Saturday, April 24, 2010

George Adamski and the Venusians

George Adamski with his artistic depiction of a Venusian

George Adamski was a Polish-born American citizen who became widely known in ufology circles, and to some degree in popular culture, after he claimed to have photographed ships from other planets, met with friendly Nordic alien "Space Brothers", and to have taken flights with them. The first of the so-called contactees of the 1950s, he styled himself to be a "philosopher, teacher, student and saucer researcher."

Adamski claimed that he had been contacted by the Venusian occupant of a flying saucer that landed in the California desert November 20, 1952. Subsequently Adamski claimed to have had contact with spacemen from Mars and Saturn and to have traveled 50,000 miles into space in their craft. After Adamski's revelations, the convention of spaceman contacts, messages from outer space, and warnings about the welfare of the cosmos became firmly established.

One of the most curious UFO conferences of all time occurred on August 7-8, 1954. This meeting was held at the top of Mount Palomar, at an altitude over 6,000 feet, in front of the Skyline Lodge.

The congress was promoted by three of the most famous contactees: George Adamski, Truman Bethurum and Daniel Fry. More than a thousand persons attended, from American journalists, FBI agents, saucer witnesses and just the curious.

Each of the contactees told their own experiences and took the occasion to sell their autographed books.

At Adamski’s turn, the “professor” explained that the Venusians were much alike human beings. So much so they had infiltrated our society and were living in the big cities. He also presented a painting with an artistic depiction of a Venusian.

At the end of the first day there was some commotion when the audience noticed the presence of two men and a woman with an exotic appearance. The rumor started that they were disguised Venusians. Those that Adamski had talked about a few hours before.

One of the men used glasses. The three were white and the woman had long blonde hair, but the strangest thing were her black eyes

Dolores Barrios

One of the attendees asked them, without much embarrassment: “Are you or are you not Venusians?”. The woman, smiling, calmly replied. “No”.

"Why are you here?"

"Because we are interested in this subject."

"Do you believe in flying saucers?"


"Is it true that, as Mr. Adamski says, that they come from Venus?"

"Yes. They are from Venus."

Brazilian journalist João Martins was also present and he interviewed them as well, obtaining the following information:

Her name was Dolores Barrios, a dress designer; the names of her friends were Donald Morand and Bill Jackmart [they were musicians]. The three of them lived in Manhattan Beach, California.

Martins asked if he could photograph them, but they refused. They were bothered and tired of being called Venusians. According to Martins, Dolores Barrios looked very much like the painting that Adamski had shown.

Donald Morand and Bill Jackmart

For the rest of the conference the three became isolated and didn’t talk with the other attendees. In the following day, at the end of the meeting, the strange visitors let themselves be photographed.

Nowadays it’s said that Martins photographed Dolores using a flash, surprising her. Dolores was scared and ran to the forest. Soon afterwards, a flying saucer was seen rocketing upwards, but no one was able to capture a photo.

Click for video


NOTE: I'm not going to state an opinion about George Adamski simply because there as a chasm of thought on his theories. It's obvious to me that the 'Venusians' were not from Venus...or is it possible? BTW, I think Dolores Barrios looks a lot like Uma Thurman, who many people feel is a space cadet :) ...Lon

George Adamski and the Venusians

Deadly Fungus Emerging in Oregon...Expected to Spread

livescience - A deadly, airborne new strain of fungus has emerged in Oregon. It has killed nearly one out of four known affected people so far and might also attack animals ranging from dogs to dolphins. And it is likely to spread, researchers now warn.

The new strain known as VGIIc of the fungus Cryptococcus gattii not only targets humans but has also proven capable of infecting dogs, cats, alpacas, sheep and elk. Other strains have even infected porpoises.

Although it can spread to mammals, it does not jump from animal to animal. Instead, people and other animals get it from inhaling spores released by samples of the fungus that infect trees.

"It's in the environment, and we're exposed to the environment," researcher Edmond Byrnes III of Duke University Medical Center told LiveScience. "And the environmental range of this has been expanding."

California next?

While scientists aren't sure how the highly infectious or virulent fungus emerged in Oregon, they caution the new strain now looks set to expand to California and other neighboring areas.

"This novel fungus is worrisome because it appears to be a threat to otherwise healthy people," Byrnes said. "Typically, we more often see this fungal disease associated with transplant recipients and HIV-infected patients, but that is not what we are seeing yet."

Symptoms can appear two or more months after exposure. Most people never develop symptoms, but those infected may have a cough lasting weeks, sharp chest pain, shortness of breath, headache related to meningitis, fever, nighttime sweats and weight loss. In animals the symptoms are a runny nose, breathing problems, nervous system problems and raised bumps under the skin.

Treatment requires months to years of antifungal medications, and even surgery to remove the large masses of the fungus [VGIIc] known as cryptococcomas that can develop in the body. So far it cannot be prevented, as there is no vaccine.


The fungus C. gattii was originally linked with eucalyptus trees in tropical and subtropical climates. It first caused an outbreak in temperate climes on Vancouver Island in 1999 that has now spread into Washington and Oregon, where it infects local trees. This earlier strain, VGIIa/major, has killed nearly 9 percent of 218 patients.

After comparing the genes of the new VGIIc strain from Oregon with others, researchers suggest the new strain most likely arose recently, parallel to the outbreak that began on Vancouver Island. So far it has killed five out of 21 patients analyzed in the United States, a nearly 25-percent mortality rate. Lab studies with immune cells and with live mice revealed it is extremely virulent — that is, it can cause severe disease.

Determining the exact origin of the VGIIc strain has proven difficult. Investigations so far have failed to find it in Oregon soil, water or trees. It may have arrived from abroad or originated locally, researchers said.

Because this fungus had been confined to the tropics until now, researcher Wenjun Li at Duke University speculated that environmental changes might be responsible for the evolution and emergence of these new strains.

"We are trying to put together the evolutionary story of where these types come from by closely studying the genetics of all samples possible," explained researcher Yonathan Lewit at Duke University Medical Center.

It remains uncertain why VGIIc and VGIIa/major are more virulent than other strains. One possibility, given how this fungus can reproduce sexually, new hypervirulent combinations of genes emerged due to sex. The researchers also noted that cell components known as mitochondria in these strains could adopt a distinctive tube shape. Since mitochondria help generate energy in cells, it is possible these strains are more energetic, "but that's just speculation right now," Byrnes said.

When it comes to a public response to outbreaks of these strains, "public health officials in that area have formed a working group with state epidemiologists from all those states in the Pacific Northwest," Byrnes noted. "It's important that public awareness expand on this."

The scientists detailed their findings online April 22 in the journal PLoS Pathogens.

Deadly Fungus Emerging in Oregon...Expected to Spread

Djinn Hysteria Strikes the Gaza Strip

trueslant - Chalk one up for the survival of local folklore in the Gaza Strip: Residents of the town of Deir al-Balah are convinced there are genies on the lose.

Genies – or djinn in Arabic – are being blamed for a series of fires in Deir al-Balah (عربي).

