Sunday, October 03, 2010

Videos: Unknown Creature - Hoof, Hand, Paw or What?

What is this? A cloven hoof...a primate hand...a mammal paw? Watch the videos

Click for video

The above video was made by an associate of the person who produced the original field cam footage. The owner sent me the original video clips of this creature. The clips are at the link below. There are also very interesting anomalies in the video above. I also have many of the screen captures.

From what I am currently told, the field cam was wedged fairly high in a tree. The owner has been attempting to capture video of a Sasquatch-like creature that they think may possibly be in the area. Their efforts have been underway for what seems to be a substantial time.

I'm going to attempt to gather more information and see if I can enhance any of the video and screen caps. For now, this is all I've got...I don't even have a location or general area. The owner of the video has expressed their wariness to me so this is going to be presented as privately as possible

Please look at the video above...then click the link below for the original clips. My first impression was a deer hoof, but when I observed the original video my assumptions changed. What do you think it is?

Research Video on YouTube

Videos: Unknown Creature - Hoof, Hand, Paw or What?


Justme2 said...

Very, very, cool indeed. Maybe you have captured the first photo of Pan.

Paul Jacks said...

Not a hoof but a closed hand. Later you can see a knee/Thigh/leg.
Pectorals. Arms. Then a stunning profile view of the head as it seems to turn right and yell/scream in frustration, mouth wide open. Seems as though this creature is trying to dislodge the camera. I'm generally a cynic but this is sobering stuff.

comanchO said...

If one ever studied Greek Mythology they refer to the half man and goat. Cloven hoofs and a very similar face. I didn't see any horns on the head, If I remember correctly Greeks called it Pan

Paul Jacks said...

P.S. Watch the "Missing Clips" research video of this on Youtube.
This is the left arm of a primate; it moves up and bends FOWARD, not back like a leg. Thumb on top, fingers curled in; "Batting" or "Boxing" and "Testing" the camera with the back of the hand and knuckles, consistant with a lot of gorilla/chimp footage I've seen. No grabbing or poking like a human. This is no hoove or "Pan". This is a large primate.

Mediamixer said...

I am not an associate of the person who originally filmed the research video. I just made this video because I examined the original that was 2 of 47 videos he did, because the variety of phenomina is so divers.I found these images after I searched through the video many times and and a few seemed very paranormal for bigfoot research. Then I saw the face in the upper left corner and then a different one in the right corner. 2 different faces, orbs and cloven hoof, I wanted opinions. I have corresponded w/him and he told me some things. He is private, He did say he seen the the hoof prints in his yard on many occasions. He gave me permission to post MY video and that was that. Enjoy

Mediamixer said...

This is the link to the researcher Realityghost, not the one posted, paste in browser:
He has a series, if you want to get background info, he has been doing this for years where he resides.
They are interestingvideos.thank,s

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