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Fortean / Oddball News - 9/7/2010

Police Reveal Ghost, UFO and Fairy Phone Reports

newslite - A police force has revealed a catalogue of more than 150 supernatural and paranormal cases which have been reported to them in recent years.

Details of investigations involving ghosts, UFO's, aliens and fairies were released by Devon and Cornwall Police after a Freedom of Information request.

In some examples people have called the police force to deal with spooks in their houses, or even to a field infested with fairies.

However, most of the paranormal reports revolve around UFO sighting, and peaked in 1996 when a variety of strangely shaped spaceships were spotted.

In odd news the 1996 peak also coincided with the release of the movie Independence Day and the popularity of the X Files on TV.

Other odd examples reported to Devon and Cornwall Police include someone who said they had encounters abusive aliens in a field and another who claimed to be one.


Meet the 'Real Bard'

dailymail - Scientists have used state-of-the-art 3D computer technology to create what they say is the first true likeness of William Shakespeare.

The image shows every wrinkle on the playwright's face and the figure's haunted stare is radically different from existing images which purport to be of the Bard.

The warts-and-all image is featured in a TV documentary called Death Masks. (U.K. History Channel on 9/13)

Director Stuart Clarke said: 'The results from this forensic examination are startling.

'They show strong evidence both forensically and historically that this 3D model may be, in fact, the way Shakespeare looked in life.

Clarke's team have also produced 3D likenesses of Napoleon, Julius Caesar, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

The recreations are based on scans taken from death masks - and in some cases masks made during life.

The producers of the show claim that the images will challenge viewers' perceptions of what some of history's most famous figures looked like.

The image of Napoleon is said to be significantly different from that which the French have become accustomed to, while the 'real' face of Washington is nothing like his image on the dollar bill.

But the recreation of Shakespeare is likely to cause the most controversy. The Bard's true likeness has been the subject of speculation for centuries and many experts dispute that the death mask used in the programme is Shakespeare's.

It was found in Darmstadt, Germany, in the 1840s and German scientists linked it to Shakespeare after carrying out a series of tests.

They say it proves the writer suffered from cancer towards the end of his life.

Forensic anthropologist Dr Caroline Wilkinson insisted there were 'a large number of consistencies' between the 3D image and portraits of the writer.

But Shakespeare Birthplace Trust chairman Stanley Welles rejects the validity of the new image and the death mask, adding: 'Shakespeare was not a national figure at the time, not in the way he is today, and it is unlikely a mask like this would have been made.'

NOTE: this production was aired in the U.S. last year...it has been updated a bit and will air in the U.K. on 9/13. Very interesting documentary...Lon


Father Sacrifices Newborn Daughter to Satisfy Deity

dnaindia - In a shocking incident, a father scarified his newborn girl child to keep his promise to his family deity Kitotarmata. The man, Narottam Mana Devipujak, threw his child in a drain near his house in Sundarpuri, a busy slum area of Gandhidham.

"We have arrested the accused for this heinous crime," said MK Jadeja, police inspector of A-division police station, on Monday. "Narottam Devipujak was produced before the magistrate in Gandhidham court today."

According to the details of the case, the incident took place on Janmashtami night. Narottam, who sells vegetables from a kiosk, had vowed that he would offer a male goat to the goddess if a son was born to him. But if a girl child was born, he had sworn that he would straightway offer the child to the deity.

When his wife gave birth to a baby girl a day before Janmashtami, he decided to give her as an offering to the goddess. When everyone was glued to the TV watching the birth of Lord Krishna, he slipped away with the baby and threw her in a gutter close to the temple of the deity. Then he returned home, pretending as if nothing had happened.

Later, however, he did tell about what he had done to his wife and his in-laws. His neighbours sensed something amiss when they did not see the newborn baby for three consecutive days. On finding out what had happened, they reported the matter to the police. After a thorough search, the police recovered the body of the baby from the drain.


Alex Jones' Paranoia...Judge For Yourself

Click for video

"Whatever THEY say is the opposite. THEY never tell the truth. The government is poisoning the water supply to dumb-down the population to make them more easy to control. 911 was an inside job. It was a staged event to launch the Iraq war to set up a domestic police state here in the United States."


