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CSETI / Greer Claim 1st Photograph of Extraterrestrial

Posted at CSETI: The shot was taken at Joshua Tree National Park in California, November 17, 2009, during a CSETI contact event overseen by Dr. Steven Greer.

This photograph offers extraordinary evidence of interstellar, transdimensional technology, and the efficacy of CSETI contact protocols.

You will note that the ET is suspended in a cone of light which is originating from a small orb to the left of the bush. This is precisely the orb that we had seen that followed us up the path, and is in the location where the ET voices were heard just before the photo was taken.

The ET appears to be a male, wearing a type of vision augmenting goggles, with a very large head with an indented area demarked by ridges in the forehead. The hairline, ears, eyes, mouth and chin are clearly visible. Both arms can be discerned, as well as a torso and both legs, with boots on the feet. He is hovering a foot or two above the chairs that make up our contact circle, and is just east-southeast of the circle. His size is estimated at 3-5 feet in height. Note that he is leaning forward, with his torso and head twisted to look directly at the camera. His right leg is bent behind him.

CSETI Expedition Yields First Ever Photograph
of an Extraterrestrial

by Steven M. Greer, M.D.
Director, CSETI and The Disclosure Project

Each year since 1996, CSETI has conducted an intensive training event in Joshua Tree National Park to contact extraterrestrial civilizations. From November 15 through 21, 2009, CSETI staff and a group of 40 national and international students spent six nights deep in the park, learning and practicing the contact protocols.

Late the night of November 17, 2009 a series of remarkable--and historic--events transpired, including the visit of an extraterrestrial being within a few feet of the contact team, photographed by a senior team member.

Some background: Since 1996 we have had an increasing level of contact in Joshua Tree. (See the new book "Contact: Countdown to Transformation" for a full history of CSETI contact experiences, including many at Joshua Tree.) In 1996, while conducting a similar expedition in Joshua Tree, we were visited by a very large disc-shaped ET craft that descended quickly from space and merged into the earth. This craft was 200+ feet in diameter, flat on the bottom and rose to a tapered point, much like a Hershey's Kiss. It was teal green in color, sparkling and not fully materialized, but very brilliant and visible. As it approached the earth, the desert was illumined very briefly as if it were daytime, and the craft rapidly entered the earth.

We noted the exact spot of entry, which is very deep in the center of the nearly 800,000-acre Joshua Tree National Park, and have conducted our contact expeditions at that site since 1996.

This site is also where the Orion Transmissions occurred. These are a series of electromagnetic signals downloaded via the CSETI radar detectors, which began in 2007 and continued intensely during our 2008 and 2009 expeditions. (See "Contact: Countdown to Transformation" and accompanying DVD for interpretations and recordings of the transmissions.)

On the night of November 17, 2009, a series of remarkable events transpired. Upon setting up at the site, The Orion Transmissions recurred, with full lock-on of electromagnetic devices, including magnetometers, tri-field meters and radar and laser detectors. During a break, a group of us walked east from our contact site out onto the high desert plain where the craft in 1996 had entered the earth. We observed a strange, scintillating light in the shape of a circular craft, associated with soft, nuanced areas of vertical moving lights which we knew to be ET beings. Suddenly, a brilliant white laser-like light emerged from the ground and shot into space at a 45-degree angle. At this point we knew a 'vector' had been set up for further contact.

After some time, we turned to go back to the contact circle and suddenly there was an emerald green burst of light in the north, which illumined the entire park area. It appeared to emerge from the ground and go upwards, like a fountain of light, evolving through a number of beautiful colors: gold, pink, and magenta. Around this time, a meteor was reported over Utah, and it is not known if this light was associated--or coincidental--with that meteor.

As we walked back to the circle, I observed a soft white orb, about 3 inches in diameter, appear to the north of the path about 10-15 feet from us. It blipped into linear space/time briefly, then vanished, but while it was present it was moving with us back towards the group.

We returned to the group, all of whom were remarking on the brilliant display of light in the north. As we re-established order and were about to re-form our circle, a number of team members heard 3 or 4 voices speaking, from the direction of the path where the white laser light and orb were observed. I distinctly heard 1 male and 2 or 3 female voices. These voices were not speaking a known language and were emanating from an area where no human team members were standing!

At this point, we knew that there were ET beings very close to our contact circle. It was then, around 11:30 pm, as I was asking people to begin to be seated, that Raven Nabulsi took a remarkable photograph of an ET being floating above our chairs to the east, looking directly at the camera. She also took several photos before and after the one that showed the ET being, but all the other photos were completely black.

Those who have followed our research are aware of reports of transdimensional manifestations of ET craft and beings. We have had countless such encounters, but to my knowledge this is the first time that an ET has manifested so completely in a photograph. It is one of the most historic events in the history of the UFO/ET subject.

Any civilization capable of interstellar travel will have, by definition and requirement, transcended the light barrier and mastered the sciences that allow for dematerialization, re-materialization, teleportation, levitation and, most importantly, the interface between consciousness, thought and technology. Such sciences, while studied extensively within compartmented classified projects by humans, seem mysterious to most people. But they are rather common by extraterrestrial standards.

Indeed, interstellar civilizations require full competency of faster-than-the-speed-of-light travel, and with all that this implies. They do not 'speed up' to the speed of light and go through it, but instead, by using very advanced physics and electronics, create resonant frequency fields that allow for an object or person to easily phase shift beyond the speed of light into a form that is transdimensional.

The closest analogy for humans would be the lucid flying dream, wherein the subtle, astral body leaves the physical body and flies in the 'dream' state. But in the case of ET technologies, this is accomplished electronically and technologically. Think of it as a type of electronic astral projection--highly reliable, well controlled and specific.

For nearly 20 years, CSETI has reported on such strange manifestations of ET craft and beings during expeditions, but in this case, an actual ET being has been photographed.

The provenance of the photograph is not in doubt. Raven Nabulsi is a long-standing, trusted member of the CSETI team. Moreover, in 2009, she had asked the ETs to allow her to photograph them, even when not seen with the naked eye.

It was at such a moment--after the Orion Transmissions began, after the white laser emerged from the earth, after the 3-inch orb floated up the path with us, after the ET voices were heard--that Raven took this picture.

You will note that the ET is suspended in a cone of light which is originating from a small orb to the left of the bush. This is precisely the orb that we had seen that followed us up the path, and is in the location where the ET voices were heard just before the photo was taken.

The ET appears to be a male, wearing a type of vision augmenting goggles, with a very large head with an indented area demarked by ridges in the forehead. The hairline, ears, eyes, mouth and chin are clearly visible. Both arms can be discerned, as well as a torso and both legs, with boots on the feet. He is hovering a foot or two above the chairs that make up our contact circle, and is just east-southeast of the circle. His size is estimated at 3-5 feet in height. Note that he is leaning forward, with his torso and head twisted to look directly at the camera. His right leg is bent behind him.

The digital camera was a Fuji S7000 6-megapixel camera set on ISO 400, with an exposure of 3.5 seconds, WITHOUT flash or tripod. The camera was hand held. Neither the orb nor the ET being was seen with the naked eye. That he allowed himself to be so photographed during a CSETI Ambassador contact event is remarkable and historic. Indeed, a crescendo is being reached, where increasingly close and intimate contact is occurring between the ET civilizations concerned with Earth and the senior CSETI Ambassador team.

It might be asked why nothing was seen with the naked eye, but was captured by the digital camera. CCD image sensors are used in digital cameras to provide high-quality images and excellent light sensitivity. They can sometimes pick up ultraviolet and other spectra not visible to the naked eye.

For years, we have observed unusual light forms, discharges of light and areas of scintillating light around the contact site. Then, suddenly, a being or craft may materialize and then vanish.

