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Fortean / Oddball News: Bugarach Mountain Encounter, Unknown Tribe Found and Bigfoot Updates

The Bugarach Mountain Incident - Contactees Predicted Chilean Earthquake

Near Bugarach, Aude, France on August 26 2009 at 11:30 pm local time:

The witnesses, Mr. & Mrs. Alain & Marie-France, had visited the nearby site Rennes-le-Chateau which overlooked the village of Bugarach and the nearby valley. They had a perfect view of the mountains and following the advise of a friend they begin signaling at the mountains using their flashlights. (They were curious due to the high amount of UFO activity and other phenomena in the region).

Soon the husband, Alain distinguishes strange lights over the mountains; these lights appeared to be projecting a beam over the grounds as if searching for something. The couple was intrigued since the lights did not correspond with any known natural explanation. Shortly after, Alain & Marie decide to leave their observation post and use a small country road to reach their lodgings. However, they decided to stop for one last observation and as they exited the vehicle, they suddenly saw on the roadside a “luminous entity” that seemed to move by floating above the ground.

Marie-France described the appearance of the entity as human in form and normal size. She remembered being not very ‘dense’ but instead very bright. The entity seemed to be encased in a very bright white light which was not dazzling combined with bright spots of green fluorescence. The entity’s head was conical in shape. Alain could only see an armless humanoid form within a large ball of light moving at ground level. According to the two witnesses the being was about ten yards away, it was therefore clearly visible. The observation lasted for about a minute and then the entity approached the couple and suddenly disappeared in plain sight. Marie-France noted that the disappearance of the entity coincided exactly with a strong feeling of fear she felt in seeing it approach them.

After this encounter with the luminous entity, Alain and Marie-France return to their vehicle. A little further along the road they saw three ‘discs’ of light floating in waves over a nearby field. According to Marie-France, the discs looked like ‘pancakes’ with a hole in the center, ‘like the rings of Saturn’. The ‘rings’ were flat with no apparent external structures. Alain described the ‘devices’ as oblong, bright but with shades of gray. The objects moved horizontally, in slow ‘wave’ like motions resembling the movements of ‘Manta rays”. According to the witnesses the ‘rings’ were several meters in diameter.

The third part of the testimony of Alain & Marie-France is probably the strangest.

After seeing the floating discs over the field, they both go home in a state of shock. Later that night while asleep Marie-France reports that four distinct thoughts cross her mind, “We are beings of light”, “It is dangerous for us to make direct contact with you”, “February 28 2010, there will be a disaster”, “You have to help many people in need.” Marie felt that this was some sort of telepathic message and worries about the supposed impending ‘disaster’. No specific location or extend of the disaster was given. Deeply intrigued by their experience, Marie-France and Alain decide to return the next day to the same place they had seen the luminous entity. Upon arriving at the location Alain sees numerous balls of lights of all sizes hovering on the side of the road and floating near the trees, he believes that there were at least 100 of these spheres. Shortly after he feels a ‘strong flow of energy’ that seems generated by the spheres of light that then quickly surround their vehicle. They then feel a ‘sense of movement’ and chills through their backs and kidney area, their legs are numb. The vehicle appears to be encased in some sort of ‘energy bubble’. Alain then feels that his is being ‘prodded’ and possibly undergoes a physical examination. For her part, Marie-France feels a sense of internal vibration in her body resembling that of a very mild electrical current. The phenomenon lasts a few minutes and then stops abruptly. After the encounter both Marie’s and Alain’s watches have malfunctioned. - Les Confins

NOTE: This site is well known for reporting mysterious events and anomalies. Bugarach Mountain “is suspected of sheltering within a giant lake that is the home of an alien base”. The locals frequently spot strange moving objects over the summit and military maneuvers prevent access to the south side of the mountain area. Magnetic fields are said to knock out mobile phones and laptops permanently.

A powerful earthquake struck Chile on February 27 2010 and devastated large areas and killed hundreds of people - BBC

At truthseekerforum an update that states: Remember French couple Marie-France and Alain on 26 August 2009? Marie-France received a telepathic message which predicted a catastrophe on February 28, 2010, Which is only one day wrong, since the Earthquake in Chile occurred on February 27. But, what is even more amazing, is that on November 15, 2009, Marie-France sent an email to The French ufo-website Lesconfins and asked them to change the date from 28 to 27.


Bigfoot / Sasquatch Updates

Regan Lee at Frame 352 has posted - From the Circus That is Sasquatch Research: Swamp Bandit Makes the Rounds, Levels of "Intelligence", Supernatural Sasquatch, and the No Kill/Kill Debate and On UFOs, et al: Stan Johnson Encounters a Sasquatch. Follow the link on the post for her recent interview with Hidden Experience. As well, Sharon Lee at The Bigfoot Field Reporter has reported on interesting landmarks (w/photos) found by Bob Durdella in Northeast Ohio at Squatctivity????. Bookmark these blogs for interesting updates.


Unknown Amazon Tribe Found in Peru

itn - Peruvian authorities have presented video footage of a previously uncontacted Amazonian tribe. The footage was taken in the Kugapakori Nahua Nanti reserve in the country's southeast by members of the government-run National Institute of Development of Andean, Amazonian and Afro-Peruvians (Indepa).

