Thursday, January 07, 2010

A New Mother's Concern

Last evening, I received a rather mysterious email from a woman (I'll refer to her as 'Lisa') who had a traumatic experience recently. Lisa didn't place much content in the email and attached a telephone number, so I called Lisa this morning. I attempted to write down notes as best as I could....she was very distraught. She gave me permission to post her account anonymously. I will state that she lives on the U.S. west coast. Before I go any further, this is one of the more unusual accounts related to me.

Two months ago, Lisa gave birth to a baby boy. She never mentioned anything about the child's father but I assumed by some of her comments that she was not in a relationship. Her pregnancy was uneventful though, the OB/GYN insisted that she remain at home for the last trimester. The reason he gave was that Lisa was slightly built and it would be better safe than sorry. She lived with her mother and sister so there was someone usually there to watch over her.

In those last months of her pregnancy, the OB/GYN told her he and a nurse would come to her mother's home for her exams instead of her coming to his office. She didn't give it much thought at the time, but did recognize that this was a bit unusual. The exams were not anything out of the ordinary except for one occasion when the nurse gave her an injection of a 'mild sedative' to relax her during a cervical exam.

I asked her what had happened during that exam and she whispered "I don't know". Lisa had fallen asleep or was under strong sedation but only remembers the nurse applying a cold compress to her forehead just before they got ready to leave. She said that she thinks that the examination lasted almost a full hour from what she could recollect about the time of day. I asked if her mother and sister were home but she said that both were at work that day.

In early November, Lisa gave birth to a 6lbs. 8oz baby boy at her local hospital. The labor and birth went easier than she had expected...her contractions lasted about 10 hours but she said it was more bearable than she had imagined it would be (this was her first child). The procedure was performed naturally without any pain medication though she said that she did suffer a slight infection a few days later which required her to remain in the hospital for 2 extra days. Her OB/GYN performed the delivery and the nurse who had come to her home was also present.

Everything was fine with the child and Lisa leading up to the holidays. She had taken the baby to another OB/GYN because her regular doctor was on a 'long vacation' another doctor in his clinic was taking care of his patients until he returned.

A few days before the New Year, Lisa was feeding her child when she noticed that the baby's eyes were a dark, almost violet color instead of it's normally blue hue. She said that the baby acted normal but she called the doctor's office anyway. She was told that infants' eye color can change fairly quickly and it was nothing to worry was just part of the growing process. After a few days, the child's eyes seemed to lighten some...until New Year's eve.

It was late morning and Lisa was at home alone because her mother and sister were at a friend's wedding. She was in the living room when the baby started to suddenly it was being hurt. Lisa picked him up and noticed that his eyes were very dark violet but seemed to shine when the baby blinked. The baby continued to scream...then stopped on a dime. The child's eyes opened wide, looked directly at her and blinked SIDEWAYS! Membranes came across both eyes from the corners and blinked like, in her words, "...a lizard".

OK...I'm thinking "...was someone setting me up?" "Why was this woman telling me a story like this?"

I asked Lisa to continue her story. She said she immediately called the doctor's office and was told to go to the hospital since the doctor was on call. When the baby was examined, it was determined he was fine and that there was nothing wrong with the eyes. Then Lisa inquired to the emergency room doctor about her regular OB/GYN...she was told that someone would get back to her on that question.

About a half hour later, the OB/GYN who was on call and had filled in for her regular doctor came to the examination room. She said that she looked at the exam reports and everything was fine. Then Lisa was told, in a matter-of-fact manner, that her regular OB/GYN had quit his practice. Lisa asked about his attending nurse. The doctor looked at her like she was crazy and said "what nurse?". She described the nurse and was told that no one of that description worked at the clinic or the hospital.

Since that day, Lisa says her child's eyes are a light violet color and that she has not noticed the strange side-to-side blinking at all but swears there is something wrong. The child looks at her in a strange manner, with very wide eyes...then slowly closes his eyes and gives her an unsettling 'smile'. She said she has investigated the OB/GYN and has found that he was licensed to practice but is not anywhere to be found.

In the meantime, I'm still wondering if I was having my leg pulled. After some checking, Lisa is actually who she said she was...all the information I was given was true. I did asked her why she contacted me and was told that I was 'referred' to her and that I could give her some idea where to go. I gave her some contact addresses and links as well as assurance that I would remain available if she needed to contact me.

My last question to Lisa was "what do you think is going on?". As I expected, she tells me her theory of 'reptilians' and 'alien hybrids'....and that the OB/GYN and nurse may be aliens, etc. I'm not discounting any of her thoughts. But as with every other incident or case I research, I'm not taking all the information as fact. I truly believe Lisa is sincere and I will continue to keep in touch with her. But, in the meantime, I'll continue with an open and somewhat skeptical mind...Lon

BTW...if anyone thinks they can offer Lisa advice, I'm sure she will be checking the blog. Just leave your comments. Thanks...Lon

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Gabriel said...

this is definitely a chiller. I wish i can offer some sort of advice but im stymied :(

Dancingunicorn said...

