Friday, April 23, 2010

Video: Yowie Encounter - Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

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Statement with video: I went into the Bush to do some research around 5.00pm 3rd of April 2010, I didn't expect it to go dark so quickly. I was heading out when all hell broke loose. At least two creatures were around me they made themselves very clear I wasn't welcomed.........No.1 Rule - do not do anything like this by yourself....

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Statement with video: This is a follow up video to what happened last night 9-4-2010 I made this at 9pm today.....Please, Please, I cant stress enough don't go out on your own. This encounter has woken me up big time to what could have happened to myself or anyone for that matter, out researching on their own....I wont do it again by myself, I just had to share what happened with you guys and put this behind me and continue on researching this beautiful creature we call The Yowie......Cheers...Tony from Australia

NOTE: What do you think? Tony states that he's been looking for proof of the Yowie for 25 years, but has never come this close before. He reiterated that he's never going into the bush alone after dark. This link offers a lot of information Australian Yowie Research...Lon

Video: Yowie Encounter - Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia


charles f. said...

Well , honestly I have never commented on anything like this !
I would never had gone in there alone at any time! I have been in the woods alone before while hunting in the Catkills in NY . I was armed and was quite unnerved as it got dark. I wonder if you were carrying any weapons? It's just great that you got out at all!! Good luck on your next go at it with others around.

borky said...

Aussie Ton', given you've been pursuing these things for decades and this's the closest you've ever gotten to 'em in all that time, doesn't that argue precisely for going after them on your own?

Maybe a modified version of the loner scenario'd be to have some confederates holding back at a fair distance, but equipped with a global sat monitor allowing them to track your position, (plus of course equipment that'd allow them to see and hear what you were seeing and hearing).

It'd have to be you going into the lion's den, though, mate, because they've got a taste for you now, and that'll make it harder for them to resist coming out to play with you.


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