Saturday, January 30, 2010

Film Maker's New Approach For Finding Bigfoot

humboldtbeacon - A resident of Nevada City, Calif., William Barnes is a modern-day explorer whose strong sense of wonder fuels his drive to uncover age-old mysteries that have haunted humankind for centuries.

While some have written off Big Foot as a corny hoax after the Roger Patterson film of 1967 was widely discredited, many go on in search of the allusive man-beast, undeterred in their quest for cryptozoological truth.

Having seen the creature with his own two eyes, Barnes is convinced there is something to the stories, and is determined to set out in July to capture photographic proof of the creature. To help rally support around the investigation, Barnes set up a website ( and described his search as “the most penetrating search for Sasquatch/Bigfoot ever conducted in North America.”

From his website, Barnes wrote, “As a weekend goldminer in Northern California, I had such a creature walk up to my tent, so close I could have touched it, and then walk past me and up the side of the hill. Since that night by the creek, I have pondered for years, about how one could be filmed for any length of time, and how it could be studied in it's own safe habitat.”

When Barnes arrives in mid-July, he will be focusing on areas that have a history of sightings, “including the area around the Klammath River, and yes, I would be using historical sighting maps and documentation that has been deemed credible. I would not stop in one place for long durations, since there have been many sightings on the entire West Coast,” Barnes explained.

Barnes added that a great deal of preparation would be in order to make the study possible. “I would want residents of each area I plan to be in, to know what the blimp is doing there. It would be unfortunate if a pot grower, who didn't understand my intentions, shot down my expensive blimp.”

And yes, Barnes plans on using a unique, one-of-a-kind 35-foot blimp that will hover over areas of special interest.

”Mine is being custom-made for the job it has to do. It is a remote control and is being made to go up to five hours fly time,” Barnes said. Meanwhile, his RV will act as a control center during the flyover and film investigation.

Barnes explained that it took him roughly 12 years to develop his unique method of filming Big Foot in the wild. Christened the “Falcon Project,” Barnes said that he is “the first person ever to do it this way.” Not going into great detail to reveal his procedures, Barnes said that his system is all run by electric, and all high-tech. “I can see up to 2,200 feet in the dark, and this will be almost all night work.”

Barnes acknowledges that films can be easy to fake, especially short ones. His plan therefore, is to film a documentary following the building of the blimp, installation of infrared cameras, and volunteers at work.

”The thermal-imaging cameras are the newest in today's technology, and are the same as the ones being used by the military. The infrared camera can portray an image in the dark, as clearly as though it were in daylight,” Barnes added.

To assist Barnes in the endeavor, the Big Foot stalker will employ a five-person crew who will be alert to the creature's presence around the clock.

Not afraid of skeptics or naysayers, Barnes explained that the reason why his project was conceived is to prove that the creature is real, and is not something fabricated to sell books and movies.

”Because it is controversial, human curiosity drives us to investigate further. Think about this: why do people buy tabloids in grocery stores, and why do celebrities allow their "secrets" to be exposed? Human curiosity.”

Barnes ended by saying that he would like our readers to know that his story isn't “just a myth or publicity stunt.”

Other areas of interest to Barnes include Oregon, Washington, Texas, Arkansas, and Florida. (In Florida, there is a regional creature known as the Skunk Ape.)

The search for Big Foot will surely incur a Yeti-sized price tag, so Barnes is also in search of fellow believers and investors “who are as interested in discovering this elusive creature as I am. There is also a need for volunteers, hobbyists, and financial backers.”

Eddie Diaz is a team member of the Falcon Project, and added that he has always been interested in the Big Foot phenomenon.

”I was told of a theory along with the Bearing Strait. That Humans were not able to cross due to two factors, a Sasquatch like beast and a big cat with a saber tooth,” Diaz said.

”Those closed-minded folks are entitled to their opinions. What really intrigues me, and I bring up the question. How is it they all have steered away from people. A secret society that knows that if one is caught, there lives will change forever. Maybe they learned by watching their neighbors the Native American Indian vanish when they mingled with the whites. Lots of questions. And should we leave them alone for that reason alone?”

According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, a total of 416 sightings in California have been reported since people began seeing the hirsute ape-men. Although last year, it seems that the creature took a respite from Humboldt County, as more recent sightings have been reported in Del Norte, Kern, and Shasta counties than anywhere else lately.

NOTE: this plan intrigues me...the use of a RC blimp with an IR camera that can stay aloft for 5 hours is interesting and may actually provide results. Take a look at Barnes' website ...Lon

Photo: Is This 'Mabel' Or Another Ghostly Wench?

Rob Spacey sent ForteanTimes this photo of what appears to be a ghostly female lurking in a pub after closing time.

Here's Rob's account:

"A friend of mine works in the Old Bell Hotel pub on Sadlergate, Derby. The pub is renowned for being haunted, so much so that local ghost walker, Most Haunted's Richard Felix, often uses it on his ghost walks.

There is a story that a particular corner of the pub is haunted by a ghost of a '17th-century wench'. My friend was telling this story to a friend of hers at 3am, after their shift had finished. The pub was closed and they were the last to leave and lock up. Her friend, for a laugh decided to get his phone camera out and photograph the haunted corner, not believing he would catch anything.

I'm in absolutely no doubt this is a genuine ghost picture, you can make out everything on the ghost: dress, face etc. This picture came straight off my friend's phone, which came off her friend's. There is no way this can have been manipulated.

There was no one in that corner or anything either. I have since been to this pub and had a look round. The room itself is shut off from the public, with all doors behind the 'woman' being barricaded up, seemingly for a few years."

NOTE: well, what do you think? Is it an apparition of a 17th century wench or a means to publicize the pub? The account above may or may not describe the pub ghost known as 'Mabel'. Below, is an account written by an eyewitness...Lon



The Old Bell is listed as one of the haunted Pubs of England. Moreover Janet and I used to drink there regularly, and soon became familiar with the story of the ghost of the Old Bell Hotel. Apparently there are two ghosts that haunt the Old Bell. The main ghost, if you like (do ghosts have a pecking order?) was the ghost of a young woman called Mabel, a linen maid at the time when the Old Bell was still a coaching Inn. Her job was to strip the beds then take the sheets away to be washed, replacing them with fresh ones. One day some passing solders on a recruitment drive were buying drinks for the young men in the bar, and Mabel's lover got drunk and took the Kings shilling. He was taken away to fight in some war or other never to be seen again and whether he was killed or not we will never know.

Fortune was to throw Mabel another blow, as she found that she was pregnant. What this meant back in those days heavens only knows, but as a result of her circumstances Mabel committed suicide, hanging herself in room six.

Mabel's spirit did not rest easy, and over the years the Pub got the reputation of being haunted and things would apparently move on their own. One of the waitresses told me that after laying out all the cutlery, napkins, china etc. in the restaurant on the first floor, she left the room for a moment and when she returned she found that every thing on the tables had been moved into a different order. There is only one door in and out of the restaurant, and she swore that no one had entered the room as they would have had to have passed her.

This sort of thing is quite a common event in the Old Bell. Guests that booked in for the night would find their clothes neatly folded at the bottom of their bed, and thinking that someone had been in their room when they were asleep, would complain to the landlord only to be told that the staff were a lazy lot, and if any body was in their room in the dead of night they were was supernatural.

