thing to Skunk Ape proof are the Myakka photos.

In 2000, two photos of an alleged Skunk Ape were mailed to the sheriff’s department in Sarasota, Fla. These photos were reportedly taken by a woman who claimed to snap the shots of the creature she discovered in her back yard.

She claimed the creature stole apples from a basket on her back porch during a three-night period. She believed the creature an escaped orangutan. Each time, she called police to her house. Each time, the creature had fled by the time police arrived, according to the letter accompanying the photos.

The story behind these photos matches other tellings in that it involves an account of an escaped primate. Some Skunk Ape stories recount wrecks of circus trains with monkeys fleeing from the destruction into the woods.

South Georgia also has its own story of an escaped monkey.

Several years ago, a monkey named General escaped from Wild Adventures. General was never captured, though there were reported sightings of the monkey in the months following his escape.

Could the Brooks County Skunk Ape be the escaped General? Could it be a wandering band of creatures from the Okefenokee? Or could it be a bit of Internet spin that has caught South Georgia in the midst of a myth?

Perhaps, only time and a distinct smell will tell.

NOTE: Here is a good reference source for a historical perspective on the Georgia Swamp Ape...Lon

'Swamp Ape' Sightings Flap In South Georgia

Paranormal Inquiry Proposed For Welsh Day Centre

WT - Mischievous ghosts are said to be spooking staff at a Pembrokeshire day centre.

Strange activity has been experienced at the Wintern Day Centre, in Fishguard, run by Pembrokeshire County Council. The problem has got so bad staff are believed to be afraid of working there after hours.

Unexplained events include printers printing when not plugged in, keyboards turning upside down overnight, furniture being moved, items flying off walls and a haunting smell of bluebells wafting through the rooms.

Rumour suggests the building is haunted by the spirits of two maids who lived in the attic.

It is understood the girls hanged themselves after both became pregnant.

The tragedy is said to have happened when the bluebells bloomed, and the building now smells eerily of the flowers.

One source who has been researching the building, said: “It’s quite true, it’s a very scary situation, staff are not willing to work there at night at all.

“It’s worse now than ever.

“Over the years when they used to light fires there, they would go out with a bang for no reason.

“It must be especially frightening for someone new starting work there.”

Shaun Sable, of paranormal investigation team Pembrokeshire Beyond, said: “It would be quite exciting to go down there and see what’s happening.”

The Western Telegraph understands that Pembrokeshire County Council is investigating, and despite calls for an exorcist, is looking for other explanations before considering that course of action.

A Pembrokeshire County Council spokesman said: “Members of staff at the centre have reported some strange activity and unusual noises.

“Although there have been no further reports in the past month, the council has arranged for the building to be inspected in order to reassure the staff working there.

Ghostly Incidents in a Small Town in Rural Wales

The ghosts of two maids who once lived in the attic of a day centre in a small Welsh town are believed to be behind strange activities that have caused some staff to be afraid to work in the area after hours.

The weekly newspaper for the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire, the Western Telegraph, reports that among the phenomena are “printers printing when not plugged in, keyboards turning upside down overnight, furniture being moved, items flying off walls and a haunting smell of bluebells wafting through the rooms.”

There are rumours, says the Telegraph, that the building is haunted “by the spirits of two maids who lived in the attic.” The girls are said to have hanged themselves after both became pregnant.

“The tragedy is said to have happened when the bluebells bloomed, and the building now smells eerily of the flowers,” says the report.

One source who has been researching the building is quoted as saying: “It’s quite true, it’s a very scary situation, staff are not willing to work there at night at all. It’s worse now than ever.

“Over the years when they used to light fires there, they would go out with a bang for no reason. It must be especially frightening for someone new starting work there.”

Shaun Sable, of paranormal investigation team Pembrokeshire Beyond, is quoted as saying: “It would be quite exciting to go down there and see what’s happening.”

The Wintern Day Centre, which is in the small town of Fishguard on the West Wales coast, is run by Pembrokeshire County Council, whose spokesman said: “Members of staff at the centre have reported some strange activity and unusual noises.

“Although there have been no further reports in the past month, the council has arranged for the building to be inspected in order to reassure the staff working there.”

