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Videos: 'Probe-Like' UFOs / OVNIs

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This video was recorded during daytime....9/11/09 near Lemoore, California at 7pm local time. You can see an UFO and what appears to be 3 spheres around it. My initial reaction was CGI....but there's is a certain quality to it that makes me wonder....Lon

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The commentary is in Spanish and presented by reporter Carlos Clemente. Some subtitles have been included. The footage, taken by Salvador Guerrero, shows an alleged UFO releasing something in the night skies over an undisclosed location. The film also has other UFO clips. Could it be a flare? The high speed puts that theory into question. Your opinion....Lon

Hotel Phantoms Enjoy Touching Guests, Making Noise and Watching C-Span on TV

onmilwaukee - I’d just finished with my 4 month business incubator and had a brand spanking new biz plan in my lap. It was heavy, so I did what I always do when facing a life transition. Road trip. I packed an overnight bag, just in case, and headed north.

My first stop was a labyrinth in West Bend. I’m a fan and had been looking for a new one to check out so it seemed as good a place as any. If you like your labyrinth overlaid with English country cottage charm next to a busy street, then this one will do it for you. Me, not so much. But hey, at least I made it there and walked it. It’s all part of the road trip experience. The endless possibilities of ‘where next’ lay before me. Which meant one thing. Lunch. A grilled ham and cheese sandwich later and I’m looking toward the road again.

The wonders of traveling with a GPS means that you’re never without a nearby antique mall. One mall leads to another, kind of like M&M’s or BBQ potato chips, and I’m far enough northwest to wonder, “Do I turn around and head home or commit to an overnight somewhere? Hey, I’ve never been to Fond du Lac. That’s on Lake Winnebago. I’ve always wanted to see Lake Winnebago.”

That’s how I ended up in Fond du Lac’s haunted hotel. It’s just the sort of place I’d pick, too. Not because it’s haunted, but because it’s a very old building in the old downtown, and it’s reasonably priced to boot. It’s got a bar and a restaurant on site. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places. I’ve struck gold!

Now it’s a Ramada, but it used to be called the Hotel Retlaw. When I checked in, alarm bells went off in my head. Where had I heard about this place before? Why is this so familiar? Why does the place feel peculiar? Well, duh Susan! It’s on just about every haunted places index I’ve ever read. It wasn’t until I was in my room that it dawned on me. A cell call to my husband, who did a quick search on the interwebs, confirmed my suspicions. I’d checked into a haunted hotel.

I might have wondered about ghosts even if I’d not had my suspicions googled. The hallways were creepy and a bit disorienting. In my room, it felt like something was at either door — the one from the hall and the one from the bathroom. I did a lot of whistling a happy tune, which is what I do when I’m para-nervous. “Oh, la, la, la, it’s all my imagination, la, la.” At about 12:30 that night, I forced myself to turn off the light and try to get some sleep. Try being the operative word.

Fond du Lac and environs has some stellar hauntings, so I’m sure there will eventually be a Haunt Spots tour of the area. I’ll save the full story of the Retlaw Hotel for then.

So, the question remains. Would you stay at a hotel simply because you knew it was haunted? I might, if I weren’t alone and if I had the nerve to explore more.


Formerly the Hotel Retlaw, former owner Walter Schroeder still haunts the hotel property. Activity includes lights and faucets that turn themselves on, screams, banging noises and apparitions.

The Fon Du Lac Retlaw Hotel (Ramada Plaza), is one of several that Walter had built in Wisconsin. ("Retlaw" is Walter spelled backward, you see...) Although it seems that Walter was never murdered here, let alone even died in the building, staff was quick to tell stories of the strange encounters that they all blamed on Walt.

In life, Walt was a generous gentleman and a charitable philanthropist who donated money to libraries and other nonprofit organizations. Rumor is that Walt was murdered in the hotel and his specter resides there.

The paranormal incidents are centered in and around room 717. In 2001, guests and staff members heard screams emanating from the room. When they tried to unlock the door, the key didn’t work. The sounds continued, and the door was moving as if someone was forcefully kicking it from the inside.

When the key finally worked and the door opened, they discovered the room was vacant and there were no marks on the door. People have felt tingles on their backs and their hair being pulled. Lights and faucets are turned on and off. Witnesses reported hearing banging on walls. Although the incidents are not characteristic of the man, many believe the haunter is Walt.

Among other odd occurrences, which often center around teenage girls, are "tingles up your back", "hair pulling", one instance of a flash of light like a camera's flash from an empty balcony, and the relatively frequent switching of the TV channel - often to C Span.

There are reports of people hearing a strange humming and sighting a glow in one of the smaller banquet rooms. Spectral figures roam the halls. Disembodied male voices are heard around the clock. Phantom footsteps follow guests and staff. Unseen bodies bump into people. There’s a ghost of a man who walks into the hotel’s walls.

A beautiful redheaded woman wearing a white bathrobe appears to be startled when seen and immediately disappears into one of the halls. The chandelier in the ballroom inexplicably sways and trembles. An employee who heard a noise in the room, investigated and saw a couple dancing, then vanish. This happened to another staff member who fled down the hall and heard lockers in the locker-room shaking.

The hotel unofficially keeps a log of the ghostly activity.


New UFO Flap Over Stephenville / Dublin, Texas

NOTE: SW has forwarded some recent MUFON sighting reports from the Stephenville / Dublin, Texas area as well as her depictions of the events. Her blog is at Lights in the Sky...Lon

MUFON Case# 22122
Date: 03/03/2010 19:40 CST
Location: Dublin, Texas
Summary: Four orange lights comprising the four corners of an inverted trapezoid. They blinked out individually.

Report: I was standing outside in the courtyard of three portable buildings at Cottonwood Baptist Church, all covered by a separate steel-framed covering/roof. The buildings are positioned on the south, west, and north sides, with the east side being open. At approximately 7:40pm, I heard a long afterburner sound, probably 15 to 20 seconds worth. It sounded exactly like an F-16 engine, and I'm confident that it was not a twin-engined jet or a group of jets.

Approximately one minute later, I was on the east side of the courtyard facing west. I was watching the activity in the courtyard when something caused me to look up over the roof of the outbuilding to the west. I saw four orange lights forming the corners of an inverted trapezoid. The lights were of medium intensity, very similar to seeing an old streetlight in the distance. These lights did not seem connected, and as my eyes adjusted, I thought I saw stars between them, though I can't be sure because of the lighting around me at ground level.

When I first noticed them, I knew immediately that these were the lights that had been seen before from this same location around Thanksgiving. My wife and son along with several others had noticed the lights in the same position (west) in the sky during an outdoor fellowship meal.

The lights did not change position or intensity. Since I registered them as streetlamp-like lights, my mind guessed an altitude of 500 - 1,000 feet. The interesting thing about my vantage point is that there is a very narrow distance between the top of the outbuilding's roof and the steel-framed roof, limiting the combinations of altitudes and distances that these objects might have. If my altitude guess is correct, this would place the lights directly over the town of Dublin.

