Saturday, May 15, 2010

Look and Listen...EVP of a Singing Ghost?

Listen to the short clip below and tell me what you think....

Click for video

Statement with video: May 10, 2010 — "This one is odd. It's from this morning. My daughter that's in the room said she wasn't singing it and my other daughter that was out side of the room said she wasn't. I know she wasn't for sure because I can hear her at the end of the vid. My wife also says it isn't her. All three of them say they don't know the song. I don't know the song either. I'm hoping one of you viewer can name it, so I can do some research on it. I can't prove nobody in my house isn't singing this, but I can tell everyone says they didn't. Is it paranormal? Not sure, I really have a hard time believing I'd could pick up an evp that would go on this long and clear."

NOTE: this video is from DIG Paranormal. The videographer questioned his wife and two daughters about the voice. Not only do they say they were not singing, none were able to identify the song that is being sung. You can see other videos (those not made private) at doorwaysmag and Facebook page at DIG Paranormal...Lon

Look and Listen...EVP of a Singing Ghost?
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