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Recent UFO Sightings / Reports / Updates

Sam from New Zealand recently posted the following at his site and reported to MUFON. This UFO photo was captured on 24 Sept 2010, 3:19:04 PM locaql time - shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second. The black and red color object looks similar to the black triangle UFO that visited him many times.


Strange Lights Over Tucson, AZ

KOLD - Our newsroom received calls all night about strange lights in the sky on the southwest side. Was it a UFO over Tucson?

Many people describe them as a 3-5 lights in a triangle shape.

Here's some what people are saying on our Facebook page:

* Armando says, "It's not a plane. Five lights stood still then two lights disappeared and came back to a perfect straight line. Then it disappeared."
* Crystal wrote, "I was freaked out at first too, all my kids gasped. It had us talking about aliens the rest of the way home."
* Angelique said, "What I saw was a plane. It was huge. I saw it three times and it was round and on its side with lights all around it."

KOLD called people all over the place trying to get answers, from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

One spokesman from the Air Guard said that they are performing night flights this week.

Witnesses that talked with KOLD's Dan Marries on the phone insisted the lights they saw were not coming from a plane.

One woman even said the traffic and street lights flickered as it flew overhead. Another said she had to re-set her satellite television after it flew past her house.

Click for video


Strange Objects Silhouetted by Moon

MUFON CMS - Illinois - 9/23/2010 - (unedited): My wife and I were sitting on our back pation facing due east looking at the very bright moon around 7:45pm to 8:35pm on Sept 23, 2010. There was intermittent cloud cover but during the sighting it was a clear sky.
We noticed around 8:33pm a solid dark mass shaped like a boomerang approaching the moon from the south. It was quite large and was easily seen with the naked eye.
It started at the top view as we looked at the moon from the right and it went across to the left and down in front of the moon and then changed course went up and behind the moon.
In around 10-15 seconds it reappeared back at the right side and below the moon and moved off to the left until we could not see it.
As the first object as moving out of sight a second one approached from the same right south side from the middle to lower half of the moon and moved across in a downward angle to the right.
The second dark solid boomerang object appeared to be exactly like the first one.
I had my camera on hand since I was trying to take photos of the moon since it was so bright and beautiful.
The camera has a video mode and I have a short video of the second object moving from right to left but since the camera is not of a professional quality you can only tell the mass is solid and sort of fuzzy as it moves by.
I tried to get the first object in a video but could not focus well on the moon due to its brightness.
The event last about 2 minutes or so.
We were so excited that we did not think to go get our binoculars until after it was over.
None of my photos turned out very well.
Around the 30-35 second mark you can slightly see a dark mass moving from the right to left at the bottom of the moon.
Wish I had a better video camera and was not so excited that I could hold the camera still.


Garland, Texas - Cigar-Shaped UFO

MUFON Case #25534
Date/Time: 2010-09-23 08:06
City: Garland
State: Texas
Shape: Cigar, Cylinder
Duration: 00:05:00
Distance: Unknown
Location: City
Visibility: Partly Cloudy
Weather: Windy, Medium
Entity Type: None
Summary: Long, gray, cigar/cylindrical shape. No wings,tail,or rudder.

MUFON CMS: This is my second time to report a sighting to MUFON.I observed this one from the exact same location as the first.

Since the first sighting, I tend to keep my eyes to the sky a bit more. Today, it paid off again. I was at work a little early, before 8:00AM CST, and this morning looked to be stormy with the chance of some rain. The clouds were broken, and moving North, with about 60 to 70% broken overcast, and wind from the South about 20 MPH. The clouds were very dark West of my location.

Approximately 8:05 I stepped outside to take a look at the weather, and noticed that commercial flights from DFW and Love Field were being diverted to the North/Northeast around the heavy cloud bank to the West.

I saw a Southwest airlines plane going North East and saw an American Airlines going South toward Love Field or DFW. Both planes were around 2500 to 3000 feet AGL. Both aircraft generated broken contrails due to the fairly cool air and high humidity.

