Saturday, April 17, 2010

Video: Triangular Shaped UFO - La Vega, Dominican Republic

Statement: One of the best UFO sightings ever in Dominican Republic...a triangular shaped ship stayed still over a house at night for about 10 mins everybody saw it...100s of witnesses

NOTE: Thanks to Yimmy Characoto Smolarsky for sending me the heads up on this sighting. Yimmy states: "Lon, I just got this from a friend in FB... a triangular-shape UFO over DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (a place called La Vega). This is a video recording from a TV screen. UFO was seen for almost 10 min over a house..."

Video: Triangular Shaped UFO - La Vega, Dominican Republic

Photos: Possible Alien Being? - Stephens County, Texas

My friend 'SW' got the surprise of her life while looking over images in her camera. The following is what she wrote on her blog at Phantom Universe: Spooked by a Peeping Tom. What do you think? Lon

Recently I took a photo of a summer weight bread spread my daughter had given me this past Christmas and I wanted her to see how it looked. I snapped off a couple of photos and quickly left the room, suddenly feeling 'spooked'.

For some unknown reason, I deleted one of the photos, which I rarely do. I always save my original photos and then copy to other folders for use. The one I deleted was at an angle more towards the window, the first photo I had taken. It might have shown more of what I found.

I was going through my photos several days later and my eyes were immediately drawn to the window in the photo. I did some highlighting of the whole window area and that is when what I was seeing really showed up.

The rectangular screen pull tab can be clearly seen but it is the "object" above the tab that has my attention. There were no lights outside, no moon and completely dark, except for a few lights in the distance. I live on a farm.

Now if that doesn't creep someone out, I don't know what will!

Note: I live in a rural area on a farm. There have been numerous sightings of unidentified flying objects in our area. I am also an 'experiencer' and an 'intuitive'. All my life I have been able to see, hear and/or sense things that others don't want to. We all have the ability but some of us are more willing to accept our gifts and not bury them in fear and skepticism.

I've always accepted my gifts but being chosen as a lab rat for aliens is not something I'd wish on anyone! And I certainly don't appreciate being spied upon.

Photos: Possible Alien Being? - Stephens County, Texas

Is FEMA Trying To Cover Up NLE 10?

Public Intelligence has received a request from FEMA to remove a “For Official Use Only” document regarding the National Level Exercise 2010 (NLE 10), which was scheduled for this coming May. The exercise was to be based on National Planning Scenario 1 which simulates a nuclear detonation in a U.S. city. However, recent political pressure has led to the exercise being “scaled back” according to the Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor and a variety of other publications. At the behest of Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), the exercise’s Nevada events have reportedly been canceled and the FEMA website now shows no mention of NLE 10.

On top of this, the Obama administration has recently been emphasizing the threat of a domestic nuclear attack. President Obama’s remarks at the Nuclear Security Summit on April 13, 2010 emphasize that the threat of terrorists using nuclear weapons inside of major metropolitan cities is one of the “greatest threats” that the world faces:

Two decades after the end of the Cold War, we face a cruel irony of history — the risk of a nuclear confrontation between nations has gone down, but the risk of nuclear attack has gone up.

Nuclear materials that could be sold or stolen and fashioned into a nuclear weapon exist in dozens of nations. Just the smallest amount of plutonium — about the size of an apple — could kill and injure hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Terrorist networks such as al Qaeda have tried to acquire the material for a nuclear weapon, and if they ever succeeded, they would surely use it. Were they to do so, it would be a catastrophe for the world — causing extraordinary loss of life, and striking a major blow to global peace and stability.

In short, it is increasingly clear that the danger of nuclear terrorism is one of the greatest threats to global security — to our collective security.

NLE 10 concerned itself with exactly this scenario: the detonation of a nuclear device inside of a U.S. city. Las Vegas was to be the epicenter of this hypothetical attack and, if the exercise utilized the same circumstances as National Planning Scenario 1, it would have involved “hundreds of thousands” of casualties, more than 300,000 refugees and ultimately more than 1 million displaced persons.

The unpopularity of such a scenario, regardless of its security benefits, is obvious. What is strange is the attempt that is now being made by FEMA to eliminate references to the exercises and remove from circulation a document that has played an important role in drawing attention to the exercise. As the state of NLE 10 is unclear at the moment, it is difficult to say whether the request is truly motivated by security or whether there is a more dubious intention.

Is FEMA Trying To Cover Up NLE 10?

Human Sacrifice Suspected In West Bengal Temple

bbc - The severed head and torso of a man has been found in a temple in the Indian state of West Bengal in what the police say is a case of "human sacrifice".

The head and the body were found at the local temple to the goddess Kali near Chotomakdampur village in the western district of Birbhum.

Police say they have detained a tribal villager for questioning.

Human sacrifice is illegal in India. But a few cases do occur in remote and underdeveloped regions.

"This man has been sacrificed to propitiate the gods," said local official Kalyan Mukherjee.

"This is a shame for Bengal where the ruling Left coalition claim they have eradicated social evils and combated superstition," an opposition leader Samir Kumar Ray said.

Though human sacrifice has long been banned in India, some people, mostly the poor and illiterate, fall under the influence of "witch doctors" in the hope of reversing their fortunes.

NOTE: where's Indiana Jones when you need him?

