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A Lifetime of Mysterious Events

NOTE: I received this interesting account from a new reader, Shelley:

Hi Lon, I'm new to this site but have found it not only fascinating but educational, so I decided to find out if anyone on the site has had a similar incident(s).

As I was growing up there was a joke in my family that I was adopted as it seemed as if I had nothing in common with the rest of them. It was all said in fun and jest, but to be honest, I felt like an outsider in a multitude of ways and that I just didn't belong here: meaning as on this planet. Silly, I know but true none-the-less.

From a young age I knew I had a specific mission in life and was continually fascinated by all things having to do with Egypt and Greece. Specifically, the gods and goddesses and their religions. When I was a young child I remember pulling out Time Life books dedicated solely to Egypt and Greece, pouring over their contents and even today, one of my fondest dreams is to someday visit Egypt and its pyramids.

When I was 7 years old I had several experiences which I cannot explain. One of which was getting out of bed in the middle of the night to go look for my parents. Looking back now, I can't help but wonder why a 7 year old would get out of bed and go outside in the dead of night looking for their parents. I have no recollection of returning to my bed, but woke up confused and disoriented and wondering how I ended up sleeping at the opposite end of my bed. I was very sick for days afterward and do not remember much other than I got an ear infection which bled and since then I have had problems with that ear. Another time I woke up with little monsters around my bed and I took them downstairs with me and for some odd reason opened up the freezer and offered them frozen french fries. In the morning I told my mom what I dreamed about the monsters under the bed and the whole french fry story. It could very well have been a dream. The third time I awoke to my bed shaking and shuddering. I do not remember leaving the room but I was in my parents room trying to wake my mom who told me it was just a dream.

When I was about 13 or 14 years old I was sleeping in the top bunk of a bunk bed. My twin sister shared the room with me and slept on the bottom. I woke up for some reason and then I heard something that sounded like a person pounding down the attic stairs. The attic door was directly opposite my bed. It was thunderous! Then all of a sudden the attic door slammed open and hit the wall. I was completely awake now. Before that I think I was in between sleeping and being awake, kind of what I like to call twilight. My heart was beating wildly and I was breathing rapidly, I was petrified. All I could think was that if I stay here they'll get me, and if I move they'll get me! Then, I became aware that I was standing beside my parents bed trying to wake my mother to tell her what had happened. She told me I dreamed it (I sure do dream a lot of odd stuff, don't I) but the next day when I looked there was a hole in the wall from where the door knob had crashed against it. The other strange thing was that I accounted for the fact that my twin sister wasn't in the room (at least I assume she wasn't because she didn't wake up) by saying to myself that she was at work. My sister did not get a job until she was 15 and it certainly did not go late into the night! At the time it seemed a perfectly logical solution to her absence and I didn't question it or her.

There were several other incidents that occurred and some included my siblings as well. My brother woke up screaming (he was 16 years old and roused the entire household) that there was something in his room. Again, my memories on these things are hazy as it seems as if I can only recall bits and pieces while others elude me all together. I once woke up to find something moving around in my room (I was 17 or 18) I called out, thinking it was my brother looking for his pants. Where I got that notion is a mystery, it wasn't even his room anymore and he didn't live at home. I then fell asleep which is odd as I was really frightened and frightened people don't normally just go back to sleep. Again, I didn't question it until many years later.

Let me go back a bit, I was raised Catholic and for many years I wanted to become a nun and serve God in whatever capacity I could. It was a goal I aspired to right up until my 18th or 19th birthday. I took a year or two off as a break so to speak because there was much about the Catholic religion that did not appeal to me. For instance: I did not believe in hell, I did not believe in a God who would torture, kill or have others do those things to his children (mankind); I believed in a benevolent, loving God. I strongly opposed confession as I felt that priests were ordinary men in robes and had no special power to offer me absolution and that I could go to God in prayer with the knowledge that He would forgive my sins if I was truly contrite. I also abhorred the fact that money seemed to be the main aim and that they had lots of it. The children of God were starving and they walked around trying to fill their coffers with more and lived in luxury while doing so. Then, of course, there was the idea that to me, Jesus was a very enlightened man and teacher of the people but not the ONLY son of God. I believed that we all had the ability to become a 'Master' and that we are all sparks of the divine being and as such are as god-like as Jesus if only we would put in a concerted effort. A philosophy Jesus appeared to have encouraged when he said, "All these things I do you too can do... and more." I believed Mary, Jesus' mother, had other children as well. As you can see I wouldn't have made it very far in my studies for becoming a nun, so I gladly gave up on the idea.

In my early to mid 20's I discovered the New Age movement. Much of it followed many of my already established beliefs: reincarnation, a higher being that all men worshiped but called by different names, the search for Oneness, Unity and Identity. I became very interested in the phenomenon known as astral projection (OBE) and remote viewing. I found them utterly fascinating. I decided I would work on trying to consciously astral project but I told no one because I didn't want them to think I was some crazy nutball. It was around then that I picked up the book 'Communion' by Whitley Strieber. I found the cover of the book interesting, it drew me in. I bought it, took it home and started reading it. It scared the bejesus out of me! Part of the reason it did was because I could relate to some of his experiences. I found myself looking in shadowed corners, checking the closets before going to bed and sleeping with the lights on. I was living out on my own and by myself at this time and I'm normally not a weenie about it, I like my solitude but I was really frightened and one could say almost paranoid.

I began to have vivid dreams of looking out the back kitchen window of my parents house and then walking outside and seeing an object come down from the sky. I had numerous dreams of a similar nature. Always I was drawn outside sometimes during the day and sometimes at night. There was one dream where I was living in the house I do now, I walked out the back and into the back yard. I have a large yard with a wooded area and trees off to the side. I looked in the sky and above the tree line was this massive orb and I wondered how in the world the sun was out at night?! The entire area was lit up. I could see other people in the yard with me. Some I knew but most I didn't. I heard someone say, "We better get ready. They're coming."

Back to astral projection. I apologize for digressing so often but it just feels so good to get this out. I used a subliminal message tape to help me master the art of astral projection. The first time I consciously managed to leave my body it didn't register. I sat up in bed, put my legs over the side and sat up and thought, why am I awake? I looked over and saw my body lying there and got scared and was immediately pulled back to my body. I was above myself literally nose to nose. Then, I turned and lowered into my physical body. It took some time of walking through walls and waking down roads to reach my destination (parents house, brother and friends houses) before it hit me that all I had to do was think about where I wanted to go and I'd be there instantaneously. That was fun! I went all over the place, it was quite the adventure. Then, other things started to happen.

I was sleeping at my parents house. I have a younger sister who I am very close too. She is 17 years younger than me and we would often spend the night together. She would come to my house to stay or I would go to my parents to stay. My sister was about 11 or 12 years old at the time. She was sleeping in her bed and I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Coincidentally this was the same room where my brother had screamed and ran from and where I thought I'd seen someone moving around in the dark. Anyway, I became aware that I was no longer asleep. And when I say that, I mean my body was still slumbering but I was completely aware of my surroundings. It was a prelude to astral projection. While in this state I can see all directions in the room without moving my head. It's like you have eyes everywhere at once, the perspective is totally alien to our so-called every day, normal living. There are no limitations while in this state, none that I have found so far at least. I was excited and was thinking about where I wanted to go when I realized I was no longer alone. A huge, black mass was standing in the bedroom doorway. It was amazingly tall taking up the entire space from top to bottom of the doorway although it did not fill the entire space horizontally. It came across as menacing and I felt quite threatened. Nothing like this had ever happened while astrally projecting before. Suddenly, he rushed toward the mattress on the floor and was looming over me and bending down. I sat straight up screaming. My sister woke up and asked me what was wrong and apparently my reply was, "Nothing, it was just a bug." I don't remember that. When she told me what I'd said the next morning I was flummoxed. I remember being frightened out of my wits, sitting up and screaming and then calmly lying back down and going back to sleep. Now tell me, who does that?