I had time to realize that I was seeing a light event, look for structure between the lights, and sense that there was none before they went out one by one - I believe that top left, lower right, top right, lower left was the order they went out in. They turned off in a manner consistent with a power source being removed, rather than the flickering or changing intensity associated with a burn-out event of a flammable object. The delay between one light going out and the next felt precise.
If you say "One and two and three and four" that's the time pattern they followed.

Because of the afterburner sound beforehand, I was completely convinced that this was a military operation from the moment I saw them. I immediately switched to looking for structure, and couldn't see any. After that, I mainly focused on the upper left light because it felt "closest", and I looked for structure around the light. No structure was detectable.

At 8:23pm, two military jets flew over, one to the west of the church, and one directly overhead. The one overhead registered as being at greater than 10,000 feet, and had just enough engine noise to make me look up and look for it. That was the last thing I saw in the sky before we left.

No one else around me at the time (7-8 adults, ~30kids) reacted, but I did find out that a couple of the girls in the kids group saw the lights as well. Within an hour of the event, after relaying the story to other adults, two different men told me that military jets and helicopters had been flying extremely low around the Stephenville and Hamilton areas in the preceding days. Of significance, there had been a very low flyover of the A&M Agricultural research facility at the corner of Hwy 281 and Hwy 8 (Lingleville Road). This location is approximately 12 miles north/northwest from the location of the sighting.

* * *

Note: I live approximately 45 miles NNW from Dublin and at about the same time as this witness claims to have seen these lights, I also briefly witnessed distant lights over the general area of Dublin. One moment I could just make them out, then they were gone. I also noticed quite a bit of air traffic after this event. -SW

More Dublin and Stephenville sightings are being reported during this first week of March, 2010. Here are two of them.

I will update if more sightings are reported.- SW

MUFON Case #22135
Event Date: 03/04/ 2010 20:20
City: Dublin/Stephenville
Region: Texas
Summary: 30-40 large yellow tint lights flashing in a round shape for a few minutes

I was driving from Stephenville toward my parents house which is a Dublin address. As I was approaching their house which is on the left side of fm 242, Dublin texas I saw about 30 or more huge lights with a yellow tint flashing, one after the other, in an oval to round shape. They appeared very low to the ground, the shape appeared to tilt to one side slightly.

Turning into the drive way, the house obstructed my view of the UFO lights. I began honking my horn as I drove into the drive way, trying to get my mom and daughter's attention so they would come outside and see what was going on.

As I ran up the walkway to the front door I could barely see the UFO lights. When they came outside the lights were gone, BUT we saw and heard 10-15 jets flying much higher in the area above their house. Funny thing though, I heard no noise coming from the UFOs.

The only thing I felt was excitement, I was wearing extremely high heels and am 5 months pregnant, otherwise I would have ran toward the lights, because they appeared that close. About 20 feet behind my parent's house in the pasture just behind. I was the only car driving at this time on a dark farm to market road.

MUFON Case #22138
Event Date: 03/04/ 2010 20:15 GMT
City: Stephenville
Region: Texas
Summary: four square orange light that disappeared one at a time

On 03/04/2010 at approximately 20:15 I was stopped at a stop sign Wolf Nursery and the north west

When I looked South to make sure traffic was clear I noticed four Orange lights to the Southwest. I noticed the light were from East to West and started to disappear one at a time. I told my wife and she did not see anything at the time.

I turned south and drove to water tower road to get away from all the city lights. On the way my wife saw several flashing light to the West of the water tower. We stopped and saw multiple flashing lights that were moving from West to east.

The object was moving to the east toward Granbury and was followed by what I believed to be air planes that were very fast, I cannot say that the planes following were military or not, I do know that object left after the planes arrived.

UPDATE! This was just reported to LITS, that the lake at Granbury, Texas was the location of another sighting, on March 4, 2010.

Event Date: 03/04/10
City: Granbury, TX
Description: Large disc shaped object with multiple lights hovering above the lake

Have You Ever Wondered What a Traditional Witch Thought About the Subject of UFOs and Aliens?

Chris Holly's Paranormal World - I interviewed a traditional male witch a few months ago. Mer-amun is a man who spent over a decade of his life studying the history and correct traditions of traditional witchcraft. He lives his life following the traditions that have been practiced on earth for thousands of years known as Wicca.

Mer-amun is not one of the silly wanna be people claiming to be a witch. Mer-amun does not give you the evil eye by way of a web cam or threaten to cast a black spell upon you in a silly chat room. Mer- amun is a real educated practicing Traditional Witch. This man is well read, knowledgeable and living a life style he fully researched, learned and practices with care and understanding.

During our first interview Mer-amun and I talked mainly about the traditions and beginnings of witchcraft that can be found in all civilizations from the beginning of the human experience on earth. During my recent interview I decided to ask Mer-amun questions not often asked to a witch. I was curious to find out what a traditional witch thought about UFO’s and Aliens.

Mer-amun did not disappointment me when I asked for his opinion on these subjects. I found his thinking very interesting and know from talking with others who practice witchcraft follow in line with what other witches have told me.

The following is what Mer-amun told me his opinions are concerning UFO’s and Aliens:

“Just as we spend money on the dream of some day visiting Mars to terra-form it and colonize it, so was our own Earth deliberately terra-formed and colonized from the time life inexplicably and suddenly appeared here. Just as we plan to place lichens and micro-organisms on Mars to slowly make it habitable, so were life forms placed here on earth for the same purpose long ago.

Here on earth we raise and farm various animals for our consumption or for scientific experiments. I think earth life was deliberately seeded as an experiment by another species from another place out among the stars.

I am sure there are many extra-terrestrial races that are perfectly aware of us here on Earth. I am sure some have visited us, some may use us for their own purposes like biological material while others may be more interested in uniting or learning about us in a civil kind manner. I am sure there are also those that may not want anything to do with us at all.

From what I understand there are 2 main extra-terrestrial races that do interact with us. One type called The Grays it has been told are the ones responsible for the terra-forming and seeding of life upon this earth. They are the ones that may be using us for our genetic material. They are typically described as having large egg-shaped heads with over-sized black almond shaped eyes, long spindly arms and legs, and characteristic gray skin.

The Grays are beings who visit and use other life forms for their own agendas where the Blondes are more peaceful kind beings who seem to keep a handle on the actions of the Grays and the life forms they both visit.

At different times, both races have genetically altered life on the Earth. For example there was a time in the distant past when this planet had no life forms that were sexed. All creatures were androgynous, and reproduced alone. A mutation was created in the genes of the life forms on this planet. We were at that time, mutated into females and males. The Blondes did not intervene seeing an opportunity for this to bring about beings that would develop in to caring loving creatures through the introduction of sex. The Blondes decided not to intervene with the Gray's operation of mutation. (In hind-sight, this decision to go along with the sex experiment has since been thought by the Blondes to have created more trouble and complication, and in some cases more inhumanity than it was worth.)

