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MUFON: Strange Witness Encounter Reports

NOTE: the following two posts are recent MUFON witness reports. I have cleaned up the spelling and grammar a bit...but have not changed the context of the anecdotes. BTW, these accounts are very odd and somewhat comical IMO. I'm not going to say that these are fabrications but they are entertaining. Besides, we all need a good laugh once in a while...Lon

In early spring of 1989, I lived with my aunt and uncle so I could stay in the same school district I have been going to since the beginning of the year. My grandparents raised me and my grandfather was very sick and in the hospital. So everyone agreed I should stay with my aunt to finish out the school year.

I slept in my cousin's room, who was away at college at the time. I always locked my bedroom door before I fell asleep. I had a fear of someone breaking in the house and hurting me.

One very early morning, I was awakened by a strong feeling of someone in my room standing very close to me. I opened up my eyes and turned to my left. I could not believe my eyes! There was this thing, about toddler-sized looking back at me. It very much reminded me of Br'er Rabbit's Tar Baby (yes, I realize what you're thinking...Lon).

It had beady red eyes and a plastered on grin. The whole being looked like used oil. It was very black and viscous. I wasn't afraid, but just curious as to how this thing got in my room with the door locked.

I kept looking at it for another minute or so and put the sheets over my head and wished the thing would go away before I realized I would be scared. A minute or so passed by, and I heard my locked door come open. I pulled the sheet down off my head and watched as that thing flew out the door. The door softly closed back behind it. I did not dare to get up and relock the door.

The next morning at breakfast, I asked my aunt, uncle and my other cousin if they had came into my room for something in the night. They all said they didn't and I never brought it up again.

It's been a long time and I was very young at the time (1990)...7 years old.

I woke up on my top bunk and saw a moving light under the door leading to the room behind mine. I got up and went to open the door thinking someone in my family was awake making noise, I was ready to tell them to shut up because I was trying to sleep. I opened the door and saw what looked like 3 skeletons but where the joints should be, you could still see the gap in the bones...but the joints were still there. They had heads similar to ours, not bulbous or overinflated like people usually describe 'Greys'. When I walked in I saw the light was coming from their eyes. I'll never ever forget it, bright yellow light shining in direct beams that spread out slightly over distance.

I flipped out for a second...like seeing a large spider makes you kind of jump up and flap your wrists around because you are completely freaked out. Then I yelled for my parents and my older brother as loud as I could and the "aliens" eyes stopped glowing. The one in the center told me "your family can't hear you". I yelled very angrily "what the hell did you do to my family!" and ran towards him in an attempt to beat them mercilessly. Then their eyes looked like they were on fire with the same yellow light but in dancing flames. They screamed at me with their mouths which looked very strange, as though their lips were tightly pulled back, very thin lips, extremely skinny thin face dark patchy gray color (some parts were dark gray, others were light gray). I stopped and said "ok, you win, I didn't like them that much anyway". They kind of wobbled and bounced in place in a strange way and seemed to laugh. Then the one in the center asked "why aren't you asleep?" I told him, "your in my house without permission, why don't you answer my questions". he said "what do you want?", I said "what do YOU want?". him - "ask your questions". me - "are you angels?", he shook his head no. me - "are you demons?". He shook his head no. me - "then what the hell are you, because I've never seen anything like you before and I read Zoobooks all the time and have never heard of another animal like you aside from people." he said "people call us aliens". I said "like illegal aliens? my dad's always making fun of them". him - "something like that, space aliens. we don't live on your planet". me - "then where the hell do you live? you're telling me you aren't angels, you're not demons, you're obviously not people...whatever dude, you lost me." He laughed and his companions looked at each other. I got pissed off and defensive and said "don't be a butthole!" he said - "it's ok, you're handling this better than any adult." (paused for a minute and talked amongst each other) I said - " HEY! I'm still here." they said - "what do you want?" I said - "don't be a smartass" (if you can't tell by now I was a foul mouthed kid and loved cussing, for whatever reason it was just so amazing to me back then, the concept that words actually had power...not so these days). He said - "no, I mean what do YOU want, if you could have anything in life, what would it be" I said - "a lot of money, all the money in the world". him - " seriously?" me - " yeah you're right, they always tell me in church that is a selfish wish"