Paranormal Inquiry Proposed For Welsh Day Centre

Jicarilla Apache Police Officer Recalls Alien Encounter - Dulce, New Mexico

The following is a recent MUFON witness report from a Jicarilla Apache tribal police officer who recalls an alien encounter he had in Dulce, New Mexico:

MUFON witness report - unedited: Mid 80's Dulce, NM my self a law enforcement officer w/Jicarilla Apache Police. Background Police Science/Forensic Western NM Univ., Silver City. Had gone to graveyard shift at midnight w/ another officer and dispatcher. Immediately went to a single females home with the other shift and was informed that a small being was in her house at the foot of the bed with a box shining a laser like red light at her, the other officers knowing it was there shift change left without further investigation. Making fun mind you. She was obviously shaken up and I did notice some electrical malfunctions within her home and her animals, dogs and horses were uneasy. Throughout the night I continued to check on her, once in the early morning I was called to her home, her house was dark and as I entered I could hear her down the hall crying for help. I was informed again of visitors with a light in her home and it seemed strangely quiet. No one to be found in the home or area. In the early morning when the sun comes up when their is light I drove up to the home to make a check I noticed some movement in the brush and trees just west of her home about 15 yards away. I still don't understand what I may have saw, but soon after as I was stepping out of my unit three oval craft in a triangular pattern about the size of a three bedroom home lifted off from behind some juniper trees just 30 yards at the most taking off silently without noise/down drafts, then turn a bright white light and slow went in the direction east towards Chama, NM slowly gain altitude. My other Officer and Dispatcher was witness to this also. Shortly after I heard on the State Police Frequency from Chama about those UFO.s that were being called in to them. I felt completely helpless as a Officer to help someone who asked for help and was unable to assist and protect her in her time of need. It still bothers me today. S/GJ. (I spoke with Norio in Dulce, NM during the Dulce Base Conference also.)

Jicarilla Apache Police Officer Recalls Alien Encounter - Dulce, New Mexico

This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio - Sunday, May 9th - 9:00 PM ET

This week on Beyond the Edge Radio - Sunday, May 9th at 9:00 pm ET
Hosts: Eric Altman & Sean Forker

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Jason Offutt is a syndicated columnist, author, college journalism instructor, and fan of all things strange. His books about the paranormal, "Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us," and “Haunted Missouri: A Ghostly Guide to Missouri's Most Spirited Spots,” are available at Jason has a brand new book just released called "What Lurks Beyond, The Paranormal In Your Back Yard" which is also available at Amazon. Jason is available for interviews, speaking engagements and beer festivals.

* * * * * *

Weekly Segment Host: Nick Redfern - It's A "Para" Normal World

This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio - Sunday, May 9th - 9:00 PM ET

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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Video: Beam of Light Over East Field, Wiltshire, UK - May 2-3, 2010

Click for video

Statement with video: This beam of unexplained light was captured on the night of the 2/3rd of May 2010, using night vision goggles. Location East Field - Wiltshire.


This was witnessed at night over a canola field at East Field, Wiltshire using night vision googles.

Throughout the night we witnessed many unusual sightings of lights - fields lit up with pale blue flashes - streaks of 3 white lights shooting across the sky and then a beam of light appeared over a distant field.

Due to all the activity throughout the night we had hope that a formation had appeared somewhere within the vicinity but as dawn arrived there was nothing to see so we drove through all the possible locations but to our disappointment, we still didn't see any crop formations.

Canola formations can sometimes be hard to spot from the roadside so we flew across the entire location just to be sure that we haven't missed one somewhere, but yet still nothing.

On the 4th of May, colleagues still out in the field begun to witness many lights which were quickly joined by military choppers. These sightings continued for over 3 hours - I get the feeling that there is a bit of teasing going on and testing the patience of helicopter pilots. We haven't a crop formation just yet but other activity has definitely begun.


Back in 2008, a similar beam of light was captured on 8-8-08 after the discovery of the 8 crop circle formation. This beam is almost in the same location as the above footage. Below are 'crop circle ghosts' from the previous season and in the same location. New crops are unable to grown in these areas.

NOTE: I'm going to be watching this to see what develops. The 'crop circle' season may soon get into full action mode...Lon

Video: Beam of Light Over East Field, Wiltshire, UK - May 2-3, 2010

Russian Politician Claims Alien Abduction, Requests Investigation

bbc - A Russian MP has asked President Dmitry Medvedev to investigate claims by a regional president that he has met aliens on board a spaceship.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the leader of the southern region of Kalmykia, made his claim in a television interview.

MP Andre Lebedev is not just asking whether Mr Ilyumzhinov is fit to govern.

He is also concerned that, if he was abducted, he may have revealed details about his job and state secrets.

The MP has written a letter to Mr Medvedev raising a list of his concerns.

In his letter he says that - assuming the whole thing was not just a bad joke - it was an historic event and should have been reported to the Kremlin.

He also asks if there are official guidelines for what government officials should do if contacted by aliens, especially if those officials have access to state secrets.

Mr Ilyumzhinov said in an interview on primetime television that he had been taken on board an alien spaceship which had come to planet Earth to take samples - and claims to have several witnesses.

He has been president of Kalmykia, a small Buddhist region of Russia which lies on the shores of the Caspian Sea, for 17 years.

The millionaire former businessman has a reputation as an eccentric character.

As president of the World Chess Federation, he has spent tens of millions of dollars turning the impoverished republic into a mecca for chess players - building an entire village to host international tournaments.