The Hamas-linked Palpress news agency reports that the town’s residents are convinced that two unexplained housefires on March 29th and April 1st were set by malicious djinn.

Apparently, the rumors of paranormal causes for the fire were so widespread that Gaza police were forced to issue a statement criticizing the “abusers” and “rumormongers” who were spreading the word about the djinn, with policemen telling Deir al-Balah’s residents that the threads on local Arabic-language websites (of course) were bunk.

Here’s the obligatory awkward Google English translation:

Palestine Press – denounced the Palestinian police in the government article (Central Province) have been raised about a “jinn” set fire to a house in Deir al-Balah, indicating that promotes such gossip and rumors, “they are weak people, and some sites forums on the Internet” .

Police said the article: “We will not allow anyone to broadcast rumors to cause confusion among the citizens and will take legal action against the abusers and the rumor-mongers

Belief in djinns has a long history in Gaza. A few years ago, ABC Radio Australia ran an amazing documentary on supernatural Gaza and how folk beliefs from the past took on a new life in the Strip:

Venturing deep into the heart of Gaza, Middle East correspondent Jane Hutcheon uncovers a world of fortune tellers and spiritual healers, a world where evil spirits, or Djinns, take possession of the bodies of unsuspecting locals.

Locals like Fadi Hussein, a former Palestinian policeman who lost his job after he was possessed by an evil Christian Djinn from Israel called George.

Or Nazih Salman, whose problems with the dark side are solved with help of a 107 year old fortune teller.

Hutcheon visits the fortune teller for some advice of her own, and then witnesses a dramatic on-camera exorcism that banishes one man’s demons, leaving him ready to face another day on Gaza’s embattled streets.

Islam’s doctrines leave more official room for the paranormal than either Christianity or Judaism. The djinn have a sura dedicated to them in the Qur’an; in Muslim tradition, they are supernatural creatures made out of either smoke or fire whom posess free will and individual motives, whether good or malicious. Satan (Shaytan) is a djinn according to the Qur’an as well. Archaeological research indicates that belief in djinn reaches back to both the Zoroastrian and pre-Islamic Arab traditions.

Djinn Hysteria Strikes the Gaza Strip

Why Skeptics are the Most Boring People on Earth!

Chris Holly's Paranormal World - Before we get into why a skeptic is the most boring person on earth lets discuss the supplies you’re going to need if you happen upon one. I think of it as a skeptic survival kit.

The skeptic survival kit contains dark sunglasses, earplugs, a good pair of earphones that block out everything but your music, a load of music loaded onto whatever you use to listen to your music , a book, and a large size 15 steel toed man’s boot (this can be interchanged with a bat if need be).

Once you have your kit at hand you will be equipped to deal with the most boring people walking on this earth- the skeptic.

I know you want to know why this group of humans owns the title of the most boring of all humans but first let’s get the survival kit taken care of.

After assembling your kit you will need to follow the instructions with care as you may come upon one of these creatures at any time.

As soon as you realize you are in the grasp of a skeptic quickly rip open your kit and place your dark sunglasses on to block direct eye contact with this being. It may prevent you from having to have direct contact with them. If that fails keep the glasses on so that the skeptic is unable to detect if you are keeping eye contact with him or searching the area for an escape outlet. The glasses are an easy way to conceal your eye rolling as the skeptic will soon be on a rambling rant of repetitive drivel that will cause this eye rolling to occur uncontrollably by those forced to endure prolonged contact with the skeptic.

The earplugs are to provide needed sanity as if caught listening to a skeptic for any amount of time can result in mind numbing headaches that approach torture. One can only listen to the same old denial repeated so many times before madness sets in.

Take whatever action needed no matter how drastic to break away from the skeptic so you can quickly attach to and turn on whatever music device you have in your kit. Remember you can always loudly sing over the constant stinging whine of the skeptic before you if all else fail. You may need to whip out the book you packed in your skeptic survival kit to aid along with the music to keep your brain from numbing up as the skeptic bores you nearly to death with whine denial and talking in circles.

The last objects in your kit are for the mean down and dirty skeptic who comes at you in nasty attack mode and personal insults simply because you find his reasoning ridiculous and do not go along with his opinions.

This is when you are forced to use the last items in your kit. Upon giving up on adult conversation, debate or explaining how the universe works to a snapping mean skeptic no other choice may be left but to apply repeatedly that large size 15 man’s steel toed boot or bat as needed until the skeptic is silenced.

Why you ask are these tactics needed to deal with skeptics? Well it is because a true skeptic is the most boring, close minded, limited thinkers out there and without precautions taken can bring you pain and agony if cornered by one.

I have been dealing with skeptics for a good portion of my life. I have learned to tune them out, walk away, and ignore their existence.

I am not talking about the average person who is confused by unknown things and really does not have a hard opinion on that which they do not know. I think many people simply do not think about the unknown and are suspicious of things they read and hear but do keep an open mind that many things may be possible. That is a normal intelligent attitude about subjects we do not understand or have not experienced.

I am referring to real skeptics. The ones who have decided they know all there is to know and that no matter what anyone else has experienced, seen, endured, or studied, they know better. I am talking about the people who just refuse to listen, expand their knowledge base or consider other views.

Living a life with a closed mind is a foolish dangerous approach but one many skeptics hold on to with a grip that is unshakable. The skeptic does not seem to live in silence however. Skeptics have a life mission to bore every single thinking person around them to the point of tears. The reason for this is that the skeptic is so terrified of thinking outside of the box or in a new fashion that he tries to insist he is right and the world wrong at any cost. That is where the repetition of limited information, refusal to listen when others speak and anger stems from in the skeptics world.

If you study the average hard core skeptic you soon find they all have the same features and behaviors. First they force their presence on those who are trying to expand their thinking and follow those who think differently. The skeptic does this for the sole purpose of being annoying.

This need for forcing themselves where they are not wanted is routed in many basic problems in the skeptic’s makeup. The first one is obvious. The skeptic has a deep need to stop others from thinking differently than they do. They are forced by either limited ability to think past the opinions they have, fear of the unknown, or a need to have life the way they can handle it. This can result in total denial of things they are not able to cope with, understand or reason out past the tightly formed opinions they made with limited knowledge and no experience in the subjects at hand.

I will not include those who work in science and simply hide, lay low and refuse to step out of the closet due to the fact it could cost them their jobs. Science and free thinking or open investigation has long been apart. The old sods of science keep it a rather dull group at best. Until the new thinkers in science are no longer punished for wanting to think outside the confines of accepted thinking science will remain constrained.

I am discussing your every day skeptic who thinks they are smarter, better educated and somehow born with the knowledge of the universe and decide not to listen to or expand their knowledge or views past their cemented small thinking. Skeptics are not the worldliest people. I once had one tell me all about China. Of course he had no idea what he was talking about. He never had been out of the United States. I had just returned from China the week before yet no matter how hard I tried to explain to him his ideas and facts were simply not true he continued spreading his ignorance and false facts while attacking me with insult. I guess he found his information by way of fortune cookies! He was the typical skeptic acting out in a typical skeptic manner. It is a shame as he had built a huge opinion of a large world power on false data and beliefs. This is dangerous and sad in a world floating in a universe of rapid change. The same thing applies to the subjects of the unknown.