Through a break in the clouds I observed a gray "cigar/cylindrical" shaped vehicle. It's path was to the North West. It had no wings,or tail surfaces, and appeared to be about 2 to 3 times longer than the Southwest airlines plane. I believe the Southwest plane was a Boeing 737-400.

Both of the commercial airliners were moving through the broken cloud layer and the other vehicle was well above the cloud deck, and I estimate it was at 5000 feet AGL. It didn't create any contrail at all.

From my vantage point, the Southwest airplane looked to be about 3/4" long and it's bright orange paint was highly visible. The vehicle I saw looked very similar to the shape of a stretched medicine capsule. Long and thin, and my angle of view was from from its left rear and below. It had no lighting of any kind. No landing lights, marker lights, or anti collision strobe.

I actually had a digital camera on hand, but as luck would have it, the batteries were dead. I had spare batteries, but I didn't manage to change them quickly enough to get any photos before this machine was obscured by clouds. Everything occurred in a matter of 3 to 4 minutes.

I was ecstatic to see something like this again, but when I realized my camera batteries were dead, it was a very quick emotional letdown to say the least. Maybe the third time will be the charm for me.


Capri Residents Take to the Airwaves With Tales of UFOs

marcoislandflorida - How ironic was it that within hours after WGCU public media host Mike Kiniry interviewed MUFON state section director Morgan Beall and two residents from the Isles of Capri that many people reported lights spotted off our coast?

Although most readers are now aware that the mysterious lights seen on Sept. 13 over the Gulf have been attributed to military operations, not all believe that this explanation is totally accurate.

"I'm also investigating this further," said Beall.

"I am seeing some really strange orange lights in V formation heading toward Marco Island," said a neighbor in his phone call to me shortly after 9 p.m. "Have you seen them?"

Although my husband and I have witnessed several strange phenomena in the skies around Capri over the last six months, we missed this one entirely.

This day will long be remembered.

My husband and I were invited to share our UFO sightings on WGCU radio earlier that day along with Beall.

Michael Fauerback, FGCU's resident astronomer, was also a part of the program dedicated to UFOs and other planets.

Under investigation

Beall shared that not only is the Isles of Capri case still under investigation, he also told of several other cases, one of which occurred in 1964 near Cape Canaveral.

John, an Internet listener from Massachusetts, called in to ask about a case in Bonita Springs in May.

"I was fishing with my friend, Gus, about 25 miles off the coast at about 1 p.m. when we saw a shimmering ball-bearing-shaped object about 35 degrees off the horizon.

"It hovered 20 or 30 seconds, and then in a millisecond, sped off and disappeared. I first thought it was an airplane coming into Southwest Regional Airport, but because it was not moving at all, and then sped off in milliseconds, that was unexplainable," the caller said.

Beall is working with boat captains out of Tampa, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and Sarasota, who overwhelmingly talk about these types of objects seen at eye level or right over their boats. Many are delta-shaped and the size of three to four football fields.

3 lights hovering

Another caller, Juan from Fort Myers, asked Beall to clear up the case reported in The News-Press about 10 years ago. He witnessed three lights that hovered for a while and then split apart and disappeared.

Beall acknowledged that there had been a lot of inquiry about that case.

"Part of my job is to review historical cases like this," Beall said.

Radio host Kiniry asked Beall if there were a single, irrefutable, verifiable case of a strange happening that could not be explained with normal physics.

"Cases where there is radar data are the ones that come to mind," Beall said.

NOTE: Honestly, there are MANY cases in Florida that have been ignored or poorly investigated by MUFON over the years...especially entity related experiences. I receive regular reports of dissatisfaction from witnesses throughout Florida. I have many MUFON members that read this blog (I am also a member) who are aware of my overall thoughts on the organization's direction the past few years. I do want to say that, IMO, there are several state MUFON chapters that stand above the norm and provide excellent service and investigative protocol, in particular chapters in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana...Lon

Recent UFO Sightings / Reports / Updates
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