The next incident happened while at my house. My sister was sleeping over and was sharing my bed with me. It was early morning when I woke up. I couldn't get back to sleep because she was smack up against me and I was on the edge of the bed. I decided to go downstairs and sleep on the couch. It wasn't long before I heard the familiar rushing/roaring sound in my ears that indicated that astral projection was imminent. Again, I could see all angles of the room and standing next to the couch were three short figures dressed in brown monk-like attire complete with rope wrapped around their waists and cowls which covered their heads and faces. I decided I didn't want to astral project anymore but one of the monk-like figures lifted his arm and pointed it at me and I could feel myself being pulled out of my body through the top of my head. I did not like this and started to pull back. In essence, we began a game of tug of war. In my mind I shouted, "I don't want to go." He lowered his arm and telepathically answered back, "We don't make anyone do anything that they are not ready to do." They let go and I pulled myself back in my body and sat up and looked around, but they were gone.

In hindsight I kick myself for not just going with them. I wonder what I would have seen, what they would have shown me and most of all I wonder if it might not have been something that could have been used to make this place a better place to live in. So, I was just wondering if anyone out there has seen or experienced what I'm talking about.

Lon, many thanks for your time. Shelley

A Lifetime of Mysterious Events

The Pascagoula, Mississippi Alien Abductions - October, 1973

On the night of October 10, 1973, fifteen different people witnessed a UFO over a housing project in St. Tammany Parish, New Orleans, Louisiana. Two of the witnesses were policeman. This sighting was only the beginning of what was to occur the next night on the nearby Pascagoula River. Two fishermen, nineteen-year-old Calvin Parker, and forty-two-year-old Charles Hickson were about to have an experience that would forever change their lives.

Parker and Hickson were good friends, and often fished together. They were both living in the town of Gautier, Mississippi. On one particular night, they were fishing the waters of the Pascagoula River, when suddenly they heard a strange buzzing sound. The two men immediately turned to see what the source of the strange noise was. They were shocked to see an egg-shaped object with bluish front lighting. The object was only a few feet above the water, and about ten yards from the two frightened fishermen.

While they sat stunned, a door opened in the UFO and three beings of unknown origin began to float toward the two. The beings did have legs, but did not use them. They literally floated across the water toward Hickson and Parker. The two fishermen would later attempt to describe what the beings looked like, saying "...about five feet tall, had bullet-shaped heads without necks, slits for mouths, and where their noses or ears would be, they had thin, conical objects sticking out, like carrots from a snowman's head."

Hickson sat frozen on the river bank. Suddenly, two of the odd-looking beings grabbed him, while the third being snatched Parker, who immediately fainted from fear. The beings supported Hickson by literally holding up his body. As they did, he felt numbness over his entire body. By some power he could not see, he floated into the bowels of the object to a brightly-lit room. The room had no gravity. He floated while a strange eye-like device moved over his entire body as if it was scanning him.

After the eye-like device was finished with Hickson, he was left floating in the room alone. The beings had probably left to examine Parker. Approximately 20 minutes after the ordeal had begun, it was over. Hickson was now floated back out of the craft. Back on the river bank, he could see Parker, who was crying and praying on the ground. Shortly, the strange flying object rose straight into the night sky, and flew away.

After collecting their senses and strength, they began to talk about what action they should take. At first they were afraid to report their experience, but they felt obligated to tell someone. What if these beings were taking other people in the area? Fighting fears of public ridicule, they called Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi. They were instructed to report their incident to the local sheriff's department.

Sheriff Fred Diamond thought their story was a hoax or trick. Trying to get to the bottom of their account, the two fishermen were placed in a room wired for sound. It was thought that they would discuss the joke between themselves, and their story would be found out. Instead, they continued to talk about the incident and seemed terribly distressed. Soon law enforcement personnel knew that something had certainly frightened Hickson and Parker, and that this was no joke.

Very quickly, details of the alleged abduction began to leak out to the public. First, the account of the incident was published in local newspapers, soon followed by the wire services. In a matter of a couple of days, the Pascagoula, Mississippi, abduction was a big news item over the entire United States. Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) sent University of California professor James Harder to investigate the story. Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who represented the U.S. Air Force also would research the case.

Harder and Hynek did a lot of the investigative work together. The two well-known researchers first interviewed the two fishermen together. Harder tried to do regressive hypnosis on Hickson, but the abductee was so frightened, that the hypnosis was stopped. To get things off on solid ground, both of the witnesses took polygraph tests, and both passed without a problem. Harder and Hynek both believed that the two tormented men were telling the truth.

Esteemed UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek would proclaim that "... there was definitely something here that was not terrestrial."

Even after thirty-plus years, both Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson still testify to the same story, and have never wavered in their account of what happened that October night on the Pascagoula River.



Sheriff Fred Diamond interviewed the men, who related their story. After repeated questioning, Diamond left the two men alone in a room that was, unknown to Hickson or Parker, rigged with a hidden microphone.

Sheriff Diamond assumed that if they were lying, that fact would become immediately apparent when the two spoke privately. Instead, they continued to talk about the incident and seemed terribly distressed. This so-called "secret tape" was held on file at the Jackson County Sheriff's department, and has since earned wider circulation amongst UFO researchers and enthusiasts. Parker, who seemed particularly shaken, spoke repeatedly of his wish to see a doctor. A partial transcript of their interrogation and of the "secret tape" is available; immediately below is part of the conversation on the "secret tape", as transcribed by NICAP:

CALVIN: I got to get home and get to bed or get some nerve pills or see the doctor or something. I can't stand it. I'm about to go half crazy.

CHARLIE: I tell you, when we through, I'll get you something to settle you down so you can get some damn sleep.

CALVIN: I can't sleep yet like it is. I'm just damn near crazy.

CHARLIE: Well, Calvin, when they brought you out-when they brought me out of that thing, goddamn it I like to never in hell got you straightened out.

His voice rising, Calvin said, "My damn arms, my arms, I remember they just froze up and I couldn't move. Just like I stepped on a damn rattlesnake." [sic]

"They didn't do me that way", sighed Charlie.

Now both men were talking as if to themselves.

CALVIN: I passed out. I expect I never passed out in my whole life.

CHARLIE: I've never seen nothin' like that before in my life. You can't make people believe-

CALVIN: I don't want to keep sittin' here. I want to see a doctor-

CHARLIE: They better wake up and start believin'... they better start believin'.

CALVIN: You see how that damn door come right up?

CHARLIE: I don't know how it opened, son. I don't know.

CALVIN: It just laid up and just like that those son' bitches-just like that they come out.

CHARLIE: I know. You can't believe it. You can't make people believe it-

CALVIN: I paralyzed right then. I couldn't move-

CHARLIE: They won't believe it. They gonna believe it one of these days. Might be too late. I knew all along they was people from other worlds up there. I knew all along. I never thought it would happen to me.

CALVIN: You know yourself I don't drink

CHARLIE: I know that, son. When I get to the house I'm gonna get me another drink, make me sleep. Look, what we sittin' around for. I gotta go tell Blanche... what we waitin' for?

CALVIN (panicky): I gotta go to the house. I'm gettin' sick. I gotta get out of here.

Then Charlie got up and left the room, and Calvin was alone.

CALVIN: It's hard to believe . . . Oh God, it's awful... I know there's a God up there...

Seeing that the police were skeptical of their story, Hickson and Parker insisted that they take lie detector tests to prove their honesty.

Click for video
From 2/28/08

Mississippi Man Recalls 1973 Alien Abduction

wlox - Flying saucers and aliens abductions sound bizarre to some people in South Mississippi, but 76-year-old Charles Hickson of Gautier claims he actually lived that nightmare.

"I was terribly frightened," Hickson told WLOX News.

