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OK....So You're Writing A Book

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Well, no one can say that 'ex-Bigfoot researcher' Autumn Williams is not good in front of a camera. She is savvy and easy on the eyes...just as she was when she had a television show. But now, she is presenting her case for leaving the field of Bigfoot research.

The preamble to her recent video blog is as follows: "Bigfoot research" hasn't worked and isn't working. It's inherently counterproductive... and that's why I'm throwing in the towel. I'm going out into the woods to act like a witness - and hopefully BE a witness again. When I'm not in the woods, I'll be listening to and speaking up for witnesses as an eyewitness advocate, and helping witnesses share their stories with other witnesses.

She does make a few valid points. I'm also a 'Bigfoot witness' and the experience has changed my for life. I know that regardless of what I hear or read this cryptid is real. Some of the exploits of certain individuals to simply make a buck are despicable...ex. the Georgia Bigfoot fiasco.

She claims to have intimate knowledge of a man who has a personal association with a Bigfoot. This man has no problem conveying this information but draws the line at providing tangible evidence to support this claim. Ms. Williams presents a long diatribe on the ills of Bigfoot research and finally tells us that she no longer has a desire to be known as a Bigfoot researcher and that she will reveal her anecdotal a book.

Look...I have no problem with anybody who decides to write a book on any subject. But for some reason, the route that Autumn Williams is pursuing leads me to question her motives. Slamming the entire Bigfoot community and completely disassociating herself from it may be more counterproductive than she realizes. Granted, she may very well have a legitimate account to tell...but in the long run, I'm not sure the end will justify the means. Lon

Autumn Williams' blog - Oregon Bigfoot Blog


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