Saturday, January 23, 2010

She Was Saying Goodbye...

The following is a true personal experience:

In 1977, it was confirmed that my great Aunt Lydie was suffering from lung cancer. The prognosis was not good and the doctors stated that she had very little time to live despite the fact that her illness didn't slow her down. After a stint in the hospital, she returned home and continued her normal routine.

Lydie was my mother's aunt, my grandfather's sister and would always open her home and kitchen to the family. The fact is that she practically raised my mother since my grandparents both worked. Her and my uncle owned a well-kept home in the south central Pennsylvania countryside that was surrounded by cornfields and woodlands. When I was a boy, I would take long hikes along the dirt roads as well as hunt for squirrel and deer in their woods. When I'd return to the house, my aunt would have a big hug and food on the table. I was very close to my Aunt Lydie.

I had been married to my first wife about a year and was living outside of Baltimore, MD. My mother also lived in Maryland but about 15 miles from me. The family kept daily contact with Lydie and we all continued to visit her to make sure the house was maintained even though we lived an hour away. Lydie seemed resilient and didn't let her illness get her down.

One late night, my wife and I were in bed asleep when 'something' woke me. I rolled on my back, opened my eyes and noticed that the room seemed to be illuminated somehow. By that time, my wife had also awaken and was wondering aloud as to why the room had lightened.

We sat up and looked around the room in amazement. I was just about to get out of bed to check on my baby daughter when suddenly, a white billowy apparition started to materialize by the foot of the bed. The form was about 5 feet in height and continued to take a distinct form. Little by little, the spectre developed into the likeness of my Aunt Lydie.

As I looked at the apparition's face, I could see the mouth and eyes moving. It looked directly at me as it seemed like it was trying to tell me something. Both arms started to raise as if it wanted to hug me...the same way my Aunt Lydie would do when I'd walk through her kitchen door. My wife was motionless, shocked and scared out of her mind! She jumped out of bed and ran into my daughter's bedroom, slamming the door behind her. By this time, the apparition started to dissipate and was completely gone after a few seconds.

I sat on the bed utterly astonished. Honestly, this wasn't the first ghost or phantom I had seen but it definitely was the most unforgettable. Then it struck Aunt Lydie was dead.

I looked at the alarm clock which read 2:33am. Just then, the telephone on the nightstand started to ring. I picked up the receiver and it was my mother calling.

"Lon...don't get upset. But, did you see Lydie?" I acknowledge to her that I had. She continued, "Well, Mom (my grandmother) called me and said Lydie had come to say goodbye to her and Daddy (my grandfather)."

Well, by this time, I was totally freaked out. The fact that we all lived in separate locations many miles apart and that the spectre of my Aunt Lydie had visited us at the same time was mind least to this, then, 20 year old.

In the morning we were told that my aunt had been rushed to the hospital a little after 2:00am and had died in the emergency room at 2:27am after suffering a massive stroke.

That night is emblazoned in my mind and I'm grateful Aunt Lydie had the opportunity to say goodbye.

MUFON: Angels Watching Over Me

The following account was taken from the MUFON Case Management System log and, frankly, much different than the usual UFO witness report. I have posted it without revision even though it is more 'spiritual based' than what I normally present.

MUFON witness report: I have reported UFO sitings with regularity. Seeing UFOs are not something I think about or ever tell anyone about. They are. On Tuesday morning 6:35a.m. I stepp'd out for my morning "pray'r" walk. I have been doing this faithfully every morning since 2007. I walk and converse with the God of the Universe. My dog, Tiphani escorts me. I live right next to a complex of baseball fields. I always walk between the fields. On Tuesday, I look'd up toward the western sky and one of the large planets was position'd at 4 o clock in the sky. A traveling circle appear'd in the sky just shy of the same position and to the north. It travel'd right beneath the large planet and then disappear'd. At first it appear'd to fade in and out as if traveling through a haze but the early morning sky was perfectly clear.

I stood still and watched it for about 35 seconds and when it cross'd beneath the planet, it disappear'd. I stood there and watched for a bit longer and nothing reappeared.

The thing that makes this sighting interesting is that "first of all, I immediately thought I am going to observe this fully so that I can report it." Which I did.

Noting the height in the sky and the direction it traveled in-north west-to west.

Of course, when objects disappear you can never swear you saw anything, there is no left proof.

I continued my walk and pray'r time to the deep-dark woods where I kneel and pray to a Sovereign Supra-natural God.

On this morning, I experienced an odd vision-trance-awareness.

Where I kneel is a large hill that juts up from a low meadow of trees and a small creek flows at the base of the cliff.

I kneel always with my back to the cliff and the small, babbling stream.

This morning, I didn't so much pray aloud as I was in motion to God. I raised my arms, I stretched them to the heavens and then dropp'd them to my side.

In my mind, I was aware of a MIGHTY PRESENCE OF AN ANGEL shadowing my every move, when I raised my arms,he raised his mighty wings into the air behind me, when I waved my arms, he glided his wings in tandem with my movements.

The fantastical awareness is that this angelic Being was so HUGE. It fill'd up a huge amount of space and simultaneously was not there at all.

Magnificent was the Presence.

I knew it was sheltering me, providing me with security.

These things are never explainable or rational, they are.

Later on Tuesday evening, I was giving a young friend a ride home from a dinner, and we were traveling 70 mph. on I-35. I noted in my rear view mirror the presence of a car weaving erratically behind me.

My young friend was talking and oblivious. Suddenly I re-focused on the road to my front and saw that all the cars on the interstate had come a dead-halt and I was within feet of crashing into the car before me.

Miraculously, I swerved and the lane next to mine was stopp'd a bit more ahead and my reflexes braked and uncannily, I was able to stop my car in a miraculous short amount of distance.

I was not scared.

I was not in control.

In hindsight, I think all of this is related.

NOTE: Personally, I'm not a religious person. I wouldn't say I'm an atheist but that I have a belief in the spiritual unknown, whatever that may be. The concept of 'angels', in my mind, refers to those benevolent beings that inhabit our 'plane' at certain times...Lon

Chavez Asserts U.S. Spawned Haiti Earthquake With HAARP

Click for video

digitaljournal - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has accused the United States of causing the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti, which killed possibly 200,000 people. Chavez believes the U.S. was testing a tectonic weapon to produce eco-type devastations.

Last week, Digital Journal reported that the Venezuelan President accused the United States of using Haiti’s earthquake as a pretext to occupy the Caribbean country, and since then the US has deployed thousands of troops to the region to bring law and order.

Chavez is blaming the US for causing the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti as part of testing a “tectonic weapon” that can cause eco-type disasters, according to Russia Today. The Latin American leader added that the US should “stop playing God.”
Chavez said these “weapon earthquakes” would eventually be used against Iran and be taken over by the US military.

Chavez says these weapons can alter the climate and set off earthquakes and volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.

Although Chavez did not reveal his source, Press TV reports the Venezuelan media are reporting the earthquake may be associated with the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), which has been accused of generating violent and disastrous changes in climate.

HAARP has been met with controversy since the mid-1990s when the State Duma of Russia issued a press release written by international affairs and defense communities on HAARP and signed by 90 deputies:

“The U.S. is creating new integral geophysical weapons that may influence the near-Earth medium with high-frequency radio waves ... The significance of this qualitative leap could be compared to the transition from cold steel to firearms, or from conventional weapons to nuclear weapons. This new type of weapons differs from previous types in that the near-Earth medium becomes at once an object of direct influence and its component.”

In 1997, US Secretary of Defense William Cohen also expressed concern over such eco-terrorism “whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves."

However, the U.S. government claims HAARP’s primary objective is to analyze and investigate the Earth’s ionosphere and the possibility of developing technology for communications and surveillance purposes.

New Zealand X-Files To Be Disclosed

stuff - Hundreds of pages of secret files on New Zealand UFO sightings will be released by the military this year.

