Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Can You Hear Me?

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Samantha M. forwarded this video...here is the statement she posted:

May 01, 2010 — This was taken at the Houston Zoo while me and my son were at the Reptile House. There was no one around us and the voices you hear in the background are on the other side of the building.

If you turn up the volume, you can distinctly hear a voice whisper 'can you hear me' three times during the video. Samantha has given me her assurance that she and her son were alone (though there where other people further away from them). As well, she states her son is incapable of vocalizing the words.

I alerted 'SW' (who is a sensitive and clairvoyant) about the video and asked for her opinion:

"I was quite sure that it wasn't her son.

It could be a trans-dimensional being, or even a child that is somehow trapped in another dimension. People have done that, never to be seen again, at least not here in this dimension.

As for helping the being, I rather doubt there is anything to be done. You can't lead them back over through a portal. The being would have to want to, or be able to find one on it's own and then it may not survive for any length of time, in our reality.

I listened to it again today, several times. As for what I gleaned from the voice, it really doesn't want anything, other than to be noticed. If it is still "attached", and the lady keeps experiencing any interaction with this being, she could ask it directly what it wants, or better yet, ignore it and it should eventually go away on it's own. Something else will attract it's attention. Interaction could signify that she's is interested in it, then she might not like it hanging on.

BTW, I sense the son may have attracted this being. He and his mother are somewhat "gifted"."

NOTE: So, what do you think? Lon

Can You Hear Me?


Creepy said...

It certainly sounds like a child whispering to me. I've never heard an EVP so clear that I can remember. I can hear "Can you hear me?" plain as day at least two times, and that was without my volume being above normal. A very strange and interesting video.

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Christopher Darrin Horn said...

Neat! Something just as weird, maybe, it's the snake, LOL.

Snake Oil Baron said...

I think that almost this exact thing happened in one of the Harry Potter movies - the plot element was used to show that Harry had an innate ability to hear, understand and speak the magical language of snakes which causes some form of suspicion to fall on him. It could be that someone who saw the movie is pulling a prank.

Ai said...

Not sure about this..

At around the 40 second mark you can hear "Can you hear me?" followed by a hissing rattly type sound (from what? the snake? or the source of the whisper?).

The glass in these exhibits is quite thick. I seriously doubt you could hear the snake over all the background noise even if it had produced that hissing.

This is all quite strange and doesn't seem to add up.

oldnwiser said...

I have a friend who a very similiar (voices) experience which was "very" clear and whisper like and it was no prank or imagination

Paul said...

I am very curious to know what this child thinks upon hearing this clip. It's well known people under a certain age have far better hearing than adults in the higher ranges. I wonder if the child has heard voices before/elsewhere. Although if this is a disincarnate spirit or being I find it curious as to why it is what appears to be, whispering.

Kat St said...

Sounds to me like someone's mobile phone has accidentally got left on and dialled a speed-dial number...

gloriagirl said...

Lon, this is the third time that i've heard of dimensions, I have read all kinds of misfortion happenings to people who have disapper out of the bloom. and it's really scarry to think that you could be lost in a dimention. has this been studied at all?

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