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Newly Disclosed UFO and Humanoid Sightings

MUFON CMS - North Carolina - 9/4/2010: I was in front yard of my residence doing some weeding. Time around 6:45 p.m. Still daylight though sun was lowering.

-I heard a small aircraft pass over and glanced up and observed a small single prop plane proceeding east, nothing out of ordinary. As it passed out of range a glint of sunlight caught my attention. It was at a rather higher altitude than the small plane which had just passed.

-Initially it seemed to be a large commercial jetliner. Pretty much the shape of a standard fuselage. It shone brilliantly in the sunlight like polished aluminum. It was proceeding westward at a fairly stately pace.

-I didn't think very much of it at first, even returned to my gardening. Then I realized that there was something unusual about this aircraft... it seemed to have no visible wings or stabilizer. I again looked up and sighted it to check out my impressions. Indeed, I was unable to discern any wings or stabilizing structures. No lifting surfaces. Long cigar tubular configuration. It emitted absolutely no sound my hearing could discern. Very brilliant reflective surface. No odd motion... it just proceeded along at a leisurely clip.

Had a vague impression of a row of shapes along the flank not unlike standard passenger aircraft windows. May have been a white glow at rear of craft but no
vapor trail.

-I was not particularly emotionally affected during or after this event, only curious and somewhat dubious of my observational skills. However, I have since seen several jumbo jets at even higher altitudes and could still discern their wings and hear them.

-The craft made no dramatic disappearance...simply faded into the distance.


The following report comes from Scott Corrales of Inexplicata:

Humanoid Power: A Show of Force in Argentina?
By Luis Burgos, Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)

Even as remarks still circulate regarding the astonishing photo of a strange entity in Laguna del Monte (Buenos Aires) taken in March 2010 and which prompted our essay “Los Seres de la Laguna”, a new humanoid event has take place at the very edges of another body of water in Buenos Aires: Vitel Lagoon, less than 70 kilometers distant from Laguna del Monte, in a straight line.

Geographic Location

A little under 150 kilometers south of Capital Federal, along National Route 2 and in the municipality of Chascomús, this body of water has along its shores the well-known Estancia La Horqueta, built as a summer retreat for tourist purposes, covering 7 hectares and with over 70 more hectares of open fields. It was built in 1927 and its current owner, Enrique Pierri, is a great fan of trees and plants, causing it to be surrounded by dozens of different species, among them an 80-year-old Lebanese cedar: the main protagonist of this story.

The Story Begins

June 19, 2009 was anything but a normal day in La Horqueta, as a powerful gust of wind toppled a 20-meter tall Lebanese cedar whose trunk measured over a meter and a half in diameter at its base. It was literally uprooted, constituting a mass weighing two and half tons, including the gigantic piece of earth that was torn out with its collapse. According to witnesses located in the main house, some 100 meters distant, a loud noise was heard when it came crashing. A nearby eucalyptus was also toppled by the wind storm. Over time, its large branches were cut down and lifted by a crane – a device which was unable to make the cedar “stand straight” again, suggesting the need for a “boom-type” machine of greater capacity to undertake the task. Months went by and many tourists took pictures of themselves standing beside the toppled cedar or else on top of it, as a visual souvenir.

Humanoids Appear?

Luis Antonio Pavoni, 36, has been La Horqueta’s caretaker since 2008. He lives there with his family, and after 10:30 p.m. on July 19, 2010, his wife remarked about the insistent barking of the family’s dogs. When he went out to check, he was able to ascertain that they were indeed nervous. Pavoni, jumbo flashlight in hand, noticed that the braver of the animals would not follow him, but rather, only the humblest and kindest dog of the pack joined him in his search. But this dog was barking toward the fallen cedar, some 100 meters away from the house. Pavoni aimed his beam at the location and saw A PAIR OF RED EYES WITH AN EXTERNAL ORANGE HALO (emphasis in the original – SC) some 80 centimeters off the ground and very close to the cedar. Believing that it might be a hare, he went back into the house and grabbed a carbine. When he returned to the original site, he ascertained the presence of TWO ADDITIONAL PAIRS OF EYES BEHIND THE FIRST (emphasis in the original – SC), one beside the other, but somewhat behind the first. He did not notice any silhouettes at all from the three pairs of eyes. Nor did he hear any noises or sounds of any kind whatsoever. Only the barking of his dog, refusing to go near the unknown. After some three minutes, the eyes disappeared and Pavoni returned home.