This can be understood if one considers that, even when hovering, an ET spacecraft can be resonantly shifted beyond the crossing point of the speed of light, and the only manifestation of it may be unusual electromagnetic discharges, tones, or subtle light energy emissions as the object (or being) interacts with linear space/time. (See for an explanation of the Crossing Point.)

Hundreds of times during CSETI events, we have observed electromagnetic and magnetic field flux events (measured by detectors) while subtle scintillating light forms move around the contact group. Not infrequently, members of the team have been physically and palpably touched during such events, but when they look to see what is there, only thin air is observed, perhaps with some subtle light movement or field fluxing.

From observing this photograph, one can discern that, given the 3.5-second exposure with a handheld camera, the chairs and bushes are extremely crisp and clear while illuminated by the orb. This indicates a very brief 'bleed through' transdimensionally of this orb and ET being--the duration of which was most likely a fraction of a second, making observation with the naked eye unlikely. Neither the human eye's optics nor the neurological system in the optic nerve and brain would detect such an event, except perhaps as a very brief flash of light.

Indeed, such flashes of light and rapid fluxing of magnetic and electromagnetic fields were being observed and recorded during this time period.

Understanding how interstellar civilizations travel among the stars, or may appear around us, requires a complete rethinking of conventional physics and cosmology. Transdimensional sciences that include transluminal (faster than the speed of light) travel, communications, and interactions are the specialty of CSETI and are at the core of the CE-5 contact protocols (See on the CE-5 Initiative.)

By way of analogy, think of an old-fashioned radio, where you can turn a dial and go up and down the radio frequencies and find various stations. One might go to one frequency and hear a station clearly, and then go up the frequency scale to another level and hear another station clearly. But one might also be between distinct stations and hear both, or several, stations at once, but not clearly.

Similarly, the advanced physics and electromagnetic sciences associated with ET travel, communications and interactions may be completely beyond the crossing point of light and not visible at all, or a craft or ET being may be fully materialized, or, in this case, quasi-materialized--between stations, if you will.

While conventional scientists may scoff at such ideas, these concepts are taken seriously by those in the classified intelligence and aerospace community with whom I have met.

Moreover, some scientific humility is required: Any civilization capable of reaching Earth from distant galaxies or star systems has, by definition, mastered transluminal and transdimensional sciences. And why would they limit themselves to early 21st century human sciences? Perhaps part of the challenge of the UFO and ET subject is to expand human awareness of what is possible--of contact in multiple dimensions, where thought and machine are one, and where the limit of what is possible exceeds even the sky and space, and reaches to the farthest limits of human consciousness.

NOTE: I'm not going to comment on this, other than to say that CSETI may need to re-evaluate this. I would have preferred less subjective data from Steven Greer and The Disclosure Project. What are your thoughts?...Lon

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Pastor of Zombie Cult Wants to Kill Defectors

observer - A Manzini pastor is alleged to have issued a hit list of former senior members of his church he accuses of having caused a mass exodus of followers by spreading unfounded allegations.

Among these are men of the cloth who have been very popular as right hand-men of the pastor, especially during revival services and other fund-raising ventures.

Our source, a pastor himself who claims divine powers of prophecy, however, says he has not formerly reported the matter to the police but to police officers who also attend the same church.

Swaziland Conference of Churches President Stephen Masilela said it was discouraging to hear of such allegations because they were hard to prove.

He added that to prove such allegations would require methods similar to those of the abolished customary umkhaya, a witch-hunt exercise banned by King Sobhuza II over half a century ago.

The pastor who volunteered the information said he so much feared for his life that he would rather not divulge his name because he has survived an attempt on his life, that time he claims they tried to use witchcraft.

Forming part of the hit list are the ring leaders, who are believed to be instrumental in the discouraging of worshippers from continuing attending that church.

A week ago another popular pastor cried out for the safety of his life on television, claiming that certain pastors had hired a devil worshipper to eliminate him.

He had brought along with him one of the devil worshippers. He also did not provide evidence of his allegations, but said he would release it at a later day.

The hit list is said to have been prepared after the pastor (our source) together with other senior members were instrumental in convincing over 3 000 other worshippers to leave the church.

How zombies extract cash from church members

About 300 zombies are being used to extract large sums of money from unsuspecting congregants. Our interviewee revealed incredible tales of Satanist practices and how the pastors of the same school acquire their powers that only easily identifiable in the ‘spiritual realm’.

He gave a graphic account on how the pastors go to greater Africa to work with witches in the acquisition of the said powers.

He said they were using the small ‘talking calabashes’ known in siSwati as bogujana, which are given names of deceased church members.

These small gadgets are supposed to carry the spirit of a dead church member, which is sent to perform a number of duties without worshippers suspecting anything.
He alleged that similar gadgets may be used by some of the pastors to pretend to cast out demons from ‘possessed’ followers.

He said, however, the spirit of the bogujana expires after sometime, that being when the actual time of death of that zombie had come. The pastor returns to the sources of bogujana for a refill.

He said it was with these small witchcraft gadgets that the pastors were able to make huge sums of money within a short space of time and their followers do not suspect anything.

It was also revealed that other businessmen from across the country were part of the conspiracy because they visited the same sources of financial power as the pastors.

“This does not, however, go on forever. After seven bogujana the sources of the power require blood and then killings begin. Some do not go past this stage and their empires begin to crumble.”

Turin Shroud To Go On Display This Spring

dailymail - Over two million visitors are expected to converge on a small chapel in a northern Italian city this spring when the Turin Shroud goes on display for only the sixth time in 100 years.

It will be the first time the holy relic, which some believe bears the face of Christ after his crucifixion, has been seen in public since its restoration in 2002.

Fiorenzo Alfieri, Turin's councillor for culture, said that around one million people have already ordered tickets to see the relic.

In total he expects more than two million visitors from around the globe.

Viewers will be allowed a maximum of five minutes each in front of the Turin Shroud, which will be on display in a bulletproof, climate-controlled case from 10 April to 23 May.

Pope Benedict XVI is expected to visit the Shroud on 2 May.

The authenticity of the cloth has been strongly contested down the years with some claiming it is the work of medieval pranksters.

The Vatican itself has carefully avoided opining on the Shroud's authenticity but has instead described it as 'a powerful symbol of Christ's suffering'.

Independent carbon-dating tests done in 1988 by researchers around the world estimated that the Shroud was made between 1260 and 1390, suggesting it was a hoax.

But some scientists have argued that contamination over the ages may have affected the results.

Two Israeli scientists said plant pollen found on the cloth supported the view that it comes from the Holy Land.

Traditionally, the public is allowed to see the shroud every 25 years, but church officials have said they understand its 'importance to the economy and employment' of Turin.

They have therefore allowed the Shroud to go on public display only ten years after its last appearance.

Reservations to view the Shroud can be made online for free.

NOTE: as known religious relics go, the Turin Shroud is probably the most recognizable...though, it's most likely an elaborate fraud and simply a tourist draw. Though I'm not a believer, I find religious history and lore fascinating...Lon


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Friday, February 19, 2010

Thames River Continues Ecological Recovery

theglobeandmail - by Ellen Himelfarb - Two weeks ago, as I read to my daughter from a picture book about a nubbly seahorse, I wondered: Why must children's books abound with creatures their audience is unlikely ever to see?

The very next day, I had to eat my words when news broke that a small colony of short-snouted seahorses (Hippocampus hippocampus) was living just a few kilometres away in the sludgy Thames estuary. The Zoological Society of London had kept schtum about the discovery for 18 months, while it lobbied to have the species protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Finally, this month, the act was modified to include the spiny seahorses, along with the water vole, angel shark and Roman snail.

