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Florida Resident Witnessed 'Portal' Open From Bright Anomaly

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The following report was filed by a Florida resident who has no explanation after witnessing a small, bright, white light moved across their lawn and then opened up into what seemed to be a portal...Lon

MUFON witness report - Florida - unedited: Hello, My Name is Paul E. I’m writing this because I have witnessed an event that I would like to share. I will be holding back some of what I witnessed so I can verify if anyone else has seen what I saw.

It was Late November, 2009. It had just turned dark outside. I was sitting in our back screen room. When I saw a small blinking light about 8 feet away in the grass. My first thought was it was a lightning bug, but I live in Tampa Florida and I have not seen one since I moved here in 1984.

I also noticed that this light was Bright White not yellow, as is a lightning bug. The flash duration was about one second on , 5 seconds off. And as I watched it was moving toward where I was sitting. I tried to figure out what was causing this, looking around for anything that might be reflecting off of something in the grass.

But as I watched, it just kept flashing and moving in what would be slightly to my left.

As It came closer, lets say about 6 feet away I still could not make out what it was. I stood up and moved to the corner edge of my screen room (where our dog had tore the screen) and leaned out looking down. I was at this time only about 3 feet from the light when it stop flashing and began to get brighter and brighter.

Baffeled at what was happening. I stared at this thing that began to roll around like it had flat sides on it. I still could not make out any shape to the object. I leaned down as close as I could without falling trying to see something,

As I did this, it began to vibrate very fast.

So Here I am Leaning out of our screen room watching as a very bright, very small (maybe 1 quarter of an inch) light no more than 36 inches from me. I didn’t know what to think, then (heres the good part) I could see some kind of a square outline in the middle of the light, and then all of a sudden it shot up into some type of a portal within maybe 4 inches off the ground, and it was GONE.

Needless to say I could not believe what I had just witnessed.

Because the portal (lack of anything else to call it) slowly dissolved. Dripping some sort of metal like fluid. Which dispersed before hitting the ground (This is where I am going to hold something back.) Since this happen, I was consumed by what had happen, so much so I had to try and draw this, And I didn't do that well. I have attached a low res file.

MY QUESTION TO YOU. Craft, Entity or device? And where the heck did it go? Has anything like this been reported before?

PS. One more thing, scifi shows do not do this justice.

Florida Resident Witnessed 'Portal' Open From Bright Anomaly


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