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'Mexico Roswell' and the Tex-Mex UFO Corridor

The Laredo UFO crash site photograph (above) with the 'Tomato Man' depicted in the left frame and sketched in the image on the left

The Laredo, Texas UFO Crash is a case in which at least two U.S. military aircraft allegedly chased a 90-foot diameter silver disc-shaped UFO across Texas before watching the object crash approximately 30 miles south-southwest of Laredo, Texas on July 7, 1948. U.S. servicemen were reportedly dispatched from a nearby military base to cordon off the UFO crash site until a special U.S. retrieval team arrived to examine the wreckage and carry it away to a military base in San Antonio, Texas. Supposedly, the badly burned body of a non-human entity was recovered from the crash site.

Much has been written about the strange body found in the Laredo UFO crash remains. He has been derisively called "Tomatoe Man" by the usual detractors in such cases. The fact is, this body was reportedly photographed in the remains of the UFO that came down in the crash.

U.S. Secretary of State, General George C. Marshall, reportedly intervened directly with the Mexican Government and obtained permission for U.S. Army personnel to recover the remains of a U.S."Special Test Vehicle" that had gone out of control and crashed in Mexico. Col. John W. Bowen, USAF (Retired), then Provost Marshall at Cars-well AFB, was sent over to take immediate charge of cordoning off and controlling the area. The bulk of the residue was picked up on big Army Transporter Trucks and hauled to San Antonio Air Depot for study.

But before removal, a special photographer with a very high security clearance was flown down from White Sands Missile Test Genter in New Mexico in a light weight, special slow-flight photo-liaison airplane. As soon as a complete set of 8"x1O" prints were made, Commander Smith took than and left for Washington and the photo people never saw him again. The source of the two photos furnished claimed he had 40 negatives in all showing this crash scene.

Information was extracted from a series of letters from the original photographer to MARCEN, a fledgling UFO Journal. The following is from that report:

"What that team observed and photographed was an unearthly-shaped craft made up of earthly-looking debris. The basic structure looked as if it could have been built by earthly hands. Things were badly burned by the time the photographers got to the site, but they noticed a complete absence of any type of wiring, rubber, glass, plastics, wood, or paper products.

"Our source noticed what was some supportive structures, which were held together by what appeared to be conventional bolts but when "the mechanics attempted to unscrew them with wrenches, they would not turn at all. They had to be eventually chiseled off and the metal was very hard, The Army was using carbide and diamond drills and diamond saws for the final disassembly. There appeared to be two kinds of metal involved. Ihe first and most abundant could not be cut by the oxy-acety-lene cutting torches brought in. Ihe second immediately began burning when the cutting torches were used on it.

"The structural skin of the craft was apparently blown away in the explosion when the device crashed as the whole valley was littered with fragments of what appeared to be foil, very much like our cigar-rette packages, only much harder. You could not bend the material-Before anyone could leave the site, the MPs searched them and confiscated all fragments that had been collected.

"As best the source could ascertain, the craft was nearly perfectly circular and was about 90 feet in diameter and about 28 feet in thickness at the center and tapering off to about 5 feet thick at the perimeter.

"There appeared to be 5 or six levels in the center of the craft and they were told seme sort of instrumentation and machinery were removed before they had arrived. No propulsion system or mechanism was apparent to the source.

"There was only one body, and it was badly burned at that, still in the structure. Cur source photographed it in place in the structure as best he could with the intense heat from the still smouldering ranains • ani the burning hot sand. After they had taken photos of the entire scene and attempted to use multiple flash guns and a tripod to record the overall scene from a nearby hillside, The Air Fbrce crash and rescue firemen on the scene dragged the body from the craft and put it on a nearby bank so they could photograph it away from the intense heat.

"During their briefing, before photographic work began, one of the team members asked what this was and where it came from. Cbrmiander atiith told him not to ask. An Army Captain who assisted them said the little fellow we were photographing did not come from this Earth.

"They only saw and photographed one body but rumors were floating around the site that two or more creatures had been blown out of the vehicle and were captured and taken away injured severely but still alive. Our source said he had no confirmation of this aspect of the case.

"The body they photographed was 4' 6" long. Its head was extremely large for the body size by human proportions. The eyes were gone frcm the fire but the eyesockets were much larger than in humans and were almost wraparound as if to give 180 degree vision. There were no visible ears or nose but there were openings where ears and nostrils would have been in humans. There were no lips and the mouth was just a sort of slit with no teeth or tongue. There were two legs of normal proportions with short feet having no discernible toes. The two arms were longer than in humans and the hands had four claw-like fingers each with no apparent thumbs. The arms and legs appeared to have joints in approximately the same places as in humans.

"There were two Army doctors that arrived on the morning of July 8th and they made a superficial examination of the body. Cur source listened to them while taking photos of their work. There was no teeth or tongue in the mouth and no apparent duct connecting the mouth to any ^uTd of digestive system. There was no reproductive organs visible by human standards. The most remarkable thing he overheard was that no stratified (sic) muscle fibre was discovered in any of the extremities. The tissue, which was gray in color was extremely smooth and the doctors compared its consistency to the tissue of a human female breast. They said that the bone structure in the extremities too was more complicated than in humans and speculated that motion may have been accomplished through the supporting bones instead of muscles. The enire abdomen was encased by a rib-like structure all the way to the hips. The doctors were amazed that the right arm extremity had a metallic joint at the elbow, No external examinations were made at the site.

"The hands each had four digits, longer than human fingers,and they tapered to an almost claw-like appearance at the tip. There were no opposing digits like thumbs. There was no visible evidence of toes and the feet came to a blunt point. The body appeared to have been clothed in a metallic-like material, most of which had been burned away.

"The doctors said there was no evidence of hair growing on the head or other areas of the body as they found no immediate evidence of hair roots. The only fluid found in the apparent veins in the extremities was colorless with a slight green cast and a strong sulfurous odor.

"Our source noticed a strong sulfurous odor and an ozone smell when working around the burning structure.

In November 1979, MARCEN was able to obtain the negative from which a print was made. This original negative was then analyzed by Kodak and other photo laboratories. Eastman Kodak concluded that their analysis indicated a negative that had been processed at least thirty years previously. Their tests also showed no evidence of deliberate hoaxing, at least photographically, in making the negative.

In May 1980 the contact sent a second negative shewing the body it lay in vegetation on a slope. That one was also examined and and found to be equivalent to the first. Now there were two photos.

On August 22, 1980 the photos were released to the Associated Press in two areas and to newspapers and broadcast stations.

After the release, most of the reaction was that this was a hoax though other photo analysis concurred Kodak's previous conclusions. As well, MARCEN was looked upon as the party responsible for initiating the ruse.

The crash site is about 30 miles SSW of Laredo not far from the highway to Mexico City, and near where the Rio Sabinas joins the Rio Salado before they empty into the Rio Grande, in The Sierra Madre Oriental.

Texas Monthly magazine recently included the Laredo UFO Crash on a list of the eight most significant UFO cases in Texas history. Interestingly, this case is said to have occurred almost exactly one year after the more famous Roswell UFO Incident. Rumors about this case first began circulating in the 1950s, although details were not widely known until 1977. This case shares similarities with the Del Rio, Texas UFO Crash of 1955 and the Coyame UFO Incident of 1974, both of which reportedly also occurred along the Texas-Mexico border.

Authors Noe Torres & Ruben Uriarte visit a debris field 6 miles north of Coyame, Mexico, where a small plane slammed into the Chihuahuan Desert, scattering parts over a quarter of a mile. This debris field may be related to the 1974 mid-air crash of a UFO and a small airplane in the Coyame area.

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The Coyame UFO Incident was a reported mid-air collision between a UFO and a small airplane. Some conspiracy theorists believe the UFO was retrieved by a United States rapid response team assembled by military and intelligence agencies.

On the evening of 25th August 1974 the US Air Defense radar detected a UFO about to cross into American airspace coming up from the Golf of Mexico. The object was tracked at speeds of up to 2500 mph at an altitude of 75,000 feet. Continuing on this course the object would enter US airspace over Texas.

At first it was thought that the object may be a meteor. However while over Mexico the UFO leveled at 45,000 feet, descended to 20,000 feet, leveling for 5 minutes at each altitude. After tracking the object for about a minute the UFO slowed to 1900 mph and began to descend and turn at the same time. The descent was “stepped” and not curved as a meteor would have been. Also the speed of the object changed, a meteor would not have changed speed on descent, i.e. slowed.

On entering Mexican airspace about 40 miles south of Brownsville, Texas, the US continued to track the object until it disappeared from the radar screens close to the town of Coyame, in the state of Chihuahua.

Two military radar stations tracked the object while it made its descent. When the UFO disappeared from the radar it was assumed that it had just gone below the radars detection range. No one expected this to be a UFO crash landing. The object failed to return onto the radar screens.