They saw the indigenous group while monitoring area checkpoints that have been installed to prevent entry of unauthorised persons, specifically illegal loggers. The video - which was presentation at the National Museum and viewed by various government representatives - shows indigenous tribes interacting with Indepa workers. It also shows a series of rustic huts made from palm leaves and cane that were discovered in August 2009.

Indepa president, Mayta Capac Alatrista, explained how they had been able to gain an insight into their unknown way of life. "With work that has been done from the five monitoring posts in the Kugapakori Nahua Nanti reserve, we have been able to find and casually meet with voluntarily isolated populations or initiate first contact. We suppose this contact has been made because they went down to the streams in search of food because they are nomads.

"We have photographic record and have even been able to interact with them to see how they go about their daily lives. We have been able to bring them some tools that they have used to hunt, to fish and cook," said Capac Alatrista. A small exhibition of tools, arrows and handmade pottery, along with skeletons of hunted animals, was also on display.

Click for video


Safari lodge owner granted injunction forbidding his rival from hiring hitmen to kill him

dailymail- A safari lodge owner in South Africa has been granted a legal injunction to prevent his neighbour from hiring hit men to assassinate him. Businessman Ernest Robbertse was granted the extraordinary legal order to stop rival holiday operator Hannes du Preez from paying two killers £500 each to murder him at a popular picnic spot. The shocking injunction was granted by a court in the city of Durban, which has one of the highest murder rates in the already crime-ridden country. While murder is, of course, illegal in South Africa, the civil injunction purports to prevent Mr Du Preez, 55, from ‘inciting’ other people to kill Mr Robbertse.

However, in practice it means that if Mr Robbertse, who owns the Tembe Elephant Park Lodge in South Africa’s KwaZulu Natal region is murdered at the behest of his rival, then his bereaved relatives could claim for compensation on top of the probable murder charge. Mr Du Preez dismissed the allegation that he wanted to kill Mr Robbertse, saying: 'I have never ever intended to kill Robbertse and I have nothing to do with this.' However, in his successful application for the temporary injunction, Mr Robbertse, a 58-year-old father of three, provided a wealth of detail about the alleged plot to murder him. The businessman claimed he had been reliably informed that hitmen were going to lie in wait for him at a well-known picnic spot, which he visited every Friday.

One of Mr Robbertse’s employees told the court that Mr Du Preez had said that he was 'sick and tired of Robbertse'. Du Preez allegedly went on to say that 'he knew exactly where [Robbertse] stopped every Friday on his way to the lodge, namely a picnic spot at a place called Enseleni, and that he intended to pay two people he knew about R10,000 (£1,000) to murder him on the spot', the court heard. The two businessmen operate similar elephant safari holiday operations in the same area of the north east of the country. Mr Robbertse told the court: 'I often travel alone through remote areas by using the same route to get to Tembe Elephant Park Lodge.

'It is, I submit, obvious that the threat is serious, that the respondent intends to carry it out, that I have no way properly to protect myself and that this application cannot possibly be delayed. In short, I fear that I might die if relief is not immediately granted.' Du Preez, who is a father-of-four and grandfather to five, adamantly denies being involved in any plot to kill his neighbour, saying: 'This is nothing more than a smear campaign intended to try and discredit me.' Nonetheless, the Durban High Court granted an interim interdict preventing Du Preez from inciting community members to evict Robbertse by 'killing, assaulting, harming or employing other persons to kill, assault, harm or threatening' him.


Have Gun, Will Travel...Buy Truck, Get AK-47

myfoxorlando - Sanford truck dealership, Nations Trucks, is offering a free AK-47 with the purchase of a truck. General Sales Manager Nick Ginetta says, the weapon won't be sitting in the passenger seat or a gun rack when you sign the paperwork and get the keys, instead you get a voucher. "Now you take that voucher, you go down to Shoot Straight. You present the voucher. They will fill out all federal and state forms, and a background check. If you are eligible for that weapon, you'll be entitled to it."

Ginetta says if guns aren't your thing, you can have 400 bucks off the truck or vouchers for other stores. Will it work? "People are calling us, don't believe it. They want to come in and see it. We have some people that don't believe it. In fact, as I told them, listen; you can do this on your own. You don't need us." Already there's been a bite. Craig from Longwood heard about the deal and came on down. "I'm getting ready to buy a truck because I need it for pulling my race cars. I figured this is a beautiful selection. I come here and I'm getting a free gun!"

Ginetta said they're doing this as a salute to veterans, but maybe they should have asked a guy next door at the VFW hall. "Them guys next door that are giving away AK-47. I was shot 14 times by that rifle. It's a hell of a rifle. Kills a lot of people. They've got no business giving those rifles away."

A little research shows truck owners just happen to like the 2nd Amendment. The deal runs through the end of the month. Sanford Police Chief about it and he says as long as the rules of gun ownership are followed, they're not concerned about because legal gun owners rarely give them trouble. The only worry they had was that a crook might steal an AK 47 and use it in a crime.

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