I remember one such incident. It was a New Year’s eve, and after the usual Auld Lange Syne, the Landlord, Janet and myself, plus a handful of local characters got blind drunk, and the talk turned to the ghostly goings on. We decided that we would make our way up to room six to challenge the ghost. The Landlord picked the keys up off the board behind the bar, and everyone followed him up the winding stairs and corridors of the Old Bell Hotel. Inserting the key into the Yale lock we all shuffled into room six, with all the stealth a bar room of drunks could muster. The only light in the room was that which managed to filter in from the corridor, and in the gloom a grey figure rose up in the bed. There was a stunned silence, then "What the bloody hell’s going on?" shouted the ghost. We all nearly shit ourselves. The Landlord ushered everyone out of the room, apologising to the guest to whom he had let the room when sober.

We sheepishly returned to the lounge bar only to find that the beer-mats had been mysteriously placed over the beer pumps, and all the remains of the party poppers were piled neatly on one of the tables. Not one shred of paper streamer was left on the floor, and if anyone had tried to clear them up without using a vacuum cleaner, it would have taken ages. The Landlord looked ashen. More of Mabel's work, and no more drinks were served that night.

The Old Bell Hotel is a busy pub and has taken its fair share of knocks, and some of the rooms needed redecorating from time to time, especially the lounge bar, where most of the action took place. I was making a living painting and decorating, and the Landlord asked me if I could paint the lounge bar for him. He was careful to ask me after I had drunk a few pints. Not surprisingly there was a lot of shuffling of feet by yours truly. It's not every day you are asked to spend the night alone in the bar of one of the most haunted pubs in Britain. Being a "lick penny" he did not want to close the bar so we came up with the idea of painting the lounge through out the night, starting after the last of the punters had gone home.

I duly turned up a few nights later with all my painting gear, had a few drinks with the locals and waited for the bar to clear. The landlord helped by closing the bar on time and as he escorted the last person through the door, apologising for throwing him out on time, he came back in and locked the till, and said to me, "You can help yourself to anything out of the pumps, but don't touch the top shop." (The top shop refers to the bottles of spirits that line the upper shelf). Then he said good night and went to bed.

I moved the tables to the centre of the bar, and sheeted them up. I opened a couple of gallon tins, flicked about a bit with my trusty dusting brush, then began painting. It wasn't long before I had the eeriest feeling that I was not alone. Behind the bar the wall is mirrored, a feature used in many old hotels and Inns to make the room look bigger. In addition, when customers are standing at the bar, instead of looking straight at a wall some six feet in front of them, they will be looking at all the atmosphere of the bar captured in the magic of the old smoke-kissed glass.

The lighting in the lounge bar was provided by wall lights; two upward branching brass tubes supporting little red lamp shades, like upturned flower pots, which were stained with nicotine and dust, and threw very little light. Every time I moved across the floor I caught my own reflection in the mirror out of the corner of my eye, which made me jump until I got used to it. This put the wind up me a bit and as a result the story of Mabel and her ghostly goings-on kept pushing its way to the front of my thoughts. As you can imagine that's the last thing I wished to be thinking of all alone in the middle of the night in a building listed as haunted.

As the night grew older things started to get really creepy. I could swear something, or should I say someone, kept lightly brushing my hair with unseen fingers each time I turned my back to the mirror. I thought, right, I know it must be Mabel, keep calm, you’re a big boy now and a witch to boot... So standing up straight I looked long and hard into the heart of the mirror. To my relief my own reflection gazed back at me from the gloom of the room, then the hair on the back of my neck stood up as the shadow of a figure materialised behind me.

The image behind me was of a woman dressed in an apron of red and white stripes, and a cream blouse. Her hair appeared to be tied back behind her ears and her garments were not of this period. Well, this put the wind up me good and proper. I instinctively threw a banishing Pentagram at the apparition as I tried to focus on the figure behind me in the mirror, and it faded as it moved to the left and then disappeared.

Calming down a little with a few deep breaths, I regretted using a banishing Pentagram on poor Mabel and thought to myself, why not try and communicate with Mabel? As it happened it was a lot easier to communicate with Mabel than I thought it would be. After all, I was in her domain; she was one with the fabric of the Old Bell Hotel. Therefore, as I carried on painting a bit of the wall, I could quite easily ask Mabel questions and she would answer. It appears that Mabel like to be called May bell, and she was unhappy that the man she loved did not return to her, so that she just had to be patient and wait. She said she had strange dreams and consequently thought she may have gone mad. In one dream she thought she was dead.

One more question I asked myself about this strange business was that if she was pregnant when she hung herself, would the spirit of the unborn child also haunt the Old Bell Hotel? Maybe a child's spirit in these dire circumstances would just return to the spirit world, or perhaps it would cling to its mother, thus sharing her fate to haunt the Old Bell Hotel for generations to come. As the night wore on I thanked Mabel for her company and blessed her in the name of the Goddess of the night who looks after witches, ghosts and fairies,and bid her depart, which thankfully she did.


New Drug Being Developed to Curb Shock in Critically Injured

newscientist - A lucky few seem to be able to laugh in the face of death, surviving massive blood loss and injuries that would kill others. Now a drug has been found that might turn virtually any injured person into a "super-survivor", by preventing certain biological mechanisms from shutting down.

The drug has so far only been tested in animals. If it has a similar effect in humans, it could vastly improve survival from horrific injuries, particularly in soldiers, by allowing them to live long enough to make it to a hospital.

Loss of blood is the main problem with many battlefield injuries, and a blood transfusion the best treatment, although replacing lost fluid with saline can help. But both are difficult to transport in sufficient quantities. "You can't carry a blood bank into the battlefield," says Hasan Alam of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. "What we're looking for is a pill or a shot that would keep a person alive for long enough to get to them to a hospital."

When the body loses a lot of blood, it tries to compensate by going into shock. This is a set of emergency measures to raise blood pressure and conserve energy, such as increasing heart rate and shutting down expression of some proteins. However, if the body stays in shock for more than a short time, it can lead to organ failure, and death soon follows.

Recent studies have suggested that around 6 or 7 per cent of genes change their expression in response to shock, via the removal of "epigenetic", chemical additions to the genome called acetylations. As histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors can prevent the removal of such acetylations, Alam wondered if these drugs might improve survival after blood loss.

His team previously showed that valproic acid, an HDAC inhibitor already used to treat epilepsy, increased survival rates in rats that had lost a lot of blood. It seemed to be doing this by preventing acetylation, causing certain "survival pathways" to remain switched on.

Now Alam has repeated the study in pigs. He anaesthetised the animals, drained 60 per cent of their blood, and subjected them to other injuries before giving them a saline transfusion. He then injected some of the pigs with valproic acid, gave others a blood transfusion and left the remainder untreated.

Just 25 per cent of the pigs receiving only saline survived for 4 hours - the typical time it takes to get hospital treatment - while 86 per cent of those injected with valproic acid survived. All those that had a blood transfusion lived (Surgery, DOI: 10.1016/j.surg.2009.04.007).

Alam is currently repeating the trial to make sure valproic acid does not hinder survival in the longer term. If so, he will apply for permission to do human trials by the end of the year.

"It's exciting," says John Holcomb of the Center for Translational Injury Research at the University of Texas in Houston. "They're looking at resuscitation in a different way."

Earlier studies by Alam's team showed that rats that naturally survive traumatic blood loss also experience fewer changes in gene expression than those that die or suffer complications. He thinks the same might be true in humans. "Every person has this capacity to survive a huge insult, but most of the time it's dormant," he says. "That's why the same insult kills some people while others laugh and move on. What we're trying to do is make you super-resistant using the pathways and proteins that already exist."