Human Remains Found in Tiger Shark Caught in The Bahamas

tribune242 - Just as the deep sea fisherman was about to cut the hook from the shark’s wide open mouth and let him go, out jumped a human foot.

“Everything was intact from the knee down,” said Bahamian investment banker Humphrey Simmons, “it was mangled, but there was still flesh on the bone.”

That ended a day of fishing for Mr Simmons and his two companions who spent most of the morning trying to get away from sharks.

By the time the unusually heavy Tiger shark was landed at the Defence Force’s Coral Harbour base and his distended body cut open, the body of a man, minus his head, was found. The leg that the shark had regurgitated was the man’s left leg. Inside was his severed right leg, two severed arms and a torso in two sections.

Obviously, as Mr Simmons’ 10-year-old daughter observed, this shark had its prey all to himself. There was no sign that another shark had fought over the body. It is believed that the man had drowned before the shark swallowed him.

Mr Simmons, of Cable Beach, a banker with Xanthos Investment, and his two deep sea fishing companions — Keith Ferguson and Stanley Bernard — left Marshall Road, South Beach before 6am Saturday in Mr Simmons 30-foot Pursuit, “Azulardo.”

“We went 35 miles south of Nassau and started fishing about 7.45am,” said Mr Simmons. “After about 45 minutes we pulled up a fish, and a shark took it.

“We left the area and went two miles further south and let out the lines again. Keith pulled up his line and before reaching the surface the shark had broken the line.”

The weather was calm with winds about 4mph blowing from the southwest.

“I always watch that before I go out,” Mr Simmons laughed.

Trying to get rid of the sharks, Mr Simmons moved again, this time about two to three miles further south. By then they were about 38 miles from Nassau.

“While pulling up my line,” he said, “I noticed that it was extra heavy. I called “Boy” (Stanley Bernard) and asked him to go get the shot gun.”

By then the men were fishing in water about 1,000 feet deep. They had decided against landing the shark because there was too much tension on the line.

“I then thought about what might have been going through that shark’s mind,” said Mr Simmons. “Usually when you catch a shark on the line, and are pulling him up, when he sees sunlight, he heads back down, and either cuts the line or breaks it.

“While pulling him up there was also a grouper on the line, and he was trying to get the grouper, but I had both on my line. He came up with his mouth wide open, but he couldn’t get the grouper because it was also on my line.”

As the shark neared the surface, Mr Bernard shot him several times in the head.

“We tied the rope around his tail fin, and pulled him towards the boat. We were going to cut the hook out of his mouth and let him go when he regurgitated a human foot — intact from the knee down. It was now about 10am.”

The men then tried to get BASRA and the Defence Force, but could raise neither — “it was probably because they were out of range for our VHF radio,” Mr Simmons commented.

They decided to take the left leg and the shark to Nassau.

“There was so much stink coming from the shark’s belly and the belly was so huge that we thought that there might be more bodies inside,” said Mr Simmons.

At about 10.30am the men headed for Nassau, dragging the heavy shark behind. About a half hour later they saw a Defence Force boat and flagged it down.

The Defence Force’s Enduring Friendship vessel EF-28 pulled up alongside them, heard their story and took the shark on board. It was then about 11.30am when they followed the Defence Force boat to Nassau, arriving at about 12.30pm at the Coral Harbour base.

The shark’s body was offloaded, cut open and inside was the remains of a headless man.

Mr Simmons said he was a “black man, of heavy build and heavy structure. He had neither clothes nor any identifying marks.”

Police are now awaiting DNA results to tell them if the remains belong to one of three men who are still missing at sea.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force said still reported missing are 62-year-old Frank Brown, Sr, and 47-year-old Delton Newton, who disappeared after their boat experienced engine trouble in waters off Clifton Pier last week. A man who disappeared from a boat in Acklins last week has also not yet been found.

However, Mr Simmons said that Mr Frank Brown Jr stopped at his home, looked at the photographs of the body parts and confirmed that they were not those of his father.

Fortean / Oddball News - 9/7/2010
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