Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Claim: 100 Meter-Wide Crater From Colombia Meteorite

colombiareports - Colombian authorities confirmed that a "giant fireball" that fell from the sky in the Santander department, central Colombia, was a meteorite.

The Colombian media has been buzzing with eye witness accounts of the fireball, which caused a massive explosion at 3:15PM local time Sunday.

Andina.com reported that Bucaramanga Mayor Fernando Vargas confirmed that the phenomenon was a meteorite that left a crater 100 meters in diameter when it crashed into the earth in the San Joaquin municipality in Santander.

Colombian air force helicopters were commissioned to fly over the area to try to locate the source of the explosion.

The director of the University of NariƱo's Astronomic Observatory, Alberto Quijano, told RCN Radio Sunday that he believed the object was a meteorite.

In rural areas of Santander, police received reports that the explosion had shattered windows in the area.

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NOTE: there are a lot of conflicting accounts to this incident...some say the meteorite exploded near the ground and others are saying it collided with the earth and caused a large crater in rural central Colombia. Waiting for more details...Lon

Claim: 100 Meter-Wide Crater From Colombia Meteorite
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