The Blondes also it is told were involved with transforming us from a more big foot looking creature into the humans we are today. It is told that our refinements and intelligence came by way of our combination of genetics natural to this planet and our alien visitors influence if not adjustment to looking more like them then they like us!

While the Grays typically visit in UFOs conduct abductions and experiments on us thinking of us as their property or worse livestock- the Blondes are far more typically born and living among us. The Blondes try to work with us. We seem to be the ones caught in the conflict of these two visitors right on our own planet. It is as if we are all aliens without a true earthling to be found!

If this story sounds crazy, it is because it is supposed to. Extra-terrestrials work together as to keep their existence within the tight confines of those who are in their tutelage.

Having those who talk about these things on earth ridiculed and laughed at is exactly what they plan and hope for. The idea that these subjects are openly considered crazy and without credibility is exactly what they want.

This is a very effective technique for controlling public opinion on a topic, simply: make it seem crazy. For example, in 1995 the CIA experiments with Remote Viewing became published. Today, in order to continue those experiments without inquiry and without intervention by public opinion- it is simply said that Remote Viewing no longer exist.

The subject was no longer in fad or style and those who continued to discuss it are laughed at or accused of being crazy. The film, ‘Men Who Stare at Goats’ is one example of this. The extra-terrestrials themselves are the first to use this behavior on society to keep public scrutiny and opinion easy to deal with.

The last 80 years are unprecedented in recorded history as the era we have gained an awareness of and belief in extra-terrestrials and UFOs.

All over the world people have become aware of UFOs, aliens, and abductions. I was taught and believe that we are being prepared as a society for the unveiling of the great alien human secret.

I think some of us alive today will live to see the emergence of the extra-terrestrials openly into our civilization here on earth. It is said that the same openness between earthlings and aliens that once occurred on earth will one day be our way once again. I have been taught and believe the visitors from the stars will openly reveal themselves during the next 60 to 80 years.

Once years ago when I was studying my traditional beliefs I was explaining to one of my teachers some of the things I learned concerning the Grays and the Blondes that visit or live among us. When I finished my teacher spent an hour to discredit me in front of everyone else present. His reaction took me by surprise. While the class was laughing at his suggestion everyone should make tin foil hats he leaned over to me and whispered in my ear: "a day will come when you will regret having learned so much about this."

Needless to say I was a bit shocked at the detailed and strong opinions concerning visiting aliens and the subject of UFO activity that Mer-amun explained to me. I actually thought I was going to get a far less thought out answer. I did not anticipate the strong opinions concerning the alien connection from a traditional witch however learned quickly he not only believes we are being visited he considers it part of our history.

I have asked the same questions concerning aliens and UFO’s to two other people who practice the Wiccan ways. One was a traditional female witch and the other a pagan witch by their own definitions. Although the three people I asked including the two females and this male traditional witch did not know each other they all told me almost the same things concerning these subjects and all consider it part of this earth’s history.

I admit I may not agree with everything they believe to be true however I also do not disagree with some of the ideas concerning the interference of aliens with our evolution as a species and our advancement as societies.

I do enjoy finding out what those around me think and think the traditional male witch who gave me the opinions in this article is a smart rounded educated man. I think the main thing for us all to understand is that we really do not know what went on in history and should keep open our minds and views to scenarios we have not yet incorporated into our thinking about what really went on in the history of our being who we are or how we ended up as we are today.

I for one never thought our history was correct or our understanding of the science of life and our own biology close to being understood. There are so many unknowns and speculations that remain lost to science that I find it impossible to rule out any cause for our being or development here on earth. I think we most likely a combination of evolution of the planet, design by an ultimate creator and interference or manipulation by visitors already evolved. I believe we are the total sum of nature, god and visitors hands. Until these things can be proved or disproved for me they all remain on the table of possible reasons you and I exist today.

Next time I ask a interesting person for a viewpoint I will know it may result in a controversial incredible line of thinking I may need to share with everyone- exactly like my asking a traditional male witch what he thought about aliens and UFO’s!

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World
Copyright © 2008-2010 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved


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Friday, March 05, 2010

Paranormal Mysteries at the White Inn

fredonialeader - At the end of a lengthy corridor lies a single white door leading to a room in which many mysteries await. A night behind this closed door might leave uneasy patrons nervous to return.

The White Inn is filled with mystery and many spooky rooms that attract numerous customers, not only for the food, but for the thrills that the Inn might bring. It all began in the early 19th century, when the property on which the Inn stands now fell into the hands of Dr. Squire White.

The first house to be built on the land was in 1868, when White erected a frame house and made it the permanent residence of the White family. Not long after, an unfortunate event devastated the White family when the house caught fire. Devillo White, Dr. White’s son, decided to rebuild a better, more substantial home. In 1868, The Second Empire brick mansion was constructed.

It wasn’t until 1918 that the history of the Inn would begin to develop. Murray Hill Bartley of Westfield purchased the property from the last remaining White family member, Miss Isabelle White. Bartley expanded the house considerably and opened it as a hotel to the public in 1919.

Since then, the White Inn has become a popular destination. With its 40 Victorian-styled guest rooms, a dining hall and of course, its mysterious “bump in the night” noises, the Inn remains a major icon within the community. Countless stories describing what these “noises” could be include those of several figures the White Inn has seen over the years.

One popular and captivating story is that of Jack Maloney and his wife, Helen. In 1968, Jack, suffering from depression, murdered his wife by clobbering her over the head with a book end. He then committed suicide by taking a shot of insulin. This tragic event has haunted the White Inn’s walls ever since.

Guests have reported smelling cigar smoke, possibly from Jack’s own cigars. One woman even claimed a female figure appeared at the end of her bed one night and talked to her. Room 272, where the murder/suicide occurred, is available; especially to all those who wish to try their luck at experiencing paranormal activity. As Rohan Patrick, the current manager of the Inn said, “If you seek it out, it will be there.”

Many staff members at the Inn claim to have experienced strange paranormal activity.

“Several staff mentioned that they have seen Isabella White in the kitchen, room 264 and her room where she actually resided when living here, 314,” Rohan Patrick, the White Inn’s most recent owner said.

Slamming doors, unexplained noises and ghost sightings have been reported from staff members regarding Isabella White. “It’s creepy,” said one staff member, “I don’t like being in the kitchen or really anywhere at night by myself.”

Supposedly, Isabella White was not very pleased to see her family’s house converted into a hotel. It is said she used to sit in her rocking chair on her porch next door to the Inn watching, with a disapproving glare, as her house was being completely changed. It is believed that her spirit wanders the Inn because of her unhappiness and unwillingness to let the Inn, which was once her home, slip away forever.

SUNY Fredonia’s own paranormal group, Paranormal Research Association of Fredonia (PRAF), decided to test out these claims and conduct a ghost hunt at the Inn. While they did not see any ghosts, the members of the group reported “feeling uneasy” in room 272 and 264. Jeremy Steincamp, president of PRAF described the room as “really uncomfortable.”