The files include reports of UFO sightings from 1979 to 1984 and references to the Kaikoura sighting of December 1978.

The files are held by Archives New Zealand and were to have been made public this month, but the Defence Force is removing personal information from them to comply with the Privacy Act.

"At the moment we are working on making copies of these files, minus the personal information," a Defence Force spokeswoman said. "Once this work is completed, we are hoping to be able to release a copy of all the UFO files, including some ahead of their release time, within the year."

Lights were seen in the sky over Kaikoura in December 1978 and were filmed by an Australian news crew. Aircraft tracked the lights, which were also seen on radar.

A man who worked for the Transport Ministry's civil aviation division when the Kaikoura lights were seen said he would like to see the government files.

The man, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he was working at Christchurch International Airport at the time. He saw United States Air Force planes with unusual call signs touring the area and believes the full story about the lights has not been disclosed.

"For the US Air Force to come all that way and spend three days here, there must have been something going on," he said.

The Press sought any Defence Force files on UFO sightings under the Official Information Act in August last year.

The Defence Force said the request "would require a substantial amount of collation, research and consultation to identify whether any of that information could be released" and it was "not in a position to deploy staff to undertake that task".

It said public files on UFO sightings were available from Archives New Zealand.

The Press requested access to those files from Archives New Zealand, but was not able to see them as they had been borrowed by the Defence Force.

The director of research group UFOCUS NZ, Suzanne Hansen, said she was frustrated by the delayed release but understood the privacy reasons.

"We have been in discussion with the New Zealand Defence Force for many years ... It is frustrating from a research perspective because we would like to collate these sightings with international research."

She said some sightings could have been alien technology. "There are cases that are certainly not our technology. It has been scientifically proven that this is entirely possible."
Ad Feedback

New Zealand Skeptics chairwoman Vicki Hyde said the secret files would not be as interesting as they appeared. "Governments all around the world have these kind of files and they are not as exciting as you might possibly hope.

"The Government is required to log these things and it can give a false impression that there is a vast amount of activity out there.

"There is probably intelligent life elsewhere, but whether it has come here to play silly buggers with us in a game of cosmic hide and seek is another matter.

"It is a big jump from `there was something in the sky and I don't know what it was' to `that was a craft piloted by aliens'."

She said most sightings could be of mundane things such as satellites and flocks of birds.


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Friday, January 22, 2010

Video: Triangular UFO Speeding Over Dublin, Ireland

Click for video

thesun - Amazing footage of a UFO has been taken in Ireland - as The Sun re-launches the nation's X-Files.

A triangular formation of lights was filmed flying at night at "incredible speed".

Experts reckon the sighting near the River Liffey in Dublin could be a secret aircraft - or spacecraft.

Nick Pope, who probed mystery sightings for the MoD for three years, said: "The video seems to have been taken through a night scope and presumably shows things not visible to the naked eye.

"It appears to show a structured craft moving at incredible speed. The configuration of the lights is unlike any aircraft I've ever seen.

"It's either some secret prototype aircraft or drone, or something considerably more exotic."

Any sightings in Britain will NOT be officially recorded because the MoD last month axed the department probing mystery threats. Chiefs branded the £50,000-a-year department an "inappropriate use of defence resources". It came despite the near TRIPLING of alleged UFOs between 2008 and last year's 643.

Nick said: "The MoD's decision was bizarre. While I'm sure they'll investigate sightings from pilots and anything unusual on radar, the public had nowhere to go. There's massive public interest in this issue. If there's something unusual in our skies, we need to know or we could be leaving ourselves open to terrorist attack."

The MoD defended its decision to shut the UFO division.

A spokesman said: "We do not feel there is any military value in reviewing the public's sightings."

Coma Berenicid Meteor Shower Results In Spectacular Mid-Atlantic Event

There were a bevy of reports sent to The Vike Factor - namely, large falling balls of light or fire seen over Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware and Maryland on January 18, 2010 at approximately 5:30 pm. This was the result of the Coma Berenicid meteor event which peaked that Monday evening and early Tuesday. I have listed the reports below at well as an account of a meteorite fall/strike in Northern Virginia:

Large Ball Of Fire Falling From The Sky Over New Hope Pennsylvania

Date: January 18, 2010
Time: Approx: 5:40 p.m.

Location of Sighting: New Hope, PA.
Number of witnesses: two
Number of Objects: 1
Shape of Objects: Large Ball of fire falling from the sky.

Full Description of Event/Sighting: Hi Brian, My friend and I were driving South on Route 202 in New Hope on 1/18/10, around 5:40 p.m., when all of a sudden I noticed a large ball of fire falling from the sky directly in front of us. It was moving quickly and seemed to burn out before hitting the ground. At first I thought it was a plane and then I realized it was too small, but definitely too large to be a falling star.

I quickly mentioned it to my friend who said she saw it as well, but wasn't able to get the words out before I did. We couldn't believe what we had seen. A minute later we saw a smoke trail where the ball of fire had been. Was it a meteor? Please let me know if anyone figures out what this sighting was. Thanks.

Huge Ball Of Bright White Light Descended From The Sky In Newark Delaware

Date: January 18, 2010
Time: 5:37 p.m.

My husband, myself and Grandson also saw exactly what you indicated last night at 5:37pm. I live in Newark, Delaware and was on Rt. 4 driving home (right next to the new Barclays Credit Card Center) and out of no where this huge ball of bright white light descended from the sky very quickly and fell south west down. When I pulled up to my sister’s house (2 minutes later) we told her what happened and looked outside and could see a smoke trail where this thing traveled.

I’ve been all over the internet last night, looking for anyone else who witnessed this and this morning I found you. I know others have had to see it and I’d sure like to know what we saw!

Anymore news please let me know.

Falling Ball Of Light Observed From Collegeville Pennsylvania

Date: January 18, 2010
Time: Approx: 5:30 p.m.

Brian, I saw the falling ball of light too on January 18th. I thought it was closer to 5:30 PM, but I’m not sure. I didn’t have any timepieces on me. I live in Collegeville, PA, and I saw it fall from the sky west of me. It happened so fast, and no one else was around. I started to doubt my own eyes. I waited to hear a sound, and I heard nothing.
I kept checking the news and I saw nothing about it.

I’ve never been on your website before. When I didn’t see anything on the news I began doing internet searches, and then your website came up with a sighting.

Since nothing seems to have hit the ground I wonder if it was space junk burning up.

Blue And Green Ball Of Light Over Six Mile Run Pennsylvania

Date: January 18, 2010
Time: Evening.

Mr. Vike, My fiancé and I were walking Monday evening and saw the ball of light that you described. My fiancé saw it a few seconds before I did and he said he saw blue and green colors before it turned a yellow color. I saw the yellow ball of light before it disappeared. We couldn't believe our eyes and I wondered if anyone else saw it. When I got to work I told a friend and she looked on the internet and found your article.

We live in Six Mile Run, PA. It's about 10 miles from the town of Saxton and approximately 15 miles from Breezewood. According to the Baltimore Sun, there were several sightings in Maryland. It's amazing to think we were in the right place at the right time to see a rare occurrence such as this.

Ball Of Light Seen Falling Out Of The Sky Over Manchester Pennsylvania

Date: January 18, 2010
Time: Approx: 5:15 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Southern skies Manchester, PA.
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of Objects: 1
Shape of Objects: Ball.

Full Description of Event/Sighting: I'm not sure what this was, or if it is even a UFO parse. I had my kids with me sitting at the Giant parking lot, my oldest (9) in the front seat. I see a falling ball of light to the south and just that second, my son sees it too. He asks me if I seen that "planet fall from the sky?" I told him I saw it too. Basically this huge ball of light came out of nowhere in the middle of the sky, fell very quickly to the Earth, then just vanished. My friend who lives adjacent to York College in York City seen this as well. I recently started inquiring if anyone else was witness. I'm hoping I can figure something out soon.