The Unexplained

Enrique Pierri – the estate’s owner – arrived the next morning, July 20th, and the first thing he asked was: “Who lifted up the cedar?” To which the caretaker replied: “No one.”

Upon visiting the site, the enormous Lebanese cedar now stood upright. Set once more in its place, as though a whole year hadn’t elapsed. And there, without question, is where the mystery begins.

During the “on-site” investigation, we ascertained the existence of three “poles of attraction” or “behavior guidelines”, as our friend Fabio Zerpa calls them: The lagoon, some 120 meters away from the cedar, the ever-present mill, some 100 meters away, and the electric power lines some 70 meters distant from the sight. With these assurances of the “UFO Landing Phenomenon”, we combed the area looking for marks on the ground.

In this order of affairs, we were not surprised when Eduardo Galeano (FAO-Chascomús) detected a strange SEMI-CIRCULAR IMPRINT (emphasis in the original –SC) in an empty field some 120 meters distant from the cedar. It measured 9.60 meters and was almost erased by the passing of time. It had 15 centimeter borders and next to the pluviometer installed on the premises [...] perhaps it was indicating a direct relation to the diminutive entities seen by Pavoni beside the cedar.


We can recall some UFO events in which trees were the main protagonists, such as the famous Ombú tree of the “La Aurora” farm in Uruguay (1976) , but when all is said and done, we are facing an EXTRAORDINARY CASE, perhaps the only one of its kind. Having consulted Quique Mario of CEUFO regarding some similar events in the key province of La Pampa, where the most unusual events of Argentinean UFO case histories have occurred, he said that they never had a similar case in that region. With regard to the probable morphology of the entities, their red eyes – reported by witnesses in 2002 and 2003, are reminiscent of the heyday of the CATTLE MUTILATION epidemic. Around that time, strange animal mutilations also took place in Chascomús. And as a conclusion, entering into the realm of hypotheticals, we can suppose that this new humanoid incursion in Buenos Aires, beyond its own goals which are unknown to us, hoisting the now-famous cedar may ha been A SIGN OF POWER or A SHOW OF STRENGTH (emphasis in the original – SC), much as if any one of us, had upraised or readjusted something that was in our path: a potted plant, for example. Even so, investigation is ongoing....

On-Site Investigation by FAO conducted by:
Eduardo Galeano (FAO Chascomús)
Leonardo Villamea and Cristian Villamea (FAO Quilmes )
Patricio Barrancos, Daniel López and Franco Puglisi (FAO Capital Federal)
Cristian Salvatierra and Luis Burgos (FAO La Plata)

Also from Inexplicata

Source: Diario Popular (Argentina)
Date: 09.06.10
Reported by: Patchi LaFata

Argentina: A UFO Stole Water from a Military Base in Santa Fe

An effort was made to conceal the case for years, but the proof is undeniable

The case emerges 11 years later and makes manifest the strange repetition of events related to ufology that are intentionally concealed from the public. The episode occurred on the evening of 24 November 1999 at an army base located in the provincial capital of Santa Fe. A strange “imprint” appeared on the ground. The official story suggested a gag among army officers, but research showed that several witnesses directly observed the presence of a 40-meter-long flying object. But that isn’t all, because no one was able to explain the reason why the water tank and two water cisterns that supply the troops were left completely empty.

The exciting story of the event and its subsequent investigation was made known by Grupo Vision OVNI resulting from field work by experts Luis Brussa (general research), Ariel Maderna (photography) and engineer Fabian Rossi (calculation and diagrams).

“After having learned of the event, I decided to go to the base to carry out investigations. Ten days had elapsed. I invited two researcher friends – Ariel and Fabian – to come along. So we grabbed our gear and went out to conduct field research, which is unquestionably the most pleasant and interesting aspect,” says Brussa regarding the origin of the event.

A Search for Truth

“Upon arrival, we were greeted by two soldiers. We told them that we were researchers of the subject and wanted to carry out some studies. They whisked us off to a superior officer, to whom we had to explain matters in greater depth, why we were doing it and what we would do with our conclusions. Permission was granted,” states the researcher.