Russian Politician Claims Alien Abduction, Requests Investigation

The Mysterious 'Cocaine Mummies'

On Wednesday evening, the television show 'Weird or What?' presented the case of the 'Cocaine Mummies' ...basically, it was discovered back in the 1990's that many Egyptian mummies had traces of cocaine in their bodies. The following is a description of the phenomena:

The amazing discovery of traces of cocaine and tobacco in Egyptian mummies caused a sensation in the halls of academia. Rand & Rose Flem-Ath examine the case of the ‘Cocaine Mummies', revealing that there was contact between ancient civilisations long before previously thought.

In the movie Contact, Jodie Foster plays an astronomer who establishes communication with a civilisation beyond our solar system. In a recent television program, The Curse of the Cocaine Mummies, a different, but equally fascinating, contact is established between ancient Egypt and ancient Peru. A German forensic scientist busted the Egyptian mummy Ramses II for possession of cocaine. Cocaine, as most people know, grows only in the Andes. How did Ramses II get his dope?

The idea of ancient transoceanic contact between the Old and New Worlds before Columbus (other than the Vikings) is simply not acceptable within the tightly controlled halls of academia. Professor John Baines, an Egyptologist at Oxford is a typical case. He calls the idea of ancient transoceanic trade "absurd" and bolsters his "argument" by noting that he doesn’t know any professional Egyptologists, anthropologists or archaeologists who are "seriously" researching the idea. This is because, he says, the idea is not "perceived" to have "any real meaning for the subjects."

Professor Baines’ view reminds us of the priests who refused to look through Galileo’s telescope to see the blemishes on the Moon because this revelation did not conform to their preconceived ideas of reality. Academia is geared to not looking at the problem. This ostrich approach has predictable results: results that do not necessarily have any bearing upon the quest for truth and in fact, impede the search.

The simple fact that we find sun-worshiping civilisations building pyramids, obelisks and preserving their dead by wrapping them in cloth (mummies) on both sides of the Atlantic is rarely even discussed within the archaeological and anthropological journals despite the fact that every child when first confronted with the facts raises the obvious question "why?" For four hundred of the past five hundred years scholars have puzzled over the facts. Three theories emerged yet only one survives today.

Cortes’s secretary was one of the first to put forward the idea that both Old and New Worlds were remnants of an even older "lost" civilisation. The "Aztlan" of ancient Mexico and the "Atlantis" of ancient Egypt, he argued, were one and the same. With this simple idea the commonalities between buildings, culture and mythologies of the ancient people of Mexico, Peru and Egypt could all be explained as "echoes" of a lost world.

The second theory presented was the idea that Mexico and Peru were settled by people from the Old World who already possessed the skills needed to build pyramids and preserve bodies. Most argued that they came from ancient Egypt but others suggest the Sumerians, people of ancient India, the Phoenicians and even the Templars from France. Again, a simple idea was used to explain an obvious problem.

The third theory, was the idea of "separate development." Here the focus is upon "how" people arrived in the Americas rather than upon the impressions of the Europeans following Columbus’ "discovery" of the New World. Although this is the more complicated of the theories — thus violating the scientific principle of Occum’s Razor (so beautifully articulated in Contact) that when confronted by conflicting theories for an unexplained phenomena one should prefer the simpler explanation, it is, nevertheless, the only theory that is considered scholarly in today’s universities.

It is within this context that we must watch The Curse of the Cocaine Mummies. Cocaine and tobacco are plants that originated in America and were unknown to the Old World if we are to believe the traditional paradigm. The first tear in the fabric of the dogma came on the 16th of September 1976 when the mummified remains of Ramses II arrived at the Museum of Mankind in Paris. To repair the damage to the mummy, a scientific team was assembled which included Dr. Michelle Lescot of the Natural History Museum (Paris). She received fragments from the bandages and found a plant fragment ensnared within the fibres. When she looked at it under a microscope she was amazed to discover that the plant was tobacco. Fearing that she had made some mistake she repeated her tests again and again with the same result every time: a New World plant had been found on an Old World mummy. The results, little known in North America, caused a sensation in Europe.

Professor Nasri Isk-ander, the Chief Curator at the Cairo Museum thought he had an explanation. As an avid pipe smoker he argued that "maybe a piece of tobacco dropped by haphazard" from the pipe of some forgotten archaeologist. Dr. Lescot responded to this charge of "contamination" by carefully extracting new samples from Ramses II’s abdomen, all the while having others photograph the process. These samples which could not possibly be "droppings" were then tested and once again were established to be tobacco.

The discovery of tobacco fragments in the mummified body of Ramses II should have had a profound influence upon our whole understanding of the relationship between ancient Egypt and America but this piece of evidence was simply ignored. Then, sixteen years later, again quite by accident, more evidence emerged. In 1992, toxicologist, Dr. Svetla Balabanova of the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Ulm (Germany) tested the ancient Egyptian mummified remains of Henut-Tawy, Lady of the Two Lands. The results came as a "shock" to this scientist who regularly used the identical testing methods to convict people of drug consumption. She had not expected to find nicotine and cocaine in an ancient Egyptian mummy. She repeated the tests and sent out fresh samples to three other labs. When the results came back positive she published a paper with two other scientists. (Balabanova, S., F. Parsche and W. Pirsig, "First Identification of Drugs in Egyptian Mummies", Naturwissenschaften 79, 358 (1992) Springer-Verlag 1992.)

