Sunday, May 09, 2010

3-Year-Old Boy Delivers A Warning!

The following is an odd post I found on ATS today. I'd be interested to read your thoughts on these revelations by a 3-year-old.

My son, who is 3, woke up this morning and started to make some really bizarre statements this morning. He woke up early as usual and related this tale to his great aunt (I was still in bed, being Sunday and all). It went as follows:

Son: “You’re gonna die.”
Aunt: “What?!”

“Yep, the Erf [sic] is gonna start spinning faster and faster and toooo fast and everything is gonna’ go upside down!” He then demonstrated by spinning rapidly and then doing a dramatic tumblesault on the living room carpet, finished with an “umph” for emphasis. After that, he asked for some breakfast.

My aunt then queried him as to what would happen to other members of the family. He responded that “Dadda will die, mumma will die, everybody is gonna’ die.” He was not upset in the least by these proclamations. They were just made as matter of fact. My aunt then asked him if he would die too. He responded, “no”.

So my aunt asked him how he will survive. He stated that, “I’m gonna be ok. They will take care of me.” When asked who are ‘they’ he replied “the other people will look for me, I’m ok”. (Bear in mind, this is a 3 year old so his definition of everybody and everything is still a loose term)

So, my aunt questioned him further by naming various family members that he knew. He did state that one of his uncles and one of his cousins would also survive. They live in different parts of the state. Everyone else that he knows – dead.

Later today, my aunt told me about this little conversation. I then asked my son to tell me about it. He related the same story, with the same little spin and dramatic fall on the floor. So, I decided to interrogate him further. I didn’t get much more information; but some of the answers were intriguing.

When asked how he knew this, he replied “cause I got told”. Unfortunately, the little pisser absolutely refused to tell me who told him this. And again, being 3, most of his answers were just sort of matter-of-fact without detailed explanation. When asked why the Earth would start spinning faster, all I got was “cause it will”. He did state that, “everything's gonna shake and get broken” and that “it happens so fast!” One of the most chilling statements was that, “the water is everywhere.” (Again, ‘everywhere’ is a relative term to him)

When asked as to when this would happen, all I got was a “in da future”. Now to him, having a 3 year-old's conception of time and space, the ‘future’ could mean next month or 2075. It’s all vague and sort of incomprehensible to him. So nothing there.

What I am really concerned with is, where did he get this information? Granted, I do belong to ATS and enjoy all the doom-and-gloom, 2012, Armageddon posts. But I have never discussed the concept of the End of the World with him. Neither would my wife as she is not at all interested in these types of things. In fact, she finds them disturbing and to be avoided. Same for my aunt and his older sister. My son does have rudimentary reading skills but nothing that would allow him to digest this sort of information if he found it online. So, where did he get exposed to this concept? Who told him about this theory of the precession of the equinoxes and polar displacement, etc? My only assumption (now) is that it had to be a dream because he stated it immediately after getting out of bed. So, WTF?

This has been obsessing me up all day. The little stinker won’t give much more than vague, yet assured and emphatic, statements. If anybody has any ideas or input as to how to deal with this, I’d be glad to hear it.

NOTE: if this account is true, was this child given an insight to the future? If so, who or what told him this? Was is meant to merely scare his family and whoever else heard the warning? Though this boy is only 3-years-old, I feel he may have heard something on TV that prompted a dream...there are many 2012 revelation programs running at all hours on the tube. But, then again....? Lon

3-Year-Old Boy Delivers A Warning!
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