Thursday, March 04, 2010

Photos: 'Camouflaged' Beings Harass Witness

MUFON witness report (unedited) - Nevada: I dont know how to start but all i know is that since my husband was hospitalize i have seen them and they continue coming and coming to me. I have video taped this every night since i wanted to show my self and everyone else that i am not going crazy or seeing things. They hover over my house and i have even had one close enough to me to the point that i saw what it looked like since it stared at me as it went passed the front of my face. I have emailed many people especially Dr. Steven Greer but i dont seem to get a response. I dont know what or who to tell anymore. And as days go by they get close and closer and show more. I can hear them coming and if i ignore it i feel sick like flue symptoms. All i know is that many of them hover and do shapes over my house as if they want me to see them or they are trying tell me something. I need to get someones attention since my husband says im going crazy and its just my imagination. I feel like if they are preparing for something and i just dont know what it is. I even see them around places Camouflaging. All i know is that they know is that they know that i see them and they let me record them when ever they are not hovering and just Camouflaging. I thought about calling the media and showing them all of the videos that i record day and night. I even had my husband get me a telescope to see what it is see every night. You are my last hope. If i dont hear or get anyone's attention i might just delete everything i have since its driving insane. I wont attach any videos since i dont know who to even trust anymore. I will attach a picture that i took of my computer as i slowed down the video to see it closer.

NOTE: this situation sounds familiar to at least 2 other cases I have documented...more so to the 'Alien/Human Entity Activity' case. The videos with links to the postings are at Phantoms and Monsters YouTube. I have no contact information for this witness...hopefully she'll find us. I'm going to attempt to have the images enhanced and evaluated. The witness states she contacted Dr.Steven Greer and he never got back to her...well, he was too busy chasing and filming his own 'extraterrestrials'...Lon


UPDATE: I asked 'SW' to take a look at the images and to give her impression. She states: there are extra dimensional beings present. It seems the photos were taken through a screen, like ones over a window or door and the photo quality is very poor and reflections are seen in the glass. However, the main objects in the photos are real.

I examined the photos you sent, made an assessment and then looked for the report. I wish I could assure the woman that she is not going crazy. I would guarantee others have seen what she is seeing but are afraid to say anything.

I am hoping the witness will contact me so more information can be retrieved. In the meantime, MUFON needs to take action on this report...Lon


Esther said...

Wow this is very intriguing. Hopefully you get more information about this lady, it seems she needs help and fast.

killsing said...

This type of phenomena has got to be terrifying for someone that just doesn't understand the why's or wherefores. Add to that the fact that She has no one to turn to for help or explaination. I am quite sure that there are plenty of others out there that have also experienced this type of visitation. I just hope this inspires others to come forward.

Courage said...

Where or who leaked these pictures out? How did you get your hands on them without permission….You don’t know what you are getting yourselves in to.

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