Meteorite Hunters Converge On Area After Fall In Virginia

baltimoresun - Meteorite hunters are descending on Washington's Virginia suburbs this week, drawn by news of a space rock that lit up the night sky on Monday and drilled through the roof of a Lorton doctors' office.

Steve Arnold, co-star of the Science Channel's TV series "Meteorite Men," grabbed an early-morning flight Thursday from Arkansas to Baltimore to launch a search for fragments of the meteor.

He was joined by Michael R. Hankey, an amateur astronomer from Freeland who was bitten by the meteorite-hunting bug last July after he snapped a photo of a fireball meteor that fell over the Maryland- Pennsylvania state line.

Both men searched in vain for that "Mason-Dixon meteorite." But this time is different.

"In this case, we've got a building with a hole in the roof. There goes all the guess work," Arnold said via cell phone as he followed Hankey's car toward Lorton. "I'm driving to the hole in the roof right now."

That roof was supposed to shelter the offices of the Williamsburg Square Family Practice, where Marc Gallini and Frank Ciampi see patients every day. They were still at work at about 5:45 p.m. Monday when they heard a crash in an empty examining room.

"The first thing I thought of was that Dr. Gallini's bookshelf fell on him," Ciampi told a WUSA9 TV crew. The fist-size rock had crashed through the roof, a fire wall and the room's ceiling tile before it hit the floor and shattered.

It was the first known meteorite fall in Virginia since 1924, according to the Smithsonian Institution, and the first meteorite to strike a building in the U.S. since September 2003, when a 44-pound rock smashed from the roof to the basement of a home in New Orleans. No one was hurt.

The Channel 9 TV crew took the Lorton meteorite to the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. Linda Welzenbach, the museum's meteorite curator, said it weighed in at slightly more than two-thirds of a pound. She identified it as a stony "ordinary chondrite."

"It's 'ordinary' because 85 to 90 percent of everything that falls is this type," she said. "It has a light gray interior with little, tiny iron, nickel metal particles," all covered by a black fusion crust that melted as the rock entered the atmosphere.

Its spectacular arrival Monday evening was witnessed by hundreds of people from southern New Jersey to southwestern Virginia. More than 120 reported the event in comments to The Baltimore Sun's online WeatherBlog.

They described a brilliant, colorful fireball that broke into several pieces as it fell through the twilight, leaving a sinuous trail of smoke glowing in the sunset.

"Ken," in Baldwin, wrote: "It appeared to break up slightly as it fell and almost seemed to sparkle like a firework would. It was an awesome sight between the orange/pink color of the horizon, the navy blue of the sky and the moon. The trail stayed in the sky for a number of minutes and seemed to have a slight crook or bend to it."

Reports that the meteor split up as it fell are heartening to Arnold, Hankey and other meteorite hunters. "This definitely has the potential of rocks landing on rooftops, on streets, in yards and ballparks," Arnold said.

A meteor fall in the Chicago suburbs in March 2003 produced scores of meteorites along an 11-mile swath. "I found 113 pieces in 44 days of hunting up there," he said.

The incentive is money. Arnold said a meteorite the size of the Lorton stone could be worth as much as $10,000 to the owner of the property where it's found. But Welzenbach scoffed.

"Oh, that's too much," she said. Fortunately for the museum, the Lorton doctors and their landlord have donated their meteorite to the Smithsonian. "We hope to have it on display very soon so the general public can come and see it."

But if others turn up, Arnold said, "then I'll get in a buying mode." He won't be alone.

Eric Wichman, meteorite hunter, collector and dealer at, is also on the hunt, urging residents to report any new finds to his Web site, where he said the Lorton stone "probably has baby brothers and sisters."

"People should be on the lookout for black rocks, with fusion crust," he told WeatherBlog readers. "Check yards, roads, sidewalks, baseball fields, farm fields or anywhere else meteorites could have fallen."

Death Threats Against Hacker McKinnon Alleged

whtimes - The mum of an autistic man wanted in the US on computer hacking charges has been sent emails threatening to kill her son.

Janis Sharp, from Brookmans Park, disclosed that journalists and MPs have also been targeted over their involvement in her high profile campaign to prevent her son Gary McKinnon from being extradited.

In a series of emails seen by the Welwyn Hatfield Times, an American known only as Jerry describes Asperger’s sufferer Gary as a “legitimate target”.

He also threatens that “future unpleasantness and the death of annoying MPs and journalists… will have been no accident.”

Janis admitted that receiving the threatening emails had saddened her.

But she vowed: “I refuse to be intimidated and will continue to fight for my son to be tried in the UK.

“If any British person was issuing death threats against American politicians, journalists and members of the public they would probably be charged with terrorism and extradited to America to face a lengthy prison sentence.”

The threats are currently being investigated by both the Hertfordshire and Metropolitan police forces.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary authorities have also been informed after a message was sent to Hertsmere MP James Clappison.

Security at the House of Commons may now be stepped up as a result.

Mr Clappison said: “MPs should not be threatened for doing their jobs.”

Another prominent MP has also been targeted, along with journalists from three national newspapers.

Det insp Chris Wright, investigating, said: “Hertfordshire Constabulary takes all allegations of crime seriously and this case is no different.

“The origins of these threats are being investigated and we are currently following a number of lines of enquiry into the matter.”

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman added that detectives were “liaising with US law enforcement agencies” after a number of “malicious emails” were sent to various media agencies.

Prosecutors in America allege Gary, 43, caused nearly £500,000 worth of damage to military computers in 2001 and 2002.

If convicted in a US court, he could face up to 60 years in jail.

Gary, of North London, admits hacking but maintains he was looking for evidence of alien life.

NOTE: I have not commented on this incident previously but, honestly, if Gary McKinnon would have been charged with crimes other than hacking into US government computers, he would have been extradited long ago. The medical excuse, IMO, is lame at best. If he had the ability to hack into the system then, frankly, he knew that what he was doing was wrong. Crimes against national security, either in the United Kingdom, United States or anywhere else, are subject to prosecution. The punishment for federal crimes against the United States may seem harsh to foreigners, but the statutes have been implemented for a reason. Just my 2 cents...Lon

Defeated Romanian Presidential Candidate Declares Supernatural Forces Were Deployed Against Him

yahoo - Was a top contender for the Romanian presidency zapped out of the race by a shadowy parapsychologist enlisted by his rival?

The claim might be dismissed as preposterous in most other EU countries. But here in Romania, home of Dracula and other occult traditions, Mircea Geoana's assertion that a "negative energy attack" led to his narrow loss to re-elected President Traian Basescu has been the talk of the nation.

"The Evil Witch defeated Geoana," wrote the daily Evenimentul Zilei in a recent commentary typical of the buzz. "Romanian politicians really believe that magic forces can make you president or can destroy you.

"May the Force be with us!"

Like most former Soviet bloc nations, Romania is used to rough and tumble politics and the first claims and counterclaims after Basescu's narrow Dec. 6 runoff victory were nothing out of the ordinary, with Geoana's people complaining of massive fraud.

Then came the startling allegation: Geoana, in media interviews last week, asserted he was targeted by waves of negative energy during a key debate just before the runoff that was won by Basescu.

"People who were working for Basescu in this domain were present to the right of the camera," Geoana told Antena 3 Television. His wife, Mihaela said Geoana "was very badly attacked, he couldn't concentrate."

At first Romanians mocked their ex-foreign minister saying he was a bad loser. Basescu himself jokingly dismissed the allegations. But the recent publication of photos showing well-known parapsychologist Aliodor Manolea close to Basescu during the campaign has caused Romanians to ask whether the president really did put a hex on his rival.

The photos show Manolea, a slightly built, bearded man with a round face and cropped receding hair, walking yards (meters) behind Basescu ahead of the debate. Manolea's specialties include deep mind control, clairvoyance and hypnotic trance, according to the Romanian Association of Transpersonal Psychology.

Manoela's alleged role in the elections evokes age-old Balkan rituals where the evil eye, witch doctors and other mysterious forces were used to launch mystic energy attacks on opponents and sap hapless victims of their vital strength.