He later explained that “the soldiers themselves led us to the impression, located in the remotest area of the base, which covers six blocks. We started by looking at the imprint and other facilities, such as sheds, the water tank, trees, wires and the cistern, which supplies water and has a depth of 15 meters and a diameter of 2.5 meters.”

The first clue emerges here. According to the story that Sgt. Carlos Villano told the researchers, “the cistern was practically drained the night of the event.” The officer also stated that the morning following the event, the principal of the primary school that operates on the base’s premises called him to report a lack of water in the school’s rest rooms. “I was sent to the cistern to see what was going on, thinking that the fuses had blown, but they were fine,” said the officer. At the same time, he found that the cistern and tank were both out of water, while noticing the circular impression for the first time.

Direct Witnesses

Another witness was Claudio Chena, the water basin’s custodian, who was 25 at the time. “He said that he was a professional photographer and showed us pictures taken of the event. He also explained that he was playing soccer with his cousin in the base’s soccer pitch, which is in the front of the base, facing Avenida Freyre,” comments Brussa.

“Claudio said that after 9:00 p.m., they saw a bright light toward the water tank, and that the lights went out throughout the district, but not the streetlamps, which remained on. They paid little mind to the situation, thinking the lights were from a truck driving along Calle San José, behind the district,” states Brussa in his account.

The researchers canvassed the base’s neighbors, and came across Marta. “This woman said that on that evening, they were watching TV with the family and suddenly became aware of a persistent, even buzzing sound, a sensation similar to that of an earthquake, which Marta had felt in Córdoba, and she compared it as being alike. She stated that the TV set and the household lights experienced at least two brownouts, although power was not entirely lost,” says Brussa.

Another key witness was Aidé, who already knew of the imprint. Aidé is Colombian and is married to a renowned rural doctor. Her son is an architect. On the night of the event, she was standing in the doorway facing Calle Salta around 8:45 p.m. when she saw “a light having a circular shape, with a luminosity similar to that of a fluorescent bulb, and it flew at low speed. The treetops concealed it. It didn’t give off sparks or lights, smoke or any wake at all. It didn’t change shape, nor did it blink or explode, or even accelerate. It just moved on a fixed course, maintaining its brilliant light and shape.”

“She only saw a single object, which in her estimation, was between 30 and 40 meters wide and at a distance of some 150 to 200 meters. She added that at that time se felt a sense of tranquility and total silence during the approximately 12 second duration of the event,” states Brussa’s report.

Characteristics of the Imprint Found at the Base

Shape: Circular. Measurement: 5.30 meters: Interior: 1.2 meters. Characteristics: the inner print was not perfect. The external print presented a shape with hexagonal edges, not very defined, toward the south. Organic vegetable matter: grass. Size: 3 to 4 cm. tall.
Color: Natural green at the center of the print; dark brown within the print itself. The virgin soil surrounding the grass was similar to that at the center of the print, natural green and regular height. Complementary Data: The print was seven meters distant from the water tank. Ten meters away on the left is a shed containing two water cisterns which provide water to the tank. Water comes from the street network and fills both cisterns. An electrical pump sends water to the high concrete tank. Water was missing from the cisterns the day after the event. They [the cisterns] have a diameter of 2.5 meters and a depth of 15 meters. The cistern panel connected to the electric pump did not short-circuit.

Particulars of the Case

Date of the Imprint’s Appearance: 24-25 November 1999, between 21:00 on the 24th and the morning of the 25th.
Investigation conducted: 4 December 1999
Locality: City of Santa Fe, Argentina
Place: 12th Infantry Regiment, Avenida Freyre 2500, between Salta and Juan de Garay streets.
Weather conditions at the time: clear skies, 33 degrees (C) ambient temperature

NOTE: I reported a sighting by a friend who lives in the Gwendraeth Valley, South West Wales, UK a few days ago. Since then, I went back to examine the photos and discovered that at least two other craft were captured on one of the exposures. Those images were enlarged (below). I am asking anyone who has witnessed similar activity and craft w/ evidence, especially in the UK, to please contact me. I'd especially like to keep tabs on activity in Wales and southwest England...Lon

Newly Disclosed UFO and Humanoid Sightings
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