Time was London's waterways were about as savoury as a Victorian privy. Now, the same river that 50 years ago was declared biologically dead - depleted of oxygen and reeking of sulphur - is clean enough to house some of our most threatened storybook characters.

The rehabilitation of the Thames began in the 1960s, when London started investing in water treatment and ended the dumping of raw effluent into the water. Today, with tighter regulations on riverside industry, water quality has pretty much plateaued, so the sudden appearance of seahorses cannot be readily explained.

"We're not quite sure why they're here," says Neil Dunlop of the Environmental Agency, "but there hasn't been a massive improvement [in the Thames] since the seventies and eighties."

He attributes the seahorse sighting to improved monitoring rather than filtering.

Nevertheless, the return of river life has been increasingly evident. In 2004, a piranha and a seal were found within days of each other near the Thames shore. Soon after, there were sightings of oysters, Dover sole, cockles and salmon, searching for a stream in which to spawn.

Even more exciting, in 2006, was the appearance of an 11-year-old northern bottlenose whale that had lost its way in the frigid Thames. Rather than join its pod in the Atlantic, it ended up skirting the North Sea, finding the river's mouth and visiting Chelsea instead. It died shortly after a rescue crew tried to lead it back out - it was not the Thames that killed her, but dehydration, likely caused by the lack of suitable food.

"The whale came down the wrong side of Britain and followed her natural instinct to go back to the west coast," says Alison Shaw, an environmentalist at the Zoological Society. "If it [the Thames] was really revolting, she might have turned up her nose and swum away."

Londoners are clearly enjoying the river's bounty. On a recent trip along London's Regent's Canal, I happened by two Sunday fishermen hauling out of the murky water a bass that must have weighed 16 pounds or more. The way they were congratulating each other, and the way the masses soon gathered, it seemed unlikely they had ever experienced a catch that impressive. Nowadays, fishermen are five to a yard along the canal, fishing for bass as well as perch, carp, bream, chub and pike - though it's not just fish that have returned.

Along the New River, a waterway constructed in North London during the 17th century, it has become commonplace to spot herons or egrets - a sight equivalent to spotting a flamingo in New York's Washington Square Park. And no fewer than three esteemed London restaurants source their fish - including sea bass and salmon - from within the city's ring road, the M25.

I recently took my daughter to the London Aquarium, and we saw the seahorses on display there. She loved it. But with more than 100 species - from porpoises and dolphins to otters - now inhabiting the nearby Thames, it occurred to me: We could probably now find a greater level of biodiversity in the wilds of Central London than at the city's aquarium - which is exactly as it should be.
originally posted 4/9/08

Rare Seahorses Breeding in Thames River

bbc - Colonies of rare seahorses are living and breeding in the River Thames, conservationists have revealed.

The short-snouted variety are endangered and normally live around the Canary Islands and Italy.

Experts at London Zoo said the species had been found at Dagenham in east London and Tilbury and Southend in Essex, over the last 18 months.

The revelation coincided with new laws which came into force on Sunday to give the creatures protected status.

The seahorses, or Hippocampus hippocampus, are now protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

They are usually found in shallow muddy waters, estuaries or seagrass beds and conservationists said their presence in the Thames is another good sign that the water quality of the river was improving.

Monitoring work

Alison Shaw, from London Zoo, said: "These amazing creatures have been found in the Thames on a number of occasions in the last 18 months during our regular wildlife monitoring work.

"It demonstrates that the Thames is becoming a sustainable bio-diverse habitat for aquatic life.

"It is not clear how endangered short-snouted seahorses are because there is little data known, particularly in the UK, so every scrap of information is valuable.

"Now they are protected conservationists are more relaxed about telling the world they are there."

Both the short-snouted and long-snouted seahorse are kept and bred in the aquarium at London Zoo in Regents Park.

Aquarists are studying their life history and behaviour so their wild habitats and requirements can be protected.

Video: UFO Encounter in North Carolina - 2/18/10

Click for video

MUFON witness statement - February 18, 2010 (unedited): I was outside smoking a cig, because we dont smoke inside the house, messing around with a laser i have for my rifle, hi powered green laser.
decided i was going to get my rifle out of my truck, turned around after locking up, was walking back to the house, when i saw a blue light, it was really bright, going left right left right, real fast. i stopped, confused at what i saw, we live near an airport, so i thought maybe i was misinterpreting a plane or whatever, then the light stopped, and started doing very tight, and very fast figure 8 pattern, i ran to the door, yelling for my brother, he and his girlfriend came out, and saw what i saw. a bright blue light doing tight and fast figure 8 patterns, i shined it with my laser, (generally, it was kind of far away and hard to judge)
instantly, the blue light stopped. i turned the laser off, and the blue light in the sky turned bright green, and then shot up in the air, a few miles i would guess. it then started doing huge loops, while flashing blue, black, blue, black. i ran inside and grabbed my camera and beat on my father's door yelling for him to come, we went outside, and he also saw it, i got a short recording of it, maybe 1:30 one min 30 seconds.
doing some pretty strange things, but not like what we (me, bro, and his GF) saw. my mother came out and saw the last bit of it, it was maneuvering in strange patterns away from us, towards the south. it went behind the tree line, and that was it.
i was excited, i actually had people see what i see on a regular basis.
and caught it on camera, though crappy quality, i know its authentic.
i see strange things in the sky, quite often, 2-3 times a month usually.
i tell my family about them, but they never believe me, and ive never been fortunate enough to have them with me at the time, or be near a camera until this evening.
im kind of shaky, my nerves are rattly at the moment, its normal and goes away after a little bit, but probably not tonight because i was able to get witnesses, and video.
if there is anyway you can clean this video up some, id like a copy of it, if thats is fine by you guys, id pay for if it necessary.

NOTE: the screen captures were difficult to enhance because of the low quality of the video. Since there was no specific location given in North Carolina it's hard for me to determine if other similar sightings have been reported in the general area. I will say that this encounter was somewhat similar to the Cape Fear River report described below...Lon

MUFON Investigation - UFOs / Lost Time - Cape Fear River, NC

A Hope Mills man was recently on the Discovery Channel after claiming to see UFOs while fishing at the Cape Fear River.

Christopher Bledsoe Sr, former owner of Bledsoe Properties, was the centerpiece of a documentary-style show on the cable channel called, UFOs over Earth.

The show, which ran on Dec. 13, featured UFO investigator interviews with Bledsoe, who claimed he, his son and three friends saw three bright yellow circular objects hovering over a wooded area as they were fishing on the Cape Fear River in 2007.

Producers with the show flew from California in June and spent several days videotaping and doing interviews.

The experience moved the Fayetteville native from being a skeptic to now, devouring any bit of information about extraterrestrial life, he can, Bledsoe said Sunday.

“Imagine seeing something as big as a school bus hovering in the air,” Bledsoe, 47, said Sunday. “It scared the bejesus out of me.”

Several years ago, Bledsoe grappled numerous lawsuits and community scorn from scores of angry homeowners and suppliers who accused his company of unfinished repairs, unpaid for work. Eventually, Bledsoe quit the construction business and paid out thousands in liens and settlements.

Although he is unemployed, Bledsoe’s reputation seems be on the upswing.

Since the broadcast, hundreds of messages of support and interest in his UFO claims have crowded his Google e-mail account from places as far as Canada, Poland and Sweden. A wave of attention has beset the Bledsoe household. Last month a specialist in hypnosis spent days talking with Bledsoe about a possible book, he said.

Bledsoe is also in demand as a speaker on UFO sightings.

“I’ve never believed in UFOs and I never thought of such stuff,” Bledsoe said. “But now, this might become one of the biggest cases in the world.