Bodies Piling Up...Tibetan Sky Burials Abandoned

telegraph - The corpses are piled three-deep at Jiegu's Tibetan Buddhist monastery, perched on the mountain above the earthquake-ravaged town.

"More than a thousand bodies were brought here," said Ge Laidanzeng, a 20-year-old Tibetan lama at the monastery.

By the side of the monastery, a bright yellow hall open to the air on one side and painted with pink lotuses, was filled with corpses.

Normally used for mass rituals, this hall was the only place large enough to hold so many dead.

"Three hundred have been claimed by relatives, the others we will take care of," said the young monk.

As he spoke, a family clambered over the pile of bodies, each shrouded in cotton or tarpaulin, eventually claiming their dead mother and loading her body into a minivan.

To one side, thirty lamas chanted sutras, as they have constantly since the bodies began to arrive. More monks swathed the bodies in Tan Cheng prayer flags.

Traditionally, the dead would be given sky burials, their bodies dismembered and then scattered on the top of the mountain for vultures to eat.

"We cannot do this for them," said Ge. "There are too many for the vultures to eat."

Instead, the dead will be cremated on Saturday after a prayer service by the head of the Aka monastery, a Living Buddha.

The number of bodies at the Jiegu monastery contradicts the official death toll from Wednesday's quakes, the largest of which measured 7.1 magnitude, according to the China Earthquake bureau.

On Friday, the official death toll climbed to 760, with a further 243 people missing and 1,174 severely injured.

"I believe at least 10,000 were killed," said Ge. "There are four other monasteries collecting the dead and they are the same as us," he said. "Then there are all the people still buried. The government is playing down the figures."

In residential parts of Jiegu, some survivors were being pulled out of the rubble on Friday, three days after the quake struck.

But they were hugely outnumbered by corpses.

Rescue teams have struggled to reach Jiegu, which lies 12 hours from the nearest major airport and 10,000ft up on the Tibetan plateau.

On Friday, the first teams with sniffer dogs, heartbeat detectors and fibre-optic cameras began scouring the wreckage.

Li Xiaojun, 22, a firefighter and Alsatian handler, said that his team from the north-western province of Shandong, and their dogs, were struggling to adapt to the altitude after arriving overnight.

"First we scan the debris with the heartbeat detectors, then we send in the dogs," he said. "However our spirits are low. The dogs' tails are down. The hopes of finding survivors are pretty slim now."

At the Saikang monastery, on the fringes of Jieshu, teams of purple- robed monks were working with camouflaged soldiers to search for the hundred monks buried underneath.

"We got here today and immediately started digging," said Zhayierjilang, a monk from Gansi. "So far, all we have found are bodies though."

Behind him, Chinese soldiers held up a deer's head and a belt of bullets they had unearthed. In another ruined house nearby, a small portrait of the young Dalai Lama had been concealed among the beams.

An exodus has begun in Jiegu, with many families travelling on motorbikes, lorries and buses to stay with relatives elsewhere. "All our possessions were destroyed, we will be back, but it is too cold to stay here without food and warm clothes," said Jiang Junning, 30, who was on his way to the provincial capital of Xining.

For those left behind, the situation is grim. Despite the huge convoys of aid from the Chinese government, many families said they lacked food, water and medicine.

Ten thousand survivors, 90 per cent of whom were Tibetan, had set up camp on the race track outside Jiegu. However, only 16 doctors were on hand from the Red Cross to treat them.

"We are seeing 1,500 people a day, but we don't have the resources or medicine to travel around the tents," said one doctor. "When we clean their wounds, they get re-infected by the dust and the unsanitary conditions," he said, warning that the chance of infections and disease was severe.

In one tent, Yan Zhibing, 26, was sheltering with his wife and six month-old son. "When the earthquake struck, my first thought was to grab my baby son and run. Only later did I realise my wife had been buried."

His wife lay still in the corner of the tent, a swollen and infected foot visible on the earth and straw floor. "We don't have medicine for her, and we don't have enough food. She has not produced any milk to feed the baby for two days, we are desperate," he said.

Outside, aid convoys were slowly rolling in, but too late for some.

Hundreds of monks at the camp were already chanting the first burial rites for ten more dead, wrapped in cloth and loaded onto vans for the trip up to the Jiegu monastery.

Human Sacrifice Suspected In West Bengal Temple

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Humanoid / Cryptid Encounter Reports 16

The following are previous humanoid / cryptid encounter reports received by various agencies worldwide:


Locations: Greater New Delhi, India and surrounding villages/townships
Dates: May 10-18, 2001

*Vineet Sharma, 18, and his family were sleeping outside on the veranda of their grandmother's house when a strange creature leaped onto the veranda. It jumped up and punched the grandmother on the stomach. Two of the younger family members ran to their grandmother's assistance and the strange monkey-like creature scratched them on their hands and faces. Then it jumped across the courtyard to the roof of a neighbor and attacked the residents of that house. The creature was described as about four and a half feet tall, with the face of rhesus monkey, well-developed shoulders, and two eyes with bright light emanating from them.

*Dr. Saroj Bala Sharma and other villagers began patrolling the area after another sighting of the "monkey man." Soon after she caught sight of the creature which she describes as around 4 and a half ft tall and jumping like a monkey. "He looked like a black shadow with monkey like face with red lights emitting from his eyes."

