Monday, December 13, 2010

California Man Witnesses Possible Dimensional Portal

The following was posted on the MUFON CMS today. I heard a similar anecdote a few years ago from a man in Pennsylvania. Could this driveway be a alternative universe / dimensional overlap or portal?

MUFON CMS - California: I have know idea who I should tell this story to so I hope you might be interested. I have been interested in U.F.O. stories for years but I must honestly say that I've never seen one. My story may somehow be connected though.

In the fall of 1988 my wife and I purchased our 1st (and only) house in Fresno Ca. Money was tight so we couldn't afford a lot of upgrades for a new house (like a garage door opener). I drove an older 1978 F-250 pickup to work and my wife drove the new 1988 Mustang GT that we bought just before we got the house. Every day when I came home from work I would approach our house from the south (heading north). The house is the last house on the right side corner. My wife's Mustang was always sitting in the driveway when I got home. This irritated me a bit because I wanted our new car to be in the garage. The task of getting out of the car and manually opening the garage door was more than my wife wanted to do, (don't worry we're still happily married). A little over a year later, I was comming home from work and the first thing I noticed was the Mustang was not parked in the driveway, I didn't see it anywhere. I first thought that my wife was somewhere else but when I got my key out to unlock our front door, she greeted me. I immediately thought that she actually put the car in the garage so I walked in the front door, made a hard right and opened the inside garage door to the house to confirm this. The garage was empty! I was shocked and thought the car was stolen so I turned to my wife and asked "Where is the car!" She told me it was in the driveway. I ran back out the front door and the car was in the driveway just like she said. I know this sounds like I was tired and day dreaming but the fact that the car was missing (and I had to walk up the driveway to get to the house) is what caught my attention. Little did I know more events were to come.

A few months later almost the exact same event occurred. I was coming home from work and the Mustang was not in the driveway (by the way I always parked my truck on the street in front of the house). I entered the house a little different this time. I heard my daughter in her room to the left so I went in to say hi. I asked her if her mother had put the car in the garage. She said she didn't think so. I responded by saying "Well it's not in the driveway", We both looked out her front bedroom window towards the driveway (which was clearly visible), And she responded "oh yeah, I don't see it". I walked towards the kitchen and greeted my wife, checked the inside garage door again and asked my wife where the car was. She said it was in the driveway. I walked out the front door and lo and behold, the car was in the driveway, (but this time I had a witness).

These two events are the only events I personally experienced but two more events took place with a friend from work and my wife and daughter.

I sold my 1978 truck and bought a 1991 F-150 truck. This truck was the vanishing vehicle in the next two episodes.

About 4 or 5 years later we finally had a garage door opener. No more problem parking the Mustang in the garage but my new truck was a super cab model and was too big to fit in the garage. This truck was always parked in the driveway. I car pooled with a friend from work so he met me at my house every morning. One morning he didn't show up so I went on to work (driving my truck that was parked in the driveway). I met my friend at work and he asked me where I was that morning. I told him I was there waiting and left at the usual time. He then told me he drove past our house in one direction and didn't see my truck so he circled back, looked again and my truck was gone. (my friend was very prompt and always 10-15 min. early). I told him the unbelievable stories about the Mustang disappearances and he was convinced that something strange was going on.

The last story happened when I was home, my truck in the driveway, and I was sitting in the front room watching tv. My wife and daughter were out in the Mustang. When they came home, it was dark outside but they both could see me as they approched the house, through the front window watching tv. My wife asked me later on (maybe an hour after they got home), how I got home? I said I drove my truck, why? She said they didn't see it in the driveway and since they could both see me watching tv through the front window of the house, they wondered how I got there. Naturally I ran out to check the truck and you guessed it, it was parked in the driveway where I left it. I also checked the garage and the Mustang was parked there also. My wife had to drive by the truck in the driveway to get the car in the garage (we're talking 18-24 inches).

I asked my daughter if she saw my truck when they came home and she confirmed that it wasn't there.

I still own both the 1988 Mustang and the 1991 F-150 truck. They have never disappeared since. I know this is a crazy story but the only common factor is the location where everything took place (the driveway). I'm just glad it didn't swallow me up. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them.


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