Reptilian races, particularly Drako's (DRACONIANS)have the ability to be organic and inorganic, to manipulate their assemblage point with the help of the human blood to look like a human (for instance George Bush or a Queen Elisabeth-read -a lizard birth) or even your relative. They could be in their original form: Dragon. That's why Chinese and others spreading it like hell all over the planet. Half of their restaurants are
called "Dragon Palace" or something of that nature, Hong-Kong's airline is called Dragonline, Souvenir shops, markets all over the Globe are loaded with miniature version of a winged dragon, comics, adult's and children's books and toys, cartoons (Pete's dragon), movies, commercials, American TV series of last 40 years, emblems (like bank of St.George), reptilian zoos and museums etc. And
we know very little about their nature, their lifestyle, their goals and their connection to us. Flyers eat our awareness, but other varieties eat our bodies and drink our blood, they prefer terrified children (they taste better). For a start check out Internet address: man beef. will sell you human meat for human consumption with recopies you just have to pay This organization has been in existence for 20 years! All of this is coming from Draco's. You don't know what meat you are buying in the supermarket or a take away shop. Maybe we 've been eating human meat for years without knowing it. "Opposition makes us move and do our best,” (predators).
Millions of human females were impregnated by Reptilians (against their will or when they are asleep), the same way they choosing male-breeder.
Organic and Inorganic beings start raping us as little children in order we would have a taste for raping each other in future. I'm talking from a personal experience. All that has happened to me and when I became an adult my body has been used for production of foetuses. Millions females are in the same situation, some know what is going on, but memory of the most females is erased and they
are heavily mind controlled (more then men because of their womb-antenna). The most desirable females (genetically) end up in jails (court case is staged), routinely impregnated, foetuses are taken out, and they never see the light of the day till they die. I nearly got jailed a few times (me and my big mouth). Earth is a place of no pity like the rest of the Universe, we just didn't know about it.
The reason I brought it up because we are running of time. We were flying out of Zurich airport where I filmed a huge photo (3m long by 2m wide) of a face of a pretty European girl who had eyes with a VERTICAL SLIT like a snake or a crocodile or some cats, photo hanging on the wall where hundreds of people could see it. It was for the first time that I saw such a thing in public. Nobody paid any attention! How would you like to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend with such eyes with black glasses to cover them? In the movie "They live" humans were using dark glasses to see aliens but in this reality aliens using dark glasses to hide themselves (in underground installations: military bases, genetic laboratories, concentration camps, industries etc. they don't have to hide). Fashion to wear dark glasses was created and we fall for it. Secret society members wouldn’t hang this thing for nothing. It looks like a signal for exposing themselves: time is pressing them too. All this time exchanging Earth humans for hybrids with more reptilian
genetics has been taken place. New Order is Draconian Order. They used Human females to create the replacement. "Arrival" and "I Robot" I would recommend you to see, there is some truth in it.

Sheri said...

Very interesting account.

purrlgurrl said...

New mother, first baby, no father in sight. This is very stressfuf in and of itself. Given her living situtation, she might be a teenaged Mom, unless you know otherwise. All this could be a symptom of postpartum emotional distress exacerbated by the circumstances of the pregnancy. In extreme cases postpartum effects can lead to psychiatric hospitalization and worse (remember the Texas woman who drowned her children?).

She may need help, but probably not of the paramormal kind. Tread lightly here.

Kamma said...

Have to agree with "purrlgurrl".

Pixl1983 said...

@purrlgurrl Very good point. This may well be post natal depression. I'm aware of changing colours in babies eyes, this is standard, but the situation with the nurses and the memory loss whilst under examination are puzzling.

A very important part of a child's nurture comes at the earliest stages when the brain learns of the concepts of the world and their mother. I would suggest that Lisa investigates potential PND before jumping to more extreme conclusions.

Regardless of the outcome of the situation, the baby needs love and a mother. My suggestion to Lisa is not to let any of this get in the way of her love for the child.

@Dancinunicorn Whilst this is all fascinating stuff, I don't think Lisa is going to want to read some of the things you're stating. Please remember that this is related to a real person and a vulnerable one at that.

skyhighviews said...

Lisa,sounds like a person who couldn't afford prenatal care and the Doctor & assistant(female)came to the house for her 1st prenatal examination. I base this on the fact she states they had to give her a sedative. The doctor knowing full well that whatever the Mother ingested so does the fetus. This would have not been necessary had this been a more mature individual. Where was the Mother or Sister at this time? She probably was secretive about the pregnancy and must have been neurotic and scared to death. Maybe,this pregnancy is a result of rape or forced intercourse. This was probably a high risked pregnancy and she is in denial or does this child really exist I find credibility issues through out her story. My main concern for this baby is a bonding issue and proper care and a stable environment. I know aliens did it however, the child was conceived by sexual intercourse involving human beings-male & female. Newborn infants are not always human looking in the When a child is determined to have brown eye's there eye color will change from a blue to a darker color. As they grow it is the blood circulating through the iris's. Elizabeth Taylor has also known to possess violet eye's. This is alarming to say the least-if Lisa had given birth my concern lies with the infant at this point. She needs therapy and for anyone to encourage these delusions should be sitting in the chair next to her.

ijostl said...

Dear Lisa,
Please breast feed and love and hold your child with no fear. That child is half you and needs Mom's love.

To anyone thinking about aliens here's some food for thought: Unless you're a vegetarian opposed to this disgusting treatment of animals as "products" you have the weakest of arguments against any other bloodlines that think of you that way.

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