Thursday, July 08, 2010

Breaking News: Bigfoot Found in North America? UPDATED!

Craig Woolheater of Cryptomundo is reporting the following:

Overnight AM - Overnight AM producers have been contacted by a man claiming to have found Bigfoot living in his backyard somewhere in North America (Location: Confidential). The evidence is substantial based on eyewitness testimony of a man whose life has been turned upside down by the creatures, a family of four; two adults and two infants, who bed down in his backyard every evening. UFO Magazine & Clearly Skewed Entertainment has dispatched a film crew to the area to document the events as they unfold on camera.

Tonight, Mike (last name withheld), a 70 year old veteran with no interest in the field of Bigfoot research, will join Lan Lamphere and the Overnight AM radio show audience to describe the events of the past few weeks and his encounters with this family of Bigfoot who have taken to living in the forest behind his home appearing every night to bed down in his backyard to escape biting mosquitos.

Lan Lamphere
Overnight AM

From Cryptomundo - Listen to the program here. You will need to open the file with one of the followings applications: iTunes, RealPlayer or WinAmp.

I have contacted William Birnes, publisher of UFO Magazine and a facebook fan of Cryptomundo by the way, to see if he can share any additional details regarding this case.

I have only had a chance to listen to the first twenty minutes or so of the program, so I have not listened to “Mike” or any of the investigators who were guests of the show.

What do the readers of Cryptomundo think after listening to the program?

Lan Lamphere said on the show that he had contacted the BFRO and that Darcy Stoffregen of Maple Ridge, British Columbia was investigating.

NOTE: since the time this was posted, a few discrepancies have/are developing. Nancy Birnes of UFO Magazine states...“I don’t know who wrote that at the Overnight AM site, but no film crew has been dispatched. Possibly someone will go there and check it out, but at this point nobody has.” So, we'll see what happens. Frankly, I noticed the original announcement a few days ago but waited to see what was going to develop. I'll attempt to keep this updated. If anyone has further information on this, please feel free to comment or contact me...Lon

UPDATE: 1:30 pm ET - I just listened to the interview...I think there may be something to this. One of the local law enforcement officers had made a report of seeing a 'naked woman covered in hair' eating from dumpster sometime before this sighting was reported to Bill Birnes at 'the History Channel'. My theory that most Sasquatch type creatures are non-terrestrial (alien visitors) may be bolstered by this encounter...namely because this group of creatures seem to be in a small forested area in a urban setting. The group has been dumpster diving behind a nearby restaurant according the witness. I feel that these creatures come from an alternative universe or plane. Like spirits, I think that these entities and others can move across the great divide between our worlds. Yeah, I know it sounds fantastic but I have come to this theory based on my experiences and the thousands of eyewitness encounters by others. BTW, this story is burning through the internet today...Lon

UPDATE: 4:15 pm ET - OK...a reader, Bill Green, talked to the Overnight AM producer by telephone and found out that Lan Lamphere will be presenting further evidence tonight (July 8th - 10pm ET / 9pm CT). I don't know if they're intentionally stringing this out but I'll keep an open mind nonetheless. If you want to listen to the show, go to Overnight AM for the live stream. You will need to setup a free account for access. The location has not be disclosed...but there is some speculation. Like I mentioned earlier, BFRO has been contacted and they are sending a crew there. I really hope they warned the witness to avoid 'our friend Tom' from the 'Georgia Bigfoot Hoax' and other fiascos...Lon
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