However, Graham Packham of Southampton General Hospital, UK, who is investigating the use of HDAC inhibitors to treat cancer, says it isn't yet clear how valproic acid, which reacts with a wide range of molecules, is actually prolonging survival. "It's not clear whether this is driven by valproic acid's epigenetic activity," he says.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Psychic Connection

Chris Holly's Paranormal World - I think many of you will agree with me that one of the most abused subjects considered paranormal would be psychic ability.

Over the years I have visited many Internet chat systems to find out what people are thinking and talking about. I have come across numerous chat rooms devoted to psychic readings that are filled with people waiting for the psychic of the day to give them a free reading.

Although this is a form of fun entertainment many people would sit and wait for hours for it to be their turn as the self-titled psychic went about the sad attempt of psychic fraud. To most thinking adults the ability of the so-called psychics in the public chat rooms is obviously not real or being done by anyone with any ability. It is just a place where wannabe psychics practice the con of portraying a knowing intuitive giving laughable drawn out attempts of readings to those waiting on line. If it were not so silly it would be sad.

I will say I have been in psychic reading rooms where one of these fake psychics has said dangerous things to people who were in need of help. I find this to be unforgivable behavior by those acting out the self-agenda need to pretend to have psychic ability.

As in all things in life especially on the Internet you need to understand danger lurks under many different rocks. It was clear as a sunny day that many of the so-called psychics on the Internet are practicing the old profession of con artist nonsense giving generic answers to willing people. It is a prime example to what happens to a subject like psychic ability when thrown into the soup of confusion and chaos known as the World Wide Web.

Since all of this goes on for free and no one seems to take it too seriously I do not feel it is too dangerous or immoral. I do think the second someone takes what these Internet carpetbaggers say seriously or forms a life decision by way of a reading- a line then gets crossed. Until that occurs the psychic chat rooms continue to be fun entertainment and little more.

Like many who use the paranormal as a stage for selling their goods or filling personal agenda’s psychic ability has sadly also been dragged into the mud. I truly dislike those who dirty the path to understanding. It is as I always say the main reason we stay clued in the Dark Ages with subjects considered paranormal. That is what I consider the bad and ugly not only of the paranormal world but of the psychic world too.

Despite all that turmoil psychic ability is a real and powerful gift. It is a tool I wish we all could nurture and learn to use. I have no doubt about the fact REAL psychics walk among us. During my lifetime I have been able to know and watch real psychics with real ability use their gifts to do amazing things. That is why I so dislike the bad and ugly side of this subject.

I am sure we all have the ability to use our intuition far more then we do. I think it is a born sense we somehow lost along the way. The noise of life as we now live it may have suffocated our natural sense of how to bring our natural abilities to a usable place. The need to concentrate, meditate or simply stop and listen as the animals do to our surroundings has been lost to the fast and furious life style of modern man.

This is not the case however in those who have maintained the use of this ability. I think we are over looking and losing out on a powerful and useful ability in exchange for the loud cluttered day-to-day living that happens on a surface level. Depth of emotions and abilities within us all have been stifled and lost.

I had a very unusual experience while surfing the net. While passing along the never-ending assortment of psychic reading rooms I came across a room on the Pal talk chat system called Little flower’s Reading Room. I was extremely surprised at what I found going on in this room.

A woman was giving the people in the room readings by way of what she was being told by her guides. I knew at once this was not the average nonsense. This woman was quick. She would say what she had to say and then move on to the next person. If she did not have anything for them she would tell them. The interesting thing to me was the truth of her readings. It was not the typical prodding for information or general could be anyone type of drivel.

This lady would go directly to a subject with personal insight to each person knowing somehow real things about the people she read. She would hit facts and give advice the people may not have actually wanted to hear. This was a real psychic doing real readings.

I had to laugh, as she would become lost into what she was seeing and become very direct with the people. If they were lazy or selfish she would tell them. If the love they seek was not around the corner or with the one they wanted she would tell them. If they were wrong she told them, and if they were looking for someone to blow smoke up their reading skirts they were in the wrong room!

This was the first psychic I came across who seemed to have real ability on the Internet. I quickly went about the task of convincing Littleflower to allow me to interview her.

Littleflower told me about her life of being born into a family of psychics who from the start nurtured her abilities. Littleflower lived with those who knew how to develop and incorporate her psychic keen ability into her everyday life.

As Littleflower grew up she learned to understand and communicate with those she calls her guides. She explained to me that we all have guardian angels, guides, or spiritual counselors. The difference clearly is that Littleflower has taught herself to tap into hers and knows to listen to their knowledge and advice. We could do the same. Maybe some of us do- do the same but not on the advanced level that Littleflower is capable of.

We all have been pushed, sensed that little voice that warns us or lean us towards certain decisions in our life. Some of us may even ask for guidance and try to feel the answers when making our own way on the road of life. Littleflower has crossed that line of division between her guides or angels and has an open door relationship where she asks them advice and understands when they reply. I am sure many will have doubts about what I am saying. I simply chose to believe in Littleflowers ability by way of watching her work as well as talking to her about my own private matters.

I talked to Littleflower about my feelings concerning the frauds and fakes of the Internet. She agreed with me and explained that she was retired but was being pushed by her own guides to return to the public and to do her work while she can as the world is truly in need of all the help it can get.

Littleflower once again is using her ability to answer what questions she can or help people however she can. She continues to open her room on Pal talk when she is able and is thinking about being a guest on a few of the Internet Radio shows where people can call in and ask for her advice on a subject. Littleflower is one of those I consider the good of the psychic world.

Of course I cannot write about this subject without mentioning two of the best psychics I have personally ever seen or known.

Bridget is a woman I went to years ago who is extremely gifted. Bridget would sit at her dining room table and ask you to count out cards or shuffle cards. While the person being read would be doing as she asked with the cards Bridget would seem to go into sort of a trance.

While in the trace you could not talk or ask questions. She would just start to talk. If she wanted to ask you a question she would however most of the time she would simply talk a non-stop stream of information.

Bridget knew names, would describe in detail a person down to what they wore. She would give you exact events that were due to happen be it good or bad and she was always right. Bridget told me names, events, and my future with an amazing degree of accuracy.

She had an amazing gift that seemed to flow through her like water. Bridget helped me to understand that seeing with our minds eye is possible and made a believer out of me. I did not like some of the predictions, warnings and information that Bridget gave me over the years. I did not always leave her happy or hearing what I had hoped to hear. I will tell you that what Bridget did tell me happened far too many times and exactly as she predicted for me to ever doubt her ability.

Lastly on my list of people of proven psychic ability would be Mildred or her preferred name Millie.

During my life experience Millie is one of the best psychics I have ever known. Millie is an unwilling psychic. Her visions are extremely detailed and complete allowing Millie to witness events fully before they happen. Millie has a lifetime of visions that have shown her catastrophes and situations that she was able to prevent or act upon in time to change the outcome.

I wrote about Millie’s experience with two murder attempts in past articles. Millie will be going along her day when suddenly she will be over taken by a powerful vision. She explains it as being at the sink in your home doing dishes one second and BAM the next your standing in the middle of a movie watching what is going on around you.

This happens to Millie often. During three of these events Millie watched as people she was acquainted with in her life were in mortal danger. Millie has watched in horror as she witnessed people she knew being murdered.

During two of the visions Millie was able to immediately call for help and did prevent two of the murders from happening. Millie was able to call for aid for one friend as the friend was in struggle with her murderer. Sending neighbors to the scene the attempted murder was stopped. The victim in this case was saved with only wounds not her life being the outcome.

Millie was able to intervene in another event just as it started by getting the police to the home of the victim by calling in a murder attempt knowing it was just about to happen. This action by Millie saved the woman in this case.