If Balabanova was surprised by the results of her tests she was even more surprised at the vitriolic response to her publication. She received a flood of letters threatening, insulting and accusing her of fraud. When she reminded her critics that she was simply applying the very same techniques that she had used for years in police work where her results were considered "proof positive" her critics didn’t seem to care. She was condemned as a "fraud."

Dr. Rosalie David, Keeper of Egyptology, Manchester Museum took up the challenge of investigating the "cocaine mummies" which she thought "seemed quite impossible." She began by sending tissue and hair samples from her museum out to labs. She was working on the dual assumption that one of two things are true: 1. Balabanova’s tests were compromised; or 2. The mummy was not truly ancient" (i.e. it was fake). Dr. David flew to Munich to review the techniques and excavation records to see if the body, which had originally been purchased by King Ludwig I of Bavaria was genuine or not.

Dr. Alfred Grimm, the Curator of The Egyptian Museum in Munich said that "the Munich mummies are real Egyptian mummies. No fakes. No modern mummies. They came from ancient Egypt." After spending days pouring over the docum-entation associated with the "cocaine mummy" Dr. David relented saying: "it seems evident that they are probably genuine…"

When she returned to Manchester she discovered that her own Museum’s mummies had traces of tobacco. Dr. David said: "I’m really very surprised at this."

Dr. Balabanova’s work had been validated by the test results from Manchester but she was now hooked on the problem and began collecting samples of naturally preserved bodies housed in museums all around Europe. She obtained 134 separate bodies taken from ancient Sudan dating to a time long before Columbus or the Vikings. One third of these bodies contained both nicotine and cocaine.

The exciting realisation that there was certainly contact between ancient Peru and ancient Egypt has now been established. The cocaine mummies from Egypt and Sudan have changed the rules of this controversial game. There is no longer a warrant to exclude the hypothesis of transoceanic trade in ancient times.

Is the principle of Occum’s Razor only to be applied when the outcome is safely assured to confirm to traditional dogma about theories of the past? It appears so. The cocaine mummies jumped the tracks of long established views. Despite overwhelming evidence we still find ourselves in the last decade of the twentieth century dealing with a ‘scientific’ establishment that ridicules its own members and refuses to look at the results of its own principles if the results don’t confirm the favourite views of the reigning orthodoxy.


NOTE: My theory is that these substances were transported by air or another means with extraterrestrial or non-human help. I have real doubts that these civilizations were capable of interacting on their own...the evidence is just not there. Your thoughts? Lon

The Mysterious 'Cocaine Mummies'

Human, You Really Have To Get Over Yourself!

Chris Holly's Paranormal World - I have been watching all the debate and opinions flooding the internet concerning the subject of Alien visitation, what aliens will do, and how it will affect the earth and all who live upon it.

I read the views from the top scientists to those who have no obvious knowledge of the subject at all.

Everyone has a say everyone thinks they are right and EVERYONE bases their view from their limited human understanding of science, life and the universe. That is where our problem lies. Our own foolishness leaves me slapping my forehead in anguish wondering what the living heck is wrong with everyone.

Did it ever occur to the human race that we are not all that and that we really need to get over ourselves? Let us be really honest here and take an uncharacteristic look at reality. Humans are an animal -that is a fact. Humans are intelligent animals as we can alter our surroundings, use tools and advance by way of abstract thinking. So far so good -the humans are looking good as far as earth bound life is concerned. Now let us look at humans via our universal neighborhood. We may be average as far as life forms our age or even more advanced than those who are only starting up the ladder of intelligence. We also may be far less developed as a civilized species than other life forms who may be millions even billions of years older.

Those are the cosmic neighbors who would be visiting us. They would be the life forms we think of as our alien visitors and they are the beings we seem to think are so taken with us that we form every theory, opinion, and decision about them via the idea we are very special and they really are interested in us and our planet.

Really humans – you have to get over yourself!

I have to shake the spiders out of my head as I try to grasp why we would think we are such incredible creatures that visitors far more advanced are really concerned with us. Is it the fact we cannot stop killing each other in war, terror, gang violence, domestic abuse, mass murders or simply acts of rage and hate that you feel makes us so appealing?

Maybe it is our political and broken world economies that make us shine as cosmic super stars! Or can it be how part of the human race is busy like monkey’s picking flea’s with our cell phones and text messaging while the other parts of the worlds population starves to death or are dying from curable diseases?