Fifty two minutes after the UFO disappeared from radar the first indication that a civilian aircraft had come down in the same vicinity was noted via civilian radio communications. Both the civilian aircraft and UFO had been in the same airspace at the same time. The civilian aircraft had been on route from El Paso to Mexico City and could not have been the same object that was tracked across the Gulf of Mexico.

Early the following morning, after the UFO crash, the Mexican authorities started the search for the missing aircraft. At about 10.30 a.m. a report came over the radio that the wreckage of the plane had been found. At about the same time a further report was of made that a second aircraft was on the ground a couple of miles away from the first. This second aircraft was circular in shape, in one piece and only slightly damaged. A few minutes later a radio silence on all search activity was ordered by the Mexican military.

Radio intercepts were made by the CIA and by maybe two or three other US agencies, it is thought that the intercepts refered to a UFO crash landing rather than to the civilian aircraft going down. This has never been confirmed.

A recovery team that included three Huey helicopters and one Sea Stallion helicopter was assembled. Such was the speed by the US to assemble the team, it is believed this was not the first time such an incident had taken place.

The Mexican government refused requests from the US to allow the recovery team to cross the border to investigate the UFO crash and to assist in the recovery efforts. The Mexican authorities denied the UFO incident, they said they were "investigating a plane crash."

By 9.00 p.m. the following day the US recovery team had been assembled at Fort Bliss along with unmarked helicopters, all in a secured area ready to go to the UFO crash site.

Recognizance flights earlier that day revealed that the debris had been moved from both the UFO crash site and the aircraft's crash site. The UFO had been loaded onto a flatbed truck. The convoy was seen heading south.

The next day the US had to decide whether or not to send the recovery team in. Later recognizance flights revealed that the convoy had stopped in the desert. With no radio activity, unusual considering the circumstances, a lower altitude recognizance flight was ordered. Recognizance photos taken showed the convoy halted, with truck doors open and two bodies lying in the dirt near the trucks.

With this new turn of events the order was given to send in the recovery team. It took the four helicopters more than two hours to reach the convoy, what they found would make a lasting impression. When the team arrived at the scene they found that all of the Mexican team were dead. The majority of the bodies were still in the vehicles.

Members of the US team dressed in biochemical protection suits strapped the UFO onto a cable ready to be hoisted away by the Sea Stallion helicopter. They then proceeded to destroy with explosives, all of the convoys vehicles including the bodies and the remaining wreckage of the civilian aircraft. In under an hour the recovery team had recovered the UFO and “cleaned up” the scene.

On returning over the US border the UFO was transferred to a sealed lorry for transportation to Atlanta, Georgia. Other reports suggest the UFO was transferred to Wright-Patterson AF Base, or possibly an unnamed base. One possible destination may have been Area 51.

The UFO is said to have been a little over 16 feet in diameter and 5 feet high. Looking like two upside down saucers joined together. The disk was silver in color with no visible windows or doors. No means of propulsion could be identified. The craft had sustained some damage in the crash, a hole about a foot across, and a dent about 2 feet across. It is not clear if anything could be seen “inside the hole.”

What caused the deaths of the Mexican recovery team is not known. The US team seems prepared for this kind of incident. The one thing they did not do is transport the bodies of the Mexican team back to the US. This could have either been because they did not have the equipment with them to launch a full scale chemical recovery operation, or the order of the day was “to destroy all evidence”.

The Coyame UFO Incident first came to light in 1992, when an account of the case was mailed anonymously to a number of UFO researchers in the United States and Europe. After the report surfaced in 1992, the story of the Coyame UFO incident lay dormant until 2005, when producers of the cable television series UFO Files, shown on the History Channel, created a show based on the report. The show, called "Mexico's Roswell," was one of several episodes about UFO crashes similar to the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident.

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Retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Robert B. Willingham, a former fighter jet pilot says that he chased a UFO across West Texas and watched it crash along the Rio Grande River near Del Rio, Texas. Shortly after, he visited the crash site and saw a metallic object unlike any aircraft he had ever seen “sticking into the side of a hill.” Willingham, 82, a decorated World War II and Korean War veteran discloses his strange 1955 encounter in a new book titled "The Other Roswell: UFO Crash on the Texas-Mexico border," written by UFO researchers Noe Torres and Ruben Uriarte.

“It’s one of the most amazing UFO stories I have ever heard,” said Uriarte, a 25-year veteran UFO investigator and director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in Northern California. “Rarely do you have such a highly credible eyewitness to an event of this magnitude come forward with information that is guarded so closely by various intelligence agencies.”

Willingham, who lives near Wichita Falls, was one of America’s earliest jet aviators, during the time when the military was transitioning away from propeller-driven planes. It was also a time when UFO sightings had become commonplace throughout the United States, especially in and around top-secret military bases.

“He was flying as part of a group of F-86 fighter jets that were escorting a B-47 bomber across West Texas,” said Noe Torres, a lecturer, researcher, and member of the MUFON chapter in Texas. “It was a Cold War simulation designed to follow the route that bombers would take to reach Russia in the event of a nuclear war.”

A radio message warned Willingham and the others about a fast-moving UFO that was approaching Texas from the northwestern U.S. “Suddenly it came into their view, looking like an intensely bright light – like a bright star seen through a telescope,” Torres said. “It blazed across the sky past them, and everyone in all the planes saw it. But, because of the location of Willingham’s jet, he was in the best position to see what happened after the object flew by.”

Willingham estimated that the object was traveling at 2,000 miles per hour, and he saw it make a sudden 90-degree turn, without slowing down. As the UFO streaked toward the Texas-Mexico border, Willingham received permission to break from the formation and pursue the object in his F-86 fighter. Following the object’s vapor trail, Willingham followed it down to near Del Rio, Texas, where he saw it suddenly begin to wobble and descend rapidly.

As the pilot watched in stunned silence, the UFO plunged toward the Rio Grande River, plowing into the ground just south of Langtry, Texas and digging out a 300-yard long furrow before finally coming to rest alongside a sandy hill. Uriarte said, “Willingham had heard a lot of discussion about UFOs, and now suddenly, he had one down on the ground. As he flew over the awesome scene, he decided that he was going to switch planes and return there as quickly as possibly to look at the thing up close.”

The aviator returned to the scene of the crash a few hours later, according to Uriarte. “They landed the small plane right alongside the crashed UFO and noticed that a large number of Mexican soldiers had already taken control of the crash site. They had cordoned off the area and would not allow Willingham or Perkins to approach the main part of the wreckage. However, what they were able to see and look at was so amazing that it forever changed their lives.”

Before being forced to leave the area by the Mexican military, Willingham picked up a chunk of strange metal debris that was about the size of a man’s hand. He later tried to burn it, cut it, and otherwise deform it, but he was not able to. “It was a piece of something not of this world,” Uriarte said.

Torres and Uriarte are active members of the UFO research community with many years of experience investigating UFO cases in the Southwestern U.S. and Northern Mexico. Their research has appeared on the History Channel's UFO Hunters and UFO Files TV shows. Their first book, Mexico’s Roswell: The Chihuahua UFO Crash, published in 2007, received wide critical acclaim and was the basis for a February 2008 episode of UFO Hunters, in which the authors appeared. The authors have appeared frequently on UFO-related TV and radio shows and have spoken at many conferences and events.

NOTE: Northern Mexico still continues to experience numerous unaccountable UFO sightings. There have been theories of 'underground' alien networks in the Chihuahua desert which, for the most part, I refused to acknowledge. Since this recent information came to light, I needed to rethink the arguments though I still have reservations...Lon

'Mexico Roswell' and the Tex-Mex UFO Corridor


Syfy Channel Announces New Crypto-Paranormal Series

realityworld - Syfy announced it has ordered Paranormal Investigators, a new reality series that will follow a team of specialists as they attempt to uncover supernatural and paranormal occurrences caught on camera.

The series is currently slated to premiere Thursday, July 15 at 10PM ET/PT.

"Paranormal Investigators is a strong and natural fit for our growing Syfy reality slate and will be in great company alongside our successful Ghost Hunters franchise," said Syfy programming executive Mark Stern.

Paranormal Investigators' six-person team consists of leader former FBI Special Agent Ben Hansen, as well as Larry Caughlan, Jael de Pardo, Chi-Lan Lieu, Bill Murphy and Austin Porter.

In each episode, the team will first analyze and discuss potential cases by reviewing scenes and images captured on video and posted online by "eyewitnesses" from all over the world.

After agreeing on which needs further investigation, the team will attempt to see if it was real or a hoax by recreating images, carrying out scientific experiments, and searching for clues and evidence using the latest technology and investigative techniques.