“There were so many weird noises. It’s an old building, so weird noises are normal. No one else was in the building, so the door slamming has no explanation. And the unexplainable EMF [Electro Magnetic Field] readings, that’s still a mystery,” Steincamp said.

Putting aside all the reports of what might be paranormal activity, Patrick focuses on taking care of the facility. When he became manager of the White Inn a year and a half ago he was not informed of the building’s paranormal history. However, as much as he does believe in the paranormal, Patrick tries to look at things optimistically.

The White Inn has had several previous owners, including SUNY Fredonia professors David Briant and David Palmer. These individuals spent 13 years refurbishing and renovating the Inn. Following the ownership of Briant and Palmer, Robert Contiguglia and Kathleen Dennison took over the Inn and kept the lodging and food services running.

Under the ownership of these individuals, the paranormal activity was used as an extra way to draw in guests and grab people’s interest. Patrick has a different approach.

“Previous owners played it up a lot. They liked the idea of the mysteries and haunting. It’s not that I don’t like it but I don’t play on it,” said Patrick. “I have a philosophy and it’s ‘let the dead rest in peace.’”

Although the belief in paranormal phenomena is not universal, many guests and staff have made it clear that what they have experienced is definitely out of the ordinary. Unexplained noises, slamming doors and unidentified ghost sightings are among the thrills and chills the Inn has already presented to its guests.

The White Inn is quite an impressive, historical attraction. Not only does it charm people with its delightful, welcoming rooms and suites, but it serves as a fine dining facility. And of course, we can’t forget the Inn’s additional feature: a home to the spirits of the White Inn’s past.


Innkeeper of The White Inn in Fredonia, Robert Contiguglia, is proud of the supernatural drama and history of his business. He feels the ongoing evidence of ghosts only enriches its continuing heritage.

The White Inn: Isabel White and Room 264

There are two parts of the inn, the old and the new. The old is the original structure dating to 1868 and includes Room 264. The new was added in 1919 and includes supplemental lodging, dining space, and the porch with stately pillars viewable from Main Street.

Isabel White was the last White family member to reside in the home. It is believed her spirit hangs around the inn due to her nostalgia for her childhood homestead. Though she favors Room 264, Isabel roams the entire inn. Room 264 is found in a narrow, dead-end hallway.

A pleasant couple rented Room 264 one evening in November 1993. In the morning, the couple proceeded to breakfast. Contiguglia greeted them and asked about their slumber. The couple said, "We had a little visitor last night." Embarrassed, Contiguglia immediately assumed they were referring to a rodent, but then the couple continued, "It was a young lady." Contiguglia, a non-believer at the time in errant spirits, became aghast at the notion of other guests helping themselves into others' rooms. The couple corrected Contiguglia, saying it was a ghost.

"She was a young lady in her teens. She had blonde hair and cobalt blue eyes - a nice complexion," the pair described. The ghost sat on the edge of their bed and told the twosome of ensuing milestones in their lives, including the birth of a baby boy.

Some time later, the couple returned as guests of the inn. They had two requests: Room 264 and a crib for their new baby boy. Eager to present their son to the she-ghost, they were disappointed she did not reappear.

On a separate occasion in July 1996 around 10:30 p.m., a man entered asking for a room. He was given the key to Room 264. The man explained he was exhausted after an eight-hour drive, and asked if the bar was still open. It was, so the man first proceeded upstairs to put his things in his room.

"It wasn't 30 seconds later when he came running back down the stairs," Contiguglia retold.

The out-of-breath man panted and demanded, "Do you have ghosts in this building?" The man told the innkeeper that as he was fiddling with his room key, he looked down the hall toward the dead end and saw a girl in her nightgown. The man assumed she was having trouble with her key, so he opened his room, set his bag inside, then turned to help her. The girl had vanished in a dead-end corridor. Exasperated, he tore down the stairs.

The man described the girl to Contiguglia as young, perhaps 15 years old, with blonde hair, alluring blue eyes and a peaches-and-cream complexion. To Contiguglia, it was an uncanny similarity to the description given by the breakfast couple. The shaken man took solace at the bar.

A bludgeoning

Contiguglia discerned his inn is inhabited by two entities. Isabel is one, the other is Helen and Jack Maloney, melded into one. The Maloneys were the innkeepers and restaurateurs in the 1940s through the '60s. Contiguglia described them as nice people, but gluttonous alcoholics.

One wintry evening, Jack came home inebriated. He trudged upstairs to the couple's room, in what is now the Presidential Suite located in the older part of the inn. He shut and locked the door. There was a struggle ending with Jack bludgeoning his wife to a bloody death. Then using a lethal combination of sleeping pills and booze, he killed himself, too. Contiguglia discussed the autopsy that described Helen's head as "crushed with a heavy object."

Fast forward to 1992 when a couple experienced "a major occurrence," as Contiguglia defines it. The innkeeper booked them in the relaxing Presidential Suite, an expansive two-room suite with extras like a fireplace, floor globe and jacuzzi. About 1 a.m., the couple awoke to a terrorizing racket in the common room. They heard the clamor of furniture moving and glass breaking. What seemed like an eternity may have only been three or four seconds, and then the suite turned stone silent. Getting up the nerve to open the bedroom door, the couple peeked in, fully expecting shambles. To their astonishment, nothing was out of place, wrong or broken, save for one thing: the globe was twirling on its own.

The two entities are never experienced together and take their cues from the general aura of the inn. When the inn pumps with positive energy, Isabel is thought to reign, and when swirling with negativity, the Maloneys are in charge. Whoever is at the helm, sightings remain unpredictable.


Demonic Battle Within The Vatican

timesonline - Rome is riven by battling exorcists. Well, two to be precise, both priests, both experts on demonic possession, yet currently clashing over the possible existence of Satan worshippers within the Vatican.

The splendidly named Fr Gabriele Amorth stated in a memoir published last month “yes, also in the Vatican there are members of Satanic sects.” Asked if this involved lay Catholics or clergy, he said: “There are priests, monsignors and also cardinals!”

The allegations of Fr Amorth – who btw, has said in the past that the scenes in the 1973 film The Exorcist are “substantially exact” – are recorded in Father Amorth: Memoirs of an Exorcist. My life fighting against Satan, a series of interviews edited by Marco Tosatti. He asked Amorth if Pope Benedict XVI himself knew of the existence of Satanic sects in the Vatican.“Of course he was informed ” replied Amorth. “But he does what he can. It's a horrifying thing."

This week, reports Catholic News Online a second Rome-based demonologist, the Spaniard Fr Jose Antonio Fortea (another appropriately named priest) responded, stating on his blog that some priests ,"are more spiritual and others more earthly, some more virtuous and others more human." He added: "from there to affirm that some cardinals are members of Satanic sects is an unacceptable distance."

He then mentioned those seeking help for demonic possession, along with, "innumerable persons” alleging to be the recipients of divine Revelation, including some whose visions have a flavour of the apocalypse, or include “revelations about the infiltration of Satan and the Masons [editor's note – a particular obsession with European Catholics] within the dome of the Church.”