Wait – our universal neighbors may be tuning in to our Internet communications leaving them in awe of our hateful attacks upon each other or inability to barely read or write. I do imagine however they are fully impressed by our constant and repetitive usage of every foul four letter word in exchange of the normal vocabulary available.

I think I am making my point. Really people, do you think we are anything other than mid to low rung creatures as far as this universe is concerned?

When are the humans going to figure out it is not about them when dealing with alien species. Has it ever crossed the mind of the human race that we are not the center of attention of other life forms? In fact we may be as relevant, interesting or important to our cosmic neighbors as an ant hill or school or guppies are to us!

I read long intricate articles about the alien subject that simply are ridiculous. First and foremost if aliens are able to visit us from places far from our own solar system they out smart us on a ratio close to comparing a human to a goldfish. To think we are anywhere near the development of those who can harness space and the energy needed to travel the universe is just ridiculous. We cannot get off our own block yet we think we are so special that we are of some great importance to alien visitors.

My comic relief comes by watching the best of us, the scientists of our time stick closely together explaining why it is not possible for aliens to visit us because of bla-bla-bla, you fill in the nonsense.

I find it incredulous that they compare what those who are obviously far older and far more advanced in the technology needed to travel the universe to the limited knowledge and understanding of the universe that we are just now beginning to understand. I laugh openly when I hear some arrogant fool tell us that life does not exist out there because they do not respond to or send out ancient radio signals? How dumb is that? Do they really think that the advanced civilizations that can travel the cosmos are still involved with such limited technology? Do we still use pony express or wait for the stage coach to bring the monthly mail? It is really embarrassing to read that type of defense of why aliens do not exist!

The other great laugh I get is listening to why Aliens are not able to visit us. It is hilarious listening to serious so called deep thinkers tell us that it is not possible because of the science they have sort of figured out. Yes I say sort of figured out as we are only starting to touch on the science of the universe and most days if you throw three scientists in a room you will find you end up with three different opinions that they will fight over for three hundred years!. I am sorry but we do not understand the workings of our universe and are not capable of knowing what is or is not possible at this stage of our technology and scientific development. We are mere babes in the woods as far as finding our way around the cosmos. Goodness we are not even able to figure out how to quickly or efficiently travel or use our own little solar system. As I said before, really human- get over yourself!

How about the idea alien technology is so advanced that aliens may be sitting right over your house and you would never know it. How about alien technology being so advanced that they are tapped in and controlling every transmission or system that we stupid humans have sitting in our houses, cars and stuck on our heads?

The next area of debate that keeps me slapping my head is the purpose of alien visitation. Humans are a riot with that one. Humans feel they are just the cherry on the cake of living beings. Humans feel they are so important that civilizations far more developed are just dying to get at us. Humans feel we are so attractive to the beings of the universe that they want to be in charge of us, take our planet and spend their time in our neck of the woods. That is all aliens think of- getting to the humans. GET OVER YOUR SELF … You just are not all that to other beings. Humans are low level at best, smelly, violent, destructive animals that cannot get off their own planet or keep the planet we have alive and well.

Really people if aliens who pass our way wanted to have this planet for what it offers in resources we would long be taken over. They sure would not wait until we destroy the place. If aliens wanted to enslave us they would do it. They would not wait until we blow each other up. If they were going to do whatever they are going to do they would do it before we pollute, destroy and kill off the best of what this planet offers. That is what the silly little humans do not get. We are here and they take a look, maybe take a few of us and they go on their merry way. It is not about how special we are I think it may be more about the fact we exist and they are curious or simply we are on the way as they pass by. A lot like that rest stop we all use that is cleaner than the others and the food at least hot and edible.

We may be used by certain alien species for scientific material or experimentation. I am sure they are among us all the time. I simply think we need to grasp the fact we are not all we think we are and they are really not all that in to us.

From years of talking to humans who have had contact with the unknown as well as personal encounters of my own the one word I feel that best describes alien feelings concerning humans would be cold. A cold indifference would describe them. I believe that humans are taken and have been used in a mixture of curiosity and experimental encounters. We are an easy mark who can be easily controlled and far too primitive in our science and technology to even know they are right in front of our noses.

Of course my favorite approach to the subject of spacecrafts and aliens is the good old human hold out of they cannot exist if we do not have one on our front lawn. I find it hilarious when they demand real proof.

We have huge amounts of photo’s, video’s and reliable good people explaining they have seen and or encountered crafts and beings yet all of that – means nothing to the fool who wants to deal with aliens one on one before they prepare to understand they exist. I always shake my head as I know that it this is the same person if found one dark night, alone in their yard , they were the one looking straight into the eyes of the unknown would be the first screaming for the world to believe and protect them. Guaranteed the night that event occurs will be the same night they will wish they had paid better attention to those who have walked that path before them.

We like living in the dark ages of science. If we wanted to understand the universe around us as well as the truth behind many subjects thought of as paranormal – we would stop the nonsense and find the truth.