"Paranormal Investigators will take viewers inside the creepy and mysterious world of paranormal behavior," said executive producer John Brenkus. "In each episode, investigators armed with the latest in high-tech equipment set out to uncover the truth behind compelling images, to dispel or prove their accuracy."

The tentatively-titled series is slated to begin filming its six-episode season this spring and is being produced by BASE Productions. offers more information Syfy Announces Series

Syfy Channel Annouces New Crypto-Paranormal Series

Holy Jumpin' Frog Legs!

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Alien / Human Relations: They're Just Not That Into Us!

Chris Holly's Paranormal World - Have you ever noticed that humans seem to get lost when they think about other life forms that may visit us from places that are not earth? Aliens, space visitors, creatures of the unknown, or beings from another time or dimension may be many things but they are not humans.

I think of them as aliens or creatures. I think of them as unknown and to my earthling instincts non-human. That is why I am confused why so many insist these non human beings are filled with human qualities.

Each and every day I receive emails, comments and confusion from people all over the world insisting that not all aliens or unknown creatures are harmful. I have no idea what they are thinking as I have no way of judging what non human beings think or feel hence have no way of comforting my fellow humans that these creatures have the ability to even understand what is good or bad in human thinking.

I had a conversation with a very bright woman who was correcting me on the fact that there simply has to be aliens who live by the laws of good and bad –right and wrong and are not all about hurting humans or our civilization.

I agree that there may be other life forms out there that may visit this planet that do not interfere or go out of their way to harm us. I agree there may be some who may even try to help or nudge us in helpful directions. I also know there are visitors who do as they please and do not really understand or care what the outcome of their actions may be to the humans they encounters. Aliens observe us. They must see humans as brutal beings that treat one another in violent harsh ways. With that said I can understand why they would not consider taking some of us, experimenting on some of us or even keeping a few of us would be a big deal. Considering how we treat one another their interference in our civilization seems mild. You cannot assume they should treat us differently than they see our species treat one another.

This is the thinking I am having difficulty conveying to my readers. I do write about many cases where humans have had negative encounters with alien beings. I was once asked if I knew of any abduction where a human had a positive experience and I admitted the answer to that question was no.

I did say that I thought information was being brought forth by way of these abductions but that the people who encounter being taken do not find it to be a positive event.

Now this is where I seem to lose my readers in understanding what I am trying so desperately to explain. Aliens are not humans. They do not have human qualities.

There might be a few species of beings that look like us. They may be able to relate to our way of thinking, however they are not humans and that you must understand.

With that said we must grasp this fact and push past our need for beings that are not human to possess human qualities, feeling, emotions and understanding of good and bad – right and wrong.

We cannot assume that alien beings understand what we think is harmful, bad or wrong if they have an entire different set of values and thinking. We cannot think unknown beings or creatures have the ability to consider things like fear, love, hate, anger or pain.

We are aliens to them and assuming they fully understand our species makeup may be a mistake. We have no reason to believe beings from other places have our well being or advancement as part of their interest in looking at us at all.

We have to get over ourselves and understand that all life in this universe does not evolve around us, our thinking, or our benefit.

There is no logic or base for this thinking yet it is what we seem to have the most difficult time grasping. Aliens are not humans.

They will not relate to you like another human. Their view of good and bad – right and wrong may be completely different than ours. To assume they are here to benefit humanity has no base at all. To assume they are going to be human like in our concepts of humanity has no base at all.

To assume they are all about advancing us as a species also has no base.

If you come across a huge ant hill taking over your patio or deck what do you do? I am sure you remove it. I doubt you spend a great deal of time worrying about how the ants feel about being removed. I doubt you are concerned with the workings of the ant hill- they are just a bunch of annoying ants. What makes you think in this universe we are much more than a pile of ants to other life forms?

Abductees who are taken and harmed may have been hurt unintentionally. Aliens may not understand pain or our biology enough to understand what harms us. Other beings may not be aware that we may become ill after dealing with them. Those taking us may simply not care or understand that their actions are considered wrong or harmful. It may be a case of curiosity or a tactic to use or remove something from us they need.

I believe the reasons for our visits and abductions are as varied as the number of species out there that do visit us.

The only thing I do understand is that aliens are not humans and we simply must stop giving them not only human qualities but our best human qualities of caring, kindness and concern. These concepts may be things they have no idea about or wish to learn.

We need to understand that we need to overcome our own ego’s and start to open our minds to what other creatures of the unknown may be like so we will one day have a chance of interacting with them in a fashion that is not our way in our fashion. They are alien. They are not human.

Once we accept and understand this we need to look realistically at how aliens actually view humans, this earth and our civilization. We seem to be lost in this thinking.

Humans astound me when they give us the upper hand in alien human relations.

I can only shake my head and wonder when I hear over and over how annoyed people are at the world governments for not disclosing or doing more to protect those being taken. I really have to laugh when I read how people expect the military forces of the world to try to chase down unknown crafts or engage in – in what- combat? I think those who are engaging in this thinking have been watching far too many Star Wars movies!

Clearly the ones in control of the alien- human relationship are the aliens. Our governments have no say or way to combat those with the technology to visit us.

Remember who is visiting who and who has conquered space. What could our military or government do to those who could if they so desired take us over or wipe us out? We are at the mercy of our visitors. I think the fact they take some of us, abduct some of us or experiment on us may be tame compared to what they could do to us. Can the ants on that deck or patio defend against us?

Humans seem to feel they are extremely interesting and deserving of great attention. I think we are very low brow in the universe and are watched or examined in the same way we do bugs, rodents or animals we consider less evolved or intelligent.

I do not think we offer as much as we feel we do to other beings. I think whatever they may need they take and move on exactly as we do from lab rats or monkeys. I think we need to understand that aliens are just not that into us!

Know the next time you think running to meet the aliens is a great idea that you may be running to meet a group of robots without emotion, kindness or a soul who are programmed to perform a mission. Do not let that mission be you.

Until we know who or what we are dealing with care and safety must be our first consideration when dealing with the unknown.

I am sure through alien eyes and senses we are low level mammals who look awful and behave badly. We kill our own, live in violence and have not been able to feed our masses or figure out our energy needs much less the workings of the universe we float in. I am sure we smell badly, communicate in a primitive fashion and look ridiculous in our different forms of fashion and lifestyles. I would imagine visiting us is akin to our visiting the first cavemen on this planet. I do not see how we could imagine we are anything more to those far more advanced.

My entire point is that we do not know what is happening in the unknown. We must advance towards it open minded and understanding that this is not Hollywood and they are not human.

Of course there may be other forms that are very much like us. Those like us may visit us or may be visited like we are on planets in another solar system. The one thing I ask is for you all to consider the fact that giving all the species of the universe human feelings emotions and qualities may not be in our best interest.

To believe their objective has anything to do with our advancement or evolution may be incorrect.

We are the beings who are ignorant in these matters. We need to keep our eyes and minds open without pre conceived notions. It is the only approaches that will enable us to one day understand the truth of what is out there. We cannot allow our fantasy, needs due to fear or ego’s as a species be our map.

We need to let knowledge happen in a logical science based manner so we can one day be a bigger part of the universal community.

For now keep your eyes on the sky and your mind open. Be aware of the unknown and approach it with care. I do not expect a bear or lion in the wild to treat me like a fellow camper- do not expect an alien to either. Be careful out there and always pay attention to your surroundings.

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World
Copyright © 2008-2010 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved



MUFON Determines 'Euclid Lights' Are Planes

The objects reported nightly over Lake Erie skies at Euclid, Ohio, are incoming jet traffic from Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport, according to Ohio Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Field Investigator Tom Wertman. MUFON says Euclid, OH, UFOs are planes.

My previous posting on this case Lake Erie Lights: Conventional Argument

Rick Philips gives his assessment of the Euclid Lights as well as his life growing up in the area The Euclid, Ohio 'Lights'

Alien / Human Relations: They're Just Not That Into Us! - Euclid Light's Case Closed

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Photo: Have Natalee Holloway's Remains Been Found?

ydr - Patti Muldowney was busy snapping pictures of colorful fish during her snorkeling dive off the coast of Aruba last fall. She didn't notice what else was on the sea floor.

"We only discovered it after we got the film developed," the 62-year-old Rapho Township, Lancaster County, woman said.

Flipping through the prints in December, the Muldowneys realized Patti had photographed more than just underwater scenery.

One picture appears to show a human skeleton.

"You can see a fish. You can see some rocks. And then you can see this body lying on its back, facing up," said her husband, John Muldowney.

They showed friends. They showed the local police.

All agreed: It looks like human bones.

"I showed my doctor," John Muldowney said. "He said it looks like it's weighted down with some rocks."

Skeleton. Aruba. Could it be? The Muldowneys wonder.