Sadly the last vision Millie had involved a relative close to Millie. The vision was a bit confusing and Millie was not able to stop the murder from happening. The horror for Millie is she watched in her vision while her relative was killed and was not able to do anything about it. She did know the location of the event. Millie also knows who committed the murder. Without direct evidence other then Millie’s word this murderer walks free to this day. Millie is at ease however as she has told us his day of judgment is soon to arrive. I know Millie will be right about this as well.

Although Millie is extremely gifted she does not enjoy or want to develop her ability because it has become a burden to her during her life. The times she was able to act in time and prevent a happening still do not out weigh the agony for Millie of when she is not in time or misses a piece of information that could have made a difference. Millie may be the most gifted psychic I have ever known yet she also is the most reluctant.

I have no idea what life must be like for Millie. I can only hope she knows that she has made a huge difference in those who lives she saved and hope she continues to use her precious ability to the side of good with the strength to continue to fight against the side of evil.

So there you have it, my thinking on the good, the bad and the ugly of the psychic connection.

One day we may all develop that which we may have lost or will soon be able to connect with our full potentials. I am sure the abilities labeled psychic are tools we will one day use as we continue on our never ending journey along the roads of our universal adventure.

If you are interested in contacting Littleflower to find out her upcoming plans you can email her at

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World
Copyright © 2008-2010 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved


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Friday, January 29, 2010

Photos: The 'Scottish Man' Greets Mansion Visitors

Sammy Marks Museum Ghost

There is a ghost of a Scottish man roaming this old house in Pretoria, South Africa. Note there are only 21 people but there is an extra hand??? Looks like that of a lady. Also behind on the landing is a face of a man. This Scot was a friend of the Marks family and looked after the children in the 1800's. He later died in his room and now he is said to tease the lady visitors. I was one of them...

^This photo of the 'Scottish Man' was taken during a previous tour of the Sammy Marks Museum


Sammy Marks

One of South Africa's grandest colonial mansions, Zwartkoppies Hall, 23 km outside Pretoria, is now a fascinating museum that pays tribute to the genius of its original owner.

Set somewhat in acres of rolling veld just outside Pretoria, Zwartkoppies Hall epitomises all the ornate elegance of prosperous colonial households during the latter decades of the last century. The 48 graciously rooms are filled with all the trappings of refined Victorian living exquisite furniture, porcelain, paintings, silver making it a home truly worthy of Sammy Marks's status as one of the leading industrialists of his day.

The museum is unique in that it's the only Victorian mansion in the country whose interior is preserved intact and wholly authentic. This is thanks largely to the foresight of Sammy Marks, who declared in his will that the house with its contents are to be preserved for four generations after the day he dies.

What is even more appealing about it is that Zwartkoppies Hill has somehow retained some of the well-worn and relaxed ambience of a family home. It is a gorgeous period piece, soaked in atmosphere and appealingly frayed at the edges, which is hardly surprising when you consider that the his descendants occupied the mansion for most the century.

An very impressive home for a man whose origins were so humble. Born in Lithuania, the son of an tailor, Sammy Marks was blessed with integrity, courage, astonishing business acumen and the capacity for sheer hard work, all qualities that helped him rise, in the period of a few decades, from being a peddler of cheap jewelery to one of the old Transvaal Republic's leading industrialists. He departed for South Africa in 1868, aged 24. After his stint as a smous (peddler) in the Western Cape, he teamed up with his cousin Isaac Lewis, who was to be his life-long business partner, and went to Kimberley, where they made a modest living selling supplies to mines and diggers, and later branched into diamond trading.

After some time they decided to diversify their interests and turned their attention to the Transvaal region, buying concessions and starting a variety of businesses, including a distillery, a canning factory, a glass factory, a brick and tile works, a maize mill and, later, an iron-and-steel works that was to be one of the direct precursors of the steel industry in the Transvaal. They mined coal on the banks of the Vaal River, where Vereeniging is now, and gained partial control of the rich Sheba mine in Barberton. At the last few years of the 19th century, the Lewis and Marks company had emerged as one of the top ten on the Rand, being both millionaires.

If you want something done properly, you have to do it yourself,' was one of Sammy Marks's favourite expressions, and when the time came to build his own home, he became clerk of works, personally supervising the ordering of materials, which were transported from Durban by ox-wagon.


More Strangeness From Picton, NSW, Australia

dailytelegraph - Two years ago, while hosting the ABC radio program The Weekender, my producer and I decided to investigate the inexplicably growing number of hair-bristling ghost stories emanating from the sleepy, rural town of Picton.

Everyone loves a good ghost story, we thought, and so we teed up to meet local ghost aficionado Liz Vincent, who passed away last year.

Liz was a down-to-earth, no nonsense, chain-smoking ghost-buster of the highest order and we spent the day traipsing all over Picton on a Cook's Tour of the supernatural. We scrambled through the lantana to the mouth of an abandoned railway tunnel where, in 1916, a young girl threw herself in front of a steam locomotive and ever since, on cold, clear nights, she returns - appearing in the tunnel dressed in her white frock and hat.

Liz took us down to the Shire Hall, a lovely old brick building where she recounted the run-of-the-mill apparitions that turn up there as if they're bundying on for work.

"You see a lot of orbs here," she said, lighting up another gasper.

Orbs we learned, were just another part of the whole bizarre Picton spiritual experience - inexplicable "balls of spiritual energy" that regularly pop into the shire hall and hover over the performance stage.

During the interview Stu, my producer, snapped away with his digital camera so that we could post photographs on The Weekender website to accompany the story. Back at the ABC, Stu downloaded his camera on to the computer. His jaw dropped: "Have a look at this!"

Everyone in the office crowded around the computer screen to look at Stu's photo. Floating squarely above the shire hall's stage was a pale, circular image exactly where Liz said it would be. Stu and I looked at each other. Was it a trick of the light or something to do with moisture in the atmosphere? Or something else?

Stu immediately emailed Liz a copy of the picture. "Is this an orb?" he asked. Liz immediately replied: "Yes it is! And isn't it a beauty!"

Previous reports from Picton, NSW:
Storied Phantom Children Captured In Photograph
Reporter Fears She Has Allowed Ghost Into Her Home
Old Ghosts Remain at the Imperial Hotel, NSW

Mega Anaconda!

Click for video

After finding several smaller males, Jesus and Sarah happen upon a massive female anaconda. Bingo!

Wild: Anaconda: Queen of the Serpents : SAT FEB 6PM ET/8PM PT on the National Geographic channel

National Geographic Wild 15 Completely Useless Cryptids's humorous take on cryptids - 15 Completely Useless Cryptids

Cryptid is the official name for semi-mythical beasts, the sasquatches and swampmen of the world. The kind of critter that your uncle saw during a mescalin bender back in '68, and has never shut up about. Some of them are awesome figures of myth and legend, designed to scare little children at night. Some have entered the cultural lexicon, like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Others? Well, they're just lame.

15. The Nessie Name-alikes

Bessie, Chessie, Tessie, Messie, and Pressie. Any time a large, reptilian lake creature is found, they all take on rhyming names with their most famous cousin, Scotland's Nessie. However, instead of having a lake monster of international repute, you get Chessie, of Chesapeake Bay. While large aquatic cryptids are firm part of the overarching supermyth of modern monsters, copying an already famous one? That's just lazy.