NOTE: The Bledsoe family has been kind enough to contact me and corroborate the information that was presented to the MUFON investigators...Lon

Video: Stunning Landslide Footage - Maierato, Italy

Click for video

xinhuanet - Residents of a southern Italy town were evacuated on Tuesday following a dangerous landslide which brought down an entire hillside, state media reported.

During the weekend the area around Maierato, a town in the Calabria region near the Tyrrhenian coast, had been hit by heavy rainfall.

So far a total of 2,300 residents have been evacuated by the authorities, according to state television Rai that broadcast an impressive amateur video of the landslide, showing people escaping and the hillside coming down and burying the town under debris and mud.

Mayor Sergio Rizzo described the scene as "apocalyptic." However, no deaths or injuries have been reported.

In recent days the entire region has been severely affected by mudslides. Towns around Cosenza have also been evacuated this week due to floods which destroyed a water main on Monday, leaving thousands of homes without tap water.

In October a mudslide in the Sicilian city of Messina killed 37 people and left more than 700 homeless. Another landslide struck in November the island of Ischia, killing one person and damaging buildings.

Many Italian small towns, especially in the south, have been built with no sound criteria and are thus insecure.

During the weekend the area around Maierato, a town in the Calabria region near the Tyrrhenian coast, had been hit by heavy rainfall. So far a total of 2,300 residents have been evacuated by the authorities. (Xinhua/AFP Photo)

According to the civil and environmental protection agency, 70 percent of Italian communities are threatened by water damage, enhanced by abuses, deforestation and unplanned building.

The Italian environmental group Legambiente said on Tuesday that every town and city in Calabria has areas at flood risk due to widespread unregulated building and inadequate water drainage systems. The study estimated that 60 percent of the towns are at high flood risk for heavy industry. As many as a quarter reported hospitals, schools and hotels in the area are also subject to flooding threats.

Following the Messina disaster in October, civil protection chief Guido Bertolaso called for a nationwide strategic plan to safeguard areas at risk of natural calamities.

Bertolaso said that illegal building and inadequate flood prevention measures bore much of the blame for the tragedies striking Italy. The impacts of the floods, according to the civil protection chief, were "predictable" just like those of the earthquake that hit L'Aquila in April and caused more than 300 deaths, where many houses had been constructed with no legal standards and procedures.

His appeal for a national anti-calamity plan was later backed by President Giorgio Napolitano, who warned that failure to upgrade the country's infrastructure would result in more deaths in the future.


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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Ilkley Moor Alien Photograph - Dec. 1st, 1987

A compelling account of alien abduction that took place in 1987 in the Ilkley Moor, Yorkshire, U.K....a unique case which may include one of the very few photographs taken of a live alien being. The main character and only witness of a UFO and alien being is one Philip Spencer, a retired policeman. He claims to have been taken aboard an unidentified flying object, and captured one photograph of an unknown being.

The Ilkley Moor:

Ilkley Moor is the highest part of Rombalds Moor, the moorland between Ilkley and Keighley in West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. The peat bogs rise to 402 m (1,319 ft) above sea level.

Ilkley Moor is very much like you would expect: a place of mystery and intrigue, and full of legends. There have been a number of reports of UFOs over the area, along with odd lights that seem to come and go. The lights, shining through the dense fog, can play tricks on the mind. There are two places where planes come and go-Menwith Hill Military Base, and Leeds Bradford Airport. Some of the strange sightings in the moor may be attributed to plane lights, but they will not explain what happened to Philip Spencer.

Spencer had worked as a policemen for four years in another location, but to fulfill his wife's wishes to be closer to her family, he had moved the family to Yorkshire. Spencer was taking a walk across the moor one December morning to his father-in-law's house, and was hoping to take some photographs of the strange lights on the moor. He had loaded his camera with ASA rated film to get the best quality pictures he could in the less than perfect lighting conditions. He could not imagine what was to soon befall him.

A Strange Looking Creature:

Spencer also brought along a compass to help find his way in the early morning hours before sun up. He was attempting to get some good angles for his photographs, when he saw a strange-looking being through the fog. The small being was on the slopes of the moor. Spencer took aim and photographed the small creature. He felt that the being was attempting to wave him away from the area. Whatever the being was, it ran away.

UFO Leaves Moor:

Spencer wanted to know more about what this strange being was, and what it wanted. He took off trying to catch up to it. Later, he would state that he must have just acted on impulse, as he had no fear of the unknown entity at the time. As he ran toward the being, he was stunned to see an unknown flying craft with a dome on top rising up from the moor grounds. It soon disappeared into the sky. He was not quick enough to photograph the UFO.

The photograph that Spencer took of the creature on the moor was very blurry, but it is still quite evident that there is some type of being present. The being very much resembles the so-called "grays" of UFO legend. Spencer waited for a time to see if the UFO or the alien creature might return, but all was quiet across the moor. He began to make his way to the nearest village, to get his photograph developed, and as he did, he noticed that his compass was pointing south instead of north. Arriving at the village, he noticed that his watch was an hour behind.

Photographic Analysis:

The photograph that Spencer took was first analyzed by a wildlife expert. He concluded that whatever was in the photograph was not any known animal. There was no way to ascertain if the subject of the photograph was a living creature or not just by looking at the picture. A recreation of the setting of the photograph was undertaken, and it was estimated that the creature was about four feet tall. An analysis of the photograph was done by Kodak laboratories in Hemel, Hempstead. They concluded that the object was indeed part of the original shot, and not added later.

The photograph was then shipped to America to be enhanced by computer, and analyzed. Dr. Bruce Maccabee, optical physicist with the United States Navy gave his expert conclusion:

"I had great hopes that this case would prove definitive. Sadly circumstances prevent it from being so."

Spencer made no money from his photograph, and relinquished all rights to the photograph to UFO investigators.

Further Information and Conclusions:

There have been numerous theories and much speculation about the Ilkley Moor photograph. Because of the poor lighting conditions present on the moor at the time the picture was taken, it was not possible to get a complete and definite conclusion. But with Spencer being a well respected man, and not given to making up stories, it can be said with certainty that Spencer lost about an hour in the moor, saw an unknown flying object of some type, and took a photograph of some unknown creature on December 1, 1987.

As Spencer regained his missing memories through hypnosis (read transcript below), he gave a fascinating tale of alien abduction. He was taken aboard the craft that he had seen lifting up from the Ilkley Moor. He was given medical-type examinations before being released. He could now remember that it was after his release from the UFO that he took the picture.

Climatic information gathered about the conditions of December 1, 1987, made it almost impossible for Spencer to have taken his picture at the time he had stated. However, if the regressive memories are accurate, the conditions would be right to duplicate the lighting conditions of the photograph, which was taken at least an hour after Spencer thought.

The witness of a UFO/alien event is as important as the report itself. The case of Ilkley Moor rides high on the character of Spencer. Through the years, Spencer and Hough became good friends, and still see each other from time to time. There has been no change in Spencer's account of what he saw that day.

He has sought no money from the case, and signed over all copyright privileges to Hough in early 1988. Spencer desires no fame from his account. Is the picture of the Ilkley Moor alien real or was it staged? There is no way to say, as the search for more information continues.


The case of the Ilkley Moor alien is one of the most controversial cases of alien abduction ever recorded in the U.K. because of the circumstances surrounding the event. At odds is the wide spread disbelief in alien abductions and the two very damning facts purporting it: the Ilkley Moor abductee was a police officer, expected to be an expert eyewitness, and the photograph of what he claims is the entity he encountered. Police officer Alan Godfrey claimed that he came across the being while crossing the Moor, in the county of Yorkshire on the morning of December 1st, 1987. He described the being as small, humanoid and green. He seemed to have startled the creature, for it took off running before halting at a safe distance and perhaps signaling him by bending it's right arm and raising it. Godfrey was carrying a camera and snapped a photo of the being, which seemed to have caused it to run off again, this time behind a large rock formation.