*Several residents were chasing a strange ape like creature that appeared to be have "wires sticking out" of its head and temples on Grand Trunk Road near the Samtel factory. When a powerful flashlight suddenly blinded them. Then they saw three persons getting away in a Maruti car. The men were carrying large sacks filled with equipment. They waved at the villagers as they drove away.

*An ape like creature covered with fur but with human facial features confronted several local villagers. It screeched at the witnesses and jumped around. Later near the Samtel factory Ganesh Jha Paraparam and his relatives came face to face with the monkey-like creature that suddenly jumped 20 feet from a crouching position and caught the branches of the trees. It soon lost itself in the thick foliage. Another witness in Islamnagar area, Shamir Begun saw the monkey-man walking on her rooftop. Nearby another resident reported "two" creatures jumped on him and scratched his face.

*A bizarre monkey-man like creature jumped onto a rooftop in this city and began biting and scratching people who had been sleeping on the roof. While fleeing the black furred creature, one man slipped on the gutter and fell off the roof. He plummeted to his death four stories below.

*Ganesh Jha claimed he came face to face with the "huge man-monkey", and saw him jump 20 ft in the air. He said, "We were taking an evening walk when we walked into this huge man-monkey." The monster sprang up 20 ft from a crouching position and grabbed the branches of a tree and vanished before the witness had a chance to scream.

*A local resident named Chander struggle with a man-like furred creature "for about 10 minutes" before it jumped down from the balcony. Chander described the creature as four and a half feet tall, with a body shaped like a monkey but with human like legs. It lifted Chander over its head and threw him into some trash barrels.

*A 20-year-old homemaker, Soman, who was six months pregnant, was on her veranda at her apartment house when suddenly a strange monkey like creature swung down from the roof and attacked sleeping members of her family. Soman stumbled while fleeing down the stairs and then tumbled all the way to the first floor. She died at the hospital a few hours later.

*An 18-year old man reported being attacked in his home by a brown furred creature, which when he hit it with a water bottle, "flew out" of the verandah hit the building opposite and disappeared. Later that same night, four people in Bhajanpura were attacked by a shadowy figure with "red and blue bulbs on his body." The panic claimed the third fatality that night when a 19 year old jumped to his death from the roof of his house in northwest Delhi.

NOTE: These attacks went on for approximately one week. There were other sightings in the general area as well, including a masked man, a man wrapped like a mummy and a wolf-like creature. The local government stated that it was a case of mass hysteria. All of the reports were received by various agencies...Lon



Location/Date: Vyborg, Russia - Summer 1999 - during daylight

32-year old Mariya was found barely alive, naked and injured on a highway outside of St. Petersburg. She was taken to a hospital where it was found that she had numerous cuts, bruises and other injuries. After initial investigation local militia came to the conclusion that she had been raped. There was a strange detail present; the lower part of her body was covered in an unknown substance resembling mucus or frogspawn.

When she regained conscious she reported that she had been staying with some friends at a country cottage when one day she decided to take a motorboat into the bay of Finland. She wanted to look at an island, which had the ruins of a former Finnish glass plant abandoned in 1939. Suddenly a dense cloud covered the sky, she looked up and saw a huge disc-shaped craft. She felt paralyzed with fear and unable to move. As the huge flying saucer hovered over her she lost consciousness. She does not recall how long she had been unconscious but she woke up feeling a terribly cold and fearful. She opened her eyes and found herself lying on a metallic table, completely naked. She was not tied and was able to move but soon noticed a bizarre creature leaning over her. The creature was lizard-like, with huge eyes. She saw many shiny instruments around her and 3 or 4 lights shone over her. Suddenly she felt the creature climb over her, touching her. She felt like screaming but her throat did not obey her. She felt everything but soon lost consciousness again. She regained consciousness in a hospital 200 kilometers away from where she had originally been. Her boat was found on an island. The mucus or mucilage like substance proved difficult to wash away from her body.

Source: 'Undeclared Visit' Nr # 2, 2000 and militia / hospital staff witnesses



Location/Date: Villa San Rafael de Calama, Chile - September 15, 1999 - 11:00 pm

Enrique Fowler and his grandson, 13-year old Jean Fowler were just arriving at a location on Yerbas Buenas Street. Enrique was parking his truck, when they both suddenly noticed a strange figure standing only 4 meters in front of them. Terrified, both saw the creature clearly illuminated by the truck headlights. The creature was described as bipedal and only 1 meter in height, ape like in appearance, dirty gray in color, and very hairy. It had a short neck, with a long rounded torso. When first seen the creature was standing with its back to the witnesses, the creature suddenly “twisted around” making an incredible 180 degree turn with the top of its body, in order to look directly at the witnesses. The terrified witnesses could now see that the creature’s face was gray in color, with large glowing almond shaped eyes and a small mouth that kept opening and closing as if very exhausted. It appeared to have a long scraggly beard and several tufts of unruly hair hung from its head. It had very short arms, resembling that of kangaroos that he kept close to the body. Its hands had three fingers with long sharp gray colored nails. A curious feature was that the creature’s toe nails seemed to protrude and then go in again, in some type of rhythmic sequence. Suddenly the creature turned again, and made a three meter leap, quickly disappearing from sight in the nearby trees. Enrique Fowler was so stunned that he waited nearly 15 minutes before he exited the truck. Both were soon struck by a severe skin allergy after the encounter. In October 31 2000 Enrique Fowler, only 60-years old, died of a massive heart attack.