* * *

The Muldowneys forwarded copies of the photo -- which they had enlarged -- to the FBI field office in Philadelphia, but investigators won't say what, if anything, they're doing with it.

John Muldowney has a gut feeling the skeleton could be that of Natalee Holloway, the 18-year-old Alabama honors student whose mysterious disappearance in Aruba in May 2005 continues to make international headlines.

"It just seems so strange that that girl never showed up, and here we are right off the shoreline, right where she disappeared, and there's a body lying there," said John Muldowney, 78, a retired propane inspector with the state Department of Labor and Industry and owner of the Pinch Pond Family Campground.

"I hate to say I wish it was her, but it would give that family some closure."

Muldowney said he contacted the Lancaster newspaper about the photo because he was getting nowhere with the FBI.

The FBI in Philadelphia sent the picture to its senior investigators who work in the Caribbean.

"We did receive that photo, and it was sent to the lead agent down in Miami who handles that area in the Caribbean," said Special Agent Frank Burton Jr., a spokesman for the FBI's field office in Philadelphia.

It is unclear what happened to the photo after that. The FBI in Miami said it has no record of getting it, and neither does the agency's legal attaché in Barbados, which has jurisdiction over Aruba.

* * *

Holloway was last seen on May 30, 2005, during her high school's graduation trip to the Dutch Caribbean island. Her classmates reported seeing her leave the Carlos 'n Charlie's in the capital city of Oranjestad.

The case remains unsolved, though a man once suspected of involvement in Holloway's disappearance has recently claimed to have disposed of her body.

Joran van der Sloot, 22, said in an interview with RTL Nieuws that Holloway accidentally fell from a balcony and he disposed of her body in a swamp. He previously told an undercover reporter that she died unexpectedly while they were kissing and he dumped her body in the ocean.

Aruban prosecutors say they lack evidence to charge Van der Sloot.

Holloway's family has offered a reward of $250,000 for help solving her disappearance. It has also offered a $1 million reward for information leading to her safe return.

Since her disappearance nearly five years ago, tourists have reported finding skeletal remains on the island. Tests have shown them be those of shipwrecked sailors, however.

* * *

The Muldowneys were on a seven-day cruise aboard Royal Caribbean's Adventure Of The Seas, whose first port was Oranjestad.

They and another couple from Lititz had taken a catamaran out to a snorkeling site. "It was far enough out that we couldn't see land," remembers family friend Ken Dimm.

The couples remember the site was near a shipwreck, though which one of the numerous wrecks off the western coast of Aruba is unclear. The most popular snorkeling and scuba site there is near the Antilla, a German freighter that was scuttled in World War II.

Patti Muldowney went snorkeling with the Dimms while her husband stayed above on a catamaran. She had purchased a disposable camera and was taking pictures from just under the water's surface.

"It was kind of hard, my first time taking pictures. You can see a little bit of the wreckage, so I saw it down there and snapped it," said Patti Muldowney, who works in the billing department at Luther Acres.

Only two months later, in December, did she realize there was more to that picture.

Evette Dimm noticed it first.

"She looks at the one picture, and you can see a fish in it," remembers John Muldowney. "Then she says, 'God, that looks like a skeleton or a corpse.'"

Patti Muldowney wonders whether the skeleton is that of Holloway.

"The thing is, they haven't found her yet," she said. "So, for the parents' sake, I would hope that this picture does help.

"But we have not heard anything. I hope they do look into it. It would be good if the parents have finality."

Photo: Have Natalee Holloway's Remains Been Found?

Sixteen Separate UFO / ONVI Cases Reported On Night Of Chilean Earthquake

inexplicata - The earthquake was followed by a boom in UFO sightings, but sixteen cases occurred on the night of the tragedy alone (some of them accompanied by significant visual material) which have been subjected to study by UFO researchers.

Researcher Rodrigo Fuenzalida told Publimetro that the highest concentrations of reports appear to be Las Condes, Peñalolén, Providencia and Colina. "We have eyewitness testimony from a couple that refused to sleep in their apartment on the night of the earthquake, choosing instead to spend the early morning hours in the street. They were able to see an object that looked much like the moon, but immediately realized that the moon was on the other side. This event may have been seen by residents of other communes," said Fuenzalida.

Another major sighting took place on Isla Robinson Crusoe, part of the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, where people witnessed an object emerging from the sea shortly before the earthquake.

Regarding the case involving a humanoid -- reported by passengers on a bus in Iquique -- Fuenzalida notes that while startling, he is aware of other similar cases, but people "do not dare report them, fearing that they will not be believed.

"I've heard of the manifestations of these "luminous men", said the ufologist. "We are in an ideal period for sightings. I would ask everyone to be alert, but be mindful to avoid confusion, or a state of hysteria."

Sixteen Separate UFO / ONVI Cases Reported On Night Of Chilean Earthquake

Weird: Chickens Kill Fox....Cannibal Eats Boy's Brain

sky - A group of plucky chickens got their revenge on a sneaky fox after it crept into their coop - by knocking it out and pecking it to death.

Michelle Cordell, 43, went to collect eggs from the pen at the bottom of her garden in Basildon, Essex, on Saturday morning and found a dead fox lying amongst the birds.

The animal seemed to have been pecked to death and was covered in blood marks from its legs to its head.

Dude the cockerel is suspected to have led the rebellion assisted by his female friends Izzy, Pongo and Pecky.

"The little table in the corner of the coop which the chickens perch on had been kicked over and was lying next to the fox's head," Ms Cordell said.

"It seems they kicked over the table, knocked the fox out and pecked it to death.

"It was not a cub, but it was only young and Dude and Izzy are big birds."

Ms Cordell lives with her partner Gary Howell and daughters Maddi and Ruby, who had hand-reared Dude from a chick.

Foxes have broken into the coop before but previous battles have always resulted in bird casualties.

NOTE: Uh...I've seen chickens go after small animals but never actually kill a predator. Though, I did witness a medium sized Rat Snake badly pecked by several chickens on one occasion...Lon

Chinese Cannibal Eats Child's Brain to Cure His Epilepsy - A Chinese cannibal allegedly killed an 11-year-old boy and ate his brain in order to cure his epilepsy.

It was said that Wang Chaoxu, of Qixian village in Yunnan, southwest China, believed an old wives' tale that eating a child's brain could cure fits.

Police said the boy, Li Xuetang, was found buried nearly 5km away in a grain field in a neighbouring village, The Sun reports.

The top of his head was peeled back and part of his brain removed, The Sun reported.

Heartbroken mum Yu Chaohu became anxious when her son disappeared late at night.

She said: "It was getting dark, but I couldn't find my son anywhere in the village.

"I even asked the village head to broadcast on the radio to ask my son to come back home for dinner."

A few hours later Li was found, after a villager Zhang Huansheng saw a man kneeling over him, and holding him by the neck.

The boy's mum was desperate to see her son but was told the body was too badly damaged.

Yu added, "I can't bear to think about what happened to him. I have nightmares thinking about it."

Wang Wenzhong, the village leader, found two blood stained rocks in the field and some fractured bones, before the boy's body was discovered buried nearby.

Wang Chaoxu was arrested and told police he believed eating the brain with earthworms and ants would cure his illness.

Wang said he was married to a nurse, but she left him because his illness meant he was unable to work.

It was claimed a three-year-old girl, who was reported missing on the same day, may also be one of his victims.

The girl was found dead in public toilets with a knife cut to her head. Police are investigating whether the cases are linked.

5 People Who Actually Predicted the Future
Physicists Create Universe Smaller Than a Marble
Transparent Animals
8 Fascinating Object Graveyards

Weird: Chickens Kill Fox....Cannibal Eats Boy's Brain

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Story of Haunted Ohio Village Set For Filming

cantonrep - “Tales of the German Separatists have been handed down from one generation to the next. Some say they can still feel the presence of these early pioneers who maybe decided to make Zoar their home in the hereafter.”

The suggestion of a haunting of the historic village is taken from the introduction to “The Ghosts of Zoar, Ohio,” by Ann Swain and Betty O’Neill-Roderick. The authors operate Lantern Tours of the Ghosts of Zoar, taking visitors through the streets of the former communal community at dusk from April through October.

Now those ghosts — at least the stories of them — may be going Hollywood.

Gregory James Gaugel, a photographer and independent filmmaker based in Los Angeles, Calif., is working to put “The Ghosts of Zoar, Ohio” on screen. The feature film — not a documentary — would be shot in the Tuscarawas County village, he said.

“I recognize a Hollywood set when I see one,” he said. “I can’t believe nobody’s ever done anything here on a feature film level.”

Gaugel, the son of the artist Heinz Gaugel who created the historical cyclorama “Behalt” in Berlin, grew up in Holmes County and recalls visiting Zoar years ago. He visited it again more recently, after reading the book recounting of strange happenings in the Zoar Hotel and other village buildings.