The only acceptable stance in such cases, explained Fr Fortea is to “suspend judgement of the messages” while they are discerned. Fair point.

Then he tackles the interesting question of how one can know if a demon is telling the truth. In many cases, he said, this is impossible, explaining: "We can know with great confidence when a demon tells the truth in the subject directly related with the exorcism. That is, the number of demons, their name and similar things. But we cannot be confident in what regards concrete news relating to people."

"Father Amorth does not have other sources of knowledge than the two that I just cited."

That may be true but I prefer to leave the last word with the redoubtable Fr Amorth, who in this interview , pointed out that power anywhere leads to temptation: “I have no doubt about the fact that the demon tempts the authorities of the Church especially, just as he tempts every authority, those of politics and industry.”

Demons aside, is pride, chief of all sins, to blame for human corruption in the Church?

Magical Stones and Leprechauns

austriantimes - A Polish plumber has become a faith healer after finding a mystical stone while he was digging up the drains under his home.

Baffled Jacek Slominski has been swamped by demands from hundreds of patients since he pulled the stone from the earth where it had laid undisturbed for hundreds of years.

"It has a huge Z carved into it and as soon as I touched it I felt this tremendous energy coming from it. I've had a bad back for years but all of a sudden all the pain left me and never returned," he said at his home in Bialystok.

Now Jacek has become a full time healer as patients travel hundreds of miles just to touch his healing stone.

"I don't understand it but it works and it's better than fixing broken toilets," he said.

The Leprechaun Fairy Watch - Tipperary, Ireland

The leprechaun fairy watch webcam is in a hidden location in the field in Tipperary, Ireland. This is an enchanted area, well known for magical associations. There is fairy ring close-by and you may see leprechauns and other Irish fairies such as pookas, banshees and merrows. Because the Leprechaun Watch is in the countryside in a remote part of Ireland there is only natural light and there will be little or nothing to see after dark and before dawn. The time shown is the current time in Tipperary, Ireland. In the summer in Ireland it is often bright until quite late at night. Here's the link to the website The Leprechaun Watch.

Thanks to Janet for the heads up!


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Thursday, March 04, 2010

NASA Rover Snaps Strange Image on Mars

Click for video

thesun - Could this be a giant silverback gorilla...on MARS? (rolling my eyes...Lon)

Some space buffs reckon it is after seeing this picture sent back by a robot vehicle probing the rocky Red Planet for signs of life.

Enthusiast Nigel Cooper - who has studied thousands of photos taken by NASA rovers and posted online - said: "It's definitely a creature of some sort."

Mr Cooper, 43, of Grimsby, Lincs, added: "I'm convinced there is life out there."

NOTE: honestly...that would be one big ape. King Kong? Put wings and a pill box cap on it and it would look like a flying monkey from the 'Wizard of Oz'. I swear, there have been some odd stories today! I'm not totally discounting that this may be some form of life...but I'm not holding my breath either...Lon

Photos: 'Camouflaged' Beings Harass Witness

MUFON witness report (unedited) - Nevada: I dont know how to start but all i know is that since my husband was hospitalize i have seen them and they continue coming and coming to me. I have video taped this every night since i wanted to show my self and everyone else that i am not going crazy or seeing things. They hover over my house and i have even had one close enough to me to the point that i saw what it looked like since it stared at me as it went passed the front of my face. I have emailed many people especially Dr. Steven Greer but i dont seem to get a response. I dont know what or who to tell anymore. And as days go by they get close and closer and show more. I can hear them coming and if i ignore it i feel sick like flue symptoms. All i know is that many of them hover and do shapes over my house as if they want me to see them or they are trying tell me something. I need to get someones attention since my husband says im going crazy and its just my imagination. I feel like if they are preparing for something and i just dont know what it is. I even see them around places Camouflaging. All i know is that they know is that they know that i see them and they let me record them when ever they are not hovering and just Camouflaging. I thought about calling the media and showing them all of the videos that i record day and night. I even had my husband get me a telescope to see what it is see every night. You are my last hope. If i dont hear or get anyone's attention i might just delete everything i have since its driving insane. I wont attach any videos since i dont know who to even trust anymore. I will attach a picture that i took of my computer as i slowed down the video to see it closer.

NOTE: this situation sounds familiar to at least 2 other cases I have documented...more so to the 'Alien/Human Entity Activity' case. The videos with links to the postings are at Phantoms and Monsters YouTube. I have no contact information for this witness...hopefully she'll find us. I'm going to attempt to have the images enhanced and evaluated. The witness states she contacted Dr.Steven Greer and he never got back to her...well, he was too busy chasing and filming his own 'extraterrestrials'...Lon


UPDATE: I asked 'SW' to take a look at the images and to give her impression. She states: there are extra dimensional beings present. It seems the photos were taken through a screen, like ones over a window or door and the photo quality is very poor and reflections are seen in the glass. However, the main objects in the photos are real.

I examined the photos you sent, made an assessment and then looked for the report. I wish I could assure the woman that she is not going crazy. I would guarantee others have seen what she is seeing but are afraid to say anything.

I am hoping the witness will contact me so more information can be retrieved. In the meantime, MUFON needs to take action on this report...Lon

AFA Urges SeaWorld To Put Killer Whale To Death....By Stoning

huffingtonpost - The American Family Association, a religious right group, is urging that Tillikum (Tilly), the killer whale that killed a trainer at SeaWorld Orlando, be put down, preferably by stoning. Citing Tilly's history of violent altercations, the group is slamming SeaWorld for not listening to Scripture in how to deal with the animal:

Says the ancient civil code of Israel, "When an ox gores a man or woman to death, the ox shall be stoned, and its flesh shall not be eaten, but the owner shall not be liable." (Exodus 21:28)

However, the group is going further and laying the blame for the trainer's death directly at the feet of Chuck Thompson, the curator in charge of animal behavior, because, according to Scripture,

But, the Scripture soberly warns, if one of your animals kills a second time because you didn't kill it after it claimed its first human victim, this time you die right along with your animal. To use the example from Exodus, if your ox kills a second time, "the ox shall be stoned, and its owner also shall be put to death." (Exodus 21:29)

SeaWorld has no plans to execute Tilly.

NOTE: I have posted the AFA statement below. You can also read it on their website at AFA


Bible Ignored, Trainer Dies

You are aware by now that a 12,000 pound killer whale at SeaWorld Orlando killed his trainer Dawn Brancheau yesterday by pulling her into a pool and dragging her around until she drowned, in front of a crowd of stunned guests.

Chalk another death up to animal rights insanity and to the ongoing failure of the West to take counsel on practical matters from the Scripture.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, "SeaWorld Orlando has always know that Tillikum...could be a particularly dangerous killer whale...because of his ominous history."

The Sentinel then recounts that Tilly, as he was affectionately known, had killed a trainer back in 1991 in front of spectators at a now defunct aquarium in Victoria, British Columbia.