If we worked together and refused to be herded like sheep to laugh like fools instead of acting like a curious advancing society we would know what is what in our own universe. Instead we want to keep all these things creepy little subjects that thrill and frighten us but ones we only think of abstractly.

We are really far from ready to know the truth. Let’s face it we are just too primitive. Aliens see the human species for what we are and frankly I do not think they are as impressed as we think they are. They sure seem to keep us at arm’s length. If they want one of us to play with they take us and then throw us back into the pond. That is the truth of alien human interactions.

Here we live on a planet with billions of people. Millions in the populations have reported seeing UFO’s or having contact with other beings. We handle that information in three ways. We hide it and never say a word. We laugh at, ridicule and flat out call those who have had horrible experiences liars or we make up stories for attention that throw the real events in to the same pot with the fantasy and fools.

Nothing gets resolved. We seem to be comfortable running on the rat wheel of denial and fear when it comes to things like aliens, UFO’s Chem. trails and crop circles. Just give them a quick reason you think it is nonsense and brush it off. Even if your thinking is wrong- it does not matter you will demand it is right so you can keep that wheel spinning. It is the only method mankind seems to handle with things too hard to think about or uncomfortable to deal with. This allows an easy neat little dark door slammed closed for any real study on paranormal subjects. We willingly stay locked in middle age darkness when it comes to real advancement in the science of our cosmos.

I am sure those who visit us find us a strange pack of animals. Why we think we are a special species will continue to confuse me. We are hateful people who immediately attack anyone who disagree with us. We are always at war, always killing each other; we are aggressive and unkind towards one another. We cannot take care of the population of the world or the planet for that matter. We attack all things that are new or unknown and run in packs following whatever fad, TV show, politician or Internet group tells us to. We walk around with technology attached to our bodies quickly losing our humanity over to objects of possible control and get nasty if someone suggests you turn the damn things off! Has it ever dawned on any of you that you may willingly be allowing others to download directly into your brain via the constant use of the wireless world? Come on people start thinking!

Truly we need to begin to get our heads straight about our place in our own universe. I think we have to start by understanding we are not the top dog out there. We may be the big deal in our little solar system however space is endless and so are the life forms out there.

I am not going to argue about intelligent life or aliens. I think you should think whatever you need to in order to handle whatever you need to on this topic.

I know what I have seen and who I have seen. I have talked to many people on this subject. I will admit I have a bigger list of those I do NOT believe telling truthful accounts than I do those who have told me true encounters. That is the nature of the human beast. We are our own worst enemies which keeps us locked in the dark when it comes to the knowledge of the cosmos.

I will continue my upstream swim trying to bring the experiences of those who have walked over this dark line and do have information to share on the subject of crafts and visitors from our cosmos. If I can prepare a handful of my own kind to be aware that the unknown is simply the truth of the universe we simply do not yet understand I will have done my job.

You see I believe you are far better equipped in life to have some knowledge of things you may encounter. Those of us who have faced the unknown and survived may try to share our thoughts with others so they too may endure and live to tell of an encounter they may experience. As I have said a thousand times before. It is easy to have a great deal to say or think the paranormal is hilarious – until it happens to you!

Be careful out there and know sometimes that odd shape in the sky is not a cloud, that light in the sky not a Chinese lantern and that thing behind the tree not a shadow. Sometimes it is a UFO, an unknown object or a big ole creature! And that is just how it is.

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World
Copyright © 2008-2010 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Human, You Really Have To Get Over Yourself!

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Eckhart Encounters - New Evidence

In my last update The Eckhart Encounters - Further Evidence, I presented anecdotal and image evidence that I had in my possession for over a year. I was recently contacted by David Eckhart and was asked to go back and look at a group of video captures that were part of the original submission.

These video captures were filmed in David's bedroom (the original house) in front of a dresser. This was one of three areas in the house where these beings would enter. David speculates that this portal was used by the 'Grey' beings that he had seen throughout his residence.

One of the techniques David employed in order to capture these beings on video was the use of a fog machine. Until recently, this method was thought to have been unsuccessful...until these (pictured) images were discovered and analyzed.

My colleague 'SW' and I looked over the video captures and came to the conclusion that there was at least one discernible being in the images. 'SW' stated that she believes there is another being present though it is less noticeable. Her innate psychic abilities allow her seriously examine photographic and digital evidence and to scrutinize, survey and develop reasonable conclusions as to the presence of paranormal phenomena. Her assistance has been vital in my investigations.

As I had stated previously, David describes the 'Greys' as 3 1/2 ft. tall with large egg-shaped heads, large dark bulging eyes and grey opaque skin. Many times these beings would try to enter David's residence 'cloaked' in order to explore...though they needed to revert back to a more solid form in order to physically grasp or move objects. David explains that you could still see a ripple or mirage outline of these cloaked beings but just the general shape of the body was distinguishable. The 'Greys' appear to be a subservient race...seemingly given the more menial and labor intensive work. They supposedly work alongside other races, including human, in the underground caverns. They are also used as 'Earth Tour Guides'...taking groups of visiting alien beings on a sort of tour of earthbound locations. In David's case, his house was on the 'tour'. His descriptions of how these beings would meander through his house at random times of the day and marvel at the human home and use of common amenities was fascinating.