Source: Calama UFO Center

Humanoid / Cryptid Encounter Reports 16

New Nose-Dwelling Leech Species Discovered

bbc - A new species of leech, discovered by an international team of scientists, has a preference for living up noses.

Researchers say the leech can enter the body orifices of people and animals to attach itself to mucous membranes.

They have called the new blood-sucking species Tyrannobdella rex which means tyrant leech king.

The creature was first discovered in 2007 in Peru when a specimen was plucked from the nose of a girl who had been bathing in a river.

The creature lives in the remote parts of the Upper Amazon and has a "particularly unpleasant habit of infesting humans", the scientists say.

Studies also revealed that it had "a preference for living up noses". The research published their findings in the online scientific journal PLoS One .

Dr. Renzo Arauco-Brown, from the School of Medicine at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Lima, was the medical doctor who extracted the leech and preserved sent it a zoologist in the US.

The zoologist, Dr Mark Siddall, from the American Museum of Natural History in New York, was quick to recognise it as a new species. He said it had some very unusual features, including just one single jaw, eight very large teeth and extremely small genitalia.

Dr Siddall then brought together a team of researchers who studied the leech's features and DNA.

Anna Phillips, a graduate student affiliated with the museum, led the study. She said: "We think that Tyrannobdella rex is most closely related to another leech that gets into the mouths of livestock in Mexico.

"The leech could feed on aquatic mammals, from their noses and mouths for example, where they could stay for weeks at a time."

The DNA analysis also revealed "evolutionary relationships" between leeches that now inhabit distant regions. This suggested that a common ancestor of this group may have lived when the continents were pressed together into a single land mass or supercontinent called Pangaea.

Dr Siddall explained: "The earliest species in this family of leeches no doubt shared an environment with dinosaurs about 200 million years ago.

"Some ancestor of our T. rex may have been up that other T. rex's nose."

Although around 600 to 700 species leeches have been described, scientists believe there could be as many as 10,000 species throughout the world in marine, terrestrial and fresh water environments.

New Nose-Dwelling Leech Species Discovered

NUFORC Reports: Frightening UFO Encounter - Laconia, NH

The following are two NUFORC witness sighting reports submitted by friends in New Hampshire who had the same encounter together. Granted, these witnesses may be attempting to generate a hoax in order to cover up something else but, I'm willing to give these sightings consideration and the benefit of the doubt until I find out otherwise...Lon

Occurred : 3/20/2010 23:00 (Entered as : 3/20/10 23:00)
Reported: 3/25/2010 6:37:05 PM 18:37
Posted: 4/13/2010
Location: Laconia, NH
Shape: Changing
Duration:1hr 30 min.

UFO Sighting in Laconia

My name is D. I am sixteen years old and I live in New Hampshire. Last Saturday night I went out with my girlfriend, who lives in Laconia, when we had the following experience: I was with her around 11. We wanted to take her Mom’s car because it was nicer and we wanted to go look at the stars. We went to Fun Spot at the back parking lot in Laconia. There were 8 cars already there when we arrived. Little by little, the cars started leaving one by one. We were the last car in the parking lot. Then the lights of the parking lot and the lights of the houses around us and the lights of the houses down the street started to go out one by one. Then my girlfriend noticed something blocking the moon and asked, "What was that?" I knew it wasn’t a cloud because it moved back against the wind and blocked the moon again. I don’t know how to explain this but it turns into a ball when it wants to slow down and move around quickly and when it wants to go fast, straight, it turns into a flat plate with maze box-shaped lined lights. These were on all the time. The colors were dim yellowish white and did not change. I cannot tell whether these were part of the bottom or not. It flipped a lot. I did not know which side was right or up on it. It was doing this over the trees across the street from the parking lot. It suddenly crossed the street towards our car. Its size was as big as 14 houses. It was really quiet. That’s when we had to leave. But I did not have time to turn on the headlights.

We put the clutch in to start the car and jammed it into 1st and floored it. The front end got picked up and the car could not move. We steered left and right but the car just kept on going up into the air. My girlfriend was scared and she had boogers coming out of her nose while I was cursing. The car was going up and the back wheels were off of the ground. Then I looked out of my window and saw that the parking lot park lines started getting smaller. Both our windows were down this whole time. The front windshield started to crack and shake and the cracks spread from the passenger side to the driver’s side. It popped outwards like it was pulled out.

Something yanked my wrist. Not aggressively. And the whole time in my head something was telling me “Don’t panic,” or “Don’t be scared.” And it wasn’t in English in my head but I got the meaning. It wasn’t a language – I don’t know how to explain it. And on my girlfriend’s side, it had her half-way out of the window. Her butt was off of her seat, maybe one-and-a-half or two feet? and the car was pointed almost completely straight up at the stars – yet I saw no stars.