Late one October night in 1973, Charles Hickson decided to go fishing on the Pascagoula River with his buddy, 19-year-old Calvin Parker. But something happened that night that would change their lives forever.

"It look to me like air, or steam, or something escaping from a pipe," Hickson said.

A piercing sound made Hickson and Parker stop what they were doing. That's when Hickson says he spotted a large UFO hovering behind them.

"It was some kind of craft, it was probably 30 or 40 feet. There were three things, they weren't human beings. I know now they were robots. "

The sight of the aliens is burned into Hickson's memory.

"They appeared to me that they had something like elephant skin, it was very wrinkled. These things came to us and took a hold of me, and one took a hold of Calvin. We went into that beam of light and they carried me aboard that craft."

He says the aliens held them for about 30 minutes.

"Something came out of that wall, like a big eye. It came up in front of me, it went under me, and it came back up my back side. The next time I saw it, it came over my head in front of me. They turn me around and carried me right back out where they pick me up."

The Hickson says, within the blink of an eye, it was all over. The UFO was gone, and the men were left wondering what happened.

"I thought it might be a threat to the country, some type of threat to the country. We talked it over again, and decided we would go the sheriff's department," Hickson said.

After the mysterious abduction, Hickson and Parker both passed lie detector tests and were even questioned under hypnosis. Investigators are on record saying the pair's story never wavered.

"I am not trying to force anybody to believe anything. I just simply tell them what happen to Calvin and me, and they make up their own minds if they want to believe it or not."

Now, 35 years later, Hickson says he still can't get the ordeal out of his mind.

"They're just simply unidentified flying objects that come from other worlds out there, and those worlds are, [pause] I have no idea. "

Hickson and Parker's alleged abduction played a crucial role in the creation of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle. The center is a centralized place for people to call and report strange and mysterious things they see.

NOTE: the original audio clips can be found here Classic Interviews from the very early days of Modern Ufology...Lon


The Pascagoula, Mississippi Alien Abductions - October, 1973

Birth of a Volcano? New Mystery in Hidalgo, Mexico

inexplicata - Ana Luisa Cid presents a new development in the Mexican State of Hidalgo that is likely unrelated to the "Hidalgo Crash" of February 2010, but it no less compelling. Some readers may remember that the 1948 Paricutín Volcano first manifested itself as three holes in the ground, discovered by a peasant as he tilled the fields:

Click for video

Source: Ana Luisa Cid and Bisemanario Ruta
Date: 9 March 2010

Hidalgo, Mexico: Air Being Expelled from Holes in the Ground

Locals reported the phenomenon to the authorities, who in turn advised journalist Fernando Pérez of the NQ News Broadcast. The air is cold and is expelled with great force.

Residents of the Achatempa District, attached to the community of Santa Ana Hueytlalpan, advised the Fire and Civil Protection Department (PC) that three holes -- from which cold air is expelled with considerable pressure -- were found on their arable land.

Elements of the brigade reported promptly to the scene of the events and cordoned it off under the supervision of the first deputy inspector, Jesus Garcia Avila, who explained that after confirming the report, the Servicio Geologico Mexicano (Mexican Geological Service, SGM) was advised to send personnel to determine the cause of this air flow.

According to the answer received from the SGM, a team of specialists will reach the site today (Tuesday, 03.10.10) to make the corresponding investigation.

Alicia Rodriguez, deputy delegate of the community, led reporters from Bisemanario Ruta to the site where the three holes are located. She pointed out that while they are located on cultivated land, it is a trail used by those who live nearby. She explained that Mrs. Fortuna Romero became aware of the phenomenon on January 23rd, but just as she was getting ready to report it, the holes stopped producing air and it wasn't until yesterday that exhalations were reported.

Elderly residents of Achatempa recall that approximately 27 years ago, a water well was dug in one of the highest areas of the community in the hopes of supplying the surrounding region. However, the well only functioned for half a year and then began to expel air.

Alicia Rodriguez mentioned that the phenomenon caused such a sensation that over 70 people had come to the site from Tulancingo, Metepec and Agua Blanca. She advised that local residents shall be alert to the progress of the investigations and expert inquiries for the community's own peace of mind.

An interview with Fernando Pérez - Journalist and Producer of the NQ Broadcast

"We found out because some elements of Public Safety were kind enough to advise us of the discovery. Commander Raul Vega told me that in a community of Tulancingo known as Santa Ana Hueytlalpan, there were some holes in the ground that were releasing cold air. We went there and detected the phenomenon. In my opinion, this is not related to the February phenomenon, involving the alleged crash of an object or meteorite on the border between Hidalgo and Puebla.

"I'm inclined toward the possibility that the air is entering through a cave and emerging through the holes, as there are some caves in the area. Of course, the explanation will be provided by experts, especially since the Mexican Geological Service has been advised.

"The air is cold and comes out with some force, as though propelled by a fan. Sometimes there is noise. I recorded it with my cellphone and played it on my newscast. The phenomenon is very intriguing. I'd never heard of such a thing."

Comment by Ana Luisa Cid: While this news item appears to be foreign to the main subject of this blog, I think its important to make it known. What is going on in Hidalgo? Is it true that there is no link to the explosion heard last month? Many thanks to Lic. Fernando Pérez Rodríguez for his attention and courtesy in allowing us to present this exclusive video on Mexican television.

NOTE: here is the link to the previous incident in Hidalgo which is unrelated. In my opinion, the 'crash' was not Russian space junk...something significant happened there. As far as this new revelation, it anybody's guess right now...Lon

Birth of a Volcano? New Mystery in Hidalgo, Mexico

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag...James Brown's Kids Say Body is Missing

spinner - Well, this is potentially super-bad news: James Brown's body has reportedly gone missing. According to the Daily Mirror, LaRhonda Pettit, a daughter of the late Godfather of Soul, claims that his body no longer rests in the crypt that he'd been kept in since 2006. Since his death, Brown's body has resided at his daughter Deanna's South Carolina house while the family has worked on mausoleum.

And Pettit thinks foul play's involved. "My daddy's body has disappeared. I have no clue where it was taken but I need to know where it is," she told the Daily Mirror. Brown died on Christmas Day 2006, due to complications stemming from pneumonia and heart failure. But Pettit thinks people were out for Brown's money and that his death was no accident.

"I'm convinced his death was suspicious and I want those responsible brought to justice," she said. "The only way to do that is to exhume his body and have an autopsy. It was common knowledge daddy took illegal drugs until his death. He was also hooked on painkillers. At the very least there were enablers who helped cause his death."

While Pettit's elaborations end there as to whom the grave robbers could be, it's not to say that she's totally out of left field. In 2007, she came forth claiming to be an illegitimate daughter of the Godfather, and DNA tests proved her assertion to be 99.9% accurate. Should Pettit's claims turn out to be right again, it's safe to say we hope there's some payback to whoever did this.

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag...James Brown's Kids Say Body is Missing


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Friday, March 12, 2010

Humanoid / Cryptid Encounter Reports 11

The following are previous humanoid / cryptid encounter reports received by various agencies worldwide:


Location/Date: Mafra, Santa Catarina, Brazil - Summer 1986 - 10:00 pm

After hearing unusual noises coming from outside in the front yard, a family of three including a 5-year old girl. Her mother opened the wooden door and her father armed with a piece of wood peeked outside to see a bizarre creature standing no more than 4 meters from the front door. After seeing the look of terror on her parents the little girl ran to the door and also saw the creature, which years later she described as about 3 meters in height, man-shaped, with a pair of huge wings covering its back, shiny black in color. It had large pointed ears, and brilliant red triangular shaped eyes. It carried in one hand an object resembling a "trident". She did not remember seeing a mouth or nose.