14. Kala Banda, the Indian Monkey Man

Many of these cryptids are things we think of as being rooted in a time when people were more gullible and foolish. Then we get something like the Monkey Man of India, a mass hysteria event that popped up in New Delhi in 2001. Apparently, a short monkey/man was attacking people all throughout the city, and people died trying to escape houses where he was thought to be killing. A number of people were badly beaten because they were mistaken for the Monkey Man. The only reason he isn't higher on this list of lame cryptids? His description is actually kinda scary! He was " about four feet tall, covered in thick black hair, with a metal helmet, metal claws, glowing red eyes and three buttons on its chest"

13. The Beast Of Bray Road

Oh, Wisconsin. The state of beer and cheese; but all the beer is Miller, and all the cheese Velveeta. Only you could come up with a legend so ill-defined as the Beast Of Bray Road. See, the only thing people can agree about this guy, is that he's hairy. He might be a shaggy man/sasquatch. Or, he might be a bipedal bear creature. Or a two legged wolf. Or a werewolf. So, he's big, hairy and carnivorous, and a few people thought they saw him. Great work there, Wisconsin.

12. Batsquach

The Batsquach retains at least a tiny degree of awesomeness, due to it's descriptive name. Bat+Sasquatch=Batsquatch. Pretty much says it all. He's meant to hang around Mount St Helens, and is described as having purple skin, red eyes, pterodactyl wings and a primate/bat head. In other words, he's a purple version of Man-Bat. Except, the fundamental physical limitations of this creature are just mind-boggling. A winged primate would require exceedingly light bones, and very high muscle density in order to lift its body, if it had the mass above, say, a house cat. It would most likely be a glider rather than much of a flier, like heavier birds tend to be. And purple skin? What sort of evolutionary advantage would that have? You'd just stand out, day or night.

11. The Jersey Devil

No, not Snooki. Rather, a flying bipedal horse, which is said to haunt the southern area of the state. Tales of it have been kicking around since the 1700, when a demon child was said to have been born of "Mother Leeds". She already had 12 children, and said if she had a 13th, it would be from the Devil. Sure enough, one dark and stormy night, she popped out her 13th, and it transformed into "a creature with hooves, a horse's head, bat wings and a forked tail". 300 years later, and its still being spotted pretty regularly, as recently as September of last year. In 1960, a $10,000 reward was offered for its capture, but its greatest fame was in 1909, when thousands of people claimed to have seen the cryptid over the course of a week. Another $10,000 reward was offered at this point, causing a hoax entry, made by sticking wings on a kangaroo. Where in the hell did they find a kangaroo in Jersey, is what I want to know.

10. The Sea Monk

The Sea Monk is a hilarious example of what happens when you base all your knowledge of a creature on hearsay, and half-seen glances. The Sea Monk was, well, an evil fish monster that looked a little like a monk. It was thought to be hanging around the North Atlantic in the 1500s, doing the usual monster stuff, you know, eating maidens and terrorizing bumpkins. Except, it was most likely a seal or walrus. That's right, large sea mammals that were widely hunted throughout northern Europe for thousands of years. But now it's a monster! Oooohh...creepy! Actually, that image of the Sea Monk is kinda scary. Imagine waking up to see that looming over your bed.

9. Mothman

You know you're a shitty cryptid when a) you're named after the least scary insect ever, and b) you get a Richard Gere movie made about you. It's a Mothman, what's it going to do? Fly into your face at night, and get weird dust on you? Flutter about a light source uselessly, until someone squashes it? Seriously, if you're going to cross a human with a horrific giant insect, try something a little scarier. Maybe a Bombardier Beetle? Because moths haven't creeped out anyone who isn't a 12-year old girl in hundreds of years.

8. The Goatman of Maryland

Now then class, what do you call a half-human/half-goat? That's right, a faun! Or satyr, if you're Ancient Greek. If we follow the classical description, they just drink huge amounts and have orgies all day, or in the more modern style of C.S. Lewis, they wear scarves and invite little girls to tea. In one situation, you have a party animal who would feel at home at any university function, and the other a gentle avuncular type. Neither is a cause of fear or terror, unless you're a tea-merchant, low on stock. Again, if you want to make a crazy mythical scary human hybrid, go for an animal that doesn't produce delicious milk products. A goatman is about as scary as a cowman. Perhaps, next time, try hippopotamusman. They are the most dangerous animal in the veldt, after all.

7. The Dover Demon

Why is it that almost all of the creatures appear in America? Is there something about the psyche there that makes people think they're seeing creepy crawlies? Or is it just people hit the moonshine more than they should? Anyway, the Dover Demon was spotted in Dover, MA, in the 70s, and stands out as being a rather particularly freakish sounding cryptid. It had a large, watermelon shaped head, glowing orange eyes, thin arms and legs with slender fingers, rough brown skin, with no nose, ears or mouth. It was thought to turn transparent at night. While creepy in the unsettling and gross way, hardly the stuff of nightmares. In fact, it sounds a lot like some of the descriptions of prototypical-aliens—the Greys.

6. The Beast of Busco

The Beast of Busco is at least a vaguely scary concept, even if utterly impossible. Deep in the backwoods of Indiana in 1949, a story arose of snapping turtle that was 15 feet long. It killed a number of farm animals before it was allegedly caught. A farmer spotted the animal, and called the police. They came to the scene, who devised a plan to drag it from the water with chains pulled from four Clydesdales. The animals were evenly matched, and eventually the chains shattered, and the turtle escaped. Busco is a little cool, that at least it's a creature that isn't usually cryptid-associated, but I'm pretty sure that the square cube law means that a turtle could never, ever grow that big. And even if it did, do you honestly think it would be agile enough to kill a farm animal?

5. The Flatwoods Monster

Another of these possibly alien types, the Flatwoods Monster appears to be someone's hellish vision of a nun, mixed with alien effects budget of the final season of the original Star Treck. Standing 10 feet high, with bulging eyes, a heart shaped red face, and in a pleated green skirt, the Flatwoods Monster terrorized a group of preteens, who couldn't decide if it had short stubby claw arms or not, when later asked. It reportedly made a shrill hissing noise, and glided around. You know what else has a shrill hiss, heart shaped face, glides, and could easily be misconstrued by terrified 12 year olds? A barn owl. Oh, hey there Occam, how're you doing, and how's your razor?

4. Canvery Island Monster

This cryptid is a prime example of people jumping to conclusions, without asking even basic questions about what's going on around them. In 1954, a 2 foot long ugly mess of flesh washed up on the beach of Canvery Island. It was said to hav thick reddish brown skin, bulging eyes and gills. It was also described as having hind legs with five-toed horseshoe-shaped feet with concave arches but no forelimbs. It was promptly cremated. A second one washed up a year later, double the length of the first. My lord there must be a whole family of pink, squishy, two-limbed ocean dwellers! Only, it seems that this horrific, terrifying, physically abnormal cryptid was most likely either an anglerfish or batfish that washed up on-shore. A little decomposed, just enough to make it hard to identify, and a fish type that wasn't very common in those parts.

3. The Elmendorf Beast

This creature was accused of killing livestock around Elmendorf in Texas. It was a hairless dog-like creature, that supposedly killed a number of animals owned by farmers in the area. In 2004, a rancher shot what he thought was the creature, which only weighed about 20 lbs. Since then, two other similar animals have been killed. On examination, the general consensus is that they're either Mexican Hairless Dogs, or Coyotes with a bad case of mange. Nice one, guys. You just killed either a very sick coyote, or a rather pathetic excuse for a dog. Way to blame mythological creatures for you just being a dick.