Every time I tried looking at it, in front, a white film went over my eyes. It was kind of like staring at the sun with your eyelids closed. I could not hear her screaming but I know that she was screaming. My ears felt like they kept on popping from the altitude. I couldn’t hear. The smell was like unbearable, like you want to close your nose. It was spicy, like pepper-sprayish, and clean at the same time – it was a smell that you could stand but you would close your nostrils because it still smells bad. When I tried to fight and get my wrist back in the car, that’s when the grip got stronger. It was pulling my left arm up out of the window – there was no pain but it was strong – …. I was trying to fight off the grip on my wrist. My tongue was numb. The horn beeped by accident and the grip got a little loose. It beeped again in the struggle and my arm flopped down in the car. My girlfriend also fell back in her seat and we realized we were still up in the air. ! It took 2 seconds for the car to drop. When we dropped, the air bags came out. We floored it as fast as we could through the town. It was almost a straightaway to go to my girlfriend’s house with very few turns to take. During this time, both of us couldn’t stop crying. We arrived at her house and her Mom asked, “What happened?” All this took place from 11pm to 12:30 am. It seemed like we were in the air for 10 minutes and it felt like it was forever. Her Mom called the police, and a policeman came.

The policeman did not believe us when we first told him what had happened until he looked at the vehicle. There were no scratches or dents or anything. He said that there was no reason for this to have happened to the car when there are no dents or scratches and no reason for the windshield to shatter and pop out the way it did. He had no explanation for why the windshield popped outwards. Also, when I went to open my cell phone in front of the policemen, I got shocked by it.

On Monday, I went to my doctor to get a whole physical to make sure I was OK. My wrist had a puncture wound while my forearm has a cut that is semi-circular and there’s blood on it. I do remember that when I first looked at my arm after I got it back in the car, it was red with blood. But by the time we got to my girlfriend’s house, there was no blood anywhere. On the center consul of the car, there is an imprint of her hand. I don’t quite understand what the policeman said but it was something about the skin of her hand leaving an impression.

Now, I don’t like to feel bumps in the car, or feel anything that trembles like a boombox. I don’t want to be out in dark areas at night. I also don’t like to walk out to my Mom’s car, anymore, outside. “

Occurred : 3/20/2010 23:00 (Entered as : 3/20/10 23:00)
Reported: 3/25/2010 7:00:26 PM 19:00
Posted: 4/13/2010
Location: Laconia, NH
Shape: Changing
Duration:1hr and 30 min.

UFO Sighting in Laconia

“My name is E and I’m eighteen years old. I live in Laconia. Last Saturday night, my boyfriend D came up to see me and we went out. When we got to Fun Spot, in Laconia, we parked in the back in the separate parking lot. We turned off the car and it was totally silent. We were just sitting there and I looked up at the moon. I saw this weird black-shaped object. And then, I said to my boyfriend, “What was that?” He looked up at it and he said, ”If it gets any closer, we need to leave.” I kept staring at the moon to see if it was just a plane or something. It moved back across the moon. It was huge and it looked like it was zig-zagging or changing shape. I couldn’t tell. He said, “I think it’s coming closer.” It flew so fast over the trees getting closer to where we were. It felt like it was zeroing in on us. It blocked the moon. And then, we started panicking and driving away. I thought were were going to hit the Bingo building. We turned left but it felt like we went off of a jump – you know that feeling? like we were on a rollercoaster? And we were in the air. I was trying to pay attention to everything that was going on but it felt like I couldn’t. When I looked up, everything was black. The smell was not nice but it was like something you could stand. It was an odor I’ve never smelled before. I heard absolutely nothing – it was silent. I felt immobilized like I had no control over what I was doing or over my body. I could see nothing. It was like opening your eyes in a pitch black room.

I felt really nervous and scared. I don’t remember crying or screaming. I held on to the center console because I felt like I was lifted. I was holding on so tight that my thumbprint is imprinted on the center console. And then, when I finally realized what was happening, I was so close to the windshield that my body was going forward with my arms behind me. Everything was black. I heard a loud noise like a horn. Once. And then, the car just dropped. I hit my eye on the dashboard and the airbags came out. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I held my face and I looked over at my boyfriend. I saw that his left arm had blood. I said, “Are you OK?” I looked at the windshield and it was cracked, totally, but only on the passenger side. I could see D but I couldn’t see anything outside. The only thing that made the car drop was the sound of the loud horn. When the car dropped, there was a loud boom. After that, we just drove so fast out of there. The smell went away after we drove away. And I started crying. And I said, “What the h—l just happened?” My boyfriend said, “I don’t know, I don’t know.” I didn’t feel like they were following us.

When we got home, my Mom said that she could hear me from the outside while I was freaking out. I couldn’t stop crying. My Mom said, “Calm down and tell me what happened.” I said, “You’re never going to believe me.” “Is it my car?” she asked.

And I said, “Let me explain,” because I felt that if I didn’t explain it fast enough, it was just going to go away from my mind. At about 12:15 am, a cop arrived. I told him what had happened while I was sitting down at the dinner table. My boyfriend was sitting next to me – it was then that I noticed that there was no more blood on his arm or his clothing. The cop didn’t believe me at first until he finished looking at the car. He told my Mom that there was no reason for the air bags to come out because nothing else on the car was damaged. He didn’t check underneath the car but we found out later that the underside was totaled. The cop said that he was going to the place where we had been.

I just felt thankful that we’d gotten out of there. But I couldn’t stop crying for more than 2 hours afterwards. My Mom said, “You should go take a shower and get the airbag dust off of you.” But I didn’t want to be alone at all. I felt lucky. And there were no scratches or anything anywhere on my body.