Then in 1999 he killed a man who sneaked into SeaWorld to swim with the whales and was found the next morning draped dead across Tilly's back. His body had been bit and the killer whale had torn off his swimming trunks after he had died.

What about the term "killer whale" do SeaWorld officials not understand?

If the counsel of the Judeo-Christian tradition had been followed, Tillikum would have been put out of everyone's misery back in 1991 and would not have had the opportunity to claim two more human lives.

Says the ancient civil code of Israel, "When an ox gores a man or woman to death, the ox shall be stoned, and its flesh shall not be eaten, but the owner shall not be liable." (Exodus 21:28)

So, your animal kills somebody, your moral responsibility is to put that animal to death. You have no moral culpability in the death, because you didn't know the animal was going to go postal on somebody.

But, the Scripture soberly warns, if one of your animals kills a second time because you didn't kill it after it claimed its first human victim, this time you die right along with your animal. To use the example from Exodus, if your ox kills a second time, "the ox shall be stoned, and its owner also shall be put to death." (Exodus 21:29)

If I were the family of Dawn Brancheau, I'd sue the pants off SeaWorld for allowing this killer whale to kill again after they were well aware of its violent history.

SeaWorld is apparently, however, unrepentant. Chuck Thompson, its curator in charge of animal behavior, says Tilly continues to be "a valuable asset not only from a breeding standpoint but from a behavior standpoint, too." Chuck might want to ask Dawn's Mom what she thinks about that.

Thompson did add, helpfully, "I think we need to evaluate his behavior and everything that's happened up to this point." You're about 19 years too late, Chuck, and the blood of Dawn Brancheau is on your hands.

Captured / Bottled 'Ghosts' on Online Auction

newslite - A pair of "ghosts" which were exorcised from a New Zealand house and captured in bottles have gone on sale.

The two captured sprits have been posted onto the TradeMe auction website where bids have already reached £275.

The seller says his house had been haunted for several years until an exorcist from a spiritual church visited and performed an exorcism.

Since then he says there has been no paranormal activity and that the blue "holly water" put them to sleep and trapped them in the glass vials.

It sounds to us like someone has been drinking a few too many little bottles of spirits.
Writing on the TradeMe site, the seller said: "We have had no activity since they were bottled on July 15th 2009 . So I believe they are in the bottles.

"They are bottled with holy water as apparently the water dulls the spirits energy, sort of puts them to sleep.

"To revive the spirit, I have been told that you pour into a little dish and let it evaporate into your house.

"I just want to get rid of them as they scare me. But someone might like these to play with.

It is claimed one of the spirits is a man named Les Graham who died in the house in the 1920s while the other is that of a little girl.

NOTE: I see the a possible bad trend here...Lon


The following video was produced by Chris Halton at Haunted Earth Paranormal Investigations. Chris and I are of a similar mindset when it comes to orb activity. There are many people in the paranormal field that dismissed these anomalies out-of-hand. Please watch this excellent video...Lon

Click for video


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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Dechmont Woods Encounter - Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland - 11/9/1979

Robert Taylor was sixty-one-years-old at the time that he had the most unusual encounter of his life. He was an unassuming man, steady, phlegmatic, with a thick brush of white hair and a craggy outdoorsman's face. He liked a pint, and a dram too, but not when he was working. He smoked, but not too many. He had worked as a forester all of his adult life in the Dechmont woods located in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland. On the morning of Friday, November 9, 1979, Mr Taylor set off that morning, with his red setter Lara, to check the woods on Dechmont Law for stray sheep and cattle. It was a damp day and, after he had parked the van and set off down the forest track, even the noise of the Edinburgh-Glasgow motorway was muffled by thick, dark fir trees. The dog ran, and Mr Taylor's trudging wellingtons made the only sound. Then he turned a corner into a clearing filled with light, and saw it...a UFO!

The object was a dark gray color, and its texture was like an emery board: small brighter highlighted areas against a darker background. The appearance of the exterior seemed to change from time to time. Taylor thought that the UFO was attempting to camouflage itself. He estimated the size of the object as 18-20 feet around, and about 12 feet high. It looked to be mounted on a ring, making the object look like a hat with a brim. There were also protruding from the outside of the craft stems topped by propellers. Nothing at the time moved on the object.

Suddenly, two small spheres rushed at him. They were like the large craft, only a much smaller version. They made a sound as they moved toward him, as spikes on the outside made ground contact. They stopped by his side, and attached themselves to his trousers. They began to drag him back to the UFO. He also was sickened by an extremely strong smell which caused him to pant for air. He soon lost consciousness.

When Taylor came to, the UFO and the smaller spheres were gone. His red setter was still with him. The dog was unsettled, running around the area, and barking madly. Trying to holler at the setter, he had no voice. He could not stand either. Eventually, he crawled back the way he had come for about 300 feet. In time, he was able to stand up and walk back to his pick-up. He attempted to contact the forestry headquarters with his two-way radio, but found his voice was still not back.

Taylor tried to go back home in his pick-up truck, but only got stuck in the mud. He then began the long walk back to his house, approximately a mile distance, and finally arrived at 11:15 AM. His entire experience had lasted just over an hour. His voice had now returned. He had developed a headache, and a great thirst by the time he came to his home. It took some two days for his thirst to abate, though he could still smell remnants of the awful odor from the small spheres. He generally felt ill.

Arriving at this house, his wife was stunned to see his condition. He was covered with mud, and his pants were torn. He began to tell her the story of his experience. His wife wanted to call the police, but Taylor was against it, considering the subject of the matter. He did allow her to call his job supervisor, and the head of the forestry department, Malcom Drummond. He took a bath while she made the calls.

Drummond called a physician, and drove straight to Taylor's house. He was so anxious to find out what happened that he questioned him while he was still in the bathtub. Taylor and Drummond agreed that there must be some kind of physical evidence left on the ground by either the craft or the small spheres, and Drummond headed to the area to check it out, but he was unable to find the exact location.

Dr. Gordon Adams arrived and began to check out Taylor's condition. He found a grazed area on Taylor's left leg, and another graze under his chin. There were no apparent head injuries. At this time, anyway, Taylor's body temperature, blood pressure, and other body functions seemed normal. Adams called in for an ambulance to transport Taylor to the hospital for a head X-ray and an interview with a counselor. Taylor refused to make the hospital visit until later.

After Drummond came back to Taylor's house, the two men set out to return to the scene of the UFO, and attack of the small spheres. They found the ground markings, and called the police. Shortly thereafter, Taylor, accompanied by his wife, went to the hospital for the X-ray, but he was kept waiting so long, he decided to leave unattended. He was anxious to make a planned trip to see relatives on the weekend.

Soon, the press heard about the encounter in the woods, and by Sunday, it was known about all over the United Kingdom. News of the event was known all over the world within a week. The story would be the subject of television documentaries, magazines, and books. The company that Taylor worked for even erected a plaque at the site, commemorating the event. It was later stolen.