While such superstitions are now usually found only in the most backward rural pockets of the Balkans, belief in the paranormal spawned some unusual practices up to recent times.

Former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was so terrified of even traditional psychologists he feared were a threat to communism that he abolished psychology departments across the country and banned the word from the official dictionary.

In 1982, he staged a crackdown against people who were allegedly practicing transcendental meditation, purging the interior ministry and dismissing scores of officials who were allegedly involved, including a deputy interior minister.

In neighboring Serbia, Col. Ljubodrag Stojadinovic, a former army spokesman, was discharged after divulging that the military had a parapsychology unit in the 1990s under ex-President Slobodan Milosevic that launched psychic attacks on the United States and other enemies.

"Group 69," which Stojadinovic said included publicly known fortune tellers and witches, claimed to have inflicted "heavy losses" against the enemy with its tactics, including downing aircraft. He said one of the group's main tasks was to capture at least one senior "enemy of the Serbs" — the U.S. president, for instance.

Neither the Serbian government nor the military has issued a denial of Stojadinovic's claims.

Wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic was said to have believed in witchcraft and actively participated in paranormal activities. Now on trial for at the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, he was arrested in July 2008 in Belgrade disguised as a New Age guru.

To the south, former Macedonian Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski employed a parapsychologist and medium known simply as Mina, as an official Cabinet adviser. Some Macedonians — who widely consult fortune tellers and astrologists — believe Mina helped Georgievski avoid full-blown civil war between Slavic Macedonians and the nation's ethnic Albanians.

"It is not strange in Macedonia for people to have their alternative personal advisers," said Mirjna Stojanovska, a 28-year-old German language teacher. "It is part of our mentality and culture to call upon a higher power to help people cope with the problems in life."

In a further twist to Romania's presidential intrigue, photos reveal Manolea amid Geoana's entourage during a 2007 electoral campaign, suggesting the clairvoyant may have been inclined to offer his services to anyone willing to pay the fee.

There has been no comment from Geoana, who in recent days has moved to distance himself from the topic in an attempt to limit dents to his credibility.

Basescu's office also has declined to comment on Manolea, with officials referring inquiries to the Liberal Democratic Party that supported the president. Officials there have given evasive answers — but not outright denials.

Basescu's campaign spokesman Sever Voinescu declined to say whether he knew Manolea — the author of several books on energy auras and other esoteric topics — but blasted Geoana, accusing "the loser in the election of thinking he was bewitched with toads like in medieval Africa."

An e-mail to the reclusive parapsychologist was not answered.

Reputed Romanian psychologist Aurora Liiceanu says the region remains a fertile breeding ground for such superstitions even while seeming to adopted an outward veneer of cynicism more in keeping with the rest of Europe.

"This society is inclined to the irrational; it is a culture of superstitious people," said Liiceanu. "Luck has a great role here, it is a force.

"Luck and destiny."


I realized this video has been around awhile but it is, by far, the most amazing animal attack ever capture on video.

Click for video


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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mexicana Airlines Airbus A-320 Encounters UFO / OVNI Over MCIA

This incident was reported in Spanish and translated from two and inexplicata:

Monday 18 of January of 2010 an airplane Airbus A-320 of Mexican Aviation happened near a ufo when it flew by Xochimilco. This happened during the operation of ascent, to obtain a straight and made level flight, being 11:55 h. The Mexican passenger airplane happened to about 200 ms of a spherical object of metallic appearance that it changed of color (of gray aluminum to red brilliant). The airship went towards the east of the City of Mexico, whereas the ufo went towards the south. According to unofficial data, and with excellent meteorological conditions, the ufo was detected visually, which flew to an approximated height of 10.000 M.s The aeronautical personnel of the AICM (Airport the International of the City of Mexico) had access to the information. He is possible to mention that in this zone, especially the area of boating near Xochimilco, has seen previously the same type of objects: metallic spheres that fly to the evenness of the channel. Photos of the airplane and the image of a ufo are similar to the one of the encounter of the 18 of January.

Personal commentary: The report of Alfonso Salazar and the videos of Daniel Sanchez confirm the presence of a ufo in the airways of the Mexican capital. The following recordings obtained from Daniel days 16 and 17 of January of the present year.

Click for video

"The first object I saw by chance, was not in observation routine. Course went to the zone of volcanos, was the noon. Then, the 15:40 hours of day 17, I observed flotilla what is called; the good thing is that I managed to catch them with the reference of an airplane. Most impressive it was an enormous sphere that brought smaller other like sentry. That material I will give the following week to it so that analyze you it she presents and it."

Mexico: Airbus A-320 Flies Near UFO

On Monday, January 18, 2010, a Mexicana de Aviaciaon Airbus-A320 flew close to a UFO as it went over Xochimilco, according to Alfonso Salazar (UFO researcher and aviation technician)

This occurred as the airliner made its climbing maneuvers to achieve an appropriate altitude for a straight and level flight. The time was 11:55 a.m.

The Mexican airliner flew some 200 meters form a spherical, seemingly metallic object that changed colors (from aluminum gray to brilliant red). The aircraft was heading east of Mexico City while the object headed south.

According to unofficial data, and under excellent meteorological conditions, the UFO was detected visually as it flew at an approximate altitude of 10,000 meters.

Personnel from MCIA (Mexico City International Airport) had access to the information. It is worth noting that this area, particularly the one near Xochimilco, has become known for its reports of similar objects: metallic spheres that fly over the water, nearly touching the canal's surface.

NOTE: the second translation is better and basically the same account. Anyway, these anomalies are fairly common over Mexico City International. From my sources, pilots flying into MCIA that have anomalies detected by radar are usually questioned and briefed thoroughly. I don't know if this is a government or airline exercise but I know it happens. Pilots that have flown north out of MCIA into the United States have experienced some amazing accounts, especially over the state of Chihuahua into southwest Texas...Lon

Mailbag: Hauntings...or Haunted?

I received the following email last evening. I have not edited or redacted any of the material:

"I have had a number of weird experiences in my life, in different places. I don't know if I just happen to have lived in several "haunted" places or if I'm the one that's haunted. My Mom thinks I have a haunting that follows me around, but I don't have experiences everyplace I've lived. My kids have had a couple sightings too, once with a friend over and they all saw it. I'll include those, but neither of those experiences were in places where I had experiences. Weird."

"My first experience was in 1987, I lived in a basement apartment in Indianapolis, IN. I was in bed and woke up cold, there was a black mass shaped like a man at the end of my bed facing me, he stood there for about 10 seconds then turned and walked around the bed and through the wall that the bed was against. I had another experience in that apartment during the day, I saw a black form the size and shape of a spider kind of glide from the top of my bed, down the side, across the floor and into the closet. I was extremely arachnophobic back then and made my boyfriend tear apart the closet looking for a large spider, even though I knew it hadn't moved like one."

"In 2000 I lived in a trailer park in Lafayette,IN. My kids and their friend saw a ball of light manifest in the living room, then go down the hallway into my bedroom, then it turned left into my bathroom and disappeared by the time the kids followed it there."

"In 2003 I lived in an apartment in Salt Lake City,UT. My kids both apparently saw a girl standing in the kitchen doorway dressed in white and kind of glowing. I never saw anything there but it was a very old house built into the mountain and our apartment was underground in the back but ground level in the front."

"In 2004 I lived in a house in Adelanto, CA. The kids room was upstairs; me and the kids were up there talking, we were standing together at the foot of one of the beds and there's a dresser against the wall at the foot of the bed as well. Suddenly a glass music box sitting on the dresser slides forward off the dresser toward us, hits an open drawer and shatters. There was a sound that went with that, like something hit the dresser before it fell. Nothing else was disturbed. I thought mouse or lizard maybe, but it would have had to be big enough to see to move that music box, it was actually a glass water globe music box, kind of heavy."