The next time you come up against a skeptic watch how he operates. He will torture everyone in sight with his limited boring whine of why everyone else is wrong and he is right. If you listen with care you will soon find out that most skeptics have similar traits. First they have a little rant of assorted facts that they use to prove they are right. If others around them disagree or even point out the skeptic is confused or flat out incorrect the skeptic simply rewinds. The skeptic will wait a few moments and then will repeat over and over the same loop of why he is sticking to his skeptical way. They never listen; they rarely research to see if the other people are correct, they just repeat over and over the same stale whine.

If the skeptic is losing ground and their safety net of denial is shaken they attack. They turn aggressive and mean. That is when the only thing left to do is use that boot or bat!

I have written this article in jest yet it is obvious that I do find skeptics to be some of the most boring people on the face of this earth. It is as if they were taught to count to ten and refuse to count past that no matter what- returning to one each time they hit ten. They are not able to grow and they seem terrified that life is not nearly what they need it to be.

I am sure there are thousands of reasons why skeptics do what they do and think as they think. I do not think it has anything at all to do with the subjects of the paranormal or science. I think that kind of denial and insistence is rooted in other areas of their lives. Keeping their thinking of unknown subjects tightly closed seems to be the only way they can deal with life. The reasons for this may differ from skeptic to skeptic but I would guess most are based in fear.

I always say that those who find the paranormal hysterical are those who have never had an experience. I also know they soon stop laughing when one dark lonely night they are the ones looking into the eyes of the unknown. And yes, that can happen to anyone, even a skeptic.

For now keep your survival kit close at hand and try to pity those who refuse to look forward as life will keep happening and the unknown will unravel like it or not.

Be careful out there, pay attention to your surroundings and always keep looking up.

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World
Copyright © 2008-2010 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Why Skeptics are the Most Boring People on Earth!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Video: Yowie Encounter - Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

Click for video

Statement with video: I went into the Bush to do some research around 5.00pm 3rd of April 2010, I didn't expect it to go dark so quickly. I was heading out when all hell broke loose. At least two creatures were around me they made themselves very clear I wasn't welcomed.........No.1 Rule - do not do anything like this by yourself....

Click for video

Statement with video: This is a follow up video to what happened last night 9-4-2010 I made this at 9pm today.....Please, Please, I cant stress enough don't go out on your own. This encounter has woken me up big time to what could have happened to myself or anyone for that matter, out researching on their own....I wont do it again by myself, I just had to share what happened with you guys and put this behind me and continue on researching this beautiful creature we call The Yowie......Cheers...Tony from Australia

NOTE: What do you think? Tony states that he's been looking for proof of the Yowie for 25 years, but has never come this close before. He reiterated that he's never going into the bush alone after dark. This link offers a lot of information Australian Yowie Research...Lon

Video: Yowie Encounter - Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

Video: UFOs Over Corio Bay - Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Click for video
Video captured by a Highton businessman shows mystery balls of light zigzagging across Corio Bay near Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Businessman Anthony Raduka filmed the footage from the deck of his Highton home about midnight on Monday, April 22nd.

NOTE: very interesting video...UFOs were seen offshore over Corio Bay (refer to maps below)...Lon

Video: UFOs Over Corio Bay - Geelong, Victoria, Australia

This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio - Sunday, April 25th - 9:00 PM ET

This week on Beyond the Edge Radio - Sunday, April 18th at 9:00 pm ET
Hosts: Eric Altman & Sean Forker

* * * * * *

Special Guest: Don Keating - Founder of the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center and the Tri-State Bigfoot Study Group

Don Keating has been investigating the Bigfoot phenomenon since July of 1984 when he read John Green’s book Sasquatch The Apes Among Us. He has conducted countless on site investigations of alleged Bigfoot sighting and track discoveries. He has also given countless talks to Scout groups, Libraries and other groups. Keating has been featured in numerous TV news shows, radio talk shows, newspaper and magazine articles and national programs including the History Channel’s “Monster Quest”; the Comedy Channel’s “Daily Show” and NBC TV’s “Today Show”. Furthermore he has hosted two decades of the Annual Bigfoot Conference / EXPO held in eastern Ohio in Newcomerstown and Salt Fork State Park. He has produced four video documentaries based on his discoveries and findings in Ohio. His most recent is titled “Sasquatch at Salt Fork” which chronicles sightings, track discoveries and other unusual incidents at the park in eastern Ohio. The production he was involved with while filming for an episode on the History Channel’s program Monster Quest which was called “The Ohio Grass Man” to date, is the highest rated show on Monster Quest. Keating has just re-released his 1993 book titled “The Buckeye Bigfoot” (1993, 2010) and has also recently authored abook based on Salt Fork State Park Bigfoot history and reports simply titled “The History of Bigfoot… At Salt Fork State Park” (2010). Keating’s Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center web site may be accessed by going to

Aside of investigating Bigfoot reports Keating enjoys bowling, photography, darting and traveling. He at one time had a bowling average of 212 over 90 regular season games which earned him the “Highest Average” out of 50 bowlers, and was the “Singles” champion in the Tuscarawas Valley Dart League going undefeated at 16 and 0. Keating resides in Cambridge, Ohio.

We will also be discussing the worlds longest running annual Bigfoot Conference "The 22nd Annual Bigfoot Conference to be held on May 14,15,16, 2010 at the Salt Fork State Park, Cambridge Ohio. For more information on the conference visit

* * * * * *

Weekly Segment Host:
Scott "Hackenslash" Walton - "BTE Movie News and Reviews"

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Giant Bumble Bees / Gigantic Scorpions


This is a widespread and common bumble bee. The large, conspicuous overwintered queens are often among the first bumble bees to appear in spring, often occurring in late February/early March. Nectar sources are scarce at this time. They are black with a dull yellow band just in front of the wings, and another across the middle of the body. The abdomen of the queen is buff colored, but workers are very similar to white-tailed bumble bees. This species nests below ground.

Only the young fertilized queens survive the winter, having hibernated in a protected place such as a hole or under moss. They emerge in spring, each queen starting up her own colony or taking over an existing colony. The queen makes pots of wax and pollen into which the first eggs are laid. After about three weeks, the first infertile female workers emerge and take over the nectar and pollen gathering and cell building, while the queen concentrates on egg laying. The larvae are reared on pollen and nectar. The males appear in summer and towards the end of this season, both male and female bumble bees fly out and mate. Males are not allowed to re-enter the nest after mating and soon die. The fertilized queen will then start searching for a safe place to hibernate but both the workers and the old queen die with the first frosts or spell of cold weather.

Gigantic Scorpion Fossil Found in Scotland

bbc - A cast is being made of tracks left by a two-metre long ancient animal in north east Fife.

