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Legendary Humanoids: Rakshasa, Evil Shapeshifter

Some mythical creatures have their origin in tradition and tales from the distant past. However, each culture is associated with a multitude of interesting and odd creatures, many of these beings are humanoids. One of these legendary humanoids is the Rakshasa.

The Rakshasa are a race of humanoid beings in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. They are seen as a type of goblin or evil spirit. They are not equal in evil traits, but have been classified into four subraces:

Ak'chazar - These rakshasa have the heads of white tigers and are skinnier than common breed. They are unusually powerful spellcasters and specialize in necromantic magic. To use their necromantic powers to their full potential the Ak'chazar often use graveyards or old battlefields as their headquarters. When working on one of their dark schemes they often let their undead do the physical work while they stay behind the scenes themselves.

Naityan - These are shapeshifters with the ability to utilize different supernatural combat styles based on their current forms.

Naztharune - Naztharune have the heads of black tigers and are covered in black fur. They have few magical powers but compensate by being strong fighters, specializing in assassination. They lack most Rakshasa's need to be the leader of any organisation that they are part of, often working for other Rakshasa.

Zakyas - Zakyas resemble standard rakshasas, but rather than focusing on sorcery, they are skilled melee combatants and weapon masters. They use their weak magical powers to supplement their martial prowess.

The great ten-headed demon Ravana, enemy of Lord Ram, was a Rakshasa king
According to the legend, Rakshasas emerged from Brahma's foot. The Vishnu Purana also makes them descendants of Kasyapa and Khasa, a daughter of Daksha, through their son Rakshas; and the Ramayana states that when Brahma created the waters, he formed certain beings to guard them who were called Rakshasas. It is thought that the Rakshasas of the epic poems were the rude barbarian races of India who were subdued by the Aryans.

The Rakshasas are described in the Ramayana: "the Rakshasas sleeping in the houses were of every shape and form. Some of them disgusted the eye, while some were beautiful to look upon. Some had long arms and frightful shapes; some were very fat and some were very lean; some were mere dwarfs and some were prodigiously tall. Some had only one eye and others only one ear. Some had monstrous bellies, hanging breasts, long projecting teeth, and crooked thighs; whilst others were exceedingly beautiful to behold and clothed in great splendour. Some had two legs, some three legs, and some four legs. Some had the heads of serpents, some the heads of donkeys, some the heads of horses, and some the heads of elephants."

Many traditional Hindus believe these creature are indeed real and that it feeds on human flesh. They are shape changers and magicians, and often appear in the forms of humans, dogs, and large birds. They can make themselves invisible and can not enter a home without being invited. In the popular lore, Rakshasas are demons and fiends who haunt cemeteries, disturb sacrifices, harass priests, possess and devour human beings, and vex and afflict mankind in all sorts of ways. They are said to drink blood and preferred to attack infants and pregnant women.

Rakshasas are most powerful in the evening, particularly during the dark period of the new moon, but they are dispelled by the rising sun. Most powerful among them is their king, the 10-headed Ravana. Putana, a female demon, is well known for her attempt to kill the infant Krishna by offering him milk from her poisoned breast; she was, however, sucked to death by the god. 

They usually disturbed the sacrifices, and tortured the priests. Rakshasas are known to carry away beautiful women to whom they were attracted. The Rakshasas, male or female, were ugly in appearance, but they could assume any form they pleased with the powers they possessed. Occasionally they would serve as rank-and-file soldiers in the service of a warlord. There are epic tales of certain members of the race who rose to prominence, some of them as heroes, most of them as villains.

Most weapons don't work against these creatures. But all Rakshasas have a common weakness; that any crossbow blessed by a priest will kill them instantly. In addition there is said that a dagger of pure brass has the ability to slay it.

There are several modern depictions of Rakshasas including role playing games, comic book series and video games. For more detail references go to - Rakshasas in the Mahabharata

Legendary Humanoids: Rakshasa, Evil Shapeshifter


Spiritual Guide said...

