Monday, June 07, 2010

Abductee Claims Electricity Can Be Siphoned From Space

flashnews - A man who claims he’s abducted by aliens on a daily basis has discovered a way to score electricity for free.

UFO Phil says he’s been poked and prodded by both “good” and “bad” aliens since 1972.

Each time they’ve given him pointers, most recently how to siphon electricity from outer space.

Phil claims he’s figured out a way to “harness energy straight from the air” to generate electricity.

He plans to eventually “beam” the energy directly into homes so humans can get their power for free.

Phil has always been “frustrated with the high costs of electricity” and wants to help humans save money.

He’s currently building a special lab in Pikes Peak, Colorado, to perform his electrical experiments with the help from kind E.T.s.

Phil says the “good aliens” typically schedule his abductions in advance while the “bad aliens” just “grab” him, which is terrible when he’s in the bathroom.

NOTE: well, it's a nice thought. I swear I've seen this guy before....just can't put my thumb on it. Lon

Update: thanks to a reader who helped refresh my memory - UFO Phil

Abductee Claims Electricity Can Be Siphoned From Space


CPTNSpaceBug said...

Totally awesome! Hopefully there are some good E.T.'s out there. Hard to say who is crazy and who's not, but anyone of us who claim to have had experiances COULD be crazy! Can't wait for this free energy!

Theboss said...

This sounds a lot as what Nicola Tesla was planning to make 100 years ago:

he also claimed to have contact with aliens.

Jum said...

Uh, "UFO Phil" is a goof. It's just for laughs. He has his own webpage at He's most widely known as the guy who wrote the song which George Noory at "Coast To Coast" plays as exit music on Friday nights. You know the one; it starts with him singing in a nasally voice, "Well I never knew I had Martians in my garden..."

Patti said...

Sorry, Phil; there is no such thing as a good alien. They are all evil/demonic. They are playing good cop, bad cop to try to gain your trust. They are fallen angels who were kicked out of heaven and they have a plan for the last days (which we are in right now.) They will destroy all mankind. All the sci-fi movies are actually fact. Read about the Illuminati and the alien agenda. Go to Sherry Shriners websites and find the truth..before it's too late. Wake Up America.

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