"In 2005 I lived in the house around the corner from where I live now in Opelika, AL. Similar to my first experience in 87 I wake up cold, there's a blacker than the dark shape of a man, only this time he's standing a couple feet away from me next to the bed and it appears that he is moving closer to me. I yelled, and it went away. There was no furniture in that area of the room to be mistaken for a person, only a space to walk around the bed, then the wall. I had another experience in that house, this actually happened a few times there. I would be laying down in my bed and feel something sit on the bed next to me, one time there was an indentation in the bed about the size of a cat, but deeper I think than what a cat would make, and I say cat because there was a cat or two in the house at the time, there was no cat there, or even in the room."

"In 2008 I was a truck driver. I was in my truck in a truck stop in WV, somewhere along the 81 freeway I think. I was in the bunk reading, the light was on but I think I had fallen asleep for a minute. I'm fully awake though when I see a man's arm, in full color, Caucasian with a light blue tee shirt sleeve coming through my curtain. At first I thought I saw a head to go with it but the longer I looked, hoping it would go away, I realized the head was not a head but something I had on a cabinet there. The arm slowly retreated through the curtain, the curtain is not moving at all, I didn't want to move because I didn't want to get its attention. I thought if it knew I was awake it would come back instead of leave. I didn't go back to sleep that night til daylight was shining through my windows."

"I don't remember this experience, my mom told me about it, but I my first paranormal experience apparently happened when I was a kid, sometime between 1977 and probably 82. I told her there was a lady in white standing at the end of my bed."

"So, am I nuts? Or haunted? Or have a paranormal fan club? Or just sensitive to the presence of the paranormal? I know nowadays there are a lot of reports of seeing a "man shadow" apparition, but I had never heard about those kinds of sightings before I had mine. I wouldn't even want to be a ghost hunter, the experiences I've had in that area were terrifying. It's only a relief to know that this stuff is fairly common place and I may not be nuts after all."

Laura B.

NOTE: I'm sure Laura would welcome any thoughts and comments that you may have...Lon

Time-Worn Georgia Plantation Home Investigated

chronicle.augusta - In the fourth-floor attic of an old, empty home, Rachelle Moran whispered a series of simple questions.

"Can you tell us your name?" she asked, pausing to await an answer. "Did you live here? Can you make a noise?"

Nearby, on a chair by a dusty window, a doll dressed in Victorian clothes was surrounded by cameras and microphones poised to record the slightest sound or movement.

The toy, Mrs. Moran said, was brought along as an enticement -- just the sort of thing that might lure the shy ghost of a little girl into view.

"We thought we'd try the doll since we'd heard reports of a little girl in the window," said Mrs. Moran, the founder of the South Coast Paranormal Society, whose members spend their weekends chasing things supernatural.

They undertook their most recent investigation Friday night at the Goodale House on Sandbar Ferry Road at the request of its new owner, Wes Sims -- one of the people who said they observed the shadowy apparition of a little girl.

The house, built in 1799, definitely has a supernatural presence to it, Mr. Sims said. "You can just feel it when you come in here. It's wonderful."

The long-vacant, Federal-style landmark's history makes it a prime hunting ground for ghosts, said Josh Wilmoth, a member of the society's team.

"We've been doing research and even tried to pull some deeds and ownership records," he said. "That was just part of our field work."

The home's builder -- Thomas Goodale -- managed a large plantation and owned the ferry at the nearby river crossing. Subsequent owners included Charleston, S.C., merchant Christopher Fitzsimmons, who later gave the home to his daughter's new husband, Wade Hampton Jr. His son, Wade Hampton III, would become governor of South Carolina.

The team, which also included Mrs. Moran's husband, Tim, and helpers Rina White and Thomas Swindol, has conducted similar investigations at places as diverse as the downtown Miller Theatre, Magnolia Cemetery and an antebellum mansion in Taliaferro County.

Those inquiries have yielded some interesting images and sounds that defy explanation, they say.

"When I started out doing this it was just a hobby," Mr. Wilmoth said. "Then when you start experiencing some of the things you cannot explain, it really gets a grip on you."

Mrs. Moran, like most people involved in paranormal detection, was inspired by personal experience from her childhood.

"Growing up, at my parents' house in upstate New York my sister and I saw things -- and heard things -- that no one could explain. A lot of what we do today is try to make sense of things people see or hear."

It's much easier to disprove a haunting report than to prove one, she said, noting that some investigations have led to simple explanations for noises, sounds or sights reported by people who believe they might have experienced something supernatural.

Then there are the occasional things that were not so easily written off -- including a shadow recorded behind a team member at Magnolia Cemetery.

At the Goodale House, a night of hunting failed to find any hard evidence of the paranormal, but the team still plans to spend a week or more reviewing recorded images and sounds -- just to be sure.

Hunting for ghosts, Mrs. Moran said, is also something beneficial to a community, regardless of whether it proves -- or disproves -- the presence of something supernatural.

"One of our goals is to bring more awareness to history and old places that need preservation," she said. "When you think about it, why do people, even people here in Augusta, flock to old cities like Savannah or Charleston? It's because of the history and the ghosts. Lots of places there are reportedly haunted and the owners make no bones about out. People love it."


Still standing, but almost forgotten on the lower end of Sand Bar Ferry is one of the oldest homes in the Augusta area. Thomas Goodale, who operated the ferry for which SandBar Ferry got its name was granted the land in 1740. The Goodale Inn was built in 1799 as the plantation house for Goodale Plantation by Christopher Fitzsimmons, a wealthy Charleston merchant and later father-in-law of James Hammond, owner of Redcliffe Plantation. That makes it one of the oldest buildings in Augusta and it's on the National Register of Historic Places. Goodale Inn has long rumored to be haunted, which is understandable considering it's long history.

Dr. Paul Fitzsimmons Eve, an early Dean of the Medical College of GA, occupied the house while he lived in Augusta, from the early 1830's to 1850. Eve was a participant in the Paris Revolution of 1830, served as a soldier and surgeon in the Polish Rebellion, and was a doctor for the Confederacy.

The "Hampton" of Hampton House refers to Wade Hampton III, a Lieutenant General in the Confederate Army and later Governor of South Carolina. When Fitzsimmon's daughter, Ann married Wade Hampton, II on March 6, 1817, the house was given in dowry. Hampton was 42 when the Civil War began and took over the Confederate Calvary Corps at the behest of Robert E. Lee when JEB Stuart was killed in 1864. After the war he told Ulysses S. Grant, "If we had known that you were going to back with bayonets the carpetbagger, the scalawag, and the negro in their infamous acts, we would never have given up our arms!" He was called the "Saviour of South Carolina" for railing against the policies of Reconstruction. Later, upon his death bed, in 1902, his last words were reportedly, "God bless all my people, black and white." Such is the conflicted history of the South.

Another resident of the house, Jonathan Miller, was Surgeon General of the Army of Tennessee. In the 1970's the house became a dinner club, sometimes featuring musical acts, run by a Mr. and Mrs. Harris. After that, it appears that some private owners occupied the place. Judging from the various debris lying around it was inhabited into the 1990's.


Photo: Albino Roe Deer Fawn Found In Italian Alps

dailymail - These are the amazing pictures of an incredibly rare baby albino deer dubbed 'White Bambi' hiding with its mother in the Italian wilderness.

Disturbed by a rustling in the forest the brilliant white deer turns to face it's stalker, luckily this shot is only with a camera.

The little fawn, thought to be only eight months old, was sighted in the woods by walkers Massimo Del DIn and his daughter Deborah.

The pair had been trekking in the beautiful Dolomite region, in Belluno, in the Italian Alps, when they caught sight of Bambi through the trees.

Through the branches the little deer and it's mother, who has normal colouring, can be seen turning to face the camera.

Italian authorities have been quick to declare Bambi out of bounds to hunters in the region, which number some 3,500 with a licence to shoot.

It is hoped the measure will stop this Bambi aping his Disney film namesake who famously lost his mother when she was shot by hunters.