The little girl screamed and the terrifying humanoid stared at her. Her mother then pulled her back from the door, not before she saw her stepfather fling the piece of wood at the creature....but, before it reached the figure, the piece of wood vanished in plain sight. The creature remained immobile. It then suddenly pulled what appeared to be some kind of cape over its body emitting something that the witness could now only describe as a "magnetic field" and vanished in front of the terrified family.

They never spoke about the matter and her mother always prohibited any discussion about the encounter. Strangely, soon after the encounter, her mother developed a rare type of cancer, which killed her in a very short time. The witness believes there was a connection with the encounter and her mother's untimely death.

Source: Portal UFO Genesis, Brazil

NOTE: a man from Louisiana had a similar encounter during the same time period:

Location/Date: Metairie, Louisiana - Summer 1986 - late night

The witness was asleep when suddenly he woke shaking and convulsing uncontrollably. After a few minutes, he became calm....he opened his eyes and saw a tall figure standing over him, wearing a dark robe and hood. It was standing in front of the window and the light from the streetlight outside seemed to pass right through the being. It had round very large eyes, at least three times larger than normal and they glowed in a black radiance. Its eyes were totally black, but shone bright. The eyes and face had no expression and stared coldly at the witness. The entity never spoke or touched the witness. The witness was partially paralyzed and was struggled the get free. He was finally able to break free, leap to his feet and throw a punch at the figure....but it had vanished completely.

To this day, the witness experiences violent shaking tremors while sleeping.

Source: MUFON News


Location/Date: Nildottie, South Australia - June 1979 - early evening

The two witnesses, Jack and Don, had been experiencing problems with their outside TV antenna being twisted around. The cause puzzled them. One evening, after cooking a meal, the Venetian blinds went up and down. Both went outside to look and were approached by 'European' looking people. They appeared to be wearing dark colored woolen jumpers and were both male and females. A bright light shone on them and both men felt calm.

They were then taken over to a mound of gravel adjacent to which a oval shaped craft was located. The men were escorted inside though they never remember entering a passageway. It was cold, so the beings agreed to escort them back to the house to get coats. They were not allowed to take food. They then returned to the craft and it took off. As it rose they saw the TV antenna on the house below twist around. They could see across the Murray River as they rose up.

Don, the younger of the two, was given strange, repetitive tests. Many hours later they were returned. Later, a neighbor visited and found them confused. The local police were immediately called in. The two men were taken to a local hospital and seemed to be suffering from yellow jaundice and eye problems. Both men, who were in their 30's, eventually lost their sight and passed away within two years of the encounter. There was an autopsy performed on both men but an official cause of death was never released.

Source: "The Oz Files" through witness statements



NOTE: the following was forwarded to me a few years ago by a friend who has been collecting reports of what he describes as a 'Devil Monkey'. Of course, "chupacabras" came to mind, but these descriptions were somewhat different. In at least one instance, this creature killed and fed on dogs and cats but did not bother livestock...Lon

On January 12, 2006, the witness walked into his home to find a devil-like creature confronting his 6 year old labrador dog. This creature seemed to be an unusual combination of a monkey, dog, and the devil. Suddenly, it sprang to its hind legs and ran, nearly pushing us over to get to the open door I had just come through. This creature had long fangs, monkey-like tail and extremely bright glowing eyes.

In another report, An Ohio woman driving through Roanoke, Virginia at about 2:30 a.m. reported a similar encounter in the late 1990's while driving on a dark road at night and forced to take a detour due to road construction. She had driven past a road sign that read, "Red Wolf Crossing" close to Elizabeth City when a creature, which was not a wolf, leaped in front of her car.

The creature was all black with very short sleek fur, pointy ears and had a long thin tail. She described it as catlike, and yet not like any cat she had ever seen. The snout was flatter than a dog's and more like a cat's. The creature was very tall, because she saw it when it was standing on its hind legs and was easily 6 feet tall. She indicated its torso looked very much like that of a very thin man and its head resembled a large monkey but with a pointy beard. However, the creature's hind legs were like a wild cat or dog. It was very muscular and thin.

Later, the woman checked with the US Game and Wildlife Department who told her there were no black wolves in the area, but suggested she had seen a feral dog (feral meaning "wild") or a wolf-dog hybrid. But the woman was emphatic it was not a wolf or dog.

The woman explained the creature may have been on all fours just before leaping. The creature leaped with such force and height that it only took one bound to make it across both lanes of the highway. This indicates the creature leaped more than 18 feet or 6 meters to get across the road. Dogs and wolves do not leap this far in one jump. Even larger animals such as deer usually take several bounds to leap across a road.

These descriptions are somewhat similar to the infamous 'Dover Demon' which began at on April 21, 1977, in Dover, Massachusetts.

Humanoid / Cryptid Encounter Reports 11

Museum's Beetle 'Shot Down' By Victorian Collector

telegraph - The Goliath beetle, from Africa, is housed at London's Natural History Museum.

Staff at the museum became puzzled by small circular holes in the giant bug's tough carapace.

But it was only when cameras started rolling for a BBC documentary on the museum that the mystery was solved.

Forensic scientist Heather Bonney confirmed the beetle had been shot.

Her investigation identified entry and exit wounds, and X-rays revealed a shotgun pellet still inside the the body.

The positioning of the wounds showed the beetle was in flight when it was bagged, but the pellets hit the creature's back and not its underside.

Experts think it must have been performing one of the high aerobatic displays that make Goliath beetles notoriously difficult to catch.

Beetle curator Max Barclay said: ''Our collections are full of mysteries and every year scientists are discovering more about them and using them as evidence to help understand the world around us.

''The number of new discoveries just waiting to be made in these collections is astronomical, and every one of the museum's 70 million specimens has a story to tell.''

Goliath beetles belong to the scarab family and are one of the largest insects on Earth, growing up to 4.5 inches long and weighing as much as 3.5 ounces.

The Natural History Museum specimen is 3.9 inches long and described as being about the size of ''a large sparrow or small blackbird''.

Museum's Beetle 'Shot Down' By Victorian Collector

Tombstones Discovered in Basement of Haunted Virginia House

starexponent - A man helping ready a Triangle, VA home for the rental market found two tombstones in its basement Wednesday.

For the last week, Edward Grogg has been doing handy work at the a one-story home on Triangle Street, helping landlord Elliot Diamond get the 60-year-old house ready to be rented again, after two “unfavorable” tenants abruptly left with little notice two weeks ago.

While in the basement, Grogg said he saw slabs of concrete lying on the floor.

“When I picked them up I could feel the grooves, so I took them and turned them around, leaned them against the wall and then I realized they were real tombstones,“ said Grogg. “I don’t believe in ghosts, but I was kinda spooked.“

According to Grogg, the tombstone discovery is the latest in a series of eerie events in this house, including a light bulb that inexplicably turned on while power was shut off to the house.

The headstones of Mary J. Fitton, alive between 1880 and 1935, and David M. Ingram, alive between 1957 and 1980, are now in a police evidence room in Woodbridge. Grogg called authorities on Diamond’s advice and reported what he’d found.

Prince William library historian Don Wilson said a check of local records showed Fitton lived with her husband, Hanson Fitton, on Saint Asaph Street Alexandria before her death on Oct. 6, 1935. Social Security death records showed Ingram lived in Washington in 1971.

Wilson said both people could be buried in Alexandria, and that their headstones could have been stolen or replaced.

“Usually, when we find a tombstone in Prince William County, it has been removed from a grave site and replaced with a new one, after the stone begins to show wear,“ he said.

Investigators do not know how the stones got into the house, but they’re trying to find out.

Diamond bought the house as an investment property in 2003, and said his last tenants were a man and a woman who argued frequently. He said the man left without notice, and the woman weeks later surrendered the key to the house, leaving no contact information behind.