The local police department had no experience in dealing with UFO cases. Because of this, at least they never discounted Taylor's description of the incident. They did take testimony from Taylor, his wife, and Dr. Adams. Because an assault was involved, the police were required to send his clothing of that day for forensic examination. A cursory overview showed that both of his pant legs were torn at the hip area. Also found by the exam were traces of a powder.

This powder turned out to be nothing more than a maize starch which was transferred to the trousers by the bag they were sent in. The police also checked for any flights that might have occurred that day of planes, helicopters, or any other equipment that might have been in the area. Nothing was found, and none of the forestry equipment matched the marks found at the scene.

There were two types of ground markings found at the scene. The first marks were two parallel ladder-like tracks, each about 2.5 meters long, and the same distance apart. There were also 40 holes around the tracks. They were 10 centimeters across. To cut to the chase, there was ample physical evidence to prove that "something" had been on the spot that Taylor indicated. Taylor was known by many people in the area, and they all viewed him as honest and responsible. There is nothing to indicate that he would hoax an incident of this nature. He did have a history of several illnesses, and surgeries, but there was nothing in his medical history that would indicate he had any type of head injury or psychosis.

There would also be a timeline done by an investigator to determine the length of time that Taylor was unconscious. This accounting indicated that he was probably out of it for about twenty minutes, give or take.

“I know what I saw,” said Mr Taylor. So stringently did he stick to his tale (and kept a camera with him ever after, to take the aliens' pictures if they ever came for him again) that the police opened a criminal investigation for assault, the only one in Britain to arise from a UFO “sighting”. It remains open.

Mr Taylor's neighbors proving much more skeptical, he eventually moved away to an undisclosed address. But he also became the most famous “witness” to aliens in Britain. His trousers were taken to spiritualist meetings to be analyzed by psychics (“I feel pain from these trousers”), and on anniversaries of the sighting UFO-spotters would gather in the clearing, just on the off-chance.

The aliens, meanwhile, did not give up. Since that November day they have filled the skies of West Lothian with glimmering discs, strange lights and bouncing balls of fire. The “Falkirk Triangle” now registers more UFO sightings, around 300 a year, than any other spot on Earth. A good many happen outside the Forge restaurant in Bonnybridge, where fireballs sail over the trees and “wingless planes” are seen in the fields. Some experts say West Lothian may be a “thin place”, offering a window from the Earth into another dimension.

If we take Taylor's account as is, he was abducted by something "other-worldly" on November 9, 1979 for about twenty minutes. There has been no evidence presented to discount his story. By all accounts Taylor was well respected by friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc., and never attempted to make money from his alleged experience.

Robert Taylor passed away on March 14, 2007, aged 88.

Click for video

Edinburgh Evening News - Scotland, Dec. 12, 1998

NOTE: all the accounts I read on this encounter were fairly similar. It is regarded as the most renown alien abduction case to occur in Scotland but beyond Great Britain it doesn't seem to garner as much attention as other reported occurrences. The West Lothian area continues to experience a great deal of UFO activity...Lon

Roaming House Cat Causes Alarm

thisissomerset - The mystery of big cats on the Mendips deepens as photographs have come to light which show an enormous cat taken at the time of a series of mysterious livestock killings last year.

Andrew Highfield, of West Pennard, photographed this big cat last year, but after failing to identify it thought no more of the matter.

However, after seeing reports in the local paper of sightings of a "wild cat", Mr. Highfield decided to share his picture.

Andrew said: "I showed the picture to a vet and he said it might be a Russian Blue or a Maine Coon. If you look at the picture, you can compare the cat to my cat – it's much bigger. And this picture was taken from 35 metres away or so!" Mr Highfield had seen the cat a number of times before and after the photograph was taken, often darting between houses at night or wondering into gardens during the day. This wild behaviour led him to believe it was not domesticated.

Max Blake of the Centre for Fortean Zoology said: "Though this is a very large cat, it's clearly a large breed of domestic cat, possibly a Maine Coon. Despite its unusual size, it is highly unlikely this cat is responsible for the sightings and killings last year."

This time last year, there were reports of a big cat in farms near Dulcote quarry slaughtering sheep.

Max attempted to track down the animals at the time.

Based on descriptions of the animal, along with the size and nature of its kills, Max suspected it of being a type of leopard, which fits the description of a cat which is black, low to the ground and with a curved end to its tail.

However, when he set up motion sensing cameras to try and catch the animal entering the farms, they were stolen and no pictures could be obtained.

Max said: "It's irritating to think that there could be some people out there with a stunning photo of a big cat!"

Footprints, most of which turned out only to be those of a dog, and eyewitness testimony were the only pieces of evidence. As the year went on, the killings in the area stopped and the case went cold.

Recently there have been sightings of big cats in the area around Langport. Four weeks ago, Bob Underwood, 61, of Keinton Mandeville, saw a cat a similar size to a border collie dog.

Two weeks later, Emma Atkins of Langport saw a large feline cross the Langport Road.

Stone Age Engravings Discovered on Ostrich Shells

wired - Long before human communication evolved into incessant tapping on computer keys, people scratched on eggshells.

Don’t laugh—researchers say a cache of ostrich eggshells engraved with geometric designs demonstrates the existence of a symbolic communication system around 60,000 years ago among African hunter-gatherers.

The unusually large sample of 270 engraved eggshell fragments, mostly excavated over the past several years at Diepkloof Rock Shelter in South Africa, displays two standard design patterns, according to a team led by archaeologist Pierre-Jean Texier of the University of Bordeaux 1 in Talence, France. Each pattern enjoyed its own heyday between approximately 65,000 and 55,000 years ago, the investigators report in a paper to be published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Researchers already knew that the Howiesons Poort culture, which engraved the eggshells, engaged in other symbolic practices, such as engraving designs into pieces of pigment, that were considered to have been crucial advances in human behavioral evolution. But the Diepkloof finds represent the first archaeological sample large enough to demonstrate that Stone Age people created design traditions, at least in their engravings, Texier says.

Evidence of intentionally produced holes in several Diepkloof eggshells indicates that ancient people made what amounted to canteens out of them, a practice that researchers have documented among modern hunter-gatherers in southern Africa.

The engraved patterns probably identified the eggshells as the property of certain groups or communities, Texier proposes.

“The Diepkloof engravings were clearly made for visual display and recognized as such by a large audience comprising members of a community, and probably members of related communities,” comments University of Bordeaux 1 archaeologist Francesco d’Errico, who was not involved in the new study.

D’Errico participated in the recent unearthing of 13 pieces of engraved pigment at South Africa’s Blombos Cave dating to between 100,000 and 75,000 years ago. Along with perforated sea shells and other personal ornaments previously excavated in Africa and the Middle East, these discoveries show that items holding symbolic meaning were made more than 60,000 years ago by both modern humans and Neandertals.

Even more exciting, according to archaeologist Curtis Marean of Arizona State University in Tempe, is the presence of drinking spouts in the South African eggshells. Water containers opened a new world of travel across arid regions for ancient people, he notes.