The first night, my dream was that I was a little girl, maybe 6 or 7 years old, in an Elementary School classroom. I was looking at myself as a little girl. And then it was like the teacher called me up and I couldn’t talk or say anything - but everybody else seemed to say something for me. Like everything I wanted to say, everybody else was saying it except for me. They were saying exactly what I wanted say. I have never had a dream like this before – where I am a little girl and see anything about the past. I did not feel right at all.

I am better now. I still worry about seeing this thing again and I pay attention to the sky at night. I really don’t go out at night, anymore, because I’m scared. “

UPDATE: someone on the ATS forum contacted the Laconia, NH police and received the following response:

Officer Batstone responded 03-21-10 at 0017 hrs., to take the report from the 18 and 16 year old and look at the vehicle that was damaged. The incident they reported occurred at the Opechee Park, which is no where near Fun Spot as they report to you.

According to the ATS post, Opechee Park is 0.8 miles away from the Fun Spot. Not a great distance, but obviously the "incident" reported was different than the incident submitted to NUFORC.

Honestly, I think these kids were hesitant to tell the police that they parked in the Fun Spot for some reason, so the police report states Opechee Park. BTW, the Fun Spot is a huge place and (from what I gathered online) the parking area is immense.

However the time of 0017 hours (1:17am) on March 21st does correspond correctly in both reports.

This proves there was indeed an incident, that a vehicle was damaged and that an officer was called to the scene.

NUFORC Reports: Frightening UFO Encounter - Laconia, NH

Video: Midwestern Fireball - 4/14/2010

Click for video
Here are photos and video of the giant fireball of light that flashed for several minutes over the mid-western skies this week. The amazing sighting flooded 911 lines with panic calls.

Thousands of terrified people witnessed the event over several states: Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. The UFO was seen at 10pm central time on April 14th, 2010.

On the ground rumblings were heard much like an earthquake which culminated in a deafening sonic boom.

This video is a compilation of still photos taken from a policeman’s dashboard webcam. In reality the ball of light and explosion were seen for a span of 15 minutes.

It is interesting that meteors can burn for 15 minutes but that is apparently what happened in this case.

Video: Midwestern Fireball - 4/14/2010

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gargantuan Hammerhead Shark In Queensland

couriermail - A monster hammerhead shark caught off the NSW north coast could soon become a Queensland tourism attraction.

Famed Hervey Bay shark hunter Vic Hislop has bought the 1200kg, 5m monster and this week transported the amazing catch to Queensland.

The huge shark made headlines in northern NSW last month when it was caught by a fishing boat four nautical miles off the coast of Evans Head.

It had eaten a smaller shark hooked by the fishing boat and then became trapped itself.

At 5m long, the shark is longer than a family car and could probably comfortably fit a few family members inside its massive belly.

Researchers estimate the shark was at least 40 years old.

Speaking to The Courier-Mail , Mr Hislop said he had not decided whether to house the spectacular specimen at his Hervey Bay shark show.

"It's a magnificent specimen that's for sure," he said.

"I haven't decided what I am going to do with it yet though.

"If I keep it there (at the shark museum) I will freeze it first."

Some species of hammerheads are on the global endangered list, but they are rarely implicated in attacks on humans.

Although that would be of little comfort to someone faced with a shark bigger than most Great Whites, the most feared of all sharks.

And Mr Hislop had even more chilling news.

"That's not the biggest one I've seen either," he said.

"I've caught bigger."

NOTE: damn shame it's dead. Truly a magnificent creature...Lon

Gargantuan Hammerhead Shark In Queensland

Where Is The Extraterrestrial 'Rosetta Stone'?

My recent post The Eckhart Encounters - Further Evidence included images of alien symbols that the experiencer had witnessed and written down. Some supposed alien craft that have been examined are said to have unknown symbols. There are petroglyphs and hieroglyphs incorporated in ancient art and text. Are these human inspired or was it the result of extraterrestrial intervention? Possibly the first written account referencing alien symbols is a story in Japanese folklore. Below are two similar but separate texts of the encounter.

Utsuro-fune no Banjyo (A Foreign Woman in the Hollow Boat)

The story takes place on February 22 in the spring of 1803. Offshore from a beach called Hara-yadori in the territory of Ogasawara Etchuu-no-kami (4000 koku'), who occupied a position named "Yoriai-seki" of Tokagawa shogunate at that time, a kind of boat was observed from the beach. People approached this boat using their small boats and eventually caught it. They towed it to the beach.

The boat was round and resembled a kind of kou-hako (a box used to burn incense). Its diameter was more than 3 ken (5.45 in). On the upper part of the boat, there were glass-fitted shoji (windows with lattice) and they were shielded by chan (a kind of waterproofed putty made from pine-tree gum). The bottom of this ship was reinforced by separated iron plates. This structure may protect the boat from destruction by sunken rocks. Since the glass-fitted shoji was transparent, the people could see the inside the boat, where they found a woman with strange features. Her hair and eyebrows were red, and her face was pink. It seemed that long white hair was added to her original hair.

This foreign woman held one square box whose size was about two shaku (60 cm) in her hands. It seemed that this box was very important to her because she held this box constantly, and she prohibited anyone from approaching it.

The objects found in this boat were investigated by the people. There was about two shou (3.6 liters) of water in the small bottle. There were two pieces of carpet, cake-like food, and kneaded meat. While people discussed what to do about this boat, the woman observed them peacefully.