2. The Globster

Lets say you're on the beach, and you happen upon a decaying mass of flesh, washed up on the shore and rotting. It has no distinguishing features, and no bone structure as far as you can tell. What's the most logical explanation: a) a heavily disfigured animal corpse, b) a chunk of whale blubber or c) a monster! If you chose c), congratulations, you've spotted a cryptid. That's right, whenever anyone finds something they don't understand washed up on beach, it's automagically a monster. There have been at least 17 globsters, most of which were probably just a rotted hunk of a large sea mammal, that came in with the tide.

1.The Montauk Monster

What did I just say about washed up animals? Jesus, are you folks even listening to me? I swear, jeez. Okay, lets run through the list of features. Animal washes up on beach. Check. Media panic? Check. Monster claims? Double check. This time it was in 2008, in Montauk, NY. This ugly mess was found on shore, and rapidly became the center of media storm? What was it? It's a mystery! Scramble the Scooby gang! Except, you know, it was just a decomposed raccoon. Wow, exciting! That's it. I give up on you lot, if you think a rotten raccoon is media-worthy.


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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project SERPO, Kita Island and the Ebens

Victor Martinez, a former US government employee who coordinates the email communication activity, says that confidential sources who are current and former US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officials told him about an unusual meeting.

Martinez reported that his anonymous source(s) stated that on 12 November 2009, extraterrestrials who have been in contact with elements of the US Government for several decades, met with US and international representatives on the remote Kita Island (aka Akau Island by US government).

Kita Island is part of Johnston Atoll, which in turn is part of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA), and is located 750 miles south west of Honolulu.

The source(s) said that the extraterrestrials landed their craft on the island, are from a planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system, and are referred to by US personnel as the “Ebens”. The Ebens met with a total of 18 representatives from the US, the UN, Russia, China, the Vatican, and certain other guests. US representatives included five military personnel, two intelligence officers, one linguist, and one person representing the Obama administration.

Click for video

Statement with video (unedited): A whistleblower nicknamed "Victor Martinez", that claims to be a former US government employee, with contacts inside the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), alleges that on Nov. 12, 2009, occurred a secret meeting between extraterrestrial entities and U.S. plus international representatives in the remote Akau Island, part of the Johnston Atoll, an U.S. territory in the Pacific Ocean 750 miles south west of Honolulu. Martinez also has been exposing details of a supposed exchange program of US military and aliens, named SERPO. I don't know if this guy is saying the truth, about the meeting or about the program, but definitely there's SOMETHING in this atoll. Some areas were tampered on Google Earth, but are still visible large underwater structures, around Johnston Island, pretty symmetrical to be coral reef.

PROJECT SERPO - The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program

Project Serpo is the name of an alleged top-secret exchange program between the United States government and an alien planet nicknamed Serpo. Details of the exchange and what it was supposed to have entailed have appeared in several UFO conspiracy stories over the last 30 years. The first mention of a 'Project Serpo' was in a UFO email list maintained by enthusiast Victor Martinez.

According to the most common version of the story, an alien survived a crash near Roswell in the later 1940s (see Roswell UFO incident). This alien was detained but treated well by American military forces, contacted its home planet and eventually repatriated. The story continues by claiming that this led to the establishment of some sort of relationship between the American government and the people of its home world – said to be a planet of the binary star system Zeta Reticuli. Zeta Reticuli has a history in ufology (including the Betty and Barney Hill abduction), having been claimed as the home system of an alien race called the Greys.

The story finally claims that twelve American military personnel visited the planet between 1965 and 1978 and that all of the party have since died, from 'after effects of high radiation levels from the two suns'. There is much more information at is another take on Project SERPO

The gradual release of confidential documents pertaining to a top secret exchange program of twelve US military personnel to Serpo, a planet of Zeta Reticuli, between the years 1965-78

The original posting by Anonymous, and three apparently independent supporting comments from other list members

First let me introduce myself. My name is Request Anonymous. I am a retired employee of the U.S. Government. I won't go into any great details about my past, but I was involved in a special program.

As for Roswell, it occurred, but not like the story books tell. There were two crash sites. One southwest of Corona, New Mexico and the second site at Pelona Peak, south of Datil, New Mexico.

The crash involved two extraterrestrial aircraft. The Corona site was found a day later by an archaeology team. This team reported the crash site to the Lincoln County Sheriff's department. A deputy arrived the next day and summoned a state police officer. One live entity [EBE] was found hiding behind a rock. The entity was given water but declined food. The entity was later transferred to Los Alamos.

The information eventually went to Roswell Army Air Field. The site was examined and all evidence was removed. The bodies were taken to Los Alamos National Laboratory because they had a freezing system that allowed the bodies to remain frozen for research. The craft was taken to Roswell and then onto Wright Field, Ohio.

The second site was not discovered until August 1949 by two ranchers. They reported their findings several days later to the sheriff of Catron County, New Mexico. Because of the remote location, it took the sheriff several days to make his way to the crash site. Once at the site, the sheriff took photographs and then drove back to Datil.

Sandia Army Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico was then notified. A recovery team from Sandia took custody of all evidence, including six bodies. The bodies were taken to Sandia Base, but later transferred to Los Alamos.

The live entity established communications with us and provided us with a location of his home planet. The entity remained alive until 1952, when he died. But before his death, he provided us with a full explanation of the items found inside the two crafts. One item was a communication device. The entity was allowed to make contact with his planet.

Somehow, I never knew this information, but a meeting date was set for April 1964 near Alamogordo New Mexico. The Aliens landed and retrieved the bodies of their dead comrades. Information was exchanged. Communication was in English. The aliens had a translation device.

In 1965, we had an exchange program with the aliens. We carefully selected 12 military personnel; ten men and two women. They were trained, vetted and carefully removed from the military system. The 12 were skilled in various specialities.

Near the northern part of the Nevada Test Site, the aliens landed and the 12 Americans left. One entity was left on Earth. The original plan was for our 12 people to stay 10 years and then return to Earth.

But something went wrong. The 12 remained until 1978, when they were returned to the same location in Nevada. Seven men and one woman returned. Two died on the alien's home planet. Four others decided to remain, according to the returnees. Of the eight that returned, all have died. The last survivor died in 2002.
[Clarification (BR/ Victor Martinez): the paragraph above contains a typo in the original. Twelve team members went, and eight returned – two having died on Serpo and two having chosen to remain; these two were not ordered to return.]

The returnees were isolated from 1978 until 1984 at various military installations. The Air Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI) was responsible for their security and safety. AFOSI also conducted debriefing sessions with the returnees.

NOTE: this information has been available for some time now, but I wanted to present it here as an introduction to an article I'm working on. As I listened to the State of the Union address, I was thinking of the flurry of requests and demands made by the UFO community that President Obama disclose the facts behind UFOs and alien beings. Honestly, I think it will come....but only at a pace that the world governments are willing to agree to and that we are being 'conditioned' in order to handle reality. Project SERPO is another example of how we will be 'fed' just enough information / disinformation to keep most conspiracy theorists happy and the rest completely confused. There is an excellent article at News on ‘Project SERPO’ deceptions takes researchers, public on complex paths to truth and International officials met with ETs in November?...Lon

Linda Moulton Howe, An Alien Harvest

Russian Astrologists Skeptical of 2012

pravda - Russian astrologists are skeptical about predictions of an apocalypse that is to happen in 2012 according to the Maya calendar. Yet, they do think that new war conflicts are possible.