Giammaria Sommavilla, provincial police chief of Belluno, confirmed the sighting as extremely rare.

He said: 'I could not believe my eyes, I have never seen an animal like so.

'It is indeed an albino fawn in the picture, taken together with her mother, who instead is normal colour.

'This is not very often we spot something like him, it is very rare and the last records date back many decades.'

Leandro Grones, from the local hunting association, said Bambi has nothing to fear from any other kind of shooting except the camera.

He said: 'Animals like this increases the appeal of the mountain and also feed legends.

'Luckily for Bambi according to one such legend a hunter spotting an albino deer is seeing a soul's journey toward death and the hunter who kills him will suffer the same fate that year.

'Rules are respected here and we have no problems with poachers.

'In every case, his presence gives us pleasure and enriches our valleys and he is a creature almost magical in winter to see.

'But the colour of the skin and eyes do make him very visible when there is no snow, and this could create problems for the rest of the herd,' Mr Grones said.

'Deer have a tendency to isolate others for fear of being spotted by predators.

'Albinism is not a disease, however, it can have some drawbacks in roe deer, such as, for example, being unable to withstand prolonged exposure to the sun.'


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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Storied Phantom Children Captured In Photograph - Does this photograph show the figures of two children, born nearly a century apart, walking in their own paranormal playground?

The family who took this picture while on a ghost tour in Picton, NSW, swear there were no children inside the St Mark's Cemetery.

Which begs the question: who, or what, is out there?

Local legend has it that the two children are David Shaw and Blanche Moon, who died 60 years apart.

Blanche was crushed to death in 1886 when a pile of sleepers that she and a number of children were playing on slipped.

David was the son of a minister who died in 1946 from polio.

The woman behind the lens of this mysterious photo, Renee English, said she was "a sceptic" before undertaking the ghost tour on January 9.

"When we were standing at the bank looking into the Cemetery I was just snapping away and making jokes about the whole thing and asking when the ghosts were going to come out," the Port Macquarie resident said.

"I know that when I took that photo there was no-one else in the cemetery. The only people we saw were a family of four about 10 minutes later but those kids were clinging to their parents the whole time.

"When we uploaded our photos and saw the children all the hairs on my arm stood up and I just went cold all over.

"That night I couldn't sleep at all and I'm never watching a scary movie again.

"I wasn't a believer in ghosts, but now I'm intrigued."

Local historian Liz Vincent conducted ghost tours in Picton, claimed to be Australia's most haunted town, until her death last year. Since then, her husband John and daughter Jenny Davies have taken up the mantle.

"Picton's just so haunted," Ms Davies said. "We find people always love to see their photos afterwards because most of these things aren't visible to the naked eye."

One of the tour's most popular figures is Emily, a lady who was hit and killed by a train in 1916 while taking a shortcut through the Redbank Range Tunnel, also known as the Mushroom Tunnel, to visit her brother.

Emily Bollard resided near the railway line and was a single woman aged in her 50s. Before taking her shortcut, she didn't check the timetable and was hit in the tunnel by a train coming from Thirlmere. She died instantly.

"She likes to move among the participants and loves to touch their hair and body, particularly their arms and legs," Ms Davies said.

"Those on the tour often say that they've also felt a cold wind blowing through the tunnel."

NOTE: I'm going to reserve judgment on this one until the image is inspected a bit further...Lon


St Mark's Church and Pioneer Graveyard was designed by architect, Edmond Blacket. Construction started in July 1850 but when gold was discovered most of the workmen abandoned the site and headed off to the goldfields. The church was finally completed in 1856. Built of sandstone in the Old Colonial Gothic Picturesque style, the church and cemetery is located on Menangle Street West, Picton.

There have been quite a few spooky stories about this beautiful old church and cemetery. A woman who was parked nearby spotted a young boy and girl holding hands and walking around the graves. After ten minutes or so the children disappeared behind the headstones. It was not until the woman had left the area that she realised the children had been dressed in old-fashioned clothes. There have been several other reports of these strange spectral children. An acquaintance of mine claims to have seen a small girl dressed in white wandering through the cemetery very late at night.

A large dog has also been seen on more than one occasion and is responsible for the harassment of a few terrified visitors. Could it be the ghost of a minister's faithful St Bernard that is buried on the church grounds?


Inmates Fear 'Suicide Cell' at British Prison

sundaymercury - Hardened inmates at a Midland prison are terrified of entering a “possessed” cell after two near identical suicides in less than a year.

The lock-up at HMP Brinsford, near Wolverhampton, is being avoided by spooked lags after the deaths took place on the same day of the week – at the same time.

Now sources claim crooks are refusing to enter the ‘haunted’ cell and are demanding that priests are called in to perform an exorcism.

HMP Brinsford is a Young Offenders’ Institute housing almost 600 inmates aged between 15 and 21, including many awaiting trial for serious offences such as murder, rape and robbery.

The two suicides are said to have taken place in the same cell in 2009, although full details have not been made public.

But insiders claim a previous occupant was a devil worshipper – and that talk of the ‘demonic’ lock-up has now swept the jail.

“The deaths were on the same day and virtually at the same time,’’ a prison worker told the Sunday Mercury.

‘‘We have had a devil-worshipper in there and the chaplains are convinced that there’s something not right about the cell.

“They want it closed off completely. A lot of people are unhappy about it and the chaplains feel very strongly about it.

“There’s a lot of inmates who are very afraid, people don’t even want to walk past it anymore.

“It’s spooky... there’s definitely something strange going on in that cell.”

Another guard confirmed that prisoners had been raising fears about the cell since the second suicide in October.

“With two deaths so close together there has been talk on the corridors,” the warder said.

“Word gets around and everyone who has been here a year knows about the suicides in that cell.

“The cell is back in action again now as once the police and the coroner have finished their bit it comes into use again.

‘‘There is only so much room in prison and you can’t have one cell cordoned off.”

Prison chaplain Phil Seadon refused to answer any questions when quizzed by our reporter saying he could not “confirm or deny” plans for an exorcism.

A Prison Service spokesman said there was “no truth” in suggestions that an exorcism was planned.

But exorcisms have been carried out at public buildings before by priests, including at hospitals and schools.

One vicar who has worked for the Church of England’s highly secretive ‘Ministry of Exorcism’ for 40 years said that any ceremony at HMP Brinsford would be aimed at “blessing” the cell, to protect it in future.

“If the chaplains or local church are asked for help, they would certainly be able to give it,” the reverend said.

“The cell could be blessed if something like a suicide has taken place in there.

“Buildings and rooms can acquire a good or a bad atmosphere. If a building has a force of unrest of this kind, Christian ministers within the prison can hold a ceremony.

“The priest would go into the cell, say the appropriate prayers, bless the room and use holy water.

‘‘It’s something that we do quite regularly, although I don’t remember a case in a prison.

“But it’s nearly always a successful procedure.”

Report: Close Encounters With UFOs, Bigfoot in Pennsylvania 2009

Pennsylvanians Report - Close Encounters With UFOs and Bigfoot During 2009
From Researcher: Stan Gordon

Pennsylvania continues to be an active state for reports of unusual activity. During 2009, strange incidents came to my attention that were reported by Pennsylvania residents from forty-eight counties across the state. Some of the types of unusual events reported included sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects, Bigfoot and other creature encounters, photo anomalies, strange footprints and sky flashes.

I have been researching and documenting such odd happenings of Pennsylvania incidents for over fifty years. My on-scene investigations of such occurrences started after the Kecksburg UFO incident took place in December of 1965. I began to take calls from the public in 1969 regarding such encounters. Over the years I founded and directed three volunteer research groups that investigated these mysterious events across Pennsylvania for many years. Today, I continue to investigate current strange encounters as an independent researcher.