The tracks were made by a giant six-legged water scorpion called Hibbertopterus as it crawled over damp sand about 330 million years ago.

It is the largest known walking trackway of a eurypterid or any invertebrate animal.

The tracks were discovered by Dr Martin Whyte from the University of Sheffield while he was out walking.

Scottish Natural Heritage, which is funding the project, described the find as unique and internationally important because the creature was gigantic.

It said the fossil would be moulded in silicone so that more people could see and research it.

Richard Batchelor from Geoheritage Fife, said: "The trackway is in a precarious situation, having been exposed for years to weathering.

"The rock in which it occurs is in danger of falling off altogether.

"Removing it and housing it in a museum would be prohibitively costly but moulding it in silicone rubber and making copies for educational and research purposes means that we can still see and research this huge creature's tracks in years to come."

The animal, which is related to modern-day scorpions and horseshoe crabs, was about two metres long and about one metre wide.

'Geological treasures'

The trackway, which is preserved in sandstone, consists of three rows of crescent shaped footprints on each side of a central groove.

The groove was made by the tail of the animal as it dragged over the sand.

This contrasts previous fossil evidence which suggested that the creatures lived in the water for most, if not all of the time.

SNH geologist Colin MacFadyen said: "Helping to conserve this important find is vital for our understanding of this period in evolution.

"Such finds as this highlight that all over Scotland there are no doubt other geological treasures awaiting discovery."

Giant Bumble Bees / Gigantic Scorpions

Paranormal Activity at Newspaper Building Grabs Local Headlines

oakdaleleader - For years the Oakdale Leader building (Oakdale, CA) on South Third Avenue has been rumored to host more than just the employees on the payroll. Stories of mysterious happenings, odd sounds, and even an apparition sighting or two have abounded, shared among the community from past and present employees but now it’s official — The Leader office is a hot bed of paranormal activity, at least according to the investigators with the Western Region Paranormal Research (WRPR) group following an evening spent in the building.

Saturday night, April 17, the investigation group based out of Ceres converged on Oakdale and set up their sophisticated equipment in the hopes of catching evidence that there’s more to the stories than just someone’s active imagination.

The results were enough to keep the investigators chattering for days.

“Our first thoughts were, there is definitely activity in the building. It could be residual or it could be a spirit. We won’t know until we get feedback from the cameras,” shared WRPR co-founder Barbara Rubis-Johnson. “The whole team was psyched.”

Editor Marg Jackson, who has been with the Leader for 17 years, was on site for the investigation and was curious to see what the team would uncover as she has experienced more than a few freaky incidents that were difficult to explain logically.

“One evening, working late, I had my daughter at the office with me and saw her go past my door, out of the corner of my eye,” Jackson shared. “I went back to check on her, because I assumed she went to the break room but when I got there, the lights were out and she wasn’t there.

“In fact, she was still seated at the desk up front when I went there. So she wasn’t who I saw go past my door. And no one else was in the building.”

Other incidents have ranged from a television in the break room turning on by itself, lights that were turned off being back on and unexplained ‘bumps’ in the night in various parts of the building.

Prior to the night of the investigation the team spent time learning the building’s history as well as took a walking tour. The actual investigation night, two “sensitives” as they are called, walked through the building at different times so as not to influence one another and another team member, Fred Schumacher, also known as the “debunker” went through and documented spots with electromagnetic feedback so as not to include any potential readings that could be explained logically.

The nonprofit organization has traveled as far as Nevada to conduct their investigations, which have consisted of private residences to businesses and their services are always free of charge.

Rubis-Johnson explained her interest with the paranormal, saying, “I started years ago and I’ve always been fascinated by it. I’m getting up there in age and I want to know where I’m going. I’ve always believed there’s something on the other side.”

Co-founder Dave Hirschman and Rubis-Johnson teamed up to form their own group after parting ways from a different investigation group.

“We were brought together by a common interest,” Hirschman said.

And since then the group has grown to include several members, all dedicated to researching the unknown world of the paranormal.

When the team arrived at the Leader, the sensitives, one them being Iesha Bayona, identified several spots of interest within the building, such as the layout table and the area used by Creative Services.

The layout table, an indescribably heavy piece of furniture that is no longer used for its original purpose and simply catches dust and stacks of bundled newspaper, caught several impressions from Bayona.

“It could be because the wood absorbed the energy of people from the past,” Bayona explained. “But I’m getting a lot from this right here.”

Several times the equipment the team used registered temperature drops in conjunction with directed questioning as well as K2 monitor spikes, which would detect Electromagnetic Fields (EMF).

EMF detectors are often used in these types of investigations for they pick up energy sources and fluctuations in electromagnetic fields. It is believed that spirits are comprised of energy, thus when they are present they disrupt this electromagnetic field, causing a spike on the K2 monitor.

The “hottest” spot in the building was the Creative Services department, where several K2 monitors spiked at the same exact time in correlation to several “yes/no” questions. During this time, the investigators were also recording the sessions with sensitive equipment to pick up any Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

Although the investigation is still preliminary, Rubis-Johnson was excited to find four distinct EVPs within the footage thus far. The Leader will do a follow-up once the findings are officially released.

“We learn something new each time because each spirit is different. They all have different personalities. You have to have an open mind and you can’t be afraid, especially when you’re on an investigation,” Rubis-Johnson said. “And whenever there’s an older building there’s always something. But even a new building can tell us things because of the land it’s on.”

Paranormal Activity at Newspaper Building Grabs Local Headlines

The Devil's Tramping Ground - Chatham County, N.C.

The Devil's Tramping Ground is a barren circle in the forest in the Harper's Crossroad community near Bennett, North Carolina. It is the subject of some of North Carolina's oldest legends. For at least the last hundred years, nothing has grown within the 40 foot ring and the phenomenon is thus far unexplained. A United States Geological Survey team could uncover no scientific explanation for the lack of growth within the ring.

Stories about the ring are well known in local communities. These include the disappearance of objects left within the ring overnight, and strange events occurring to those brave enough to spend the night within its boundaries.

Legend says that this is the very place the devil himself can rise from the depths of fiery hell, and come to earth. It's at this place, the devil walks in circles on certain nights and brings his evil into this world.

Hunters who have had rabbit hounds in the area say that dogs refuse to enter or cross the area of the Devils Tramping Ground. Men on horseback say that horses react the same way. They refuse to cross or go in the area of the Devils Tramping Ground.

Over the years paranormal investigators have been to the area of the Devils Tramping Ground many times but have never been able to prove what it is or is not. It is a known historical fact that vegetation will not grow there. Scientists from the US Geological Survey team have been to the area to find out why nothing will grow there but they could not find any reason for the absence of vegetation in the area of the Devils Tramping Ground.

Stories about the Devils Tramping Ground are well known in the area and its said you can carry and place a large rock in the center of the path there and in the morning it will be moved over out of the way. The area is also said to frighten some people and they refuse to go any where near the area.