“The headstones weren’t there when I was in the basement about a year ago,“ said Diamond. “The police are going to have to track down where these guys went and ask them about it if they are going to find out who they belong to.“

While Diamond said he doesn’t know about any paranormal activity in his house, Grogg said the tenants previous to the man and woman who abruptly left moved out because they heard strange voices, doors slamming and footsteps on the wooden floors where no one was walking.

Grogg lives next door with his fiancée, Sabrina Ham, on the first floor of a house also owned by Diamond and below is a woman who helps Diamond manage his properties. For a few dollars off the rent, Grogg agreed to help Diamond clean the vacated house.

Three days ago, Grogg was doing electrical work there and had shut off power to the house. While back at his home, he saw a light on in the vacant house, and so did the property manager, who asked him about it.

“She said ‘Look inside the house, the light’s on,‘“ said Grogg. He pointed Wednesday to a single round light bulb that hangs in a light fixture above the kitchen, saying it had inexplicably turned itself on.

With much of the cleaning nearly finished, Grogg said he will not volunteer to paint the house or do any other side jobs there. He said he’ll leave them to someone else.

Tombstones Discovered in Basement of Haunted Virginia House

'Tall Hairy Man' Reported - Androscoggin County, Maine

A photo of an alleged Bigfoot print in the snow, was taken 10 days after a sighting on Line Road in Leeds. Loren Coleman, a cryptozoologist who came to the area last week to investigate, estimated the print to be 14 to 16 inches long. International Cryptozoology Museum photo

sunjournal - He’s calling the area the Turner Triangle and this beast the "Leeds Loki."

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman visited Line Road last week to do his own investigation into a couple’s claim that something like Bigfoot walked in front of their car.

On Monday, Coleman said that the man had reported seeing something hairy, 7 feet tall and walking upright cross the road on the morning of Feb. 8 near the Greene-Leeds town line. The woman with him put its height at closer to 6½ feet.

Coleman is protecting the couple’s identity, so far only communicating with them through a friend.

“They’re just afraid it would ruin their lives because of all the ridicule,” Coleman said. “They’re really very skittish.”

Coleman, who has a museum in Portland dedicated to mostly unconfirmed creatures (Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, the Jersey Devil), was involved several years ago in naming the Turner Beast, a black animal that created enough mystery that it made national headlines before being unmasked as a dog.

The area has had other historical Bigfoot sightings, he said, as well as sightings of animals described as black panthers and cougars. Mystery cats, Coleman said, seem to live in one place year-round; he questioned whether Bigfoot migrates through the area in spring and fall.

“I think what’s happening, we may have a Turner Triangle where there’s a lot of marshy lands,” Coleman said. “My conceptualization is that the whole area is more wild than the people in Lewiston or Portland understand.”

Eric Nickerson lives on Line Road, a quarter-mile from the point of the sighting. He said he’s never seen anything strange in the woods there. In the early 1980s, however, 8 miles away on Turner Center Bridge Road, he claims his brother saw a Bigfoot and, that riding home one day on his bike, he himself was chased by one.

“It was right behind me for a ways," Nickerson said. "Thank God, the house was there — I don’t know if it might have caught me or not."

A family member has called History Channel’s “MonsterQuest” to offer up several stories, he said.

Coleman has been featured before on the monster show.

Bill Dubois, manager at the family business Red Roof in Leeds, said people had been in the store gossiping about the sighting, though most of the information was second- or third-hand.

“The people that saw it seemed pretty spooked,” he said.

His take on whether something could be in the woods out that way: “In this world, you never know. I have one customer that was just a Bigfoot freak; he believes in it. Telling him, he got all excited.”

Possible Bigfoot Sighting In Leeds

wgme - Gossip is flying in the town of Leeds, but it’s not typical talk for small town Maine.

A local couple says Bigfoot is real and he’s living nearby. Monday morning a pair spotted a 7 foot tall, hairy man crossing the road near the Greene/Leeds town line. And they’re not alone. Over the last 25 years, There have been numerous Bigfoot sightings, leaving locals to believe there may be some truth to it. And it’s getting enough traction that a cryptozoologist visited [the] area to do his own investigation. In 2006 – there was a mysterious beast thought to live in Turner. It was later confirmed to just be a dog.

Loren Coleman posted a detailed article on the area where this sighting occurred The Leeds Loki: 2010’s Maine Bigfoot

Thanks to Blackmyst!

NOTE: I've been watching this incident for a few days hoping more evidence would be disclosed. Other than what Loren Coleman and the local press has reported, this sighting has not garnered wide scale attention....then, of course, that's liable to change. This area has had a bunch of strange encounters over the years....use the link above to Loren's detailed piece...Lon

'Tall Hairy Man' Reported - Androscoggin County, Maine


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Large Light Green Luminescent 'Birds' Observed Over Hayward, CA

NOTE: I received the following inquiry from Elaine who hopes to find a explanation for a sighting she experienced:

"I believe it might have been a little more than a year and a half ago. I was outside in my backyard at night when I heard a weird squawking noise, almost like a seagull, but different. I look up at the sky and see a flock of birds flying.

Their wings were straight out, unmoving, and they were flying in a straight line. It was like they were gliding. I could see them well against the dark sky. They were what I can only describe as a light green luminescent color. There was a faint light coming from them, almost like they were glowing.

They continued to glide across and over my house, towards the front. I ran inside my house and towards the front door. I could still hear them, but I couldn't see them anymore.

My younger brother had also seen these birds, once alone and once with my mother. On both occasions, they had only seen one bird, but they were the same kind that I had seen and with that same squawk.

The thing is, as far as I know, birds rarely fly at night, let alone a flock of them. Do you have any idea what they could have been?"

Elaine from CA

I asked Elaine for further details...she forwarded the following:

"Thanks for replying!"

"There was probably around 5 to 7 of them. They were flying real close together.

As for the location, I live in Hayward, CA.

I'm sure it was after 8 or 9 p.m. being that it was fairly dark outside. It was around the end of summer or the beginning of fall, I'm not exactly sure.

The birds were flying not too high up, but not too low. I would say around 20 ft.

The birds looked like they were fairly large. I could see them well against the sky. When I think about it, they kinda of remind me of seagull, but they didn't sound like seagulls and had a different shape to them.

I actually told the rest of my family about this and my grandmother told me that they were probably witches. Where she grew up, there had been a old woman that was believed to be a witch and the woman had turned into a big, black bird. But then again, the birds I saw were a pale greenish color."

NOTE: The first thing I thought was a radio controlled device...but that is unlikely since these were multiple objects flying in a straight line and probably too large in size. The former native people of this area, the Costanoan and Ohlone, recognized several bird species in their beliefs, namely the hummingbird, eagle and a falcon. As well, there are the 'thunderbird' legends that seem to be part of most native cultures in some degree. The only natural species of bird that I can find that uses the bay area as part of a flyway and somewhat resembles the description would be Canadian Geese. Also, I am unaware of any military installations in the immediate area...though, I doubt this would be military related anyway. If anyone has information or thoughts on Elaine's sighting, please comment...Lon

Large Light Green Luminescent 'Birds' Observed Over Hayward, CA

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Mason House Inn Provides Original Spirits From The Past

travelparanormal - by Joy Hanson - My husband and I own the Mason House Inn B&B in Bentonsport, Iowa. When we bought the place in 2001, we were told that one little old lady ghost inhabited one of the bedrooms on the third floor. And if we left her alone, she would leave us alone.

We thought, yeah sure, and bought the place anyway. Soon after that, we started noticing things like footsteps on the second floor when nobody was up there. Guests were telling us about their doorknobs rattling, or a knock on the bedroom door, in the middle of the night but nobody was there. Lights would go off and on in the guest rooms, showers would turn on and off, toilets would flush over and over, and they would hear footsteps in the room or voices talking but nobody was there. Sometimes there would be the sound of children running and giggling in the hallways and stairways, but no children were in the building.

We began to think there was more than just one little old lady ghost here.

