Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Future May Be Now

This past Saturday afternoon, David Eckhart and I were chatting on the telephone. He was contacting me about some older video he recently discovered as well as a few other odds and ends that he wanted me to take a look at. We also discussed his recent interview on ‘Mysterious Universe’ and the response it had received. I remarked about several of the comments I had read that suggested that David’s encounters and experiences may lead to disclosure and forge a better understanding of what these beings really are. The listeners’ written comments surprised me because I had never read or heard similar remarks made in regard to other previous alien abductions or encounters.

I listened to the second interview a few times knowing that much of what David was saying would be difficult for most people to fathom, especially the chilling recollections that involved crude treatment and examinations of some humans during these abductions. David’s demeanor, while talking to Ben Grundy and Aaron Wright, left me more impressed with the allegory of his long ordeal even though I had heard the accounts before. The candidness and positive assurance in David’s voice was steady and had a veracity that made it difficult not to entertain his narrative.

Since I first started conversing with David and began to present his claims on this blog, my ideology in regards to extraterrestrials and their relationship to humans has changed. My research of other alien abductions and encounter scenarios in recent years, in combination with David’s anecdotal and visual evidence, has helped give me a more complete understanding of the alien-human phenomenon. Though my theories have been derived from my personal inquiries and study, these speculations are hardly exclusive to me.

So...who are the extraterrestrials?

The short answer is that the extraterrestrials are not alien or non-terrestrial...essentially, they are evolved and/or hybrid humans from the future. These beings are our descendants who have traveled back through time and have inhabited a parallel dimension as well as specific underground locations on Earth. Can I absolutely prove this argument? Well, not to a degree that would satisfy most people’s perception and reasoning...but there are indications that this axiom is forthcoming.

Consider our current situation as the dominant species of this planet. Our technology has advanced at a break-neck pace in the past 50 years and has resulted in wonderful advances that, for the most part, have achieved a higher standard of living in those nations that possess this technology. But this rapid advance has also produced ominous by-products...pollution of natural resources that are vital to our health and wellness. Human cells can modify from the influence of organic and inorganic chemicals, nuclear and natural wastes, disease, climate...not to mention war, strive, famine, etc. Who is to say that our descendants will not experience accelerated physical repercussions due to our excess and abuse?

Human developed technology will most likely continue to advance even if humans in the future start to look a lot less ‘human’ than before. Theoretically, one-way travel into the future is possible given the phenomenon of time dilation based on velocity in the theory of special relativity as well as gravitational time dilation in the theory of general relativity. The current law of physics simply does not allow backward time travel. Some interpretations suggest that an attempt to travel backwards in time might take one to a parallel universe whose history would begin to diverge from the traveler's original history after the moment the traveler arrived in the past. This said, our not-so-distant future scientists have exciting theories that show promise in counteracting the ‘grandfather paradox’ - Quantum Time Machine Lets You Travel to the Past Without Fear of Grandfather Paradox

David and I have logged many hours of intense conversation over the past 2 years. One interesting aspect of his abductions occurred when he was brought through the portal by the beings. After entering the portal, there was a brief pause in an area that was always dark but David noticed that when he was able to look off to the side there was a sort of ‘window’ where he could see his property...or what was left of it. There were a few bricks scattered about the overgrown field where his house once was. My contention is that David was transported to a parallel dimension or traveled through time...possibly both.

In all of his countless encounters with these beings one important detail has always been present. The beings spoke the English language...or enough so that David understood their conversations. Does English become the dominate or universal language? There are some researchers that feel this may eventually be the case. In the previous interview on ‘Mysterious Universe’ David mentioned that on one occasion he was playing ‘possum’ when several ‘greys’ came through the portal in order to take him back to their sanctum. One of the ‘greys’ was amused at the notion that we (humans) thought that ‘they were aliens.’ Since that time, David and his son, who is also an experiencer, refer to the beings as the 'people'.

I want to clarify a statement I made on the blog soon after David’s story was released. I asserted that the ‘reptilians’ may possibly be malevolent beings. Granted, if the 'people' wanted to cause mass destruction and chaos, I believe that it is in their capability to do so. Nonetheless, I am of the mind that they have an affinity to humans even though they may be resentful of how we are treating the planet as well as how we negatively behave towards ourselves.

In light of my post this past week that highlighted the interdimensional Sasquatch theories of the readers and noted researchers, there may very well be a connection between all those anomalies that we are at a loss to explain. Is it possible that all things paranormal may be a piece that fits into a multi-level alternative puzzle? If that is the case, then every living plant and animal on this Earth plane may possibly be as unexplainable to those beings and entities on the other side. Though I am not a religious man, I do consider myself this hypothesis does make me wonder if there is a grander scheme that involves our existing world.

As I have mentioned several times in the past, I sense that David Eckhart’s story is a bridge that can be used to cross over to the truth. This saga has just started and there is much more to learn. I will say with a deep conviction and for the first time that, in my opinion, some future events may require intervention by the 'people'. Be assured that those in our present time with the capabilities to alter these future events have been advised. The only advice I can offer to you is to keep alert, grab the rail and hold on tight...Lon

Our Future May Be Now


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