Godfrey gave chase, and as he rounded the rock formation he stopped dead in his tracks amazed at what was before him. A large gleaming silver domed metallic disc shaped craft stood in the clearing before him, and in an instant it shot off at incredible speed into the sky. Godfrey was unable to account for two hours after the encounter. Secondly, the photograph of the alien was badly blurred. Yet both the photo and the negative were examined by Kodak Film, which subsequently declared that the images had not been tampered with. Also, the officer noticed that his compass had switched polarity, it now pointed south instead of north.

The compass was examined by the University of Manchester's Institute of Science and Technology. Their conclusion: there were only two ways that this could have happened. Either the compass was inside a very strong magnetic field from a magnet, or had been subjected to a rapidly applied magnetic field or "pulsed" magnetic field generated by enormous amounts of electricity.

Godfrey decided to under go hypnotic regression to try and recount the missing time. Under hypnosis he was able to recount now that when he had come upon the silver craft in the clearing it had levitated him up inside of it. He described his captors as being about four feet tall "with big pointed ears and large black eyes....with three big fingers, like sausages." After apparently being examined by some type of "illuminating device" Godfrey was shown harrowing images of the earths environmental destruction. He was also shown another series of images which he absolutely refused to discuss, saying that he'd been sworn to secrecy.

Here is a transcript of the session:

JS- I want you to cast your mind back to the 1st December last year when you set off across the moor. I want you to clear your mind back to that and I want you to re-experience that. I want you to tell me what you experienced.

Spencer- I'm walking along the moor, oh! its quite windy. There is a lot of clouds. Walking up towards some trees. I see this little something, can't tell, but he's green it's moving up towards me. (We later found out that Jon had took the photo after his abduction and the creature was waving goodbye) Oh! I'm stuck I can't move and the creature still coming towards me. I'm stuck and everything gone fuzzy. I'm, I'm floating along in the air I want to get down! (He later told us he was levitated 2 feet off the ground and the creature was in front of him like a child pulling a balloon on a string). I still can't get down and I don't like it. I'm going round this corner and this green thing is in front of me. Oh God! I want to get down! (long pause) (breathing faster) There's a there is a big silver saucer thing there's a door in it. And I don't want to go in there. (worried sound in his voice) (sigh) Everything gone black now. (pause).

JS- you say everything gone black?

Spencer- Mmm! I can't see anything like I'm asleep, can't hear anything. (short pause) There's a bright light now. Can't see where it's coming from? I'm in a funny sort of room I can hear this voice saying don't be afraid. I don't feel afraid anymore. I can still see this green thing but I'm not afraid anymore of it. I'm being put on a table. I can move now if I want to, but I don't feel frightened any more and there's a beam like a pole it's above me it's moving up toward me. It's got a light in it like a fluorescent tube. It's coming up from my feet I can hear that voice again saying "we don't mean to harm you and don't be afraid." Makes me feel warm as it moves up me it's coming up over my stomach towards my head. Close my eyes I don't want to look at it in case it hurts my eyes. It's gone! (pause) there is something my nose feels funny (shows movement of nose) that's gone as well, I'm standing up now I don't know how I got stood up? I can see a door there is one of these green creatures motioning for me to come with him. Don't really want to go with him. I'd rather stay here I don't feel afraid in here (pause).

JS- Can you tell me what's happening now?

Spencer- I'm walking towards a door there is still a bright light there is light all around want to know where its coming from its just bright all around. Walking down a corridor there is a window. Oh! God!(sounds shocked)is that real? (deep sigh) (pause) (sounds afraid) don't want to be up here want to be down there? I can hear that voice again saying you've got nothing to fear. Its pretty though didn't realize it looked so pretty. (What Jon was looking at through the window was the earth seen from high in space just like the Apollo astronauts saw. Iv gone past the window now I'm walking down a corridor. (long pause)

JS- What's happening now?

Spencer- Come to the end of the corridor. There's a hole opened in it so I can walk through. I'm in a big room-a big round room, I'm on a raised platform against the wall. My camera and compass are trying to get away from me. Going towards the ball. It's difficult to pull them back down again, and this balls moved round with strange its got some blocks on it he says we cant stay in here to long he wants us to go out again the holes closed in the wall its gone strange he says I've got nothing to fear but Id still like to go home (pause) its got such big hands.

JS- What's happening now?

Spencer- Going down a corridor again. its very bright still I wish I knew where the light was coming from. And there is another door, going through a door it's an empty room two of those green creatures have come with me. there's a picture ,it's starting to move on the wall wonder how they get the pictures?

JS- Can you tell me what's happening at this point?

Spencer- I'm looking at the pictures on the wall. (long pause)

JS- Pictures on the wall?

Spencer- Mmmm. Creatures seem concerned at the damage that its doing. Picture changing now there's another picture, another film he's asking me a question he says do you understand? I said yes. It's time to go. Everything gone black. I'm walking up the moor again, I'm walking near some trees. Some movement - I can see something. A green creature. I've shouted to it. It's turned round. I don't know what it is. I'll photograph it it's turned around now. It's moving quick want to know what it is. I'm running after it, it's gone round a corner, I can't see it now. There's ... There is a saucer (laughingly), big silver saucer! It's disappeared? I'm walking on down gone past the trees.

JS- What's happening now?

Spencer- I'm going home. It's ten o'clock on the town hall clock. Can't really understand it was only eight o'clock.

JS- You mentioned some green creatures. Would you try to describe them to me?

Spencer- It's quite small. He's got big pointed ears, it's got big eyes. They're quite dark, he hasn't got a nose he's only got a little mouth. And his hands are enormous. And his arms are long. He's got funny feet.

JS- Funny feet?

Spencer- They're like a V shape like two big toes. Must be difficult to walk like that. He shuffles rather than walks. I don't feel afraid of him although he looks odd.

JS- You mentioned big hands? Can you say anymore about the hands?

Spencer- It's got three big fingers, like sausages. Big sausages. They're just very big. Bigger than my hands.

JS- About how tall would you say these creatures are?

Spencer- It's about four foot. Comes to the lump on my stomach. He's about as high as - just a bit bigger than my stomach is.

JS- Okay. Now I wonder if I can ask you another question? you mentioned a film?

Spencer- There were two films.

JS- Two films?

Spencer- One was lots of scenes of destruction like on the news. Can see lots of waste going into the river, and people like Ethiopians who are starving. It's not very good, it's not very nice.

JS- Want to say anything more about that film?

Spencer- It's much of the same thing, only different.

JS- What about the other film then? Do you want to tell me about it?

Spencer- I'm not supposed to.

JS- I'll leave that up to you entirely, do you want to say anything about that?

Spencer- I'm not supposed to tell anyone about the other film, it's not for them to know.

JS- Is there any thing more?

Spencer- No.

NOTE: over the years I have talked to several investigators about this case and the theories are all over the spectrum. The most prevalent thought is that this was not an actual alien and simply an anomaly caused by conditions on the moor. Though Spencer never sought compensation and was well regarded by people who knew him, the consensus is that overall, the story just doesn't add up. I have seen witnesses undergo hypnotic regression with a fair degree of success when a competent professional is running the session. If Spencer's regression session was legit, then I have to give his account the benefit of the doubt...Lon


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British Government Releases UFO Reports From 1994-2000

Click for newly released UFO files from the UK government.

nydailynews - The British government has received thousands of UFO reports over the decades, and Thursday it released the largest amount of documents ever concerning UFO sightings.

The documents, made available online via PDF by the Ministry of Defence and The National Archives, included 6,000 pages from 1994 to 2000.