Many ghost hunting groups have done investigations here and all but one have found evidence of spirits here. We have had fourteen full-body apparitions sighted in the eight years that we have owned the Inn. There is a Civil War soldier, several children, three previous owners, and a cat ghost.

EVPs have recorded such comments as "Good Evening", "Can they see us?", and "Of course they can't see us." Video recordings include orbs shooting around the rooms, human shaped distortions, and a child standing on the landing when there were no children here.

Personally, I and my husband and daughters have seen an old man with white hair and wearing a black suit, a middle aged man with a reddish beard and longish hair, a teen aged girl named Amanda, a boy with dark hair, the little old lady on the third floor, and the cat.

Guests have seen little girls with long blond hair and white nightgowns, the old man, four different women, and the cat.

The Mason House Inn is located in Van Buren County in the southeast corner of Iowa. The building, built in 1846 as a hotel, has been a hotel, a hospital three different time, a boarding house, and now a Bed and Breakfast. The three-story brick building stands on a limestone base with an indoor well and a major river right across the street. Most of the furniture is the original hotel furniture from the 1800s, which is probably why the previous owners are still here - it's their stuff.

"My husband played with the contrast a little to get rid of the glare and came up with the black & white one. It almost looks like a Civil War type flat hat.

"Unfortunately, there is a boy in front of the figure who is kind of bent over and his sweater hood is in the way of the face. The size seems to be smaller than the high school aged kids.

"The bed is only about 14 inches from the wall on that side and there is not room to sit. You can see where the window ledge is so he is not sitting on the window ledge. Maybe this is a child, or maybe their time and dimension makes him small in our dimension?"



The Mason House Inn was built in 1846, originally called the Ashland House, and was owned by William Robinson. It was built as a hotel to serve the steamboat travelers going from St. Louis to Fort Des Moines and Fort Dodge on the Des Moines River. It was built by Mormon craftsmen from Nauvoo, Illinois, who stayed in Bentonsport for several years, working and gathering supplies before making their trek westward to Salt Lake City, Utah. (Several of the brick buildings still in use here in Bentonsport were built by these craftsmen.) In 1857, the Ashland House was purchased by Lewis Mason and his wife, Nancy. They changed the name to the Phoenix Hotel, but the townspeople called the place the "Mason House", and the name stayed. It was Nancy who started the tradition of "a cookie jar in every room".

Over the years, the Mason House has withstood 5 major floods: 1851, 1903, 1905, 1947 and, most recently, 1993 and 2008. Through it all, this magnificent building remains a stalwart landmark. During the Civil War, the Mason House was used as a "holding hospital" for the wounded soldiers who were waiting for the train or boats to take them to the hospital in Keokuk. It was also a station on the Underground Railroad.

The Mason House stayed in the Mason Family for 99 years, then was sold to Herbert and Burretta Redhead in 1956. The Redhead family ran the Inn as a Museum and Bed & Breakfast for 33 years. They bought the old Bonaparte train station and brought it over to the lot next to the Inn and ran it as a General Store. In 1989, Bill and Sheral McDermet bought the Inn and did extensive refurbishing. The following is a narrative by the current owner:

"We know a doctor died in Room 5 in 1940 of diphtheria. He was renting that room when it was a boarding house from 1920s to 1951.

When [the previous owners] were re-wallpapering in Room 5, they would find all the paper stripped off. They would put it back up, only to find it stripped again the next morning. On the third morning they found the wallpaper sample book on the floor and laying open to a certain page. They bought that wallpaper and put it up. The paper stayed in place and is still there.

"A guest in Room 5 said his pajama shirt sleeve was tugged on while he was sleeping. Thinking it was his wife wanting him to turn over, he tried to turn over and his sleeve did not come with him. He looked and he could see his sleeve being tugged over and over but did not see anyone there to tug on it, he remembered that his wife did not come with him on this trip. The sleeve continued to be tugged for several more seconds and then it quit. He hopped out of bed and would not lay down again. He was very shaken by the experience. He is a Minister and did not believe in ghosts. Now he does."

"We have a newspaper account of a murder that took place in the Inn. A Mr. Knapp was stabbed in the heart and died in [Room 7]. He was trying to get into a bed that was already occupied. (He had been visiting the tavern and was confused as to which room was his.) The man in the bed thought he was being robbed and took a saber out of his walking stick and stabbed Mr. Knapp in the heart.

"Several guests have told us that something violent happened in Room 7 and they get a bad feeling in that room. This room is directly above the kitchen and I often hear footsteps up there when no one else is in the house. I will go up to see if a visitor has come in off the street and is taking a "look around." There will be no one up there, but the bed looks like someone had been laying on it. It will be mussed up. I think Mr. Knapp is still trying to get into bed.

"My daughter was in that room making the bed one day and as she bent over to tuck in the sheet, she got patted on her fanny. Thinking it was me trying to play a joke on her, she turned around but no one was there. She left the room fast and would not go back up there with out me."


Mason House Inn Provides Original Spirits From The Past

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UFO Witnessed From Casino Cruise Ship - Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary

MUFON witness report (unedited): On Friday July 18, 2008, at about 10:30 pm, a co-worker and I were taking a 15 minute break on the stern of the SS HORIZON'S EDGE BOSTON, a casino cruise ship and company I was employed for at the time out of Lynn, Ma. We were drifting on the outer edge of the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary during casino hours. As we started to make our way back inside the vessel to return to work, we heard a loud "whooshing" sound from about 10 to 15 degrees off the port-bow. This is not an uncommon occurrence as waves continually hit the bow; especially during inclement weather. But we knew right away the sound was a bit "off". We hurried to the port side of the stern and saw what seemed to be a spectral, greenish, faint-glowing, disc shaped object (at best estimate, about 50 to 100 feet in diameter and about 500 feet out) come clear out of the water and hover for what seemed to be 45 seconds or so. We both confirmed with each other, that we could "feel" or somewhat "sense" heat coming from the object...(and subsequently would both later suffer from unusual yet uneventful bouts of dehydration and cold-like symptoms regardless of how the amount of fluids we drank.) The object then rose sharply to about 1000 feet and shot away, aft and ascending, until we couldn't see it anymore... that particular movement of the object took less than 10 seconds... there was absolutely no sound of any kind and the erratic movements it made as it came out of the water, was as if someone were hoisting this thing up on the end of a chain and it swayed a bit back and forth. I have never seen anything like it before or since. Naturally, I have never mentioned this incident to anyone for fear of any social reprisal... and we have subsequently, stopped speaking to each other all together. I have only mentioned it here, and will probably never mention it again. I just had to tell someone.

NOTE: OK...this is weird. The above report was filed today...though, I talked to a man last night who mentioned a similar incident on the SAME ship a year before. I first thought that this was the same person filing a report using a pseudo self-description but after going back over the details from the telephone conversation I realized that it was a different sighting. As well, this witness originally contacted me in reference to a cryptid sighting and mentioned this only after I had asked if he had witnessed other paranormal experiences. Strange....Lon

UFO Witnessed From Casino Cruise Ship - Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary

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Baby Elephant 'Back From The Dead'

Click for video

dailytelegraph - When Pak Boon stopped gently nuzzling Porntip in the elephant barn at Taronga about 4am on Sunday, Thomas Hildebrandt feared the worst.

Porntip's 22-month pregnancy had moved into the first signs of labour early last week and each night the two "best mates" would stay side by side in the barn throughout the dark hours in which Asian elephants give birth.

"Up 'til then Pak Boon would constantly touch the tip of her trunk to Porntip," Dr Hildebrandt said yesterday.

"Then she just stopped early Sunday morning and we found Pak Boon had just gone to sleep.

"Elephants have an amazing ability to detect low frequency sound. They can probably hear the heartbeat and the movement of the baby."

Pak Boon's sudden disinterest meant Porntip's baby was almost certainly dead or dying.