Anyway, I am presenting the evidence for the readers' perusal. This is just another piece of a puzzle that needs to be continually managed and dissected...Lon

Is there an alien being in this image...possibly two beings?

The Eckhart Encounters - New Evidence

Ghosts, Shadows Reported in Wake of Chilean Earthquake

Shadows Heard and Screams Reported in the Early Morning Hours - Ghost Stories Begin to Emerge in Tsunami - Devastated Areas

elmercurio - Shadows cross the Cardenal Raul Silva Henriquez Bridge in Constitucion; Cell phone screens light up suddenly, as if trying to receive phone calls. The moans and tears of children and their mothers resonate throughout the wooded Curanipe camping grounds, where thirty people lost their lives on February 27th.

Situations such as these are being reported by residents of Region de Maule, who claim that they repeat over and over in the early morning hours. “It’s the people who died here. They’re asking to be found and be given a burial,” says Juan Morales Morales, who works nights doing repairs on the ConstituciĆ³n Bridge. Dozens of people died in this area while camping at Isla Orrego, at the mouth of the Maule River.

In the coastal village of Curanipe, half an hour away from Cauquenes, people reportedly hear sounds issuing from the forest where thirty people vanished. “We can hear the cries and weeping of children at unusual hours, and people are greatly distressed by it,” says Magdalena Rodriguez, who owns a nearby business. She lost a sister in the tragedy.

Ricardo Figueroa, a psychiatrist specializing in disasters at the Catholic University Hospital, explains: “When unexpected deaths or states of grief exist, it is normal for people to report experiences that may catalogued, in quotation marks, as supernatural.” He adds: “But this is a normal occurrence that increases during catastrophes.”

Hugo Zepeda, a doctor of Theology and university professor, adds that these events occur “because people are psychologically injured. This has a collective projection that makes the see more or less the same thing.” He adds that if these events continue to occur, they may soon have a “paranormal” meaning.

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Ghosts, Shadows Reported in Wake of Chilean Earthquake

The Mysterious 'Miami Circle'

atlasobscura - Property developer Michael Bauman was in for a real surprise when he purchased a plot of land in downtown Miami in 1998. Bauman's plans for the land were seemingly simple: demolish a 1950-era apartment complex and build a luxury condominium in its place.

During a routine archaeological survey of the site, however, hundreds of mysterious holes were discovered in a layer of Oolitic limestone bedrock and Bauman's development plans immediately came to a halt. Through further investigation, twenty-four of the largest holes comprised a perfect circle, 38 feet (12 m) in diameter, and excavation results found a variety of artifacts ranging from human teeth to ancient tools.

Included in the artifacts were pieces of burnt wood which, after being tested for radiocarbon dating, are believed to be 1800-2000 years old. To date, Miami Circle is the only known evidence in the United States of a prehistoric structure built into bedrock. Evidence from this mysterious prehistoric "footprint" predates other known settlements along the East Coast.

The site is believed to have once been occupied by the Tequesta Indians, a local tribe whose known tools matched some of the shark tooth-related artifacts found during excavation. Theorists have suggested that the holes were structural postholes or part of the foundation for a building. Some believe the building was used for ceremonial purposes, as animal bones and unused tools appeared to be offerings.

Among these tools were two axe-heads made from basalt, a hard stone that is not indigenous to Florida. The finding of these tools contradicts the theory that the site was occupied by the Tequesta, however, as the volcanic rock is believed to have been from a location in Macon, Georgia - some 600 miles (970 km) away from the site.

The mysterious origin of the site has led to its nickname as "America's Stonehenge", (though there are a number of sites nicknamed this) and some critics and conspiracy theorists have offered alternative theories. Aliens, Mayans and septic tanks are among some of the suggested origins for the holes.

The State of Florida eventually purchased the land from Baumann after a series of high-profile disputes between Native American groups, contractors, and historic preservation committees. Miami Circle, otherwise known as Brickell Point or the Miami River Circle, was declared a National Historic Landmark in early 2009 and is currently under a 44-year lease agreement with the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. Visitors interested in the history of the Miami Circle can view artifacts on display through the museum's permanent exhibition: "First Arrivals: The Archaeology of Southern Florida."


The Miami Circle was discovered in August/September, 1998, during routine archaeo-logical investigations conducted at the site of six low-rise, 1950-era apartment buildings (Brickell Point Apartments), which were razed to make way for construction of two high-rise apartment towers. Surveyor Ted Riggs uncovered an arc-like section and was convinced this would be a circle incised into the stone, underneath the three feet of overlying Earth.