John William Harden (1903-1985) of Greensboro, N.C., journalist, newspaper editor, author, advisor to North Carolina governors and textile executives, and founder of the state's first full-service public relations company had this to say of the 'Devil's Tramping Ground:'

There, sometimes during the dark of night, the Majesty of the Underworld of Evil silently tramps around that bare circle-- thinking, plotting, and planning against good, and in behalf of wrong.

Click for video

Click for video

Information - North Carolina Museum of History

There’s a piece of land 10 miles east of Siler City, in western Chatham County, that’s as creepy as they come. It’s a perfect circle, 40 feet across, lying just off the highway. Nothing grows inside the circle. Dogs and wildlife won’t step inside it, and birds won’t land in it. There aren’t even any rocks or sticks within this unnatural ring. It’s called the Devil’s Tramping Ground.

Early settlers in Chatham County first saw the circle in the 1770s. Since that time some people have planted grass and vegetable seeds in its soil, but nothing has ever come up. Others have put objects inside the circle only to find them gone the next morning. A few brave folks have tried to spend the night in the circle, but something—a noise, a moving object, or a ghostly shape—has scared them away.

What caused this eerie ring on the ground? Over the years stories and legends have grown up about it. An American Indian legend says that generations of Indians danced in the circle at celebrations. The Great Spirit now protects the spot to honor members of the tribe who were driven from their lands by European settlers. Another Indian legend says that Chief Croatan, a great tribal leader, was killed in the circle during a battle and is buried there. The Great Spirit keeps the circle empty to honor him.

One story about the circle is really out of this world. It says that visitors from outer space landed there in a UFO! Another story says that magic treasure is buried deep in the ground. But the best-known legend also explains the name of the circle.

According to this legend, every night the devil walks around in circles thinking up evil plans. At the first light of day, he turns into a bat and flies off to carry out his plans. His tramping throughout the night leaves the ground bare and grim. Some people think that a farmer who owned the land where the circle lies made up this story to keep hunters off his property. Even if this is true, it doesn’t explain the mystery.

There are also believable explanations. One explanation says that the circle is on the site of a molasses mill that used horses or mules to pull the mill wheel. It was their hooves that damaged the ground. Yet other mills at that time didn’t leave such circles.

Scientists finally stepped in to solve the mystery. They found that the soil in the circle has a high level of salt. And they know that the spot was an ancient salt lick for bison and deer. This explains why nothing will grow there, but it doesn’t explain why the area is a perfect circle or why it has lasted so long.

NOTE: I vaguely remember visiting this place back in the 1960's during a family trip. I really don't know that much about it but my relatives who lived near there swear something is going on, ex. disembodied voices, strange lights and apparitions...Lon

The Devil's Tramping Ground - Chatham County, N.C.


Tenant Hides Dead Friend Under Sofa For 10 Years

telegraph - The dead man, Denis Pring, 73, had been living with a city council tenant Alan Derrick, who has learning difficulties.

The inquest heard Mr Derrick did not want to tell the authorities that Mr Pring had died because he was worried he would be evicted.

The coroner recorded an open verdict into Mr Pring's death at the hearing in Flax Bourton, near Bristol.

Mr Pring, a former warehouseman, is believed to have died at some point between April and June 1998.

The inquest heard that he had been living in the flat unofficially.

Mr Derrick, the dead man's friend and drinking partner, had invited him to stay there because he had nowhere else to go.

But when he died suddenly, Mr Derrick panicked and worried that he might be evicted.

He covered up the body with cushions and two armchairs and carried on living in the flat in Bedminster, Bristol, for the next 10 years without reporting the death.

Neighbours complained to the council about foul smells from the flat but although council officers visited twice the body was never found.

Mr Pring’s skeleton was discovered in January 2008 when cleaners were brought in after Mr Derrick was evicted from the flat following a county court order.

Council officers who visited the flat believed the smell came from the lavatory.

The council said procedures for looking after vulnerable people had now been changed.

The council's deputy chief executive, Jon House, acknowledged a "more active intervention nine or 10 years ago", and a " healthier dose of common sense", might have led to Mr Pring's body being found earlier.

He said: "I apologise unreservedly both to Mr Pring's family and to the residents of neighbouring homes for the distress they have endured."

Tenant Hides Dead Friend Under Sofa For 10 Years

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Sherpa Team To Clear Corpses / Garbage From Mt. Everest

TGM - A team of 20 Sherpa mountaineers plans to remove bodies of climbers who died in Mount Everest's “death zone,” a treacherous stretch that has claimed some 300 lives since 1953.

The team also aims to remove tons of garbage left behind on the slopes under a Nepalese government program to clean up the popular tourist destination.

The 20 Sherpas plan to begin the expedition May 1 and set up camp at the South Col, 8,000 meters above sea level, team leader Namgyal said. Just above the South Col is the “death zone” area known as the toughest stretch for climbers because of low oxygen levels and rough terrain.

The team said it plans to remove at least five bodies from a narrow trail between South Col and the summit, but has not identified them. In the past bodies have generally been removed only from lower elevations, because dangerous conditions have made removing bodies from the “death zone” nearly impossible.

The team also plans to remove some 3,000 kilograms of garbage from the zone.

“We will carry empty sacks and fill them with empty oxygen bottles, food wrappings, old tents and ropes from the area,” Namgyal said.

Garbage discarded on the mountain was a major environmental problem until the Nepalese government imposed strict rules about 15 years ago requiring visitors to return all of their gear and rubbish or risk losing a deposit.

It is unclear how much trash is left on the mountain, but several clean-up expeditions have brought down tons of garbage.

Namgyal, who like most Sherpa uses only one name, has climbed the 8,850-meter peak — the world's highest — seven times. One of the expedition's members, Long Dorje, has made the trip 14 times. All of the team members have visited the summit at least once.

Sherpas were mostly yak herders and traders living in the Himalayas until Nepal opened its borders to tourists in 1950. Their stamina and knowledge of the mountains makes them expert guides and porters.

NOTE: Here's a wikipedia link that describes the Mt. Everest 'death zone'. Imagine a paranormal investigation there - wow!...Lon

Sherpa Team To Clear Corpses / Garbage From Mt. Everest

IHU: Dominican Republic UFO Sightings / Encounters

NOTE: Scott Corrales from The Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU) details a few UFO sightings and encounters with non-human creatures in the Dominican Republic, particularly in the light of the recent and spectacular sighting of an unidentified triangular craft...Lon

inexplicata - On August 29, 2005, Carlos Peña, an engineer from the Dominican Republic, witnessed an object he described as a "black UFO" flying at an estimated altitude of a thousand to three thousand meters (calculated by the object's flight between two different cloud strata). "The object was traveling from West to East and its shape was hard to describe," said the engineer in his report. "I was unable to define its shape, but I believe it was something [...] like the alleged "flying humanoids" seen in Mexico over recent months. I cannot relate it to any other object, such as balloons, birds, airplanes, etc. on account to its very strange shape."