Dr Hildebrandt, the world authority on captive elephant births, who had flown from the Berlin Institute of Zoo and Wildlife Health last Tuesday, said tests had confirmed the baby was definitely dead by the early hours of yesterday. It had died because it had twisted into a bizarre position which made passage through the birth canal impossible.

Taronga's chief vet Larry Vogelnest said ultrasounds of elephants could not show an entire foetus, and in Porntip's case, the fatal position. "But there had been signs something wasn't exactly right from early last week as Porntip was displaying unusual behaviour," he said.

He said the baby could not be manipulated by zoo staff into a better birthing position because elephants would instantly stop their labour if interfered with.

The zoo has been at pains to point out that only about 50 per cent of Asian elephant first time mothers have a successful birth.

With the arrival of Luk Chai at Taronga eight months ago and another baby at Melbourne Zoo in January, Porntip, even though, at 18, in prime breeding age, was battling statistically poor odds.

Yesterday Porntip, the matriarch of the herd, and the other elephants were showing no signs of distress as they took part in the Zoo's lunchtime elephant show, even though Porntip was still carrying the foetus in her uterus.

Taronga's director Cameron Kerr said exhausted staff - monitoring Porntip for 24 hours a day - had been reduced to tears by the failed birth.

Baby Elephant 'Back From The Dead'

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Flatwoods Monster - Braxton County, WV - Sept. 1952

From the town of Flatwoods, of Braxton County, West Virginia, comes the mysterious tale of a burning craft which fell from the sky, and a mysterious being. The account began in the afternoon of September 12, 1952 when Sheriff Robert Carr and his Deputy Burnell Long received a call from witnesses who had seen the fiery object as it crashed into the earth. The unknown object had crashed on the Elk River, south of Gassaway. The natural assumption was that an airplane had faltered, and fallen from the skies. Not long afterward, a second unusual sighting was made by some school buddies at the Flatwoods School. Shortly before nightfall, four boys playing football saw something fall on a hill not far from the school playground.

The boys, at first frightened, succumbed to their youthful curiosity, and headed for the sight, which was on the property of one Bailey Fisher. They proceeded up the hill, stopping at the house of Kathleen May, excitedly telling her of what they had seen. Kathleen and her two sons joined the search party. Reaching the top of the hill, Mrs. May remarked that, …the night was foggy and there was a mist in the evening air." "… the air had a metallic smell which burned our eyes and noses." A dog was reported to have ran ahead of the group only to return with his tail between his legs, frightened by something.

Topping the hill, they could see a "glowing, hissing" object about 10 feet in diameter, about 100 yards away. Now completely dark, the night was shattered by two lights, about a foot apart. One of the boys had a flashlight, and when he turned it on the two distant lights, a creature ten foot tall appeared.."… a bright red face, bright green clothing, a head which resembled the ace of spades, and clothing which, from the waist down, hung in great folds". Suddenly, the creature began to "float" toward them, sending the group running back down the hill to the May house, where they quickly called the Sheriff.

The boys also called some of their schoolmates, and when the Sheriff arrived, the scene of the event was full of locals, who had to see the creature for themselves. Reporter A. Lee Stewart, of the "Braxton Democrat," began interviewing witnesses of the unusual event. He would later state that all of the observers were extremely frightened by what they had encountered. Stewart, accompanied by one of Kathleen May's sons, made their way back to where the creature had been spotted. Approaching the sight, Stewart was overwhelmed by an odd smell, but saw nothing unusual. Returning to the exact spot the next morning, Stewart could observe "skid marks" where some object had been.

Sheriff Carr believed that the group had actually seen a meteor, or comet come to earth. Reaching the top of the hill, they had seen some local animal's eyes shining through the dark, which they mistook as a monster. This explanation, though plausible, did not explain all of the eyewitness reports. The night of the monster, and the next night brought new revelations of unusual things. A resident of Birch River testified that he had seen a "bright, orange" object circling overhead the Flatwoods area. A woman and her mother stated that they also had seen the tall creature, about eleven miles from the spot of the first sighting. Well known investigator John Keel would make observations from the Flatwood incident also. Keel found one more couple, who had observed the monster, and had also seen unusual objects over the area. The case was also investigated by naturalist Ivan Sanderson, who took soil samples, and eye witness reports. His findings were not made public. The 1952 events of Flatwoods remain a mystery.

Flatwoods, West Virginia

Click for video
July 2007

An independent filmmaker in Los Angeles says he would gladly handle a movie about the Flatwoods Monster — provided someone can put up sufficient financial backing for the project.

It was back on Sept. 12, 1952, that the 12-foot metallic oddity, emitting a sulfuric odor, horrified a gaggle of children and adults on a summer evening, after a fiery streak was spotted in the sky along a steep hillside in Braxton County.

A legend was born, unleashing torrents of speculation and inspiring a book by Frank Feschino, a star player in a Sept. 7-8 gathering in Charleston devoted to unidentified flying objects.

Using their own funds, Thomas Dickens and his partner, David Burke, are completing a feature-length film titled “Alien Gray Zone-X,” due to be released no later than next summer.

“This could be a great motion picture that could be done that could basically compete with Hollywood films,” Dickens says of a possible Flatwoods movie.

Dickens spoke glowingly of “Alien Gray Zone-X,” using such superlatives as “amazing” and “groundbreaking” to describe it.

“And that’s not just because of the special effects, but there’s a lot of human drama to it,” he said.

“There’s a love story and a lot of great fight sequences that use stunt people trained in fighting. There’s a message to it. Most films, and I don’t want to give away our ending, kill the aliens, but ours is different.”

Given the funds, Dickens would do the same for the Flatwoods Monster.

“I would love to do this movie,” he said. “My partner is interested. However, at this time, we don’t have the budget to do it.”

If he ever gets such a project launched, Dickens wants to work with Feschino as a part of his team for technical advice.

Feschino believes the monster was a space alien, part of a contingent engaged in a fiery sky battle with U.S. Air Force jets off the Atlantic Coast. The author also is convinced that UFOs continue to buzz the Braxton County area, since it is on a direct flight line to the White House and the regional terrain affords ample space in which to conceal craft.

“Basically, we would do everything,” Dickens said. “Write the script. Do pre-production. Design the creatures. Based on a true story, we would use the best research and witnesses to get the idea what this creature would look like. But we have to get a budget. We would be able to do the entire film.”

Dickens hopes to attend the September summit at the Capitol Theater in downtown Charleston, coming less than a week shy of the 55th anniversary of the Monster’s appearance. This also is the 60th anniversary of the Roswell incident.

Promoter Larry Bailey is promising attendees “hard evidence” to show UFOs are piloted by extra-terrestrials.

If a Flatwoods Monster film were made, Dickens said, he would envision some scenes on site, provided landowners are willing to grant access, including a depiction of what Feschino feels were aerial warfare between alien craft and U.S. jets.

In fact, that is the theme of Feschino’s latest book, “Shoot Them Down.”

Richard Gere starred in “The Mothman Prophecies,” a film dedicated to a moth-like creature said to roam an abandoned plateau near Point Pleasant in the area of an abandoned TNT site left over from World War II.

Unlike Mothman, a precursor to the 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge that claimed 46 lives, no violence has been linked to the Flatwoods Monster.

A 17-year veteran of the film industry, Dickens says he strives to compete with Hollywood productions in quality.

“We don’t want to make anything that looks low-budget,” he said.

“We use people who look very professional. We use people that look like they have universal appeal.”

Bailey says he has attracted so much interest to his UFO gathering that he might expand it by adding a Sunday matinee, since the Capitol Theater has a seating capacity of only 660. As things stand now, Friday’s show runs from 6 to 10 p.m. with Saturday billed from 3 to 7 p.m.

An art contest supervised by Heritage Towers will reward children for the best depictions of UFOs or aliens.