“We cannot speak about the apocalypse, but it could be a crisis of consciousness for the Maya descendants,” said Pavel Globa, a popular Russian astrologist at a round table in Moscow on Tuesday. “ The issue of the apocalypse is in our minds. I’m not that familiar with the Maya calendar, but if it is accepted, it works on a level of the absolute unconscious. You have to remember, however, that the calendar is not a primary thing, “Interfax cited Globa’s words.

According to the Maya calendar, in 2012 we will be completing the Fifth Sun and entering the Sixth Sun. This transition is associated with the end of the modern history of mankind.

“In terms of cosmic cycles, 2012 is no different than 2010, yet it might be an interesting year for Russia. In the fall of 2012 Saturn will enter Scorpio and within the period between September 2008 and October 8, a large cross will shape in the sky. This cross may mark a breaking point when issues associated with wars are possible, “the astrologist said.

He provided empirical evidence and analogies. In particular, he mentioned that in the end of the 15 century, everyone was waiting for an apocalypse that was to happen in 1497, and in the fall of 1498 Columbus discovered America.

Another participant of the round table, Michael Levin, provost of the Academy of Astrology, also noted that “the calendar is secondary in terms of Earth’s time.” As for the crisis of consciousness predicted for 2012, the astrologist suggested that it lasts for thousands of years and usually goes unnoticed.

"Years 2012, and 2017 through 2020, are a new crop on earth, and I am not expecting any global changes in the history of mankind. We will reap the results in thousands of years,” Levin said. He brought the history on Christianity as an example. “Thousands of years ago the Great Roman Empire should have looked at Judaea more closely. At that time no one knew that the new religion will spread all over the world and that the Roman Empire was to collapse,” he said.

According to the Maya calendar which is based on the periods of 394 years known as baktuns, the 13th baktun is completed on December 21, 2012. The number of 13 is sacred for the Maya. The calendar shows that the time ends that day.

Besides, in 1960s, the so called Monument Six was found in Mexico. The monument represented stone plates with text saying that in 2012 something involving Bolon Yookte K, god of War and Xibalbá, was to happen. The end of the inscription is barely readable because of erosion and cracks. An archeologist suggested that the text goes something like “Bolon Yookte K will come down from the sky.”

Various Western interpreters linked the prediction with a series of astronomical events to happen in 2012. During winter solstice in 2012, the Sun will be on the same line with the center of the Milky Way for the first time in 26 thousand years. They believe it means that the flow of energy coming to Earth from the center of Milky Way will be disrupted 12.21.12 at 11:11 pm.

This theory is “propped” with the fact that there were many talented astronomers among ancient Maya. Yet, many scientists still doubt that they could know about relative position of the planets and place so much emphasis on it.

NOTE: I was at a seminar a while back which Pavel Globa attended and performed some demonstrations. Before that, I didn't realized how important astrology was to many Russians. Though I have doubts as to the validity of astrology, I will say that he is very interesting, intelligent and convincing...Lon

Friendly Extraterrestrials...or Leading the Lambs to Slaughter?

NOTE: The following commentary was written by Michael Cohen and entitled 'UFO and alien truth is finally coming out'. It is an interesting take on the future of UFO and alien discovery, not that I necessarily agree with it. In the commentary he mentions James Clarkson's post Why We Investigate or Joy and Loathing in Las Vegas where he criticizes MUFON (namely, James Carrion) and it's position on the Roswell Incident. He also mentions Bigelow Aerospace and MUFON playing a part in future disclosure. Frankly, I personally think Cohen's overall assessment "the veil of secrecy" over UFOs and extraterrestrials is about to be lifted is somewhat naive, especially when it comes to his revelations that these alien species are peaceful and don't want to interfere with our future on this planet. I will be presenting my thoughts on this subject in the near future...Lon

* * * * * * * * * *

allnewsweb - James Clarkson, a retired police investigator and current MUFON chief investigator in Washington State recently penned an article that no doubt will send a small amount of shock waves through the UFO community.

In his brave article, James called into question the motives of MUFON: The organisation he has given so much time to. It probably wasn’t easy for James to have done this.

What makes the article all the more significant is the fact that James is undoubtedly one of the most credible and experienced people currently researching the UFO and ET issue.

The specific criticism James directed towards MUFON revolved around the fact that it’s outgoing International Director, Mr James Carrion, expressed disbelief in the Roswell UFO crash account. As is well known, for many ufologists the Roswell Incident is central to the entire topic.

I, for one, confess I seriously doubt anything extra-terrestrial crashed near Roswell (although I do not doubt something did indeed crash there).

My opinion is not based on any anti-Roswell agenda. I simply find the evidence unconvincing and seriously tarnished. I would have loved to believe that Roswell was a UFO or alien event (save for the fact that a few seemingly peaceful ETs were alleged to have died in it).

While I question Mr Clarkson’s take on the Roswell Incident, I do not doubt his good intentions and sincerity. Putting Roswell aside, Mr Clarkson might have good reasons for questioning MUFON’s integrity.

I myself have received numerous emails from ex-MUFON members and investigators swearing blind that MUFON’s directors have requested that they do not publicise and forget about certain sightings that might have proven to have been ‘smoking guns’ . I have also been informed by ex-investigators with MUFON of the organisation ‘confiscating’ highly convincing footage and making sure it never gets revealed to the public.

Of course these are only allegations and perhaps out of fear for their welfare those making them aren’t willing to provide evidence.

For many researchers the truth is fairly obvious: MUFON has for years been more about ‘covering-up’ than ‘uncovering secrets’ or even investigating sightings.

For those sceptical about UFOs and alien visitation, I must be clear; while we can squabble about the details one thing is certain - That the US and some other governments are aware and totally convinced, and have been for some time, that we are being visited by aliens.

MUFON itself is proof of this. It is well known that MUFON and the elusive Bigelow Aerospace Company are very close collaborators and that certain information is passed on by MUFON to the Bigelow Group in confidence. Bigelow Aerospace is a real company that really sends stuff into space and, by inference if not outright admission, really uses technology taken from alien spaceships to develop their own products.

The Federal Aviation Authority recently issued a directive noting that they no longer deal with UFO reports and that citizens should now report UFO sightings to Bigelow Aerospace. This effectively makes the Bigelow Group the official US investigators of UFO events. By all accounts Bigelow Aerospace regard UFOs as real and possibly, if not probably, alien in origin. The organisation is known to have expended substantial resources over the years to verify the phenomena: The fact that they clearly remain interested speaks volumes.

Roswell was a probably a cover story designed to do at least three things:

1. Provide cover for secret military operations and experimentation with exotic flight systems.

2. Get people off the scent of what is really happening, ET-wise

3. Bluff America's enemies, who like them were well aware that aliens were visiting earth, that they had alien technology (that they might use on them if threatened). Fair enough.

The probable real truth:

1. During the Cold War America, Russia and China were all aware of alien visitation and were all determined to hide this from the public.

2. The Americans, at least, realised that the aliens were peaceful in their intentions.

3. The aliens under no circumstance allowed any humans to get near their technology for the purpose of warfare.

4. The aliens generally avoided all contact with humans and earthly governments. While they allowed their craft to be tracked they fled using flight technology many years ahead of ours if any contact by humans was attempted.

5. Governments knew far less about the topic than many think. Roswell and other related accounts were an American attempt to fool their enemies into thinking that they had established ties with ETs, as alluded to above.

That MUFON, an organisation many suspect is central to the official cover-up, distances itself from Roswell is proof that in a field where it is almost impossible to separate fact from fiction and the multitude of twists and turns is mind-boggling, the veil of secrecy might be slowly lifting.

Expect some incredible revelations in the coming years on the ET issue.