The sighting lasted only forty seconds, but it is possibly the only sighting of a UFO in the Dominican Republic in recent years. Just as it is true that some countries or parts of our planet appear to be "UFO prone", there are others that remain ufologically quiet for decades after having had significant case histories involving UFO sightings and encounters and brushes with the paranormal. One of these countries is the Dominican Republic, which experienced a series of "flaps" in the 1970s that attracted international attention, as we shall see from the cases below.

Lost in Antiquity

UFO activity in the Dominican Republic may go as far back as the caves: The island’s early inhabitants have left us a legacy of petroglyphs to be found in the province of Sanamá, depicting unknown artifacts project rays of light and others with clearly detailed ladders coming out their hulls (anthropologists describe these depictions as ceremonial masks and representations of the “cemí” deities of the ancient Tainos, however). These images are hardly unique: Aimé Michel, one of France’s foremost UFO researchers, was prompted to believe that many of the petroglyphs found in French and Spanish caves actually depicted unknown flying objects and not “hunting traps, nets or fences”, as anthropologists would have it.

The island has also enjoyed the distinction of being at the center of a controversy which has raged since the 16th century: whether it was discovered by Columbus during his second voyage to the "New World", or if it was indeed discovered in 1480 by Alfonso Sánchez, master of the hapless caravel Atlante, who left detailed records of his exploration of the island along with a map, which may have come into the Genoese mariner's possession. But not even this controversy has come close to the contemporary furor over the strange objects reported in the skies, seas and land of the Dominican Republic.

A Decade of Intense Activity

November 1972 marked the high point of UFO and paranormal activity over the Dominican Republic. One of the most memorable cases involved the remarkable healing of a woman afflicted with cancer of the stomach following the sudden apparition of an unidentified flying object. On November 6 that year, a prayer service was held at the home Mrs. Ramona de Baez, 45, in the town of Paya on the southern coast of Hispaniola. Some ten people stood in a circle around Mrs. Baez, who lay in bed. Suddenly, one of the guests – a woman named Julia Elvira – reportedly saw a light “like a large star” through the window, approaching the house from a considerable distance until it finally came to rest upon the house, flooding it with light. This event caused a panic among those within, except for Marino Baez, who was leading the prayers. Mr. Baez reportedly “saw an angel” taking him by the hand to lead him back to the ailing Ramona’s bed. There, the luminous entity allegedly placed its hands over the patient’s abdomen, causing her to fall asleep. Five minutes later, Ramona leaped out of bed saying that she no longer felt ill. At no point did the patient ever see the entity – only Mr. Baez’s hands on her stomach and “a cold sensation in her back”. The case became widely known throughout the region, prompting researchers to contact Ramona Baez’s oncologist, Dr. Oscar Espaillat, who confirmed her condition and status, adding that the woman had never returned for further treatment.

Earlier that same year, the Dominican press had published reports on the remarkable healings carried out by Luciana Pelàez of the town of Barahona. Ms. Peláez was a fervent Catholic whose healings attracted national attention, even that of President Joaquin Balaguer, who said that Ms. Peláez was “deserving of respect and high esteem”. It is not known if the chief executive ever resorted to the healer’s cures, as has occurred with healers and other Latin American officials (Mexico’s Plutarco Elías Calles with “Niño Fidencio” and Brazil’s Jacinto Kubitschek with the world famous “Zé Arigo”). On March 29th, Ms. Pelaez held an open mass outside the city of Santo Domingo, asking those in attendance to offer prayers for the sick and cautioning that “something” might take place later that evening that should be perceived only as a “manifestation of God.”

At six thirty, the healer fell into a trance and the crowd began to weep and shout, prompting the priest celebrating the mass to interrupt the service and look to the sky: right beside the moon, there was a second “moon” rising and sinking among the clouds, emitting a yellowish glow that increased brightly before dimming once more. The religious service was only able to continue after the crowd’s level of excitement over this strange phenomenon had subsided.

Surprising encounters with humanoids were soon to follow: In September 1972, a driver near the town of Palenque in the Dominican Republic was flagged down by a trio of aliens in gray, form-fitting uniforms and with lemon-hued skins. An egg-shaped UFO was in the background, and the driver became understandably concerned for his safety. One of the aliens approached him and engaged him in perfect Spanish, telling him that he had once been as human as he was, having been rescued by the aliens from nearly drowning in the high seas ten years previously. His human name had been Freddy Miller, and he had successfully adapted to living on the aliens' home world.

The inability to get a good night’s sleep on a hot spring night managed to land Mario Garcia, a private pilot, in the pages of UFO history. At 2 o’clock in the morning on May 24, 1976, he got out of bed to breathe some fresh air on his apartment’s balcony. The presence of some strange flashes of light to the south prompted him to go back inside for his telescope, and looking through the eyepiece he was able to see an oval object with a small row of windows along its midsection. Its surface was so highly polished, García would later tell researchers, that the slightest reflected light could blind any onlooker. Setting his aviation knowledge to the matter, García said that the unidentified object was rising between fifty to one hundred feet a minute, “as though carrying a very heavy cargo” until it reached an 3000-foot altitude. At that point, it retracted its prominent landing gear and its antenna circled a number of times “as if trying to lock on to a signal or tracking device.” The unusual and science-fictionish craft vanished toward the west “at a speed incomprehensible to the human mind.”

The Robot Man

An afternoon playing with cousins and the family dog developed into a full-blown encounter with the unknown for a ten year-old boy from the village of El Fundo. He had been playing outdoors around five o’clock on the family property when the dog – a Collie – began barking frantically at one of the sheds located on the premises. From behind the wood and zinc structure emerged “a man like a robot” who ignored the canine vocalizations and began walking in a straight line, seemingly oblivious to the frightened children, who ran away and hit in the shrubbery. It was then that the ten year-old heard an unusual sound which he described as “a cavalry charge”. Turning to see what the source of the noise was, he was startled to see an orb measuring approximately three feet in diameter, painted black and surmounted by an unidentified structure, rolling along the ground. The sphere rolled away and vanished into the woods. The “robot man” meanwhile continued his slow, inexorable forward motion away from the scene, harried by the barking dog.

According to researcher Manuel Fiallo, who interviewed the protagonists, the strange entity was wearing a form-fitting outfit of black slacks and a short-sleeved red pullover that revealed “scaly lemon-green arms”. Its face appeared to lack eyes and nose, although the mouth was described as “normal-looking.”

Aliens in the Cane Fields

In March 1977, Dominican GOFOS group (Grupo Observador de Fenómenos y Objetos Siderales) researched a case which had taken place in San Francisco Macorís, a farming community in the southern part of the country. In one particular instance, a couple was awakened at 3:30 a.m. by their baby's crying. When the mother went to check on her, she noticed that the entire house was bathed in a hot, greenish-blue light. The mother described it as "a buzzing lightning bolt that won't go away."