“On quiet summer nights the sound of a great party sometimes emanates from the empty rooms. Lights flicker, and then grow dim, laughter, music and the sound of glasses tinkling echoes through the empty rooms.” From “The Ghosts of Zoar, Ohio”

The hotel is closed now, and “pretty well gutted,” Gaugel said. So, although the filmmaker plans to center the movie around the hotel, he’ll use the Number One House for interior hotel scenes. Scenes also will be shot in several other structures in Zoar, which is managed as a historical site by Ohio Historical Society.

Gaugel said the film will be set in modern times. But, exposing the movie’s characters to the ghostly legends will necessitate retelling a large portion of the history of the communal community.

“I think that’s really good for the Separatists we leave behind,” said Gaugel. “It means we’re not just using their beautiful town as a backdrop.”

Gaugel, who has made several short films and three feature movies, billed this project as a low-budget mystery-suspense film. He declined to get much deeper into the plot than saying it will revolve around “teenagers who come down for a summer work program.” He and a partner are still working on a script. “It’s still early. We have a lot of work to do,” said Gaugel, who has revisited Zoar several times since the inception of the film concept.

“Every time I come down here I get ideas,” he said, while walking through Zoar recently with O’Neill-Roderick. “I’ll be spending a lot if time here.”

As filming and casting director, Gaugel will hand-pick actors — mostly from Ohio — whom he has become acquainted with while working as a photographer, model, actor and director.

“There are a lot of talented actors in Ohio,” he said. “I already know who’s playing the main parts.”

Gaugel said casting will be completed in the summer. He plans to shoot the film during four weeks in the fall.

“Today the strange lights still can be seen on fall evenings. The mysterious lights could be a reflection or they could be the work of the ghosts of Zoar, just having a little fun.” From “The Ghosts of Zoar, Ohio”

Gaugel has consulted with the authors about the nature of the ghostly happenings in the village.

“When you hear about ghosts you expect to see Casper coming down the street in a white sheet, but it’s not like that,” said O’Neill-Roderick. “When you look up that street (in Zoar) you see buildings that were built more than 100 years ago. Sometimes, there are strange things happening in those buildings. Some things can be explained. Other things cannot be explained.”

It isn’t Gaugel’s intention to try to explain the ghost stories that he chooses to be in his film. Instead, “I’ll just pick and choose the best stories to reconstruct and recreate in an entertaining way,” he said.

Place the emphasis on entertaining. It’s going to be a fun film, Gaugel promised.

“It’s not going to be a flash-in-the-pan movie. I’ve got some great things in mind,” he said. “I want it to be the kind of movie that people are so fascinated by, so intrigued by, that they’re actually going to want to take a trip to Zoar to see where it all happened.”

Or didn’t happen. And that qualification doesn’t just refer to the fictional nature of the plot of the film.

“I don’t believe in ghosts,” Gaugel said candidly. “I’m one of those see-it-to-believe-it kind of guys. But I don’t think I really have to believe to tell a good story.”


Zoar was founded by German religious dissenters called the Society of Separatists of Zoar in 1817. It was a communal society, with many German-style structures that have been restored and are part of the Zoar Village State Memorial. There are presently ten restored buildings.

The Separatists, or Zoarites, emigrated from the kingdom of Württemberg in southwestern Germany due to religious oppression from the Lutheran church. Leading among their group were some natives of Rottenacker on the Danube. Having separated from the established church, their theology was based in part on the writings of Jakob Böhme. They did not practice baptism or confirmation and did not celebrate religious holidays except for the Sabbath. A central flower garden in Zoar is based on the Book of Revelation with a towering tree in the middle representing Christ and other elements surrounding it representing other allegorical elements.

The leader of the society was named Joseph Bimeler (also known as Joseph Bäumler or Bäumeler, born 1778), a pipemaker from Ulm. His charismatic leadership carried the village through a number of crises.

An early event critical to the success of the colony was the digging of the Ohio and Erie Canal. The Zoarites had purchased 5,000 acres (20 km2) of land sight unseen and used loans to pay for it. The loans were to be paid off by 1830. The Society struggled for many years to determine what products and services they could produce in their village to pay off the loans. The state of Ohio required some of the Zoarite land to be used as a right of way and offered the Zoarites an opportunity to assist in digging the canals for money. The state gave them a choice of digging it themselves for pay or having the state pay others to dig the canal. The Zoarites then spent several years in the 1820s digging the canal and thus were able to pay off their loans on time with much money to spare.

Bimeler's death on August 31, 1853 led to a slow decline in the cohesion of the village. By 1898, the village voted to disband the communal society and the property was divided among the remaining residents.


When I was about 13 or 14 I spent the night at my friends house. He lives in the old boys house, in Zoar. I went to sleep that night in the living room down stairs. My friend, his mother and father, and sister were sleeping upstairs. All I had downstairs with me was their dog. At some point in the night I was woke up by someone coming down the stairs. The dog, that was sleeping at my side, woke up and ran out of the room wimpering when the dog saw something coming down the stairs. I had goosebumps all over my body. I didn't know what to do so I threw the blanket over my head, closed my eyes, and tried to pretended I was invisible. Whatever was out there at this point was standing right over top of me. I could hear it breathing. Well I didn't know what else to do. So I pulled down the covers and no one was there. G. Allen

* * * * * * * *

My wife and myself had two occassions to encounter the ghost called ''George'' at The Inn on the River outside of Zoar. Once when we were dating, c. 1990, my wife (girls friend at that time), my best friend, his date, and myself were at the inn having a few drinks in the bar area. We were discussing George all night and having a few laughs. It was getting time to leave and I said out loud, ''Come on George, we want to see something!'' At that exact moment the lights in the entire restaurant went off and then back on. The second time my wife now, and I were having dinner at the inn. We were seated in the room adjacent to the bar. She was seated across from me. She was facing the door I was facing the wall with my back to the door. On the wall were many pictures of the inn in days gone by. As we were eating I got a strange feeling that someone was behind me. I looked up but didn't turn around. I looked towards the pictures and could see a dark ''figure'', no shape, pass from left to right, from my perspective, in the pictures on the wall. I immediately turned around and no one was in the room except my wife and myself. Greg


Zoar was a village built by German separatists who were looking to establish a place to live and practice their Christian religion as they saw fit. Established on October 16, 1817, Zoar was named after the biblical town where Lot fled to after leaving Sodom. The community was established as "The Society of Separatists of Zoar" in 1819. There are a number of haunted houses in Zoar that constantly produce haunting accounts from visitors. A local group of paranormal investigators report experiencing objects thrown at them multiple times, and a closed piano playing on its own, at Number One House.

Clues to some of the hauntings in Zoar are portrayed in The Ghosts of Zoar, Ohio by Ann Sawin and Betty O'Neill-Roderick. This book details many of the tragedies that took place in this town, including that of Lorenz Fritz. Near Christmas of 1888, Lorenz took the train to Massillon to buy Christmas candy for his three children. He never returned home from the trip. His wife assumed he had decided to remain in town to drink with friends, since it wasn't the first time this had happened. However, she was awakened in the middle of the night by her son, Eugene, who insisted that daddy was standing in the corner of the bedroom, dripping wet, but would not speak to him. By the spring of 1889, once the snows melted, authorities discovered Lorenz's body in the river by the train tracks.

NOTE: OhioPERVS have the results of an investigation from June 2008 posted at Zoar Analysis Report...Lon

