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Black Triangle UFO Sightings Near Youngstown, Ohio

Ever since the sighting of the famous 'Belgium Black' triangle UFO in 1990 (depicted) reports of these craft have become more prevalent. I received this interesting email from a reader today

Hi, Lon, I'm a long-time reader of your Phantoms and Monsters site. I think the site is great. You feature some of the most interesting and unusual items.

I wanted to email you about two objects I've seen in the sky over an almost two week period.

First, I want to start by telling you that next month will be the 25th anniversary of my being an amateur astronomer. I began in July, 1985, and have continued to this day. I have two telescopes and three pairs of giant binoculars, 9 x 63, 10 x 70, and 11 x 80. I've spent countless hours under the night sky in 25 years, and until recently only saw one thing that I couldn't explain, back in July 1996, when I watched a bright, circular white object hover over my neighbors house for several minutes, before speeding off into the sky.

Tuesday night, May 26, I went out with the 11 x 80 binoculars. The are quite heavy, so I had a small table on our back patio next to me. I knelt on a cushion on the patio and braced my elbows on the table to keep the binoculars from jiggling. I was looking in a southern direction at the star Spica. I had put the binoculars down for a minute and was scanning the night sky when my attention was caught by a red light coming my way. The light wasn't blinking, but many plane lights don't look like they are blinking because of the angle they are at until they get almost right on top of you, this has happened to me many times. I watched for a few moments, and realized that the light still wasn't blinking, so I picked up the binoculars and trained them on the light. What I saw surprised me. The object in my binoculars was a black triangle. A very definite black triangle. There was one unblinking red light at the front of the object on the triangle point, and two blue lights on the back. None of the lights were blinking. I watched the object as it approached me, almost overhead. There was no sound whatsoever from it. Right as it was almost overhead, it made and abrupt, sharp 90 degree turn and sped off. I lost it behind the apartment, and by the time I got around to the front yard it was gone. The object was traveling from east to west when it turned, (as I was facing it, it turned to my right), and ended up going in a northern direction. I've never seen anything like that in the sky before.

Last night, Monday June 7, my 13 year old daughter and I went outside with my telescope around 10:00. We set up the scope, which took a few minutes. The night was exceptionally clear, with many stars visible, even thought the back yard has some light pollution from the car port light. We were looking at the sky through my 10 x 70 binoculars. I noticed a bright red object again coming through the sky. As it got closer, my daughter asked me why it wasn't blinking. I looked at it through the binoculars and saw again that it was another black triangle, this one with slightly different lights. This object had two red lights in the back, one white light in the middle, and one white light in the front, on the point of the triangle top. None of the lights were blinking. I handed the binoculars to my daughter and told her to look at it and tell me what she saw. She looked at it and said in a scared voice, "Mom, that is NO plane! It's a black thing, and it's triangle shaped. I don't see any wings!" She was frightened, and handed me the binoculars. The object came across the sky, going this time from west to east. Once again, as it was almost on top of us, it made a sharp 90 degree turn, (this time to our left as we faced it), and sped off to the north. This time I ran around to the front yard, and was able to follow it for a few seconds as it went off, finally speeding up and vanishing. My daughter was very frightened and kept talking about what she'd seen, and how it made absolutely no noise as it passed almost over us. We both agreed that the object was almost the size of a pencil eraser held at arm's length. The night was relatively calm, with not much wind at all, so a plane that big should have made some noise that close to us, we can faintly hear the noise of smaller planes passing much higher overhead on quiet nights.

My daughter was very scared and wanted to go in, but I persuaded her to stay out for a little while. We looked at Mars, Regulus, Saturn, Spica and Arcturus for around a half hour before we came in. As soon as we came in, I told her to sit down and draw what she'd seen, while I went in another room and drew what I saw. Our drawings were identical.

Sorry this is so long, but I did just want to tell you what we did see, and what I saw last week. I live in Ohio, outside the Youngstown area. I plan on keeping an eye on the night sky after this, and I'm also going to keep a camera handy in case I see one of these objects again so I can try to get a picture. To me it's almost unbelievable that I've seen two such objects that I can't explain in two weeks, after only seeing one object in 25 years of previous night time stargazing! Julie

NOTE: I'd be very interested to read similar sightings. There have been many triangular shaped UFOs reported the past few years....but, the recent number of reports is staggering IMO. The MUFON and NUFORC witness report pages usually have at least one similar sighting every day. I'm quite sure many more of these sightings go unreported...Lon

Black Triangle UFO Sightings Near Youngstown, Ohio


DA Bulls are Back said...

cool post, i always like to read things like this.

Justme2 said...

I do believe that anything triangular is a man made object. The military has technology that we are now becoming aware of that need not follow any traditional rules for airspace. Lighting, radar detection, etc. If we believe that it is alien craft it is only to their benefit to keep us in the dark.

Mr. Satyre said...

About 25 years ago, a friend and I saw three lights arranged in a triangle like that, on an overcast night near his house. There was absolutely no sound or wind, and it remained stationary for several minutes at an altitude of about five hundred feet before drifting slowly away and then disappearing below the treeline. There were no lights from houses or other sources nearby, so all we saw were the lights from the object, whatever it was. They weren't very bright, either; not like normal aircraft lights, and they did not flash, but remained steady.

Blacklight Paranormal said...

I'm probably really late in posting this, but here goes nothing!

I'm part of a paranormal research team out of Warren called Blacklight Paranormal Research. We handle mostly ghosts, hauntings, and stuff like that; however, we have an interest in other paranormal events. We would be really interested in catching a glimpse of this, if at all possible.

I'm assuming that it's not proper for Lon to give away Julie's contact info, and that's totally understandable. But, if Julie does see this, we would be very appreciative if she could share some information with us that we can witness this for ourselves. We can be reached at trumbullparanormal@gmail.com

- Jason

Mystory said...

I just read this and have to say, unusual crafts are amongst us weather it is military or ufo's. About 12 years ago I stood outside my pizza shop for nearly an hour and witnessed a triangle formation of 7 lights at airplane level cruising above me. I watched several military planes from Y-Town military base circle around the formation and 6 of the lights scattered in different directions and the 1 in the front of the triangle formation didn't move but kept at a steady pace. Just by seeing how fast the 6 took off was lightning fast and exited miles of open space in less than a second. There was a few military planes circling the main light and within a minute, they left. Here is when the fun begins. This object dropped thousands of feet in a flash and stopped on a dime and sat there neutral for at least 30 minutes with no movement but the lights began to change from a deep red to light red to pink to white and back to red to restart the pattern. I was caught in the moment and couldn't believe what my neighbor, a co worker and myself was witnessing. After the 30 minutes, the object dropped again as low as 10 telephone poles low to where it was at a distance and the fading of the lights were more clear. It didn't blink or flash, it was a smooth transition of color. It sat in that position for another 15 minutes or so. Then, this object cruised at a steady pace towards us and passed over us very slowly and absolutely no sound came from this and it was hovering with a slight side to side movement but the lights remained red and stopped changing. I followed it behind my building and in a second, it took off and disappeared in the darkness. If only cell phones were equipped with cameras, I believed I would have had the best photos ever. It was close enough to where we seen the craft and a majority of the bottom was a gassy light and since it hovered, I also saw the sides which appeared to be a dripping chrome but the drip was probably the illusion of the gas. It was chrome for sure. I figured I'd share this story because since that day, I've been fascinated with the whole phenom.

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