The tales found within cover several elaborate sorts of tales, including a woman's telepathic encounter with bizarre lights, as well as one man's detailed report of a "spherical" object captured on video.

With each report received, the Ministry of Defence often had the same response.

"Our only concern is to establish whether or not they pose a threat to the security of the United Kingdom," stated one letter in 1994.

"Unless we judge that they do, and this has not been the case so far, we do not attempt to investigate further, or to identify whatever might have been seen."

In several cases, the Ministry distanced itself from any theory suggesting alien origin of the objects spotted.

"We are not aware of any evidence that would support the existence of extraterrestrial life," stated another letter.

Sources for the reports include individuals, UFO investigators and sometimes police reports.

The Ministry also explained several sightings in 1994 as being a Virgin Lightships airship.

One of these sightings came from a woman who was driving with her son and spotted something strange through some trees.

"In the brightness of the full moon she saw an elliptical shaped object which was displaying four pairs of white lights at its top, bottom and each end," the report stated.

Another, more bizarre report, suggested the sighting created a "feeling of well-being, as if the object was exuding a sense of 'love and compassion.'"

"A married couple from Brighton were attending a concert at Wembly Stadium, when, at 9.25 p.m., a 'plasma/jellyfish' type of object appeared overhead," the report said.

Since 1959, the Ministry of Defence has received hundreds of UFO sightings each year. According to the documents released, these reports spiked in 1978 with 750 reports. Another 600 were received in 1980.

Coffee House Ghost Longs For a Game of Chess

asylum - Wander into Indianapolis's Lazy Daze coffee house and you might get more than a cup of joe. In addition to being one of the city's favorite cafes, it's also the most haunted.

"Several customers, employees and visitors have reported the presence of a ghost in the back rooms of Lazy Daze," explains Alan E. Hunter, paranormal expert and author of "Irvington Haunts." "Apparently, this ghost likes to haunt the single restroom in the rear of the establishment."

The homey coffee shop lies on the East side of Indianapolis in a quaint district called Irvington, which is well known for its haunted buildings, homes and streets. "Haunted Irvington" walking tours take participants past the homes of Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon and murderer D.C. Stephenson and past a restaurant reportedly haunted by gangster John Dillinger.

The coffee shop is nestled inside of The Irving Theater, a building established in 1913. Though it no longer operates as a theater, the patrons, baristas and owner of Lazy Daze (and those who live in the above apartments) have plenty of ghostly tales to tell, including the apparition's affinity for chess.

According to Hunter, the Lazy Daze ghost has the ability to sound like a man or a woman and often whispers the question, "What are you doing?" Owner Jeff Coppinger has had many strange experiences in the front of the shop as well.

"One morning I was opening up the coffee house, getting the place ready and straightened up for business," Coppinger tells Asylum. "I put the chess pieces on to the playing table and then went to the back room for a little bit. I came back to the front office and noticed that all the chess pieces had moved."

Visit the coffee shop today and you'll find that those pieces are no longer sitting out.

"I keep them put up now," said Coppinger. "If anyone wants to play with them, they can ask."

Despite the ghostly spirits, Lazy Daze has regularly been voted the best coffee house in the city since its establishment in 2003. Besides, "Lazy Daze ghosts are friendly and are not known to purposefully frighten anyone who visits or works there," insists Hunter.


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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Followup: 'Raystown Ray' Sightings - Raystown Lake, PA

Above, is a recently submitted photo to A creature can be seen breaking the surface. The photograph was taken close to the dam. "We could see something in the distance that kept coming to the surface. As we got closer, it looked to be at least 20 ft. long. It surfaced about 6-7 times and we were able to get one good photo."

NOTE: I have been in recent contact with George LaVanish at in reference to the sighting from August 2009 (posted below). As well, a producer from SyFy contacted me for information on the sighting. Supposedly, there will be a new paranormal series starting on SyFy and the Raystown Ray sightings are going to be part of the production. If you have any information on this cryptid, please contact or send to me to forward...Lon
Originally posted 9/1/09

'Monster' Sighting - Raystown Lake, PA - 8/29/09

(Raystown Lake, PA)

I received the following email today (original...typos removed). Full name and other identification held back by request:

"I was referred to you by a friend. Can you advise or direct me to someone who can explain what I witnessed?

On August 29, 2009, I was fishing from a boat with my son on Raystown Lake, Pa. It was around 6:45 pm and we were making our way back to the landing. We were near the Snydertown portion of the lake where there is a point of land.

As we were heading south, I looked toward the west shore after my son started to point at something. I really have NO idea what this thing was but it looked like a large, thick black snake with a huge head that bobbed in and out of the water. I moved a little bit closer but my son was getting scared, so I cut the motor and looked through my binoculars. The body was moving in coils or humps up and down in the water. The creature had no fins like a fish and the head was diamond shaped. The weirdest feature was that the eyes (which were dark, somewhat small and slanted) were not set on the side of the head...but placed forward. I got an excellent look through the binoculars (I'd say it was about 50 yards from us) when it raised up, it's head moved side to side. It made no sound. I'd say it was at least 20 feet long.

I have lived in Altoona, Pa for only a few years and this is only the second time I have fished this lake. I'm from Wisconsin and have fished many large lakes and rivers but I have never seen anything this big.

We watched for about 2-3 minutes until it slipped under the surface. My son's description was very similar to mine but he said he noticed lighter colored 'whiskers' or rays on the chin and face while looking through the binoculars. I had tried to take a photo with my cell phone but it just blended in with the water and was not discernible.

My son found an image on the internet that closely resembled what we witnessed (attached). This is nuts! My friends think we saw a large fish or mammal, but there is no way it's either. Please give me some guidance or resources to help identify this. I am skeptical of monsters, ghosts, ufo's, etc. and don't buy into much of what people describe on TV. But, now that I have seen something that I can't explain....let's say I'm confused and frustrated." Thanks...Bill

NOTE: I used to fish this very lake years ago (excellent striped bass fishing!). I knew that there were some reports of a 'monster' sighted there a while back but have not heard anything lately. Anyway, Raystown Lake is a very deep water man-made lake located in Huntingdon County, Pa., east of Altoona, Pa. and south of State College, Pa. I emailed back to the witness 'Bill'...he seems to be very sincere about this sighting. He stated that he reported it to another paranormal site but didn't get a response...Lon

UPDATE: I had a few questions for 'Bill' so I sent him an email asking him to attach the photos he took with his cellphone. I wanted to see for myself what he meant by 'but it just blended in with the water and was not discernible'. He forwarded 2 photos which I examined. Since he and his son were on the same level as the creature there was a dark background of the trees as well as some glare coming off the water. I tried to enhance the photos, but there was just nothing with any definition though I could make out some disturbance on the surface of the water. There wasn't much more information that he could offer...but I certainly believe he and his son witnessed something unusual...Lon

Above - photo from the past showing a shadowy creature. What is believed to be Ray captured in older photos shows a dark figure just below the surface.

I found a video and a few images from 2006. This creature is referred to as 'Raystown Ray'. Honestly, I never gave these sightings much consideration but may look into this further now that a supposed witness has come forward to me.

Other sightings reported to

May 14, 2006 (John)
While night fishing on the lake May 14, 2006 at around 2:00 am,
I noticed something large and dark slowly appear in the water
approximately 40 yards away. It was very slowly moving through
the water. I asked my friend if he could determine what it was.
The visible portion was approximately 8 - 12 feet in length. After
shining a Surefire flashlight at it, it submerged. There were no
noticeable features such as a head or humps.