Story of Haunted Ohio Village Set For Filming


Photos: Bright Light Cluster UFO - Desert Near Las Vegas, NV

MUFON witness report - near Las Vegas, NV - 3/15/10 (unedited): On March 15, my wife and I had just visited the Little A Le Inn on Highway 375 in Rachel Nevada. We left and drove back down 375 and pulled off the road just about a mile past Mailbox Rd. I believe the time may have been approximately 9:00-10:00 p.m. (PST). In one of the videos my wife mentions 12:00 Central time; this was the end of the sighting. I parked the vehicle at more or less a forty-five degree angle to the road with the headlights pointed towards the glow of Las Vegas in the sky. This glow also illuminated the mountains and landscape (silhouette etc.).
We had pulled off the road to see the stars in the remote sky; we were not there to catch a sighting (13 years married with no break from the kids-type trip). We were in a hurry to get back to Vegas but decided to stop along 375. We initially left the car running and lights on with my wife sitting in the passenger seat. I left the car and came around to her side and proceeded to watch the horizon. Once we both saw how many stars there was I told her to turn off the car and step out with me. We had both been standing there for just a few minutes trying to get both the digital cameras and the video camera to pick up what we saw. Just then I noticed a bright object (not a shooting star) high up in the sky headed towards Vegas.
This object was very small or very high but did not exhibit normal characteristics of a plane. There were no flashing strobes or sound from engines etc. This object being small, and disappearing quickly, did not really grab my attention. However, moments later from the same direction the object disappeared from came two lights flashing. They seemed motionless and as if they were affixed to each other. In other words it seemed that they were attached by a bar or direct line etc. They flashed for a while before I even considered pointing the camera at them. There are many cattle crossing lights of similar color along 375. It finally dawned on me that those lights had to be miles away and could not possibly be the same type of lights; these lights were much brighter and intense.
I pointed the video camera at the objects and could not pick them up until I turned on night shot. The two larger lights were very visible; in addition to this were two other smaller lights that could not be seen with the naked eye. We watched these objects move from left to right going in the direction of Rachel. As the two primary objects (PO) moved in this direction you could see other smaller lights moving around them. They would zip from one point to another. As they shot away their illumination would dim. In all probability, there were probably more objects out there than we captured or even saw. I based this on the fact that after watching the video, you can see objects you could not see with the naked eye.
The PO traveled from the direction of Vegas until they were almost perpendicular with 375 before we lost sight of them. We waited for a few more minutes and then decided to leave. We had only gone about a mile or two when my wife screamed “there they are again”. This time the PO were only a few miles from us (I am guessing about this, their contrast in the night sky made this hard to tell but they were definitely very close to us). In the video I try to use the ground as both a reference and to help make the camera focus as it should. As you will see in the video, based on the ground etc. it seems that they were right on top of us but I could not figure out why we were not being dowsed by the light. Also, I did not see any report of this light on the ground. It was as if the light did not travel or radiate like normal lights. This was very strange for something so bright and intense.
The PO made very slow movements. The additional smaller objects seemed to jet around the larger ones and were more agile. In one of the videos I think I see something like electricity or sparks coming from the PO. Now the strangest thing was that the PO seemed to merge with each other right before they “blinked” off or out. Also, strange is that I heard my wife say they are gone but she says this at least a second or two before they “blink” out again on the camera (not sure why there was a delay between her eyes and the camera). In the stills there seems to be a structure present.
As far as feelings went, I think we were just in amazement of the objects. When they reappeared closer to us the second time I think we were both a little frightened. It seemed to be checking us out. We got a little more worried about the remote location and the fact that there were other objects moving around the PO. I do believe that if we stayed there, the objects would have come closer. I had no feeling whatsoever that the event was over with when we left. These objects were clearly doing something related to that general locale. We decided to leave based on the fact that each time the lights went off, they came back on closer.

NOTE: very descriptive witness report...I truly hope MUFON follows up on this one. I've heard similar reports from desert locations but not as detailed as this one. Is there a natural explanation for this sighting? It seems that there was some intelligence behind this anomaly...Lon

Photos: Bright Light Cluster UFO - Desert Near Las Vegas, NV

Mono Lake Video / MonsterQuest 'Sierra Sasquatch'

Click for video

Description with video: I used software called Syntheyes that has a function built in for stabilization. There is some tweaking required when you are doing it to keep the video footage somewhat centred, but once it is stabilized, it helps to keep your eyes focused on the action.

I had to review the footage over and over again in order to start bringing out the small details and differences in shades of colour. I had noticed that one arm that wasn't moving, but upon closer inspection, it was clearly darker and what I believe is an object being held starting from the hand and it goes over the right shoulder.

I guess I should mention that the subject in the video is moving from right to left and is facing the camera.

Also, the question came up about a longer left arm and when I separated out each frame, it was easy to see that there was a dark black object being held in the left hand. You can even make out the arch that the hand makes around this object (like a hand wrapped around flashlight or pipe).

At this point I started to suspect that it was human and in fact, when I looked at the motion, it really looked like someone walking with heavy clothing and big boots (even though I couldn't see the boots). The motion seems to fit the description.

I then started to look at the frames in Photoshop and measured the RGB values for each pixel (very easily done). I noticed that the color variations were somewhat consistant through certain portions of the body. Sure enough when I looked and looked...there was what appeared to be a vest over a jacket.

I never intended it to go this way. I really would have preferred to see the real thing. But, it is what it is to me.

NOTE: MonsterQuest's presentation 'Sierra Sasquatch' was OK but, offered more questions than answers IMO. Basically, the show concentrated on the sightings and research of Jaime Avalos (interviewed by Autumn Williams at Interviewing Jaime Avalos). Avalos states that he has tracked a family of Sasquatch east and west of a section of the Sierra/Nevada Mountain range. He also presented castings as evidence. Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum of ISU also provided his expertise. Wildlife consultant and biologist John Mionczynski and a Portuguese tracker (who impressed me) made up the remainder of the group.

The Mono Lake video was used as evidence in the production. This footage was shot in 1991, but a dark bulking cryptid was discovered on the video in 2008 by a family member of the original videographer. I had seen this video previously and was a bit surprised that is was used in the MonsterQuest presentation simply because it appears to be something other than a Sasquatch. As well, Avalos' footprint casts all appear to be human, especially after Dr. Meldrum made comparisons with a few from his collection. There was another anecdotal witness who claimed to have seen a family of Sasquatch in the same general area while hunting. He seemed sincere enough but, again, it's the word of one more witness. This was supposedly the last show in the MonsterQuest series. Honestly, I would like to see the series continued. Theory and conjecture are always going to be part of any production that pertains to paranormal and cryptid subjects...but using evidence that is a deviation of the original theme tends to look like filler for the show.

BTW, go to The Blogsquatcher - Weird Pennsylvania where the Fayette County, PA sightings are referenced as well as the writer's personal experiences in the same area(use the links). Very interesting! Lon

Mono Lake Video / MonsterQuest 'Sierra Sasquatch'

Contact: AlienPhotog Interviews David Eckhart

NOTE: AlienPhotog and David Eckhart, contactees who disclosed their experiences on 'Phantoms and Monsters', got together for a very interesting interview. The interview links are provided below. As well, links to their anecdotes and evidence are also provided...Lon

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5;

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Part 10:

Part 11:

Part 12:

David Eckhart's Alien / Human Entity Activity Videos

Photo and Video Archive / Updates

Exclusive Photos and Interview: Follow-up to 'Alien' Home Invasion Video

Alien Home Invasion Update: 'Stargate' Appears

Photos: Alien Entity - Alien Home Invasion Update

Video/Photos: Alien Home Invasion - February 2006

Alien Abductee: Let Me Introduce Myself

AlienPhotog: Famous Alien Abductees - Musicians

Contact: AlienPhotog Interviews David Eckhart

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Betty Andreasson Luca Alien Abduction - January 25, 1967

One of the most documented and believable cases in ufology is the experience of one woman's abduction aboard a UFO. Her name is Betty Andreasson Luca who is a devout Christian. During her abduction, she was taken before a being of intense light and love called "the One." Her first abduction occurred during her childhood and culminated with an abduction experience that involved her whole family. The incident occurred on the night of January 25, 1967, in the town of South Ashburnham, Massachusetts.

Betty was in her kitchen around 6:30 PM on the night of her abduction. The rest of her family, seven children, her mother and father were in the living room. The lights in the house began to blink, and a red light beamed into the house through the kitchen window. Betty's kids were on edge after the lights blinked and she ran to quiet them.

Startled by the red beam, Betty's father ran to look out of the kitchen window to see where the light was coming from. He was amazed to see five strange creatures heading toward their house in a hopping motion and startled when the creatures simply walk through the wooden door of the kitchen. In a moment, the entire family was put into a type of trance.

Betty's father was attended to by one of the creatures, while another began to have telepathic conversations with Betty. She and her father both thought that one of the creatures was the leader who was about five-feet tall. The other four were approximately a foot shorter. They had very wide eyes, small ears and noses, set in a pear-shaped head. There were only slits where their mouth should have been. They only communicated with their minds.

The five creatures wore a blue coverall with a wide belt. On their sleeves could be seen a logo of a bird. Three fingers were on their hands and their feet were shod with boots. They did not actually walk, but floated as they moved along. Betty later recalled that she was not frightened by their presence, but instead, felt rather calm.

Meanwhile, Betty's mother and children were still in a state of suspended animation. When Betty seemed worried about them, the aliens released her 11-year-old daughter from the trance to assure her that no harm was being done to her family. Soon, Betty was taken by the aliens to a waiting craft, which rested on a hill outside of her home. Betty estimated the craft to be about 20 feet in diameter and saucer-shaped.

Betty recalls that after she was aboard the craft, it took off and joined a mother-ship. There she was subjected to a physical examination and the victim of tests by strange equipment. She was given one test which caused her pain, but resulted in being a religious awakening. She estimates that she was gone for four hours before being brought home by two of the aliens.

