Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Eckhart Encounters - Reptilian Emerging From Portal

Over the past year, I have released photographic and anecdotal evidence from David Eckhart in reference to his continued encounters with alien beings in his home and during abductions. Here are the links to the more recent releases: The Eckhart Encounters - New Evidence and The Eckhart Encounters - Further Evidence.

Back in October 2009, I posted a few photos of a 'stargate' or portal from which these beings were entering David's bedroom. This portal would develop in front of his television Alien Home Invasion Update: 'Stargate' Appears. The following photograph is a capture of a full bodied reptilian being coming through a portal from the far wall of David's bedroom (left of the television and dresser). This capture is actually 1/30 of one second of video and was only recently detected from his many videos while transferring to DVD. The emergence occurred so quickly that David had not noticed the being (he and his wife were in bed and awake). I estimate that the being was close to 7 ft. in height which is similar to David's descriptions of the reptilians he has had contact with.

NOTE: David was recently interviewed by my friends Benjamin Grundy & Aaron Wright at 'Mysterious Universe' for a future podcast. I'm not sure if it will be part of the regular broadcast or the Plus+ edition. I've been told it's an amazing interview. Please refer to the 'Mysterious Universe' website for further information...don't miss it! Lon

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The Eckhart Encounters - Reptilian Emerging From Portal


Erich Kuersten said...

Scary! My first thought at seeing this was "ah, there he is!" -- right from those dreams and visions I've had over the years -- what's funny is how much like that thing in Star Trek he looks like... or those Sumerian sculptures.

Doc Bunny said...

ok, why is he taking pics reflected in a stainless steel mixing bowl? to purposely distort? and if there were reptilians, WHY would they care about this guy? hoaxers, your bus is leaving...

Lon said... may be new here, I don't know. But I am getting tired of trying to explained the mirror again and why it was needed. Just go back to the links on this case and READ instead of jumping to conclusions. I hate hoaxers and have great disdain for them. I have been involved with this case for over 2 years and we're still going over evidence. Geez!

Andrew said...

I'm sorry Lon. I regularly read your site and all. But I continually think hoax on this one.

Cullan Hudson said...

Lon, I have to ask the same as Doc Bunny. I've reread the links contained within the post, but didn't find a ready explanation as to why this image is shot in a bowl. I did see another post that showed images seemingly shot through glass or on a mirror, but it didn't exactly explain why. It did go on to say that these amorphous beings could be captured on an image once a fog machine was employed (but failed to explain the mechanism behind this), which just left me scratching my head. It would (the fog machine) seem like the perfect set up for a case of pareidolia. I applaud your efforts to examine this man's "evidence", but - respectfully - I think you may be buying into an individual's self-delusions, or worse, his hoax. There is no ubiased evidence here, only what this man says and wants to show you.

Lon said...

I can appreciate your doubts...I had doubts originally myself. It's just hard to relay the anecdotal evidence on a blog...though David's interview with 'Mysterious Universe' is forthcoming and it should very well be an eye opener. Ben and Aaron are very fair and level minded but have no problem expressing their doubts. From all indications, they were very surprised by the information David provided them. Stay tuned....Lon

ed/learn said...

Part 1:

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Part 5;

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Part 12:

David Eckhart's Alien / Human Entity Activity Videos

Sheephoganess said...

The image DOES look very similar to statuary from Sumerian culture. One 'reptilian' nursing an infant in particular. Can be seen here: As to the 'reflection' thing. You're eyes are 'stereoscopic' receivers. They, therefore, perceive in 3 dimensions or in height, depth, and width. A reflection such as that in a mirror OR camera OR anything 'reflective' at all (unless it is a 'stereoscopic' instrument, which would be very costly) is only 2 dimensional or 'flat' with no 'depth'. If you were a 2 dimensional being and turned sideways in front of someone you'd appear to disappear because you'd have NO DEPTH. Whatever the images are, they are somehow concealing or altering the perception of depth by only producing a 2 dimensional image of themselves to the naked eye than they'd still be visible in any 2 dimensional reflective surface. This is an extremely GENERAL explanation of things. It is also very interesting to note that, in this particular instance, that the reflective surface is ALSO a rounded one. I am almost positive that some will not understand this but give it a try. Here is an example of what is called 'penumbral shadow' or how a shadow of the sun (or moon) is produced during an eclipse.
This bowl is spherical like the earth is. Light 'wraps' around a sphere and can still be seen as a shadow. Now just imagine possible beings, entities etc. who have mastered this manipulation of light.... it's simple 'physics'.... OR a possible hoax, of course, but don't discount it so readily.

