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Paranormal / Spiritual News: Family Endures Terror, Famous Poltergeist and Hollywood Haunts

Family endures series of terrifying events

mcdowellnews - More than 30 years ago, a family in New England started to experience a series of terrifying events that would seek to drive them from their home. Most families who went through what they went through would flee their house. But this one did not.

The series of weird events took place in the late 1970s through the early 1980s. Websites devoted to this legend don’t seem to specify the location but simply state that this family lived in a New England town. Paranormal researchers have also not disclosed the actual name of this family in order to protect their privacy. Instead, investigators with the Psychical Research Foundation have given them the last name of Berini. Their first names have also been changed.

It all started when the father, who is called Joe Berini, decided to move his family into his ancestral home in the unnamed New England town. Joe had grown up in this house and some of his family members had died there too. Joe moved in with his wife, who is called Rose, and her two children from a previous marriage, who are called John and Daisy.

One night in May 1979, Rose reported hearing a strange disembodied voice in the house. It sounded like that of a little girl, she later reported. The first time she heard it, it said, “Mama, mama, this is Serena.”

None of the Berinis knew who Serena was or what this message might mean. But later, Joe learned that his father had a sister named Serena who died in the house at the age of 5 more than 50 years before. The very next day after Rose first heard Serena’s voice, her daughter Daisy was taken for a scheduled appointment to have her tonsils taken out. Something went wrong during the surgery. Daisy’s heart failed and she nearly died on the operating table, according to a website.

The girl’s voice was heard on several more occasions and it appeared to become an omen that something bad would soon happen. The family heard the voice the night before Joe’s grandmother suffered a stroke, and again right before the grandmother passed away. On another occasion, Joe was awakened by Serena’s voice to find his wife Rose choking in her sleep. When he awoke her, Rose said she had been having a nightmare about her ex-husband trying to strangle her.

Then, the ghostly voice stopped. From late 1979 to March 1981, the family encountered nothing more out of the ordinary. But in that spring of 1981, a new series of weird phenomena would haunt the Berinis. One night, Rose was startled by seeing the ghost of a small boy, dressed completely in white, walking along the upstairs hallway. The boy’s spirit appeared again a week and a half later. This time he spoke to Rose. “Where do all the lonely people go? Where do I belong?” the apparition asked her, according to a website.

Joe would also see the mysterious boy in white. He went to the place where the ghost appeared and began to check it out. Curious, Joe pulled up the floorboards and found a medallion of the Virgin Mary underneath. He remembered that his father’s younger brother called Giorgio had died in the house at the age of 8. The boy was buried in his all-white suit from his first Communion.

The spirit of Giorgio began to appear frequently to Joe and Rose over the next few months. The ghost would respond to their questions and seemed distressed. It would mention family members that Joe had not thought of for a long time. As the ghost vanished for the last time, the telephone next to Joe and Rose’s bed was thrown off the night table by an invisible force. This was the beginning of the weird poltergeist activity that would terrorize the Berinis in the weeks and months to come.


Do Hollywood ghosts still hang at their old haunt?

760kfmb - After months of secrecy; Del Mar Fairgrounds management is talking about several paranormal investigations held on site to try and find out what employees have known for years.

Thanks in part to the South Coast Paranormal investigating team; the investigation reveals that doors have opened and closed, voices have been heard and shadows discovered. The paranormal activity is believed to be at the hand of past Hollywood legends who helped establish the track back in 1936.

In the video report above two Del Mar track employees talk about their own personal experiences with what goes bump in the night as ghostly images are discovered in a track pub.


Poltergeist of Alex Higgins Haunts Belfast Apartment

thesun - A mum who moved into the flat where Alex Higgins died says she is being HAUNTED by the snooker legend.

Amanda Miller, 40, is terrified as the poltergeist of the potting ace nicknamed Hurricane breezes through every night.

The apartment was cleared after cancer-stricken Higgins, 61, was found dead there in July.

Amanda said: "Most of his stuff may be gone but his presence lives on."

There are mysterious bangs - and a painting falls from the wall at precisely 6.30pm each day.

One morning she even found the old fridge that Higgins left behind had been shifted and plugged in.

Amanda, who moved into the small Belfast flat seven weeks ago, said: "I thought it was a great move because it is so handy for the shops.

But since I moved in it hasn't felt right and all these unexplained things are getting to me.

I sleep on the sofa in the living room because I can't bear to sleep in his bedroom."

But she is staying put. Amanda plans to ditch the fridge and redecorate the flat in a bid to banish the spook.



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This is an older video but still very interesting....

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