Ravana was NOT a demon. :) research more. He was king of lanka, he had mystic powers. he was NOT enemy od Ras. rama was incarnation of Narayan, The God = Vishnu. Ravana was hitting on this girl. She did not like it and killed herself and said, i will be back to revenge. She came back as Sita, wife of Rama. Just to make Rama kill Ravana, as it s said (that is wrong) Ravana kidnaped Sita, but believe me, Reality is that, Sita went with Ravana voluntarily, just to make Rama to come for revenge. And Ravana realised the game that Narayan (God) is playing, do he said (i said), lets be it. I play. So he did NOT fight. Got it? I did not fight with Rama. Rama on his own was a woos. Did not match Ravana at all. but he saw that Narayan wants him dead, (as i became so proud of all my mystic powers then) and was informed, play the game, die, i will erase your karma of pride. I said, lets be it. I am out. Give me all you have got, you woos Rama, and Rama killed me. NO FIGHT. I surrendered to Narayan = Vishnu = God of the Universes. Not the woos Rama. Rama could not, still can not bend my little finger. But, when Vishnu say something, damn stupid you are, if you dont listen. he said, enough, you out. I said, yes, me out. That was 7000 years ago. But now, i am back to set the records straight for him. Not that, it matters now, not that it mattered then. It is all games of Narayan. I play as it is fun. But the last word. Ravana WAS NOT and is not a demon. Lucifer is a demon. research, not every one who as mystic powers s the same. Electricity can fry you and can boil water for your tea. Who is using it, counts. Dont slander out of laziness. Research. think. Investigate the other planes, not just copy and paste a text from somewhere without knowing its truthfulness. we know you boy. You belong to the side of light. Know that. Ravana was only 2/32 th Rakshasa and 50% Brahman. Was nit, is not and wont ever be a demon. Wish You Happiness, Bhagavan Vedant Das Sept 2012

J.Griffin said...

Demons take many forms-
false light has always been more popular than
blatant darkness.

Judging from the demonic character&behaviour of the creatures as discussed in the article,
I'd have to call a spade a spade.

Details can be quibbled over but the overall picture was
not good.

A white lie is still a lie and
the lesser of two evils...
is still evil.

People who say that there really is no such thing as evil live a sheltered life-
for now.

Spiritual Guide said...

1- yes. demons do exist. they are evil spirits from HELL who come here with the qyuantities of BILLIIONS and possess human bodies.

those possessed humans souls are DEAD or in the state of total helplessness and they are not in control of the actions of the evil spirit inside and the body


2- any corpse eater that you see in the streets
an evil spirit from hell


3- Ravana is ME (i am the incarnation of the same soul).... but i do not promote that incarnation now___ i am also incarnation of the MOSES---yes --- THE MOSES who brought ten commandmants to you people form GOD.

I do promote that incarnation now

i also came 3 more times in differnt forms. but i do nto mention any of them now at all
it wil eb confusing for people


4 - RAVANA (ME) = the Mose (ME) --- never was a demon
all these stupid and ignoarant indians who made all these nonsense stories about me
did that out of fear and inferiority complex
and out of being encountered with an unknown entity way aboove their state
as it is NOW

fear causes these nonsense reactions

it is ok

i will deal with all of them soon

5- i have PROOF for these claim (my incarnations) proofs as bright as SUN in the sky
i will bring thsoe profs for pubic
19 days before the final global miracle
in CNN only
in a 3 hour session

those who get it
those who wont get it
they will learn their lessons in HELL

6- for now
go to my web site and read
about the global miracles that i will bring for public
in the 2018
and the final day




that is

SEVEN BILLION corpse eaters will be KILLED and their evil spirits willbe sent to HELL to learn

this is a lesson
huamn race
will remembe for the next 1000 years
i will come back again in year 3000

for now

become vegan
becaome beleiver in God

and survive

all the rest will be sent to HELL
for educatio

what a tortture and pain
they will receive

God bless those
who understnad what i said

i will make large promotion and preaching next year
billions will hear the words


very ew will surrender
hell wood

the Moses
Prophet of God, Allah, Vishnu, Jehovah
the Unity

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