Besides Feschino and Flatwoods eyewitness Freddie May, the two-day event will feature lectures by world-renowned UFO expert Stanton Freidman, who says the government has engaged in a cover-up since the 1947 incident in Roswell, where many believe the Air Force concealed the bodies of aliens after their craft crashed in the New Mexico desert.

Since the first Register-Herald story was published about the gathering, Bailey said he has been besieged by media outlets across the nation, including live radio remotes in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Calif., Brownwood, Texas, Bridgeport, Conn., and Lincoln, Neb.

“We’re getting contacts from everywhere,” he said.

Eventually, the summit could evolve into an annual event, rivaling that of Roswell, now a mecca for UFO believers, Bailey says.

Skeptics are welcome, but they could find themselves hard put to counter Freidman, a nuclear physicist who has appeared on a number of cable television networks, the promoter says.

“Stanton has won two debates,” Bailey said. “They were with people that were scoffing or trying to tell everyone the UFOs were just meteors. He has some hard evidence that he uncovered under the Freedom of Information Act. That’s some of our hard evidence.”

You can find more information at Flatwoods Monster

Click for video

In the video above, Stanton Friedman describes his experience with Meeting Frank Feschino, Jr. and learning about the Flatwoods Monster case.
July 25th, 2007

Author Says UFO-Air Force Dogfight Ended in Flatwoods

Sci-fi buffs flocked to a fantasy film in 1984 bearing a title prediction that 2010 would be the year earthlings make contact with aliens.

Actually, contact has come, and it was less than friendly, says one UFO researcher.

Three decades earlier, in fact, back in 1952, just five years after the famed Roswell, New Mexico incident, the American military engaged a convoy of alien aircraft with orders to destroy them in a pitched air battle right off the Atlantic Coast, says Frank Feschino, author of "The Flatwoods Monster,'' a phenomenon that rocked a tiny West Virginia town that year.

An illustrator and writer, Feschino has produced a follow-up book, this one titled "Shoot Them Down,'' an effort produced after years of painstaking research of the U.S. Air Force's once-classified files on unidentified flying saucers and digesting countless magazine articles on the matter.

His years of exhaustive study have convinced Feschino that American jet fighters did indeed make contact -- at the point of their guns.

"Shoot Them Down'' draws its name from orders Feschino says President Truman gave military commanders while an American public was growing increasingly jittery over coast-to-coast UFO sightings.

Two years earlier, Truman had remarked at a news conference, "I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on earth.''

"There are tons of documents right there, intelligence reports, talking about pilots chasing these things, going after them,'' Feschino said, citing the once-hidden reports on the Air Force's so-called Project Blue Book.

"That's when it hit the fan, and the government stepped up. That is when they had to simmer the whole country down. The whole country was in an uproar. Everybody was panicking. The job of the government is to keep things under control, and they couldn't let the country panic.''

UFOs were buzzing the entire country that year, "and a good chunk of them were over military installations, and power plants, like Oak Ridge,'' the author says.

Feschino pulls his theory largely from the writings of Air Force Capt. Edward Ruppelt, a decorated World War II veteran, recalled to duty when hostilities erupted in Korea.

Roswell might stand out as the mother of all UFO stories, but 1952 was the most prolific year by far for aircraft sightings -- by one account, some 30,000 alone in the United States, many of them reported in local newspapers around the country.

Craft ranged from discs to round balls to elongated, cigar-shaped ships, the Port Orange, Fla., resident said.

"Capt. Ruppelt was dropping clues throughout his book,'' Feschino said. "And that's the premise of my book. During that time of 1952 we had the highest amount of sightings.''

In a book he wrote, Ruppelt said "other assorted historians have pointed out that normally the UFOs are peaceful,'' but he alluded to a chase in which one of two pilots engaging unidentified aircraft perished.

"They just weren't ready to be observed closely,'' he wrote.

"If the Air Force hadn't slapped down the security lid, these writers might not have reached this conclusion (about peaceful aliens). There have been other and more lurid duels of death. That's what everybody missed.''

Feschino flatly says the Air Force took on alien aircraft just off the coast with orders to destroy them in a move to pacify a public growing ever restless over bizarre sightings. In the battle, apparently one craft hobbled back inland, resting on a knoll in a West Virginia community known as Flatwoods. And it was there on Sept. 12 a group of boys, accompanied by some adults, scampered up the hillside and saw a metallic, 12-foot object emitting a sulfuric odor. Locals dubbed it "the Flatwoods Monster.''

"I have no idea who they were,'' Feschino said.

Based on his interviews with some 200 residents of Flatwoods, however, the author believes the aliens remain interested in rural West Virginia.

"There are people in West Virginia who have been seeing UFOs for the past 50 years, and there are key locations where they are being seen -- Wheeling, Huntington, and quite a few south of Charleston, around Cabin Creek, even down in the Beckley area,'' he said.

The Legend of the Flatwoods Monster - A Narrative

The legend was born after a reported sighting of an alien creature in the hills of Braxton County. Some dismissed it as a hoax, but those who were actually there at the time have a different perspective. The event has had a profound impact. As a result of it, Flatwoods would earn the nickname "Home of the Green Monster." The frightening tale would be told time and again by those who witnessed the event, and friends and neighbors would speak of it in whispers. The story would live on, passed down through the generations and becoming part of the oral folklore that is so unique to our mountain culture and heritage.

I was five years old when I first learned about the Flatwoods Monster, also known as the Braxton County Monster, the Phantom of Flatwoods, or simply the Green Monster. It was an experience that was burned forever into my mind.

During the early 1950's, my family and I lived in Summersville, and I loved to go on fishing trips with my dad and other relatives. On one of these fishing expeditions late one summer, we spent most of the morning fishing up and down the Elk River, just above Sutton, in Braxton County. Tired and hungry, we retreated to a local restaurant for lunch. This restaurant was located at the "Y" intersection of routes 4 and 19, about half-a-mile south of downtown Sutton. We were seated in a booth near the window, and had just finished ordering our food. We were making small talk with the waitress when she looked at me and commented, "You'd better look out, or that monster will get you."

Why would someone offer that kind of "helpful" advice to a five-year-old kid? Her words, nonetheless, had the desired effect, and I felt the blood drain from my face in terror. I looked to my father for reassurance, or a conspiratorial wink, or a smile indicating that the waitress was kidding. But there were none!

An uncomfortable silence fell over the afternoon dining crowd, and the room took on the stale air of a funeral parlor. In quiet, hushed tones, conversations slowly resumed. My young ears picked up bits and pieces of dialogue laced with words such as "fireball," "spaceship," "red eyes," and "10-feet tall." My heart thumped painfully against my thin chest when I heard the phrase, "Eat you alive!"

Apparently, the fear in my heart was communicated clearly on my face. A burly gentleman leaned around our booth and commented, "Don't worry about the monster getting you, kid. You'll smell it before it gets near enough to grab you." The diners around us erupted into gales of hearty laughter that reverberated around the room for a good two minutes. I looked questioningly at my father, still hoping for some form of reassurance, and he began to explain.

Recently, some people in the nearby community of Flatwoods had an unusual experience, he said. A fireball, it seems, had fallen from the sky. A few residents witnessed this phenomenon and had gone to investigate. When they got there, they discovered a hideous monstrosity with fiery red eyes. Some of the search team reportedly were overwhelmed by a highly noxious odor and ran for their lives. My father finished by saying that he wouldn't let the monster get me.

I felt a little better, but my once-strong interest in bass fishing was now completely overshadowed by a nagging fear of monsters. My thoughts strayed, and I felt a desperate urge to retreat across the mountain to the safety and comfort of home.

That episode in the restaurant left an impression on me so intense, that still today I am repulsed and fascinated by the Green Monster.


The Flatwoods Monster - Braxton County, WV - Sept. 1952

* * * * * * * * * *

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