June 20, 2006 (Walter G.) I Was enjoying a morning of fishing on
20 June 2006 right straight across from 7 points marina. The sun
was starting to make the morning come to life and the fish were
starting to jump. It was about 6am and I seen what I thought was a
fish, maybe a musky, come out of the water and grab a stick. The
stick was about 3 or 4 feet long, and the "fish" was out of the water
as far as the stick was long, not showing the tail end. When I came
home I told my wife what I had seen and said that it looked like a
large leg coming out of the water and garbing the stick. I joked and
said that I would have liked to seen the rest of it. Today is 8 July
2006 and my son told my about Ray and I look up the web site,
which I never heard of till today. Now I think that maybe I didn't
need to see the rest, but could it have been? Sighting June 16,
2006 (Lee, Lea & Family) On the last day of our vacation at
Raystown Lake, June 16th , we woke up early in the morning to see
what we believe is Raystown Ray. The figure was moving about 100
yards behind our boat while we were tied off at Panther Cove. It
slowly made it's way across the cove behind Marty's Island and
disappeared into a small inlet. What a great way to end a great vacation!

When: July of 1994. John R. Pendel Pittsburgh, PA
Where: 20 minute cruise from the camp grounds area at Raystown
Lake. (only been to the lake once -not sure if there's more than 1
campground) Sighting It was approximately 9AM in the morning
and a friend of mine invited me and my wife as well as his in-laws
for a quick morning ride on the calm lake. It was a nice warm
morning cruising around 20 knots. Me and my wife were on the
stern of the boat, his wife and her parents were on the bow.
While my friend was navigating the boat, he turned around and
were having an idle chat drinking coffee and about 20-25 minutes
into our ride the three of us glanced off the port side of the boat
and all at the same time seen ripples in the water, a long dark
somewhat shiny black object that surfaced to the top of the water,
then it seemed to spin and turn over and then submersed and
disappeared. He immediately shut down the boat in amazement,
the 3 of us asked each other, "did you see that?" His wife and her
parents were asking what was a matter and we were speechless.
The size of the object was at least 10 to 12 feet long putting into
perspective we were riding on a 19 foot open bow boat.
The object was approximately 40 to 50 feet away. Never-the-less we
finished our cruise and reported our findings to the rest of the
group we were camping with and obviously no one believed us. To
this day we still talk about what we saw and we still get harassed
about the "fish story". A friend of mine sent me this link today thus
the reason for just reporting it now. Now we have proof to our
doubting Thomas friends that others have seen what we seen that
day. John R. Pendel Pittsburgh, PA

August 3 2008 Mike Sieber
I heard about this Raystown Ray a few years ago and thought it
was just a hoax to get more people to the lake. But after Sunday
August 3rd I'm not so sure that he doesn't exist. It was 7:15 PM
and we just loaded the jet skis and started to dry them off. My
girlfriend jokingly said "Look, Its Raystown Ray"! I looked to see
what she was talking about and saw a neck and a head
sticking about 3 to 4 feet out of the water and it was striding toward
a boat that was coming into the no wake zone at the 7 Points.
We watched it for about 3 minutes. We saw a wake in the water
from its neck and about 15 to 20 feet behind that wake was
another wake, but we couldnt see what was causing that wake.
It disappeared the closer it got to the boat. My mom, dad,
girlfriend and I all saw this thing. If it wasn't Raystown Ray,
I would like to know what it was!

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Video: Halo Cloud Formation - Mexico

Click for video

allnewsweb - An unusual cloud formation that some are suggesting might be a UFO wormhole was filmed in Mexico earlier this month and uploaded onto the Internet. Almost nothing is known about this remarkable footage (below) other than the approximate date and the fact that it was filmed in Mexico. The witness who filmed the footage has chosen to remain anonymous. The UFO researcher who discovered the footage noted that:

'Amazing footage shows what may have been a U.F.O. entering or leaving our earth. Location as stated on the original posting is that of Mexico. Stand by for further information. The footage was posted by another YouTube account holder who did not give specific location only the date as of February 2010'

One viewer noted that at 57 seconds into the clip one can see a UFO or a pair of UFOs in the bottom right hand corner of the video.

The footage resembles the notorious 'UFO halo' that appeared above Moscow last year in October and was also filmed and uploaded onto YouTube. That video received international attention and around 1 million views. Many regarded the 'UFO Halo' as some sort of UFO vortex or portal. Some even thought that it was a UFO mother-ship itself. The Moscow weather bureau was adamant however that the event was the result of an optical illusion caused by the sun's rays breaking through cloud cover.

Since the Moscow 'UFO halo' incident such formations have been filmed in Romania, Florida, Latin America and now Mexico.

NOTE: These cloud phenomena are certainly showing up at various locations but, I doubt that these are UFO wormholes or portals. I have heard speculation that this is a result of HAARP or other manipulation of the atmosphere. This particular 'halo' is interesting because of the funnel-like formation. I'd be interested in your comments.

Author Convinced Nixon Haunts Him

ocweekly - Jeffrey Vallance, of the Fortean Times, wrote an account in 1994 that first exposed the world (nether and otherwise) of the haunting of the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda, which the National Archives has since renamed the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.

Vallance told of a "poltergeist-like phenomena" in the Nixon Birthplace house, at Dick's gravesite and within the controversial Watergate display. Those would be enough to spook any red-blooded member of the Silent Majority. But it's particularly spine-chilling to Vallance, who discovered through psychic medium and The Haunting of the Presidents author Dorothy Maksym that he was the original witness of a mysterious green mist hovering over the grave and that Nixon's spirit is working through--gulp!--him.

That, Vallance writes, "came as quite a disturbing surprise!"

You think?

Perhaps hoping to revive that Ol' Stubbly One magic, Vallance conducted a ghost tour of the central county tourist trap on a recent Sunday afternoon. The 14-member tour was sponsored by the League of Western Fortean Intermediatists, a loosely knit Southern California paranormal organization recently founded by Skylaire Alfvegren, and along for the ride was famed psychic medium Joseph Ross.

"As the group toured the massive facility, Ross continually channeled Nixon, who would comment on various aspects of the displays," writes Vallance. "Just beyond the museum entrance are cases of artifacts from Nixon's early life, prior to his entering politics--grade school essays, early photographs, love letters to Pat and Naval service documents. Here, the spirit of Nixon told the group that this was the only part of the library that he still enjoyed visiting."

At the Hall of World Leaders, which features life-size statues of Mao Zedong, Nikita Khrushchev, Winston Churchill and other heavy world hitters, two tour members reported strange buzzing sounds in their ears, as if caused by insects. Nauseating smells also followed the group, which never determined the origin of the racket nor odors. And many "immediately felt an unearthly chill" at the Watergate exhibit, although no air conditioning duct could be found.

Cue The Twilight Zone theme . . .

Someone is definitely haunting the birthplace house, the tourists agreed, but there is debate over whether it is the spirit of Nixon or a later inhabitant of the house. Ross is among those who believe Tricky Dicky visits the home that spawned him every night.

Before packing it in, the group gathered beside Nixon's grave, formed a circle and all joined hands as Ross did his final channeling.

"The sun was low in the sky, casting our shadows dramatically across Nixon's grave," Vallance writes. "Ross said that after many years of turmoil, Nixon's spirit was now considerably more at peace."

According to Vallance, "a warm, peaceful sensation" washed over tour members as they released hands. But he had to do one more thing before departing the sacred grounds: "I reached down and scooped up soil from Nixon's grave, which I have since preserved in several small glass vials, one of which I preserved in a reliquary which I keep close at all times."

'Cause you never know when you'll be called upon to whip some out.

Australia Launches Program to Identify Native Species

smh - Australia will conduct the world's first continent-wide environmental discovery survey, following Environment Minister Peter Garrett's launch of a $10 million scientific program near Coffs Harbour.

The program, which will take three years to complete, aims to identify hundreds of native species and will be used to help set national targets to halt the extinction of plants and animals.