An old villager said, "This woman may be a daughter of a king in a foreign country and might have been married in her home country. However, she loved another man after marriage and her lover was put to death. Since she was a princess previously, she could get sympathy and avoid the death penalty. She had been forced to be put in this boat and was left to the sea to be trusted to fate. If this conjecture is correct, her lover's severed head is inside the square box. In the past, a similar boat with a woman inside drifted ashore in a beach not far from here. In that incident, a severed head placed on a kind of chopping board was found inside the boat. Judging from this kind of secondhand information, the contents of the box may be similar. This may explain why the box is so important to her and she is always holding it in her hands. We may be ordered to use much money to investigate this woman and boat. Since there is a precedent for casting this kind of boat back out to sea, we had better put her inside the boat and send it away. From a humanitarian viewpoint, this treatment is too cruel for her. However, this treatment would be her destiny.

Many foreign characters were found inside this boat. I found similar characters on a British ship that recently arrived offshore from Uraga in Japan. From this observation, that woman may be a British, Bengali, or American princess. No one knows exactly.

Another similar description of the incident was found in Utsuro-fune no Koto (Concerning An Incident of The Hollow Boat)

On March 24, 1803, a strange boat drifted ashore on a beach named Haratono-hama in Hitachi state in Japan. The boat was hollow and its shape was similar to a rice-cooking pot. It had a kind of rimmed-edge at the center-level part of the boat. In the part above this edge, the boat was painted in black and had four small windows on four sides. All shoji (windows with lattice) were shielded by chan (a kind of waterproof putty made from pine-tree gum). The lower part of the boat was reinforced by steel bars. These bars looked to be made of Western-made iron of the highest quality. The height of the boat was one jyou, two shaku (3.64m) and its diameter was one jyou, eight shaku (5.45m).

A woman (or girl) was found inside this boat and her age appeared around twenty. She was about five shaku (1.5m) tall and her skin was white as snow. Her long hair vividly hung on her back. Her facial features were incomparably beautiful. Her clothes were strange and unrecognizable and her language was not understood by anyone. She held a small box in her hands and prohibited anyone from approaching this box.

Was this just a legend or was it inspired by a real event? According to the references, no records of the mysterious incident have been found in official documents in Japan. Hitachi state was not far from the capital Edo (Tokyo) and faced the Pacific Ocean. The beach in this state was very important for national security in the Tokugawa period (1603-1867). Therefore, most parts of eastern border of Hitachi state were occupied by the Mito-Tokugawa family who were the relatives of the Tokugawa (Shogun) family (Kimura 1980). Literature and history scholars find it difficult to believe that an incident involving a strange boat and a woman on a beach in Hitachi state was not been recorded in any official documents of the Tokugawa period. But, then again, a lot has happened in Japan since 1803.

So, what are they (aliens and our ancestors) trying to say? Below are several examples of petroglyphs and hieroglyphs...some are on rock and some were copied from alien craft. Is there a similarity or connection between the symbols? What's the chance of ever finding a primer to decipher the markings? Lon

Mori, Massaru. 1987. The Female Alien in a Hollow Vessel - Fortean Times

Where Is The Extraterrestrial 'Rosetta Stone'?

Full-Bodied Apparition Makes Curtain Calls To Theater Staff - The Schonell Theatre at the University of Queensland has been a part of the 100-year-old institution since 1970, but some supernatural elements of the theatre may be even older.

The Centenary celebrations of the University of Queensland are being held at the St Lucia campus this weekend, and those who undertake a 'Behind the Curtain' tour of the Schonell may catch a glimpse of the Schonell's resident spirit, Sophea.

Debbie Haddleton, Schonell Theatre Cinema and Venue Promoter, heard numerous stories about the ghost when she started asking around about the history of the theatre.

"The story of a spirit in the Schonell came up over and over again," she says to 612 ABC Brisbane's Anne O'Keeffe.

"The cleaning supervisor, the manager, some builders, the maintenance man all told me stories about having encounters with this ghost."

There have been six sightings of the ghost, who wears an old-fashioned long dress and appears as a real 'flesh-and-blood' human.

Ross Martin, the Schonell's manager, has had an especially spooky experience with Sophea, Deb reports.

"Where we are right now, quite a few years ago," she says, standing in the Schonell's Theatre One,"the manager - who I would say definitely doesn't believe in spirits - was standing here with another gentleman after the show (they were just waiting for everyone to leave) and a woman walked past just over here and walked behind them and into that dressing room over there, so they waited for her to come back out again and she didn't.

"That dressing room doesn't have any other exits," Debbie finishes pointedly.

Cleaning staff have also felt the presence of a ghost.

"Verna the cleaner sees her as a very cheeky and good sort of presence," Debbie says.

"Verna will be cleaning up in Theatre Two downstairs, and she'll clean up a piece of paper and then five minutes later it will be back there again, and she'll clean it up again and it'll be back.

"She said [to the spirit], 'Just stop it!' and it did, it stopped."

The good news for fearful movie-goers is that they're unlikely to run into Sophea anytime soon.

"We want to assure our patrons that this only happens after everybody's gone home," Debbie laughs.

Schonell Theatre: Behind the Curtain Tour

See how 35mm films are screened, enter the production box to see where all the action happens, have your own moment on stage and explore the orchestra pit when Schonell manager/projectionist and technician Ross Martin (who has worked at the theatre for 20 years) takes you on a backstage tour. And.....keep an eye out to see if our resident ghost Sophear provides an encore.