UFO, Bigfoot, and other anomaly reports continue to be called in to my phone at 724-838-7768. I also receive such reports via e-mail at: . I also maintain contact with many local and national researchers and organizations in the UFO and Bigfoot field who also receive reports. The National UFO Reporting Center and the PA Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network also receive UFO sightings from Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society conducts current Bigfoot investigations.

I continue to find that while many of the encounters reported seem initially strange and mysterious, quite often after investigation most are determined to be either of a manmade or natural origin. For example, some UFO reports can be explained as bright planets and stars, fiery meteors, re-entry of space debris, or even searchlight displays.

One explainable example occurred on the evening of September 19th when numerous UFO reports were received from western Pennsylvania and across the state as well as from numerous other states. Sightings were quite consistent of a bright light source or cone shaped light beaming down from the sky, then soon disappearing. I quickly did some research and found the unusual lights to be the result of a sounding rocket being launched from the NASA facility at Wallops Island, Virginia. Also, some Bigfoot observations over the years were determined to be bear or large shaggy dogs. However, not all such reports are so easily dismissed.

Bigfoot Reports

2009 was very active with reported sightings of Bigfoot from various statewide locations. Many of the reports originated from Fayette County, where there has been a long history of such creature observations along the Chestnut Ridge. The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society looked into creature sighting in Pike, Elk, and Clearfield counties, as well as the following Fayette County creature encounters.

In early July on a late warm afternoon, a woman driving outside of Uniontown swerved sharply to miss hitting a large man-like creature covered with dark hair that walked out in front of her car. The woman got a good look at the creature which had large dark wide set eyes that were, “wild looking” that frightened the driver. A similar incident occurred in August near Jumonville, when a woman driving down a road in the early morning hours turned abruptly to miss hitting a large hair covered creature walking down the center of the roadway. In late August, also near Jumonville, a man driving through the area reported seeing a reddish brown orangutan-like animal run across the road on four legs. In September, a woman and her daughter taking a scenic ride in the mountains near Dunbar observed a large, upright broad shouldered, hair covered creature run across a gas well line and go into the woods.

UFO Sightings

Reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects originated from many locations throughout Pennsylvania. There were reports of hovering spheres and cylindrical shaped objects, as well as formations of lights, and numerous observations of triangular shaped objects.

In January, a motorist during an afternoon drive on a rural road outside of Greensburg observed a metallic cylinder-like object similar in shape to a hot dog with a fin on the back. While hovering low in the sky, the object suddenly flipped upwards from the bottom to the top, and seemed to change into a different shape. The object made an odd backwards J shape motion, than shot across the sky at a very fast rate and went out of sight.

On September 4, two people in Latrobe observed a bright yellow-white pulsating sphere of light hovering low in the sky. The silent object suddenly shot across the sky and was gone. One witness stated, “With the snap of a finger it was gone.” He said that it moved off with “astronomical speed.”

During the early evening of October 31, on Route 30 outside of Greensburg near the entrance to Home Depot, a somewhat stealth-like, triangular shaped object described by a witness as “like a fighter jet with its tail end down, and nose up”, passed low over the highway. The object was initially observed as a bright white light source moving rapidly, but as it got closer it slowed down. The solid dark colored structure could be seen surrounded by white light as well as a cloudy mass. The silent object moved off in the distance across the sky.

A solid white chevron shaped object, which seemed to follow along the path of Route 30 heading eastward, was reported during an afternoon near Greensburg in early December. The slow moving object either went through the clouds or blended in with them as it passed underneath them.

On December 23, in rural Armstrong County, a man went outside after hearing an odd sound. The witness observed a large cylindrical object moving slowly across the evening sky. The object, which appeared quite low, was moving towards Freeport. The observer quickly ran inside to get a camera. When he soon returned, the original object was gone, but in the same location in the sky was a huge triangular pattern of lights. The light pattern and the movement suggested that the lights were attached to a larger structure. The object moved slowly and silently into the distance. The witness attempted to take pictures with his older model digital camera but was unsuccessful.

For current UFO, Bigfoot, and other strange reports from Pennsylvania as well as updates on my lectures and upcoming book releases, visit my website at
I can also be contacted at P.O. Box 936, Greensburg, PA 15601.

Strange Events of Long Island

PLUM ISLAND, N.Y. (WPIX) - An alleged mutated human body washed ashore on Plum Island, a small island where the U.S. Government typically studies dangerous animal diseases.

A security guard on foot patrol reportedly discovered the clothed decomposing body Thursday afternoon on the southwest beach area of the island, where access is restricted, police said.

The body was described as that of a white male about 6-feet tall with a large build and "very long" fingers. According to authorities, there were no obvious signs of trauma.

An autopsy will be conducted by the Suffolk County medical examiner in order to determine an exact cause of death.

Plum Island, which is located about 100 miles northeast of New York City in the Long Island Sound, has been called a potential target for terrorists because of its stock of vaccines and diseases.

Chris Holly's Paranormal World - The above report was all over the Internet sites recently. The body was found January 15th on the Shore of Plum Island, which is located only about a mile off the shore of Long Island New York.

The locals of Long Island know Plum Island for its top-secret activities. It has been known as the best kept secret of the dangerous kind for a very long time to native east end Long Islanders. No one ever knew exactly what all the strange scientists where working on as Plum Island was a protected guarded top secret projects that sat openly on the small island known as Plum Island directly off the long island coast.

If you were not from the Long Island area you most likely never heard of the place. The odd thing about Plum Island is that it not only has been the home of extremely dangerous experiments and lab procedures for many years – it was done right off the coast of Long Island which is just a short distance from one of the biggest cities in the world. The fact that this extremely dangerous place existed for so many years so close to such a densely populated part of the country has always made the locals of Long Island scratch their heads.

I grew up on the end of Long Island. I always knew Plum Island as a place of Frankenstein type experiments and top-secret projects. Living close to Plum Island and Brookhaven Lab we often felt the paranormal events the coastal communities of Long Island experienced had links to these dangerous centers. The fact that Long Island sticks out into the ocean surrounded by open sky and sea makes it a good choice for strange events.

Years ago Long Island was far less populated on the eastern end which added to the draw of those who wanted to hide what they were doing yet have easy access to the ocean or in the other direction the entire population of the tri county area. I always found the placement of both Plum Island and Brookhaven Lab- just plum crazy!

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s along the shore of Long Island in a small country area was both wonderful and different. The wonderful part came with the advantage of living on a River that was linked with easy access to the beaches and beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. Difficult were the times many of us had sightings of odd crafts and beings that were frightening, confusing and traumatic.

I often felt that the presence of both Plum Island and Brookhaven Lab added to the odds of Island natives having sightings of UFO’s, Lost Time events and encounters with strange beings. I have written about all of these things, which occurred during the hay day of Plum Island by the locals living along the Long Island small Towns.

The idea crossed my mind many times that the creature my friends and family encountered in the mid 60’s hiding in our house may have had a link to Plum Island

The creature we encountered was of abnormal strength with the ability to rip a large window frame and all from the side of a house as well as leaving a horrific stench behind for days after being in our home. The creature we experienced then was not human yet was an intelligent as well as dangerous beast that was stalking, waiting and wanting to harm us.

Thank goodness my friends and I realized this creature was laying wait in my house making it possible for us to call for help. Other wise I would not be here today to write about the event. Experiences like that made us fully aware things were just not perfectly normal along the coast of Long Island.

Having written many stories about events people have endured on Long Island I know this island is a paranormal haven. The fact I once lived close to Plum Island and Brookhaven Lab may be part of the reason I had experiences with the unknown while living on Long Island. I think the short distance from vast open sea to full blown urban populations also gives Long Island the edge as a place to draw strange things to happen. It is within a short distance to a large population base yet close to a quick getaway of open land and sea.

I was not shocked at all to read the story about the body being found on Plum Island. I am sure like other things found on or near Plum Island a neat little packaged story will appear explaining away what they found so it can quickly and quietly be swept under the rug and thought of no more!

