Monday, January 11, 2010

Billy Meier Warns Apophis Asteroid Could Devastate Europe

(PRWEB) January 11, 2010 -- Anatoly Perminov, the chief of Russia’s space program recently invited NASA , the European Space Agency, the Chinese space agency and others to join in an international project to deflect the Apophis asteroid from a possible collision with Earth in 2036, just 26 years from now. But Russia’s sudden concern and call to action may have been prompted by information published by UFO contactee Billy Meier, 13 years before “official” discovery in 2004.

Meier, who claims that the information was first provided to him by extraterrestrial human beings in 1981, published a warning in 1991 that if the 350 meter-wide asteroid strikes Earth, it would "split the crust of the Earth from the North Sea to the Black Sea and create a new continent".

Devastating Effects

Russia, Germany, Poland and many other European nations would be the first to incur the devastating effects of the impact, including the huge blast wave and fireball, sky-blackening fallout, enormous fires and catastrophic landmass changes. Millions of lives would be lost at once with millions more to follow from climate disruptions, flowing masses of red-hot lava, toxic gases and a deadly westward drifting sulfurous wall.

The magnitude of such an impact was echoed by scientists such as Dr. Michio Kaku who said, in his Wall Street Journal editorial (January 5, 2010), that such an impact would be a "country buster". Dr. Kaku welcomed the Russian effort, saying, "If we prepare now, we better our odds of survival."

Who to Trust Meier says that in 2009 the extraterrestrials again urged that “terrestrial scientists must use everything conceivable” and immediately begin the process of sending nuclear devices to deflect the asteroid's path. They strongly advised against blowing it up and said that trying to land on the asteroid, or using sails or other methods to deflect it, would be impractical and nearly impossible.

Russia's proposed cooperative actions closely reflect Meier's advice. They may believe him more than NASA, which officially reduced the odds of collision to about 1 in 330,000, because so many of Meier's specific, astronomical predictions have proved to be accurate. Meier, who began publishing his prophetic and predictive information in 1951, claims that his face-to-face contacts with extraterrestrials began in 1942 and continue to this day.

Meier's American media representative, Michael Horn, added, "Meier was told that only earth scientists could stop this event. Considering the extraterrestrial source and the proven accuracy of Meier's copyrighted and published predictions, all of us should be encouraging NASA to cooperate with Russia and the international scientific community."


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