The woman's husband went outside to see the source of the mysterious light, perhaps fearing an electrical fire of some sort. He was stunned by what he saw: hovering above the palm trees at a height of some fifty feet was a disk with a large number of "grates" which emitted an array of colors, mainly red, white, blue and green. He ran back into his house as the buzzing sound increased. The heat became
unbearable as the vehicle zoomed out of sight, and the couple was left with irritated eyes and a dryness of the throat that persisted for a week. Not much was known about UFOs in the Dominican Republic at the time, and certainly not in the agricultural region of San Francisco Macorís. But that was about to change.

On the night of June 24, 1977 an anonymous witness reported seeing an enigmatic light descending slowly from the night sky to remain motionless over the sea. A tube like structure emerged from the vehicle's "hull" and absorbed seawater for a protracted period of time. The unidentified object then rose again to hover above the witness, who noticed two beings staring at him through a porthole. According to the witness, a larger vehicle absorbed this smaller craft and became lost among the stars.

The stage for the sightings moved from the Dominican Republic's eastern tip to its western border with Haiti, near the sugar-producing region on the Bay of Ocoa, in late 1977 and early 1978, with events taking a grislier turn: mutilations, accompanied by strange lights and bizarre creatures, tormented the cane-cutters of the town of Barahona, who reported that a "gigantic dog" was slaying and eating domestic animals in the dead of the night. This monstrous canine possessed above average intelligence, as it was able to open pens and cages, extracting the last drop of blood from its hapless victims, which consisted largely of cats, hens and rabbits. Local authorities dismissed any supernatural suggestions, stating that it was merely "a joke in the poorest of taste" executed by the inhabitants of this agricultural area. The fact that the locals could ill afford sacrificing their animals for the sake of a prank was deemed irrelevant.

The mutilations were closely followed by a number of "occupant" sightings as the flap reached its peak: Cone-shaped beings were seen in November 1978 by five women in Santo Domingo. Three creatures, twice the height of the tallest human, carrying lanterns on their abdomens, descended a steep hillside to surround an automobile that braked to a screeching halt. The automobile's headlights died as the witnesses heard sounds which they assumed were blows being inflicted upon the vehicle by the conical trio. Their terrified screams attracted the attention of neighbors, who came to their aid. No traces were found of the beings or of the car which they had surrounded.

In the 80's and early 90's, the Dominican Republic's UFO activity became closely linked with the incidents being reported by commercial and recreational mariners along the Mona Passage, the turbulent channel separating Hispaniola from Puerto Rico. Many illegal immigrants, braving the Passage's fierce seas in order to land on Puerto Rico's western shore, have reported seeing bizarre lights performing spectacular aerial maneuvers before plunging noiselessly into the black waters. An anonymous ship captain in the illegal immigrant trade claimed that his fishing boat, along with its human cargo, was almost capsized by the sudden emergence of a glowing craft from beneath the waves.

IHU: Dominican Republic UFO Sightings / Encounters

Odd Sounds and Spectres Continue at Connecticut Library

courant - Odd things are happening at the Deep River Public Library.

Staff member Pam Ziobron was working by herself late one Saturday. She had shut off all the lights except for the one at the circulation desk, where she was standing, when she had a strong sense that she wasn't alone.

"It was just a feeling. ... It was just so light and airy, like a female coming down the stairs. It was very, very real," Ziobron said.

Since 2004, ghost hunters and mediums have spent time in the Main Street library to investigate these strange occurrences in what was the home of a prominent Deep River man 100 years ago. Another paranormal investigation agency will try to capture what library employees have been feeling and hearing for years. Full Spectrum Ghost Hunters of Plainville plans to conduct a paranormal investigation May 8.

Of the previous mediums and ghost hunters, some have concurred that they've also felt the presence of ghosts. Others have been able to capture more information.

Ghost hunter John Zaffis, nephew of famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, approached the Main Street library in 2004 about conducting an investigation. He felt the presence of two females, one in her teens and one in her 50s, in the library reference area that used to be the residence's kitchen. The original wood-burning stove that was manufactured in 1877 by Fuller, Warren & Co., in Troy, N.Y., is still there. According to the Valley Courier newspaper, Connecticut Paranormal Research & Investigators of East Haven captured a spirit in photos two years ago.

Susan Oehl, the library's assistant director, was eating her lunch and was the only person on the upper level when she heard a sound in the next room.

"I heard distinctly a woman clearing her throat," Oehl recently recalled. When she went to check, no one was there.

The possibility of ghosts has contributed to the lure of the library and of Deep River's quaint Main Street, said Ann Paietta, the library's director. The house was built in 1881 by Richard Pratt Spencer, who owned a manufacturing company that dealt with the ivory trade, served as treasurer and president of the Deep River National Bank and was a state senator.

He lived in the house, until his death in 1910, with his second wife and their three children. The house was built with the Deep River in its backyard and now faces the many shops, banks and restaurants that line the main road.

The library association bought the house in 1930 and, although a few additions have been made, the building is mainly an original, including the damp basement's exposed brick and fieldstone, stained-glass windows and wood moldings.

The ghosts have appeared only in the old parts of the building, Paietta said.

"This is the area where people love," she said, standing in the attic. "They feel, sense things."

Michael Dionne, founder of Full Spectrum Ghost Hunters, said that about 1 percent of the cases he investigates are paranormal. One way to detect ghosts is by gauging the electromagnetic fields in the room, but everyday items, such as electronic gadgets and rainstorms, can create electromagnetic fields, he said.

"If you're sensitive to the electromagnetic fields, you can get anything from skin irritations, nausea, paranoia, hallucinations," Dionne said.

He and his group of paranormal investigators will set up electromagnetic-field detectors throughout the library and — accounting for electrical boxes on the property, the weather and other factors — will read the detectors to determine if there are electromagnetic fields in the building.

"If I'm in the middle of a hallway and there's [a zero reading] on my walk through and later in the night it's at a 40 or 50 [reading] and there's nothing on, that basically tells you there's something that's just unexplainable," Dionne said.

After the walk-through, the group will listen to recordings and see if any inexplicable sounds were picked up.

Paietta said the library has more going for it than the rumors of a ghost, but, she added, "It's fun. It enhances the library."


Connecticut Paranormal Research Society - If you have been quietly reading at the Deep River Public Library and thought you heard noises in the attic or saw something move in the corner of your eye, you are not alone.

Library Director Ann Paietta said that patrons and her colleagues claim they heard noises from the upper levels and saw something whisk by them.

Paietta confirmed that the historic building has an attic and second level, both of which are closed to the public since they do not meet ADA accessibility requirements.

Some have attributed these noises to spirits who live in the library.

Paietta invited the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society, CPRS, and its sister group, the Connecticut Ghost Hunters of Shoreline Towns, CGHOST, to give a presentation at the library back in December.

Over sixty residents from surrounding towns attended the event.

Even before hearing from Paietta, Pamela Ryder, paracounselor and public relations spokesperson for CPRS, sensed spirits when she was in the building.

Paietta gave Ryder permission to come back to do an investigation to uncover the truth behind the mysterious noises and sights.

On March 8, Paietta said representatives from CPRS took particular interest to possible activities on the building's second floor and attic.