That may fool most of the people most of the time – but for old Islanders the fact will more likely be accepted that another odd creature was found on Plum- and we will go on never knowing what it is that creeps along the coastal shores on cold Long Island night!.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Was Moll Dyer Real or a Legend?

somdnews - The story of Moll Dyer, a witch who was driven from her home south of Leonardtown more than 300 years ago, is well known and often repeated in St. Mary's County.

But was she ever real? There are no records of her existence. However, there is a road and stream named after her south of Leonardtown and lands there bore her name since the 1890s.

A large rock, said to be the last resting place of Moll Dyer where she left imprints of her knees and hand on the stone, was moved in 1972 to the front of the circuit courthouse in Leonardtown. The area of Moll Dyer Road was purported to be haunted.

Tradition has it that Moll Dyer was an outcast in the small community between Leonardtown and Redgate. Though she lived in a hut, she survived via the generosity of others through the alms house, located where Leonardtown Middle School is now.

The winter of 1697 was extraordinarily harsh. On March 27 the Council of Maryland proceedings in Annapolis commented on the bad weather: "It hath pleased God that this winter hath been the longest that hath been known in the memory of man, for it began about the middle of November, and little sign of any spring yet. It was very uncertain weather, several frosts and snows, one of which was the greatest hath been known."

Witchcraft was often blamed for such calamitous times. In St. Mary's that year, the legend goes, Moll Dyer fit the description of a witch — a strange old hag.

Witches weren't common, but it was still widely believed they did exist then.

In June 1654, the crew of the ship Charity on route to Maryland from England testified about the hanging of passenger Mary Lee for suspicion of practicing witchcraft, according to the Proceedings of the Council of Maryland.

On Oct. 4, 1659, Edward Prescott was acquitted for "one Elizabeth Richardson hanged in his ship" for witchcraft, according to the proceedings of the Provincial Court. Plaintiff John Washington of Virginia couldn't attend court that day and because there was no testimony, Prescott was released. He blamed John Greene, captain of the ship, for the execution.

In 1674, John Cowman of St. Mary's County was arraigned, convicted and condemned for witchcraft, conjuration or enchantment upon the body of Eliza Goodall, according to an 1885 edition of the Baltimore Times. Cowman was pardoned by Charles Calvert.

On Oct. 9, 1685, Rebecca Fowler of Calvert County was hanged for practicing witchcraft. She was the only person executed in Maryland for witchcraft, according to the 1938 book "Crime and Punishment in Early Maryland."

One story about Moll Dyer says there was careful consultation as Dyer's neighbors decided to force her away after their crops were ruined and their livestock died. Another account says the decision was fueled by binge drinking at the alms house. Both stories say countrymen bore down on Dyer's hut with torches on a cold February night in 1697. Her house set ablaze, Dyer sought refuge in the surrounding woods and the men did not pursue her.

"Nothing was heard of her for several days, until a boy hunting for his cattle in the woods espied her kneeling on a stone with one hand resting thereon and the other raised as if in prayer, or to curse her tormentors, wrote Joseph Morgan of Leonardtown in the 1890s.

"Her life had gone out in the dark, cold night, and she still rested in her suppliant position, frozen stiff with the Winter's cold. The story runs that she offered a prayer to be avenged on her persecutors and that a curse be put on them and their lands," he wrote.

The Beacon newspaper of Sept. 12, 1901, reported the experience of a young man returning to Leonardtown on horseback in the dead of night. "At Moll Dyer's run he stopped to water his horse. He says he noticed that another traveler was at the run and thinking he knew who it was, asked it to move. No attention was paid to the request and it was repeated somewhat more harshly. Surprised at the fright manifested by his horse, he turned and noted that the horseman he thought he knew was riding a headless animal, and while gazing at this unusual appearance he distinctly saw the spectral horse part in the middle and the horseman disappear between the two disjointed ends."

Moll Dyer's Run was cited in a deed from 1857. There were five houses around the run, according to a May 1854 survey of the area, on the east side of Clay Hill Road, which is today's Route 5. The road that later became Moll Dyer Road was already there.

By 1895, 60 acres of land near Clay Hill Road was called Moll Dyer's Hill, just north of Redgate.

In 1968, Philip Love, an editor for The Evening Star, began searching for Moll Dyer's rock. He and his wife found what was supposed to be that rock in the woods of Stephen Foxwell's farm, a farm that is today home of Lil' Margaret's Bluegrass Festival.

But Love was not the first to claim finding the infamous rock. "In a clearing up on Clover Lot, Mr. John T. Yates found in a gully, not far from the run, the legendary ‘Moll Dyer's stone.' The knee prints on the stone are still visible," according to the Beacon of April 13, 1911. According to land records, Clover Lot was then part of Foxwell's farm and is today located at 42660 Moll Dyer Road, home of William and Alice Holly. Next door is Elizabeth Holly, who moved to the first house on the left in 1968.

On Oct. 14, 1972, the local National Guard, which was housed in today's Leonardtown library, hauled the 875-pound rock up from the Clover Lot to the old county jail, owned by the St. Mary's County Historical Society, in front of the circuit courthouse where it rests today.

Elizabeth Holly said she was at work the day they moved the rock, which tore up her driveway in the process. She heard the story of Moll Dyer when she and her husband moved in and was aware of the rock's story, but said recently of the witch, "She ain't bothered us."

NOTE: The Moll Dyer mystery will most likely never be solved. I have heard of the apparitions that haunt the rock and courthouse, but is it Moll Dyer. Witchcraft is a Maryland much of our history and legends are the result of people who practiced or were accused of practicing the 'craft'. Though I'm a transplanted Marylander, I was raised just across the Mason-Dixon line in Pennsylvania and accustomed to the craft for healing through my ancestors and others who kept the tradition intact...Lon


Witchcraft trials and executions were facts of life in colonial Maryland.

From Southern Maryland to the Eastern Shore and as far north as Anne Arundel County, historians have documented at least 12 cases of persons prosecuted or persecuted in the 1600s and early 1700s because of accusations that they practiced witchcraft.

There wasn't the same sort of hysteria in Maryland that there was in Massachusetts, where 19 men and women were executed and many imprisoned for witchcraft in 1692.

But Maryland and neighboring Pennsylvania and Virginia all had witchcraft trials, according to Hagerstown-based historian John Nelson.

Two of the earliest witchcraft cases in the Maryland State Archives involve executions aboard ships bound for Maryland from England.

Two men who recently had arrived on the Charity of London told colonial officials in St. Mary's City in 1654 that the ship's crew had hanged an old woman named Mary Lee after she was accused of sorcery.

Her supposed crime: summoning a relentless storm that some on board blamed on "the malevolence of witches."

The second shipboard execution involved George Washington's great-grandfather, John Washington of Westmoreland County, Va. He accused ship owner Edward Prescott in 1659 of hanging Elizabeth Richardson as a witch.

Prescott acknowledged the hanging at his trial but was acquitted after he said the ship's captain, John Green, was the one responsible. The trial was in Patuxent, in either Anne Arundel or Charles counties.

Maryland's only recorded execution for witchcraft on land occurred Oct. 9, 1685, in Calvert County. Rebecca Fowler was hanged after a jury found her guilty of "certain evil and diabolical arts called witchcrafts, enchantments, charms [and] sorceries."

Hannah Edwards, also of Calvert County, was acquitted in 1686 of similar charges.

St. Mary's County is rich in witchcraft history, with three cases in the historical record and a folk tale that is perhaps Maryland's best-known bit of witch lore.

There is no historical record of Moll Dyer, but her legend is as enduring as the 875-pound boulder in front of the Old Jail Museum in Leonardtown that supposedly bears her hand print.

The reported witch is said to have been driven from her home on the coldest night of the year by townsfolk who burned her cabin. Dyer died of exposure and was found with her hand frozen to the rock, the story goes.

Maryland's last recorded witchcraft trial was held in Annapolis in 1712. A jury acquitted Virtue Violl of Talbot County of using witchcraft to harm the health of an invalid neighbor.

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