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Have You Ever Wondered What a Traditional Witch Thought About the Subject of UFOs and Aliens?

Chris Holly's Paranormal World - I interviewed a traditional male witch a few months ago. Mer-amun is a man who spent over a decade of his life studying the history and correct traditions of traditional witchcraft. He lives his life following the traditions that have been practiced on earth for thousands of years known as Wicca.

Mer-amun is not one of the silly wanna be people claiming to be a witch. Mer-amun does not give you the evil eye by way of a web cam or threaten to cast a black spell upon you in a silly chat room. Mer- amun is a real educated practicing Traditional Witch. This man is well read, knowledgeable and living a life style he fully researched, learned and practices with care and understanding.

During our first interview Mer-amun and I talked mainly about the traditions and beginnings of witchcraft that can be found in all civilizations from the beginning of the human experience on earth. During my recent interview I decided to ask Mer-amun questions not often asked to a witch. I was curious to find out what a traditional witch thought about UFO’s and Aliens.

Mer-amun did not disappointment me when I asked for his opinion on these subjects. I found his thinking very interesting and know from talking with others who practice witchcraft follow in line with what other witches have told me.

The following is what Mer-amun told me his opinions are concerning UFO’s and Aliens:

“Just as we spend money on the dream of some day visiting Mars to terra-form it and colonize it, so was our own Earth deliberately terra-formed and colonized from the time life inexplicably and suddenly appeared here. Just as we plan to place lichens and micro-organisms on Mars to slowly make it habitable, so were life forms placed here on earth for the same purpose long ago.

Here on earth we raise and farm various animals for our consumption or for scientific experiments. I think earth life was deliberately seeded as an experiment by another species from another place out among the stars.

I am sure there are many extra-terrestrial races that are perfectly aware of us here on Earth. I am sure some have visited us, some may use us for their own purposes like biological material while others may be more interested in uniting or learning about us in a civil kind manner. I am sure there are also those that may not want anything to do with us at all.

From what I understand there are 2 main extra-terrestrial races that do interact with us. One type called The Grays it has been told are the ones responsible for the terra-forming and seeding of life upon this earth. They are the ones that may be using us for our genetic material. They are typically described as having large egg-shaped heads with over-sized black almond shaped eyes, long spindly arms and legs, and characteristic gray skin.

The Grays are beings who visit and use other life forms for their own agendas where the Blondes are more peaceful kind beings who seem to keep a handle on the actions of the Grays and the life forms they both visit.

At different times, both races have genetically altered life on the Earth. For example there was a time in the distant past when this planet had no life forms that were sexed. All creatures were androgynous, and reproduced alone. A mutation was created in the genes of the life forms on this planet. We were at that time, mutated into females and males. The Blondes did not intervene seeing an opportunity for this to bring about beings that would develop in to caring loving creatures through the introduction of sex. The Blondes decided not to intervene with the Gray's operation of mutation. (In hind-sight, this decision to go along with the sex experiment has since been thought by the Blondes to have created more trouble and complication, and in some cases more inhumanity than it was worth.)

The Blondes also it is told were involved with transforming us from a more big foot looking creature into the humans we are today. It is told that our refinements and intelligence came by way of our combination of genetics natural to this planet and our alien visitors influence if not adjustment to looking more like them then they like us!

While the Grays typically visit in UFOs conduct abductions and experiments on us thinking of us as their property or worse livestock- the Blondes are far more typically born and living among us. The Blondes try to work with us. We seem to be the ones caught in the conflict of these two visitors right on our own planet. It is as if we are all aliens without a true earthling to be found!

If this story sounds crazy, it is because it is supposed to. Extra-terrestrials work together as to keep their existence within the tight confines of those who are in their tutelage.

Having those who talk about these things on earth ridiculed and laughed at is exactly what they plan and hope for. The idea that these subjects are openly considered crazy and without credibility is exactly what they want.

This is a very effective technique for controlling public opinion on a topic, simply: make it seem crazy. For example, in 1995 the CIA experiments with Remote Viewing became published. Today, in order to continue those experiments without inquiry and without intervention by public opinion- it is simply said that Remote Viewing no longer exist.

The subject was no longer in fad or style and those who continued to discuss it are laughed at or accused of being crazy. The film, ‘Men Who Stare at Goats’ is one example of this. The extra-terrestrials themselves are the first to use this behavior on society to keep public scrutiny and opinion easy to deal with.

The last 80 years are unprecedented in recorded history as the era we have gained an awareness of and belief in extra-terrestrials and UFOs.

All over the world people have become aware of UFOs, aliens, and abductions. I was taught and believe that we are being prepared as a society for the unveiling of the great alien human secret.

I think some of us alive today will live to see the emergence of the extra-terrestrials openly into our civilization here on earth. It is said that the same openness between earthlings and aliens that once occurred on earth will one day be our way once again. I have been taught and believe the visitors from the stars will openly reveal themselves during the next 60 to 80 years.

Once years ago when I was studying my traditional beliefs I was explaining to one of my teachers some of the things I learned concerning the Grays and the Blondes that visit or live among us. When I finished my teacher spent an hour to discredit me in front of everyone else present. His reaction took me by surprise. While the class was laughing at his suggestion everyone should make tin foil hats he leaned over to me and whispered in my ear: "a day will come when you will regret having learned so much about this."

Needless to say I was a bit shocked at the detailed and strong opinions concerning visiting aliens and the subject of UFO activity that Mer-amun explained to me. I actually thought I was going to get a far less thought out answer. I did not anticipate the strong opinions concerning the alien connection from a traditional witch however learned quickly he not only believes we are being visited he considers it part of our history.

I have asked the same questions concerning aliens and UFO’s to two other people who practice the Wiccan ways. One was a traditional female witch and the other a pagan witch by their own definitions. Although the three people I asked including the two females and this male traditional witch did not know each other they all told me almost the same things concerning these subjects and all consider it part of this earth’s history.

I admit I may not agree with everything they believe to be true however I also do not disagree with some of the ideas concerning the interference of aliens with our evolution as a species and our advancement as societies.

I do enjoy finding out what those around me think and think the traditional male witch who gave me the opinions in this article is a smart rounded educated man. I think the main thing for us all to understand is that we really do not know what went on in history and should keep open our minds and views to scenarios we have not yet incorporated into our thinking about what really went on in the history of our being who we are or how we ended up as we are today.

I for one never thought our history was correct or our understanding of the science of life and our own biology close to being understood. There are so many unknowns and speculations that remain lost to science that I find it impossible to rule out any cause for our being or development here on earth. I think we most likely a combination of evolution of the planet, design by an ultimate creator and interference or manipulation by visitors already evolved. I believe we are the total sum of nature, god and visitors hands. Until these things can be proved or disproved for me they all remain on the table of possible reasons you and I exist today.

Next time I ask a interesting person for a viewpoint I will know it may result in a controversial incredible line of thinking I may need to share with everyone- exactly like my asking a traditional male witch what he thought about aliens and UFO’s!

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World
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