Full-Bodied Apparition Makes Curtain Calls To Theater Staff

Bizarre Animal Captured In Oklahoma....Blue Dog?

bin - A bizarre-looking animal that has been roaming the countryside of rural Mayes County has been captured and turned over to wildlife experts in Claremore.

Jeremy Scheffel says he first encountered the creature on his back porch a few weeks ago. When he turned on the outside light he saw the animal scurry away. It looked so strange, he says he thought he was losing his mind.

Scheffel decided to try to capture it. His friend Josh Cook set out a trap and within 24 hours had succeeded."It looks like a huge rat. It's kind of creepy," Scheffel said.

He says it's known as the Dry Gulch chupacabra, after the legendary animal that supposedly sucks the blood of goats.

NOTE: Possibly a 'Blue Dog', though this one seems to be smaller...check out Jonathan Downes' Texas Expedition 2010 blog.

Thanks to Billy Green for the 'heads up'

Bizarre Animal Captured In Oklahoma....Blue Dog?

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Eckhart Encounters

First off, I would like to make a statement. I honestly feel that intelligent non-human species reside on planet Earth. I have never seen these species (at least, I don't think so) but I'm at a point where a theory has developed. We'll leave it there for now.

In the summer of 2008, I started talking to David Eckhart who is a proclaimed experiencer. He lived in a large home in a wooded area near Pensacola, Florida that he described as his 'dream home'...beautiful wood interior with cathedral ceilings and lots of room for his family. David was a successful carpenter and contractor who wanted nothing more than to reap the rewards of years of hard work and enjoy life. But, for some unknown reason, he and his family were chosen to witness a world within our own. In our first conversation, David repeated a story that he had previously told other people, including NUFORC and MUFON investigators. I had heard similar scenarios in the past, but there was something different about David's saga and it struck a cord in me.

David Eckhart

Over the past two years, I have been privy to videos, audio, screen caps and other evidence that David has provided to me. His incredible story of countless abductions and home invasion by these beings has been presented on several radio interviews. As well, I have uploaded videos and photographs to this blog and the wiki to gauge the reaction of the paranormal community. Overall, the reception has been somewhat disappointing...but, to be honest, that was expected. So, David put his faith in me and I did the same with him and we waited. I had decided not to post further details of David's encounters and back wait and see what happens. The wait is over.

A series of messages and equations telepathically given to David Eckhart by an alien visitor. Can you figure it out?

If you wish to listen to David's description of his encounters, you can find one of the interviews here - Contact: AlienPhotog Interviews David Eckhart. During at least one of David's encounters / abductions he witnessed a device that he described as a 'large egg' that had writing or graphics on it. Out of sight from his 'guide', he was able to quickly scribble down some of the graphics he witnessed (pictured below).

At one point, he states he was on a gurney or similar moving table that was in a room that contained a device that appeared to be used to transport humans, in particular...children. Below is a drawing of this device, with notes, that David made after he was returned home.

The reason why or to where these humans were transported is not known but a plausible theory can be made from some of David's other encounter descriptions. From the very beginning, it was made known to David that he was not in danger but was given the opportunity to see what needed to be seen. The reason 'why' was not told to him but, to the aliens, it seemed like it was important. This alien 'tour guide' or whatever you would like to call it, was supposedly instructed to show him certain aspects of the alien habitation. Please note as well, David's family was also abducted but kept separate from him during these tours.

David describes seeing vast underground caverns that he was told were under the Earth's surface. In these caverns, it became obvious what species was in charge...the 'Reptilians'. There were other beings as well, namely the lesser class or 'Greys' (not the name the aliens use) as well as other species. These caverns appeared to be some type of mining operation that uses manual labor...this includes human laborers.

Now, I realize your 'inner alarms' are going off at this point but the descriptions given by an ordinary man put into an extraordinary situation are tangible. I will acquiesce that some of these revelations are similar to other experiencers, ex. Pamela Stonebrooke, aka the 'Intergalactic Diva', who claimed to have had intimate relations with a Reptilian. But unlike Stonebrooke and others, David has provided more than just lip service and has never attempted to profit from this. Also, let's not mistake how the evidence was forwarded to me and then presented to you. I received everything from David over a year ago and the gradual disclosure was of my doing. Because of this, I feel his accounts should be at least fairly evaluated.

The guide was also a Reptilian and David basically describes this alien as a grouch who doesn't like humans. David's overall impression was that he was tolerated but that he and all humans are considered a minor species by the Reptilians. He was told that the alien presence was known by the world powers and that this 'relationship' has been going on for many years. Another interesting observation was that these beings believe in a higher being or power and are all connected by it. This religious connection has little to do with faith but more as a law that must be revered by all.

It is my contention that humans, as well as other species, are being used to advance the alien agenda. Furthermore, it seems that these alien beings are also 'transporting' humans to other locations either on this planet or elsewhere. I sincerely hope I am 100% incorrect on this but I think there may be some actuality behind it.

The one aspect of David's encounters that concerns me is that he is still receiving 'visits' fact, he had two very recent encounters on subsequent days and was told to expect further contact. The reason? The future and what we as a people and planet can expect. That part of the story I'll let David explain and that may happen sooner than you think...Lon

The Eckhart Encounters - Further Evidence

 photo phantom-encounter_zpsbrxtefmw.png

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