Lon said...

Sheephoganess...I appreciate your explanation of the reflected. I looked up the term 'penumbral shadow' and it does simplify the understanding of the effect. BTW...I have listened to a draft of David's interview with 'Mysterious Universe'. I suggest that when it is released on Thursday or Friday you go and listen. I'm sure there will be a follow up interview. Also, a network that produces an alternative TV show has been in contact. Lon

borky said...

Lon, whenever you put this guy's 'captures' up it might be a good idea to immediately stick up a sort of all purpose explanation link at the top of the page to head off at the pass the cries of genuine bemusement.

I can understand people's authentic hostility to the way this guy gets his images because, from the point of view of hoaxing, reflective surfaces are a godsend.

But there is a long history of precedence for this sort of thing because scrying - the use of reflective surfaces to see behind and beneath the APPARENT fabric of reality - goes right back to the ages before the invention of the glass mirror, highly polished metals, gemstones or volcanic glass, to times in fact when the surfaces of lakes of ponds were used, (which might explain, for instance, at least some Nessie type sightings).

Saying all that, I personally don't usually rate the value of such images very highly, unless they show signs of having 'hidden structure' information in them, enabling them to be 'read' somewhat in the fashion of Tarot Card.

And to anyone out there on the receiving end of such experiences - no, you're not mad.

There ARE such things as 'portals'; 'things' DO come and go through them, (usually though with the unwitting mediumistic collusion of someone located near the portal, often, though not always, the witness themselves); if you manage to establish the location of one, especially if it's in your own house, don't make a point of hanging around it because some of these 'things' have a seething hatred of humans, while others are inadvertently toxic.

If you see something resembling a grey porcelain version of the golden age Flash/the winged helmeted god Hermes emerging from such a portal before shooting through the nearest wall, try to avert your gaze and at the very least DON'T spend ages pottering around the scene trying to prove to yourself and your brother it was just a crazy trick of the light, because whatever it is these things leave behind, it leaves you coughing up chunks of blood the size of Kennedy half-dollars for months afterwards.

Decide NOW to begin abolishing ALL fear and hope from your repertoire of human responses, because they're just entry points for 'stuff' to begin working your ego over, either by cruel personal threats or mind blowing flattery.

Try to treat the whole thing as if it's no different from the sun shining, or rain falling - 'cause it ain't!


Tina Sena said...

My grandmother was chased by a reptilian, back when she was a teenager in Cape Verde. She never mentioned needing a mirror to see it/him. So I don't get why this 'traveler' couldn't have been seen/photographed with the naked 'human' eye. Not saying he's not telling the truth or that the photo is a hoax, but c'mon...sometimes even I get annoyed with these unnecessary explanations and examples of inter-dimensional travelers who are peripheral. Whatever.

doug.dayhoff said...

Great interview to say the least. But afraid the photographic evidence falls short of convincing. For a decade of the events, he couldn't get a clear image of ANY of these beings? Not one?? I really want to believe this one, but with plenty of time to inconspicuously set up camera angles, etc., I would expect at least a clear unmistakable image. And the video of the little visitor there, why not show us a realtime clip instead of a few frames if indeed this being was walking into the room?

J.Griffin said...

I have to agree with Doug-
I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt but more footage instead of a graphically traced out still WOULD be nice....

A more in-depth explanation of the need for curved reflective surfaces would help,too.

In my case,
I have experienced things for years and they have shown up in photos unexpectedly but I never needed curved glass.

The world is strange enough that hoaxing and enhancing really are NOT necessary and they only
add to the confusion.

In this case,
more footage is not helping if it is vague,confusing and the whole "backwards,upside down in a mirror" thing is not better clarified.

Perhaps you might want to do a piece just on that,Lon,
then you can refer to it to dispel the perplexity.

Thanks for posting!

Mediamixer said...

How can they sleep in that room? The name of Jesus has power over there
These beings, wonder why? They are demon entities and flee at his name. That says a lot of what they really are. Very creepy stuff. I bought your book and I hope this soy is in one of them... Good site
Lon. Very interesting

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