“The ability to carry and store water is a breakthrough technological advance, and here we have excellent evidence for it very early,” Marean says. “Wow!”

Human Remains Found Buried in Rosslyn Chapel

stv - Workers have discovered what are thought to be human remains at Rosslyn Chapel - the world-renowned religious site made famous by The Da Vinci Code.

STV News can reveal the bones were discovered at the chapel in Midlothian by workers carrying out conservation work at the world-famous heritage centre.

A spokesperson for Lothian and Borders Police confirmed the discovery, but said it was not being treated as a crime.

The famous building, built in 1446, has long been linked with a role in the history of the Freemasons and the Knights Templar. Most notably, it has also suggested as the burial place of the Holy Grail – the cup used by Christ at The Last Supper – or even the resting place of the mummified head of Jesus Christ.

Following the release of Dan Brown’s hit book The Da Vinci Code in 2003, the chapel was thrown into the worldwide spotlight. The work was then made into a film starring Tom Hanks, who filmed at the chapel for some scenes in the film. The Hollywood legend subsequently made a cash donation to the restoration and conservation of the chapel.

The bones, which were found on February 19, have now been removed from the site to be examined by archaeologists to discover their age, type and if they are human or animal. They were discovered under a slab while a new heating system was being installed inside the chapel. There is no record of a burial site in this particular area of the chapel.

Rosslyn Chapel has declined to comment on the discovery.


As with many other aspects of this mystery, the importance of Rosslyn Chapel is unclear and seems to have been obfuscated, unfortunately. Its owners, the Sinclairs, claim to be the hereditary patrons of Scottish Freemasonry, to have explored the New World (particularly Nova Scotia and Oak Island) a century before Colombus, and to be connected to the Templars through marriage and descent. Some of this appears to be in doubt, because it's based on the work of Jacobite historian Father Hay, who used documents that were lost in a fire... in any case, we do know William Sinclair did build Rosslyn in the 1400s, it does contain very unusual carvings (particularly people who look like Templars engaging in things that seem like Masonic rituals), and it does incorporate unusual geometry. (SOME say that this geometry replicates the Temple of Solomon.) Pierre Plantard seems to have changed his name to "de St-Clair" in order to claim affiliation with the Sinclairs of Scotland.

Rosslyn, Gisors, Rennes-les-Chateau, Rennes-les-Bains, and Mont St. Michel are some places mentioned in the documents by name. Stenay (Satanicum) was Dagobert II's capitol, and the current home of Le Cercle Dagobert. Guidebooks suggest it is infamous for falling frogs. Mont St. Michel, according to the "prieure documents," was where "Et in Arcadia Ego" was first uttered, by Abbot Robert de Torigny in 1210. Author John Michell claims a "St. Michael Ley" runs between Mont St. Michel and St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall. St. Michael's Mount is surrounded by the sea but the "Atlantis" legends of Ys and Lyonesse claim that it is sitting in a place where there was once dry land, which has now become submerged.

NOTE: there have been reports over the years of the 'White Lady', an apparition that frequents the chapel...Lon


Surfing the Severn River Bore Wave

Click for video

timesonline - A once-in-a-decade tidal wave surged down the River Severn yesterday carrying a horde of surfers relishing the rare natural phenomenon.

The Environment Agency classified the wave as a top-rated five star event on the stretch of river that boasts the second highest tide in the world.

Joanne Hillman, of the British Surfing Association, said board enthusiasts had been competing to take the longest ride on the Severn Bore since the 1960s.

“It’s pretty dangerous with trees and debris in the water so only skilled surfers take on the Bore,” she told The Times.

“It must be one of the toughest surfing challenges in the world because they key is to ride the wave for miles. Most surfers would struggle to last the distance.”

Steve King, a father of three from Saul, near Gloucester, mastered the Bore in 2006 to regain the Guinness World Record for Britain by staying on his board in the Severn estuary for 7.6 miles.

He snatched back the title from Serginho Laus, a Brazilian, who had surfed for 6.3 miles along the Araguari river in northern Brazil.

Mr King’s feat was accomplished in an ordinary year on the Severn where only four-star tidal waves were recorded. A surge the size of today’s wave, around two metres high, was last recorded on Saturday March 30, 2002.

A spokeswoman for the Environment Agency said the most powerful waves were seen roughly once every ten years. The phenomenon is caused by the funnel shape of the estuary, which narrows as it moves inland from the Bristol Channel thereby forcing the water level to rise.

“Large spring tides come a couple of times a year but when Atlantic tidal levels combine with the right river conditions you have these more powerful Bores,” she said.

The Bay of Fundy, located between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in Canada is the only place in the world to have recorded a larger rise between low and high tide. On the Severn the difference in any one day can be more than 14.5 metres.


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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

New Paranormal Museum Opens In Gettysburg

wgal - A new museum opened in Gettysburg on Monday. It's called the International Museum of Spiritual Investigations.

The downtown Gettysburg museum focuses on ghosts -- a subject for which the city already draws a lot of attention. Some ghost hunters have called the city the most haunted place in America.

"I have had experiences with, well, paranormal activity," said visitor Mel Seidenzahl, of Bonneauville.

The museum's Web site states that its mission is, "to give every patron, no matter what age, a look into investigating the spiritual realm and the evidence in locations of possible activities."

The museum is operated by a team of paranormal investigators.

Your 'Ghost' Pics

Let's face it -- Pa. is prime hunting ground for spooky houses, creepy barns and phantom specters. The landscape, the history, the architecture -- all of it makes for a sort of paranormal paradise.

As part of our Ghost Hunt Of The Susquehanna Valley series that aired in October, we wanted to see some of the stranger things you've caught on camera. Click through the slideshow below to see some of the pictures we've gotten through the years. Then sign up and send your photos. International Museum of Spiritual Investigations

When you send your pictures, please include where you took it and what we should look for in it. Also, if there's any background story to the image or place, fill us in on that as well. These don't necessarily have to be "ghost" photos. Feel free to also send pics of those places that have always just plain given you the shivers.

Thanks to my Sis, Andrea, for forwarding this article!

NOTE: I sincerely hope that this museum integrates the paranormal and real history in a respectable manner. I have spent literally thousands of hours exploring the Gettysburg battlefield and the environs and have a deep reverence for the place.

Above is an old photograph that was taken at the Low Dutch Cemetery which is located east of Gettysburg. This cemetery has been located there since before the American Revolutionary War and contains the remains of many soldiers from several early wars. As well, there was at least one cavalry skirmish at the location. This place has been known to be haunted for over 200 years and has attracted many young curious ghost seekers, including myself. A girlfriend and I were rudely interrupted during an amorous moment when 'something' banged on the hood of the car. We got out of the car and looked around...the only thing we noticed was a terrible odor. That was enough ghost hunting for the evening. The next day, I noticed a muddy hand print in the middle of a slight dent in the hood...Lon
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