It is part of Australia's response to the UN's International Year of Biodiversity, which was launched last month in an effort to draw attention to the rapid decline in global rates of biodiversity.

''Bush Blitz'' is co-sponsored by miner BHP, which is chipping in $4 million, and several international environment groups.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said Mr Garrett was inhabiting a different moral universe and was out of touch with ordinary Australians, because he visited a national park instead of attending a meeting about the safety of households.

Mr Garrett said yesterday the Bush Blitz launch, which was planned two weeks ago, was an important announcement with important partners and it was his ministerial responsibility to attend.

Four days of initial research on the Darkwood site near Coffs Harbour, a new part of the New England National Park never surveyed before, has already discovered three new types of spiders.

NOTE: Cryptozoologists worldwide are hopeful for new information of many species, including the Yowie and big cats...Lon


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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DNA Test Needed to Identity 'Man Who Came Back From the Dead'

FAMILY TRIO: The ‘dead man’ Lakitha Zokufa, with his cousin Nongadlela Zokufa and grandfather Mlandeli Zokufa.

dispatch - Two families in Transkei are fighting over a psychiatric patient they both say is their son following claims last year that the man had come back from the dead.

The Ntwalana family, from New Payne village in Mthatha, insisted this week that the man is their 26- year-old child Siviwe Ntwalana , who was murdered five years ago.

However, the Zokufa family, from Rara village in Mqanduli, are adamant he is their 28-year-old family member, Lakitha Zokufa – and they are prepared to have DNA tests done to make their point.

The man at the centre of the dispute is currently a patient at Mthatha General Hospital’s Mental Clinic, where he has been admitted as Lakitha Zokufa.

Both families say only the police can clarify which family the man belongs to by matching the fingerprints on IDs, which both families have.

The Ntwalanas believe the man came back to life after his murder in 2005. He arrived in the village last year out of the blue and the family took him in.

Zamikhaya Ntwalana, 27, claiming to be the man’s cousin, said his family was dead sure that the scars on the man’s body resembled those of Siviwe, who was buried in March 2005.

“We are sure that my cousin resurfaced from death. He has a scratch on the nail of his left thumb, which he sustained when we were playing wagons while we were very young.

“He also has a scar on top of his right eye, which he sustained from being gored by a cow ,” said Zamikhaya.

Siviwe was stabbed several times by another man during an argument over a woman and died as a result.

“People do resurface after being confirmed dead and buried. Similar things happened twice in Qokolweni, in 1994 and 1997 ,” said Zamikhaya.

The family took him to the Mental Clinic at Mthatha General Hospital and bought new clothes for him.

There, a social worker identified him as Lakitha Zokufa, a patient often referred to the clinic for treatment.

Yesterday Nongadlela Zokufa said the man was the son of his late uncle. “ I understand why the Ntwalanas claim he is their (family) member because when I looked at the dead man’s ID they look alike ,” said Nongadlela.

He said his family was planning to refund the Ntwalanas for all the money they had spent taking care of the man.

Nongadlela also said they would undertake a DNA test to settle the dispute once and for all.
Originally posted 1/13/10

Two 'Dead' Men Return In Transkei, South Africa

dispatch - A youth who was believed to have been stabbed to death and buried in 2005 has resurfaced in yet another mysterious return of a man from the dead in the Transkei, South Africa.

Siviwe Ntwalana, of Mthatha’s New Payne Location, turned up at one of the village’s homes, where he was given food last Thursday.

“They noticed his resemblance to our family,” said his father, Mbongolwana Ntwalana, yesterday.

His elder brother’s daughter went to check and recognised him, he said.

Ntwalana said Siviwe, born in 1983, was later taken to his home, but his mother could not believe her eyes.

“She was shocked because she knew that her son had been buried,” he said.

The village’s committee was approached and then police took him to the local hospital.

“At that time I was not at home, but when I woke up the following day family members came to ask about him,” Ntwalana said, adding that he and his family subsequently went to the hospital to look for Siviwe.

Other family members were convinced it was his son when they saw him, but Ntwalana only believed it after checking certain marks on his body.

“What made me believe was a mark where he was gored by a cow near the eye,” he said.

“We were very excited to see him again because we knew he died.”

He explained that Siviwe was stabbed by another man during a love triangle argument and reported to have been killed.

Ntwalana said his son has yet to explain where he had been.

“He has not told us where he was all along. He breaks down when he speaks.”

Superintendent Mzukisi Fatyela said police were investigating.

He said his fingerprints would be matched with those in his ID application and those of the person who was buried in 2005.

“That process will cast light on what exactly is taking place,” Fatyela said.

He added that the police would investigate what happened to the murder docket that had been opened.

This is the second such incident in just under year in Transkei.

The Daily Dispatch reported last year that hundreds of people walked long distances to hear a minibus taxi driver who claimed he returned from the dead eight years after he was buried.

Nkosinathi Ntsente, of Hluleka near Ngqeleni, was found wandering in Ngqeleni and taken home by his elderly mother and uncle last March.

Ntsente was believed to have been shot dead during taxi-related violence between the Ncedo and Border taxi associations in 2001.

Ntsente had claimed that he saw what had happened in the supposed shooting in which a person resembling him was shot and buried, as well as the vigil and funeral of his “duplicate”.

Fatyela said people claimed that it was normal for people to return from the dead. “We (as police) do not know about it. People claim it happens often. I personally don’t know it,” he said."

Hundreds Arrive To See 'Dead Man'

dispatch - Hundreds of people have walked long distances to Hluleka in the Transkei this week to hear a minibus taxi driver who claims he returned from the dead eight years after he was buried.

The true facts of how Nkosinathi Ntsente, 39, was supposedly shot dead in taxi violence and publicly buried, and was then found wandering around a village eight years later remains a mystery.

Ntsente himself tells a story that is filled with mysticism, but comes no closer to explaining what happened.

Ntsente’s supposed “resurrection” has spread like a wildfire through Transkei, drawing crowds to his homestead.

From the early hours of the morning until late, he keeps repeating his story of how he was forced to survive on human blood, sorghum and wild berries while living in the forest.

“I’m tired of telling the same story, the whole day, every day,” he said.

It was believed Ntsente had been shot dead in 2001 during taxi-related violence between the Ncedo and Border taxi associations.

Ntsente claims the gunmen were in white minibus taxi – and that he saw it all happening. “During the shooting I saw myself standing on another side watching a person who resembled me being shot in the forehead, right knee stomach and spine.”

Ntsente said his badly injured “duplicate” was taken to St Barnabas Hospital in Libode . “I witnessed this person dying. The body was taken to the hospital’s mortuary where (it was) cut open to remove internal organs before it was kept in a fridge.”

Ntsente claims he even witnessed his night vigil and funeral and was then taken by “four female witches” to a dark forest where he met “lots of other abducted people”.

“We mostly drank blood and ate izinsipa (used sorghum) and wild berries. I was released after witches said I was too powerful for them to make me do evil things,” he said.

The news of his “awakening” broke on March 23 when his uncle, Washington Qalingoma, 59, and his elderly mother Mabhikani Ntsente found him wandering the streets in Ngqeleni and took him home.

Qalingoma said he believed Ntsente had been abducted, but could not explain why a funeral had been held. “It would be up to his father’s family to decide whether or not to open the grave in order to see what is inside the coffin,” said Qalingoma.

Mabhikani said she was only interested in taking care of her son: “I’m only happy that I have my son again after I had buried his body.”

On Monday, local minibus taxi owners threw a party at the Hluleka taxi rank to celebrate Ntsente’ s “return from the death”.

His old friend Duma Ndzendze said people in the local taxi industry were still celebrating. “We are going to support him until he fully recovers,” he said. “Right now his mind does not sound stable."
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