Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trail Cam Strangeness

MUFON CMS - 9/19/2010 - Maryland - (unedited): These pictures were taken with a stationary deer cam. Notice the distance of the light from a duration of about a minute. The camera is installed about 6 ft off the ground. The other picture is the background during the daylight. I do not know what it is. I do not suspect that any person was there because of the wild animals.

NOTE: I have posted other strange trail cam images from the past few years...Lon


Another strange anomaly is caught on a game trail camera in Missouri. We have posted one of these images. Please use the link to see the other images and read this interesting report.


These trailcam pics were submitted by a reader, Mohunter. Here is some of the commentary: The new pic I just captured this past deer season. It has three deer in it, all looking at the camera at the same time, which is unusual. Deer don't usually all look in the same direction at the same time, some will have their heads down, or turned to one side or the other. Above the deer's heads in the middle, top, right of the pic you can see two red lights glowing. That's right, they are glowing, meaning that they are illuminated and reflecting a red glow on the leaves around them. You can see it when you zoom in on the pic. So, it's not a reflection off the inside of the camera lens.

There aren't any roads, trails, atv or otherwise, anywhere near where these pics were taken. I've already ruled that out. It's in the middle of the woods on our property, and there isn't any way possible for it to be an airplane or anything like that. Too many trees. It's just one of those pics that keeps you wondering, and realizing that there are things that we just can't explain. If only deer could talk? I bet they could tell us alot.


Anomaly is caught on 6 different images taken on a game trail camera in Illinois. We have posted one of these images. Please use the link to see the other images and read this interesting report.

Deer appearing to look at the strange object. What is odd is that the deer is in a state of alarm, meaning its tail is up. A white tail deer uses their tail up as a signal. Their tail can tell many different stories in communication with other animals. But in this image, the deer’s eyes and ears are focused toward the object and its tail is up in the alarm position

Image cropped to show the alarmed deer, object's detail
and “rays” above and below strange object

Trail Cam Strangeness


Trevor said...

Not sure about the others, but I think I have an explanation for the red glowing eyes in the 3 deer picture.

Lens flare is when a light source hits the camera and interacts with the lens itself, then re-directs the light to your film or digital sensor. The light can be out of frame, such as the sun that is high in the sky. Or, it can be in frame, and it will create an anomaly equidistant and on the opposite side of the apex (center) of the lens.

In this case, if you draw a line from the white glowing eyes of the foremost deer through the middle of the lens, you will be at the same distance/position of the red glowing eyes.

So what I think happened here was the flash hit the eyes of the deer, reflected off the back of the eye and hit the camera to create the white eyes.

However, some of the light scattered around the inside of the eye and reflected *red* from the blood surrounding the eye, (the "red eye effect") reflected back, and was re-directed by the camera lens itself (prism effect) to the opposite side of the lens and thus produced the "glowing red" eye effect.

You don't have a demon-you have a startled, deer that got caught by a strobe light with its irises wide open due to the darkness it was in microseconds before.

Hope this helps!

Alan Lowey said...

The first images appear to show two worm-like creatures which have eyes with eye shine. It's bizarre because it appears that a biological UFO is shining it's light on the two critters as if they hold some special interest.

 photo phantom-encounter_zpsbrxtefmw.png

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