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Humanoid / Cryptid Encounter Reports 27

The following are previous humanoid / cryptid encounter reports received by various agencies worldwide:


Montvale, New Jersey - January 31, 1978 - 6:15pm

Three young boys were playing on the ice on a field of the local elementary school. It was dark and floodlights illuminated the field. The boys then noticed a 'plane' like object that passed slowly over the field. Moments later a second object arrived and was described as square shaped with large yellow lights on each corner with a slight dome on top and a red light underneath. The object emitted a red beam of light towards the ground, which stopped short before touching it. They then noticed several figures moving stiffly along, around the park area. These figures were humanoid and were dressed in bright yellow outfits with boots and gloves. They were of average height and bald headed. One of the beings appeared different since he had a larger head which seemed 'creased' down the middle and was wearing a brown cape over the yellow suit.

As the witnesses watched the figures they noted an uncanny silence and an unpleasant sulfur like odor in the area. The figures walked away towards the nearby Public Works Garage. The boys then noticed another figure, this one a woman standing in the parking lot. She had medium long brown hair and wore a dark suit with blue fur around her shoulders and when she walked, she did as if in slow motion. She sat down on a low fence then raised her arm very slowly and pointed to the sky, apparently at another hovering square shaped object. The woman then also walked towards the Public Works building and at one point seemed to appear and disappear as a police vehicle drove by near her.

Source: IUR - April 1978

NOTE: I have read various interpretations of this sighting but the basic information remains the same. Budd Hopkins, Ted Bloecher, and Patrick Huyghe have also investigated this case. A more detailed account of this incident can be found at James M. Deem's 'How to Catch a Flying Saucer'. BTW, this area of New Jersey has had several UFO sightings as well as it's share of unusual encounters...Lon



Tuscumbia, Missouri - February 14 1967 - 700am

Claude Edwards, a 64-year old farmer, noiiced a gray-green dome shaped object about 15 feet wide in one of his fields. He thought at first it was a parachute, but as he neared it he could see that it was resting on a shaft about 18' wide that extended downward from its base. Around the edge of the dome were a number of bright-multicolored lights of oblong shape. Beneath the object were visible several entities less than a meter tall, also gray-green in color, moving about rapidly, with quick moving "lever or arms," very wide-set eyes, and no visible legs. He also noted a protuberance where the nose and mouth would have been.

The witness walked to within 30 feet and threw two stones at the object, which bounced off an invisible wall between him and the object. Walking up to within 15 feet, he was able to feel the pressure of this invisible barrier. The surface of the object was seamless, like gray-green silk. By this time the little creatures had disappeared inside the object, and it rocked back and forth several times, then took off silently, disappearing towards the northeast within seconds.

He later described the creatures as appearing "like a penguin, not human without a visible neck." The object, "it just looked like a big shell, grayish-green in color. There were still ground traces at the site three months after the encounter. At the site the soil was extremely dehydrated in contrast with the surrounding soil. At the center there was a depression 20mm deep sloping to 30mm in the central area.

Source: Ted Phillips - APRO and MUFON



Near Tocopila, Chile - Summer 1996 - afternoon

A family of four was driving on their way to Tocopila. Halfway there the father, who was driving, changed his mind and decided to return, explaining that by the time they arrived at Tocopila everything would be closed. He took a secondary road that passed by an empty airfield and located in an isolated plain.

As they drove near the airfield they all noticed a strange triangular-shaped mark on the ground, however they did not stop to investigate. Soon they began hearing bizarre screams resembling those of a woman being attacked. Immediately after that they all saw a brilliant humanoid figure at least 3 meters in height, shining like brilliant metal. It's face was oval-shaped and its eyes almond in shape emitting a brilliant light. Astounded the witnesses watched as the shiny giant creature stepped in front of their car and signaled them to stop. The mother began screaming as the creature turned its head towards them and emitted a brilliant beam of bluish light from each eye. The whole time the driver slowed the vehicle down until it was going a minimal speed. They were able to notice that the creature had extremely long arms; it was of thin build, and was wearing a one-piece shiny silvery outfit. It was totally hairless. As the mother screamed hysterically the creature disappeared in plain sight and everything returned to normal. The witnesses quickly drove away from the area.

Source: Ramon Navia, 'La Verdad Oculta', Chile



Acapulco, Mexico - August 1999 - 700am

Ivette V - an American witness who was vacationing with her family at the famous resort, had decided to take an early morning walk around the resort. She was listening to classical music and was feeling very relaxed when she came across an area she had never seen before. The landscape was very different then the rest of the resort, and a little patch of grass grabbed her attention. She was looking at it when something caught her eye. There were these 'things' flying around in a spiral...around and around. At first she thought it was just insects but these were different. The 'things' were flying around and around in a patch of sunlight.

She soon realized that the little 'insects' were not insects at all. They were small flesh colored flying objects with long torsos, about 4 inches long and had four iridescent wings. She stood there and stared for a while...she did not move and not wanting to disturb what she had found. She stood there awestruck watching these objects go round and round. They kept going round and around and then they began to disappear as the circle patch of sunlight was getting smaller and smaller. As soon as all the creatures were gone she started walking again.

Source: Paranormal about com - 2003



Tyumen Province, West Siberia, Russia - February 1970 - daytime

The crew of a local civilian AN-2 biplane flying over a remote area in unpopulated area in southeastern autonomous of Tyumen Province accidentally noticed a strange round hollow area on the ground with melted snow around it and fallen trees. Obviously something had crashed in the forest.

The military was notified about the finding. A military search team was sent to the location for investigation purposes in a helicopter. At the crash site a disc-shaped object was found, partially embedded into the soil that tore several trees and left heaps of dirt on the ground. Fortunately for the recovery team the object was visible since the snow was melting around it, an indication that it was emanating heat. The disc itself was lens convex-shaped quite small, approximately 2.5 meters in diameter. On the upper half the disk had 8 cone-shaped (or triangle shaped) protrusions embedded in the structure or the hull. The upper section of the disc was also separated by a line or rib from one edge to the other.

Using suspension under the helicopter, and in top-secret conditions, the disc was eventually transported to the large Siberian city of Novosibirsk, to the scientific research institute (by all accounts, the disk is still being held there). After study, it was established that the disk was an extraterrestrial non-piloted probe; it did not have a crew on board. As was established by remote viewing, the object crashed in the area approximately at the end of 1968. Soviet officials classified the matter top-secret...though some information was leaked in 1993.

Source: Lenura Azizova, Anton Anfalov

NOTE: the picture above has been tagged to this incident since the early days of the internet. There has never been solid evidence to the authenticity of this photo but I was told by an associate (who had some knowledge of these incidents) several years ago that an alien craft was recovered in the wilderness of the Russian Republic by the Soviet military in late 1969. I was also told that no bodies were recovered but there was evidence that some type of non-terrestrial 'organic organism' had been found in the craft. If true, then I'm sure we won't be hearing the facts any time soon...Lon
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