Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Garage Phantom Throws Old Coins and Stacks Tires

dailymail - Gothic castles, deserted mansions, ivy-covered old houses - all of them perfect haunts for a ghost.

But how about something as modern and mundane as a tire depot in sensible South Yorkshire?

According to owner Nick White, a supernatural visitor has been running riot at his garage, which was originally a chapel and also served as a makeshift mortuary during the Second World War.

The uninvited guest has thrown stones and coins at staff, and stacked up piles of tires and moved them around the building while it was locked up overnight.

The ghostly figure, which materialized from time to time dressed in the style of the 1940s, is said to have first made its presence felt in 2003 but vanished (so to speak) after Mr White took over the business three years ago.

Now, however, the odd goings on have started again, with pre-war coins turning up mysteriously on the garage floor in two strange incidents a month apart.

Mr White found the first of the old penny pieces, dated 1936 and bearing the image of George VI, when he arrived for work one day in February.

The second copper coin, dated 1938, was lying in almost the same spot when Mr White, 35, and one of his mechanics turned up at the depot in Doncaster last week.

Mr White said: 'I took all the strange stories with a big pinch of salt when I bought the place. But I wouldn't like to say it's not true any more. There's no logical explanation for the two old pennies turning up like they did. I wish there was.

'It's a little bit scary knowing that there's something happening while the place is locked up at night.'

Previous owner Nigel Lee once called in a clergyman to perform an exorcism.

Mr White added: 'Nigel told me all about the tires being moved around when the place was locked up at night and customers witnessing small change and stones coming out of nowhere and flying here and there.

'It's all right being skeptical about these things, but I'm the owner of two very old pennies now, and I'd love to know where they came from.'

Garage Phantom Throws Old Coins and Stacks Tires


carolcockburn said...

Sounds mysterious. I wonder how an old coin could apear from nowhere while the place it locked. It's physicly impossible.

Ai said...

In all fairness, the coins are not that old. It's possible someone is playing a trick on him, since it sounds as if all the employees are aware of the rumor that the place is haunted.

Now, I'm not a skeptic. I grew up in a home that had a resident ghost. Similar things would happen there as well. Things would zoom across the room, personal belongings would go missing only to reappear a week or so later in a very obvious spot (like my sapphire ring that showed up on my bedside table), faucets turning on and off... The usual really.

But when I see news articles reporting that a business is haunted I automatically go "hmmmm....".

Interesting, though.

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