Expect to discover that our alien visitors are peaceful and don’t want to interfere with our development. They want to gradually warm us to the idea of ETs. They might be concerned with our own levels of aggression but it seems, luckily, that they might give us a chance to sort that out.

Text Message Ignites Tribal War In Papua, New Guinea - Two people are dead after a pornographic text message sparked tribal violence in Papua New Guinea's southern highlands.

The violence flared on Saturday when a young man from the Tapo clan in Tari sent a pornographic text message to a woman in the Pipi clan.

The girl was offended and showed the image to her brother, who gathered his clansmen and attacked the Tapos with home-made guns, bush knives and bows and arrows.

One man was killed in the clash and Superintendent Jimmy Onopia says another man was pulled from a bus and killed with an axe yesterday.

"Two people have died, several have been wounded, several houses have been burnt down," he said.

Superintendent Onopia says the situation is now calm and police are helping to negotiate a peaceful resolution.


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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Highway Accident May Have Involved Paranormal Activity

NOTE: This incident would make a great script for 'Fringe' or the former show 'The X-Files'. A reader in Birmingham, UK commented on this vehicular accident and the questions surrounding it. I started to dig and found the following information. Investigators reveal they are unable to explain certain facts surrounding this specific M6 pileup (in Birmingham) and point to evidence corroborating rumors of paranormal activity may be partly to blame.

A leaked report into the recent crash on the southbound carriageway of the M6 just outside Birmingham shows that the investigation team are struggling to provide credible explanations for some of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The pile up involved seventeen vehicles, including three trucks but miraculously no one was killed although several people were taken to hospital for minor injuries.

One anonymous source closely involved with the investigation said there are three specific areas they are finding increasingly difficult to explain; the tachometer readings of one of the the trucks, the CCTV footage taken at the time of the crash and also the lack of physical evidence to show drivers were present in three of the vehicles.

Details remain closely guarded but it is understood the tachometer readings clearly show that the truck’s speed reduced dramatically about one minute before the accident. The CCTV footage is alleged to show a thin white line across the southbound carriageway, again timed at about one minute prior to the crash.

No one from the crash investigation team is willing to go on the record to either confirm or deny these reports and it is understood that the entire investigation has now been turned over to another police department based in London; although again, no one would confirm of deny this.


The following diary entry was recently discovered:

Whilst I wasn't there when the accident happened, I am able to piece together a rough version of events from the subsequent confrontations with Silverton that happened as a result of it.

It was always going to be the case that the traders were keen both to stop my progress to Paris and also disrupt any other operations that were taking place by other members of the group that would interfere with their activities; that was a constant and never ending threat. Although neither myself or Roy could have imagined what lengths they would have gone to in order to derail our mission.

Effectively the events that were now taking place could have had serious repercussions for the timeline if they weren't thoroughly vetted prior to action, and I didn't think that would be high on the traders list of priorities.

But while Roy and I were left pondering how we could best deal with our accidental guests, further developments were ensuring our return to the twenty first century was going to be fraught with incident.

A serious accident had taken place on the M6 at the precise location we now found ourselves standing at the time we left our vehicles. So, whilst we were looking around in disbelief at the abandoned and overgrown motorway wondering what our next move was, the vehicles we were meant to be driving were out of control and causing the accident.

This crash involved about fifteen vehicles and blocked the M6. Miraculously no one was killed but there were several serious injuries and the motorway was closed for the rest of the day and long into the night as the investigations into the accident took place.

The duration of the closure was not entirely due to the time it took to clear up the carriageway, it was due to the meticulous nature of the investigation; and this was led by Roger Silverton.

Roger wasn't part of any police force based in Manchester, he was part of a division of special branch that was based in London. This division specialised in events that were of an unexplainable nature; namely UFO sightings, psychic phenomena and other such incidents. Obviously this gave whoever Roger really was the perfect cover to track and intercept us whilst staying on the right side of the law.

Because of the nature of the accident on the M6, Roger's division of special branch were notified and he was first to attend the scene; no doubt aware of our proximity because he was tracking our movements.

Roger would have greeted by an assortment of tangled vehicles all badly disfigured from the accident and dried blood stains on the inside of these vehicles; except three and this was the reason for the call to Roger's division by the accident investigation team.

The three vehicles we drove were devoid of any human tissue or blood to signify the presence of someone behind the steering wheel at the time of impact.

One thing I learned prior to getting embroiled in my current situation was that the police and also the media treated anything that could be construed as paranormal as a standing joke; there was always another, far more logical explanation. This was great for us as we could be secure in the knowledge that apart from disappearing in front of someone anything we said would be dismissed as pure fantasy.

But this accident could change that as, for the first time, significant evidence was now available to suggest that the M6 accident was not a straightforward, human error collision.

NOTE: this is a very strange incident. From what I am able to gather, this online diary entry (which I feel is a blog entry for a fictitious story) was written prior to the accident. As well, there are no explanations as to how this diary entry has been determined to be related to this incident, though the references are eerily similar. Was this a pre-cognative experience? Time travel? Movement between dimensions? I checked news articles and the following seems to be the accident in question M6 crash closes motorway in Birmingham. If anyone has further information in regards to this incident, please post a comment...Lon


Photos: Eyewitness to Recent Bogota, Colombia UFO Sighting

Click for video

MUFON witness statement (unedited): Bogota, Colombia - 12/27/09 - I was with my family in a vacation center in a touristic town called Melgar in the department of Tolima in Colombia, in which there is also a Colombian Air Force base, called Tolemaida, we were going out of our cabin to a pool after noon when my cousin looked at the sky and saw a brilliant dot, and, at first joking, he said "look, a UFO" then we all looked at the sky and saw this first brilliant dot, after that we noticed it was not alone, there were at least 3 more objects, for a total of 4 simultaneous objects, at first we thought of then as balloons, but this idea was soon controverted because each object moved independently from each other or the presumed direction of the wind, they made formations, triangles, lines and one of the objects seemed to change its color from white to red and back to white, at a certain point during the observation we noticed up to 5 simultaneous objects, we were not frightened at all, but we were curious about what was happening and what made this so interesting, is that a similar phenomenon was observed in Bogota that was reported by several media ( )I was with my photo camera and as we observed I took some photos of the objects, unfortunately we I could not take a photograph were simultaneous objects were observed, because they looked white and made not so much contrast with the sky to be noticed, then I tried to take a photo with hi amplification, and we all were surprised when we saw that this object was a silver octahedron, then we realized it was no balloon at all, because in every other picture that I have taken or saw from a balloon you could see a basket,we continue observing the object in our road to the pool, when we get there it was still visible but some clouds started to cover it, until it wasn't visible at all.

NOTE: this event was big news in Colombia...thousands of witnesses in downtown Bogota, Colombia and the surrounding area...Lon

Fleet of five UFOs / OVNIs captured by TV crew over Bogata, Colombia

Click for video

There was also a reported sighting in Colombia two days previous on Christmas night Photos: Saucer Shaped UFO - Colombia - 12/25/09

Photo: UFO Hovering Over San Carlos / Redwood City, CA

MUFON witness statement (unedited): San Carlos, CA and Redwood City, CA - 1-13-2010 - I was outside playing with my son on our deck, and noticed a dark shape hovering about a mile south, I went inside to grab one of my cameras and shoot it. However when I went to photograph it I could see it in the view finder but it didn't appear after taking several shots. Soon after that I watched it almost jump over to redwood city, than I went back into my house to grab another camera and was able to take several photos of the object before it vanished.

NOTE: similar in shape / description to several other daylight sightings, most notably the instantaneous acceleration to another location...Lon
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