The Miami Circle is located within archaeological site 8DA1212, aka "Miami Midden #2" or "The Brickell Point Site." It is situated on a 2.2 +/- acre parcel that is located along the southern bank of the Miami River, where the River meets Biscayne Bay. The Miami Circle is characterized primarily by a series of 24 main basin "rectangles" which have been cut almost 2 feet deep into the site's oolitic limestone bedrock , 6 smaller ones, and hundreds of random "post holes." The 30 large and small "rectangular basins" form a ring geometry approximately 37 feet in diameter, with the approximately 500 smaller round holes scattered randomly across the entire circle's width, if not beyond.

Considering the amount of modern construction (and demolition) that has taken place on top of the site, the Miami Circle is remarkably intact -- with approximately 85% of it preserved. The Brickell Point property contains intact prehistoric midden deposits on at least 50% - 75% of the parcel. This material contains a tremendous quantity of well-preserved shell, bone, ceramics, and other artifacts deposited during several centuries of human occupation.

The "mainstream" opinion says "the Tequesta Indians," a group of Southern Florida native Americans who inhabited the area from about 2000 years ago to after the Spanish arrived -- spanning roughly the same dates as the artifacts recovered from the Circle's "holes." A minority opinion (Riggs, Hoagland, et al) says MUCH older ... by a sophisticated people who lived here long before the Tequestas were in the area ... perhaps as much as 10,000 to 13,000 years ago.

Archaeological evidence suggests the Miami Circle marks the footprint [foundation] of a large, prehistoric structure, possibly the "foundations for a 'Coucil House,' or other ceremonial structure created by native Americans known as the Tequesta. The evidence also suggests that the Miami Circle had ceremonial importance to the Tequesta:

* Cardinal points (i.e. North, South, East, and West) along the Miami Circle appear to have been specially denoted. In particular, an eye-shaped hole was cut into the bedrock at the Circle's eastern point. Its shape was unique among hundreds of holes uncovered at the site.

* Two possible animal offerings, a complete sea turtle carapace and the articulated remains of a shark more than six feet in length, were found within the Circle's interior. Each was oriented east-west, a practice often associated with prehistoric human burials.

* Several teeth belonging to an extinct species of seal were found within the Miami Circle. Spanish explorer's accounts indicate that the consumption of monk seals, or "sea wolves," were reserved for the elite class.

* Two finely-crafted stone axes were found found along the Miami Circle's eastern portion. One of these was recovered from within a posthole cut into the bedrock, and possibly represents an offering. Both axes were made of basalt, a volcanic rock that is not native toFlorida.

The minority scientists say that the structure's puzzling ring-shaped array of 30 rectangular "basins" are more analogous to England's "Stonehenge" -- once serving as the "foundation slots" for a ring of 30 upright stones, which once stood in the currently surviving geometric bedrock basins -"an archeo-astronomical "stonehenge-like device," for observing the solstices and equinoxes, as well as other astronomically-based ceremonial uses ..."

At present, two radiocarbon date determinations have been completed. Charcoal samples collected from within one of the Miami Circle's cut basins and from the midden within the Miami Circle both dated to circa 100 A.D. Human occupation of the site may date to well over two thousands years ago.

The Miami Circle archaeological site is regarded as being of local, regional, and statewide significance. The Miami Circle may also be of national significance, as it is believed to be the only cut-in-rock prehistoric structural footprint ever found in eastern North America. The site potentially qualifies for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. If we fail to preserve the Circle, a priceless , untouched example of a previously unsuspected sophistication in "archaic North American architecture," as well as important new clues as to the reasons for astronomically-based indigenous ceremonial centers will be lost. The Miami Circle, though architecturally unique (carved basins in the limestone bedrock), has at least one other potetially significant analog in North America: the ancient circle of wooden post holes -- called "Woodhenge 2" -- placed on the summit of a massive earthen "Indian Mound" known as "Cahokia," located across the river from St.Louis, Missouri.

The Mayor of Miami-Dade County, the Honorable Alex Penelas, signed an "eminent domain decree" last February, setting in motion a legal process for County acquisition and preservation of the Miami River Circle site. An "eminent domain" trial is set to begin October 4th to decide the actual purchase price of the land. If the County cannot raise the necessary funds in time (the exact amount to be dermined by the jury), the land will then revert back to the developer: Michael Baumann.. The County needs massive financial help, as the current "save the circle" fund is far short of even what the developer originally paid for the land.

The developer, Michael Bauman, originally paid slightly over 8 million dollars for the 2.2 acre site at the mouth of the Miami River. He is now claiming additional costs in architetural development, lost revenues due to the eminent domain proceeding, etc., totalling in excess of 50million dollars. Ultimately, based on evidence presented by the County and the developer at trial, a jury of twelve men and woman selected from the normal jury pool in the Miami area will decide what the Circle site is worth in today's market -- and award Mr.Baumann according compensation.


The Mysterious 'Miami Circle'
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