While Paietta wanted to invite the public, CPRS representatives requested the event be conducted behind closed doors to eliminate potential interference.

Eight investigators used a variety of equipment, including video cameras, an Electronic Voice Phenomena recorder, infrared red cameras, and digital cameras, to measure conditions during the four hours they were in the building.

"Activity peaked when we first started our investigation as if it was attracted to what we were doing but after one to two hours, it moved away," Ryder said.

Investigators heard the sound of someone walking upstairs even though everyone was quiet during the investigation.

"The psychic had sensed there was a gentleman in the attic," Ryder said, adding that she is unsure whether the gentleman is the spirit of one of the Spencers or of the XYZ robber.

Richard Spencer constructed the building at the corner of Main and Village Streets in 1881 and his family was particularly attached to the elegant home until it was converted into a library in 1933.

The XYZ robber was killed on Dec. 13, 1899 when he attempted to rob the Deep River Savings Bank, at 141 Main Street.

Bank officials were tipped off on the robbery and hired Captain Harry Tyler who shot XYZ with a Winchester rifle as he tried to break one of the bank's windows.

Tyler received an anonymous letter requesting that the man be buried under a headstone marked XYZ in an attempt to preserve his anonymity and to continue the tradition of marking headstones with three initials.

Tyler was buried at the Fountain Hill Cemetery and his identity is still unknown to this day.

News articles and the rifle are on display in the bank, now known as Citizen's Bank.

Ryder said there have been no documented deaths in the building and while spirits may reside there, she emphasized that they are not evil and do not pose a threat.

Ryder hopes to have final conclusions of the investigation by the end of March.

She plans to give Paietta a complete analysis on disk and plans to give a seminar in May, which will be open to the public, to present findings.

Odd Sounds and Spectres Continue at Connecticut Library

What If It Is All About The Soul?

Chris Holly's Paranormal World - I was talking to a group of friends about the mystery of life. We were sitting on the beach looking at the Atlantic Ocean on Easter Sunday. The sky was beautiful. It was blue – bright brilliant blue, not one cloud to be found as far as the eye could see. Of course the jets arrived just before dust and rapidly started to lay down heavy chem-trails that expanded into mountains of clouds, but that is another story.

Let’s get back to our conversation about life, death and what goes on in-between. Two of my friends were discussing the idea of reincarnation, or a continued journey of the soul. I told them I heard someone talk about our true identity being a bag of thinking learning energy that is a piece of the overall universe. Humans think of it as our soul. I told my friends this theory explains we are all individual yet a part of the great universe of life. We separate away from the mother ship of overall universal life energy in to individual souls to live different existences. The theory is we venture into vessels like the human body to live out many different life experiences before moving on to our ultimate purpose where our piece of energy joins with the great over all universe energy and a higher level.

In this thinking our soul or life energy encounters many forms of life all throughout the universe until it has experienced all things possible in the universe. This journey’s purpose is a great mystery as the ultimate goal or end is hard to imagine. If this is possible and this is what our soul or life energy does – does it repeat constantly or does it hit a level when all lessons and adventures have been experienced and a higher level of the soul or life energy is achieved?

Could the entire purpose of this universe be a travel adventure for pure energy forms that use our life forms to experience material biological life events? Could we be in the kindergarten, or High School of life energy when living our human life forms? I know it is not the University of Life, all the violence of this planet surely rules that out!

The possibilities of what could be and why is beyond our limited imaginations. I do believe however with all of me as well as those sitting on that beach with me Easter that all of life and all the universe and all the energy and biology and matter in it are not a random act of mindless accident without meaning or reason. The degree of chance needed for that to be possible is I believe impossible. We are here not only on purpose but for reason. Of this I am sure.

For those of you who demand I prove that statement I say to you I will as soon as you prove I am wrong. Until that day my thinking is as probable as your thinking it is not!

For now I will continue to use whatever brain cells I can to try to understand why I am living this life on this planet in the form of a human being. I also wonder how many other life forms I have been and how many other life experiences I have lived?

While discussing these issues on that beach on Easter Sunday with my friends we stumbled on the subject of species we know once existed and strangely disappeared from this planet in the past. We wondered if the nature of the universe was more at blame for the removal of species like the Hobbits and Neanderthals as well as others we have yet to discover or understand.

Could the experiences of those who lived as Neanderthals have lost its need to be experienced by the energies (souls) of the universe? Could the extinction of the Neanderthals been caused by the fact that the life experience of being a Neanderthal was simply no longer needed by the souls or energy that roams our Universe?

Did the controlling wisdom of all life in the Universe decide that the experience of the Neanderthal life or Hobbits simply no longer be needed and remove them as a option from the menu of offered life forms?

Can that be why we are now being told that blue eyed- in fact all light skinned humans are now in full decline with a zero population rate and will soon be the world’s minority on its way to being extinct? Can the life events of those born in to that life experience be running its needed course in the universal life chain of creatures to experience by the energy forms that make up our universe?

I often wonder if all life is simply a suit to wear, a vessel to travel in during our tour of duty in what we need to experience. Are we mere balloons that contain our energy, our life force, our souls? It would explain why the miracle of life needs that electric charge to begin our journey to develop into a life form from nothing more than a bit of non living material. The spark of life is in my eyes the biggest mystery of all. Could we move our spark from creature to creature from human to a being on a distant planet as an alien and back again in order to live and experience all that this universe has to offer?

I have to admit I always thought the truth of this universe was far bigger than anything we could ever imagine. I know that we are not alone. I know this universe is teaming with life in many forms, colors and flavors. We are only one small part of something that is enormous maybe never ending.

The monster of all questions concerning life, and our universe has to be that which asks what is past our universe? If it is other universes what is past that? What is the end – or the beginning of everything? This is the question of life- the question of why we all exist. Are we a one shot accident of little meaning or are we a wandering energy , a soul and part of something much greater?

Knowing these things are far beyond my ability to answer and my questions limited due to my limits as a human. I can only hope somehow some day we all understand why we live, why we exist, why we sit on beautiful beaches on the middle of chaotic planet wondering the why of it all?

I will try my best to live as well as I can and do the best I can in this vessel of human flesh I fall asleep in and wake up inside of each day of my human life. I think riding through this life being a kind and good person a safe road to a better experience if by chance any of these theories are true or possible. I plan to stay on the high road . I would hate to find my next road living as a giant alien dung eating monster on a faraway planet filled with other dung eating monsters . I would imagine that could very well be the fate for those who are the unkind hate filled humans on this planet. You may want to consider that idea next time you interact with your fellow humans this trip around!

For now, keep thinking and always pay attention to your surroundings and the reasons you may be living in your human form on this planet on this very day!

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World
Copyright © 2008-2010 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

What If It Is All About The Soul?

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Chicago & Regional Winged Humanoid / Flying Entity Sightings & Encounters - Witness Sightings Map

NOTE: Any use of witness information, which includes any attempt to contact a witness or persons involved in an event, is strictly prohibited without the written consent of Lon Strickler.


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