At this point I started think about all this stuff in church and about how knowledge is always more powerful than money. (back when I believed in God and all the nonsense that is organized religion). I told them, - "I want knowledge, I want as much knowledge as possible and the wisdom of how to use it, that's what I should want right? I want to be really, really smart, smarter than everyone else. I want to know the meaning of life, that's what everyone says is the ultimate answer and question right? that's what my brother said yesterday. And I want to be really strong too." him - " yeah, that's good, we can do that, but you've got to let us take you" me - " what do you mean take me? you can't just kidnap me, I can't really trust you, you did just break into my house and may have killed my family". him - "I told you, your family is fine, they're just asleep." me - "that's exactly what a killer would say". him - " go check after we leave." me - "ok". him - "but here's your wish, Gravity. The answer to the meaning of life is Gravity. You don't understand Gravity". me - "what's Gravity?" him - " exactly". me- "what the hell are you talking about?" him - "you'll understand when you're older" me - "how much older?" him - "your late teens early twenties" throughout the conversation I had begun moving closer and closer to him as we talked, at this point my eyes started adjusting to the darkness and I saw that he wasn't moving his mouth when he talked. And then I got freaked out and yelled "Alright! that's just too much! what are you! tell me right now!" and I got in my brother's karate stance. Their eyes all began to glow yellow and looked like they were burning like bright yellow flames in their eye sockets. I threw my hands down and said, "I'm done with this, get out, take care".

I went back into my room and closed the door. I came back just as quickly as I had closed the door yelling while I was walking to the door "Next time you stop by ring the damn doorbell you bunch of..." I had opened the door by this point and they were gone. I turned on the light switch checked out the room, went downstairs and checked every room in the house (except the basement because it scared the heck out of me at the time), went back upstairs, woke up my brother who asked me what I wanted to which I replied "just making sure you're alive like they promised" my brother - "like who promised?" "the aliens" I said as I left his room to go to my parents room. I woke up my parents, they asked "what's wrong?" I said - "there was somebody in the house I just wanted to check and see if you guys were o.k." my mom freaked out and woke up my dad and said "(my dad's name) get up! there's somebody in the house." My dad flipped up really quick and said "what?" my mom - " (me) said there is someone in the house, get your gun" I said - "it's cool, they left, I took care of it I think" my dad was already up loading his gun and said "where were they?" I said "in the den" "downstairs?" he said, me-" nope, the one next to my room. They're not in there anymore" dad - "how many were there?" me - "three, but they aren't people." dad- "what?" me - "I don't know" dad - "did you have a nightmare?" me..."nope".

My dad went to go check it out and I stayed in their bedroom with my mom. He came back and said nobody was there now. They were both freaked out and asked if I was sure I didn't just have a dream, and I said I didn't know. They both looked at each other and my dad said, "Yeah bud, you just had a dream, go back to sleep".

The next morning at breakfast I asked everyone all these questions like what an alien was, what's gravity, etc. My parents gave partial answers and then asked why I wanted to know. I told them my them about the night before. My dad mocked me as though I was trying to lie to him. I told him "then how do I know what an alien is? How do I know the word gravity! I'm 7!! (I was pissed)" and slammed both fists on the table as hard as I could and said "if you don't want to believe me because you're scared then that's ok, but don't call me a liar, I know what I saw". my brother then asked my parents "cooool, did (me) see aliens?" my dad - "nooooooo, (in a weird tone that I later learned he only uses when he's lying to people) I told him, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". My dad threatened to hit me and my mom stepped in and said "why don't we just stop talking about it." I said - "but isn't that amazing! I'm gonna tell everyone! What did I see? What was it? Do you guys know something I don't?" My mom said " (me)...don't tell anyone about it, even if you do believe it's true. They'll just think you're white trash or crazy, you'll get the same reaction from everyone else that you got from us and worse, people will make fun of you and bully you" I said - "Mom, I'm the biggest kid in my grade, I do the bullying". My dad laughed, and I never talked about it to anyone ever again.

Believe what you want, it happened. I've checked my room, closets, neighboring rooms, every night since. For the next 6 months while I would often times go to sleep on one bunk bed and wake up on the other with the bed I went to sleep on completely stripped of it's sheets. Sometimes I'd wake up with my body turned around where my feet were the night before and not remember ever getting up. Ever since then I've had problems with sleeping, my memories date back to when I was 6 months old in a shopping cart, my IQ was 160 when I applied to West Point in my junior year of high school. I've always been insanely strong for my body size, my veins are bright blue no matter how tan I get, animals of all types love me immediately and I can communicate via body language extremely well, and recently, I've begun working on a Quantum Physics paper that redefines all science and existence itself... a paper that presents undeniable evidence in both a Unified Theory of Everything and describes in extreme detail what the Unified Force of Nature is.

MUFON: Strange Witness Encounter Reports
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