Returning home, she ran to see the rest of her family. They were yet in some kind of suspended state. All along, one of the aliens had waited behind with her family. Finally, they were released from the bonds of the trance and the aliens left. Betty had been hypnotized and told not to reveal any details of her experience. Though some of the details of her abduction were temporarily lost to her, some things she was able to recall. She remembered the power outage, the red beam of light coming into the house, and the aliens coming in.

Some eight years after her experience, she answered an ad from researcher Dr. J. Allen Hynek. He was soliciting for anyone who may have had an alien experience. The letter she sent to Hynek was rejected, however, being too bizarre to be believed. Two more years would transpire before her story would be investigated. The group of investigators included an electronics engineer, an aerospace engineer, and telecommunications specialist, a solar physicist, and a UFO investigator.

Betty's case of alien abduction was very strange and contained much more information than the average case. For twelve months, Betty was involved in character analysis, polygraph examinations, psychiatric review, and fourteen sessions of regressive hypnosis.

The results of this analysis were presented in a 528 page review. The review basically stated that Betty and daughter were sane individuals, believing in their experience as presented.

Check out B.J. Booth's Interview with Betty Andreasson Luca at UFO Casebook


The following are the exact transcripts from her hypnotic regression when Betty was regressed to her childhood during one of her first abduction experiences and her encounter with 'the One.'

We're coming up to this wall of glass and a big, big, big, big, big door. It's made out of glass.
Does it have hinges?

No. It is so big and there is - I can't explain it. It is door after door after door after door. He (the alien leading her) is stopping there and telling me to stop. I'm just stopping there. He says: "Now you shall enter the door to see the One." And he says, "Fear not."
[Then Betty appeared to undergo an out-of-body experience!]

And I'm standing there and I'm coming out of myself! There's two of me! There's two of me there!
Are you looking at yourself?
Uh, huh.
Okay. Do you see the One yet?
The One? No.
Okay, go on.

I'm coming up to the door, and the little person is saying: "Now you shall enter the Great Door and see the glory of the One." And I'm standing face to face with that door.

[Betty now stood before the strange door. Again she described its appearance and her out-of-body experience.]

There's a big door there, and it is big, but it is strange. It is like deeper and deeper and deeper. And it's bright, really bright. And I have to stand before the door. But, before that, I came out of myself. I was just standing over there, and I was standing over here. There were two of me, but that one over there was stiff.
Have you tried to talk to your other self?
That won't work, because I'm over here, and that one is over there.

She looks exactly like you? Is she making motions to show you she is alive, like breathing, moving her arms?
Would you say she looks like a wax museum piece or something?
No, it looks just like me.
All right, go on.
I was told to come forward. I went in the door, and it's very bright. I can't take you any further.
What do you mean, because?
I can't take you past this door.
Okay, I'll tell you what. You go past that door alone then for a few minutes, okay?

[Time and again, the hypnotist tried in different ways to induce Betty to tell him what was behind the door - all in vain.]
Sometime maybe, if you change your mind, would you tell me?
I can't change my mind. It is set.
What would happen to you if you did tell me?
I can't tell you. I'm sorry.
Okay, let's proceed to the first thing you can tell me. Fair enough?
Oh! [Betty's face glows with joy]
What's happening now?
I'm coming out of that door, and it was wonderful!
Did the One say something exciting?
I can't tell you. I'm sorry.
Would you say that the One was God?
Do you really know what God is?
I don't know. I was hoping that you had seen him and could therefore tell me.
I can't tell you about that.
Okay, let's proceed. What's happening now? You just came out of the room, and you feel great.

I come out of the door, and there is a tall white-haired man standing there and he's got on a long nightgown.

[The next session took place on May 15, 1980. Determined to find out what lay behind the Great Door, the hypnotist again brought Betty back in time to where she was standing before it.]
Where are you?
I'm before this huge great big door. It's glass. Layers and layers of glass.
What are you standing on?
Let me ask you now: You're going to see the One now, right?
Why are you going to see the One?
Because it is time for me, they said, for me to go home to see the One.
All right, in other words, does this imply that the One is someone that you have seen before?
I don't remember.
Okay. Do you know why it is time to see the One? Why haven't you asked questions?
They haven't been there very often. Those little people haven't been there very much for me to ask.
Yeah, but they are asking you to do a lot of things, shall we say.
I know. But, I'm in their place. I can't do anything.

Okay. In a moment you're going to see the One, right? We don't want to waste the experience. We want to get the most out of it. So when you see the One, I want you to ask yourself: "What am I getting out of this? Why am I here? And, what will this mean to me later on in my life?" It's like any big experience a person is allowed to have. Okay? I want you to progress to where the door is open and you are seeing the One.

[At that very moment, an indescribable smile came over Betty's face. The only adjective that the investigators could think of to describe it is rapturous. This expression of pure, unrestricted happiness remained on Betty's face as the hypnotist continued to question her.]
You seem happy. Why are you so happy?
It's just - ah, I just, I can't tell you about it.

All right. I know you can't tell me, but I want you to do a few things. I want you to ask yourself why you are being shown that which you are being shown. In other words, you weren't given this trip just for a free ride, so to speak. They want you to see what you are seeing. Does that make sense?

All right. Now that you're there, ask yourself: "What am I getting out of this? Why am I here? What am I supposed to think about after I leave here?"
Oh, it matters not what I get from it.
What do you mean?
It's - words cannot explain it. It's wonderful. It's for everybody. I just can't tell you this.
You can't? Okay, why can't you?

For one thing, it's too overwhelming and it is - it is indescribable. I just can't tell you. Besides it's just impossible for me to tell you.
All right. Are you capable, when looking around you, to tell yourself?
I see it.
Right. That which you can see, you have a grasp of even if you don't understand it.
I understand it. I'm sorry. I'm just sorry. I wish I could share it with you.
Were you told not to share it with me?
It is like even if I was able to speak it, I wouldn't be able to speak it. I can't. I'm sorry.
Were you specifically told not to speak it?
Partly, yeah.
How was it expressed to you?
I can't tell you those things. I'm sorry.

All right. Can we let the beings speak through you? Suppose you just relax, and I'll put my hand on your shoulder and with each number you will go deeper and deeper. When I reach three, you will just relax and allow the beings to speak through you. One, two, three.
[Betty began speaking in a strange tongue.]
Okay, Betty, can you explain to me so that I could understand what you have just said?
[Betty begins crying] Father loves the world so very much.
And so many reject him.
Uh huh, okay. You said a lot of words. Can you explain more of what you said?
They will be felt by those who believe and have faith. They will feel the love radiating from them.
Okay, where are you now?
I'm where there is light.
And what do you see?
I cannot tell you this.

Okay, that's all right. Let me ask you. Do you feel much love, the same love, or any different degree of love now than you have before?
It's a greater love.
Okay. When will I understand all of the words that the being said through you?
When you allow the Spirit to come upon you and you are filled with that love.
Do you understand all the words that you have said?
I understand them, but they will not come forth.

Okay, I'm trying to understand. I'm not trying to ask you to divulge anything, all right? You understand them, but you can't express them?
They're in my heart.
More like a feeling than a concept?
They're in my heart, in my mind, in my body.
Okay, could you explain this to your children?
What children?

[During this hypnotic session, Betty was regressed to a childhood experience when she was single with no children.]

If you have children someday. The words that you spoke, while they had a message of love in them, did they also have a warning?
Yes. Those that do not have love have nothing. Love is the answer.

[Again the hypnotist failed to elicit the information that he sought regarding what Betty had experienced while behind the Great Door. With endless patience, he tried yet again.]
Okay. You've seen the One. Do you feel different about anything now than you did before?
Everything is so wonderful!

Is there anybody that you don't like?
There are some people, shall we say, that aren't as nice as other people, right?

No, everybody is nice. They are just growing, that's all. If one doesn't understand another one, they are just growing, that's all.
Okay, just relax. You've been to see the One and now everything is a little nicer, right?
I understand that everything is one.
What do you mean?
Everything fits together. Everything is one. It's beautiful! No matter what it is!
[Betty's experience with the One ends here.]

An Interview with Betty (Andreasson) Luca

mysterious-america - by Brent Raynes - Highly respected and one of the better known UFO “abductees,” the subject of five books by the distinguished Raymond E. Fowler, Betty Ann (Andreasson) Luca answers our questions. Furthermore, I suspect we’ll be hearing much more about Betty in the near future. She mentioned that the situation for her and her husband Bob is still ongoing, and that much of the information she received and collected from the Beings over the years has been given careful study, and that two researchers in particular have recently managed to “decipher part of the work, and uncover some very profound and important revelations.”

Editor: Initially, back in 1967, you and members of your family suffered a very disturbing series of memories revolving around a certain experience that happened at your home in South Ashburnham, Massachusetts. For a good number of years afterwards you tried to interest someone in the UFO community to look into what had occurred, but it wasn’t until a team of investigators headed by Raymond E. Fowler that your situation got serious attention, correct? Can you describe what those early years was like, and the effect that it had on you and your family?

Betty Ann Luca: When my 1967 UFO encounter happened, only a small portion of memory was attained at the time by me, even though other members of my family were present such as my father, mother and seven children. However, three days after the experience, my eleven year old daughter Becky came to me concerning short dreams she was having of the unusual Beings in our house. Many years later my father had recall of the initial visit from the Beings, but had not wanted to get involved and was concerned for my welfare over me telling others about it. He was on Disability and feared the government would hurt him somehow through his Social Security.

This is how my UFO experience actually came to be public. There was a Von Daniken article in the rag- tag paper called The Enquirer. In it he was reporting about ancient crafts. I was moved to write a letter to the newspaper about Von Daniken’s story, and the Enquirer sent my letter back and stamped it in red, UFO! Which surprised me for I knew nothing about UFOs. Then a few years later an article appeared in a local newspaper asking anyone that had a sighting to contact a Dr. Hynek of CUFOS, Center for UFO Studies. I remembered the red stamped ufo on my return letter from the Enquirer and thought to send him everything I had remembered of my odd experience. So I sent the information I remembered of the silence, the blinking orange red lights outside the pantry window, and description of the Beings coming into my kitchen. Dr. Hynek filed my letter away for two years until a Massachusetts volunteer group of researchers wanting to study any humanoid UFO case in their area, contacted CUFOS and requested if there were any such cases. That’s when he sent my letter and address to them. I was contacted by Jules Vailencourt by telephone, and he later visited us to see if we were willing to find out what happened. And that’s how it all began. Jules would drive us to Beverly, to the hypnotist’s office. We were questioned concerning what we remembered, then Dr. Edlestien hypnotized us, and after each session we were questioned some more. Each session was about an hour or more and by the time we returned home we were exhausted and at times had to take a nap from the long day. At times I was left in subliminal hypnosis and through the week began to have very strong flash backs occur. Which scared me! I wanted to quit and expressed it over the phone to Jules. He pleaded with me to please continue. That others had experienced things that I had happen. Because the memories I was remembering seemed like science fiction, I asked if there was any way it could be checked or verified, to see if I was imagining, lying, or going insane from the detailed experience flooding my mind. If so I would need help! This opened the door for lie detector tests to be used on both my daughter and I, and spontaneous psychiatric checks to take place. Which made the investigators happy, for they wanted to do this, but did not know how to approach the issue without adding more stress to the situation of what happened to us.

Later when the Andreasson Affair was published there was a whirlwind of media coverage! It was exceptionally frantic when Raymond Fowler, my new husband Bob, and I had to promote the A.A. book on radio and television, and newspaper/magazine interviews across the country. All the attention was scarey. I was somewhat shy, and didn’t like to be known as the lady who had a weird thing happen to her! In the earlier years after I had sent the letter to Dr. Hynek I felt relieved and everything returned to normal family life. We had a mini farm with Molly our cow, calves, pigs and chickens and large garden to care for, besides seven children and my first husband’s father who’d had a stroke and was living with us. And then after an anniversary party, my now ex-husband had too much to drink, was incarcerated over night and disappeared the next day for many months. That was when the investigation of my case began, and some months later my two sons died in an automobile accident.

Editor: As the hypnotic exploration continued, repressed memories that extended back to childhood events were also recovered. There were certainly many startling revelations. Ray Fowler even began to recognize symptoms of the UFO abduction experience within himself and his own family. How did this evolving situation change things for you?

Betty Ann Luca: Yes, Dr. Edelstien tried to take me back to a childhood experience. And did break through to an area that was dark. It was silent and three gray forms stood motionless in a misty darkness. I became extremely fearful over what I saw. Dr. Edelstein quickly pulled me out of hypnosis, and did not want to pursue the experience any further than what had been recalled, due to such a strong emotional response from me at the time. It would be many years later that hypnotist Fred Max would manage to take me safely back to my childhood encounters with the grey Beings. As Ray Fowler began to recall his and his families own UFO experiences, he wanted to delve deeper into the repressed memories, however his wife was not comfortable with it. For she also had witnessed disturbing and unusual things take place with Ray. Ray tried to comfort her misgivings concerning the possibility of family involvement with the phenomena. Just knowing she was fearful for her families safety, I felt uncomfortable each time I had to call Ray and report another unusual experience happening to us.

Editor: Now, all of these years later, where have the memories and revelations taken you?

Betty Ann Luca: After all the experiences, exposure, and integration of this other dimension of reality, I feel more aware of life, its complexities, and how like a river it flows calmly onward to awaken the human race toward spiritual harmony.

Editor: What do you possibly foresee as the future for humankind with regards to the ongoing UFO contact phenomenon?

Betty Ann Luca: The more we learn of the unknown the greater understanding of who we are emerges. Facing new and unusual experiences enhances our spiritual development. Why, and what for, such contact takes place, may open a door to greater knowledge of the hidden world that surrounds us. Man is resilient and can survive as long as he recognizes there are certain forces that exist, that may or may not be controlled, whether physical or spiritual, good or bad. They rest in God’s hands, whose Will is greater than ours.

Editor: What role do you feel that your Christian faith has played in your rising above the initial trauma of the 1967 “abduction” and the positive spiritual level which you’ve arrived at since?

Betty Ann Luca: My Christian belief is and has been the most important thing in my life, since I was sixteen, when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I believed the Beings I experienced to be angelic. Although the 1967 encounter was strange, and the grey Beings were not as I envisioned an angel to look like. It did not frighten me when they entered my home. For I knew and know I am in the Lord’s care. I was at a positive level back then, and it has been enhanced now for many years. First, through belief in the word of God. Second from all the visitations. And third seeing most all the information the Beings have related to me has been coming to pass.

Editor: Do you think that the UFO phenomenon can be adequately addressed as a physical hard “nuts and bolts”science alone, or do you feel that spirituality must also be included in this quest?

Betty Ann Luca: No, I don’t think the UFO phenomenon can be adequately addressed alone as physical hard “nuts and bolts” science. When God made heaven and earth it was first spiritually made. Heaven and earth was spirit. But it was without a form and was void. There was actually no visible form and it was empty. It was only after the spiritual image was created that a physical form followed which was filled with substance to complete the work. When we see the “nuts and bolts,” we are looking at the forms without realizing it exists because of Spirit. Nothing can exist until it is spirit. The spiritual part of the UFO phenomena is not considered because we look at the material form only. The spirit rests within the finished product. Faith is spiritual. As the scripture says, faith is the substance hoped for, the evidence not seen. Faith is the power of spirit that creates form and substance into existence. Anything that has become was first spirit, thought, word, or idea. Most definitely, in order to understand the UFO phenomenon, spirituality must be present.

Click for video 1

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Whitley Strieber interviews Raymond E. Fowler about the famous case of Betty Andreasson as well his own experiences with the phenomena. Raymond E. Fowler, the author is no stranger to tackling mysteries. He is internationally known as a highly competent investigator of the paranormal and a trustworthy chronicler of such in ten books.

The New York Times exclaimed that his best-selling book, The Andreasson Affair, "if true, must rank with the great classics of scientific revelation." Air Force chief UFO scientific consultant, Dr. J. Allen Hynek wrote that his UFO investigations are "meticulous" and "far exceed" that of the government. Dr. Kenneth Ring, father of Near Death Experience [NDE] research wrote that Fowler's researched book on Near Death and UFO experiences "may well have deciphered the ultimate nature and meaning" of these baffling phenomena.

In SynchroFile, Fowler applies the same kind of meticulous research into the supernatural-like synchronistic experiences that permeate his life. This book compiles the results of his research into Jungian psychology, the New Physics and his study of a ten-year diary of personal and family experiences of amazing coincidences and paranormal experiences.

His research leads to the incredulous conclusion that time is an illusion and that reports of synchronicity, ghosts, out of the body experiences, near death experiences, UFOs, precognition, telepathy, and other extrasensory experiences are all individual expressions of one intelligent-like meta-phenomenon.

NOTE: this case has confounded me for a very long time. I honestly have reservations for several reasons and the inclusion of a religious deity by an abductee who is a devout believer sends up my radar. Nonetheless, she does seem sincere in all of her interviews and has convinced many experts in the field. Here is an interesting blog by Regan Lee that discusses the validity of Betty Andreasson Luca's claims Did Betty Andreasson Luca Lie?...Lon

The Andreasson Affair - Raymond E. Fowler
The Andreasson Affair, Phase Two: The Continuing Investigation of a Woman's Abduction by Alien Beings - Raymond E. Fowler
Glimpses of Other Realities, Volume II: High Strangeness - Linda Moulton Howe

The Betty Andreasson Luca Abduction - January 25, 1967
Purchase your copy at Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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